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Capturability-based Analysis of Legged Robot with Consideration of Swing LegsJan 25 2016Capturability of a robot determines whether it is able to capture a robot within a number of steps. Current capturability analysis is based on stance leg dynamics, without taking adequate consideration on swing leg. In this paper, we combine capturability-based ... More
Enhancement of quantum correlations between two particles under decoherence in finite temperature environmentJun 20 2014Jun 24 2014Enhancing the quantum correlations in realistic quantum systems interacting with the environment of finite temperature is an important subject in quantum information processing. In this paper, we use weak measurement and measurement reversal to enhance ... More
Sub-shot-noise-limited phase estimation via SU(1,1) interferometer with thermal statesNov 09 2017We theoretically study the phase sensitivity of an SU(1,1) interferometer with a thermal state and squeezed vacuum state as inputs and parity detection as measurement. We find that phase sensitivity can beat the shot-noise limit and approaches the Heisenberg ... More
Conclusive Precision Bounds for SU(1,1) InterferometersOct 18 2018In this paper, we revisit the quantum Fisher information (QFI) calculation in SU(1,1) interferometer considering different phase configurations. When one of the input modes is a vacuum state, we show by using phase averaging, different phase configurations ... More
Fundamental precision limit of a Mach-Zehnder interferometric sensor when one of the inputs is the vacuumMay 26 2017In the lore of quantum metrology, one often hears (or reads) the following no-go theorem: If you put vacuum into one input port of a balanced Mach-Zehnder Interferometer, then no matter what you put into the other input port, and no matter what your detection ... More
Optimized aperiodic broadband thermal emitters for use as light bulb filamentsMay 03 2016May 23 2016We present optimized aperiodic structures for use as broadband thermal incandescent emitters which are capable of increasing the emittance by nearly a factor of two over the visible wavelength range when compared to bulk tungsten. These aperiodic multilayer ... More
Enhanced signal-to-noise ratio in Hanbury Brown Twiss interferometry by parametric amplificationDec 07 2017The Hanbury Brown Twiss (HBT) interferometer was proposed to observe intensity correlations of starlight to measure a star's angular diameter. As the intensity of light that reaches the detector from a star is very weak, one cannot usually get a workable ... More
Early Evolution of an Energetic Coronal Mass Ejection and Its Relation to EUV WavesOct 08 2014We study a coronal mass ejection (CME) associated with an X-class flare, whose initiation is clearly observed in low corona with high-cadence, high-resolution EUV images, providing us a rare opportunity to witness the early evolution of an energetic CME ... More
Optimal measurement scheme for Gravitational Wave Detection with Coherent and Squeezed VacuumMay 12 2016May 16 2016The search for gravitational waves is a significant undertaking; taking place at several locations around the world. Here we discuss the optimal measurement scheme for interferometric gravitational wave detectors and similar setups and find that a single ... More
Nearly Optimal Measurement Scheme in a Noisy Mach-Zehnder Interferometer with Coherent and Squeezed VacuumMay 12 2016Apr 07 2017The use of an interferometer to perform an ultra-precise parameter estimation under noisy conditions is a challenging task. Here we discuss nearly optimal measurement schemes for a well known,sensitive input state, squeezed vacuum and coherent light. ... More
Kinematic Evolution of a Slow CME in Corona Viewed by STEREO-B on 8 October 2007Jan 17 2011We studied the kinematic evolution of the 8 October 2007 CME in the corona based on Sun-Earth Connection Coronal and Heliospheric Investigation (SECCHI) onboard satellite B of Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory (STEREO). The observational results ... More
A categorification of a quantum Frobenius mapJul 07 2016A quantum Frobenius map a la Lusztig for $\mathfrak{sl}_2$ is categorified at a prime root of unity.
Motional effects of single trapped atomic/ionic qubitJan 31 2000We investigate theoretical decoherence effects of the motional degrees of freedom of a single trapped atomic/ionic electronically coded qubit. For single bit rotations from a resonant running wave laser field excitation, we found the achievable fidelity ... More
Branching random walk in random environment with random absorption wallSep 13 2018May 08 2019We consider the branching random walk in random environment with a random absorption wall. When we add this barrier, we discuss some topics related to the survival probability. We assume that the random environment is i.i.d., $S_i$ is a particular i.i.d. ... More
A categorification of a quantum Frobenius mapJul 07 2016Jul 24 2017A quantum Frobenius map a la Lusztig for $\mathfrak{sl}_2$ is categorified at a prime root of unity.
Collective Effects in Nuclear Collisions: Experimental OverviewOct 16 2018Jan 22 2019These conferences proceedings summarize the experimental findings of collective effects in nuclear collisions, as presented at the Quark Matter 2018 conference.
Measurements of correlations of anisotropic flow harmonics in Pb--Pb Collisions with ALICEDec 16 2015We report the first measurements of the correlation strength between various anisotropic flow harmonics, using ALICE data. This correlation strength is characterized with multi-particle cumulants of mixed harmonics, which by construction depend only on ... More
Sensor Fusion for Predictive Control of Human-Prosthesis-Environment Dynamics in Assistive Walking: A SurveyMar 18 2019This survey paper concerns Sensor Fusion for Predictive Control of Human-Prosthesis-Environment Dynamics in Assistive Walking. The powered lower limb prosthesis can imitate the human limb motion and help amputees to recover the walking ability, but it ... More
Dynamic of the three dimensional viscous primitive equations of large-scale atmosphereMar 16 2017The main objective of this paper is to study the existence of a finite dimension global attractor for the three dimensional viscous primitive equations of large-scale atmosphere. Thanks to the shortage of the uniqueness of weak solutions, we prove the ... More
Brownian motion between two random trajectoriesFeb 12 2018Sep 15 2018Consider the first exit time of one-dimensional Brownian motion $\{B_s\}_{s\geq 0}$ from a random passageway. We discuss a Brownian motion with two time-dependent random boundaries in quenched sense. Let $\{W_s\}_{s\geq 0}$ be an other one-dimensional ... More
Creating maximally entangled atomic states in a Bose-Einstein condensateSep 15 2002Dec 12 2002We propose a protocol to create maximally entangled pairs, triplets, quartiles, and other clusters of Bose condensed atoms starting from a condensate in the Mott insulator state. The essential element is to drive single atom Raman transitions using laser ... More
Discussion of Twenty Questions ProblemJun 16 2009Discuss several tricks for solving twenty question problems which in this paper is depicted as a guessing game. Player tries to find a ball in twenty boxes by asking as few questions as possible, and these questions are answered by only "Yes" or "No". ... More
Seidel elements and mirror transformations for toric stacksNov 28 2014We give a precise relation between the mirror transformation and the Seidel elements for weak Fano toric Deligne-Mumford stacks. Our result generalizes the corresponding result for toric varieties proved by Gonz\'alez and Iritani in \cite{GI}.
Morphism spaces in stable categories of Frobenius algebrasJan 24 2018Feb 14 2019We present an explicit formula computing morphism spaces in the stable category of a Frobenius algebra.
Simplified and Equivalent Characterizations of Banach Limit Functional and Strong Almost ConvergenceJun 22 2009In this paper, we give simplified and equivalent characterizations of Banach limit functional, which is the minimum requirement to characterize strong almost convergence. With this machinery, we show that Hajdukovic's quasi-almost convergence is equivalent ... More
Hopfological AlgebraMay 08 2012Feb 06 2013We develop some basic homological theory of hopfological algebra as defined by Khovanov. Several homological properties in hopfological algebra analogous to those of usual homological theory of DG algebras are obtained.
Longtime Dynamics of The Oregonator SystemJun 28 2011In this work the existence and properties of a global attractor for the solution semiflow of the Oregonator system are proved. The Oregonator system is the mathematical model of the famous Belousov-Zhabotinskii reaction. A rescaling and grouping estimation ... More
Global Attractor of a coupled Two-Cell Brusselator ModelJun 23 2009In this work the existence of a global attractor for the solution semiflow of the coupled two-cell Brusselator model equations is proved. A grouping estimation method and a new decomposition approach are introduced to deal with the challenge in proving ... More
Branching random walk in random environment with random absorption wallSep 13 2018We consider the branching random walk in random environment with a random absorption wall. When we add this barrier, we discuss some topics related to the survival probability. We assume that the random environment is i.i.d., $S_i$ is a particular i.i.d. ... More
Improving Sharir and Welzl's bound on crossing-free matchings through solving a stronger recurrenceJan 20 2017Jan 24 2017Sharir and Welzl [1] derived a bound on crossing-free matchings primarily based on solving a recurrence based on the size of the matchings. We show that the recurrence given in Lemma 2.3 in Sharir and Welzl can be improve to $(2n-6s)\textbf{Ma}_{m}(P)\leq\frac{68}{3}(s+2)\textbf{Ma}_{m-1}(P)$ ... More
Decorated defect condensate, a window to unconventional quantum phase transitions in Weyl semimetalsAug 23 2016Aug 24 2016We investigate the unconventional quantum phase transitions in Weyl semimetals. The emergent boson fields, coupling with the Weyl fermion bilinears, contain a Wess-Zumino-Witten term or topological $\Theta$ term inherited from the momentum space monopoles ... More
Geometry defects in Bosonic symmetry protected topological phasesMar 08 2016Jun 01 2016In this paper we focus on the interplay between geometry defects and topological properties in bosonic symmetry protected topological(SPT) phases. We start from eight copies of 3D time-reversal($\mathcal{T}$) invariant topological superconductors(TSC) ... More
Critical Height for the Destabilization of Solar Prominences: Statistical Results from STEREO ObservationsSep 17 2011At which height will a prominence inclined to be unstable, or where is the most probable critical height for the prominence destabilization? This question is statistically studied based on 362 solar limb prominences well-recognized by SLIPCAT from 2007 ... More
Could the collision of CMEs in the heliosphere be super-elastic? --- Validation through three-dimensional simulationsDec 23 2014Though coronal mass ejections (CMEs) are magnetized fully-ionized gases, a recent observational study of a CME collision event in 2008 November has suggested that their behavior in the heliosphere is like elastic balls, and their collision is probably ... More
Attributes Guided Feature Learning for Vehicle Re-identificationMay 22 2019Vehicle Re-ID has recently attracted enthusiastic attention due to its potential applications in smart city and urban surveillance. However, it suffers from large intra-class variation caused by view variations and illumination changes, and inter-class ... More
Multi-pretrained Deep Neural NetworkJun 02 2016Pretraining is widely used in deep neutral network and one of the most famous pretraining models is Deep Belief Network (DBN). The optimization formulas are different during the pretraining process for different pretraining models. In this paper, we pretrained ... More
Relative Gromov--Witten invariants and the enumerative meaning of mirror maps for toric Calabi--Yau orbifoldsMay 09 2019We provide an enumerative meaning of the mirror maps for toric Calabi--Yau orbifolds in terms of relative Gromov--Witten invariants of the toric compactifications. As a consequence, we obtain an equality between relative Gromov--Witten invariants and ... More
Small deviation for Random walk with random environment in timeMar 23 2018Sep 26 2018We give the random environment version of Mogul'ski\v{\i} estimation in quenched sense.Assume that $\{\mu\}_{n\in\bfN}$ (called environment) is a sequence of i.i.d. random probability measures on $\bfR.$~ Let $\{X_n\}_{n\in\bfN}$ be a sequence of independent ... More
Approximation and bounds for the Wallis ratioDec 06 2017In this paper, we present an improved continued fraction approximation of the Wallis ratio. This approximation is fast in comparison with the recently discovered asymptotic series. We also establish the double-side inequality related to this approximation. ... More
Searches for $p_{\rm T}$ dependent fluctuations of flow angle and magnitude in Pb--Pb and p--Pb collisionsJul 29 2014Anisotropic azimuthal correlations are used to probe the properties and the evolution of the system created in heavy-ion collisions. Two-particle azimuthal correlations were used in the searches of $p_{\rm T}$ dependent fluctuations of flow angle and ... More
Review of anisotropic flow correlations in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisionsJul 19 2016Anisotropic flow phenomena is a key probe of the existence of Quark-Gluon Plasma. Several new observable associated with correlations between anisotropic flow harmonics are developed, which are expected to be sensitive to the initial fluctuations and ... More
Probing non-linearity of higher order anisotropic flow in Pb--Pb collisionsApr 24 2017The second and the third order anisotropic flow, $V_{2}$ and $V_3$, are determined by the corresponding initial spatial anisotropy coefficients, $\varepsilon_{2}$ and $\varepsilon_{3}$, in the initial density distribution. On the contrary, the higher ... More
Heralded amplification of nonlocality via entanglement swapping for long-distance device-independent quantum key distributionApr 12 2019To realize the practical implementation of device-independent quantum key distribution~(DIQKD), the main difficulty is that its security relies on the detection-loophole-free violation of the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt~(CHSH) inequality, i.e. the CHSH ... More
Multiparameter estimation with single photonsJun 17 2017It was suggested in Ref. [Phys. Rev. Lett. 114, 170802] that optical networks with relatively inexpensive overhead---single photon Fock states, passive optical elements, and single photon detection---can show significant improvements over classical strategies ... More
Heralded amplification of nonlocality via entanglement swapping for long-distance device-independent quantum key distributionApr 12 2019May 07 2019To realize the practical implementation of device-independent quantum key distribution~(DIQKD), the main difficulty is that its security relies on the detection-loophole-free violation of the Clauser-Horne-Shimony-Holt~(CHSH) inequality, i.e. the CHSH ... More
PI-REC: Progressive Image Reconstruction Network With Edge and Color DomainMar 25 2019We propose a universal image reconstruction method to represent detailed images purely from binary sparse edge and flat color domain. Inspired by the procedures of painting, our framework, based on generative adversarial network, consists of three phases: ... More
Injectable Spontaneous Generation of Tremendous Self-Fueled Liquid Metal Droplet Motors in a MomentApr 11 2015Micro motors that could run in liquid environment is very important for a variety of practices such as serving as pipeline robot, soft machine, drug delivery, or microfluidics system etc. However, fabrication of such tiny motors is generally rather time ... More
Statistical Study of Coronal Mass Ejection Source Locations: Understanding CMEs Viewed in CoronagraphsJan 04 2011Mar 29 2011How to properly understand coronal mass ejections (CMEs) viewed in white-light coronagraphs is crucial to many relative researches in solar and space physics. The issue is now particularly addressed in this paper through studying the source locations ... More
Square wave oscillation of soliton in double-well potential trapped BECMar 01 2019We numerically investigate the soliton tunnelling process in double-well potential trapped Bose-Einstein condensate. Comparing with the usual low energy few particle tunnelling process, we find that the soliton tunnelling leads to massive particle transport ... More
Electrically controlled persistent spin currents at the interface of multiferroic oxidesJul 17 2009We predict the appearance of a persistent spin current in a two-dimensional electron gas formed at the interface of multiferroic oxides with a transverse helical magnetic order. No charge current is generated. This is the result of an effective spin-orbit ... More
Knowing When to Stop: Evaluation and Verification of Conformity to Output-size SpecificationsApr 26 2019Models such as Sequence-to-Sequence and Image-to-Sequence are widely used in real world applications. While the ability of these neural architectures to produce variable-length outputs makes them extremely effective for problems like Machine Translation ... More
Pre-Eruptive Magnetic Reconnection within a Multi-Flux-Rope System in the Solar CoronaMar 12 2018The solar corona is frequently disrupted by coronal mass ejections (CMEs), whose core structure is believed to be a flux rope made of helical magnetic field. This has become a "standard" picture although it remains elusive how the flux rope forms and ... More
The volume operator in covariant quantum gravityNov 03 2009Apr 22 2010A covariant spin-foam formulation of quantum gravity has been recently developed, characterized by a kinematics which appears to match well the one of canonical loop quantum gravity. In particular, the geometrical observable giving the area of a surface ... More
Categorification at prime roots of unity and hopfological finitenessSep 01 2015We survey some recent results in hopfological algebra and the program of categorification at prime roots of unity. A categorical Jones-Wenzl projector at prime roots of unity is studied, and it is shown that this projector is hopfologically finite in ... More
Correlated Electron Materials and Field Effect Transistors for Logic: A ReviewDec 12 2012Correlated electron systems are among the centerpieces of modern condensed matter sciences, where many interesting physical phenomena, such as metal-insulator transition and high-Tc superconductivity appear. Recent efforts have been focused on electrostatic ... More
Jet shower evolution in medium and dijet asymmetry in Pb+Pb collisions at the LHCJul 04 2011We study the evolution of a partonic jet shower propagating through a quark-gluon plasma. Combining the in-medium evolutions of the leading parton and shower gluons, we compute the depletion of the energy from the jet cone by dissipation through elastic ... More
Load Optimization with User Association in Cooperative and Load-Coupled LTE NetworksFeb 23 2016Jun 23 2017We extend the problem of optimizing user association for load balancing in cellular networks along two dimensions. First, we consider joint transmission (JT), which is one of the coordinated multipoint (CoMP) techniques, with which a user may be simultaneously ... More
On a conjecture for the signless Laplacian eigenvaluesJun 01 2013Let $G$ be a simple graph with $n$ vertices and $e(G)$ edges, and $q_1(G)\geq q_2(G)\geq\cdots\geq q_n(G)\geq0$ be the signless Laplacian eigenvalues of $G.$ Let $S_k^+(G)=\sum_{i=1}^{k}q_i(G),$ where $k=1, 2, \ldots, n.$ F. Ashraf et al. conjectured ... More
Alternative mass shell renormalization for minimal supersymmetric Higgs sectorJul 22 1998Mar 14 1999An Aoki-Denner form of the renormalization scheme is suggested for the physical amplitudes in MSSM. The Higgs sector is reparameterized with the mass of the CP odd scalar, and the mass of the heavy CP even one instead of $tan\beta$ in our scheme. The ... More
Full ab initio band structure analysis of interband and intraband contributions for third harmonic generation coefficient of bulk silicon: implementation and application of the sum-over-statesJan 06 2016May 19 2016We fully implement the Aversa and Sipe sum-over-states formulism and make a full ab initio band structure analysis of interband and intraband contributions for the third-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities of bulk silicon. The band structure and ... More
Origin of layer number dependent linear and nonlinear optical properties of two-dimensional graphene-like SiCMar 20 2017We theoretically discuss the physical origin of the dielectric constants [{\epsilon}({\omega})] and second harmonic generation coefficients [\{chi}(2)({\omega})] of the ABA-stacked two-dimensional graphene-like silicon carbide (2D-SiC) with the number ... More
A data-driven robust optimization approach to scenario-based stochastic model predictive controlJul 13 2018Jan 14 2019Stochastic model predictive control (SMPC) has been a promising solution to complex control problems under uncertain disturbances. However, traditional SMPC approaches either require exact knowledge of probabilistic distributions, or rely on massive scenarios ... More
Data-Driven Stochastic Robust Optimization: A General Computational Framework and Algorithm for Optimization under Uncertainty in the Big Data EraJul 28 2017Dec 29 2017A novel data-driven stochastic robust optimization (DDSRO) framework is proposed for optimization under uncertainty leveraging labeled multi-class uncertainty data. Uncertainty data in large datasets are often collected from various conditions, which ... More
Multiple-correction and continued fraction approximation(II)Oct 21 2014The main aim of this paper is to further develop the multiple-correction method that formulated in our previous works~\cite{CXY, Cao}. As its applications, we establish a kind of hybrid-type finite continued fraction approximations related to BBP-type ... More
Early Fire Detection Using HEP and Space-time AnalysisOct 07 2013In this article, a video base early fire alarm system is developed by monitoring the smoke in the scene. There are two major contributions in this work. First, to find the best texture feature for smoke detection, a general framework, named Histograms ... More
The Boundary Conditions Geometry in Lattice-Ising ModelJan 05 2010We found that the differential topology of the lattice-system of Ising model determines whether there can be the continuous phase transition, the geometric topology of the space the lattice-system is embedded in determines whether the system can become ... More
Quantum Correlation in One-dimensional Extend Quantum Compass ModelOct 03 2011Feb 04 2012We study the correlations in the one-dimensional extended quantum compass model in a transverse magnetic field. By exactly solving the Hamiltonian, we find that the quantum correlation of the ground state of one-dimensional quantum compass model is vanishing. ... More
Ising model: secondary phase transitionApr 09 2012Lttice-spin phonons are considered, which make the heat capacity at the critical temperature satisfy experimental observations better. There is a BEC phase transition in an Ising model attributable to the lattice-spin phonons. We proved that the spin-wave ... More
Embedding of Analytic Quasi-Periodic Cocycles into Analytic Quasi-Periodic Linear Systems and its ApplicationsFeb 14 2012Feb 16 2012In this paper, we prove that any analytic quasi-periodic cocycle close to constant is the Poincar\'{e} map of an analytic quasi-periodic linear system close to constant. With this local embedding theorem, we get fruitful new results. We show that the ... More
Size Ramsey numbers of pathsOct 24 2018Feb 22 2019The size Ramsey number $\widehat{R}({F},r)$ is the minimum integer $m$ such that there exists a graph $G$ on $m$ edges such that every coloring of the edges of $G$ with $r$ colors yields a monochromatic copy of $F$. Let $P_n$ be a path on $n$ vertices. ... More
A categorification of cyclotomic ringsApr 04 2018Jun 07 2018For any natural number $n \geq 2$, we construct a triangulated monoidal category whose Grothendieck ring is isomorphic to the ring of cyclotomic integers $\mathbb{O}_n$.
Real-time Multiple People Hand Localization in 4D Point CloudsMar 05 2019We propose novel real-time algorithm to localize hands and find their associations with multiple people in the cluttered 4D volumetric data (dynamic 3D volumes). Different from the traditional multiple view approaches, which find key points in 2D and ... More
Plasmonic Demultiplexer and GuidingAug 20 2010Two-dimensional plasmonic demultiplexers for surface plasmon polaritons (SPPs), which consist of concentric grooves on a gold film, are proposed and experimentally demonstrated to realize light-SPP coupling, effective dispersion and multiple-channel SPP ... More
Thermoelectric effect of multiferroic oxide interfacesDec 22 2010We investigate the thermoelectric properties of electrons at the interface of oxide heterostructure and in the presence of a multiferroic oxide with spiral spin order. We find there is no (spin) Hall current generated by the temperature gradient. A Seebeck ... More
Multiferroic oxides-based flash-memory and spin-field-effect transistorJun 23 2009We propose a modified spin-field-effect transistor fabricated in a two dimensional electron gas (2DEG) formed at the surface of multiferroic oxides with a transverse helical magnetic order. The topology of the oxide local magnetic moments induces a resonant ... More
Anisotropic thermoelectric effect in helimagnetic tunnel junctionsMay 16 2011Thermoelectric transport across normal-metal/helical-multiferroic/ferromagnetic heterojunctions is theoretically investigated. We find a anisotropic charge and spin thermopower with a $C_{2v}$ symmetry. The angular dependence on the magnetization orientation ... More
Load Optimization with User Association in Cooperative and Load-Coupled LTE NetworksFeb 23 2016We extend the problem of optimizing user association for load balancing in cellular networks along two dimensions. First, we consider joint transmission (JT), which is one of the coordinated multipoint (CoMP) techniques, with which a user may be simultaneously ... More
The center of the small quantum group II: singular blocksMar 07 2017Dec 01 2017We generalize to the case of singular blocks the result in \cite{BeLa} that describes the center of the principal block of a small quantum group in terms of sheaf cohomology over the Springer resolution. Then using the method developed in \cite{LQ1}, ... More
Parton shower evolution in medium and nuclear modification of photon-tagged jets in Pb+Pb collisions at the LHCOct 24 2012Jul 06 2014We study the medium modification of jets correlated with large transverse momentum photons at the LHC via a transport and perturbative QCD hybrid model which incorporates the contributions from both elastic collisions and radiative energy loss experienced ... More
Theory of Jet Quenching in Ultra-Relativistic Nuclear CollisionsAug 03 2014We present a short overview of recent progress in the theory of jet quenching in ultra-relativistic nuclear collisions, including phenomenological studies of jet quenching at RHIC and the LHC, development in NLO perburbative QCD calculation of jet broadening ... More
Infinite Volume of Noncommutative Black Hole Wrapped by Finite SurfaceDec 23 2016The volume of a black hole under noncommutative spacetime background is found to be infinite, in contradiction with the surface area of a black hole, or its Bekenstein-Hawking (BH) entropy, which is well-known to be finite. Our result rules out the possibility ... More
Joint CoMP-Cell Selection and Resource Allocation with Fronthaul-Constrained C-RANOct 14 2016Jun 21 2017Cloud-based Radio Access Network (C-RAN) is a promising architecture for future cellular networks, in which Baseband Units (BBUs) are placed at a centralized location, with capacity-constrained fronthaul connected to multiple distributed Remote Radio ... More
Spatially sequential turn-on of spontaneous emission from an atomic wave packetFeb 23 1998We discuss a simple example demonstrating that spontaneous emission from "space-time-superposed" atomic center-of-mass wave packets is nontrivially and time-dependent modified with respect to the standard dipole-pattern typical of "space-superposed" wave ... More
Prospects for p-wave paired BCS states of fermionic atomsJun 16 1999We present theoretical prospects for creating p-wave paired BCS states of magnetic trapped fermionic atoms. Based on our earlier proposal of using dc electric fields to control both the strength and anisotropic characteristic of atom-atom interaction ... More
The Weighted Sum Rate Maximization in MIMO Interference Networks: The Minimax Lagrangian Duality and AlgorithmSep 16 2013We take a new perspective on the weighted sum-rate maximization in multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) interference networks, by formulating an equivalent max-min problem. This seemingly trivial reformulation has significant implications: the Lagrangian ... More
Quantitative model validation techniques: new insightsJun 21 2012This paper develops new insights into quantitative methods for the validation of computational model prediction. Four types of methods are investigated, namely classical and Bayesian hypothesis testing, a reliability-based method, and an area metric-based ... More
3D Trajectory Optimization in Rician Fading for UAV-Enabled Data HarvestingJan 14 2019Apr 01 2019In this paper, we consider a UAV-enabled WSN where a flying UAV is employed to collect data from multiple sensor nodes (SNs). Our objective is to maximize the minimum average data collection rate from all SNs subject to a prescribed reliability constraint ... More
Trapped atomic condensates with anisotropic interactionsFeb 05 2000We study the ground state properties of trapped atomic condensates with electric field induced dipole-dipole interactions. A rigorous method for constructing the pseudo potential in the spirit of ladder approximation is developed for general non-spherical ... More
Long-time behavior of the three dimensional globally modified Navier-Stokes equationsMar 16 2017This paper is concerned with the long-time behavior of solutions for the three dimensional globally modified Navier-Stokes equations in a three-dimensional bounded domain. We prove the existence of a global attractor $\mathcal{A}_0$ in $H$ and investigate ... More
Accretion in active galactic nuclei and disk-jet couplingJul 21 2015Oct 15 2015We review the current state of understanding how accretion onto a black hole proceeds and what are they key elements needed to form relativistic jets. Since the theoretical progress is severely halted by the lack of deep understanding of the microphysics ... More
Model study on the photoassociation of a pair of trapped atoms into an ultralong-range moleculeSep 11 2003Using the method of quantum-defect theory, we calculate the ultralong-range molecular vibrational states near the dissociation threshold of a diatomic molecular potential which asymptotically varies as $-1/R^3$. The properties of these states are of considerable ... More
Low energy atomic collision with dipole interactionsMar 20 2001Mar 21 2001We apply quantum defect theory to study low energy ground state atomic collisions including aligned dipole interactions such as those induced by an electric field. Our results show that coupled even ($l$) relative orbital angular momentum partial wave ... More
A categorification of quantum sl(2) at prime roots of unityMar 17 2015Jul 01 2016We categorify the Beilinson-Lusztig-MacPherson integral form of quantum sl(2) specialized at a prime root of unity.
An adaptive memory method for accurate and efficient computation of the Caputo fractional derivativeNov 28 2017A fractional derivative is a temporally nonlocal operation which is computationally intensive due to inclusion of the accumulated contribution of function values at past times. In order to lessen the computational load while maintaining the accuracy of ... More
A Transformation-Proximal Bundle Algorithm for Solving Large-Scale Multistage Adaptive Robust Optimization ProblemsOct 13 2018This paper presents a novel transformation-proximal bundle algorithm to solve multistage adaptive robust mixed-integer linear programs (MARMILPs). By explicitly partitioning recourse decisions into state decisions and local decisions, the proposed algorithm ... More
Optimization under Uncertainty in the Era of Big Data and Deep Learning: When Machine Learning Meets Mathematical ProgrammingApr 03 2019This paper reviews recent advances in the field of optimization under uncertainty via a modern data lens, highlights key research challenges and promise of data-driven optimization that organically integrates machine learning and mathematical programming ... More
Subspace-Sparse RepresentationJul 06 2015Given an overcomplete dictionary $A$ and a signal $b$ that is a linear combination of a few linearly independent columns of $A$, classical sparse recovery theory deals with the problem of recovering the unique sparse representation $x$ such that $b = ... More
Fractal-based Correlation Analysis for Resting State Functional Connectivity of the Rat Brain in Functional MRIFeb 21 2012The most studies on functional connectivity have been done by analyzing the brain's hemodynamic response to a stimulation. On the other hand, the low-frequency spontaneous fluctuations in the blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signals of functional MRI ... More
Fractal-driven distortion of resting state functional networks in fMRI: a simulation studyAug 04 2012Fractals are self-similar and scale-invariant patterns found ubiquitously in nature. A lot of evidences implying fractal properties such as 1/f power spectrums have been also observed in resting state fMRI time series. To explain the fractal behavior ... More
A Proof on Asymptotics of Wavelet Variance of a Long Memory Process by Using Taylor ExpansionFeb 21 2012A long memory process has self-similarity or scale-invariant properties in low frequencies. We prove that the log of the scale-dependent wavelet variance for a long memory process is asymptotically proportional to scales by using the Taylor expansion ... More