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Detecting mixed-unitary quantum channels is NP-hardFeb 08 2019A quantum channel is said to be a mixed-unitary channel if it can be expressed as a convex combination of unitary channels. We prove that, given the Choi representation of a quantum channel, it is NP-hard with respect to polynomial-time Turing reductions ... More
Polarizable Surfaces: Weak and Strong Coupling RegimesOct 31 2012Nov 07 2012We study the ionic distribution near a charged surface. A new method for performing Monte Carlo simulations in this geometry is discussed. A theory is then presented that allows us to accurately reproduce the density profiles obtained in the simulations. ... More
Adsorption of cationic polyions to a hydrophobic surface in the presence of Hofmeister saltsMar 25 2014We study, using extensive Monte Carlos simulations, the behavior of cationic polyelectrolytes near hydrophobic surfaces in solutions containing Hofmeister salts. The Hofmeister anions are divided into kosmotropes and chaotropes. Near a hydrophobic surface, ... More
Electrolytes between dielectric charged surfaces: Simulations and theoryAug 11 2015We present a simulation method to study electrolyte solutions in a dielectric slab geometry using a modified 3D Ewald summation. The method is fast and easy to implement, allowing us to rapidly resum an infinite series of image charges. In the weak coupling ... More
Ion specificity and the theory of stability of colloidal suspensionsApr 06 2011A theory is presented which allow us to accurately calculate the critical coagulation concentration (CCC) of hydrophobic colloidal suspensions. For positively charged particles the CCC's follow the Hofmeister (lyotropic) series. For negatively charged ... More
Surface tensions and surface potentials of acid solutionsNov 03 2010A theory is presented which allows us to quantitatively calculate the excess surface tension of acid solutions. The H^+, in the form of hydronium ion, is found to be strongly adsorbed to the solution-air interface. To account for the electrostatic potential ... More
Ions at hydrophobic interfacesFeb 13 2018We argue that the kosmotropes remain strongly hydrated in the vicinity of a hydrophobic surface, while the chaotropes lose their hydration shell and can become adsorbed to the interface. The mechanism of adsorption is still a subject of debate. We argue ... More
Surface and interfacial tensions of Hofmeister electrolytesFeb 20 2018We present a theory that is able to account quantitatively for the surface and interfacial tensions of different electrolyte solutions. It is found that near the interface, ions can be separated into two classes: the kosmotropes and the chaotropes. While ... More
Immersed finite element method for eigenvalue problems in elasticityJun 03 2015We consider the approximation of eigenvalue problems for elasticity equations with interface. This kind of problems can be efficiently discretized by using immersed finite element method (IFEM) based on Crouzeix-Raviart P1-nonconforming element. The stability ... More
Immersed Finite Element Method for Eigenvalue ProblemDec 10 2014We consider the approximation of elliptic eigenvalue problem with an immersed interface. The main aim of this paper is to prove the stability and convergence of an immersed finite element method (IFEM) for eigenvalues using Crouzeix-Raviart $P_1$-nonconforming ... More
Gaussian Process-Based Decentralized Data Fusion and Active Sensing for Mobility-on-Demand SystemJun 02 2013Mobility-on-demand (MoD) systems have recently emerged as a promising paradigm of one-way vehicle sharing for sustainable personal urban mobility in densely populated cities. In this paper, we enhance the capability of a MoD system by deploying robotic ... More
Equation of state of charged colloidal suspensions and its dependence on the thermodynamic routeMar 23 2012Mar 26 2012The thermodynamic properties of highly charged colloidal suspensions in contact with a salt reservoir are investigated in the framework of the Renormalized Jellium Model (RJM). It is found that the equation of state is very sensitive to the particular ... More
Effects of the dielectric discontinuity on the counterion distribution in a colloidal suspensionMay 14 2011We introduce a new method for simulating colloidal suspensions with spherical colloidal particles of dielectric constant different from the surrounding medium. The method uses exact calculation of the Green function to obtain the ion-ion interaction potential ... More
Interaction between random heterogeneously charged surfaces in an electrolyte solutionAug 11 2015We study, using Monte Carlo simulations, the interaction between infinite heterogeneously charged surfaces inside an electrolyte solution. The surfaces are overall neutral with quenched charged domains. An average over the quenched disorder is performed ... More
Simulations of Coulomb systems confined by polarizable surfaces using periodic Green functionsDec 11 2017We present an efficient approach for simulating Coulomb systems confined by planar polarizable surfaces. The method is based on the solution of Poisson equation using periodic Green functions. It is shown that the electrostatic energy arising from surface ... More
Weak and Strong Coupling Theories for Polarizable Colloids and Nano-ParticlesSep 21 2011A theory is presented which allows us to accurately calculate the density profile of monovalent and multivalent counterions in suspensions of polarizable colloids or nano-particles. In the case of monovalent ions, we derive a weak-coupling theory that ... More
Surface tensions, surface potentials and the Hofmeister series of electrolyte solutionsFeb 11 2010A theory is presented which allows us to accurately calculate the surface tensions and the surface potentials of electrolyte solutions. Both the ionic hydration and the polarizability are taken into account. We find a good correlation between the Jones-Dole ... More
Yukawa particles in a confining potentialMay 23 2014We study the density distribution of repulsive Yukawa particles confined by an external potential. In the weak coupling limit, we show that the mean-field theory is able to accurately account for the particle distribution. In the strong coupling limit, ... More
Interaction of Charged Colloidal Particles at the Air-Water InterfaceFeb 02 2018We study, using Monte Carlo simulations, the interaction between charged colloidal particles confined to the air-water interface. The dependence of force on ionic strength and counterion valence is explored. For 1:1 electrolyte, we find that the electrostatic ... More
Simulations of Polyelectrolyte Adsorption to a Dielectric Like-Charged SurfaceJan 11 2018We explore, using the recently developed efficient Monte Carlo simulation method, the interaction of an anionic polyelectrolyte solution with a like-charged dielectric surface. In addition to polyions, the solution also contains salt with either monovalent, ... More
Lattice Model of an Ionic Liquid at an Electrified InterfaceDec 19 2017We study ionic liquids interacting with electrified interfaces. The ionic fluid is modeled as a Coulomb lattice gas. We compare the ionic density profiles calculated using a popular modified Poisson-Boltzmann equation with the explicit Monte Carlo simulations. ... More
Reply to 'Comment on "Vortex distribution in a confining potential"Sep 11 2014We argue that contrary to recent suggestions, non-extensive statistical mechanics has no relevance for inhomogeneous systems of particles interacting by short-range potentials. We show that these systems are perfectly well described by the usual Boltzmann-Gibbs ... More
Fast asynchronous updating algorithms for k-shell indicesNov 20 2016Identifying influential nodes in networks is a significant and challenging task. Among many centrality indices, the $k$-shell index performs very well in finding out influential spreaders. However, the traditional method for calculating the $k$-shell ... More
Charge neutrality breakdown in confined aqueous electrolytes: theory and simulationSep 02 2016We study, using Density Functional theory and Monte Carlo simulations, aqueous electrolyte solutions between charged infinite planar surfaces, in a contact with a bulk salt reservoir. In agreement with recent experimental observations [Z. Luo et al., ... More
Ion Specificity and Micellization of Ionic Surfactants: A Monte Carlo StudyApr 11 2014We develop a simulation method which allows us to calculate the critical micelle concentrations for ionic surfactants in the presence of different salts. The results are in good agreement with the experimental data. The simulations are performed on a ... More
Simulations of ionic liquids confined by metal electrodes using periodic Green functionsDec 13 2017We present an efficient method for simulating Coulomb systems confined by metal electrodes. The approach relies on Green functions techniques to obtain the electrostatic potential for an infinite periodically replicated system. This avoids the use of ... More
MOOCdb: Developing Standards and Systems to Support MOOC Data ScienceJun 08 2014We present a shared data model for enabling data science in Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). The model captures students interactions with the online platform. The data model is platform agnostic and is based on some basic core actions that students ... More
Simulations of Coulomb systems with slab geometry using an efficient 3d Ewald summation methodJan 17 2018We present a new approach to efficiently simulate electrolytes confined between infinite charged walls using a 3d Ewald summation method. The optimal performance is achieved by separating the electrostatic potential produced by the charged walls from ... More
Adsorption isotherms of charged nanoparticlesJan 23 2018We present theory and simulations which allow us to quantitatively calculate the amount of surface adsorption excess of charged nanoparticles onto a charged surface. The theory is very accurate for weakly charged nanoparticles and can be used at physiological ... More
From Linear Optical Quantum Computing to Heisenberg-Limited InterferometryDec 19 2003Apr 07 2004The working principles of linear optical quantum computing are based on photodetection, namely, projective measurements. The use of photodetection can provide efficient nonlinear interactions between photons at the single-photon level, which is technically ... More
Performance of volume phase gratings manufactured using ultrafast laser inscriptionJul 11 2012Ultrafast laser inscription (ULI) is a rapidly maturing technique which uses focused ultrashort laser pulses to locally modify the refractive index of dielectric materials in three-dimensions (3D). Recently, ULI has been applied to the fabrication of ... More
How much data is needed to train a medical image deep learning system to achieve necessary high accuracy?Nov 19 2015Jan 07 2016The use of Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) in natural image classification systems has produced very impressive results. Combined with the inherent nature of medical images that make them ideal for deep-learning, further application of such systems ... More
Non-Markovian Monte Carlo on Directed GraphsFeb 01 2019Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) has been the de facto technique for sampling and inference of large graphs such as online social networks. At the heart of MCMC lies the ability to construct an ergodic Markov chain that attains any given stationary distribution ... More
Finite-Time-Finite-Size Scaling of the Kuramoto OscillatorsJan 24 2014Jul 29 2015Phase transition in its strict sense can only be observed in an infinite system, for which equilibration takes an infinitely long time at criticality. In numerical simulations, we are often limited both by the finiteness of the system size and by the ... More
Water and Methanol Maser Activities in the NGC 2024 FIR 6 RegionSep 25 2012The NGC 2024 FIR 6 region was observed in the water maser line at 22 GHz and the methanol class I maser lines at 44, 95, and 133 GHz. The water maser spectra displayed several velocity components and month-scale time variabilities. Most of the velocity ... More
Monitoring of GAmma-ray Bright AGN : The Multi-frequency Polarization of the Flaring Blazar 3C 279Nov 05 2015We present results of long-term multi-wavelength polarization observations of the powerful blazar 3C~279 after its $\gamma$-ray flare on 2013~December 20. We followed up this flare with single-dish polarization observations using two 21-m telescopes of ... More
Relation Between Quantum Speed Limits And Metrics On U(n)Feb 09 2012Nov 13 2012Recently, Chau [Quant. Inform. & Comp. 11, 721 (2011)] found a family of metrics and pseudo-metrics on $n$-dimensional unitary operators that can be interpreted as the minimum resources (given by certain tight quantum speed limit bounds) needed to transform ... More
Efficient Photo-heating Algorithms in Time-dependent Photo-ionization SimulationsNov 03 2015We present an extension to the time-dependent photo-ionization code C$^2$-Ray to calculate photo-heating in an efficient and accurate way. In C$^2$-Ray, the thermal calculation demands relatively small time-steps for accurate results. We describe two ... More
Adiabatic Mach-Zehnder interferometer via an array of trapped ionsOct 07 2011Mar 22 2012We explore the possibility of implementing a Heisenberg-limited Mach-Zehnder interferometry via an array of trapped ions, which obey a quantum Ising model within a transverse field. Based upon adiabatic processes of increasing the Ising interaction and ... More
Formation and local symmetry of Holstein polaron in t-J modelDec 04 2012The formation and local symmetry of spin-lattice polaron has been investigated semiclassically in the planar Holstein t-J-like models within the exact diagonalization method. Due to the interplay of strong correlations and electron-lattice interaction, ... More
Parallel Gaussian Process Regression with Low-Rank Covariance Matrix ApproximationsAug 09 2014Gaussian processes (GP) are Bayesian non-parametric models that are widely used for probabilistic regression. Unfortunately, it cannot scale well with large data nor perform real-time predictions due to its cubic time cost in the data size. This paper ... More
Parallel Gaussian Process Regression with Low-Rank Covariance Matrix ApproximationsMay 24 2013Gaussian processes (GP) are Bayesian non-parametric models that are widely used for probabilistic regression. Unfortunately, it cannot scale well with large data nor perform real-time predictions due to its cubic time cost in the data size. This paper ... More
3D rotational diffusion microrheology using 2D video microscopyMay 31 2011Jan 05 2012We propose a simple way to perform three-dimensional (3D) rotational microrheology using two-dimensional (2D) video microscopy. The 3D rotational brownian motion of micrometric wires in a viscous fluid is deduced from their projection on the focal plane ... More
Configuration-enriched magnetoelectronic spectra of AAB-stacked trilayer grapheneMar 27 2015Apr 01 2015We developed the generalized tight-binding model to study the magneto-electronic properties of AAB-stacked trilayer graphene. Three groups of Landau levels (LLs) are characterized by the dominating subenvelope function on distinct sublattices. Each LL ... More
Optical Properties of Graphene in Magnetic and Electric fieldsMar 09 2016Jul 19 2016Optical properties of graphene are explored by using the generalized tight-binding model. The main features of spectral structures, the form, frequency, number and intensity, are greatly enriched by the complex relationship among the interlayer atomic ... More
A Search for AGN Intra-day Variability with KVNOct 28 2015Active galactic nuclei (AGN) are known for irregular variability on all time scales, down to intra-day variability with relative variations of a few percent within minutes to hours. On such short timescales, unexplored territory, such as the possible ... More
Efficient allocation of heterogeneous response times in information spreading processJan 22 2014Recently, the impacts of spatiotemporal heterogeneities of human activities on spreading dynamics have attracted extensive attention. In this paper, to study heterogeneous response times on information spreading, we focus on the susceptible-infected spreading ... More
Rich magneto-absorption spectra in AAB-stacked trilayer grapheneSep 08 2015Sep 18 2015The generalized tight-binding model is developed to investigate the feature-rich magneto-optical properties of AAB-stacked trilayer graphene. Three intragroup and six intergroup inter-Landau-level (inter-LL) optical excitations largely enrich the magneto-absorption ... More
Gravity or turbulence? II. Evolving column density PDFs in molecular cloudsMay 26 2011It has been recently shown that molecular clouds do not exhibit a unique shape for the column density probability distribution function (Npdf). Instead, clouds without star formation seem to possess a lognormal distribution, while clouds with active star ... More
Phase diagram of electrostatically doped Strontium Titanate (SrTiO3)Jan 19 2011Mar 09 2011Electric double layer transistor configurations have been employed to electrostatically dope single crystals of insulating SrTiO_{3}. Here we report on the results of such doping over broad ranges of temperature and carrier concentration employing an ... More
Decentralized Data Fusion and Active Sensing with Mobile Sensors for Modeling and Predicting Spatiotemporal Traffic PhenomenaAug 09 2014The problem of modeling and predicting spatiotemporal traffic phenomena over an urban road network is important to many traffic applications such as detecting and forecasting congestion hotspots. This paper presents a decentralized data fusion and active ... More
Recognizing Surgical Activities with Recurrent Neural NetworksJun 20 2016Jun 22 2016We apply recurrent neural networks to the task of recognizing surgical activities from robot kinematics. Prior work in this area focuses on recognizing short, low-level activities, or gestures, and has been based on variants of hidden Markov models and ... More
Decentralized Data Fusion and Active Sensing with Mobile Sensors for Modeling and Predicting Spatiotemporal Traffic PhenomenaJun 27 2012Jun 28 2012The problem of modeling and predicting spatiotemporal traffic phenomena over an urban road network is important to many traffic applications such as detecting and forecasting congestion hotspots. This paper presents a decentralized data fusion and active ... More
Probing Superexchange Interactions in Spin Ice Ho$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ Thin FilmsMay 17 2018We report on a study of the structural and magnetic properties of strained Ho$_2$Ti$_2$O$_7$ thin films. Structural characterization via lab-based and synchrotron x-ray diffraction confirms the epitaxial growth of our films and shows a critical thickness ... More
Beam Emittance Measurement for PLS-II LinacJun 15 2016The PLS-II has a 100 MeV pre-injector for the 3 GeV Linac. A thermionic gun produces electron charge of 200 pC with a bunch duration of 500 ps by a 250 ps triggering pulser. At the pre-injector, one of the most important beam parameters to identify the ... More
Hyperbolic 2-spheres with cone singularitiesJan 01 2018We study the space $C(a_0,a_1,\dots,a_n)$ of hyperbolic 2-spheres with cone points of prescribed apex curvatures $2a_0,2a_1,\dots,2a_n\in]0,2\pi[$ and some related spaces. For $n=3$, we get a detailed description of such spaces. The euclidean 2-spheres ... More
Theory of fads: Traveling-wave solution of evolutionary dynamics in a one-dimensional trait spaceJan 21 2015We consider an infinite-sized population where an infinite number of traits compete simultaneously. The replicator equation with a diffusive term describes time evolution of the probability distribution over the traits due to selection and mutation on ... More
SRAO CO Observation of 11 Supernova Remnants in l = 70 to 190 degJul 30 2012We present the results of 12CO J = 1-0 line observations of eleven Galactic supernova remnants (SNRs) obtained using the Seoul Radio Astronomy Observatory (SRAO) 6-m radio telescope. The observation was made as a part of the SRAO CO survey of SNRs between ... More
Perspective Transformer Nets: Learning Single-View 3D Object Reconstruction without 3D SupervisionDec 01 2016Understanding the 3D world is a fundamental problem in computer vision. However, learning a good representation of 3D objects is still an open problem due to the high dimensionality of the data and many factors of variation involved. In this work, we ... More
Learning Hierarchical Semantic Image Manipulation through Structured RepresentationsAug 22 2018Aug 28 2018Understanding, reasoning, and manipulating semantic concepts of images have been a fundamental research problem for decades. Previous work mainly focused on direct manipulation on natural image manifold through color strokes, key-points, textures, and ... More
Unusual Coulomb excitations in ABC-stacked trilayer grapheneJan 19 2018The layer-based random-phase approximation is further developed to investigate electronic excitations in tri-layer ABC-stacked graphene. All the layer-dependent atomic interactions and Coulomb interactions are included in the dynamic charge screening. ... More
Unbiased water and methanol maser surveys of NGC 1333Jul 25 2014We present the results of unbiased 22 GHz H2O water and 44 GHz class I CH3OH methanol maser surveys in the central 7x10 arcmin area of NGC 1333 and two additional mapping observations of a 22 GHz water maser in a ~3x3arcmin area of the IRAS4A region. ... More
Providing stringent star formation rate limits of z$\sim$2 QSO host galaxies at high angular resolutionOct 15 2014May 27 2016We present integral field spectrograph (IFS) with laser guide star adaptive optics (LGS-AO) observations of z=2 quasi-stellar objects (QSOs) designed to resolve extended nebular line emission from the host galaxy. Our data was obtained with W. M. Keck ... More
Network robustness of multiplex networks with interlayer degree correlationsJul 04 2013Apr 09 2014We study the robustness properties of multiplex networks consisting of multiple layers of distinct types of links, focusing on the role of correlations between degrees of a node in different layers. We use generating function formalism to address various ... More
Bounds on Higgs-Portal models from the LHC Higgs dataJul 22 2015Oct 14 2015In a number of Higgs-portal models, an $SU(2)$ isospin-singlet scalar boson generically appears at the electroweak scale and can mix with the Standard Model (SM) Higgs boson with a mixing angle $\alpha$. This singlet scalar boson can have renormalizable ... More
Deep Variational Canonical Correlation AnalysisOct 11 2016Nov 14 2016We present deep variational canonical correlation analysis (VCCA), a deep multi-view learning model that extends the latent variable model interpretation of linear CCA~\citep{BachJordan05a} to nonlinear observation models parameterized by deep neural ... More
Predicting Abandonment in Online Coding TutorialsJul 13 2017Learners regularly abandon online coding tutorials when they get bored or frustrated, but there are few techniques for anticipating this abandonment to intervene. In this paper, we examine the feasibility of predicting abandonment with machine-learned ... More
Higgs Precision (Higgcision) Era beginsFeb 15 2013Apr 12 2013After the discovery of the Higgs boson at the LHC, it is natural to start the research program on the precision study of the Higgs-boson couplings to various standard model (SM) particles. We provide a generic framework for the deviations of the couplings ... More
High-Energy String Scattering Amplitudes and Signless Stirling Number IdentityDec 23 2010Jul 18 2012We give a complete proof of a set of identities (7) proposed recently from calculation of high-energy string scattering amplitudes. These identities allow one to extract ratios among high-energy string scattering amplitudes in the fixed angle regime from ... More
Structural Characterization And Condition For Measurement Statistics Preservation Of A Unital Quantum OperationDec 06 2011Apr 16 2013We investigate the necessary and sufficient condition for a convex cone of positive semidefinite operators to be fixed by a unital quantum operation $\phi$ acting on finite-dimensional quantum states. By reducing this problem to the problem of simultaneous ... More
Optogenetic control of cell signaling pathway through scattering skull using wavefront shapingFeb 17 2015Oct 28 2015We introduce a non-invasive approach for optogenetic regulation in biological cells through highly scattering skull tissue using wavefront shaping. The wavefront of the incident light was systematically controlled using a spatial light modulator in order ... More
Fermi surface evolution in the antiferromagnetic state for the electron-doped t-t'-t''-J modelApr 22 2004May 28 2004By use of the slave-boson mean-field approach, we have studied the electron-doped t-t'-t''-J model in the antiferromagnetic (AF) state. It is found that at low doping the Fermi surface (FS) pockets appear around $(\pm\pi,0)$ and $(0,\pm\pi)$, and upon ... More
Intrinsic Anomalous Hall Effect in Magneto-Chiral StatesMay 31 2013Jul 24 2014We show that a finite Hall effect in zero applied magnetic field occurs for partially filled bands in certain time-reversal violating states with zero net flux per unit-cell. These states are the Magneto-chiral states with parameters in the effective ... More
Simultaneous observation of water and class I methanol masers toward class II methanol maser sourcesOct 09 2015We present a simultaneous single-dish survey of 22 GHz water maser and 44 GHz and 95 GHz class I methanol masers toward 77 6.7 GHz class II methanol maser sources, which were selected from the Arecibo methanol maser Galactic plane survey (AMGPS) catalog.Water ... More
Asymmetrically interacting spreading dynamics on complex layered networksMay 08 2014The spread of disease through a physical-contact network and the spread of information about the disease on a communication network are two intimately related dynamical processes. We investigate the asymmetrical interplay between the two types of spreading ... More
Soft Wall Model in the Hadronic MediumApr 21 2011Nov 12 2014We study the holographic QCD in the hadronic medium by using the soft wall model. We discuss the Hawking-Page transition between Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m AdS black hole and thermal charged AdS of which the geometries correspond to deconfinement and confinement ... More
Approximate Edge Analytics for the IoT EcosystemMay 15 2018IoT-enabled devices continue to generate a massive amount of data. Transforming this continuously arriving raw data into timely insights is critical for many modern online services. For such settings, the traditional form of data analytics over the entire ... More
FeynmanPAQS: A Graphical Interface Program for Photonic Analog Quantum ComputingOct 04 2018We present a user-friendly software for photonic analog quantum computing with an installable MATLAB package and the graphical user interface (GUI) that allows for convenient operation without requiring programming skills. Arbitrary Hamiltonians can be ... More
Higgcision in the Two-Higgs Doublet ModelsOct 15 2013Dec 27 2013We perform global fits to general two-Higgs doublet models (2HDMs) with generalized couplings using the most updated data from ATLAS, CMS, and Tevatron. We include both scenarios with CP-conserving and CP-violating couplings. By relaxing the requirement ... More
A Numerical Model for Flows in Porous and Open Domains Coupled at the Interface by Stress JumpApr 10 2006A numerical model was developed for flows involving an interface between a homogenous fluid and a porous medium. The numerical model is based on the finite volume method with body-fitted and multi-block grids. The Darcy-Forchheimer extended model is used ... More
Attribute2Image: Conditional Image Generation from Visual AttributesDec 02 2015Oct 08 2016This paper investigates a novel problem of generating images from visual attributes. We model the image as a composite of foreground and background and develop a layered generative model with disentangled latent variables that can be learned end-to-end ... More
Multiple-Lithography-Compliant Verification for Standard Cell Library Development FlowMay 28 2018Starting from 22-nm, a standard cell must be designed to be full lithography-compliant, which includes Design Rule Check, Design-for-Manufacturability and Double-Patterning compliant. It has become a great challenge for physical layout designers to provide ... More
Time-dependent radio emission from evolving jetsMar 31 2010We investigated the time-dependent radiative and dynamical properties of light supersonic jets launched into an external medium, using hydrodynamic simulations and numerical radiative transfer calculations. These involved various structural models for ... More
Fluctuations and all-in$-$all-out ordering in dipole-octupole Nd2Zr2O7Jul 07 2015We present an experimental study of the pyrochlore coumpound Nd2Zr2O7 by means of neutron scattering and magnetization measurements down to 90 mK. The Nd$^{3+}$ magnetic moments exhibit a strong local $\langle$111$\rangle$ Ising anisotropy together with ... More
Constraining the Synopsys Pin Access Checker Utility for Improved Standard Cells Library Verification FlowMay 25 2018While standard cell layouts are drawn with minimum design rules for maximum benefit of design area shrinkage, the complicated design rules begin to cause difficulties with signal routes accessing the pins in standard cell layouts. Multiple design iterations ... More
The statistical mechanics of complex signaling networks : nerve growth factor signalingJun 22 2004It is becoming increasingly appreciated that the signal transduction systems used by eukaryotic cells to achieve a variety of essential responses represent highly complex networks rather than simple linear pathways. While significant effort is being made ... More
Standard Cell Library Evaluation with Multiple lithography-compliant verification and Improved Synopsys Pin Access Checking UtilityMay 28 2018While standard cell layouts are drawn with minimum design rules to maximize the benefit of design area shrinkage, the complicated design rules have caused difficulties with signal routes accessing the pins in standard cell layouts. As a result, it has ... More
Tutorial models of the climate and habitability of Proxima Centauri b: a thin atmosphere is sufficient to distribute heat given low stellar fluxAug 25 2016Proxima Centauri b, an Earth-size planet in the habitable zone of our nearest stellar neighbour, has just been discovered. A theoretical framework of synchronously rotating planets, in which the risk of a runaway greenhouse on the sunlight side and atmospheric ... More
Number and Luminosity Evolution of Interacting Galaxies as a Natural explanation for the Galaxy CountsMay 23 1995A newly developed isochrone synthesis algorithm for the photometric evolution of galaxies is described. Two initial mass functions, IMFs, in particular, the recent IMF determined by Kroupa, Tout, and Gilmore, three photometric transformations, and a 1-Gyr-burst ... More
Hybrid mesons from lattice QCDSep 27 2000Recent lattice simulation studies of heavy-quark hybrid mesons in which the quark and antiquark are bound together by an excited gluon field are summarized.
Bayesian curve fitting for lattice gauge theoristsDec 17 2001A new method of extracting the low-lying energy spectrum from Monte Carlo estimates of Euclidean-space correlation functions which incorporates Bayesian inference is described and tested. The procedure fully exploits the information present in the correlation ... More
Resonances and scattering poles on asymptotically hyperbolic manifoldsMar 31 2004On an asymptotically hyperbolic manifold (X,g), we show that the resolvent resonances coincide, with multiplicities, with the poles of the renormalized scattering operator, except for the special points n/2-k (with k>0 integer) where an additional term ... More
Upper Bounds for Stern's Diatomic Sequence and Related SequencesJun 25 2015Let $(s_2(n))_{n=0}^\infty$ denote Stern's diatomic sequence. For $n\geq 2$, we may view $s_2(n)$ as the number of partitions of $n-1$ into powers of $2$ with each part occurring at most twice. More generally, for integers $b,n\geq 2$, let $s_b(n)$ denote ... More
Sinkhorn Divergence of Topological Signature Estimates for Time Series ClassificationFeb 14 2019Distinguishing between classes of time series sampled from dynamic systems is a common challenge in systems and control engineering, for example in the context of health monitoring, fault detection, and quality control. The challenge is increased when ... More
Flexible Toggles and Symmetric Invertible Asynchronous Elementary Cellular AutomataNov 22 2015May 24 2018A sequential dynamical system (SDS) consists of a graph $G$ with vertices $v_1,v_2,\ldots,v_n$, a state set $A$, a collection of "vertex functions" $\{f_{v_i}\}_{i=1}^n$, and a permutation $\pi\in S_n$ that specifies how to compose these functions to ... More
Improved effective estimates of Pólya's Theorem for quadratic formsApr 08 2018Apr 14 2018Following de Loera and Santos, the P\'olya exponent of a $n$-ary real form (i.e. a homogeneous polynomial in $n$ variables with real coefficients) $f$ is the infimum of the upward closed set of nonnegative integers $m$ such that $(x_1 + \cdots + x_n)^m ... More
Eventual positivity of Hermitian polynomials and integral operatorsDec 04 2014Quillen proved that, if a Hermitian bihomogeneous polynomial is strictly positive on the unit sphere, then repeated multiplication of the standard sesquilinear form to this polynomial eventually results in a sum of Hermitian squares. Catlin-D'Angelo and ... More
Observation of M87 with VERITASSep 23 2007The giant radio galaxy M87 is the only extragalactic non-blazar object which has been detected as a source of very high energy gamma-rays. It represents a unique opportunity to study the phenomena of gamma-ray emission from a nearby AGN. In this paper ... More
An introduction to mesic nucleiJan 14 2016There is much speculation and a modest amount of evidence that certain mesons might form quasi-bound states with nuclei to produce really exotic states of matter. For this to be a practical possibility, the interaction between the meson and nucleons at ... More
COSY-11 : How will we remember it ?Sep 03 2007A personal selection is made of the highlights of the COSY-11 physics program undertaken at the COoler SYnchrotron of the Forschungszentrum Juelich. This has been particularly rich in the field of strange and non-strange meson production in proton-proton ... More