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On $\mathrm{H}-$trivial line bundles on toric DM stacks of dimension twoDec 05 2018We study line bundles on toric DM stacks $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ of dimension two. We give a combinatorial criterion of when infinitely many line bundles on $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ have trivial cohomology. We further discuss the structure ... More
Positivity determines the quantum cohomology of GrassmanniansMay 14 2019We prove that if X is a Grassmannian of type A, then the Schubert basis of the (small) quantum cohomology ring QH(X) is the only homogeneous deformation of the Schubert basis of the ordinary cohomology ring of X that multiplies with non-negative structure ... More
Finitistic dimension conjecture and radical-power extensionsSep 01 2015The finitistic dimension conjecture asserts that any finite-dimensional algebra over a field should have finite finitistic dimension. Recently, this conjecture is reduced to studying finitistic dimensions for extensions of algebras. In this paper, we ... More
On stringy Euler characteristics of Clifford non-commutative varietiesMay 17 2018It was shown by Kuznetsov that complete intersections of $n$ generic quadrics in ${\mathbb P}^{2n-1}$ are related by Homological Projective Duality to certain non-commutative (Clifford) varieties which are in some sense birational to double covers of ... More
On $\mathrm{H}-$trivial line bundles on toric DM stacks of dim $\geq3$Mar 28 2019We study line bundles on smooth toric DM stacks $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ of arbitrary dimension. A sufficient condition is given for when infinitely many line bundles on $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ have trivial cohomology. In dimension three, ... More
Neural Dynamics on Complex NetworksAug 18 2019We introduce a deep learning model to learn continuous-time dynamics on complex networks and infer the semantic labels of nodes in the network at terminal time. We formulate the problem as an optimal control problem by minimizing a loss function consisting ... More
On strong exceptional collections of line bundles of maximal length on Fano toric Deligne-Mumford stacksJul 02 2019Jul 16 2019We study strong exceptional collections of line bundles on Fano toric Deligne-Mumford stacks $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ with rank of Picard group at most two. We prove that any strong exceptional collection of line bundles generates the derived category ... More
On strong exceptional collections of line bundles of maximal length on Fano toric Deligne-Mumford stacksJul 02 2019We study strong exceptional collections of line bundles on Fano toric Deligne-Mumford stacks $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ with rank of Picard group at most two. We prove that any strong exceptional collection of line bundles generates the derived category ... More
On $\mathrm{H}-$trivial line bundles on toric DM stacks of dim $\geq3$Mar 28 2019Apr 06 2019We study line bundles on smooth toric DM stacks $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ of arbitrary dimension. A sufficient condition is given for when infinitely many line bundles on $\mathbb{P}_{\mathbf{\Sigma}}$ have trivial cohomology. In dimension three, ... More
Multi-Stage Holomorphic Embedding Method for Calculating the Power-Voltage CurveMay 04 2017The recently proposed non-iterative load flow method, called the holomorphic embedding method, may encounter the precision issue, i.e. nontrivial round-off errors caused by the limit of digits used in computation when calculating the power-voltage (P-V) ... More
Optimization of Battery Energy Storage to Improve Power System Oscillation DampingNov 26 2018A placement problem for multiple Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) units is formulated towards power system transient voltage stability enhancement in this paper. The problem is solved by the Cross-Entropy (CE) optimization method. A simulation-based ... More
Approximate Analytical Solutions of Power Flow Equations Based on Multi-Dimensional Holomorphic Embedding MethodJun 20 2017Sep 18 2017It is well known that closed-form analytical solutions for AC power flow equations do not exist in general. This paper proposes a multi-dimensional holomorphic embedding method (MDHEM) to obtain an explicit approximate analytical AC power-flow solution ... More
Online Voltage Stability Assessment for Load Areas Based on the Holomorphic Embedding MethodFeb 05 2017Jun 20 2017This paper proposes an online steady-state voltage stability assessment scheme to evaluate the proximity to voltage collapse at each bus of a load area. Using a non-iterative holomorphic embedding method (HEM) with a proposed physical germ solution, an ... More
Mitigating Multi-Stage Cascading Failure by Reinforcement LearningAug 19 2019This paper proposes a cascading failure mitigation strategy based on Reinforcement Learning (RL) method. Firstly, the principles of RL are introduced. Then, the Multi-Stage Cascading Failure (MSCF) problem is presented and its challenges are investigated. ... More
Quantum anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic transition metal halidesSep 26 2016Dec 26 2016The quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect is a novel topological spintronic phenomenon arising from inherent magnetization and spin-orbit coupling. Various theoretical and experimental efforts have been devoted in search of robust intrinsic QAH insulators. ... More
Confidence Inference for Focused Learning in Stereo MatchingSep 25 2018In this paper, we present confidence inference approachin an unsupervised way in stereo matching. Deep Neu-ral Networks (DNNs) have recently been achieving state-of-the-art performance. However, it is often hard to tellwhether the trained model was making ... More
Image Embedding of PMU Data for Deep Learning towards Transient Disturbance ClassificationDec 22 2018This paper presents a study on power grid disturbance classification by Deep Learning (DL). A real synchrophasor set composing of three different types of disturbance events from the Frequency Monitoring Network (FNET) is used. An image embedding technique ... More
On the Importance of Consistency in Training Deep Neural NetworksAug 02 2017We explain that the difficulties of training deep neural networks come from a syndrome of three consistency issues. This paper describes our efforts in their analysis and treatment. The first issue is the training speed inconsistency in different layers. ... More
Structural patterns of information cascades and their implications for dynamics and semanticsAug 08 2017Information cascades are ubiquitous in both physical society and online social media, taking on large variations in structures, dynamics and semantics. Although the dynamics and semantics of information cascades have been studied, the structural patterns ... More
Optimal Battery Energy Storage Placement for Transient Voltage Stability EnhancementMar 05 2019Apr 03 2019A placement problem for multiple Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) units is formulated towards power system transient voltage stability enhancement in this paper. The problem is solved by the Cross-Entropy (CE) optimization method. A simulation-based ... More
EV-IMO: Motion Segmentation Dataset and Learning Pipeline for Event CamerasMar 18 2019We present the first event-based learning approach for motion segmentation in indoor scenes and the first event-based dataset - EV-IMO - which includes accurate pixel-wise motion masks, egomotion and ground truth depth. Our approach is based on an efficient ... More
Optimal Battery Energy Storage Placement for Transient Voltage Stability EnhancementMar 05 2019A placement problem for multiple Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) units is formulated towards power system transient voltage stability enhancement in this paper. The problem is solved by the Cross-Entropy (CE) optimization method. A simulation-based ... More
DBG2OLC: Efficient Assembly of Large Genomes Using Long Erroneous Reads of the Third Generation Sequencing TechnologiesOct 10 2014Sep 03 2016(An updated version of this manuscript has been accepted to Scientific Reports in 2016, please refer to The highly anticipated transition from next generation sequencing (NGS) to third generation sequencing (3GS) ... More
LightNet: A Versatile, Standalone Matlab-based Environment for Deep LearningMay 09 2016Aug 02 2016LightNet is a lightweight, versatile and purely Matlab-based deep learning framework. The idea underlying its design is to provide an easy-to-understand, easy-to-use and efficient computational platform for deep learning research. The implemented framework ... More
Evenly Cascaded Convolutional NetworksJul 02 2018Jul 27 2018We introduce Evenly Cascaded convolutional Network (ECN), a neural network taking inspiration from the cascade algorithm of wavelet analysis. ECN employs two feature streams - a low-level and high-level steam. At each layer these streams interact, such ... More
What Can I Do Around Here? Deep Functional Scene Understanding for Cognitive RobotsJan 29 2016Feb 02 2016For robots that have the capability to interact with the physical environment through their end effectors, understanding the surrounding scenes is not merely a task of image classification or object recognition. To perform actual tasks, it is critical ... More
SparseAssembler: de novo Assembly with the Sparse de Bruijn GraphJun 14 2011de Bruijn graph-based algorithms are one of the two most widely used approaches for de novo genome assembly. A major limitation of this approach is the large computational memory space requirement to construct the de Bruijn graph, which scales with k-mer ... More
Zoom and Learn: Generalizing Deep Stereo Matching to Novel DomainsMar 18 2018Despite the recent success of stereo matching with convolutional neural networks (CNNs), it remains arduous to generalize a pre-trained deep stereo model to a novel domain. A major difficulty is to collect accurate ground-truth disparities for stereo ... More
Spectral Graph Cut from a Filtering Point of ViewMay 20 2012Sep 19 2012We analyze spectral graph theory based image segmentation algorithms and show there is a natural connection with edge preserving filtering. Based on this connection we show that the normalized cut algorithm is equivalent to repeated application of bilateral ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Dense Optical Flow, Depth and Egomotion from Sparse Event DataSep 23 2018Feb 25 2019In this work we present a lightweight, unsupervised learning pipeline for \textit{dense} depth, optical flow and egomotion estimation from sparse event output of the Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS). To tackle this low level vision task, we use a novel encoder-decoder ... More
Spectral Graph Cut from a Filtering Point of ViewMay 20 2012Nov 08 2016Spectral graph theory is well known and widely used in computer vision. In this paper, we analyze image segmentation algorithms that are based on spectral graph theory, e.g., normalized cut, and show that there is a natural connection between spectural ... More
Sparse Norm FilteringMay 17 2013Optimization-based filtering smoothes an image by minimizing a fidelity function and simultaneously preserves edges by exploiting a sparse norm penalty over gradients. It has obtained promising performance in practical problems, such as detail manipulation, ... More
Discovery of Intrinsic Ferromagnetic Ferroelectricity in Transition Metal Halides MonolayerFeb 25 2018The realization of multiferroics in nanostructures, combined with a large electric dipole and ferromagnetic ordering, could lead to new applications, such as high-density multi-state data storage. Although multiferroics have been broadly studied for decades, ... More
Robust quantum anomalous Hall effect in ferromagnetic transition metal halidesSep 26 2016The quantum anomalous Hall (QAH) effect is a novel topological spintronic phenomenon arising from inherent magnetization and spin-orbit coupling. Various theoretical and experimental efforts have been devoted in search of robust intrinsic QAH insulators. ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Dense Optical Flow and Depth from Sparse Event DataSep 23 2018In this work we present unsupervised learning of depth and motion from sparse event data generated by a Dynamic Vision Sensor (DVS). To tackle this low level vision task, we use a novel encoder-decoder neural network architecture that aggregates multi-level ... More
SparseAssembler2: Sparse k-mer Graph for Memory Efficient Genome AssemblyAug 17 2011Jan 09 2013The formal version of our work has been published in BMC Bioinformatics and can be found here: Motivation: To tackle the problem of huge memory usage associated with de Bruijn graph-based algorithms, upon ... More
Network analysis reveals a potentially 'evil' alliance of opportunistic pathogens inhibited by a cooperative network in human milk bacterial communitiesSep 30 2014The critical importance of human milk to infants and even human civilization has been well established. Although the human milk microbiome has received increasing attention with the expansion of research on the human microbiome, our understanding of the ... More
Cascade Residual Learning: A Two-stage Convolutional Neural Network for Stereo MatchingAug 30 2017Jul 30 2018Leveraging on the recent developments in convolutional neural networks (CNNs), matching dense correspondence from a stereo pair has been cast as a learning problem, with performance exceeding traditional approaches. However, it remains challenging to ... More
Optimal Distributed Control for Networked Control Systems with DelaysDec 12 2013In networked control systems (NCS), sensing and control signals between the plant and controllers are typically transmitted wirelessly. Thus, the time delay plays an important role for the stability of NCS, especially with distributed controllers. In ... More
Distance Priors from Planck and Dark Energy Constraints from Current DataApr 16 2013Aug 29 2013We derive distance priors from Planck first data release, and examine their impact on dark energy constraints from current observational data. We give the mean values and covariance matrix of {R, l_a, \Omega_b h^2, n_s}, which give an efficient summary ... More
Plasmonic Light Trapping in an Ultrathin Photovoltaic Layer with Film-Coupled Metamaterial StructuresSep 11 2014Feb 04 2015A film-coupled metamaterial structure is numerically investigated for enhancing the light absorption in an ultrathin photovoltaic layer of crystalline gallium arsenide (GaAs). The top subwavelength concave grating and the bottom metallic film could not ... More
Hierarchical Spatial Sum-Product Networks for Action Recognition in Still ImagesNov 17 2015Jul 08 2016Recognizing actions from still images is popularly studied recently. In this paper, we model an action class as a flexible number of spatial configurations of body parts by proposing a new spatial SPN (Sum-Product Networks). First, we discover a set of ... More
Electron Transport in Dirac and Weyl SemimetalsSep 10 2018Recently, the Dirac and Weyl semimetals have attracted extensive attention in condensed matter physics due to both the fundamental interest and the potential application of a new generation of electronic devices. Here we review the exotic electrical transport ... More
Perturbations of Dirac Operators and A KKW Type Theorem for Five Dimensional Manifolds with BoundaryJul 29 2018In this paper, we define lower dimensional volumes of compact Riemannian manifolds with boundary. For five dimensional spin manifolds with boundary, we prove a Kastler-Kalau-Walze type theorem associated with one-form perturbations of Dirac operators ... More
Nonparametric Additive Model-assisted Estimation for Survey DataJan 04 2011An additive model-assisted nonparametric method is investigated to estimate the finite population totals of massive survey data with the aid of auxiliary information. A class of estimators is proposed to improve the precision of the well known Horvitz-Thompson ... More
Free boundary problems of ecological models with nonlocal and local diffusionsDec 31 2018We study a class of free boundary problems of ecological models with nonlocal and local diffusions, which are natural extensions of free boundary problems of reaction diffusion systems in there local diffusions are used to describe the population dispersal, ... More
A Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Fokker-Planck Type EquationsApr 19 2017This paper presents a primal-dual weak Galerkin (PD-WG) finite element method for a class of second order elliptic equations of Fokker-Planck type. The method is based on a variational form where all the derivatives are applied to the test functions so ... More
A Primal-Dual Weak Galerkin Finite Element Method for Second Order Elliptic Equations in Non-Divergence FormOct 13 2015This article proposes a new numerical algorithm for second order elliptic equations in non-divergence form. The new method is based on a discrete weak Hessian operator locally constructed by following the weak Galerkin strategy. The numerical solution ... More
Network DeconvolutionMay 28 2019Convolution is a central operation in Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), which applies a kernel or mask to overlapping regions shifted across the image. In this work we show that the underlying kernels are trained with highly correlated data, which ... More
Thermalization of small quantum systems: From the zeroth law of thermodynamicsMay 15 2019Jun 04 2019Thermalization of isolated quantum systems has been studied intensively in recent years and significant progresses have been achieved. Here, we study thermalization of small quantum systems that interact with large chaotic environments under the consideration ... More
Modeling study on the validity of a possibly simplified representation of proteinsJun 23 2000The folding characteristics of sequences reduced with a possibly simplified representation of five types of residues are shown to be similar to their original ones with the natural set of residues (20 types or 20 letters). The reduced sequences have a ... More
Study of the single neutral top-pion production process at $γγ$ colliderOct 29 2005Nov 18 2005$\gamma\gamma\to \Pi_t^0$ is the major production mechanism of neutral top-pion at the linear colliders. In this paper, we calculate the cross section of the process $\gamma\gamma \to \Pi^0_t$ and discuss the potential to observe the neutral top-pion ... More
Exploring the Systematic Uncertainties of Type Ia Supernovae as Cosmological ProbesJun 27 2013Jul 26 2013We explore the systematic uncertainties of using Type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) as cosmological probes, using the Supernova Legacy Survey Three Year data (SNLS3). We focus on studying the possible evolution of the stretch-luminosity parameter $\alpha$ and ... More
WISE Detection of the Galactic Low-Mass X-Ray BinariesApr 14 2014We report on the results from our search for the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer detection of the Galactic low-mass X-ray binaries. Among 187 binaries catalogued in Liu et al. (2007), we find 13 counterparts and two candidate counterparts. For the ... More
Non-flow, and what flow to subtract in jet-correlationOct 20 2009We derive analytical forms for non-flow contributions from cluster correlation to two-particle elliptic flow (v2{2}) measure. We also derive an analytical form for jet-correlation flow-background with the same cluster approach. We argue that the elliptic ... More
Discretization of div-curl Systems by Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods on Polyhedral PartitionsJan 19 2015In this paper, the authors devise a new discretization scheme for div-curl systems defined in connected domains with heterogeneous media by using the weak Galerkin finite element method. Two types of boundary value problems are considered in the algorithm ... More
Neural Network-Based Abstract Generation for Opinions and ArgumentsJun 09 2016We study the problem of generating abstractive summaries for opinionated text. We propose an attention-based neural network model that is able to absorb information from multiple text units to construct informative, concise, and fluent summaries. An importance-based ... More
Prioritized Guidance for Efficient Multi-Agent Reinforcement Learning ExplorationJul 18 2019Exploration efficiency is a challenging problem in multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL), as the policy learned by confederate MARL depends on the collaborative approach among multiple agents. Another important problem is the less informative reward ... More
Quantum Correlations in Equilibrium and Nonequilibrium Environments: Discord, Mutual information and Entanglement of a Two-Fermionic SystemJul 25 2019We study the steady state entanglement and correlations of an open system comprised of two fermions coupling with the equilibrium or nonequilibrium environments. We find that for equilibrium case, quantum correlations exhibit non-monotonic behavior with ... More
Geometrical quantities on a fuzzy sphereJul 12 2010In this paper, we consider the geometrical quantities on the fuzzy sphere from the spectral point of view, such as the area and the dimension. We find that, in contract to the standard sphere, the area and the dimension are the functions of the energy ... More
Constructing Social Networks From Binary DataJun 11 2018Much of applied network analysis concerns with studying the existing relationships between a set of agents; however, little focus has been given to the considerations of how to represent observed phenomena as a network object. In the case of physical ... More
Integrability of scalar curvature and normal metric on conformally flat manifoldsJul 14 2017On a manifold $(\mathbb{R}^n, e^{2u} |dx|^2)$, we say $u$ is normal if the $Q$-curvature equation that $u$ satisfies $(-\Delta)^{\frac{n}{2}} u = Q_g e^{nu}$ can be written as the integral form $u(x)=\frac{1}{c_n}\int_{\mathbb R^n}\log\frac{|y|}{|x-y|}Q_g(y)e^{nu(y)}dy+C$. ... More
Extreme Negative Dependence and Risk AggregationJul 25 2014We introduce the concept of an extremely negatively dependent (END) sequence of random variables with a given common marginal distribution. The END structure, as a new benchmark for negative dependence, is comparable to comonotonicity and independence. ... More
Warped cones and proper affine isometric actions of discrete groups on Banach spacesMay 23 2017Warped cones are metric spaces introduced by John Roe from discrete group actions on compact metric spaces to produce interesting examples in coarse geometry. We show that a certain class of warped cones $\mathcal{O}_\Gamma (M)$ admit a fibred coarse ... More
Non-flow correlations in a cluster modelDec 05 2008Jun 17 2010We derive analytical forms for nonflow contributions from cluster correlation to the measurement of two-particle elliptic flow (v2{2}). We estimate nonflow contribution from rho->pi+pi decays and find it is negative but not a major contributor to the ... More
Quantization of adiabatic pumped charge in the presence of superconducting leadFeb 20 2002We investigate the parametric electron pumping of a double barrier structure in the presence of a superconducting lead. The parametric pumping is facilitated by cyclic variation of the barrier heights $x_1$ and $x_2$ of the barriers. In the weak coupling ... More
Twisted Dirac Operators and the Noncommutative Residue for Manifolds with BoundaryApr 09 2014In this paper, we give two Lichnerowicz type formulas for Dirac operators and signature operators twisted by a vector bundle with a non-unitary connection. We also prove two Kastler-Kalau-Walze type theorems for twisted Dirac operators and twisted signature ... More
Deterministic Analysis of Weighted BPDN With Partially Known Support InformationMar 03 2019In this paper, with the aid of the powerful Restricted Isometry Constant (RIC), a deterministic (or say non-stochastic) analysis, which includes a series of sufficient conditions (related to the RIC order) and their resultant error estimates, is established ... More
The parameters of a family of linear codesMar 09 2019A large family of linear codes with flexible parameters from almost bent functions and perfect nonlinear functions are constructed and their parameters are determined. Some constructed linear codes and their related codes are optimal in the sense that ... More
A Simple and Space Efficient Segment Tree ImplementationJul 14 2018The segment tree is an extremely versatile data structure. In this paper, a new heap based implementation of segment trees is proposed. In such an implementation of segment tree, the structural information associated with the tree nodes can be removed ... More
On the boundary between qualitative and quantitative measures of causal effectsNov 13 2017Jul 09 2018Causal relationships among variables are commonly represented via directed acyclic graphs. There are many methods in the literature to quantify the strength of arrows in a causal acyclic graph. These methods, however, have undesirable properties when ... More
On explicit factors of Cyclotomic polynomials over finite fieldsNov 22 2010We study the explicit factorization of $2^n r$-th cyclotomic polynomials over finite field $\mathbb{F}_q$ where $q, r$ are odd with $(r, q) =1$. We show that all irreducible factors of $2^n r$-th cyclotomic polynomials can be obtained easily from irreducible ... More
Topological Inference of Manifolds with BoundaryOct 12 2018Given a set of data points sampled from some underlying space, there are two important challenges in geometric and topological data analysis when dealing with sampled data: reconstruction -- how to assemble discrete samples into global structures, and ... More
A note on generic Clifford algebras of binary cubic formsAug 05 2019We study the representation theoretic results of the binary cubic generic Clifford algebra $\mathcal C$, which is an Artin-Schelter regular algebra of global dimension five. In particular, we show that $\mathcal C$ is a PI algebra of PI degree three and ... More
Nonlinear stability of planar rarefaction wave to the three-dimensional Boltzmann equationDec 15 2017Jan 24 2019We investigate the time-asymptotic stability of planar rarefaction wave for the three-dimensional Boltzmann equation, based on the micro-macro decomposition introduced in [24, 22] and our new observations on the underlying wave structures of the equation ... More
Oseba: Optimization for Selective Bulk Analysis in Big Data ProcessingJul 12 2017Selective bulk analyses, such as statistical learning on temporal/spatial data, are fundamental to a wide range of contemporary data analysis. However, with the increasingly larger data-sets, such as weather data and marketing transactions, the data organization/access ... More
A Kastler-Kalau-Walze Type Theorem for 5-dimensional Manifolds with BoundaryApr 24 2014The Kastler-Kalau-Walze theorem, announced by Alain Connes, shows that the Wodzicki residue of the inverse square of the Dirac operator is proportional to the Einstein-Hilbert action of general relativity. In this paper, we prove a Kastler-Kalau-Walze ... More
Tailoring Thermal Radiative Properties with Film-Coupled Concave Grating MetamaterialsSep 25 2014This work numerically investigates the radiative properties of film-coupled metamaterials made of a two-dimensional metallic concave grating on a continuous metal film separated by an ultrathin dielectric spacer. Spectrally-selective absorption is demonstrated ... More
Identification of flow-background to subtract in jet-like azimuthal correlationJan 06 2009Jan 28 2010We derive an analytical form for flow-background to jet-like azimuthal correlation in a cluster approach. We argue that the elliptic flow parameter to use in jet-correlation background is that from two-particle method excluding non-flow correlation unrelated ... More
Almost Sure Existence of Global Weak Solutions to the 3D Incompressible Navier-Stokes EquationOct 31 2016In this paper we prove the almost sure existence of global weak solution to the 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes Equation for a set of large data in $\dot{H}^{-\alpha}(\mathbb{R}^{3})$ or $\dot{H}^{-\alpha}(\mathbb{T}^{3})$ with $0<\alpha\leq 1/2$. This ... More
Coherent Optical DFT-Spread OFDMFeb 28 2011We consider application of the discrete Fourier transform-spread orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (DFT-spread OFDM) technique to high-speed fiber optic communications. The DFT-spread OFDM is a form of single-carrier technique that possesses ... More
Magnetic interactions in FeSe studied by first principle calculationsOct 19 2015Based on first principle calculations we have investigated the evolution of magnetism in free-standing monolayer FeSe with respect to lattice constant and magnetism in bulk FeSe. The computational results show that the magnetic order in free-standing ... More
Designing Unimodular Sequences with Optimized Auto/cross-correlation Properties via Consensus-ADMM/PDMM ApproachesJul 14 2019Unimodular sequences with good auto/cross-correlation properties are favorable in wireless communication and radar applications. In this paper, we focus on designing these kinds of sequences. The main content is as follows: first, we formulate the designing ... More
Dirichlet Forms Constructed from Annihilation Operators on Bernoulli FunctionalsFeb 09 2017The annihilation operators on Bernoulli functionals (Bernoulli annihilators, for short) and their adjoint operators satisfy a canonical anti-commutation relation (CAR) in equal-time. As a mathematical structure, Dirichlet forms play an important role ... More
In-phase Synchronization of Two Coupled MetronomesMay 01 2018This paper used multi-scale method and KBM method to get approximate solution of coupled Van der Pol oscillators, based on which, researchers investigated the impact several parameters have on the prerequisite of synchronization and the time it takes ... More
Characterization of Hopf QuasigroupsFeb 26 2019In this paper, we first discuss some properties of the Galois linear maps. We provide some equivalent conditions for Hopf algebras and Hopf (co)quasigroups as its applications. Then let $H$ be a Hopf quasigroup with bijective antipode and $G$ be the set ... More
Recognizing number of communities and detecting community structures in complex networksMar 18 2018Recognizing number of communities and detecting community structures of complex network are discussed in this paper. As a visual and feasible algorithm, block model has been successfully applied to detect community structures in complex network. In order ... More
Double Conformal Invariants and the Wodzicki ResidueJan 06 2011For compact real manifolds, a new double conformal invariant is constructed using the Wodzicki residue and the $d$ operator in the framework of Connes. In the flat case, we compute this double conformal invariant, and in some special cases, we also compute ... More
A novel soft keyboard for touchscreen phones: QWERTNov 04 2013The popularity of touchscreen phones has been growing around the world since the iPhones and Android phones were released. More and more mobile phones with large touchscreen have been produced, however, the phones with small size displays are still in ... More
URI Identity and Web Architecture RevisitedDec 27 2012This document reexamined the URI's identity issue and the debate regarding the nature of "information resource". By making emphasis on the abstract nature of resource and the role of URI as an interface to the web, this article presented an alternative ... More
A Defect in Dempster-Shafer TheoryFeb 27 2013By analyzing the relationships among chance, weight of evidence and degree of beliefwe show that the assertion "probability functions are special cases of belief functions" and the assertion "Dempster's rule can be used to combine belief functions based ... More
The excitation operator method in the spin dynamics of the one-dimensional XXZ modelJul 08 2012Jul 12 2012We develop the excitation operator method, which is designed to solve the Heisenberg equation of motion by constructing the excitation operators. We use it to study the spin dynamics in the one-dimensional XXZ model. We find the diffusive spin transport ... More
The breakdown of the zeroth law of thermodynamics and the definition of temperature in small quantum systemsMay 20 2012Oct 11 2012We study two small quantum systems coupled to the same reservoir which is in thermal equilibrium. By studying the particle density and the energy density in the two systems before and after they contact each other, we find that the two systems are not ... More
Local temperature and chemical potential inside a mesoscopic device driven out of equilibriumMay 03 2011Aug 20 2011In this paper we introduce a method of calculating the local temperature and chemical potential inside a mesoscopic device out of equilibrium. We show how to check the conditions of local thermal equilibrium as the whole system is out of equilibrium. ... More
Solving real time evolution problems by constructing excitation operatorsSep 03 2010Apr 21 2012In this paper we study the time evolution of an observable in the interacting fermion systems driven out of equilibrium. We present a method for solving the Heisenberg equations of motion by constructing excitation operators which are defined as the operators ... More
Minimum Entropy Aproach to Word Segmentation ProblemsAug 29 2000Given a sequence composed of a limit number of characters, we try to "read" it as a "text". This involves to segment the sequence into "words". The difficulty is to distinguish good segmentation from enormous number of random ones.Aiming at revealing ... More
An approach for analyzing the ensemble mean from a dynamic point of viewMar 16 2014Simultaneous ensemble mean equations (LEMEs) for the Lorenz model are obtained, enabling us to analyze the properties of the ensemble mean from a dynamical point of view. The qualitative analysis for the two-sample and n-sample LEMEs show the locations ... More
Spreading speeds and traveling waves for a model of epidermal wound healingJul 08 2010In this paper, we shall establish the spreading speed and existence of traveling waves for a non-cooperative system arising from epidermal wound healing and characterize the spreading speed as the slowest speed of a family of non-constant traveling wave ... More
Dimension Data, Local and Global Conjugacy in Reductive GroupsJul 02 2007Jul 21 2007Let G be a connected reductive group (over $\mathbb{C}$) and H a connected semisimple subgroup. The dimension data of H (realative to its given embedding in G) is the collection of the numbers $\{{\rm dim} V^{H}\}$, where V runs over all the finite dimensional ... More
Dual pairs and tensor categories of modules over Lie algebras gl_{\infty} and W_{1 +\infty}Sep 23 1997We introduce a tensor category O_+ (resp. O_{-}) of certain modules of gl_{\infty} with non-negative (resp. non-positive) integral central charges with the usual tensor product. We also introduce a tensor category O_f consisting of certain modules over ... More