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Analysis of Information Theoretic Limitation for Linear Time Invariant Feedback SystemsAug 15 2015Information-theoretic fundamental limitation in feedback control system is an important topic for decades. In this paper, a new bode-like fundamental inequality in causal feedback control system is developed. This inequality relates directed information, ... More
Neural Machine Translation between Herbal Prescriptions and DiseasesJul 09 2017The current study applies deep learning to herbalism. Toward the goal, we acquired the de-identified health insurance reimbursements that were claimed in a 10-year period from 2004 to 2013 in the National Health Insurance Database of Taiwan, the total ... More
Schrödinger Soliton from Lorentzian ManifoldsOct 09 2009Apr 25 2010In this paper, we introduce a new notion named as Schr\"odinger soliton. So-called Schr\"odinger solitons are defined as a class of special solutions to the Schr\"odinger flow equation from a Riemannian manifold or a Lorentzian manifold $M$ into a K\"ahler ... More
Low-Complexity Algorithm for Worst-Case Utility Maximization in Multiuser MISO DownlinkFeb 25 2013This work considers worst-case utility maximization (WCUM) problem for a downlink wireless system where a multiantenna base station communicates with multiple single-antenna users. Specifically, we jointly design transmit covariance matrices for each ... More
Fully Supervised Speaker DiarizationOct 10 2018Feb 19 2019In this paper, we propose a fully supervised speaker diarization approach, named unbounded interleaved-state recurrent neural networks (UIS-RNN). Given extracted speaker-discriminative embeddings (a.k.a. d-vectors) from input utterances, each individual ... More
Study on Timing Performance of a Readout Circuit for SiPMJun 07 2018In recent years, SiPM photoelectric devices have drawn much attention in the domain of time-of-flight-based positron emission tomography (TOF-PET). Using them to construct PET detectors with excellent coincidence time resolution (CTR) is always one of ... More
Doubly Sparse: Sparse Mixture of Sparse Experts for Efficient Softmax InferenceJan 30 2019Computations for the softmax function are significantly expensive when the number of output classes is large. In this paper, we present a novel softmax inference speedup method, Doubly Sparse Softmax (DS-Softmax), that leverages sparse mixture of sparse ... More
Particle-Hole Symmetry in the Fermion-Chern-Simons and Dirac Descriptions of a Half-Filled Landau LevelDec 30 2016Jul 06 2017It is well known that there is a particle-hole symmetry for spin-polarized electrons with two-body interactions in a partially filled Landau level, which becomes exact in the limit where the cyclotron energy is large compared to the interaction strength, ... More
Compressive Privacy for a Linear Dynamical SystemDec 09 2018We consider a linear dynamical system in which the state vector consists of both public and private states. One or more sensors make measurements of the state vector and sends information to a fusion center, which performs the final state estimation. ... More
Bound states of three fermions forming symmetry-protected topological phasesJun 03 2014Mar 15 2015We propose a simple theoretical construction of certain short-range entangled phases of interacting fermions, by putting the bound states of three fermions (which we refer to as clustons) into topological bands. We give examples in two and three dimensions, ... More
A hierarchy of self-consistent stochastic boundary conditions for Ising lattice simulationsJul 23 2012We describe a hierarchy of stochastic boundary conditions (SBCs) that can be used to systematically eliminate finite size effects in Monte Carlo simulations of Ising lattices. For an Ising model on a $100 \times 100$ square lattice, we measured the specific ... More
Unifying Description of Competing Orders in Two Dimensional Quantum MagnetsNov 27 2018Quantum magnets provide the simplest example of strongly interacting quantum matter, yet they continue to resist a comprehensive understanding above one spatial dimension (1D). In 1D, a key ingredient to progress is Luttinger liquid theory which provides ... More
Duality between $(2+1)d$ Quantum Critical PointsOct 11 2018Duality refers to two equivalent descriptions of the same theory from different points of view. Recently there has been tremendous progress in formulating and understanding possible dualities of quantum many body theories in $2+1$-spacetime dimensions. ... More
New bounds and constructions for multiply constant-weight codesDec 27 2015Multiply constant-weight codes (MCWCs) were introduced recently to improve the reliability of certain physically unclonable function response. In this paper, the bounds of MCWCs and the constructions of optimal MCWCs are studied. Firstly, we derive three ... More
The anomalous top quark coupling tqg and tW production at the LHCMay 26 2011Sep 19 2011Many new physics models beyond the standard model ($SM$) can give rise to the large anomalous top couplings $tqg$ ($q=u$ and $c$). We focus our attention on these couplings induced by the topcolor-assisted technicolor ($TC2$) model and the littlest Higgs ... More
Realizing topological surface states in a lower-dimensional flat bandSep 27 2016Dec 27 2017The anomalous surface states of symmetry protected topological (SPT) phases are usually thought to be only possible in conjunction with the higher dimensional topological bulk. However, it has recently been realized that a class of anomalous SPT surface ... More
Stochastic Variational InferenceJun 29 2012Apr 22 2013We develop stochastic variational inference, a scalable algorithm for approximating posterior distributions. We develop this technique for a large class of probabilistic models and we demonstrate it with two probabilistic topic models, latent Dirichlet ... More
Isovector channel of quark-meson-coupling model and its effect on symmetry energyMar 01 2010Jul 18 2011The non-relativistic approximation of the quark-meson-coupling model has been discussed and compared with the Skyrme-Hartree-Fock model which includes spin exchanges. Calculations show that the spin-exchange interaction has important effect on the descriptions ... More
Resummation prediction on top quark transverse momentum distribution at large pTOct 29 2012Feb 20 2013We study the factorization and resummation of t-channel top quark transverse momentum distribution at large pT in the SM at both the Tevatron and the LHC with soft-collinear effective theory. The cross section in the threshold region can be factorized ... More
Giant Enhancement of Intrinsic Spin Hall Conductivity in $β$ Tungsten via Substitutional DopingDec 15 2017A key challenge in manipulating the magnetization in heavy-metal/ferromagnetic bilayers via the spin-orbit torque is to identify materials that exhibit an efficient charge-to-spin current conversion. Ab initio electronic structure calculations reveal ... More
Superconductivity from the Condensation of Topological Defects in a Quantum Spin-Hall InsulatorNov 06 2018The discovery that spin-orbit coupling can generate a new state of matter in the form of quantum spin-Hall (QSH) insulators has brought topology to the forefront of condensed matter physics. While QSH states from spin-orbit coupling can be fully understood ... More
Longitudinal spin excitations and magnetic anisotropy in antiferromagnetically ordered BaFe2As2Sep 29 2013We report on a spin-polarized inelastic neutron scattering study of spin waves in the antiferromagnetically ordered state of BaFe2As2. Three distinct excitation components are identified, with spins fluctuating along the c-axis, perpendicular to the ordering ... More
Half-filled Landau level, topological insulator surfaces, and three dimensional quantum spin liquidsJul 29 2015Oct 07 2015We synthesize and partly review recent developments relating the physics of the half-filled Landau level in two dimensions to correlated surface states of topological insulators in three dimensions. The latter are in turn related to the physics of certain ... More
Dual Dirac liquid on the surface of the electron topological insulatorMay 19 2015Oct 06 2015We discuss a non-fermi liquid gapless metallic surface state of the topological band insulator. It has an odd number of gapless Dirac fermions coupled to a non-compact U(1) gauge field. This can be viewed as a vortex dual to the conventional Dirac fermion ... More
Heat flow of Yang-Mills-Higgs functionals in dimension twoAug 19 2016We consider the heat flow of Yang-Mills-Higgs functional where the base manifold is a Riemannian surface and the fiber is a compact symplectic manifold. We show that the corresponding Cauchy problem admits a global weak solution for any $H^1$-initial ... More
Prior-aware Neural Network for Partially-Supervised Multi-Organ SegmentationApr 12 2019Accurate multi-organ abdominal CT segmentation is essential to many clinical applications such as computer-aided intervention. As data annotation requires massive human labor from experienced radiologists, it is common that training data are partially ... More
Two-terminal spin-orbit torque magnetoresistive random access memoryJun 25 2018Aug 23 2018Spin-transfer torque magnetoresistive random access memory (STT-MRAM) is an attractive alternative to current random access memory technologies due to its non-volatility, fast operation and high endurance. STT-MRAM does though have limitations including ... More
The role of active region coronal magnetic field in determining coronal mass ejection propagation directionOct 21 2015We study the role of the coronal magnetic field configuration of an active region in determining the propagation direction of a coronal mass ejection (CME). The CME occurred in the active region 11944 (S09W01) near the disk center on 2014 January 7 and ... More
Stability of the warped black string with nontrivial topology in five-dimensional Anti-de Sitter spacetimeApr 24 2010Aug 17 2010We investigate the stability of a new warped black string with nontrivial topologies in five-dimensional Anti-de Sitter spacetime. After studying the linear gravitational perturbation, we find that this black string is unstable when the Kaluza-Klein mass ... More
Essential normality of homogenous quotient modules over the polydisc: distinguished variety caseAug 14 2015In the present paper, we study the essential normality of quotient modules over the polydisc. It is shown that if the zero variety of homogenous ideal $I$ is a distinguished variety, then its quotient module is $(1,\infty)$-essentially normal. Moreover, ... More
Community Specific Temporal Topic Discovery from Social MediaDec 03 2013Studying temporal dynamics of topics in social media is very useful to understand online user behaviors. Most of the existing work on this subject usually monitors the global trends, ignoring variation among communities. Since users from different communities ... More
Baryon content and dynamic state of galaxy clusters: XMM-Newton observations of A1095 and A1926Mar 11 2016We have initiated a program to study the baryon content and dynamic state of galaxy clusters. Here we present results primarily from XMM-Newton observations of two optically-selected galaxy clusters, A1095 ($z \simeq 0.210$) and A1926 ($z \simeq 0.136$). ... More
Particle-turbulence interaction in High-Reynolds-number Sand-laden Turbulent Boundary LayerNov 16 2018Simultaneous two-phase particle image/tracking velocimetry (PIV/PTV) measurement is conducted on particle-laden turbulent boundary layer (TBL) over a horizontal smooth-flat-plate. The relatively high Reynolds number (Re{\tau}=5500 based on friction velocity ... More
Optical rogue waves and W-shaped solitons in the multiple self-induced transparency systemJun 30 2016We study localized nonlinear waves on a plane wave background in the multiple self-induced transparency (SIT) system, which describes an important enhancement of the amplification and control of optical waves compared to the single SIT system. A hierarchy ... More
Boson topological insulators: A window into highly entangled quantum phasesFeb 25 2013May 07 2013We study several aspects of the realization of global symmetries in highly entangled phases of quantum matter. Examples include gapped topological ordered phases, gapless quantum spin liquids and non-fermi liquid phases. An insightful window into such ... More
Connecting Gaze, Scene, and Attention: Generalized Attention Estimation via Joint Modeling of Gaze and Scene SaliencyJul 27 2018This paper addresses the challenging problem of estimating the general visual attention of people in images. Our proposed method is designed to work across multiple naturalistic social scenarios and provides a full picture of the subject's attention and ... More
Electronic and magnetic properties of dopant atoms in SnSe monolayer: a first-principles studyDec 03 2015SnSe monolayer with orthorhombic Pnma GeS structure is an important two-dimensional (2D) indirect band gap material at room temperature. Based on first-principles density functional theory calculations, we present systematic studies on the electronic ... More
Emergent Multi-flavor QED3 at the Plateau Transition between Fractional Chern Insulators: Applications to graphene heterostructuresFeb 26 2018Mar 15 2018Recent experiments in graphene heterostructures have observed Chern insulators - integer and fractional Quantum Hall states made possible by a periodic substrate potential. Here we study theoretically the competition between different Chern insulators, ... More
Deconfined quantum critical points: symmetries and dualitiesMar 07 2017Dec 26 2017The deconfined quantum critical point (QCP), separating the N\'eel and valence bond solid phases in a 2D antiferromagnet, was proposed as an example of $2+1$D criticality fundamentally different from standard Landau-Ginzburg-Wilson-Fisher {criticality}. ... More
Directed tunneling of a prescribed number of dipolar bosons in shaken triple-well potentialsFeb 20 2015Oct 20 2016We propose a scheme for precise control of tunneling dynamics of dipolar bosons in shaken triple-well potentials. In the high-frequency regimes and under the resonance conditions, we have analytically and numerically demonstrated that we can transport ... More
Thoracic Disease Identification and Localization with Limited SupervisionNov 17 2017Jun 20 2018Accurate identification and localization of abnormalities from radiology images play an integral part in clinical diagnosis and treatment planning. Building a highly accurate prediction model for these tasks usually requires a large number of images manually ... More
Breather transition dynamics, Peregrine combs/walls and modulation instability in a variable-coefficient nonlinear Schrödinger equation with higher-order effectsMar 04 2016We study a variable-coefficient nonlinear Schr\"odinger (vc-NLS) equation with higher-order effects. We show that the breather solution can be converted into four types of nonlinear waves on constant backgrounds including the multi-peak solitons, antidark ... More
Multi-Person Pose Estimation via Column GenerationSep 18 2017We study the problem of multi-person pose estimation in natural images. A pose estimate describes the spatial position and identity (head, foot, knee, etc.) of every non-occluded body part of a person. Pose estimation is difficult due to issues such as ... More
Model independent analysis of top quark forward-backward asymmetry at the Tevatron up to $\mathcal{O}(\as^2/Λ^2)$Jul 20 2011Oct 24 2011We present the complete calculations of the forward-backward asymmetry ($A_{\rm FB}$) and the total cross section of top quark pair production induced by dimension-six four quark operators at the Tevatron up to $\mathcal{O}(\as^2/\Lambda^2)$. Our results ... More
Next-to-leading QCD effect to the quark compositeness search at the LHCJan 24 2011Apr 06 2011Recently, the CMS and ATLAS Collaborations at the CERN Large Hadron Collider (LHC) have set exclusion limits on the quark compositeness scale by comparing their data to the leading order and the scaled next-to-leading order (NLO) QCD calculations, respectively. ... More
Essential normality of homogeneous quotient modules over the polydisc II: a complete criteriaSep 25 2016In the present paper, we solve the polydisc-version of Arveson Conjecture by giving a complete criteria for essential normality of homogeneous quotient modules of the Hardy module over the polydisc, and it turns out that our method applies to quotient ... More
Interacting fermionic topological insulators/superconductors in three dimensionsJan 06 2014May 29 2015Symmetry Protected Topological (SPT) phases are a minimal generalization of the concept of topological insulators to interacting systems. In this paper we describe the classification and properties of such phases for three dimensional(3D) electronic systems ... More
Time-reversal symmetric U(1) quantum spin liquidsMay 13 2015Mar 30 2016We study possible quantum $U(1)$ spin liquids in three dimensions with time-reversal symmetry. We find a total of 7 families of such $U(1)$ spin liquids, distinguished by the properties of their emergent electric/magnetic charges. We show how these spin ... More
Fractionalized gapless quantum vortex liquidsJul 28 2014May 12 2015The standard theoretical approach to gapless spin liquid phases of two-dimensional frustrated quantum antiferromagnets invokes the concept of fermionic slave particles into which the spin fractionalizes. As an alternate we explore new kinds of gapless ... More
Worst-Case SINR Constrained Robust Coordinated Beamforming for Multicell Wireless SystemsJun 07 2011Multicell coordinated beamforming (MCBF) has been recognized as a promising approach to enhancing the system throughput and spectrum efficiency of wireless cellular systems. In contrast to the conventional single-cell beamforming (SBF) design, MCBF jointly ... More
Emergent particle-hole symmetry in spinful bosonic quantum Hall systemsApr 05 2017When a fermionic quantum Hall system is projected into the lowest Landau level, there is an exact particle-hole symmetry between filling fractions $\nu$ and $1-\nu$. We investigate whether a similar symmetry can emerge in bosonic quantum Hall states, ... More
Spin galvanic effect at the conducting SrTiO3 surfacesOct 02 2016The (001) surface of SrTiO3 were transformed from insulating to conducting after Ar+ irradiation, producing a quasi two-dimensional electron gas (2DEG). This conducting surface layer can introduce Rashba spin orbital coupling due to the broken inversion ... More
Directed tunneling of a prescribed number of dipolar bosons in shaken triple-well potentialsFeb 20 2015Mar 21 2015We propose a scheme for precise control of tunneling dynamics of dipolar bosons in shaken triple-well potentials. In the high-frequency regimes and under the resonance conditions, we have analytically and numerically demonstrated that we can transport ... More
Composite fermi liquids in the lowest Landau levelApr 22 2016Jul 25 2016We study composite fermi liquid (CFL) states in the lowest Landau level (LLL) limit at a generic filling $\nu = \frac{1}{n}$. We begin with the old observation that, in compressible states, the composite fermion in the lowest Landau level should be viewed ... More
Soft vibrational mode associated with incommensurate orbital order in multiferroic CaMn$_7$O$_{12}$Aug 29 2014We report inelastic light scattering measurements of lattice dynamics related to the incommensurate orbital order in $\mathrm{CaMn_7O_{12}}$. Below the ordering temperature $T_\mathrm{o} \approx 250 \,\mathrm{K}$, we observe extra phonon peaks as a result ... More
Micro-pulse upconversion Doppler lidar for wind and visibility detection in the atmospheric boundary layerMay 22 2016For the first time, a versatile, eyesafe, compact and direct detection Doppler lidar is developed using upconversion single-photon detection method. An all-fiber and polarization maintaining architecture is realized to guarantee the high optical coupling ... More
A large-scale survey of CO and its isotopologues toward the Rosette molecular cloudAug 28 2018Sep 04 2018Using the PMO-13.7m millimeter telescope at Delingha in China, we have conducted a large-scale simultaneous survey of $^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O J=1-0 emission toward the Rosette molecular cloud (RMC) region with a sky coverage of 3.5 $\times$ ... More
Optimization of broadband omnidirectional antireflection coatings for solar cellsDec 13 2015Broadband and omnidirectional antireflection coating is a generally effective way to improve solar cell efficiency, because the destructive interference between the reflected and input waves could maximize transmission light in the absorption layer. Several ... More
Band gap and band alignment prediction of nitride based semiconductors using machine learningOct 24 2018Apr 08 2019Nitride has been drawing much attention due to its wide range of applications in optoelectronics and remains plenty of room for materials design and discovery. Here, a large set of nitrides have been designed, with their band gap and alignment being studied ... More
Scalable Modeling of Conversational-role based Self-presentation Characteristics in Large Online ForumsDec 10 2015Online discussion forums are complex webs of overlapping subcommunities (macrolevel structure, across threads) in which users enact different roles depending on which subcommunity they are participating in within a particular time point (microlevel structure, ... More
Can winds driven by active galactic nuclei account for the extragalactic gamma-ray and neutrino backgrounds?Dec 29 2017Apr 16 2018Various observations are revealing the widespread occurrence of fast and powerful winds in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) that are distinct from relativistic jets, likely launched from accretion disks and interacting strongly with the gas of their host ... More
Factorization and resummation of s-channel single top quark productionJun 03 2010Feb 27 2011In this paper we study the factorization and resummation of s-channel single top quark production in the Standard Model at both the Tevatron and the LHC. We show that the production cross section in the threshold limit can be factorized into a convolution ... More
Factorization and resummation of t-channel single top quark productionOct 21 2010Oct 25 2010We investigate the factorization and resummation of t-channel single top (antitop) quark production in the SM at both the Tevatron and the LHC in SCET. We find that the resummation effects decrease the NLO cross sections by about 3% at the Tevatron and ... More
Anisotropy of X-ray bursts from neutron stars with concave accretion disksDec 09 2015Dec 14 2015Emission from neutron stars and accretion disks in low-mass X-ray binaries is not isotropic. The non-spherical shape of the disk as well as blocking of the neutron star by the disk and vice versa cause the observed flux to depend on the inclination angle ... More
Research on Control Method and Evaluation System of Ground Unmanned Vehicle Formation TransformAug 05 2018In this paper,we design a formation control systrm for multi-unmanned ground vehicles(UGV) from the prospective of path planning and path tracking.The master-slave control is adopted by electing out a main vehicle to address the problem of possible accumulation,tranmission ... More
Variational Inference in Nonconjugate ModelsSep 19 2012Mar 12 2013Mean-field variational methods are widely used for approximate posterior inference in many probabilistic models. In a typical application, mean-field methods approximately compute the posterior with a coordinate-ascent optimization algorithm. When the ... More
A General Method for Robust Bayesian ModelingOct 17 2015Sep 07 2016Robust Bayesian models are appealing alternatives to standard models, providing protection from data that contains outliers or other departures from the model assumptions. Historically, robust models were mostly developed on a case-by-case basis; examples ... More
Observation of Unusual Magnetoelastic Effects in a Quasi-1D Spiral MagnetDec 22 2015Jul 13 2017We present a systematic study of spin and lattice dynamics in the quasi-one-dimensional spiral magnet CuBr2, using Raman scattering in conjunction with infrared and neutron spectroscopy. Along with the development of spin correlations upon cooling, we ... More
A Split-Merge MCMC Algorithm for the Hierarchical Dirichlet ProcessJan 08 2012The hierarchical Dirichlet process (HDP) has become an important Bayesian nonparametric model for grouped data, such as document collections. The HDP is used to construct a flexible mixed-membership model where the number of components is determined by ... More
Destruction of Lagrangian torus for positive definite Hamiltonian systemsNov 27 2012For an integrable Hamiltonian $H_0=1/2\sum_{i=1}^dy_i^2$ $(d\geq 2)$, we show that any Lagrangian torus with a given unique rotation vector can be destructed by arbitrarily $C^{2d-\delta}$-small perturbations. In contrast with it, it has been shown that ... More
Super-resolution and non-diffraction longitudinal polarized beamSep 18 2007A method is presented for generation of a subwavelength (0.43 lambda) longitudinally polarized beam, which propagates without divergence over lengths of about 4 lambda in free space. This is achieved by controlling the amplitude, phase and polarization ... More
Experimental Study of residual radioactivity induced in SFC Electrostatic DeflectorFeb 23 2017Jul 06 2017Electrostatic Deflector, one of the key components of SFC accelerator at IMP, is easily activated in the long-term running of HIRFL due to the bombardment with losing ions. The level of residual radioactivity induced in main components and dust contained ... More
Simulating Star Clusters Across Cosmic Time: I. Initial Mass Function, Star Formation Rates and EfficienciesApr 16 2019We present a large set of radiation-magneto-hydrodynamic simulations of star formation in self-gravitating, turbulent molecular clouds, modelling the formation of individual massive stars, including their UV radiation feedback. We consider a grid of simulations ... More
Interface induced high temperature superconductivity in single unit-cell FeSe films on SrTiO3(110)Dec 07 2015May 06 2016We report high temperature superconductivity in one unit-cell (1-UC) FeSe films grown on STO(110) substrate by molecular beam epitaxy. By in-situ scanning tunneling spectroscopy measurement, we observed a superconducting gap as large as 17 meV. Transport ... More
Exact solution of the pairing problem for spherical and deformed systemsMar 23 2016There has been increasing interest in studying the Richardson model from which one can derive the exact solution for certain pairing Hamiltonians. However, it is still a numerical challenge to solve the nonlinear equations involved. In this paper we tackle ... More
Indirect Image Registration with Large Diffeomorphic DeformationsJun 13 2017Oct 11 2017The paper adapts the large deformation diffeomorphic metric mapping framework for image registration to the indirect setting where a template is registered against a target that is given through indirect noisy observations. The registration uses diffeomorphisms ... More
Connections of activated hopping processes with the breakdown of the Stokes-Einstein relation and with aspects of dynamical heterogeneitiesJul 27 2008We develop a new extended version of the mode-coupling theory (MCT) for glass transition, which incorporates activated hopping processes via the dynamical theory originally formulated to describe diffusion-jump processes in crystals. The dynamical-theory ... More
Weyl Semimetal and Nonassociative Nambu GeometryNov 17 2015Mar 17 2016Topological materials are characterized by an electronic band structure with nontrivial topological properties. In this paper, we introduce a basis of operators for the linear space of operators spanned by charge-neutral fermion bilinears. These band ... More
Way to Discriminate between Mesons and Glueballs for $I=0, J^{PC}=even^{++}$ Unflavored HadronsJan 21 1999Based on the general analysis of branching ratio of two pseudoscalar meson channels, discriminants between mesons and glueballs for $I=0, J^{PC}=even^{++}$ unflavored hadrons with mass between 1.2 GeV and 2.9 GeV are suggested. Known $I=0, J^{PC}=2^{++}, ... More
Normal approximation of the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseDec 03 2018Given a sequence $\dot{L}^{\varepsilon}$ of L\'evy noises, we derive necessary and sufficient conditions in terms of their variances $\sigma^2(\varepsilon)$ such that the solution to the stochastic heat equation with noise $\sigma(\varepsilon)^{-1} \dot{L}^\varepsilon$ ... More
A Theory of Non-Abelian Tensor Gauge Field with Non-Abelian Gauge Symmetry G x GAug 25 2011Sep 26 2012The Chern-Simon action of the ABJM theory is not gauge invariant in the presence of a boundary. In the paper arXiv:0909.2333, this was shown to imply the existence of a Kac-Moody symmetry on the theory of multiple self-dual strings. In this paper we conjecture ... More
Induced Chern-Simons and WZW action in Noncommutative SpacetimeMar 01 2000Apr 20 2000We consider noncommutative gauge theory with Dirac or Majorana fermions in odd dimensional spacetime and compute the induced noncommutative Chern-Simons action generated at 1-loop. We observe that the Chern-Simons term induced by a Dirac fermion has a ... More
Noncommutative Open String: Neutral and ChargedJan 23 2000We review the quantization of open string in NS-NS background and demonstrate that its endpoint becomes noncommutative. The same approach allows us to determine the noncommutativity that arises for a charged open string in background gauge fields. While ... More
Brake subharmonic solutions of first order Hamiltonian systemsAug 01 2009Nov 24 2010In this paper, we mainly use the Galerkin approximation method and the iteration inequalities of the $L$-Maslov type index theory to study the properties of brake subharmonic solutions for the first order non-autonomous Hamiltonian systems. We prove that ... More
Intermittency for the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseJul 16 2017Jun 29 2018We investigate the moment asymptotics of the solution to the stochastic heat equation driven by a $(d+1)$-dimensional L\'evy space--time white noise. Unlike the case of Gaussian noise, the solution typically has no finite moments of order $1+2/d$ or higher. ... More
Partial mean field limits in heterogeneous networksJul 07 2015Feb 14 2017We investigate systems of interacting stochastic differential equations with two kinds of heterogeneity: one originating from different weights of the linkages, and one concerning their asymptotic relevance when the system becomes large. To capture these ... More
Contagion in financial systems: A Bayesian network approachFeb 14 2017Jul 16 2017We develop a structural default model for interconnected financial institutions in a probabilistic framework. For all possible network structures we characterize the joint default distribution of the system using Bayesian network methodologies. Particular ... More
The almost sure asymptotic behavior of the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseNov 01 2018We examine the almost sure asymptotics of the solution to the stochastic heat equation driven by a L\'evy space-time white noise. When a spatial point is fixed, and time tends to infinity, we show that the solution develops unusually high peaks over short ... More
Topological Paramagnetism in Frustrated Spin-One Mott InsulatorsJan 06 2015Time reversal protected three dimensional (3D) topological paramagnets are magnetic analogs of the celebrated 3D topological insulators. Such paramagnets have a bulk gap, no exotic bulk excitations, but non-trivial surface states protected by symmetry. ... More
Non-universal gauge boson $Z'$ and the spin correlation of top quark pair production at $e^{-}e^{+}$ collidersDec 05 2006In the off-diagonal basis, we discuss the contributions of the non-universal gauge boson $Z'$ predicted by the topcolor-assisted technicolor ($TC2$) model to the spin configurations and the spin correlation observable of the top quark pair production ... More
The Discrete Infinite Logistic Normal DistributionMar 24 2011Apr 19 2012We present the discrete infinite logistic normal distribution (DILN), a Bayesian nonparametric prior for mixed membership models. DILN is a generalization of the hierarchical Dirichlet process (HDP) that models correlation structure between the weights ... More
Embarrassingly Parallel Variational Inference in Nonconjugate ModelsOct 14 2015We develop a parallel variational inference (VI) procedure for use in data-distributed settings, where each machine only has access to a subset of data and runs VI independently, without communicating with other machines. This type of "embarrassingly ... More
Model Distillation with Knowledge Transfer from Face Classification to Alignment and VerificationSep 09 2017Oct 23 2017Knowledge distillation is a potential solution for model compression. The idea is to make a small student network imitate the target of a large teacher network, then the student network can be competitive to the teacher one. Most previous studies focus ... More
How to Train Triplet Networks with 100K Identities?Sep 09 2017Training triplet networks with large-scale data is challenging in face recognition. Due to the number of possible triplets explodes with the number of samples, previous studies adopt the online hard negative mining(OHNM) to handle it. However, as the ... More
Topological Order from Disorder and the Quantized Hall Thermal Metal: Possible Applications to the $ν= 5/2$ StateNov 30 2017Dec 26 2017Although numerical studies modeling the quantum hall effect at filling fraction $5/2$ predict either the Pfaffian (Pf) or its particle hole conjugate, the anti-Pfaffian (aPf) state, recent experiments appear to favor a quantized thermal hall conductivity ... More
Classification of interacting electronic topological insulators in three dimensionsJun 13 2013Nov 13 2013A fundamental open problem in condensed matter physics is how the dichotomy between conventional and topological band insulators is modified in the presence of strong electron interactions. We show that there are 6 new electronic topological insulators ... More
Asymptotically Exact, Embarrassingly Parallel MCMCNov 19 2013Mar 21 2014Communication costs, resulting from synchronization requirements during learning, can greatly slow down many parallel machine learning algorithms. In this paper, we present a parallel Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) algorithm in which subsets of data ... More
Floquet Weyl Phases in a Three Dimensional Network ModelDec 01 2015Feb 24 2016We study the topological properties of 3D Floquet bandstructures, which are defined using unitary evolution matrices rather than Hamiltonians. Previously, 2D bandstructures of this sort have been shown to exhibit anomalous topological behaviors, such ... More
Curvatures at the singular points of algebraic curves and surfacesMay 18 2014In this paper, we study the computation of curvatures at the singular points of algebraic curves and surfaces. The idea is to convert the problem to compute the curvatures of the corresponding regular parametric curves and surfaces, which have intersections ... More
Ab-initio Mapping of Projected Local Density of States in Arbitrary Nanostructures: Application to Photonic Crystal Slabs and CavitiesOct 28 2012Based upon projected local density of states (PLDOS) for photons, we develop a local coupling theory to simultaneously treat the weak and strong interaction between a quantum emitter and photons in arbitrary nanostructures. The PLDOS is mapped by an extremely ... More