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Quantum transistor realized with a single $Λ$-level atom coupled to the microtoroidal cavityFeb 28 2019We propose a realization of the quantum transistor for coherent light fields for the fibre-coupled microdisk cavities. We demonstrate by combining numerical and analytical methods that both in strong coupling and bad cavity limits it is possible to change ... More
Control of spontaneous emission of qubits from weak to strong couplingMay 14 2019Photon emission and absorption by an individual qubit are essential elements for the quantum manipulation of light. Here we demonstrate the controllability of spontaneous emission of a qubit in various electromagnetic environments. The parameter regimes ... More
Optical signatures of Mott-superfluid transition in nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to photonic crystal cavitiesApr 12 2019We study the phenomenon of controllable localization-delocalization transition in a quantum many-body system composed of nitrogen-vacancy centers coupled to photonic crystal cavities, through tuning the different detunings and the relative amplitudes ... More
Simulation of Silicon Waveguide Single-Photon Avalanche Detectors for Integrated Quantum PhotonicsMay 07 2019Integrated quantum photonics, which allows for the development and implementation of chip-scale devices, is recognized as a key enabling technology on the road towards scalable quantum networking schemes. However, many state-of-the-art integrated quantum ... More
The Linear Boltzmann Equation as the Low Density Limit of a Random Schrodinger EquationDec 14 2004Jun 12 2005We study the evolution of a quantum particle interacting with a random potential in the low density limit (Boltzmann-Grad). The phase space density of the quantum evolution defined through the Husimi function converges weakly to a linear Boltzmann equation ... More
Enhanced Magnetization and Conductivity in NiFe2O4May 08 2011Different configurations of magnetic orders and cation distributions for NiFe2O4 are studied by the density functional based methods with the possible inclusion of the on-site Coulomb interaction U. The lowest energy state is an inverse spinel structure ... More
Long-range antiferromagnetic interactions in ZnFe2O4 and CdFe2O4Apr 25 2008Jul 15 2008For the first time, the Fe-Fe interactions in the geometrically frustrated antiferromagnetic systems of zinc and cadmium ferrites are determined quantitatively by the first-principles methods of density functional theory. Both the generalized gradient ... More
Bar constructions for topological operads and the Goodwillie derivatives of the identityJan 25 2005Dec 14 2005We describe a cooperad structure on the simplicial bar construction on a reduced operad of based spaces or spectra and, dually, an operad structure on the cobar construction on a cooperad. We also show that if the homology of the original operad (respectively, ... More
On the existence of dense substructures in finite groupsFeb 21 2019Fix $k \geq 6$. We prove that any large enough finite group $G$ contains $k$ elements which span quadratically many triples of the form $(a,b,ab) \in S \times G$, given any dense set $S \subseteq G \times G$. The quadratic bound is asymptotically optimal. ... More
A likelihood-based scoring method for peptide identification using mass spectrometryJan 11 2013Mass spectrometry provides a high-throughput approach to identify proteins in biological samples. A key step in the analysis of mass spectrometry data is to identify the peptide sequence that, most probably, gave rise to each observed spectrum. This is ... More
A chain rule for Goodwillie derivatives of functors from spectra to spectraOct 30 2007Mar 23 2008We prove a chain rule for the Goodwillie calculus of functors from spectra to spectra. We show that the (higher) derivatives of a composite functor $FG$ at a base object $X$ are given by taking the composition product (in the sense of symmetric sequences) ... More
A note on the composition product of symmetric sequencesOct 23 2005Apr 03 2012We consider the composition product of symmetric sequences in the case where the underlying symmetric monoidal structure does not commute with coproducts. Even though this composition product is not a monoidal structure on symmetric sequences, it has ... More
Out of equilibrium electronic transport properties of a misfit cobaltite thin filmNov 02 2005We report on transport measurements in a thin film of the 2D misfit Cobaltite $Ca_{3}Co_{4}O_{9}$. Dc magnetoresistance measurements obey the modified variable range hopping law expected for a soft Coulomb gap. When the sample is cooled down, we observe ... More
Polygons in restricted geometries subjected to infinite forcesApr 25 2016We consider self-avoiding polygons in a restricted geometry, namely an infinite $L\times M$ tube in $\mathbb Z^3$. These polygons are subjected to a force $f$, parallel to the infinite axis of the tube. When $f>0$ the force stretches the polygons, while ... More
High-speed measurement of firearm primer blast wavesMar 13 2012This article describes a method and results for direct high-speed measurements of firearm primer blast waves employing a high-speed pressure transducer located at the muzzle to record the blast pressure wave produced by primer ignition. Key findings are: ... More
It's all Relative: Monocular 3D Human Pose Estimation from Weakly Supervised DataMay 17 2018Jul 28 2018We address the problem of 3D human pose estimation from 2D input images using only weakly supervised training data. Despite showing considerable success for 2D pose estimation, the application of supervised machine learning to 3D pose estimation in real ... More
Order selection for same-realization predictions in autoregressive processesFeb 15 2006Assume that observations are generated from an infinite-order autoregressive [AR($\infty$)] process. Shibata [Ann. Statist. 8 (1980) 147--164] considered the problem of choosing a finite-order AR model, allowing the order to become infinite as the number ... More
Target Speaker Extraction for Overlapped Multi-Talker Speaker VerificationFeb 07 2019The performance of speaker verification degrades significantly when the test speech is corrupted by interference speakers. Speaker diarization does well to separate speakers if the speakers are temporally overlapped. However, if multi-talkers speak at ... More
Effects of a Parallel Magnetic Field on the Metal-Insulator Transition in a Dilute Two-Dimensional Electron SystemDec 18 2001Apr 23 2002The temperature dependence of conductivity $\sigma (T)$ of a two-dimensional electron system in silicon has been studied in parallel magnetic fields B. At B=0, the system displays a metal-insulator transition at a critical electron density $n_c(0)$, and ... More
Effects of a parallel magnetic field on the novel metallic behavior in two dimensionsDec 05 2000Magnetoconductance (MC) in a parallel magnetic field B has been measured in a two-dimensional electron system in Si, in the regime where the conductivity decreases as \sigma (n_s,T,B=0)=\sigma (n_s,T=0) + A(n_s)T^2 (n_s -- carrier density) to a non-zero ... More
Phase Transition of DNA-Linked Gold NanoparticleNov 01 2001Aug 28 2002Melting and hybridization of DNA-capped gold nanoparticle networks are investigated with optical absorption spectroscopy. Single-stranded, 12-base DNA-capped gold nanoparticles are linked with complementary, single-stranded, 24-base linker DNA to form ... More
Operads and chain rules for the calculus of functorsFeb 03 2009Feb 04 2009We study the structure possessed by the Goodwillie derivatives of a pointed homotopy functor of based topological spaces. These derivatives naturally form a bimodule over the operad consisting of the derivatives of the identity functor. We then use these ... More
On subvarieties with nef normal bundleSep 25 2016The goal of this work is to study positivity of subvarieties with nef normal bundle in the sense of intersection theory. After Ottem's work on ample subschemes, we introduce the notion of a nef subscheme, which generalizes the notion of a subvariety with ... More
The energy of the universe in the Bianchi type-II cosmological modelOct 15 2018To investigate the energy of Bianchi type-II cosmological model, I used the energy-momentum complexes of Einstein and M{\o}ller and obtained the zero total energy in these two prescriptions. This result reinforces the viewpoint of Albrow and Tryon that ... More
On the energy of the de Sitter-Schwarzschild black holeJan 05 1998Using Einstein's and Weinberg's energy complex, we evaluate the energy distribution of the vaccum nonsingularity black hole solution. The energy distribution is positive everywhere and be equal to zero at origin.
Sigma Models with Repulsive PotentialsOct 16 2017Motivated by questions arising in the study of harmonic maps and Yang Mills theory, we study new techniques for producing optimal monotonicity relations for geometric partial differential equations. We apply these results to sharpen epsilon regularity ... More
Cycles in graphs of fixed girth with large sizeMar 11 2016Consider a family of graphs having a fixed girth and a large size. We give an optimal lower asymptotic bound on the number of even cycles of any constant length, as the order of the graphs tends to infinity.
Some results on the Gittins index for a normal reward processFeb 27 2007We consider the Gittins index for a normal distribution with unknown mean $\theta$ and known variance where $\theta$ has a normal prior. In addition to presenting some monotonicity properties of the Gittins index, we derive an approximation to the Gittins ... More
Manifolds, K-theory and the calculus of functorsOct 07 2014The Taylor tower of a functor from based spaces to spectra can be classified according to the action of a certain comonad on the collection of derivatives of the functor. We describe various equivalent conditions under which this action can be lifted ... More
Integration of physical equipment and simulators for on-campus and online delivery of practical networking labsOct 02 2015Oct 11 2015This paper presents the design and development of a networking laboratory that integrates physical networking equipment with the open source GNS3 network simulators for delivery of practical networking classes simultaneously to both on-campus and online ... More
A Las Vegas approximation algorithm for metric $1$-median selectionFeb 10 2017Feb 25 2017Given an $n$-point metric space, consider the problem of finding a point with the minimum sum of distances to all points. We show that this problem has a randomized algorithm that {\em always} outputs a $(2+\epsilon)$-approximate solution in an expected ... More
On nef subvarietiesSep 25 2016Jul 08 2019The goal of this work is to study positivity of subvarieties with nef normal bundle in the sense of intersection theory. After Ottem's work on ample subschemes, we introduce the notion of a nef subscheme, which generalizes the notion of a subvariety with ... More
Accumulated prediction errors, information criteria and optimal forecasting for autoregressive time seriesAug 17 2007The predictive capability of a modification of Rissanen's accumulated prediction error (APE) criterion, APE$_{\delta_n}$, is investigated in infinite-order autoregressive (AR($\infty$)) models. Instead of accumulating squares of sequential prediction ... More
Model selection for high-dimensional linear regression with dependent observationsJun 18 2019We investigate the prediction capability of the orthogonal greedy algorithm (OGA) in high-dimensional regression models with dependent observations. The rates of convergence of the prediction error of OGA are obtained under a variety of sparsity conditions. ... More
Spectroscopic Surveys: PresentJun 29 2007Jun 29 2007I summarize the current spectroscopic sky surveys and some of the scientific results, emphasizing the largest sky survey to-date, the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). Techniques used commonly in spectral analyses are discussed, followed by the present ... More
Exact Mappings in Condensed Matter PhysicsSep 07 2016Condensed matter systems are complex yet simple. Amidst their complexity, one often find order specified by not more than a few parameters. Key to such a reductionistic description is an appropriate choice of basis, two of which I shall describe in this ... More
The Relation Between the Quasi-localized Energy Complexes and the Thermodynamic Potential for the Schwarzschild-de Sitter Black HoleSep 25 2016The Schwarzschild-de Sitter (SdS) black hole solution, which has two event horizons, is considered to examine the relation between the quasi-localized energy complexes on ${\cal M}$ and the heat flows passing through its boundary $\partial {\cal M}$. ... More
Analysis of Decimation on Finite Frames with Sigma-Delta QuantizationMar 08 2018Jan 28 2019In Analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion, signal decimation has been proven to greatly improve the efficiency of data storage while maintaining high accuracy. When one couples signal decimation with the $\Sigma\Delta$ quantization scheme, the reconstruction ... More
The Brown-Erdős-Sós Conjecture in finite abelian groupsJan 28 2019The Brown-Erd\H{o}s-S\'{o}s conjecture, one of the central conjectures in extremal combinatorics, states that for any integer $m\geq 6,$ if a 3-uniform hypergraph on $n$ vertices contains no $m$ vertices spanning at least $m-3$ edges, then the number ... More
Resonant Absorption between Moving Atoms due to Doppler Frequency Shift and Quantum Energy VariationAug 23 2002By taking both the Doppler frequency shift for electromagnetic wave and the quantum energy variation of matter wave into consideration, a resonant-absorption condition based on the local-ether wave equation is presented to account for a variety of phenomena ... More
An Ignored Mechanism for the Longitudinal Recoil Force in Railguns and Revitalization of the Riemann Force LawJun 06 2005The electric induction force due to a time-varying current is used to account for the longitudinal recoil force exerted on the rails of railgun accelerators. As observed in the experiments, this induction force is longitudinal to the rails and can be ... More
Analysis of Decimation on Finite Frames with Sigma-Delta QuantizationMar 08 2018May 20 2019In Analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion, signal decimation has been proven to greatly improve the efficiency of data storage while maintaining high accuracy. When one couples signal decimation with the $\Sigma\Delta$ quantization scheme, the reconstruction ... More
A deterministic sublinear-time nonadaptive algorithm for metric $1$-median selectionFeb 24 2015We give a deterministic $O(hn^{1+1/h})$-time $(2h)$-approximation nonadaptive algorithm for $1$-median selection in $n$-point metric spaces, where $h\in\mathbb{Z}^+\setminus\{1\}$ is arbitrary. Our proof generalizes that of Chang.
Operator Ideals arising from Generating SequencesJan 11 2011In this note, we will discuss how to relate an operator ideal on Banach spaces to the sequential structures it defines. Concrete examples of ideals of compact, weakly compact, completely continuous, Banach-Saks and weakly Banach-Saks operators will be ... More
A positivity preserving iterative method for finding the ground states of saturable nonlinear Schrödinger equationsJul 10 2019In this paper, we propose an iterative method to compute the positive ground states of saturable nonlinear Schr\"odinger equations. A discretization of the saturable nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation leads to a nonlinear algebraic eigenvalue problem (NAEP). ... More
A Local Limit Theorem and Delocalization of Eigenvectors for Polynomials in Two MatricesMar 19 2019Mar 20 2019We propose a boundary regularity condition for the $M_n(\mathbb{C})$-valued subordination functions in free probability to prove the local limit theorem and delocalization of eigenvectors for polynomials in two random matrices. We prove this through estimating ... More
The Quasi-localized Einstein and Møller Energy Complex as Thermodynamic PotentialsDec 03 2009Oct 30 2011In this article, I obtain the Einstein and M{\o}ller energy complex in PG coordinates. According to the difference of energy within radius $r$ between Einstein and M{\o}ller prescription, I could present the difference of energy within radius $r$ like ... More
On the Energy of Vaidya Space-timeMay 30 2006Mar 20 2009In this paper we calculate the energy distribution of six cases of Vaidya-solutions in the M{\o}ller prescription. Except the energy complex of M{\o}ller for the monopole solution vanishes everywhere, for other solutions have non-zero energy component, ... More
Nontrivial surface topological physics from strong and weak topological insulators and superconductorsOct 05 2014We investigate states on the surface of strong and weak topological insulators and superconductors that have been gapped by a symmetry breaking term. The surface of a strong 3D topological insulator gapped by a magnetic material is well known to possess ... More
Modifications of the Lorentz Force Law Complying with Galilean Transformations and the Local-Ether Propagation ModelNov 05 2002It is generally expected from intuition that the electromagnetic force exerted on a charged particle should remain unchanged when observed in different reference frames in uniform translational motion. In the special relativity, this invariance is achieved ... More
A Wave Interpretation of the Compton Effect As a Further Demonstration of the Postulates of de BroglieJun 29 2005Jan 02 2006The Compton effect is commonly cited as a demonstration of the particle feature of light, while the wave nature of matter has been proposed by de Broglie and demonstrated by Davisson and Germer with the Bragg diffraction of electron beams. In this investigation, ... More
Triple homomorphisms of C*-algebrasJun 10 2005In this note, we will discuss what kind of operators between C*-algebras preserves Jordan triple products {a,b,c}= (ab*c + cb*a)/2. These include especially isometries and disjointness preserving operators.
Adapted Decimation on Finite Frames for Arbitrary Orders of Sigma-Delta QuantizationFeb 15 2019In Analog-to-digital (A/D) conversion, signal decimation has been proven to greatly improve the efficiency of data storage while maintaining high accuracy. When one couples signal decimation with the $\Sigma\Delta$ quantization scheme, the reconstruction ... More
Selecting optimal multistep predictors for autoregressive processes of unknown orderJun 22 2004We consider the problem of choosing the optimal (in the sense of mean-squared prediction error) multistep predictor for an autoregressive (AR) process of finite but unknown order. If a working AR model (which is possibly misspecified) is adopted for multistep ... More
On reversible cascades in scale-free and Erdős-Rényi random graphsNov 02 2010Consider the following cascading process on a simple undirected graph $G(V,E)$ with diameter $\Delta$. In round zero, a set $S\subseteq V$ of vertices, called the seeds, are active. In round $i+1,$ $i\in\mathbb{N},$ a non-isolated vertex is activated ... More
Metric 1-median selection with fewer queriesDec 27 2016Jul 30 2018Let $h\colon\mathbb{Z}^+\to\mathbb{Z}^+\setminus\{1\}$ be any function such that $h(n)$ and $\lceil n^{1/h(n)}\rceil$ are computable from $n$ in $O(h(n)\cdot n^{1+1/h(n)})$ time. We show that given any $n$-point metric space $(M,d)$, the problem of finding ... More
A lower bound for metric 1-median selectionJan 09 2014Consider the problem of finding a point in an n-point metric space with the minimum average distance to all points. We show that this problem has no deterministic $o(n^2)$-query $(4-\Omega(1))$-approximation algorithms.
Bounding the volumes of singular Fano threefoldsApr 12 2012Let $(X,\Delta)$ be an $n$-dimensional $\epsilon$-klt log $\QQ$-Fano pair. We give an upper bound for the volume ${\rm Vol}(-(K_X+\Delta))=(-(K_X+\Delta))^n$ when $n=2$ or $n=3$ and $X$ is {$\QQ$-factorial} of $\rho(X)=1$. This bound is essentially sharp ... More
Jet Substructure Classification in High-Energy Physics with Deep Neural NetworksMar 30 2016At the extreme energies of the Large Hadron Collider, massive particles can be produced at such high velocities that their hadronic decays are collimated and the resulting jets overlap. Deducing whether the substructure of an observed jet is due to a ... More
Autonomous Driving in the Lung using Deep Learning for LocalizationJul 16 2019Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer-related death worldwide, and early diagnosis is critical to improving patient outcomes. To diagnose cancer, a highly trained pulmonologist must navigate a flexible bronchoscope deep into the branched structure ... More
A classification of Taylor towers of functors of spaces and spectraSep 25 2012Nov 07 2014We describe new structure on the Goodwillie derivatives of a functor, and we show how the full Taylor tower of the functor can be recovered from this structure. This new structure takes the form of a coalgebra over a certain comonad which we construct, ... More
Holographic Topological InsulatorSep 07 2016This research highlight (originally published at introduces recent developments in Topological Insulators and Holography, and provides an overview of how one can construct ... More
How does certainty enter into the mind?Sep 09 2009Mar 23 2010Any problem is concerned with the mind, but what do minds make a decision on? Here we show that there are three conditions for the mind to make a certain answer. We found that some difficulties in physics and mathematics are in fact introduced by infinity, ... More
Goodwillie CalculusFeb 02 2019We survey the theory and applications of Goodwillie's calculus of homotopy functors and related topics.
Numerical dimension and locally ample curvesMar 24 2017In the paper \cite{Lau16}, it was shown that the restriction of a pseudoeffective divisor $D$ to a subvariety $Y$ with nef normal bundle is pseudoeffective. Assuming the normal bundle is ample and that $D|_Y$ is not big, we prove that the numerical dimension ... More
Cross-effects and the classification of Taylor towersApr 05 2014Let F be a homotopy functor with values in the category of spectra. We show that partially stabilized cross-effects of F have an action of a certain operad. For functors from based spaces to spectra, it is the Koszul dual of the little discs operad. For ... More
The triangle of operators, topologies, bornologiesJun 10 2005This paper discusses two common techniques in functional analysis: the topological method and the bornological method. In terms of Pietsch's operator ideals, we establish the equivalence of the notions of operators, topologies and bornologies. The approaches ... More
Generalized Exact Holographic Mapping with WaveletsSep 07 2016The idea of renormalization is pervasive across disciplines. It has drawn numerous surprising connections between physical systems under the guise of holographic duality, and has also spurred the development of wavelet theory widely applied in computer ... More
An application of kissing numbers in sum-product estimatesSep 26 2017The boundedness of the kissing numbers of convex bodies has been known to Hadwiger for long. We present an application of it to the sum-product estimate $$\max(|\mathcal{A}+\mathcal{A}|,|\mathcal{A}\mathcal{A}|)\gg\dfrac{|\mathcal{A}|^{4/3}}{\lceil\log|\mathcal{A}|\rceil^{1/3}}$$ ... More
Intersecting hexagons in 3-spaceMay 03 2017Jan 28 2019Two hexagons in the space are said to intersect badly if the intersection of their convex hulls consists of at least one common vertex as well as an interior point. We are going to show that the number of hexagons on n points in 3-space without bad intersections ... More
Modifications of Schrödinger's Equation Complying with the Effect of Earth's Rotation on Quantum Energy in Atoms and with the Electromagnetic ForceAug 23 2002Recently, we have presented a local-ether wave equation incorporating a nature frequency and the electric scalar potential, from which the speed-dependences in the angular frequency and wavelength of matter wave, in the mass of particle, and in the energy ... More
Fujita vanishing theorems for q-ample divisors and applications on subvarieties with nef normal bundleSep 25 2016Mar 24 2017The goal of this work is to study positivity of subvarieties with nef normal bundle in the sense of intersection theory. After Ottem's work on ample subschemes, we introduce the notion of a nef subscheme, which generalizes the notion of a subvariety with ... More
Numerical dimension and locally ample curvesMar 24 2017Jul 08 2019In the paper \cite{Lau16}, it was shown that the restriction of a pseudoeffective divisor $D$ to a subvariety $Y$ with nef normal bundle is pseudoeffective. Assuming the normal bundle is ample and that $D|_Y$ is not big, we prove that the numerical dimension ... More
Orbifold vertex operator algebras associated with coinvariant lattices of Leech latticeMay 28 2018We prove that the orbifold vertex operator algebra $V_{L_g}^{\hat{g}}$ associated with the coinvariant lattice of a unimodular lattice $L$ and an isometry $g\in O(L)$ has group-like fusion. We also determine their fusion rings and the corresponding quadratic ... More
An inexact Noda iteration for computing the smallest eigenpair of a large irreducible monotone matrixApr 09 2015May 21 2015In this paper, we present an inexact Noda iteration with inner-outer iterations for finding the smallest eigenvalue and the associated eigenvector of an irreducible monotone matrix. The proposed inexact Noda iteration contains two main relaxation steps ... More
Quantum Secret Sharing with Multi-level Mutually (Un-)Biased BasesNov 20 2007Jun 10 2008We construct general schemes for multi-partite quantum secret sharing using multi-level systems, and find that the consistent conditions for valid measurements can be summarized in two simple algebraic conditions. The scheme using the very high dimensional ... More
Learning with multiple representations: An example of a revision lesson in mechanicsJul 01 2012We describe an example of learning with multiple representations in an A-level revision lesson on mechanics. The context of the problem involved the motion of a ball thrown vertically upwards in air and studying how the associated physical quantities ... More
Evaluation of Setup Uncertainties for Single-Fraction SRS by Comparing the Two Different Mask-Creation MethodsMar 13 2015The purpose of this study was to evaluate the setup uncertainties for single-fraction stereotactic radiosurgery (SF-SRS) based on the clinical data with the two different mask-creation methods using pretreatment CBCT imaging guidance. Dedicated frameless ... More
Scale-aware Pixel-wise Object Proposal NetworksJan 19 2016Jul 23 2016Object proposal is essential for current state-of-the-art object detection pipelines. However, the existing proposal methods generally fail in producing results with satisfying localization accuracy. The case is even worse for small objects which however ... More
Gradient estimates for nonlinear elliptic equations with a gradient-dependent nonlinearityFeb 01 2018In this paper, we obtain gradient estimates of the positive solutions to weighted $p$-Laplacian type equations with a gradient-dependent nonlinearity of the form \begin{equation} \label{one} {\rm div} (|x|^{\sigma}|\nabla u|^{p-2} \nabla u)= |x|^{-\tau} ... More
Koszulity and the Hilbert series of preprojective algebrasDec 13 2005The goal of this paper is to prove that if Q is a connected non-Dynkin quiver then the preprojective algebra of Q over any field k is Koszul, and has Hilbert series 1/(1-Ct+t^2), where C is the adjacency matrix of the double of Q. (This result, in somewhat ... More
Linear Programming Bounds for Entanglement-Assisted Quantum Error-Correcting Codes by Split Weight EnumeratorsFeb 01 2016Aug 19 2016Linear programming approaches have been applied to derive upper bounds on the size of classical codes and quantum codes. In this paper, we derive similar results for general quantum codes with entanglement assistance, including nonadditive codes, by considering ... More
Asymmetric Move Selection Strategies in Monte-Carlo Tree Search: Minimizing the Simple Regret at Max NodesMay 08 2016The combination of multi-armed bandit (MAB) algorithms with Monte-Carlo tree search (MCTS) has made a significant impact in various research fields. The UCT algorithm, which combines the UCB bandit algorithm with MCTS, is a good example of the success ... More
Unique continuation property for multi-terms time fractional diffusion equationsOct 05 2017A Carleman estimate and the unique continuation property of solutions for a multi-terms time fractional diffusion equation up to order $\alpha\,\,(0<\alpha<2)$ and general time dependent second order strongly elliptic time elliptic operator for the diffusion. ... More
On the Difference of Energy between the Einstein and Møller PrescriptionDec 24 2002In some black hole solutions, these do not exist the same energy-momentum complexes associated with using definition of Einstein and M{\o}ller in given coordinates. Here, we consider the difference of energy between the Einstein and M{\o}ller prescription, ... More
Autonomous Ramp Merge Maneuver Based on Reinforcement Learning with Continuous Action SpaceMar 25 2018Ramp merging is a critical maneuver for road safety and traffic efficiency. Most of the current automated driving systems developed by multiple automobile manufacturers and suppliers are typically limited to restricted access freeways only. Extending ... More
Formulation of Deep Reinforcement Learning Architecture Toward Autonomous Driving for On-Ramp MergeSep 07 2017Feb 02 2019Multiple automakers have in development or in production automated driving systems (ADS) that offer freeway-pilot functions. This type of ADS is typically limited to restricted-access freeways only, that is, the transition from manual to automated modes ... More
Convergence of Value Aggregation for Imitation LearningJan 22 2018Value aggregation is a general framework for solving imitation learning problems. Based on the idea of data aggregation, it generates a policy sequence by iteratively interleaving policy optimization and evaluation in an online learning setting. While ... More
On orbifold constructions associated with the Leech lattice vertex operator algebraMay 03 2017Jun 26 2017In this article, we study orbifold constructions associated with the Leech lattice vertex operator algebra. As an application, we prove that the structure of a strongly regular holomorphic vertex operator algebra of central charge $24$ is uniquely determined ... More
A characterization of the moonshine vertex operator algebra by means of Virasoro framesSep 26 2006In this article, we show that a framed vertex operator algebra V satisfying the conditions: (1) V is holomorphic (i.e., V is the only irreducible V-module); (2) V is of rank 24; and (3) V_1=0; is isomorphic to the moonshine vertex operator algebra constructed ... More
Ballistic Anisotropic Magnetoresistance in Core Shell Nanowires and Rolled-up NanotubesOct 07 2016In ferromagnetic nanostructures, the ballistic anisotropic magnetoresistance (BAMR) is a change in the ballistic conductance with the direction of magnetization due to spin-orbit interaction. Very recently, a directional dependent ballistic conductance ... More
Theoretical prediction of a giant anisotropic magnetoresistance in carbon nanoscrollsApr 12 2017Snake orbits are trajectories of charge carriers curving back and forth which form at an interface where either the magnetic field direction or the charge carrier type are inverted. In ballistic samples their presence is manifested in the appearance of ... More
Müntz linear transforms of Brownian motionDec 17 2011Mar 31 2014We consider a class of linear Volterra transforms of Brownian motion associated to a sequence of M\"untz Gaussian spaces and determine explicitly their kernels; some interesting links with M\"untz-Legendre polynomials are provided. This gives new explicit ... More
A general theory of minimum aberration and its applicationsMay 30 2005Minimum aberration is an increasingly popular criterion for comparing and assessing fractional factorial designs, and few would question its importance and usefulness nowadays. In the past decade or so, a great deal of work has been done on minimum aberration ... More
Bragg soliton compression and fission on a CMOS-compatible platformApr 16 2019Higher-order soliton dynamics, specifically soliton compression and fission, underpin crucial applications in ultrafast optics, sensing, communications, and signal processing. Bragg solitons exploit the strong dispersive properties of periodic media near ... More
Carleman estimate and its application for anomalous slow diffusion equationDec 30 2013Sep 15 2014A Carleman estimate and the unique continuation of solutions for an anomalous diffusion equation with fractional time derivative of order $0<\alpha<1$ are given. The estimate is derived via some subelliptic estimate for an operator associated to the anomalous ... More
A Holomorphic vertex operator algebra of central charge 24 with weight one Lie algebra $F_{4,6}A_{2,2}$Dec 24 2016Feb 25 2018In this paper, a holomorphic vertex operator algebra $U$ of central charge 24 with the weight one Lie algebra $A_{8,3}A_{2,1}^2$ is proved to be unique. Moreover, a holomorphic vertex operator algebra of central charge 24 with weight one Lie algebra $F_{4,6}A_{2,2}$ ... More
The Energy for 2+1 Dimensional Black Hole SolutionsSep 27 2003Nov 05 2006The energy distributions of four 2+1 dimensional black hole solutions were obtained by using the Einstein and M{\o}ller energy-momentum complexes. while $r \to \infty$, the energy distributions of these four solutions become divergence.
On the Møller Energy-Momentum Complex of the Melvin Magnetic UniverseFeb 21 2002We use the M{\o}ller energy-momentum complex to calculate the energy of the Melvin magnetic universe. The energy distribution depends on the magnetic field.
Magnetism in 2D BN$_{1-x}$O$_x$ and B$_{1-x}$Si$_x$N: polarized itinerant and local electronsSep 27 2009Feb 23 2010We use density functional theory based first-principles methods to study the magnetism in a 2D hexagonal BN sheet induced by the different concentrations of oxygen and silicon atoms substituting for nitrogen (O$_\mathrm{N}$) and boron (Si$_\mathrm{B}$) ... More