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A tight-coupling scheme sharing minimum information across a spatial interface between gyrokinetic turbulence codesJun 13 2018Jul 20 2018A new scheme that tightly couples kinetic turbulence codes across a spatial interface is introduced. This scheme evolves from considerations of competing strategies and down-selection. It is found that the use of a composite kinetic distribution function ... More
Gyroaveraging operations using adaptive matrix operatorsFeb 26 2018Apr 20 2018A new adaptive scheme to be used in Particle-In-Cell codes for carrying out gyroaveraging operations with matrices is presented. This new scheme uses an intermediate velocity grid whose resolution is adapted to the local thermal Larmor radius. The charge ... More
Moment Preserving Constrained Resampling with Applications to Particle-in-Cell MethodsFeb 17 2017Oct 22 2017In simulations of partial differential equations using particle-in-cell (PIC) methods, it is often advantageous to resample the particle distribution function to increase simulation accuracy, reduce compute cost, and/or avoid numerical instabilities. ... More
Verification of long wavelength electromagnetic modes with a gyrokinetic-fluid hybrid model in the XGC codeFeb 16 2017As an alternative option to kinetic electrons, the gyrokinetic total-f particle-in-cell (PIC) code XGC1 has been extended to the MHD/fluid type electromagnetic regime by combining gyrokinetic PIC ions with massless drift-fluid electrons analogous to Chen ... More
Palomar Transient Factory and RR Lyrae: Metallicity-Light Curve Relation Based on ab-Type RR Lyrae in Kepler FieldDec 11 2016The wide-field synoptic sky surveys, known as the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF) and the intermediate Palomar Transient Factory (iPTF), will accumulate a large number of known and new RR Lyrae. These RR Lyrae are good tracers to study the substructure ... More
Verification of the global gyrokinetic stellarator code XGC-S for linear ion temperature gradient driven modesMay 14 2019XGC (X-point Gyrokinetic Code) is a whole-volume, total-f gyrokinetic particle-in-cell code developed for modelling tokamaks. In recent work, XGC has been extended to model more general 3D toroidal magnetic configurations, such as stellarators. These ... More
Asteroid Spin-Rate Study using the Intermediate Palomar Transient FactoryJun 29 2015Two dedicated asteroid rotation-period surveys have been carried out using data taken on January 6-9 and February 20-23 of 2014 by the Intermediate Palomar Transient Factory (iPTF) in the $R$~band with $\sim 20$-min cadence. The total survey area covered ... More
313 new asteroid rotation periods from Palomar Transient Factory observationsMay 06 2014A new asteroid rotation period survey have been carried out by using the Palomar Transient Factory (PTF). Twelve consecutive PTF fields, which covered an area of 87 deg$^2$ in the ecliptic plane, were observed in $R$ band with a cadence of $\sim$20 min ... More
Learning Graph Neural Networks with Noisy LabelsMay 05 2019We study the robustness to symmetric label noise of GNNs training procedures. By combining the nonlinear neural message-passing models (e.g. Graph Isomorphism Networks, GraphSAGE, etc.) with loss correction methods, we present a noise-tolerant approach ... More
Be Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 6830Apr 08 2016We report the discovery of 2 new Be stars, and re-identify one known Be star in the open cluster NGC 6830. Eleven H-alpha emitters were discovered using the H-alpha imaging photometry of the Palomar Transient Factory Survey. Stellar membership of the ... More
Grasp Constraint Satisfaction for Object Manipulation using Robotic HandsNov 27 2018For successful object manipulation with robotic hands, it is important to ensure that the object remains in the grasp at all times. In addition to grasp constraints associated with slipping and singular hand configurations, excessive rolling is an important ... More
Towards Efficient Detection of Small Near-Earth Asteroids Using the Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF)Apr 21 2019We describe ZStreak, a semi-real-time pipeline specialized in detecting small, fast-moving near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) that is currently operating on the data from the newly-commissioned Zwicky Transient Facility (ZTF) survey. Based on a prototype originally ... More
Lanczos exact diagonalization study of field-induced phase transition for Ising and Heisenberg antiferromagnetsJan 21 1999Using an exact diagonalization treatment of Ising and Heisenberg model Hamiltonians, we study field-induced phase transition for two-dimensional antiferromagnets. For the system of Ising antiferromagnet the predicted field-induced phase transition is ... More
The Whitney extension theorem in high dimensionsAug 07 2015We prove a variant of the standard Whitney extension theorem for $\mathcal C^m(\mathbb R^n)$, in which the norm of the extension operator has polynomial growth in $n$ for fixed $m$.
Gas Shepherding by an Infalling SatelliteJan 14 2008May 22 2008I calculate the action of a satellite, infalling through dynamical friction, on a coplanar gaseous disk of finite radial extent. The disk tides, raised by the infalling satellite, couple the satellite and disk. Dynamical friction acting on the satellite ... More
On the arithmetic of twists of superelliptic curvesSep 18 2005Oct 13 2005In this paper, we consider a family of twists of a superelliptic curve over a global field, and obtain results on the distribution of the Mordell-Weil rank of these twists. Our results have applications to the distribution of the number of rational points. ... More
A "Littlest Higgs" Model with Custodial SU(2) SymmetryJun 03 2003Jan 07 2004In this note, a ``littlest higgs'' model is presented which has an approximate custodial SU(2) symmetry. The model is based on the coset space $SO(9)/(SO(5)\times SO(4))$. The light pseudo-goldstone bosons of the theory include a {\it single} higgs doublet ... More
InfraNotes: Inconspicuous Handwritten Trajectory Tracking for Lecture Note Recording with Infrared SensorsOct 07 2016Lecture notes are important for students to review and understand the key points in the class. Unfortunately, the students often miss or lose part of the lecture notes. In this paper, we design and implement an infrared sensor based system, InfraNotes, ... More
A Simple $U(1)$ Gauge Theory Explanation of the Diphoton ExcessDec 20 2015Jan 07 2016The recent ATLAS and CMS diphoton resonance excesses are explored in a simple $U(1)$ gauge theory extension of the Standard Model where the resonance is the Higgs boson of the $U(1)$ symmetry breaking, $\phi$. This particle couples to exotic quarks which, ... More
Quantum Group and Quantum SymmetryAug 30 1995This is a self-contained review on the theory of quantum group and its applications to modern physics. A brief introduction is given to the Yang-Baxter equation in integrable quantum field theory and lattice statistical physics. The quantum group is primarily ... More
Enhancing keV high harmonic signals generated by long-wave infrared lasersApr 23 2019It is demonstrated by single-atom simulations that X-ray signals in the 3.4 to 4 keV region from an 8 micron laser driven high harmonic generation can be increased by more than two orders of magnitude when a single-cycle pulse centered at 800 nm is added. ... More
The automorphism group functor of the N=4 Lie conformal superalgebraFeb 15 2013Aug 11 2014In this paper, we study the structure and representability of the automorphism group functor of the N=4 Lie conformal superalgebra over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic zero.
A new Dirac-type equation for tachyonic neutrinosNov 10 2000Dec 30 2000Based on experimental evidences supporting the hypothesis that neutrinos might be tachyonic fermions, a new Dirac-type equation is proposed and a spin-1/2 tachyonic quantum theory is developed. The new Dirac-type equation provides a solution for the puzzle ... More
Augmentation Quotients for Burnside Rings of some Finite $p$-GroupsApr 21 2017Let $G$ be a finite group, $\Omega(G)$ be its Burnside ring, and $\Delta(G)$ its augmentation ideal. Denote by $\Delta^n(G)$ and $Q_n(G)$ the $n$-th power of $\Delta(G)$ and the $n$-th consecutive quotient group $\Delta^n(G)/\Delta^{n+1}(G)$, respectively. ... More
Two observations on the capacity of the range of simple random walks on $\mathbb{Z}^3$ and $\mathbb{Z}^4$Nov 26 2016We prove a weak law of large numbers for the capacity of the range of simple random walks on $\mathbb{Z}^{4}$. On $\mathbb{Z}^{3}$, we show that the capacity, properly scaled, converges in distribution towards the corresponding quantity for three dimensional ... More
Skin cancer reorganization and classification with deep neural networkMar 01 2017As one kind of skin cancer, melanoma is very dangerous. Dermoscopy based early detection and recarbonization strategy is critical for melanoma therapy. However, well-trained dermatologists dominant the diagnostic accuracy. In order to solve this problem, ... More
Two-dimensional Peierls instability via zone boundary Dirac line nodes in layered perovskite oxidesAug 21 2018Feb 01 2019Interplay of Fermi surface topology and electron correlation is the quintessential ingredient underlying spontaneous symmetry breaking in itinerant electronic systems. In one-dimensional (1D) systems at half-filling, the inherent Fermi surface nesting ... More
Magnetoresistance in Spin-Polarized Transport through a Carbon NanotubeOct 31 2008We report on our theoretical study of the magnetoresistance in spin polarized transport through a finite carbon nanotube (CNT). Varying the Fermi energy of a CNT and the relative strength of couplings to two ferromagnetic (FM) electrodes, we studied the ... More
A Framework for Providing E-Services to the Rural Areas using Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor NetworksDec 27 2007In recent years, the proliferation of mobile computing devices has driven a revolutionary change in the computing world. The nature of ubiquitous devices makes wireless networks the easiest solution for their interconnection. This has led to the rapid ... More
Community detection for networks with unipartite and bipartite structureJul 29 2013Sep 12 2014Finding community structures in networks is important in network science, technology, and applications. To date, most algorithms that aim to find community structures only focus either on unipartite or bipartite networks. A unipartite network consists ... More
Modeling of Anisotropic Two-Dimensional Materials Monolayer HfS2 and Phosphorene MOSFETsMay 17 2015Ballistic transport characteristics of metal-oxide semiconductor field effect transistors (MOSFETs) based on anisotropic two-dimensional (2-D) materials monolayer HfS2 and phosphorene are explored through quantum transport simulations. We focus on the ... More
Quantum ergodicity of Wigner induced spherical harmonicsDec 10 2015Apr 21 2016We show that a Wigner induced random orthonormal basis of spherical harmonics is almost surely quantum ergodic. Here, a random basis is identified with an element of the product probability space of unitary groups, each endowed with the measure induced ... More
CS591 Report: Application of siamesa network in 2D transformationJun 29 2017Deep learning has been extensively used various aspects of computer vision area. Deep learning separate itself from traditional neural network by having a much deeper and complicated network layers in its network structures. Traditionally, deep neural ... More
Transition densities of one-dimensional Levy processesFeb 09 2015In this paper, we study the existence of the transition densities of one-dimensional L\'evy processes. Compared with past results, our results contain the L\'evy processes whose L\'evy symbols have logarithm behavior at infinity. Our results contain the ... More
Parity Violation and a Preferred FrameMar 31 2002Based on parity violation in the weak interaction and evidences from neutrino oscillation, a natural choice is that neutrinos may be spacelike particles with a tiny mass. To keep causality for spacelike particles, a kinematic time under a non-standard ... More
A proposed gravitodynamic theoryMar 18 1997This paper proposes a gravitodynamic theory because there are similarities between gravitational theory and electrodynamics. Based on Einstein's principle of equivalence, two coordinate conditions are proposed into the four-dimensional line element and ... More
Inclusive Jet Longitudinal Double-spin Asymmetry $A_{LL}$ Measurements in 510 GeV Polarized $pp$ Collisions at STARJul 24 2019In this analysis, I perform the first ever measurement of \(A_{LL}\) for inclusive jet production in \(pp\) collisions at the higher beam energy of \(\sqrt{s}\) = 510 GeV, based on data that STAR recorded during 2012. The higher beam energy extends the ... More
Adjoint quotient maps for restricted Lie algebras Wn and SnMay 13 2014We give an explicit description of adjoint quotient maps for Jacobson-Witt algebra Wn and special algebra Sn. An analogue of Kostant's differential criterion of regularity is given for Wn. Furthermore, we describe the fiber of adjoint quotient map for ... More
Gamma factors of level zero supercuspidal representationsMar 27 2019We give an explicit formula for the twisted gamma factor for a pair of irreducible supercuspidal representations of level zero. We also obtain an explicit formula for the unramified base change of level zero supercuspidal representations.
On Exactly Solvable PotentialsSep 02 1995We investigate two methods of obtaining exactly solvable potentials with analytic forms.
Wireless Network Slicing: Generalized Kelly Mechanism Based Resource AllocationJul 04 2019Wireless network slicing (i.e., network virtualization) is one of the potential technologies for addressing the issue of rapidly growing demand in mobile data services related to 5G cellular networks. It logically decouples the current cellular networks ... More
The Effectiveness of the Kozai Mechanism in the Galactic CentreNov 05 2008I examine the effectiveness of Kozai oscillations in the centres of galaxies and in particular the Galactic centre using standard techniques from celestial mechanics. In particular, I study the effects of a stellar bulge potential and general relativity ... More
Challenges in Hyperon DecaysNov 13 2000Nov 28 2000We give an personal overview of some of the unsolved problems related to hyperon decays. We cover nonleptonic decays, radiative decays and magnetic moments. Some of the theoretical issues are also touched upon.
Probe a family non-universal Z' boson effects in B(s)-> phi mu(+) mu(-)decayJan 06 2011Motivated by the recent measurement on ${\cal B}(\bar{B}_s\to \phi \mu^+\mu^-)$ by CDF collaboration, we study the effects of a family non-universal $Z^{\prime}$ boson on rare semileptonic $\bar{B}_s \to \phi\mu^+\mu^-$ decay. In our evaluations, we analyze ... More
Instagram Post Data AnalysisOct 07 2016Because of the spread of the Internet, social platforms become big data pools. From there we can learn about the trends, culture and hot topics. This project focuses on analyzing the data from Instagram. It shows the relationship of Instagram filter data ... More
Boundary integral operator for the fractional Laplacian in the bounded smooth domainNov 18 2014We study the boundary integral operator induced from the fractional Laplace equation in a bounded smooth domain. For $1/2 < \alpha? < 1$, we show the bijectivity of the boundary integral operator $S_{2\alpha} : L^p(\partial \Omega) \rightarrow H^{2\alpha-1}_p ... More
Parity Violation and Neutrino MassAug 26 2002Besides the fact of parity violation in weak interactions, based on evidences from neutrino oscillation and tritium beta decay, a natural conjecture is that neutrinos may be spacelike particles with a tiny proper mass. A Dirac-type equation for spacelike ... More
Boundary integral operator for the fractional Laplace equation in a bounded Lipschitz domainJul 05 2011We study the boundary integral operator induced from fractional Laplace equation in a bounded Lipschitz domain. As an application, we study the boundary value problem of a fractional Laplace equation.
Explorations into the inertial and integral scales of homogeneous axisymmetric turbulenceJan 31 2012A flow generator is described in which homogeneous axisymmetric turbulent air flows with varying and fully controllable degrees of anisotropy, including the much studied isotropic case, are generated by the combined agitations produced by 32 acoustic ... More
A note on the rank of a restricted Lie algebraSep 06 2016In this short note, we study the rank of a restricted Lie algebra $(\mathfrak{g},[p])$ and give some applications, which concerns the dimensions of non-trivial irreducible modules. We also compute the rank of the restricted contact algebra $K(n)$.
On the limit of spectral gap formation via Bragg's reflectionNov 29 2018Although it is well recognized that waves propagating in periodic media have forbidden gaps in the continuous spectrum, it is still yet unknown about the minimum number and depth of periodic modulations for clear spectral formation. This limit is explored ... More
Semi-Analytic Method for SINS Attitude and Parameters Online EstimationJan 16 2018In this note, the attitude and inertial sensors drift biases estimation for Strapdown inertial navigation system is investigated. A semi-analytic method is proposed, which contains two interlaced solution procedures. Specifically, the attitude encoding ... More
On the Bernoulli Automorphism of Reversible Linear Cellular AutomataMar 20 2015Sep 22 2015This investigation studies the ergodic properties of reversible linear cellular automata over $\mathbb{Z}_m$ for $m \in \mathbb{N}$. We show that a reversible linear cellular automaton is either a Bernoulli automorphism or non-ergodic. This gives an affirmative ... More
On the Integral Representation of Binary Quadratic Forms and the Artin ConditionOct 16 2015For diophantine equations of the form ax^2+bxy+cy^2+g=0 over Z whose coefficients satisfy some hypotheses, we show that the Artin condition is the only obstruction to the local-global principle for integral solutions of the equation. Some concrete examples ... More
Nonstandard Higgs DecaysAug 01 2008The crucial search for the Higgs boson at future colliders is capable of discovering the Standard Model Higgs, but is not guaranteed to discover a Higgs that decays nonstandardly. Such new physics is motivated by many aspects; from experiment, by the ... More
A Dirac-type equation for spacelike neutrinosMar 21 2001Based on experimental evidences supporting the hypothesis that neutrinos might be spacelike particles, a new Dirac-type equation is proposed and a spin-1/2 spacelike quantum theory is developed. The new Dirac-type equation provides a solution for the ... More
Finite-dimensional subalgebras of the Virasoro algebraAug 31 2014Nov 17 2014We determine all two-dimensional Lie subalgebras of the centreless Virasoro algebra and complete the characterization of all finite dimensional Lie subalgebras of the complex Virasoro algebra.
Holography based on noncommutative geometry and the AdS/CFT correspondenceApr 14 1999Exponential regularization of orthogonal and Anti-de Sitter (AdS) space is presented based on noncommutative geometry. We show that an adequately adopted noncommutative deformation of geometry makes the holography of higher dimensional quantum theory ... More
Loop cluster on the discrete circleNov 29 2013Jan 05 2015The loop clusters of a Poissonian ensemble of Markov loops on a finite or countable graph have been studied in \cite{Markovian-loop-clusters-on-graphs}. In the present article, we study the loop clusters associated with a rotation invariant nearest neighbor ... More
Toral stabilizers of restricted Lie algebrasAug 07 2016Aug 18 2016This paper investigates the toral stabilizer of a finite-dimensional restricted Lie algebra $(\mathfrak{g},[p])$, defined over an algebraically closed field $k$ of positive characteristic. We compute the group of toral stabilizers of some simple Lie algebras ... More
Stability in graded rings associated with commutative augmented ringsJul 10 2019Let $A$ be a commutative augmented ring and $I$ be its augmentation ideal. This paper shows that the sequence $\{I^n/I^{n+1}\}$ becomes stationary up to isomorphism. The result yields stability in the associated graded ring of $A$ along $I$.
Joint source-channel with side information coding error exponentsJan 23 2009In this paper, we study the upper and the lower bounds on the joint source-channel coding error exponent with decoder side-information. The results in the paper are non-trivial extensions of the Csiszar's classical paper [5]. Unlike the joint source-channel ... More
Wireless Network Slicing: Generalized Kelly Mechanism Based Resource AllocationJul 04 2019Jul 05 2019Wireless network slicing (i.e., network virtualization) is one of the potential technologies for addressing the issue of rapidly growing demand in mobile data services related to 5G cellular networks. It logically decouples the current cellular networks ... More
Comparison of Support Vector Machine and Back Propagation Neural Network in Evaluating the Enterprise Financial DistressJul 29 2010Recently, applying the novel data mining techniques for evaluating enterprise financial distress has received much research alternation. Support Vector Machine (SVM) and back propagation neural (BPN) network has been applied successfully in many areas ... More
On the Observation of Top Spin Correlation Effect at TevatronDec 25 1995We propose to observe the top spin correlation effect at Tevatron through the measurement of the correlated asymmetries of the charged lepton momenta using the dilepton decay events of top and anti-top quark pairs. The possibility of reconstructing the ... More
Fundamental thickness limit of itinerant ferromagnetic SrRuO$_3$ thin filmsMar 02 2009Jul 07 2009We report on a fundamental thickness limit of the itinerant ferromagnetic oxide SrRuO$_3$ that might arise from the orbital-selective quantum confinement effects. Experimentally, SrRuO$_3$ films remain metallic even for a thickness of 2 unit cells (uc), ... More
Sznajd sociophysics model on a triangular lattice: ferro and antiferromagnetic opinionsSep 11 2001The Sznajd sociophysics model is generalized on the triangular lattice with pure antiferromagnetic opinion and also with both ferromagnetic and antiferromagnetic opinions. The slogan of the trade union "united we stand, divided we fall" can be realized ... More
How to Observe the Interference Effects of Top quark polarizations at TevatronJun 24 1996Using a simple analytic expression for $q \bar{q}, g g \rightarrow t \bar{t} \rightarrow b W^+ \bar{b} W^- \rightarrow b \bar{l} \nu_l \bar{b} l' \bar{\nu_{l'}}$ with the interference effects due to the polarizations of the $t$ and $\bar{t}$, we demonstrate ... More
Note on the rank of quadratic twists of Mordell equationsSep 30 200514H52 : Elliptic curves Let E be the elliptic curve given by a Mordell equation y^2=x^3-A where A is an integer. For certain A, we use Stoll's formula to compute a lower bound for the proportion of square-free integers D up to X such that the Mordell-Weil ... More
Quantum Anti-de Sitter SpaceApr 13 1999The quantum Anti-de Sitter (AdS) group and quantum AdS space is discussed. Ways of getting the quantum AdS group from real forms of quantum orthogonal group are presented. Differential calculus on the quantum AdS space are also introduced. In particular, ... More
Identifiability of Electrical and Heat Transfer Parameters Using Coupled Boundary MeasurementsMar 05 2016In this paper, we show that a hybrid method using coupled boundary measurements can determine electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, and the product of heat capacity and heat density within a bounded domain on the plane uniquely up to a boundary-fixing ... More
Supercritical loop percolation on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ for $d\geq 3$Apr 29 2015In this paper, we are interested in the loop cluster model on $\mathbb{Z}^d$ for $d\geq 3$. It is a long range model with two parameters $\alpha$ and $\kappa$, where the non-negative parameter $\alpha$ measures the amount of loops, and $\kappa$ plays ... More
Worst-Case Analysis for a Leader-follower Partially Observable Stochastic GameJan 06 2019This paper studies a leader-follower partially observable stochastic game where (i) the two agents are non-cooperative, and (ii) the follower's objective is unknown to the leader and/or the follower is irrational. We determine the leader's optimal value ... More
A Near-optimal Algorithm for Edge Connectivity-based Hierarchical Graph DecompositionNov 25 2017Driven by many applications in graph analytics, the problem of computing $k$-edge connected components ($k$-ECCs) of a graph $G$ for a user-given $k$ has been extensively studied recently. In this paper, we investigate the problem of constructing the ... More
The impact of magnetic geometry on wave modes in cylindrical plasmasMar 18 2015Both space and laboratory plasmas can be associated with static magnetic field, and the field geometry varies from uniform to non-uniform. This thesis investigates the impact of magnetic geometry on wave modes in cylindrical plasmas. The cylindrical configuration ... More
Nonexistence of generalized bent functions and the quadratic norm form equationsApr 04 2018We obtain the nonexistence of generalized bent functions (GBFs) from (\ZZ/t\ZZ)^n to \ZZ/t\ZZ (called type [n,t]), for a large new class. Specifically, by showing certain quadratic norm form equations have no integral points, we obtain the universal nonexistence ... More
Convex hulls of planar random walksApr 05 2017Sep 06 2017For the perimeter length $L_n$ and the area $A_n$ of the convex hull of the first $n$ steps of a planar random walk, this thesis study $n \to \infty$ mean and variance asymptotics and establish distributional limits. The results apply to random walks ... More
Enhancement of Energy-Based Swing-Up Controller via Entropy SearchApr 02 2019Apr 03 2019An energy based approach for stabilizing a mechanical system has offered a simple yet powerful control scheme. However, since it does not impose such strong constraints on parameter space of the controller, finding appropriate parameter values for an ... More
The Effect of Top Quark Polarization at Hadronic CollidersAug 23 1995We derive a simple analytic expression for q \bar{q}, g g -> t \bar{t} -> b W^+ \bar{b} W^- -> b \bar{l} \nu_l \bar{b} l' \bar{\nu_{l'}} for on shell intermediate states with the interference effects due to the polarizations of the t and \bar{t}. We then ... More
Alternative Interpretation of the Tevatron Top EventsOct 29 1998Nov 01 1998We propose an alternative interpretation of the top events discovered at the Tevatron in 1995. Given that the charge of the $b$ quark jet cannot be measured for the whole sample with certainty, the signal can be due to a quark of charge -4/3 at the reported ... More
Fitting Precision Electroweak Data with Exotic Heavy QuarksSep 28 1999Oct 02 1999The 1999 precision electroweak data from LEP and SLC persist in showing some slight discrepancies from the assumed standard model, mostly regarding $b$ and $c$ quarks. We show how their mixing with exotic heavy quarks could result in a more consistent ... More
Regularity of quasi-n-harmonic mappings into NPC spacesSep 13 2017Jan 02 2018We prove local Holder continuity of quasi-n-harmonic mappings from Euclidean domains into metric spaces with non-positive curvature in the sense of Alexandrov. We also obtain global Holder continuity of such mappings from bounded Lipschitz domains.
Reconstruction of Cosmic and Beam-Halo Muons with the CMS DetectorOct 21 2008Oct 21 2008The powerful muon and tracker systems of the CMS detector together with dedicated reconstruction software allow precise and efficient measurement of muon tracks originating from proton-proton collisions. The standard muon reconstruction algorithms, however, ... More
Entanglement behavior of quantum states of fermionic system in accelerated frameDec 15 2011May 03 2012In this article we investigate the entanglement behavior of quantum states of fermionic system in accelerated frame. It was known that unlike scalar case the entanglement of fermionic maximally entangled states survives even in the infinite acceleration ... More
Entanglement amplification of fermionic systems in an accelerated frameMay 03 2012In this article we present an analysis to derive physical results in the entanglement amplification of fermonic systems in the relativistic regime, that is, beyond the single-mode approximation. This leads a recent work in [M. Montero and E. Mart\'{i}n-Mart\'{i}nez, ... More
Theory of dual fermion superconductivity in hole-doped cupratesJun 12 2016Oct 20 2016Since the discovery of the cuprate high-temperature superconductivity in 1986, a universal phase diagram has been constructed experimentally, including the strange metal, pseudogap and superconductivity phases, located between the Mott insulator and Fermi-liquid ... More
Remarks on the waterbag model of dispersionless Toda HierarchySep 25 2007We construct the free energy associated with the waterbag model of dToda. Also, the relations of conserved densities are investigated
A Charge-Conjugation-Invariance Constrained Pomeron-Quark CouplingJan 20 2005The commonly used $\gamma_{\mu}} Pomeron-quark coupling changes its sign under charge conjugation, in contradiction to the property of Pomeron. I show that the Pomeron-quark coupling is tensorial and is invariant under the charge conjugation.
Blow-up in reaction-diffusion systems under Robin boundary conditionsSep 09 2015In this paper we apply the differential inequality technique of Payne {\it et. al} \cite{Payne&SchaeferRobin08} to show that a reaction-diffusion system admits blow-up solutions, and to determine an upper bound for the blow-up time. For a particular nonlinearity, ... More
Rokhlin dimension of Z^m actions on simple C*-algebrasAug 03 2016We study Rokhlin dimension of Z^m-actions on simple separable stably finite nuclear C*-algebras. We prove that under suitable assumptions, a strongly outer Z^m-action has finite Rokhlin dimension. This extends the known result for automorphisms. As an ... More
Limit theorems for critical first-passage percolation on the triangular latticeJan 30 2016Consider (independent) first-passage percolation on the sites of the triangular lattice $\mathbb{T}$. Denote the passage time of the site $v$ in $\mathbb{T}$ by $t(v)$, and assume that $P(t(v)=0)=P(t(v)=1)=1/2$. Denote by $b_{0,n}$ the passage time from ... More
Surface and bulk melting of small metal clustersDec 16 2006We present an analytical solution to the two-parabola Landau model, applied to melting of metal particles with sizes in the nanoscale range. The results provide an analytical understanding of the recently observed pseudo-crystalline phase of nanoscale ... More
Inverse Lax-Wendroff method for boundary conditions of Boltzmann type modelsSep 14 2012In this paper we present a new algorithm based on a Cartesian mesh for the numerical approximation of kinetic models on complex geometry boundary. Due to the high dimensional property, numerical algorithms based on unstructured meshes for a complex geometry ... More
Is there a fundamental acceleration scale in galaxies?Dec 12 2018Milgrom's modified Newtonian dynamics (MOND) can explain well the mass discrepancy problem in galaxy without invoking dark matter. The MOND theory predicts a universal constant acceleration scale in galaxy, below which the Newtonian dynamics is no longer ... More
Learning Representations of Emotional Speech with Deep Convolutional Generative Adversarial NetworksApr 22 2017Automatically assessing emotional valence in human speech has historically been a difficult task for machine learning algorithms. The subtle changes in the voice of the speaker that are indicative of positive or negative emotional states are often "overshadowed" ... More
Theoretical Study of Phosphorene Tunneling Field Effect TransistorsFeb 14 2015In this work, device performances of tunneling field effect transistors (TFETs) based on phosphorene are explored via self-consistent atomistic quantum transport simulations. Phosphorene is an ultra-thin two-dimensional (2-D) material with a direct band ... More
Numerical Simulations to the Vlasov-Poisson System with a Strong Magnetic FieldMay 28 2018In this paper, we present an efficient Particle-In-Cell algorithm for the simulation of the three dimensional Vlasov-Poisson system in the presence of a strong external magnetic field. When the intensity of the magnetic field is sufficiently large and ... More
Chiral Restoration in the Early Universe: Pion Halo in the SkyOct 04 1994Oct 13 1994< \psibarpsi > vanishing above $T_c$ indicates chiral symmetry restoration at high $T$. But is it the old $T=0$ chiral symmetry that is `restored'? In this talk, I report on the spacetime quantization of the BPFTW effective action for quarks in a hot ... More
Braaten-Pisarski Action, Disoriented Chiral Condensate, and Chiral Symmetry Non-RestorationSep 10 1993The QCD effective action at high T shows a manifest global chiral symmetry. And calculations show that the order parameter \psibarpsi vanishes above T_c. It has been popular to refer to this T_c as chiral symmetry restoration temperature because it fits ... More
A Semi-analytic Criterion for the Spontaneous Initiation of Carbon Detonations in White DwarfsJan 30 2017Despite over forty years of active research, the nature of the white dwarf progenitors of Type Ia supernovae remains unclear. However, in the last decade, various progenitor scenarios have highlighted the need for detonations to be the primary mechanism ... More