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Quantum plasmonic hot-electron injection in lateral WSe2/MoSe2 heterostructuresDec 07 2017Jul 11 2018Lateral two-dimensional (2D) transitional metal dichalcogenide (TMD) heterostructures have recently attracted a wide attention as promising materials for optoelectronic nanodevices. Due to the nanoscale width of lateral heterojunctions, the study of their ... More
Nano-optical imaging of monolayer MoSe2 using tip-enhanced photoluminescenceApr 07 2017Apr 11 2017Band gap tuning in two-dimensional transitional metal dichalcogenides (TMDs) is crucial in fabricating new optoelectronic devices. High resolution photoluminescence (PL) microscopy is needed for accurate band gap characterization. We performed tip-enhanced ... More
Structured Knowledge Discovery from Massive Text CorpusJul 23 2019Nowadays, with the booming development of the Internet, people benefit from its convenience due to its open and sharing nature. A large volume of natural language texts is being generated by users in various forms, such as search queries, documents, and ... More
Beyond One-Way Communication: Degrees of Freedom of Multi-Way Relay MIMO Interference NetworksJan 22 2014We characterize the degrees of freedom (DoF) of multi-way relay MIMO interference networks. In particular, we consider a wireless network consisting of 4 user nodes, each with M antennas, and one N-antenna relay node. In this network, each user node sends ... More
"Tom" pet robot applied to urban autismMay 14 2019With the fast development of network information technology, more and more people are immersed in the virtual community environment brought by the network, ignoring the social interaction in real life. The consequent urban autism problem has become more ... More
Multiple Unicast Capacity of 2-Source 2-Sink NetworksApr 05 2011We study the sum capacity of multiple unicasts in wired and wireless multihop networks. With 2 source nodes and 2 sink nodes, there are a total of 4 independent unicast sessions (messages), one from each source to each sink node (this setting is also ... More
On-the-fly Uplink Training and Pilot Code Sequence Design for Cellular NetworksNov 06 2018Cellular networks of massive MIMO base-stations employing TDD/OFDM and relying on uplink training for both downlink and uplink transmission are viewed as an attractive candidate for 5G deployments, as they promise high area spectral and energy efficiencies ... More
Desensitized Cubature Kalman Filter with Uncertain ParameterDec 24 2015A robust desensitized cubature Kalman filtering (DCKF) for nonlinear systems with uncertain parameter is proposed. Sensitivity matrices are defined as the integral form, and desensitized cost function is designed by penalizing the posterior covariance ... More
Gap Risk KVA and Repo Pricing: An Economic Capital Approach in the Black-Scholes-Merton FrameworkApr 19 2016Oct 29 2016Although not a formal pricing consideration, gap risk or hedging errors are the norm of derivatives businesses. Starting with the gap risk during a margin period of risk of a repurchase agreement (repo), this article extends the Black-Scholes-Merton option ... More
Residual symmetries and Bäcklund transformationsAug 05 2013It is proved that for a given truncated Painlev\'e expansion of an arbitrary nonlinear Painlev\'e integrable system, the residue with respect to the singularity manifold is a nonlocal symmetry. The residual symmetries can be localized to Lie point symmetries ... More
Selfsimilar solutions in a sector for a quasilinear parabolic equationAug 21 2010Jun 18 2014We study a two-point free boundary problem in a sector for a quasilinear parabolic equation. The boundary conditions are assumed to be spatially and temporally "self-similar" in a special way. We prove the existence, uniqueness and asymptotic stability ... More
The Zero Number Diminishing Property under General Boundary ConditionsSep 02 2018Jul 26 2019The so-called {\it zero number diminishing property} (or {\it zero number argument}) is a powerful tool in qualitative studies of one dimensional parabolic equations, which says that, under the zero- or non-zero-Dirichlet boundary conditions, the number ... More
On-diagonal Heat Kernel Lower Bound for Strongly Local Symmetric Dirichlet FormsSep 15 2016Oct 08 2016This paper studies strongly local symmetric Dirichlet forms on general measure spaces. The underlying space is equipped with the intrinsic metric induced by the Dirichlet form, with respect to which the metric measure space does not necessarily satisfy ... More
Brownian Motion with Drift on Spaces with Varying DimensionOct 31 2016Nov 07 2016In this paper, we study Brownian motion with drift on spaces with varying dimension. Such a process can be conveniently defined by a regular Dirichlet form that is not necessarily symmetric. The drift term is in some type of L^p space with p depending ... More
A Remark on the Zero Number Diminishing PropertySep 02 2018The so-called {\it zero number diminishing property} (or {\it zero number argument}) is a powerful tool in qualitative studies of one dimensional parabolic equations, which says that, under the zero or non-zero Dirichlet boundary conditions, the number ... More
Propagation of a Mean Curvature Flow in a ConeJul 26 2019We consider a mean curvature flow in a cone, that is, a hypersurface in a cone which moves toward the opening with normal velocity equaling to the mean curvature, and the contact angle between the hypersurface and the cone boundary being $\varepsilon$-periodic ... More
Multi-Task Pharmacovigilance Mining from Social Media PostsJan 19 2018Feb 16 2018Social media has grown to be a crucial information source for pharmacovigilance studies where an increasing number of people post adverse reactions to medical drugs that are previously unreported. Aiming to effectively monitor various aspects of Adverse ... More
Numerical Study on Outflows in Seyfert Galaxies I: Narrow Line Region Outflows in NGC 4151Jun 07 2017The origin of narrow line region (NLR) outflows remains unknown. In this paper, we explore the scenario in which these outflows are circumnuclear clouds driven by energetic accretion disk winds. We choose the well-studied nearby Seyfert galaxy NGC 4151 ... More
Subspace Alignment Chains and the Degrees of Freedom of the Three-User MIMO Interference ChannelSep 20 2011We show that the 3 user M_T x M_R MIMO interference channel has d(M,N)=min(M/(2-1/k),N/(2+1/k)) degrees of freedom (DoF) normalized by time, frequency, and space dimensions, where M=min(M_T,M_R), N=max(M_T,M_R), k=ceil{M/(N-M)}. While the DoF outer bound ... More
On the Degrees of Freedom of Finite State Compound Wireless Networks - Settling a Conjecture by Weingarten et. alSep 23 2009We explore the degrees of freedom (DoF) of three classes of finite state compound wireless networks in this paper. First, we study the multiple-input single-output (MISO) finite state compound broadcast channel (BC) with arbitrary number of users and ... More
SPMC: Socially-Aware Personalized Markov Chains for Sparse Sequential RecommendationJun 16 2017Dealing with sparse, long-tailed datasets, and cold-start problems is always a challenge for recommender systems. These issues can partly be dealt with by making predictions not in isolation, but by leveraging information from related events; such information ... More
Aiming Perfectly in the Dark - Blind Interference Alignment through Staggered Antenna SwitchingFeb 15 2010We propose a blind interference alignment scheme for the vector broadcast channel where the transmitter is equipped with M antennas and there are K receivers, each equipped with a reconfigurable antenna capable of switching among M preset modes. Without ... More
Desensitized Kalman Filtering with Analytical GainApr 20 2015The possible methodologies to handle the uncertain parameter are reviewed. The core idea of the desensitized Kalman filter is introduced. A new cost function consisting of a posterior covariance trace and trace of a weighted norm of the state error sensitivities ... More
Discounting with Imperfect CollateralFeb 14 2017Aug 25 2017Cash collateral is perfect in that it provides simultaneous counterparty credit risk protection and derivatives funding. Securities are imperfect collateral, because of collateral segregation or differences in CSA haircuts and repo haircuts. Moreover, ... More
Liability-side Pricing of Swaps and Coherent CVA and FVA by Regression/SimulationDec 23 2015An uncollateralized swap hedged back-to-back by a CCP swap is used to introduce FVA. The open IR01 of FVA, however, is a sure sign of risk not being fully hedged, a theoretical no-arbitrage pricing concern, and a bait to lure market risk capital, a practical ... More
Repo Haircuts and Economic CapitalApr 19 2016Oct 29 2016This article develops a haircut model by treating repos as debt investments and seeks haircuts to control counterparty contingent exposure to asset price gap risk. It corroborates well with empirically stylized facts, explains tri-party and bilateral ... More
MVA Transfer PricingDec 23 2015Jul 28 2016This article prices OTC derivatives with either an exogenously determined initial margin profile or endogenously approximated initial margin. In the former case, margin valuation adjustment (MVA) is defined as the liability-side discounted expected margin ... More
Extending the Black-Scholes Option Pricing Theory to Account for an Option Market Maker's Funding CostsOct 15 2015An option market maker incurs funding costs when carrying and hedging inventory. To hedge a net long delta inventory, for example, she pays a fee to borrow stock from the securities lending market. Because of haircuts, she posts additional cash margin ... More
Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Distinguishability of Linear Control SystemsFeb 14 2011Feb 18 2011Distinguishability takes a crucial rule in studying observability of hybrid system such as switched system. Recently, for two linear systems, Lou and Si gave a condition not only necessary but also sufficient to the distinguishability of linear systems. ... More
Optimality Conditions for Semilinear Parabolic Equations with Controls in Leading TermAug 19 2010An optimal control problem for semilinear parabolic partial differential equations is considered. The control variable appears in the leading term of the equation. Necessary conditions for optimal controls are established by the method of homogenizing ... More
BES Results on Inclusive D Meson DecaysMar 24 1999A preliminary measurement of branching fractions of the D0 and D+ mesons into the phi meson is reported. The result is based on a data sample of 22.3 pb-1 collected at the CM energy of 4.03 GeV with the BES detector operated at the BEPC e+e- storage ring. ... More
Repo Pricing and Gap RiskApr 19 2016Sep 04 2016Although not a formal pricing consideration, gap risk or hedging errors are the norm of derivatives businesses. Starting with the gap risk during a margin period of risk of a repurchase agreement (repo), this article extends the Black-Scholes-Merton option ... More
Repo Haircuts and Economic CapitalApr 19 2016This article presents a model of haircuts and economic capital for repo. We propose a credit approach to solve haircuts such that the exposure to market risk meets a prescribed credit rating scale measured by expected loss. Specifically for securities ... More
Haircutting Non-cash CollateralAug 25 2017Haircutting non-cash collateral has become a key element of the post-crisis reform of the shadow banking system and OTC derivatives markets. This article develops a parametric haircut model by expanding haircut definitions beyond the traditional value-at-risk ... More
Second-Order Necessary/Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control Problems in the Absence of Linear StructureAug 05 2010Second-order necessary conditions for optimal control problems are considered, where the ``second-order" is in the sense of that Pontryagin's maximum principle is viewed as a first-order necessary optimality condition. A sufficient condition for a local ... More
Brownian Motion with Drift on Spaces with Varying DimensionOct 31 2016Nov 01 2016In this paper, we study Brownian motion with drift on spaces with varying dimension. Such a process can be conveniently defined by a regular Dirichlet form that is not necessarily symmetric. The drift term is in some type of L^p space with p depending ... More
Consider Uncertain Parameters based on Sensitivity MatrixMar 29 2015Uncertain parameters of state-space models have always been a considerable problem. Consider Kalman filter (CKF) and desensitized Kalman filter (DKF) are two methods to solve this problem. Based on the sensitivity matrix respected to the uncertain parameter ... More
A Short Proof of Stirling's FormulaDec 18 2013By changing variables in a suitable way and using dominated convergence methods, this note gives a short proof of Stirling's formula and its refinement.
Spatially Inhomogeneous Bernstein's Problem and De Giorgi's ConjectureJan 26 2007Jun 18 2014In this note, we propose Bernstein's problem and De Giorgi's conjecture for spatially inhomogeneous equations, as well as De Giorgi's conjecture for system of reaction-diffusion equations.
Brownian Motion with Drift on Spaces with Varying DimensionOct 31 2016Jul 01 2018Many properties of Brownian motion on spaces with varying dimension (BMVD in abbreviation) have been explored in [5]. In this paper, we study Brownian motion with drift on spaces with varying dimension (BMVD with drift in abbreviation). Such a process ... More
On-the-fly Large-scale Channel-Gain Estimation for Massive Antenna-Array Base StationsNov 06 2018We propose a novel scheme for estimating the large-scale gains of the channels between user terminals (UTs) and base stations (BSs) in a cellular system. The scheme leverages TDD operation, uplink (UL) training by means of properly designed non-orthogonal ... More
Interference, Cooperation and Connectivity - A Degrees of Freedom PerspectiveMar 30 2011We explore the interplay between interference, cooperation and connectivity in heterogeneous wireless interference networks. Specifically, we consider a 4-user locally-connected interference network with pairwise clustered decoding and show that its degrees ... More
Dual Teaching: A Practical Semi-supervised Wrapper MethodNov 12 2016Semi-supervised wrapper methods are concerned with building effective supervised classifiers from partially labeled data. Though previous works have succeeded in some fields, it is still difficult to apply semi-supervised wrapper methods to practice because ... More
Interference Alignment with Asymmetric Complex Signaling - Settling the Host-Madsen-Nosratinia ConjectureApr 01 2009It has been conjectured by Host-Madsen and Nosratinia that complex Gaussian interference channels with constant channel coefficients have only one degree-of-freedom regardless of the number of users. While several examples are known of constant channels ... More
Compressed Sensing-based Pilot Assignment and Reuse for Mobile UEs in mmWave Cellular SystemsJan 14 2016Technologies for mmWave communication are at the forefront of investigations in both industry and academia, as the mmWave band offers the promise of orders of magnitude additional available bandwidths to what has already been allocated to cellular networks. ... More
Robust Mars Atmospheric Entry Integrated Navigation based on Parameter SensitivityJun 16 2015Dec 24 2015This paper presented a robust integrated navigation algorithm based on a special robust desensitized extended Kalman filtering with analytical gain (ADEKF) during the Mars atmospheric entry. The robust ADEKF is designed by minimizing a new function penalized ... More
Fast $L_1$-$L_2$ Minimization via a Proximal OperatorSep 29 2016Oct 13 2016This paper aims to develop new and fast algorithms for recovering a sparse vector from a small number of measurements, which is a fundamental problem in the field of compressive sensing (CS). Currently, CS favors incoherent systems, in which any two measurements ... More
Co-Poisson coalgebra and co-Poisson Hopf algebra structures on $k[x_1,x_2,\cdots,x_d]$Jan 17 2016The Hopf dual $H^\circ$ of any Poisson Hopf algebra $H$ is proved to be a co-Poisson Hopf algebra provided $H$ is noetherian. Without noetherian assumption, it is not true in general. There is no nontrivial Poisson Hopf structure on the universal enveloping ... More
Alice-Bob Physics: Coherent Solutions of Nonlocal KdV SystemsJun 10 2016In natural and social science, many events happened at different space-times may be closely entangled or correlated. Two events, $A$ (Alice) and $B$ (Bob) are defined as correlated if one event is determined by another, say, $B=\hat{f}A$ for suitable ... More
Four switching categories for thin-film and bulk ferroelectricsDec 08 2008We classify the switching kinetics of ferroelectrics including both epitaxial/polycrystalline thin films and single-crystalline/ceramic bulks at various applied fields into four categories, depending on whether the depolarization field and/or the polarization ... More
Statistical switching kinetics in ferroelectricsJul 16 2008By assuming a more realistic nucleation and polarization reversal scenario we build a new statistical switching model for ferroelectrics, which is different from either the Kolmogorov-Avrami-Ishibashi (KAI) model or the Nucleation-Limited-Switching (NLS) ... More
Local times of stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motionsFeb 23 2016In this paper, we study the existence and (H\"older) regularity of local times of stochastic differential equations driven by fractional Brownian motions. In particular, we show that in one dimension and in the rough case H<1/2, the H\"older exponent ... More
Naming game with learning errors in communicationsDec 18 2014Naming game simulates the process of naming an objective by a population of agents organized in a certain communication network topology. By pair-wise iterative interactions, the population reaches a consensus state asymptotically. In this paper, we study ... More
Fast L1-L2 minimization via a proximal operatorSep 29 2016May 16 2017This paper aims to develop new and fast algorithms for recovering a sparse vector from a small number of measurements, which is a fundamental problem in the field of compressive sensing (CS). Currently, CS favors incoherent systems, in which any two measurements ... More
Droplet coalescence and breakup: Numerical simulations using moving mesh interface tracking with dynamic mesh adaptationOct 15 2010Droplet(s) breakup and coalescence have been simulated by the finite volume/moving mesh interface tracking method (MMIT) with adaptive mesh refining and coarsening. In this method, the interface is zero-thickness and moves in a Lagrangian fashion. The ... More
A New Training Algorithm for Kanerva's Sparse Distributed MemoryJul 22 2012Jul 27 2012The Sparse Distributed Memory proposed by Pentii Kanerva (SDM in short) was thought to be a model of human long term memory. The architecture of the SDM permits to store binary patterns and to retrieve them using partially matching patterns. However Kanerva's ... More
Distributed Surrounding Design of Target Region with Complex Adjacency MatricesOct 20 2015This is a complete version of the 6-page IEEE TAC technical note [1]. In this paper, we consider the distributed surrounding of a convex target set by a group of agents with switching communication graphs. We propose a distributed controller to surround ... More
Cesari-type Conditions for Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Leading Term Containing ControlsDec 05 2010An optimal control problem governed by semilinear elliptic partial differential equations is considered. The equation is in divergence form with the leading term containing controls. By studying the $G$-closure of the leading term, an existence result ... More
Optimal Blowup Time for Controlled Ordinary Differential EquationsNov 18 2013Both the shortest and the longest blowup time for a controlled system are considered. Existence result and maximum principle for optimal triple are established. Thanks to some monotonicity of the controlled system, some kinds of "the front part local ... More
$\partial$-reducible handle additionsOct 23 2018Oct 30 2018Let $M$ be a simple 3-manifold, and $F$ be a component of $\partial M$ of genus at least 2. Let $\alpha$ and $\beta$ be separating slopes on $F$. Let $M(\alpha)$ (resp. $M(\beta)$) be the manifold obtained by adding a 2-handle along $\alpha$ (resp. $\beta$). ... More
Structured Learning from Partial AnnotationsJun 27 2012Structured learning is appropriate when predicting structured outputs such as trees, graphs, or sequences. Most prior work requires the training set to consist of complete trees, graphs or sequences. Specifying such detailed ground truth can be tedious ... More
The Proof of Alzer's Conjecture on Generalized Logarithmic MeanJan 22 2011In 1987, Alzer posed a conjecture on generalized logarithmic mean, which was introduced by Stolarsky in 1975. To prove Alzer's conjecture, Lou posed a conjecture on generalized inverse harmonic mean in 1995. By proving Lou's conjecture, the paper yields ... More
A Predictable Rogue Wave and Generating MechanismsMar 05 2018Feb 08 2019Due to the widely applications in almost all branches of science, high dimensional KP equation is selected as universal model to describe rogue wave phenomenon. A lump is an algebraically localized wave decayed in all space directions and exists in all ... More
Multi-place nonlocal systemsJan 09 2019Two-place nonlocal systems have attracted many scientists' attentions. In this paper, two-place non-localities are extended to multi-place non-localities. Especially, various two-place and four-place nonlocal nonlinear Schrodinger (NLS) systems and Kadomtsev-Petviashvili ... More
Nonlocal conservation laws and related Bäcklund transformations via reciprocal transformationsFeb 28 2014Jun 08 2014A set of infinitely many nonlocal conservation laws are revealed for (1+1)-dimensional evolution equations. For some special known integrable systems, say, the KdV and Dym equations, it is found that different nonlocal conservation laws can lead to same ... More
Higher dimensional Lax pairs of lower dimensional chaos and turbulence systemsJul 12 2001In this letter, a definition of the higher dimensional Lax pair for a lower dimensional system which may be a chaotic system is given. A special concrete (2+1)-dimensional Lax pair for a general (1+1)-dimensional three order autonomous partial differential ... More
Some monotone properties for solutions to a reaction-diffusion modelSep 18 2018Dec 20 2018Motivated by the recent investigation of a predator-prey model in heterogeneous environments \cite{LouYuan-WangBiao}, we show that the maximum of the unique positive solution of the scalar equation \begin{equation}\label{eq:01}\begin{cases} \mu\Delta\theta+(m(x)-\theta)\theta=0 ... More
Monotonicity of principal eigenvalue for elliptic operators with incompressible flow: A functional approachSep 17 2017Sep 19 2017We establish the monotonicity of the principal eigenvalue $\lambda_1(A)$, as a function of the advection amplitude $A$, for the elliptic operator $L_{A}=-\mathrm{div}(a(x)\nabla)+A\mathbf{V}\cdot\nabla +c(x)$ with incompressible flow $\mathbf{V}$, subject ... More
Maximum principle for state constrained optimal control problems governed by multisolution p-Laplacian elliptic equations in the absence of convexityJan 09 2019A state constrained optimal control problem governed by a class of multisolution p-Laplacian elliptic equations is studied in this paper. Both the control domain and cost functional considered may be non-convex. Combining the multiplicity and degeneracy ... More
Second-Order Necessary Conditions for Optimal Control of Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Leading Term Containing ControlsMar 25 2017An optimal control problem for a semilinear elliptic equation of divergence form is considered. Both the leading term and the semilinear term of the state equation contain the control. The well-known Pontryagin type maximum principle for the optimal controls ... More
A model for retention on short, intermediate and long time-scale in ferroelectric thin filmsDec 04 2008We developed a model with no adjustable parameter for retention loss at short and long time scale in ferroelectric thin-film capacitors. We found that the predictions of this model are in good agreement with the experimental observations in the literature. ... More
How do drops evaporate?Feb 21 2008Oct 22 2008We consider evaporation of pure liquid drops on a thermally conductive substrate. Two evaporative models are considered: one that concentrates on the liquid phase in determining evaporative flux, and the other one that centers on the gas/vapor phase. ... More
From nothing to something II: nonlinear systems via consistent correlated bangFeb 13 2017Chinese ancient sage Laozi said everything comes from \emph{\bf \em "nothing"}. \rm In the first letter (Chin. Phys. Lett. 30 (2013) 080202), infinitely many discrete integrable systems have been obtained from "nothing" via simple principles (Dao). In ... More
Alice-Bob systems, $P_s$-$T_d$-$C$ principles and multi-soliton solutionsMar 13 2016Apr 10 2016To describe two-place physical problems, many possible models named Alice-Bob (AB) systems are proposed. To find and to solve these systems, the Parity (P), time reversal (T), charge conjugation (C), shifted-parity ($P_s$, parity with a shift), delayed ... More
Parametric model order reduction for large-scale and complex thermal systemsMar 14 2018In this paper, a parametric model order reduction (pMOR) technique is proposed to find a simplified system representation of a large-scale and complex thermal system. The main principle behind this technique is that any change of the physical parameters ... More
Combining Grassmann algebra with entanglement renormalization methodJun 11 2015By combining the Grassmann algebra with multi-scale entanglement renormalization ansatz (MERA), we introduce a new unbiased and effective numerical method for simulating 2D strongly correlated electronic systems. The new GMERA method inherits all the ... More
Stationary Nonaxisymmetric Configurations of Magnetized Singular Isothermal DisksAug 11 2003We construct both aligned and unaligned (logarithmic spiral) stationary configurations of nonaxisymmetric magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) disks from either a full or a partial razor-thin power-law axisymmetric magnetized singular isothermal disk (MSID) that ... More
Instability of nanometric fluid films on a thermally conductive substrateFeb 01 2016Jun 15 2016We consider thin fluid films placed on thermally conductive substrates and exposed to time-dependent spatially uniform heat source. The evolution of the films is considered within the long-wave framework in the regime such that both fluid/substrate interaction, ... More
Spreading and vanishing in nonlinear diffusion problems with free boundariesJan 23 2013We study nonlinear diffusion problems of the form $u_t=u_{xx}+f(u)$ with free boundaries. Such problems may be used to describe the spreading of a biological or chemical species, with the free boundary representing the expanding front. For special $f(u)$ ... More
Co-Poisson structures on polynomial Hopf algebrasJan 17 2016Apr 06 2017The Hopf dual $H^\circ$ of any Poisson Hopf algebra $H$ is proved to be a co-Poisson Hopf algebra provided $H$ is noetherian. Without noetherian assumption, it is not true in general. There is no nontrivial Poisson Hopf structure on the universal enveloping ... More
On velocity profiles, stresses and Bagnold scaling of sheared granular system in zero gravityNov 17 2004We report the results of three-dimensional molecular dynamics simulations of sheared granular system in a Couette geometry.\cite{movies} The simulations use realistic boundary conditions that may be expected in physical experiments. For a range of boundary ... More
Traveling Wave Solutions of Competitive Models with Free BoundariesJul 21 2013We study two systems of reaction diffusion equations with monostable or bistable type of nonlinearity and with free boundaries. These systems are used as multi-species competitive model. For two-species models, we prove the existence of a traveling wave ... More
Alice-Bob Peakon SystemsMay 21 2017In this letter, we study the Alice-Bob peakon system generated from an integrable peakon system through using the strategy of the so-called Alice-Bob non-local KdV approach [13]. Non-local integrable peakon equations are obtained and shown to have peakon ... More
Consistent Riccati Expansion and SolvabilityAug 27 2013Aug 30 2013A consistent Riccati expansion (CRE) is proposed for solving nonlinear systems with the help of a Riccati equation. A system is defined to be CRE solvable if it has a CRE. Various integrable systems are CRE solvable. Furthermore, it is also revealed that ... More
MHD tidal waves on a spinning magnetic compact starOct 19 2004In an X-ray binary system, the companion star feeds the compact neutron star with plasma materials via accretions. The spinning neutron star is likely covered with a thin "magnetized ocean" and may support {\it magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) tidal waves}. ... More
Discussion: Conditional growth chartsFeb 22 2007Discussion of Conditional growth charts [math.ST/0702634]
Spin Hall current and two-dimensional magnetic monopole in a Corbino diskJan 13 2005A spin Hall current can circulate in a Corbino disk with spin-orbit interactions in the presence of a radial charge current, without encountering the sample edge problem. We have suggested several experiments to directly detect and manipulate the spin ... More
Prohibitions caused by nonlocality for Alice-Bob Boussinesq-KdV type systemsJun 20 2018It is found that two different celebrate models, the Korteweg de-Vrise (KdV) equation and the Boussinesq equation, are linked to a same model equation but with different nonlocalities. The model equation is called the Alice-Bob KdV (ABKdV) equation which ... More
Fractal Dimensions of Rough Differential Equations Driven by Fractional Brownian MotionsJan 27 2015Jan 28 2015In this work we study fractal properties of rough differential equations driven by a fractional Brownian motions with Hurst parameter $H>\frac{1}{4}$. In particular, we show that the Hausdorff dimension of the sample paths of the solution is $\min\{d,\frac{1}{H}\}$ ... More
Unipolar and bipolar fatigue in antiferroelectric lead zirconate thin films and evidences for switching-induced charge injection inducing fatigueJan 18 2010For the first time, we show that unipolar fatigue does occur in antiferroelectric capacitors, confirming the predictions of a previous work [Appl. Phys. Lett., 94, 072901 (2009)]. We also show that unipolar fatigue in antiferroelectrics is less severe ... More
Effect of manganese doping on the size effect of lead zirconate titanate thin films and the extrinsic nature of dead layersJul 21 2009Nov 19 2009We have investigated the size effect in lead zirconate titanate (PZT) thin films with a range of manganese (Mn) doping concentrations. We found that the size effect in the conventional Pt/PZT/Pt thin-film capacitors could be systematically reduced and ... More
Nonsensitive nonlinear homotopy approachDec 18 2008Jan 29 2009Generally, natural scientific problems are so complicated that one has to establish some effective perturbation or nonperturbation theories with respect to some associated ideal models. In this Letter, a new theory that combines perturbation and nonperturbation ... More
An AB-KdV Equation, Exact Solutions, Symmetry Reductions and Bäcklund TransformationsDec 02 2016We study a nonlocal AB-KdV system obtained directly from the KdV equation to describe two-area physical event. The exact solutions of the AB-KdV system, including $P_s T_d$ invariant and $P_s T_d$ symmetric breaking solutions are shown by different methods. ... More
Baroclinic equivalent and nonequivalent barotropic modes for rotating stratified flowsFeb 15 2009In strictly speaking, all the natural phenomena on the earth should be treated under rotating coordinate. The existence of baroclinic nonequivalent barotropic laminar solution for rotating fluids is still open though the laminar solutions for the irrotational ... More
Z4-U(1) crossover of the order parameter symmetry in a two-dimensional valence-bond-solidNov 05 2008Nov 07 2008We discuss ground-state projector simulations of a modified two-dimensional S=1/2 Heisenberg model in the valence bonds basis. Tuning matrix elements corresponding to the diagonal and off-diagonal terms in the quantum dimer model, we show that there is ... More
Variable protostellar mass accretion rates in cloud coresMay 25 2017Spherical hydrodynamic models with a polytropic equation of state (EoS) for forming protostars are revisited in order to investigate the so-called luminosity conundrum highlighted by observations. For a molecular cloud (MC) core with such an EoS with ... More
Global Perturbation Configurations in a Composite Disc System with an Isopedic Magnetic FieldAug 28 2005We construct stationary global configurations of both aligned and unaligned logarithmic spiral perturbations in a composite disc system of stellar and isopedically magnetized gaseous singular isothermal discs (SIDs) coupled by gravity. The thin gaseous ... More
Disfluency Detection using a Noisy Channel Model and a Deep Neural Language ModelAug 28 2018This paper presents a model for disfluency detection in spontaneous speech transcripts called LSTM Noisy Channel Model. The model uses a Noisy Channel Model (NCM) to generate n-best candidate disfluency analyses and a Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM) language ... More
Axisymmetric stability criteria for a composite system of stellar and magnetized gaseous singular isothermal discsNov 11 2005Using the fluid-magnetofluid formalism, we obtain axisymmetric stability criteria for a composite disc system consisting of stellar and gaseous magnetized singular isothermal discs (MSIDs). Lou & Zou recently constructed exact global stationary configurations ... More
Gravitationally coupled scale-free discsMay 23 2004Jun 16 2004In a composite fluid system of two gravitationally coupled barotropic scale-free discs bearing a rotation curve $v\propto r^{-\beta}$ and a power-law surface mass density $\Sigma_0\propto r^{-\alpha}$ with $\alpha=1+2\beta$, we construct coplanar stationary ... More