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Shimura varieties at level $Γ_1(p^\infty)$ and Galois representationsMar 31 2018We show that the compactly supported cohomology of certain $\mathrm{U}(n,n)$ or $\mathrm{Sp}(2n)$-Shimura varieties with $\Gamma_1(p^\infty)$-level vanishes above the middle degree. The only assumption is that we work over a CM field $F$ in which the ... More
The interplay of mutations and electronic properties in disease-related genesSep 27 2011Electronic properties of DNA are believed to play a crucial role in many phenomena in living organisms, for example the location of DNA lesions by base excision repair (BER) glycosylases and the regulation of tumor-suppressor genes such as p53 by detection ... More
Fundamentals of Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transmission in Heterogeneous Networks: A Cell Load PerspectiveAug 03 2018In a heterogeneous cellular network (HetNet) consisting of multiple different types (tiers) of base stations (BSs), the void cell event in which a BS does not have any users has been shown to exist due to user-centric BS association and its probability ... More
A new algorithm for fast generalized DFTsJul 02 2017Mar 30 2018We give an new arithmetic algorithm to compute the generalized Discrete Fourier Transform (DFT) over finite groups $G$. The new algorithm uses $O(|G|^{\omega/2 + o(1)})$ operations to compute the generalized DFT over finite groups of Lie type, including ... More
Ramification of Hilbert eigenvarieties at classical pointsMay 14 2019Andreatta-Iovita-Pilloni constructed eigenvarieties for cuspidal Hilbert modular forms. The eigenvariety has a natural map to the weight space, called the weight map. At a classical point, we compute a lower bound of the dimension of the tangent space ... More
xSense: Learning Sense-Separated Sparse Representations and Textual Definitions for Explainable Word Sense NetworksSep 10 2018Despite the success achieved on various natural language processing tasks, word embeddings are difficult to interpret due to the dense vector representations. This paper focuses on interpreting the embeddings for various aspects, including sense separation ... More
Defining and Estimating Intervention Effects for Groups that will Develop an Auxiliary OutcomeSep 16 2006Aug 30 2007It has recently become popular to define treatment effects for subsets of the target population characterized by variables not observable at the time a treatment decision is made. Characterizing and estimating such treatment effects is tricky; the most ... More
Video Summarization through Human Detection on a Social RobotJan 30 2019In this paper, we propose a novel video summarization system which captures images via a social robot's camera but processes images on a server. The system helps remote family members easily be aware of their seniors' daily activities via summaries. The ... More
Beam energy online measurement of BEPCII LINACOct 08 2015This paper describes beam energy online measurement of BEPCII linac, presents the calculation formula and some of the results. The method mentioned here measures the beam energy by acquiring beam positions in the horizontal direction with three beam position ... More
Influence Analysis in the BlogosphereDec 24 2012In this paper we analyze influence in the blogosphere. Recently, influence analysis has become an increasingly important research topic, as online communities, such as social networks and e-commerce sites, playing a more and more significant role in our ... More
A Bayesian Framework for Community Detection Integrating Content and LinkMay 09 2012This paper addresses the problem of community detection in networked data that combines link and content analysis. Most existing work combines link and content information by a generative model. There are two major shortcomings with the existing approaches. ... More
Engineering Effects of Vacuum Fluctuations on Two-dimensional SemiconductorsMar 15 2019The resonance energy and the transition rate of atoms, molecules and solids were understood as their intrinsic properties in classical electromagnetism. With the development of quantum electrodynamics, it is realized that these quantities are linked to ... More
A Hybrid Word-Character Approach to Abstractive SummarizationFeb 27 2018Sep 08 2018Automatic abstractive text summarization is an important and challenging research topic of natural language processing. Among many widely used languages, the Chinese language has a special property that a Chinese character contains rich information comparable ... More
An Application of Nash-Moser Theorem to Smooth Solutions of One-Dimensional Compressible Euler Equation with GravityAug 18 2012May 28 2013We study one-dimensional motions of polytropic gas governed by the compressible Euler equations. The problem on the half space under a constant gravity gives an equilibrium which has free boundary touching the vacuum and the linearized approximation at ... More
Neural Network Based Next-Song RecommendationJun 24 2016Recently, the next-item/basket recommendation system, which considers the sequential relation between bought items, has drawn attention of researchers. The utilization of sequential patterns has boosted performance on several kinds of recommendation tasks. ... More
The prism manifold realization problemDec 15 2016The spherical manifold realization problem asks which spherical three-manifolds arise from surgeries on knots in $S^3$. In recent years, the realization problem for C, T, O, and I-type spherical manifolds has been solved, leaving the D-type manifolds ... More
Color Aesthetics and Social Networks in Complete Tang Poems: Explorations and DiscoveriesNov 05 2015The Complete Tang Poems (CTP) is the most important source to study Tang poems. We look into CTP with computational tools from specific linguistic perspectives, including distributional semantics and collocational analysis. From such quantitative viewpoints, ... More
Attribute-aware Collaborative Filtering: Survey and ClassificationOct 20 2018Attribute-aware CF models aims at rating prediction given not only the historical rating from users to items, but also the information associated with users (e.g. age), items (e.g. price), or even ratings (e.g. rating time). This paper surveys works in ... More
Inducing 3-component fermions in centrosymmetric system by breaking TRSSep 22 2017Recent researches show that by breaking inversion symmetry Dirac fermions can split into new fermions with 3-component. In this article, we demonstrate that Dirac fermions can also split into 3-component fermions with time reversal symmetry (TRS) breaking ... More
Dynamic Time-Aware Attention to Speaker Roles and Contexts for Spoken Language UnderstandingSep 30 2017Dec 08 2017Spoken language understanding (SLU) is an essential component in conversational systems. Most SLU component treats each utterance independently, and then the following components aggregate the multi-turn information in the separate phases. In order to ... More
Transport signatures of top-gate bound states with strong Rashba-Zeeman effectAug 24 2017Sep 03 2017We suggest a single-mode spin injection scheme in non-ferromagnetic quantum channels utilizing perpendicular strong Rashba spin-orbit and Zeeman fields. By applying a positive top-gate potential in order to inject electrons from the spin-orbit gap to ... More
Sleep Apnea Detection Based on Thoracic and Abdominal Movement Signals of Wearable Piezo-Electric BandsNov 22 2016Physiologically, the thoracic (THO) and abdominal (ABD) movement signals, captured using wearable piezo-electric bands, provide information about various types of apnea, including central sleep apnea (CSA) and obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). However, the ... More
Systematic analysis for triple points in all magnetic symmorphic systems and symmetry-allowed coexistence of Dirac points and triple pointsApr 03 2018Apr 06 2018Similar to Weyl fermions, a recently discovered topological fermion "triple point" can be generated from the splitting of Dirac fermion while the system has inversion symmetry (IS) breaking or time reversal symmetry (TRS) breaking. Inducing triple points ... More
Tellurium substitution effect on superconductivity of the alpha-phase Iron SelenideAug 04 2008Aug 05 2008We have carried out a systematic study of the PbO-type compound FeSe_{1-x}Te_x (x = 0~1), where Te substitution effect on superconductivity is investigated. It is found that superconducting transition temperature reaches a maximum of Tc=15.2K at about ... More
New Threats to SMS-Assisted Mobile Internet Services from 4G LTE: Lessons Learnt from Distributed Mobile-Initiated Attacks towards Facebook and Other ServicesOct 29 2015Oct 31 2015Mobile Internet is becoming the norm. With more personalized mobile devices in hand, many services choose to offer alternative, usually more convenient, approaches to authenticating and delivering the content between mobile users and service providers. ... More
Disordered Fe vacancies and superconductivity in potassium-intercalated iron selenide (K2-xFe4+ySe5)Feb 04 2015Feb 05 2015The parent compound of an unconventional superconductor must contain unusual correlated electronic and magnetic properties of its own. In the high-Tc potassium intercalated FeSe, there has been significant debate regarding what the exact parent compound ... More
Defect-induced exchange bias in a single SrRuO3 layerSep 28 2018Exchange bias stems from the interaction between different magnetic phases and therefore it generally occurs in magnetic multilayers. Here we present a large exchange bias in a single SrRuO3 layer induced by helium ion irradiation. When the fluence increases, ... More
Searching Toward Pareto-Optimal Device-Aware Neural ArchitecturesAug 29 2018Aug 30 2018Recent breakthroughs in Neural Architectural Search (NAS) have achieved state-of-the-art performance in many tasks such as image classification and language understanding. However, most existing works only optimize for model accuracy and largely ignore ... More
Structural phase transition in TmxFe1-xSe0.85 (Tm = Mn and Cu) and its relation to superconductivityJul 23 2009In this letter, we report the results of detailed studies on Mn- and Cu-substitution to Fe-site of beta-FeSe, namely MnxFe1-xSe0.85 and CuxFe1-xSe0.85. The results show that with only 10 at% Cu-doping the compound becomes a Mott insulator. Detailed temperature ... More
Superconductivity in the PbO-type Structure alpha-FeSeJul 15 2008Jul 16 2008The recent discovery of superconductivity with relatively high transition temperature Tc in the layered iron-based quaternary oxypnictides La[ O1-xFx] FeAs was a real surprise. The excitement generated can be seen by the number of subsequent works published ... More
A theoretical foundation of the target-decoy search strategy for false discovery rate control in proteomicsJan 03 2015Motivation: Target-decoy search (TDS) is currently the most popular strategy for estimating and controlling the false discovery rate (FDR) of peptide identifications in mass spectrometry-based shotgun proteomics. While this strategy is very useful in ... More
Anomaly Detection on Graph Time SeriesAug 09 2017Nov 01 2017In this paper, we use variational recurrent neural network to investigate the anomaly detection problem on graph time series. The temporal correlation is modeled by the combination of recurrent neural network (RNN) and variational inference (VI), while ... More
Two classes of number fields with a non-principal Euclidean idealJun 17 2017This paper introduces two classes of totally real quartic number fields, one of biquadratic extensions and one of cyclic extensions, each of which has a non-principal Euclidean ideal. It generalizes techniques of Graves used to prove that the number field ... More
Thim's Experiment and Exact Rotational Space-Time TransformationsJan 30 2014Thim measured the transverse Doppler shift using a system consisting of a stationary antenna and pickup, in addition to a number of intermediate antennas mounted on the rim of a rotating disk. No such shift was detected, although the experiment should ... More
MONAS: Multi-Objective Neural Architecture Search using Reinforcement LearningJun 27 2018Dec 03 2018Recent studies on neural architecture search have shown that automatically designed neural networks perform as good as expert-crafted architectures. While most existing works aim at finding architectures that optimize the prediction accuracy, these architectures ... More
First-order magnetic and structural phase transitions in Fe$_{1+y}$Se$_x$Te$_{1-x}$Nov 02 2008We use bulk magnetic susceptibility, electronic specific heat, and neutron scattering to study structural and magnetic phase transitions in Fe$_{1+y}$Se% $_x$Te$_{1-x}$. Fe$_{1.068}$Te exhibits a first order phase transition near 67 K with a tetragonal ... More
Quasi-particle interferences of the Weyl semimetals TaAs and NbPNov 09 2015The recent discovery of the first Weyl semimetal in TaAs provides the first observation of a Weyl fermion in nature. Such a topological semimetal features a novel type of anomalous surface state, the Fermi arc, which connects a pair of Weyl nodes through ... More
Interplay between the magnetic and electric degrees-of-freedom in multiferroic Co3TeO6Mar 28 2012Neutron diffraction, magnetic susceptibility, specific heat, and dielectric constant measurements of single crystal Co3TeO6 have been measured to study the interplay between the ferroelectricity and magnetic order. Long range incommensurate magnetic order ... More
Dynamic Transcript Profiling of Candida Albicans Infection in Zebrafish: a Pathogen-Host Interaction StudyJun 14 2013Candida albicans is responsible for a number of life-threatening infections and causes considerable morbidity and mortality in immunocompromised patients. Previous studies of C. albicans pathogenesis have suggested several steps must occur before virulent ... More
Magnetic tunneling induced Weyl node annihilation in TaPJul 22 2015May 12 2017Weyl nodes are topological objects in three-dimensional metals. Their topological property can be revealed by studying the high-field transport properties of a Weyl semimetal. While the energy of the lowest Landau band (LLB) of a conventional Fermi pocket ... More
K-semistability is equivariant volume minimizationDec 22 2015Sep 27 2016This is a continuation to the paper \cite{Li15a} in which a problem of minimizing normalized volumes over $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein klt singularities was proposed. Here we consider the case when there is a $\mathbb{C}^*$-action on $(X,o)$. In particular, ... More
Guaranteed Blind Sparse Spikes Deconvolution via Lifting and Convex OptimizationJun 09 2015Mar 15 2016Neural recordings, returns from radars and sonars, images in astronomy and single-molecule microscopy can be modeled as a linear superposition of a small number of scaled and delayed copies of a band-limited or diffraction-limited point spread function, ... More
A local stochastic Lipschitz condition with application to Lasso for high dimensional generalized linear modelsSep 06 2010For regularized estimation, the upper tail behavior of the random Lipschitz coefficient associated with empirical loss functions is known to play an important role in the error bound of Lasso for high dimensional generalized linear models. The upper tail ... More
On the asymptotic of likelihood ratios for self-normalized large deviationsSep 10 2007Jan 30 2008Motivated by multiple statistical hypothesis testing, we obtain the limit of likelihood ratio of large deviations for self-normalized random variables, specifically, the ratio of $P(\sqrt{n}(\bar X +d/n) \ge x_n V)$ to $P(\sqrt{n}\bar X \ge x_n V)$, as ... More
Minimizing normalized volumes of valuationsNov 25 2015Apr 10 2016We propose a problem of minimizing normalized volumes of valuations. For a $\mathbb{Q}$-Gorenstein klt singularity, by proving a key properness estimate, we prove that the set of valuations with uniformly bounded normalized volumes is compact. Under a ... More
FDR control for multiple hypothesis testing on composite nullsJul 30 2008Multiple hypothesis testing often involves composite nulls, i.e., nulls that are associated with two or more distributions. In many cases, it is reasonable to assume that there is a prior distribution on the distributions despite it is unknown. When the ... More
Integral criteria for Strong Renewal Theorems with infinite meanDec 20 2013Apr 15 2014Let $F$ be a probability measure on $\mathbb{R}$ in the domain of attraction of a stable law with exponent $\alpha\in (0, 1)$. We establish integral criteria on $F$ that significantly expand the probabilistic approach to Strong Renewal Theorems (SRTs). ... More
Exact sampling of first passage event of certain symmetric Levy processes with unbounded variationJun 21 2016We show that exact sampling of the first passage event can be done for a Levy process with unbounded variation, if the process can be embedded in a subordinated standard Brownian motion. By sampling a series of first exit events of the Brownian motion ... More
On the performance of FDR control: Constraints and a partial solutionOct 17 2007The False Discovery Rate (FDR) paradigm aims to attain certain control on Type I errors with relatively high power for multiple hypothesis testing. The Benjamini--Hochberg (BH) procedure is a well-known FDR controlling procedure. Under a random effects ... More
On Multivariate Strong Renewal TheoremDec 05 2014Dec 09 2014This paper takes the so-called probabilistic approach to the Strong Renewal Theorem (SRT) on $\mathbb{R}^d$ for distributions in the domain of attraction without centering of a nondegenerate stable law of exponent $\alpha \in (0, 2]\cap (0,d)$. We obtain ... More
Law of the first passage triple of a spectrally positive strictly stable processJan 21 2018May 28 2018For a spectrally positive and strictly stable process with index in (1, 2), a series representation is obtained for the joint distribution of the "first passage triplet", i.e., the time, the undershoot, and the overshoot of first passage. The representation ... More
A de-gauging approach to physics beyond the Standard ModelJun 06 2016By studying the t-J model for superconductivity, the Pati-Salam model and the Haplon model for particle unifications, we extract their common feature which is the spin-charge separation of fermions. This becomes a de-gauging process for charged fermions ... More
Phase of Quark Condensate and Topological Current in QCDOct 31 2013We propose a new topological charge term in QCD based on flux-tube models. It couples a superflow of the phase of the quark condensate to the Chern-Simons current. The usual $\theta$-parameter is replaced by the phase of the quark condensate, which becomes ... More
Dark fermions from the Standard Model via spin-charge separationMay 31 2016We study a new composite scenario of the lepton sector in the Standard Model by a de-gauging procedure called spin-charge separation and propose that leptons are bound states of some neutral fermions and Higgs bosons. Continuing this procedure we may ... More
On $\ell_1$-regularized estimation for nonlinear models that have sparse underlying linear structuresNov 25 2009In a recent work (arXiv:0910.2517), for nonlinear models with sparse underlying linear structures, we studied the error bounds of $\ell_0$-regularized estimation. In this note, we show that $\ell_1$-regularized estimation in some important cases can achieve ... More
Generative Models for Learning from CrowdsJun 13 2017Oct 03 2017In this paper, we propose generative probabilistic models for label aggregation. We use Gibbs sampling and a novel variational inference algorithm to perform the posterior inference. Empirical results show that our methods consistently outperform state-of-the-art ... More
Joint Sparsity Recovery for Spectral Compressed SensingNov 09 2013Feb 03 2014Compressed Sensing (CS) is an effective approach to reduce the required number of samples for reconstructing a sparse signal in an a priori basis, but may suffer severely from the issue of basis mismatch. In this paper we study the problem of simultaneously ... More
Sample size and positive false discovery rate control for multiple testingMar 08 2007May 09 2007The positive false discovery rate (pFDR) is a useful overall measure of errors for multiple hypothesis testing, especially when the underlying goal is to attain one or more discoveries. Control of pFDR critically depends on how much evidence is available ... More
Stochastic Lipschitz continuity for high dimensional Lasso with multiple linear covariate structures or hidden linear covariatesNov 05 2010Two extensions of generalized linear models are considered. In the first one, response variables depend on multiple linear combinations of covariates. In the second one, only response variables are observed while the linear covariates are missing. We ... More
Law of two-sided exit by a spectrally positive strictly stable processJun 19 2018For a spectrally positive strictly stable process with index in (1,2), the paper obtains i) the density of the time when the process makes first exit from an interval by hitting the interval's lower end point before jumping over its upper end point, and ... More
On exact sampling of the first passage event of Levy process with infinite Levy measure and bounded variationJul 10 2012We present an exact sampling method for the first passage event of a Levy process. The idea is to embed the process into another one whose first passage event can be sampled exactly, and then recover the part belonging to the former from the latter. The ... More
The Gould-Hopper Polynomials in the Novikov-Veselov equationNov 07 2010May 17 2011We use the Gould-Hopper (GH) polynomials to investigate the Novikov-Veselov (NV) equation. The root dynamics of the $\sigma$-flow in the NV equation is studied using the GH polynomials and then the Lax pair is found. In particulr, when $N=3,4,5$, one ... More
On the water-bag model of dispersionless KP hierarchy (II)Feb 07 2007Aug 24 2007We construct the bi-Hamiltonian structure of the waterbag model of dKP and establish the third-order Hamiltonian operator associated with the waterbag model. Also, the symmetries and conserved densities of rational type are discussed.
Quantum Corrections in Collective Field TheoryOct 13 1993We review and extend the computation of scattering amplitudes of tachyons in the $c=1$ matrix model using a manifestly finite prescription for the collective field hamiltonian. We give further arguments for the exactness of the cubic hamiltonian by demonstrating ... More
Removable singularity of the polyharmonic equationFeb 07 2007Let $x_0\in\Omega\subset\Bbb{R}^n$, $n\ge 2$, be a domain and let $m\ge 2$. We will prove that a solution $u$ of the polyharmonic equation $\Delta^mu=0$ in $\Omega\setminus\{x_0\}$ has a removable singularity at $x_0$ if and only if $|\Delta^ku(x)|=o(|x-x_0|^{2-n})\quad\forall ... More
Source attack of decoy-state quantum key distribution using phase informationApr 09 2013Aug 08 2013Quantum key distribution (QKD) utilizes the laws of quantum mechanics to achieve information-theoretically secure key generation. This field is now approaching the stage of commercialization, but many practical QKD systems still suffer from security loopholes ... More
Figure of Merit for Dark Energy Constraints from Current Observational DataMar 31 2008Choosing the appropriate figure of merit (FoM) for dark energy (DE) constraints is key in comparing different DE experiments. Here we show that for a set of DE parameters {f_i}, it is most intuitive to define FoM = 1/\sqrt{Cov(f1,f2,f3,...)}, where Cov(f1,f2,f3,...) ... More
Model-Independent Distance Measurements from Gamma-Ray Bursts and Constraints on Dark EnergySep 03 2008Dec 16 2008Gamma-Ray Bursts (GRB) are the most energetic events in the Universe, and provide a complementary probe of dark energy by allowing the measurement of cosmic expansion history that extends to redshifts greater than 6. Unlike Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia), ... More
Reducts of the random bipartite graphJan 10 2011Aug 18 2011Let $\Gamma$ be the random bipartite graph, a countable graph with two infinite sides, edges randomly distributed between the sides, but no edges within a side. In this paper, we investigate the reducts of $\Gamma$ that preserve sides. We classify the ... More
Model-Independent Measurements of Cosmic Expansion and Growth at z=0.57 Using the Anisotropic Clustering of CMASS Galaxies From the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 9Apr 21 2014Jul 07 2014We analyze the anisotropic two dimensional galaxy correlation function (2DCF) of the CMASS galaxy sample from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 9 (DR9) of the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (BOSS) data. Modeling the 2DCF fully including ... More
A Tale Of Two Amplitudes In High Energy PhysicsMay 27 2013(abbreviated) I will describe my work on proton Compton scattering in a Unified Proton-Delta theory and on the computation of scattering amplitudes in Yang-Mills theory. We study proton Compton scattering in the first resonance region in an effective ... More
The Frenet-Serret formulas of a discrete centroaffine curveJan 25 2016In this paper, we build the fundamental theory of a discrete centroaffine curve. For a discrete plane curve, we define its first and second centroaffine curvatures which are invariant under the affine transformation. Using the centroaffine curvatures, ... More
Space time symmetry in quantum mechanicsFeb 26 2014Mar 12 2014New prescription to treat position and time equally in quantum mechanics is presented. Using this prescription, we could successfully derive some interesting formulae such as time-of-arrival for a free particle and quantum tunneling formula. The physical ... More
Experimental Twin-Field Quantum Key Distribution Through Sending-or-Not-SendingFeb 17 2019Channel loss seems to be the most severe limitation to the application long distance quantum key distribution in practice. The idea of twin-field quantum key distribution can improve the key rate from the linear scale of channel loss in the traditional ... More
SimArch: A Multi-agent System For Human Path Simulation In Architecture DesignJul 10 2018Human moving path is an important feature in architecture design. By studying the path, architects know where to arrange the basic elements (e.g. structures, glasses, furniture, etc.) in the space. This paper presents SimArch, a multi-agent system for ... More
Modeling galaxy clustering on small scales to tighten constraints on dark energy and modified gravityJun 26 2016Oct 10 2016We present a new approach to measuring cosmic expansion history and growth rate of large scale structure using the anisotropic two dimensional galaxy correlation function (2DCF) measured from data; it makes use of the empirical modeling of small-scale ... More
Towards a Global Springer Theory I: The affine Weyl group actionOct 13 2008Apr 22 2009We propose a generalization of Springer representations to the context of groups over a global function field. The global counterpart of the Grothendieck simultaneous resolution is the parabolic Hitchin fibration. We construct an action of the affine ... More
The spherical part of the local and global Springer actionsJun 11 2011The affine Weyl group acts on the cohomology (with compact support) of affine Springer fibers (local Springer theory) and of parabolic Hitchin fibers (global Springer theory). In this paper, we show that in both situations, the action of the center of ... More
Galois representations attached to moments of Kloosterman sums and conjectures of EvansAug 19 2013Sep 07 2013Kloosterman sums for a finite field arise as Frobenius trace functions of certain local systems defined over $\Gm$. The moments of Kloosterman sums calculate the Frobenius traces on the cohomology of tensor powers (or symmetric powers, exterior powers, ... More
Matrix Models for Deconfinement and Their Perturbative CorrectionsSep 23 2014Nov 27 2014Matrix models for the deconfining phase transition in $SU(N)$ gauge theories have been developed in recent years. With a few parameters, these models are able to reproduce the lattice results of the thermodynamic quantities in the semi-quark gluon plasma(QGP) ... More
Observational Probes of Dark EnergyJan 10 2012Jan 12 2012The cause for the observed acceleration in the expansion of the universe is unknown, and referred to as "dark energy" for convenience. Dark energy could be an unknown energy component, or a modification of Einstein's general relativity. This dictates ... More
Gluon Propagator and Heavy Quark Potential in an Anisotropic QCD PlasmaSep 23 2008The hard-loop resummed propagator in an anisotropic QCD plasma in general linear gauges are computed. We get the explicit expressions of the gluon propagator in covariant gauge, Coulomb gauge and temporal axial gauge. Considering one gluon exchange, the ... More
Informatic error-disturbance relation in the qubit caseOct 16 2014Oct 28 2014In 1927, Heisenberg heuristically disclosed the tradeoff between the error in the measurement and the caused disturbance on another complementary observable. In the quantum theory, most of uncertainty relations are proposed to reveal the amount of unavoidable ... More
Information causality and non-locality swapping are equivalent from emergence of quantum correlationsDec 14 2009Jan 17 2010Is information causality a new physical principle? To answer this question, we first analytically derive the criteria of emergence of quantum correlations from information causality. Then it is shown that, as emergence criteria of quantum correlations, ... More
Laplacian Controllability of Interconnected GraphsAug 09 2018In this work we consider the Laplacian controllability of a graph constructed by interconnecting a finite number of single-input Laplacian controllable graphs. We first study the interconnection realized by the composite graph of two connected simple ... More
Global Spread of Infectious DiseasesJun 25 2003We develop simple models for the global spread of infectious diseases, emphasizing human mobility via air travel and the variation of public health infrastructure from region to region. We derive formulas relating the total and peak number of infections ... More
Quantum Production of Black HolesMar 16 2002Aug 07 2002We give a path integral expression for the quantum amplitude to produce a black hole from particle collisions. When expanded about an appropriate classical solution it yields the leading order contribution to the production amplitude in a curvature expansion. ... More
Complementarity and Chiral Fermions in SU(2) gauge TheoriesFeb 08 1993Complementarity - the absence of a phase boundary separating the Higgs and confinement phases of a gauge theory - can be violated by the addition of chiral fermions. We utilize chiral symmetry violating fermion correlators such as $ \langle \bps \psi ... More
On the origin of probability in quantum mechanicsOct 04 2011Mar 28 2012I give a brief introduction to many worlds or "no wavefunction collapse" quantum mechanics, suitable for non-specialists. I then discuss the origin of probability in such formulations, distinguishing between objective and subjective notions of probability. ... More
Physical consequences of the QED theta angleDec 14 2010We describe a simple gedanken experiment which illustrates the physical effects of the QED theta angle, a fundamental parameter of Nature that has yet to be measured. The effects are manifest in quantum phases analogous to those in the Aharonov-Bohm effect, ... More
White holes and eternal black holesJul 17 2010Nov 16 2011We investigate isolated white holes surrounded by vacuum, which correspond to the time reversal of eternal black holes that do not evaporate. We show that isolated white holes produce quasi- thermal Hawking radiation. The time reversal of this radiation, ... More
Bayesian Learning of Conditional Kernel Mean Embeddings for Automatic Likelihood-Free InferenceMar 03 2019In likelihood-free settings where likelihood evaluations are intractable, approximate Bayesian computation (ABC) addresses the formidable inference task to discover plausible parameters of simulation programs that explain the observations. However, they ... More
A Generalization of Gauge Symmetry, Fourth-Order Gauge Field Equations and Accelerated Cosmic-ExpansionFeb 14 2014A generalization of the usual gauge symmetry leads to fourth-order gauge field equations, which imply a new constant force independent of distances. The force associated with the new $U_1$ gauge symmetry is repulsive among baryons. Such a constant force ... More
A model of unified quantum chromodynamics and Yang-Mills gravityAug 11 2011Based on a generalized Yang-Mills framework, gravitational and strong interactions can be unified in analogy with the unification in the electroweak theory. By gauging $T(4) \times [SU(3)]_{color} $ in flat space-time, we have a unified model of chromo-gravity ... More
A Unified Gravity-Electroweak Model Based on a Generalized Yang-Mills FrameworkJun 10 2011Gravitational and electroweak interactions can be unified in analogy with the unification in the Weinberg-Salam theory. The Yang-Mills framework is generalized to include space-time translational group T(4), whose generators $T_{\mu}(=\p/\p x^{\mu})$ ... More
Phase Transition and Acoustic Localization in Arrays of Air-Bubbles in WaterJun 23 2000Wave localization is a ubiquitous phenomenon. It refers to situations that transmitted waves in scattering media are trapped in space and remain confined in the vicinity of the initial site until dissipated. Here we report a phase transition from acoustically ... More
On the Sustainability of Electrical VehiclesNov 23 2013Many perceive electric vehicles (EVs) to be eco-environmentally sustainable because they are free of emissions of toxic and greenhouse gases to the environment. However, few have questioned the sustainability of the electric power required to drive these ... More
Viscous singular shock profiles for the Keyfitz-Kranzer systemDec 03 2015It was shown by Schecter (2004, J. Differential Equations, 205, 185-210), using the methods of Geometric Singular Perturbation Theory, that the Dafermos regularization $u_t+f(u)_x= \epsilon tu_{xx}$ for the Keyfitz-Kranzer system admits an unbounded family ... More
Parameter identification in Markov chain choice modelsJun 02 2017Jul 25 2017This work studies the parameter identification problem for the Markov chain choice model of Blanchet, Gallego, and Goyal used in assortment planning. In this model, the product selected by a customer is determined by a Markov chain over the products, ... More
A lower bound for the scalar curvature of the standard solution of the Ricci flowDec 15 2006In this paper we will give a rigorous proof of the lower bound for the scalar curvature of the standard solution of the Ricci flow conjectured by G. Perelman. We will prove that the scalar curvature $R$ of the standard solution satisfies $R(x,t)\ge C_0/(1-t)\quad\forall ... More