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The Feasibility of Testing LHVTs in Charm FactoryAug 07 2006Sep 28 2006It is commonly believed that the LHVTs can be tested through measuring the Bell's inequalities. This scheme, for the massive particle system, was originally set up for the entangled K^0\bar{K^0} pair system from the \phi factory. In this Letter we show ... More
Testing Local Realism in $P \to VV$ DecaysMar 06 2009Apr 07 2010It was found that the vector meson pair from the pseudoscalar decays can form an entangled state. In this work we give out detailed explanations on the polarization correlation of the two entangled vector mesons. It is demonstrated that an experimental ... More
On the progenitors of super-Chandrasekhar mass type Ia supernovaeJul 01 2009Jul 04 2009Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) can be used as the standard candlelight to determine the cosmological distances because they are thought to have a uniform fuel amount. Recent observations of several overluminous SNe Ia suggest that the white dwarf masses ... More
Evolution of black-hole intermediate-mass X-ray binaries: the influence of a circumbinary discSep 05 2006Justham, Rappaport & Podsiadlowski (2006) recently suggested that black-hole low-mass X-ray binaries (BHLMXBs) with short orbital periods may have evolved from black-hole intermediate-mass X-ray binaries (BHIMXBs). In their model the secondaries in BHIMXBs ... More
S-PowerGraph: Streaming Graph Partitioning for Natural Graphs by Vertex-CutNov 09 2015One standard solution for analyzing large natural graphs is to adopt distributed computation on clusters. In distributed computation, graph partitioning (GP) methods assign the vertices or edges of a graph to different machines in a balanced way so that ... More
Local Unitary Classification of Arbitrary Dimensional Multipartite Pure StatesMay 08 2011Feb 03 2012We propose a practical entanglement classification scheme for general multipartite pure states in arbitrary dimensions under local unitary equivalence by exploiting the high order singular value decomposition technique and local symmetries of the states. ... More
Classification of the Entangled States of $2\times L\times M\times N\times H$May 08 2015In this work we propose a practical entanglement classification scheme for pure states of $2\times L\times M\times N\times H$, under the stochastic local operation and classical communication (SLOCC), which generalizes the method explored in the entanglement ... More
Ascertaining the Uncertainty Relations via Quantum CorrelationsFeb 04 2013Feb 15 2014We propose a new scheme to express the uncertainty principle in form of inequality of the bipartite correlation functions for a given multipartite state, which provides an experimentally feasible and model-independent way to verify various uncertainty ... More
An Enhanced Deep Feature Representation for Person Re-identificationApr 26 2016Apr 28 2016Feature representation and metric learning are two critical components in person re-identification models. In this paper, we focus on the feature representation and claim that hand-crafted histogram features can be complementary to Convolutional Neural ... More
Top Quark Decays into Heavy Quark MesonsMar 12 1996For top quark decays into heavy quark mesons $\Upsilon$ and $\bar{B}_c^*$ , a complete calculation to the leading order both in QCD coupling constant $\alpha_s$ and in $v$, the typical velocity of the heavy quarks inside the mesons, is performed. Relatons ... More
Determining $1^{--}$ Heavy Hybrid Masses via QCD Sum RulesDec 13 2010Dec 04 2011The masses of $1^{--}$ charmonium and bottomonium hybrids are evaluated in terms of QCD sum rules. We find that the ground state hybrid in charm sector lies in $m_{H_c}=4.12\sim 4.79$ GeV, while in bottom sector the hybrid may situated in $m_{H_b} = 10.24\sim ... More
The coevolution of overconfidence and bluffing in the resource competition gameFeb 18 2016Resources are often limited, therefore it is essential how convincingly competitors present their claims for them. Beside a player's natural capacity, here overconfidence and bluffing may also play a decisive role and influence how to share a restricted ... More
He star evolutionary channel to intermediate-mass binary pulsar PSR J1802-2124May 05 2011May 08 2011The intermediate-mass binary pulsars (IMBPs) are characterized by relatively long spin periods (10 - 200 ms) and massive ($\ga 0.4 M_{\odot}$) white dwarf (WD) companions. Recently, precise mass measurements have been performed for the pulsar and the ... More
Bell Inequalities in High Energy PhysicsFeb 27 2007Apr 04 2009We review in this paper the research status on testing the completeness of Quantum mechanics in High Energy Physics, especially on the Bell Inequalities. We briefly introduce the basic idea of Einstein, Podolsky, and Rosen paradox and the results obtained ... More
State of the Art and Prospects of Structured Sensing Matrices in Compressed SensingAug 07 2014Compressed sensing (CS) enables people to acquire the compressed measurements directly and recover sparse or compressible signals faithfully even when the sampling rate is much lower than the Nyquist rate. However, the pure random sensing matrices usually ... More
Study of Silicon Pixel Sensors for Synchrotron Radiation DetectionApr 15 2015Hybrid pixel single-photon-counting detectors have been successfully employed and widely used in Synchrotron radiation X-ray detection. In this paper, the silicon pixel sensors for single X-ray photon detection, which operate in full-depletion mode have ... More
A Robust Compressive Quantum State Tomography Algorithm Using ADMMJan 25 2014The possible state space dimension increases exponentially with respect to the number of qubits. This feature makes the quantum state tomography expensive and impractical for identifying the state of merely several qubits. The recent developed approach, ... More
Experimental evidence of optical analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency in grapheneApr 07 2016We demonstrate the first experimental observation of coherent population oscillation, an optical analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency, in graphene based on phase sensitive pump-probe system. Degenerate four-wave-mixing between pump and ... More
On Wilson's Theorem and Polignac ConjectureAug 02 2004We introduce Wilson's theorem and Clement's result and present a necessary and sufficient condition for p and p+2k to be primes where k is a positive integer. By using Simiov's Theorem, we derive an improved version of Clement's result and characterizations ... More
Effects of spontaneously generated coherence on resonance fluorescence from lateral triple quantum -dot moleculesOct 17 2013We investigate the spectrum of the resonance fluorescence from the lateral triple quantum dots controlled by voltage and obtain some interesting features such as controllable triple narrow peaks. In our system we use tunneling instead of coupling lasers, ... More
Modulation of Noise in Submicron GaAs/AlGaAs Hall Devices by GatingJun 19 2004Jun 21 2004We present a systematic characterization of fluctuations in submicron Hall devices based on GaAs/AlGaAs two-dimensional electron gas heterostructures at temperatures between 1.5 K to 60 K. A large variety of noise spectra, from 1/f to Lorentzian, are ... More
Nonaxisymmetric Rossby Vortex Instability with Toroidal Magnetic Fields in Radially Structured DisksJun 29 2009We investigate the global nonaxisymmetric Rossby vortex instability in a differentially rotating, compressible magnetized accretion disk with radial density structures. Equilibrium magnetic fields are assumed to have only the toroidal component. Using ... More
Cheating-Resilient Incentive Scheme for Mobile Crowdsensing SystemsJan 08 2017Mobile Crowdsensing is a promising paradigm for ubiquitous sensing, which explores the tremendous data collected by mobile smart devices with prominent spatial-temporal coverage. As a fundamental property of Mobile Crowdsensing Systems, temporally recruited ... More
Cuspidal cohomology of stacks of shtukasFeb 05 2018Let $G$ be a connected split reductive group over a finite field ${\mathbb F}_q$. The $\ell$-adic cohomology of stacks of $G$-shtukas is a generalisation of the space of automorphic forms over a function field. In this paper, we construct a constant term ... More
Mini-Orange Spectrometer at CIAEJan 06 2016A Mini-Orange spectrometer used for in-beam measurements of internal conversion electrons, which consists of a Si(Li) detector and different sets of SmO$_5$ permanent magnets for filtering and transporting the conversion electrons to the Si(Li) detector, ... More
Classification of the Entangled States $2 \times M \times N$Dec 31 2009We extend the matrix decomposition method(MDM) in classifying the $2\times N\times N$ truly entangled states to $2\times M\times N$ system under the condition of stochastic local operations and classical communication(SLOCC). It is found that the MDM ... More
New Possibilities for Testing Local Realism in High Energy PhysicsDec 04 2008Dec 13 2009The three photons from the dominant ortho-positronium decay and two vector mesons from the $\eta_c$ exclusive decays are found to be in tripartite and high-dimensional entangled states, respectively. These two classes of entangled states possess the Hardy ... More
Quantum Entanglement of Neutrino PairsAug 02 2007Feb 19 2014It is practically shown that a pair of neutrinos from tau decay can form a flavor entangled state. With this kind of state we show that the locality constrains imposed by Bell inequality are violated by the quantum mechanics, and an experimental test ... More
Tailoring exciton dynamics by elastic strain-gradient in semiconductorsJul 09 2013As device miniaturization approaches the atomic limit, it becomes highly desirable to exploit novel paradigms for tailoring electronic structures and carrier dynamics in materials. Elastic strain can in principle be applied to achieve reversible and fast ... More
Equivalence theorem of uncertainty relationsDec 09 2015May 04 2016We present an equivalence theorem to unify the two classes of uncertainty relations, i.e., the variance based ones and the entropic forms, which shows that the entropy of an operator in a quantum system can be built from the variances of a set of commutative ... More
Reformulating the Quantum Uncertainty RelationFeb 23 2015Sep 17 2015Uncertainty principle is one of the cornerstones of quantum theory. In the literature, there are two types of uncertainty relations, the operator form concerning the variances of physical observables and the entropy form related to entropic quantities. ... More
A study of raining influence on the environmental radiation background spectra with HXMT/HENov 25 2016Full functional and performance tests were performed many times before the Hard X-ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT) launch. During one of the tests, the count rate curves of the 18 High Energy Detectors (HED) have been found increased consistently within ... More
Operational necessary and sufficient criterion for the separability of mixed statesJul 12 2016Entanglement and the associated nonlocal phenomena are distinguishing features of quantum mechanics and have applications in almost all branches of quantum information science. Though being intensively studied for decades, it is still a challenge task ... More
Classification of Arbitrary Multipartite Entangled States under Local Unitary EquivalenceNov 18 2011Feb 28 2013We propose a practical method for finding the canonical forms of arbitrary dimensional multipartite entangled states, either pure or mixed. By extending the technique developed in one of our recent works, the canonical forms for the mixed $N$-partite ... More
Generation of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen State via Earth's Gravitational FieldAug 22 2012Jun 06 2013Although various physical systems have been explored to produce entangled states involving electromagnetic, strong, and weak interactions, the gravity has not yet been touched in practical entanglement generation. Here, we propose an experimentally feasible ... More
Realization of Zero-Refractive-Index Lens with Ultralow Spherical AberrationOct 18 2016Optical complex materials offer unprecedented opportunity to engineer fundamental band dispersion which enables novel optoelectronic functionality and devices. Exploration of photonic Dirac cone at the center of momentum space has inspired an exceptional ... More
Evidence of a spin resonance mode in the iron-based superconductor Ba$_{0.6}$K$_{0.4}$Fe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ from scanning tunneling spectroscopyMay 02 2012We used high-resolution scanning tunneling spectroscopy to study the hole-doped iron pnictide superconductor Ba$_{0.6}$K$_{0.4}$Fe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ ($T_c=38$ K). Features of a bosonic excitation (mode) are observed in the measured quasiparticle density of ... More
EFANNA : An Extremely Fast Approximate Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithm Based on kNN GraphSep 23 2016Nov 18 2016Approximate nearest neighbor (ANN) search is a fundamental problem in many areas of data mining, machine learning and computer vision. The performance of traditional hierarchical structure (tree) based methods decreases as the dimensionality of data grows, ... More
Charm-sea Contribution to High-p_T ψProduction at the Fermilab TevatronFeb 25 2002Mar 26 2003The direct production of $J/\psi(\psi')$ at large transverse momentum, $p_T \gg M_{J/\psi}$, at the Fermilab Tevatron is revisited. It is found that the sea-quark initiated processes dominate in the high-$p_T$ region within the framework of color-singlet ... More
Divergence spectra and Morse boundaries of relatively hyperbolic groupsNov 15 2016We introduce a new quasi-isometry invariant, called the divergence spectrum, to study finitely generated groups. We compare the concept of divergence spectrum with the other classical notions of divergence and we examine the divergence spectra of relatively ... More
On distortion of normal subgroupsNov 22 2016We examine distortion of finitely generated normal subgroups. We show a connection between subgroup distortion and group divergence. We suggest a method computing the distortion of normal subgroups by decomposing the whole group into smaller subgroups. ... More
Discussion on Benford's Law and its ApplicationAug 04 2004Oct 04 2004The probability that a number in many naturally occurring tables of numerical data has first significant digit $d$ is predicted by Benford's Law ${\rm Prob} (d) = \log_{10} (1 + {\displaystyle{1\over d}}), d = 1, 2 >..., 9$. Illustrations of Benford's ... More
Pareto-Path Multi-Task Multiple Kernel LearningApr 11 2014A traditional and intuitively appealing Multi-Task Multiple Kernel Learning (MT-MKL) method is to optimize the sum (thus, the average) of objective functions with (partially) shared kernel function, which allows information sharing amongst tasks. We point ... More
Orthogonal symmetric Toeplitz matrices for compressed sensing: Statistical isometry propertyDec 29 2010Oct 24 2012Recently, the statistical restricted isometry property (RIP) has been formulated to analyze the performance of deterministic sampling matrices for compressed sensing. In this paper, we propose the usage of orthogonal symmetric Toeplitz matrices (OSTM) ... More
Low braking index of PSR J1734-3333: an interaction between fall-back disk and magnetic field?Nov 10 2015Recent timing observation reported that the radio pulsar PSR J1734 - 3333 with a rotating period $P=1.17~\rm s$ is slowing down with a period derivative $\dot{P}=2.28\times 10^{-12}\rm s\,s^{-1}$. Its derived braking index $n=0.9 \pm 0.2$ is the lowest ... More
Unconventional thermoelectric behaviors and enhancement of figure of merit in Rashba spintronic systemsJun 13 2015Thermoelectric transport in strongly spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional Rashba system is studied using the exact solution of the linearized Boltzmann equation. Some unusual transport behaviors are revealed. We show that the electrical conductivity takes ... More
Evidence for Half-Metallicity in n-type HgCr2Se4Mar 11 2015Aug 08 2015High quality HgCr$_2$Se$_4$ single crystals have been investigated by magnetization, electron transport and Andreev reflection spectroscopy. In the ferromagnetic ground state, the saturation magnetic moment of each unit cell corresponds to an integer ... More
Multi-Task Classification Hypothesis Space with Improved Generalization BoundsDec 09 2013This paper presents a RKHS, in general, of vector-valued functions intended to be used as hypothesis space for multi-task classification. It extends similar hypothesis spaces that have previously considered in the literature. Assuming this space, an improved ... More
Convolutional Compressed Sensing Using Deterministic SequencesOct 28 2012In this paper, a new class of circulant matrices built from deterministic sequences is proposed for convolution-based compressed sensing (CS). In contrast to random convolution, the coefficients of the underlying filter are given by the discrete Fourier ... More
Stochastic evolutionary dynamics of minimum-effort coordination gamesMar 19 2016The minimum-effort coordination game, having potentially important implications in both evolutionary biology and sociology, draws recently more attention for the fact that human behavior in this social dilemma is often inconsistent with the predictions ... More
Ds+ -- Ds- Asymmetry in PhotoproductionApr 12 2005Jun 04 2005Considering of the possible difference in strange and antistrange quark distributions inside nucleon, we investigate the Ds+ -- Ds- asymmetry in photoproduction in the framework of heavy-quark recombination mechanism. We adopt two distribution models ... More
Classification of the Entangled States of $2 \times N \times N$Apr 15 2008Nov 12 2009We develop a novel method in classifying the multipartite entanglement state of $2\times N\times N$ under stochastic local operation and classical communication. In this method, all inequivalent classes of true entangled state can be assorted directly ... More
T-CNN: Tubelets with Convolutional Neural Networks for Object Detection from VideosApr 09 2016Aug 23 2016The state-of-the-art performance for object detection has been significantly improved over the past two years. Besides the introduction of powerful deep neural networks such as GoogleNet and VGG, novel object detection frameworks such as R-CNN and its ... More
On Crowdsourced Interactive Live Streaming: A Twitch.TV-Based Measurement StudyFeb 16 2015Feb 23 2015Empowered by today's rich tools for media generation and collaborative production, the multimedia service paradigm is shifting from the conventional single source, to multi-source, to many sources, and now toward {\em crowdsource}. Such crowdsourced live ... More
Detecting Spurious Counterexamples Efficiently in Abstract Model CheckingSep 26 2011Abstraction is one of the most important strategies for dealing with the state space explosion problem in model checking. In the abstract model, the state space is largely reduced, however, a counterexample found in such a model may not be a real counterexample ... More
Stickiness of KAM tori for higher dimensional beam equationJan 12 2015This paper is concerned with the stickiness of invariant tori obtained by KAM technics (so-called KAM tori) for higher dimensional beam equation. We prove that the KAM tori are sticky, i.e. the solutions starting in the $\delta$-neighborhood of KAM torus ... More
Geometric embedding properties of Bestvina-Brady subgroupsJun 02 2016We compute the relative divergence and the subgroup distortion of Bestvina-Brady subgroups. We also show that for each integer $n\geq 3$, there is a free subgroup of rank $n$ of some right-angled Artin group whose inclusion is not a quasi-isometric embedding. ... More
Operator Preparation and Characteristic Analysis of Open Quantum Systems Based on the Lyapunov Control MethodJan 11 2014The control laws based on quantum Lyapunov control method are designed to prepare operators for two level open quantum systems in this paper. A novel Lyapunov function is proposed according to a matrix logarithm function. The higher accuracy and faster ... More
Achievable Diversity-Rate Tradeoff of MIMO AF Relaying Systems with MMSE TransceiversDec 16 2013This paper investigates the diversity order of the minimum mean squared error (MMSE) based optimal transceivers in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) amplify-and-forward (AF) relaying systems. While the diversity-multiplexing tradeoff (DMT) analysis ... More
A Uniform Description of the States Recently Observed at B-factoriesSep 26 2007May 17 2008The newly found states Y(4260), Y(4361), Y(4664) and Z$^\pm$(4430) stir broad interest in the study of spectroscopy in a typical charmonium scale. The Y(4260) which was observed earlier has been interpreted as hybrid, molecular state, and baryonium, etc. ... More
The Status of Charmonium Production in Photon-Photon CollisionsNov 30 2001The status of Charmonium production in photon-photon collisions is briefly reviewed. I would like to mention that although the preliminary data were obtained in experiment, the theoretical investigation is not in a compatible status.
A New Approach for Analytic Amplitude CalculationsFeb 16 2003Mar 28 2003We present a method for symbolic calculation of Feynman amplitudes for processes involving both massless and massive fermions. With this approach fermion strings in a specific amplitude can be easily evaluated and expressed as basic Lorentz scalars. The ... More
Double J/ψProduction at Photon CollidersApr 30 2001Jul 11 2001The double J/\psi(DJ) production in direct photon-photon collision is investigated. It is found that the J/\psi production rate in this process is of the same order of magnitude as those of previously discussed ones, which hints the dominant J/\psi inclusive ... More
The role of band-index-dependent transport relaxation times in anomalous Hall effectFeb 03 2016Jul 03 2016We revisit model calculations of the anomalous Hall effect (AHE) and show that, in isotropic Rashba-coupled two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG) with pointlike potential impurities, the full solution of the semiclassical Boltzmann equation (SBE) may differ ... More
$D_s$ Asymmetry in PhotoproductionSep 27 2005By adopting two models of strange and antistrange quark distributions inside nucleon, the light-cone meson-baryon fluctuation model and the effective chiral quark model, we calculate the $D_s^+ - D_s^-$ asymmetry in photoproduction in the framework of ... More
Electronic specific heat in BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_x$As$_2$May 16 2016We have systematically studied the low-temperature specific heat of the BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_x$As$_2$ single crystals covering the whole superconducting dome. Using the nonsuperconducting heavily overdoped x = 0.3 sample as a reference for the phonon contribution ... More
Gap Anisotropy in Iron-Based Superconductors: A Point-Contact Andreev Reflection Study of BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_{x}$As$_2$ Single CrystalsJun 15 2011Nov 11 2011We report a systematic investigation on c-axis point-contact Andreev reflection (PCAR) in BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_x$As$_2$ superconducting single crystals from underdoped to overdoped regions (0.075 $\leq x\leq 0.15$). At optimal doping ($x=0.1$) the PCAR spectrum ... More
Starburst in the Intragroup Medium of Stephan's QuintetAug 31 1998Based on new ISO mid-infrared observations and ground based $H_\alpha$ and near-infrared observations, we report the detection of a bright starburst in the intragroup medium (IGM) of the famous compact group of galaxies Stephan's Quintet (Source A in ... More
On the Geometric Ergodicity of Metropolis-Hastings Algorithms for Lattice Gaussian SamplingJan 23 2015Mar 28 2016Sampling from the lattice Gaussian distribution is emerging as an important problem in coding and cryptography. In this paper, the classic Metropolis-Hastings (MH) algorithm from Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods is adapted for lattice Gaussian ... More
Kernel-based Distance Metric Learning in the Output SpaceDec 09 2013Apr 28 2014In this paper we present two related, kernel-based Distance Metric Learning (DML) methods. Their respective models non-linearly map data from their original space to an output space, and subsequent distance measurements are performed in the output space ... More
Thermoelectric response of spin polarization in Rashba spintronic systemsMay 31 2015Jan 17 2016Motivated by recent discovery of strongly spin-orbit coupled two-dimensional (2D) electron gas near the surface of Rashba semiconductors BiTeX (X=Cl, Br, I), we calculate thermoelectric responses of spin polarization in 2D Rashba model using an exact ... More
Epidemic threshold in directed networksMar 01 2013Dec 02 2013Epidemics have so far been mostly studied in undirected networks. However, many real-world networks, such as the social network Twitter and the WWW networks, upon which information, emotion or malware spreads, are shown to be directed networks, composed ... More
Evolving to type Ia supernovae with long delay timeFeb 08 2007Recent investigations on the delay time of type Ia supernovae have set useful constraints on the progenitors of type Ia supernovae. Here we have calculated the evolution of close binaries consisting of a white dwarf and a main-sequence or subgiant companion. ... More
A New Relaxation Approach to Normalized Hypergraph CutNov 09 2015Normalized graph cut (NGC) has become a popular research topic due to its wide applications in a large variety of areas like machine learning and very large scale integration (VLSI) circuit design. Most of traditional NGC methods are based on pairwise ... More
$J/ψ$ Pair Production at the Tevatron with $\sqrt{s}=1.96~\mathrm{TeV}Apr 08 2012Jun 08 2012We revisit the $J/\psi$ pair production issue at the Fermilab Tevatron Run II with the center-of-mass energy $\sqrt{s}=1.96 \mathrm{TeV}$. Both color-singlet and -octet production mechanisms are considered. Our result shows that the transverse momentum($p_T$) ... More
Preliminary test results of LAr prototype detectorJan 06 2016WIMPs are a well-motivated galactic dark matter candidate. Liquid argon (LAr) is an attractive target for the direct detection of WIMPs. The LAr prototype detector is designed to study the technology and property of LAr detector. The prototype detector ... More
Neutron Beam Tests of Barium Fluoride Crystal for Dark Matter Direct DetectionJul 11 2016In order to test the capabilities of Barium Fluoride (BaF2) Crystal for dark matter direct detection, nuclear recoils are studied with mono-energetic neutron beam. The energy spectra of nuclear recoils, quenching factors for elastic scattering neutrons ... More
Observation of Lattice and Andreev Bound States of Vortices in Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 Single Crystals with Scanning Tunneling Microscopy/SpectroscopyMay 21 2010For a type-II superconductor, when the applied magnetic field is higher than the lower critical value Hc1, the magnetic flux will penetrate into the superconductor and form quantized vortices, which usually are arranged in an Abrikosov lattice. For the ... More
A Unifying Framework for Typical Multi-Task Multiple Kernel Learning ProblemsJan 21 2014Over the past few years, Multi-Kernel Learning (MKL) has received significant attention among data-driven feature selection techniques in the context of kernel-based learning. MKL formulations have been devised and solved for a broad spectrum of machine ... More
Conic Multi-Task ClassificationAug 20 2014Traditionally, Multi-task Learning (MTL) models optimize the average of task-related objective functions, which is an intuitive approach and which we will be referring to as Average MTL. However, a more general framework, referred to as Conic MTL, can ... More
Orbital period decay of compact black hole x-ray binaries: the influence of circumbinary disks?Nov 02 2015Recently, compact black hole X-ray binaries XTE J 1118+480 and A0620-00 have been reported to be experiencing a fast orbital period decay, which is two orders of magnitude higher than expected with gravitational wave radiation. Magnetic braking of an ... More
Neutron Beam Tests of $CsI(Na)$ and $CaF_{2}(Eu)$ Crystals for Dark Matter Direct SearchFeb 16 2016In recent decades, inorganic crystals have been widely used in dark matter direct search experiments. To contribute to the understanding of the capabilities of $CsI(Na)$ and $CaF_{2}(Eu)$ crystals, a mono-energetic neutron beam is utilized to study the ... More
Genetic structure of Sino-Tibetan populations revealed by forensic STR lociMar 06 2015The origin and diversification of Sino-Tibetan populations have been a long-standing hot debate. However, the limited genetic information of Tibetan populations keeps this topic far from clear. In the present study, we genotyped 15 forensic autosomal ... More
Classification of the Entangled states L\times N\times NAug 29 2011Feb 02 2012We presented a general classification scheme for the tripartite $L\times N\times N$ entangled system under stochastic local operation and classical communication. The whole classification procedure consists of two correlated parts: the simultaneous similarity ... More
Classification of the Entangled States of $2 \times L \times M \times N$Jan 26 2014A practical entanglement classification scheme for pure state in form of $2\times L\times M\times N$ under the stochastic local operation and classical communication (SLOCC) is presented, where every inequivalent class of the entangled quantum state may ... More
The Parametric Symmetry and Numbers of the Entangled Class of 2 \times M \times N SystemAug 25 2010We present in the work two intriguing results in the entanglement classification of pure and true tripartite entangled state of $2\times M\times N$ under stochastic local operation and classical communication. (i) the internal symmetric properties of ... More
Connection between Measurement Disturbance Relation and Multipartite Quantum CorrelationJun 13 2014Jan 18 2015It is found that the measurement disturbance relation (MDR) determines the strength of quantum correlation and hence is one of the essential facets of the nature of quantum nonlocality. In reverse, the exact form of MDR may be ascertained through measuring ... More
Design and implementation of the NaI (Tl)CsI (Na) detectors output signal generatorMay 16 2013We designed and implemented a signal generator that can simulate the output of the NaI (Tl)CsI (Na) detectors pre amplifier onboard the Hard X ray Modulation Telescope (HXMT). Using the development of FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array) with VHDL language ... More
Topological Phase Transition and Chiral-Anomaly Driven Negative Magneto-Resistance in Bulk Black PhosphorusSep 08 2016We report the anisotropic magneto-transport measurement on a non-compound band semiconductor black phosphorus (BP) with magnetic field B up to 16 Tesla applied in both perpendicular and parallel to electric current I under hydrostatic pressures. The BP ... More
Nematic Quantum Critical Fluctuations in BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_x$As$_2$Nov 18 2015Oct 10 2016We have systematically studied the nematic fluctuations in the electron-doped iron-based superconductor BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_x$As$_2$ by measuring the in-plane resistance change under uniaxial pressure. While the nematic quantum critical point can be identified ... More
X-Ray Variability Coherence in the Time DomainFeb 09 2007A technique for calculation of variability coherence at different timescales performed directly in the time domain is introduced. Simulations are made to compare the coherence spectrum derived by the time domain technique with the coherence function by ... More
Quantum molecular dynamic simulations of warm dense carbon monoxideMay 25 2011Using quantum molecular dynamic simulations, we have studied the thermophysical properties of warm dense carbon monoxide under extreme conditions. The principal Hugoniot, which is derived from the equation of state, shows excellent agreement with available ... More
GPA: A statistical approach to prioritizing GWAS results by integrating pleiotropy information and annotation dataJan 20 2014Genome-wide association studies (GWAS) suggests that a complex disease is typically affected by many genetic variants with small or moderate effects. Identification of these risk variants remains to be a very challenging problem. Traditional approaches ... More
Testing Charmonium Production Mechanism via Polarized $J/ψ$ Pair Production at the LHCMar 05 2009Jun 13 2010At present the color-octet mechanism is still an important and debatable part in the non-relativistic QCD(NRQCD). We find in this work that the polarized double charmonium production at the LHC may pose a stringent test on the charmonium production mechanism. ... More
Force-free magnetosphere on near-horizon geometry of near-extreme Kerr black holesMar 27 2014Apr 03 2015We study force-free magnetospheres in the Blandford-Znajek process from rapidly rotating black holes by adopting the near-horizon geometry of near-extreme Kerr black holes (near-NHEK). It is shown that the Znajek regularity condition on the horizon can ... More
Service Intelligence Oriented Distributed Data Stream IntegrationApr 12 2016Software as a service (SaaS) has recently enjoyed much attention as it makes the use of software more convenient and cost-effective. At the same time, the arising of users' expectation for high quality service such as real-time information or functionality ... More
High-dimensional genome-wide association study and misspecified mixed model analysisApr 09 2014We study behavior of the restricted maximum likelihood (REML) estimator under a misspecified linear mixed model (LMM) that has received much attention in recent gnome-wide association studies. The asymptotic analysis establishes consistency of the REML ... More
User-Curated Image Collections: Modeling and RecommendationSep 18 2015Most state-of-the-art image retrieval and recommendation systems predominantly focus on individual images. In contrast, socially curated image collections, condensing distinctive yet coherent images into one set, are largely overlooked by the research ... More
Rare decays of B-> J/ψD^(*) and B->η_c D^(*)in pQCD ApproachDec 28 2005Motivated by the recent measurement of the upper limit of ${B}^0 \to J/\psi D$ branching ratio, which is important in accounting for the soft $J/\psi$ production in B decays, we investigate ${B}^0 \to J/\psi D^{(\star)}$ and $\eta_c D^{(\star)}$ decays ... More
Orbital Angular Momentum-based Space Division Multiplexing for High-capacity Underwater Optical CommunicationsApr 23 2016To increase system capacity of underwater optical communications, we employ the spatial domain to simultaneously transmit multiple orthogonal spatial beams, each carrying an independent data channel. In this paper, we multiplex and transmit four green ... More