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Nonequilibrium Phase Transitions of Vortex Matter in Three-Dimensional Layered SuperconductorsNov 27 2002Nov 28 2002Large-scale simulations on three-dimensional (3D) frustrated anisotropic XY model have been performed to study the nonequilibrium phase transitions of vortex matter in weak random pinning potential in layered superconductors. The first-order phase transition ... More
One-Pass Incomplete Multi-view ClusteringMar 02 2019Real data are often with multiple modalities or from multiple heterogeneous sources, thus forming so-called multi-view data, which receives more and more attentions in machine learning. Multi-view clustering (MVC) becomes its important paradigm. In real-world ... More
Doubly Aligned Incomplete Multi-view ClusteringMar 07 2019Nowadays, multi-view clustering has attracted more and more attention. To date, almost all the previous studies assume that views are complete. However, in reality, it is often the case that each view may contain some missing instances. Such incompleteness ... More
The spectral gap for transfer operators of torus extensions over expanding mapsMar 08 2015Jan 30 2019We study the spectral gap for transfer operators of the skew product $F: \mathbb{T}^d\times \mathbb{T}^\ell\to \mathbb{T}^d\times \mathbb{T}^\ell$ given by $F(x,y)=(Tx, y+\tau(x) \pmod{ \mathbb{Z}^\ell})$, where $T: \mathbb{T}^d\to \mathbb{T}^d$ is a ... More
Approximations, ghosts and derived equivalencesJun 20 2014Nov 10 2016Approximation sequences and derived equivalences occur frequently in the research of mutation of tilting objects in representation theory, algebraic geometry and noncommutative geometry. In this paper, we introduce symmetric approximation sequences in ... More
Weighted vector-valued bounds for a class of multilinear singular integral operatorsJun 15 2016Jul 19 2016In this paper, we investigate the weighted vector-valued bounds for a class of multilinear singular integral operators, and its commutators, from $L^{p_1}(l^{q_1};\,\mathbb{R}^n,w_1)\times\dots\times L^{p_m}(l^{q_m};\,\mathbb{R}^n,w_m)$ to $L^{p}(l^q;\,\mathbb{R}^n,\nu_{\vec{w}})$, ... More
Large-scale dynamical simulations of the three-dimensional XY spin glassJul 24 2009Large-scale simulations have been performed in the current-driven three-dimensional XY spin glass with resistively-shunted junction dynamics for sample sizes up to $64^3$. It is observed that the linear resistivity at low temperatures tends to zero, providing ... More
Dynamics of vortex glass phase in strongly type II superconductorsFeb 10 2008Oct 01 2008Dynamics of vortices in strongly type-II superconductors with strong disorder is investigated within the frustrated three-dimensional XY model. For two typical models in [Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 91}, 077002 (2003)] and [Phys. Rev. B {\bf 68}, 220502(R) ... More
A law of the iterated logarithm sublinear expectationsMar 15 2011Apr 09 2013In this paper, motivated by the notion of independent identically distributed (IID) random variables under sub-linear expectations initiated by Peng, we investigate a law of the iterated logarithm for capacities. It turns out that our theorem is a natural ... More
Weighted estimates for the Calderón commutatorJan 07 2018In this paper, the authors establish some weighted estimates for the Calder\'on commutator defined by \begin{eqnarray*} &&\mathcal{C}_{m+1,\,A}(a_1,\dots,a_{m};f)(x) &&\quad={\rm p.\,v.}\,\int_{\mathbb{R}}\frac{P_2(A;\,x,\,y)\prod_{j=1}^m(A_j(x)-A_j(y))}{(x-y)^{m+2}}f(y){\rm ... More
Fair Classification and Social WelfareMay 01 2019Now that machine learning algorithms lie at the center of many resource allocation pipelines, computer scientists have been unwittingly cast as partial social planners. Given this state of affairs, important questions follow. What is the relationship ... More
An Effective Model of Magnetoelectricity in Multiferroics $RMn_2O_5$Mar 19 2007An effective model is developed to explain the phase diagram and the mechanism of magnetoelectric coupling in multiferroics, $RMn_2O_5$. We show that the nature of magnetoelectric coupling in $RMn_2O_5$ is a coupling between two Ising-type orders, namely, ... More
Asymptotics of signed Bernoulli convolutions scaled by multinacci numbersOct 04 2017We study the signed Bernoulli convolution $$\nu_\beta^{(n)}=*_{j=1}^n \left (\frac12\delta_{\beta^{-j}}-\frac12\delta_{-\beta^{-j}}\right ),\ n\ge 1$$ where $\beta>1$ satisfies $$\beta^m=\beta^{m-1}+\cdots+\beta+1$$ for some integer $m\ge 2$. When $m$ ... More
Heat kernel estimates for $Δ+Δ^{α/2}$ under gradient perturbationOct 30 2014Mar 01 2015For $d \ge 2$, $\alpha \in (0,2)$ and $M > 0$, we consider the gradient perturbation of a family of nonlocal operators $\{\Delta+a^\alpha\Delta^{\alpha/2}, a\in (0,M]\}$. We establish the existence and uniqueness of the fundamental solution $p(t, x, y)$ ... More
Efficient Privacy-Preserving Authentication Protocol for Vehicular Communications with TrustworthyAug 30 2010In this paper, we introduce an efficient and trustworthy conditional privacy-preserving communication protocol for VANETs based on proxy re-signature. The proposed protocol is characterized by the Trusted Authority (TA) designating the Roadside Units ... More
A non-integrated hypersurface defect relation for meromorphic maps defined on Kähler manifoldsOct 28 2016In this paper, a second main theorem and an associated non-integrated hypersurface defect relation for meromorphic maps from complete K\"{a}hler manifolds into complex projective varieties, with the hypersurfaces located in $N$-subgeneral position, are ... More
Quantum Dynamical Algebra SU(1,1) in One-Dimensional Exactly Solvable PotentialsJun 12 2007We mainly explore the linear algebraic structure like SU(2) or SU(1,1) of the shift operators for some one-dimensional exactly solvable potentials in this paper. During such process, a set of method based on original diagonalizing technique is presented ... More
Bell Inequality Based on Peres-Horodecki CriterionMay 16 2007Jun 22 2007We established a physically utilizable Bell inequality based on the Peres-Horodecki criterion. The new quadratic probabilistic Bell inequality naturally provides us a necessary and sufficient way to test all entangled two-qubit or qubit-qutrit states ... More
Weighted blowup correspondence of orbifold Gromov--Witten invariants and applicationsDec 05 2017Let $\sf X$ be a symplectic orbifold groupoid with $\sf S$ being a symplectic sub-orbifold groupoid, and $\sf X_{\mathfrak a}$ be the weight-$\mathfrak a$ blowup of $\sf X$ along $\sf S$ with $\sf Z$ being the corresponding exceptional divisor. We show ... More
Exact solvability, non-integrability, and genuine multipartite entanglement dynamics of the Dicke modelApr 30 2014Mar 14 2015In this paper, the finite size Dicke model of arbitrary number of qubits is solved analytically in an unified way within extended coherent states. For the $N=2k$ or $2k-1$ Dicke models ($k$ is an integer), the $G$-function, which is only an energy dependent ... More
Fast Auxiliary Space Preconditioner for Linear Elasticity in Mixed FormApr 09 2016May 21 2016A block diagonal preconditioner with the minimal residual method and a block triangular preconditioner with the generalized minimal residual method are developed for Hu-Zhang mixed finite element methods of linear elasticity. They are based on a new stability ... More
Geodesic Convexity of Small Neighborhood in the Space of Kähler PotentialsMay 07 2018Apr 05 2019We show that, given $k> 4$, $0<J<\min\{{1\over 4},{k-4\over 4}\}$, any point in space of non-degenerate smooth K\"ahler potentials has a small neighborhood with respect to $C^k$ norm, s.t. any two points in this neighborhood can be connected by a geodesic ... More
The magnetoelectric coupling in the multiferroic compound LiCu2O2Mar 02 2008May 01 2008We investigate the possible types of coupling between ferroelectricity and magnetism for the zig-zag spin chain multiferroic LiCu2O2 compound. We construct a multi-order parameter phenomenological model for the material based on a group theoretical analysis. ... More
Two-point correlation function and Feynman-Kac formula for the stochastic heat equationSep 03 2015In this paper, we obtain an explicit formula for the two-point correlation function for the solutions to the stochastic heat equation on $\mathbb{R}$. The bounds for $p$-th moments proved in [3] are simplified. We validate the Feynman-Kac formula for ... More
Quantum phase transitions of the spin-boson model within multi-coherent-statesDec 19 2014A variational approach based on the multi-coherent-state ansatz with asymmetric parameters is employed to study the ground state of the spin-boson model. Without any artificial approximations except for the finite number of the coherent states, we find ... More
Absence of collapse in quantum Rabi oscillationsNov 27 2014We show analytically that the collapse and revival in the population dynamics of the atom-cavity coupled system under the rotating wave approximation (RWA), valid only at very weak coupling, is an artifact as the atom-cavity coupling is increased. Even ... More
Quantum phase transition of the one-dimensional compass model in a transverse magnetic fieldJun 09 2009Nov 21 2009The quantum phase transition (QPT) of the one-dimensional (1D) quantum compass model in a transverse magnetic field is studied in this paper. An exact solution is obtained by using an extended Jordan and Wigner transformation to the pseudo-spin operators. ... More
Multi-target Unsupervised Domain Adaptation without Exactly Shared CategoriesSep 04 2018Sep 17 2018Unsupervised domain adaptation (UDA) aims to learn the unlabeled target domain by transferring the knowledge of the labeled source domain. To date, most of the existing works focus on the scenario of one source domain and one target domain (1S1T), and ... More
Integrated Linear Reconstruction for Finite Volume Scheme on Arbitrary Unstructured GridsMar 03 2017Apr 21 2018In [L. Chen and R. Li, Journal of Scientific Computing, Vol. 68, pp. 1172--1197, (2016)], an integrated linear reconstruction was proposed for finite volume methods on unstructured grids. However, the geometric hypothesis of the mesh to enforce a local ... More
Theory of Magnetic Order in $ Fe_{1+y}Te_{1-x}Se_x$Nov 08 2008We develop a local spin model to explain the rich magnetic structures in the iron-based superconductors $Fe_{1+y}Te_{1-x}Se_x$. We show that our model exhibits both commensurate antiferromagnetic and incommensurate magnetic order along the crystal a-axis. ... More
A generalized nonisospectral Camassa-Holm equation and its multipeakon solutionsNov 16 2014Motivated by the paper (Beals, Sattinger and Szmigielski, Adv. Math. 154 (2000) 229--257), we propose an extension of the Camassa-Holm equation, which also admits the multipeakon solutions. The novel aspect is that our approach is mainly based on classic ... More
Improved Silbey-Harris polaron ansatz for the spin-boson modelMar 27 2018In this paper, the well-known Silbey-Harris (SH) polaron ansatz for the spin-boson model is improved by adding orthogonal displaced Fock states. The obtained results for the ground state in all baths converge very quickly within finite displaced Fock ... More
Quantum criticality of the sub-Ohmic spin-boson model within displaced Fock statesOct 04 2014The spin-boson model is analytically studied using displaced Fock states (DFS) without discretization of the continuum bath. In the orthogonal displaced Fock basis, the ground-state wavefunction can be systematically improved in a controllable way. Interestingly, ... More
Stabilized mixed finite element methods for linear elasticity on simplicial grids in $\mathbb{R}^{n}$Dec 13 2015Oct 27 2016In this paper, we design two classes of stabilized mixed finite element methods for linear elasticity on simplicial grids. In the first class of elements, we use $\boldsymbol{H}(\mathbf{div}, \Omega; \mathbb{S})$-$P_k$ and $\boldsymbol{L}^2(\Omega; \mathbb{R}^n)$-$P_{k-1}$ ... More
Irreversible Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for the self-avoiding walkFeb 04 2016We design an irreversible Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithm for the self-avoiding walk (SAW). It outperforms the Berretti-Sokal algorithm. The gained efficiency increases with the spatial dimension, from about $10$ times in two dimensions to around $40$ ... More
Flux-lattice melting in LaO$_{1-x}$F$_{x}$FeAs: first-principles predictionMay 06 2008Oct 08 2008We report the theoretical study of the flux-lattice melting in the novel iron-based superconductor $LaO_{0.9}F_{0.1}FeAs$ and $LaO_{0.925}F_{0.075}FeAs$. Using the Hypernetted-Chain closure and an efficient algorithm, we calculate the two-dimensional ... More
Thermodynamics of Two-impurity Anderson Model with Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya InteractionJun 28 2017Jun 30 2017In this work, we use the numerical renormalization group (NRG) theory to study the thermodynamics of the two-impurity Anderson model. Two different methods are used to estimate the effect of the Dzyaloshiskii-Moriya (DM) interaction on the variation of ... More
Analysis of Small-scale Magnetic Flux Ropes Covering the Whole Ulysses MissionMay 02 2019Small-scale magnetic flux ropes, in the solar wind, have been studied for decades via the approach of both simulation and observation. Statistical analysis utilizing various in-situ spacecraft measurements is the main observational approach. In this study, ... More
Repulsion and attraction in high Tc superconductorsDec 21 2010Dec 31 2010The influence of repulsion and attraction in high-Tc superconductors to the gap functions is studied. A systematic method is proposed to compute the gap functions using the irreducible representations of the point group. It is found that a pure s-wave ... More
Linear Stability of Compressible Vortex Sheets in Two-Dimensional ElastodynamicsSep 09 2015The linear stability of rectilinear compressible vortex sheets is studied for two-dimensional isentropic elastic flows. This problem has a free boundary and the boundary is characteristic. A necessary and sufficient condition is obtained for the linear ... More
Attention-based Context Aggregation Network for Monocular Depth EstimationJan 29 2019Depth estimation is a traditional computer vision task, which plays a crucial role in understanding 3D scene geometry. Recently, deep-convolutional-neural-networks based methods have achieved promising results in the monocular depth estimation field. ... More
Entanglement witness gameJan 05 2017May 13 2017Motivated by Buscemi's semi-quantum nonlocal game [PRL 108, 200401(2012)], We propose an entanglement witness game, a quantum game based on entanglement witness. Similar as the semi-quantum nonlocal game, the existence of entanglement shared by the players ... More
On a Problem of Erdős, Herzog and SchönheimFeb 28 2011Nov 28 2011Let $p_1, p_2,..., p_n$ be distinct primes. In 1970, Erd\H os, Herzog and Sch\"{o}nheim proved that if $\cal D$ is a set of divisors of $N=p_1^{\alpha_1}...p_n^{\alpha_n}$, $\alpha_1\ge \alpha_2\ge...\ge \alpha_n$, no two members of the set being coprime ... More
Regularity and strict positivity of densities for the nonlinear stochastic heat equationNov 11 2016In this paper, we establish a necessary and sufficient condition for the existence and regularity of the density of the solution to a semilinear stochastic (fractional) heat equation with measure-valued initial conditions. Under a mild cone condition ... More
Zeno and anti-Zeno effect in an open quantum system in the ultrastrong-coupling regimeFeb 02 2017Jun 09 2017We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) of a two-level system interacting with an environment of harmonic oscillators, the spin-boson model. By applying a numerically exact method based on matrix product states, the ... More
Concise analytic solutions to the quantum Rabi model with two arbitrary qubitsMay 03 2014Mar 14 2015Using extended coherent states, an analytical exact study has been carried out for the quantum Rabi model (QRM) with two arbitrary qubits in a very concise way. The $G$-functions with $2 \times 2$ determinants are generally derived. For the same coupling ... More
Multigrid Methods for Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson Mixed Method of Kirchhoff Plate Bending ProblemsAug 18 2015Dec 24 2017A V-cycle multigrid method for the Hellan-Herrmann-Johnson (HHJ) discretization of the Kirchhoff plate bending problems is developed in this paper. It is shown that the contraction number of the V-cycle multigrid HHJ mixed method is bounded away from ... More
A Kernel Embedding-based Approach for Nonstationary Causal Model InferenceSep 23 2018Although nonstationary data are more common in the real world, most existing causal discovery methods do not take nonstationarity into consideration. In this letter, we propose a kernel embedding-based approach, ENCI, for nonstationary causal model inference ... More
Existence Criterion of Low-Dimensional MaterialsOct 05 2016The discovery of graphene and other two-dimensional (2-D) materials has stimulated a general interest in low-dimensional (low-D) materials. Whereas long time ago, Peierls and Landau's theoretical work had shown that any one- and two-dimensional materials ... More
Nonlocal symmetry, Darboux transformation and soliton-cnoidal wave interaction solution for the shallow water wave equationMar 28 2017In classical shallow water wave (SWW) theory, there exist two integrable one-dimensional SWW equation [Hirota-Satsuma (HS) type and Ablowitz-Kaup-Newell-Segur (AKNS) type] in the Boussinesq approximation. In this paper, we mainly focus on the integrable ... More
Lensing Bias to CMB Measurements of Compensated Isocurvature PerturbationsMay 26 2016Compensated isocurvature perturbations (CIPs) are modes in which the baryon and dark matter density fluctuations cancel. They arise in the curvaton scenario as well as some models of baryogenesis. While they leave no observable effects on the cosmic microwave ... More
Orientational orders in binary mixtures of hard HGO moleculesJun 27 2003studied liquid crystal phases of binary mixtures of non-spherical molecules. The components of the mixtures are two kinds of hard Gaussian overlap (HGO) molecules, one kind of molecules with a small molecular-elongation parameter (small HGO molecules) ... More
Orientational orders of small anisotropic molecules confined in slit poresMay 12 2003May 15 2003We have studied phase behavior of hard gaussian overlap molecules with small anisotropic parameter confined in two plane parallel structureless hard walls. Our investigation based on standard constant-NPT Monte Carlo molecular simulation led us to some ... More
Plateau in Above-Threshold-Ionization Spectra and Chaotic Behavior in Rescattering ProcessJan 10 1998An improved quasistatic model is used to describe the ionization process of atoms in intense linearly polarized fields. Numerical calculations of Above-Threshold-Ionization (ATI) energy spectra and photoelectron angular distributions (PAD) of hydrogen ... More
The construction of two-dimensional optimal systems for the invariant solutionsNov 14 2014To search for inequivalent group invariant solutions, a general and systematic approach is established to construct two-dimensional optimal systems, which is based on commutator relations, adjoint matrix and the invariants. The details of computing all ... More
A direct algorithm of one-dimensional optimal system for the group invariant solutionsNov 14 2014A direct and systematic algorithm is proposed to find one-dimensional optimal system for the group invariant solutions, which is attributed to the classification of its corresponding one-dimensional Lie algebra. Since the method is based on different ... More
Phase glass and zero-temperature phase transition in a randomly frustrated two-dimensional quantum rotor modelJan 09 2008The ground state of the quantum rotor model in two dimensions with random phase frustration is investigated. Extensive Monte Carlo simulations are performed on the corresponding (2+1)-dimensional classical model under the entropic sampling scheme. For ... More
LCSTS: A Large Scale Chinese Short Text Summarization DatasetJun 19 2015Feb 19 2016Automatic text summarization is widely regarded as the highly difficult problem, partially because of the lack of large text summarization data set. Due to the great challenge of constructing the large scale summaries for full text, in this paper, we ... More
Boundary effect on acoustic cloak with unideal pentamode materialNov 06 2018Dec 20 2018Pentamode materials are elastic solids with vanishing shear modulus, and can be used cloak underwater sound with solid state and broadband merits. However, pentamode materials realized with real microstructure have inevitable small shear modulus. This ... More
Gradient and Stability Estimates of Heat Kernels for Fractional Powers of Elliptic OperatorMay 31 2017Gradient and stability type estimates of heat kernel associated with fractional power of a uniformly elliptic operator are obtained. $L^p$-operator norm of semigroups associated with fractional power of two uniformly elliptic operators are also obtained. ... More
Path Loss Models Based on Stochastic RaysMar 10 2007Mar 21 2007In this paper, two-dimensional percolation lattices are applied to describe wireless propagation environment, and stochastic rays are employed to model the trajectories of radio waves. We first derive the probability that a stochastic ray undergoes certain ... More
Nonlinear stochastic time-fractional slow and fast diffusion equations on $\mathbb{R}^d$Sep 25 2015This paper studies the nonlinear stochastic partial differential equation of fractional orders both in space and time variables: \[ \left(\partial^\beta+\frac{\nu}{2}(-\Delta)^{\alpha/2}\right)u(t,x) = I_t^\gamma\left[\rho(u(t,x))\dot{W}(t,x)\right],\quad ... More
Microvariability Detection of Mrk 421Nov 18 2013The BL Lac object Mrk 421 was observed in optical bands from 2009 April to 2012 May with the 1.0 m telescope at Weihai Observatory of Shandong University. Microvariability was analysed by C and F tests, but no significant microvariability was detected ... More
Optical Monitoring of OT 546 in 2009May 20 2014We reported the monitoring results of OT 546 in V, R and I bands, observed on 22 nights from February 16 to July 1 in 2009 at Weihai Observatory of Shandong University. During our monitoring, its variability amplitude was small and a possible microvariability ... More
Favorite sites of randomly biased walks on a supercritical Galton-Watson treeNov 14 2016Erd\H{o}s and R\'ev\'esz initiated the study of favorite sites by considering the one-dimensional simple random walk. We investigate in this paper the same problem for a class of null-recurrent randomly biased walks on a supercritical Gaton-Watson tree. ... More
Zeno effect of the open quantum system in the presence of 1/f noiseOct 05 2017We study the quantum Zeno effect (QZE) and quantum anti-Zeno effect (QAZE) in a two-level system(TLS) interacting with an environment owning 1/f noise. Using a numerically exact method based on the thermo field dynamics(TFD) theory and the matrix product ... More
An efficient sorting algorithm - Ultimate Heapsort(UHS)Feb 01 2019Motivated by the development of computer theory, the sorting algorithm is emerging in an endless stream. Inspired by decrease and conquer method, we propose a brand new sorting algorithmUltimately Heapsort. The algorithm consists of two parts: building ... More
Non-Riemannian Einstein-Randers metrics on $E_6/A_4$ and $E_6/A_1$Nov 08 2017In this paper, we first prove that homogeneous spaces $E_6/A_4$ and $E_6/A_1$ admit Einstein metrics which are $Ad(T\times A_1\times A_4)$-invariant, and then show that they admit Non-Riemannian Einstein-Randers metrics.
The quasar SDSS J142507.32+323137.4 : dual AGNs?Nov 15 2010We analyze the optical spectrum of type 1 QSO SDSS J1425+3231. This ob- ject is interesting since its narrow emission lines such as [O III]{\lambda}{\lambda}4959, 5007 are double- peaked, and the line structure can be modeled well by three Gaussian components: ... More
A Dynamic-Order Fractional Dynamic SystemMar 01 2011Apr 09 2013Multi-system interaction is an important and difficult problem in physics. Motivated by the experimental result of an electronic circuit element "Fractor", we introduce the concept of dynamic-order fractional dynamic system, in which the differential-order ... More
Heat transport in an open transverse-field Ising chainNov 17 2010The heat conduction in an open transverse-field Ising chain is studied by using quantization in the Fock space of operators in the weak coupling regimes, i.e. the coupling is much smaller than the transverse field. The non-equilibrium steady state is ... More
Depict noise-driven nonlinear dynamic networks from output data by using high-order correlationsMay 18 2016Aug 17 2016Many practical systems can be described by dynamic networks, for which modern technique can measure their output signals, and accumulate extremely rich data. Nevertheless, the network structures producing these data are often deeply hidden in these data. ... More
Ferromagnetic to antiferromagnetic transition of one-dimensional spinor Bose gases with spin-orbit couplingFeb 27 2013Sep 18 2013We have analytically solved one-dimensional interacting two-component bosonic gases with spin-orbit (SO) coupling by the Bethe-ansatz method. Through a gauge transformation, the effect of SO coupling is incorporated into a spin-dependent twisted boundary ... More
Nature of the Quantum Phase Transition in Quantum Compass ModelDec 07 2006In this work, we show that the quantum compass model on an square lattice can be mapped to a fermionic model with local density interaction. We introduce a mean-field approximation where the most important fluctuations, those perpendicular to the ordering ... More
Social Recommender Systems Based on Coupling Network Structure AnalysisApr 09 2012The past few years has witnessed the great success of recommender systems, which can significantly help users find relevant and interesting items for them in the information era. However, a vast class of researches in this area mainly focus on predicting ... More
Quantum transport of double quantum dots coupled to an oscillator in arbitrary strong coupling regimeJan 25 2011Mar 03 2012In this paper, we investigate the quantum transport of a double quantum dot coupled with a nanomechanical resonator at arbitrary strong electron-phonon coupling regimes. We employ the generalized quantum master equation to study full counting statistics ... More
Quantum correlations in the collective spin systemsFeb 20 2012May 16 2012Quantum and classical pairwise correlations in two typical collective spin systems (i.e., the Dicke model and the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model) are discussed. These correlations in the thermodynamical limit are obtained analytically and in a finite-size ... More
Topological incommensurate magnetization plateaus in quasi-periodic quantum spin chainsSep 13 2014Mar 17 2015Uncovering topologically nontrivial states in nature is an intriguing and important issue in recent years. While most studies are based on the topological band insulators, the topological state in strongly correlated low-dimensional systems has not been ... More
SyncGAN: Synchronize the Latent Space of Cross-modal Generative Adversarial NetworksApr 02 2018Generative adversarial network (GAN) has achieved impressive success on cross-domain generation, but it faces difficulty in cross-modal generation due to the lack of a common distribution between heterogeneous data. Most existing methods of conditional ... More
Observation of Geometric Phases for Three-Level Systems using NMR InterferometryApr 07 2008Geometric phase (GP) independent of energy and time rely only on the geometry of state space. It has been argued to have potential fault tolerance and plays an important role in quantum information and quantum computation. We present the first experiment ... More
The Application of Bipartite Matching in Assignment ProblemFeb 01 2019The optimized assignment of staff is of great significance for improving the production efficiency of the society. For specific tasks, the key to optimizing staffing is personnel scheduling. The assignment problem is classical in the personnel scheduling. ... More
Assessing four Neural Networks on Handwritten Digit Recognition Dataset (MNIST)Nov 16 2018Although the image recognition has been a research topic for many years, many researchers still have a keen interest in it. In some papers, however, there is a tendency to compare models only on one or two datasets, either because of time restraints or ... More
Denoising of 3-D Magnetic Resonance Images Using a Residual Encoder-Decoder Wasserstein Generative Adversarial NetworkAug 12 2018May 05 2019Structure-preserved denoising of 3D magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) images is a critical step in medical image analysis. Over the past few years, many algorithms with impressive performances have been proposed. In this paper, inspired by the idea of ... More
Quasi 1D topological nodal vortex line phase in doped superconducting 3D Dirac SemimetalsJan 15 2019Feb 01 2019We study the vortex bound states in three dimensional (3D) superconducting Dirac semimetals with time reversal symmetry. Assuming two Dirac points on the kz-axis and bulk s-wave superconductivity, with a quantum vortex line parallel to the z-direction, ... More
Enabling Work-conserving Bandwidth Guarantees for Multi-tenant Datacenters via Dynamic Tenant-Queue BindingDec 19 2017Jan 07 2018Today's cloud networks are shared among many tenants. Bandwidth guarantees and work conservation are two key properties to ensure predictable performance for tenant applications and high network utilization for providers. Despite significant efforts, ... More
Multi-path multi-component self-accelerating beams through spectrum-engineered position mappingJul 03 2013We introduce the concept of spatial spectral phase gradient, and demonstrate, both theoretically and experimentally, how this concept could be employed for generating single- and multi-path self-accelerating beams. In particular, we show that the trajectories ... More
Electronic and Magnetic Structures of Chain Structured Iron Selenide CompoundsFeb 17 2012Electronic and magnetic structures of iron selenide compounds Ce2O2FeSe2 (2212\ast) and BaFe2Se3(123\ast) are studied by the first-principles calculations. We find that while all these compounds are composed of one-dimensional (1D) Fe chain (or ladder) ... More
Fuzzy Euclidean wormholes in de Sitter spaceNov 25 2016We investigate Euclidean wormholes in Einstein gravity with a massless scalar field in de Sitter space. Euclidean wormholes are possible due to the analytic continuation of the time as well as complexification of fields, where we need to impose the classicality ... More
Wearable Affective RobotOct 25 2018With the development of the artificial intelligence (AI), the AI applications have influenced and changed people's daily life greatly. Here, a wearable affective robot that integrates the affective robot, social robot, brain wearable, and wearable 2.0 ... More
Intermittency for the stochastic heat equation driven by a rough time fractional Gaussian noiseFeb 17 2016This paper studies the stochastic heat equation driven by time fractional Gaussian noise with Hurst parameter $H\in(0,1/2)$. We establish the Feynman-Kac representation of the solution and use this representation to obtain matching lower and upper bounds ... More
Preliminary result on stochastic system control theory for aperiod sample-data systemsFeb 10 2018Feb 24 2018In this paper, we obtain some preliminary results on stochastic control theory for time-varying linear systems both continuous and discrete, and further apply to aperiod sample-data linear systems. The Ito's lemma is utilized in this proposed theory, ... More
Loss of Regularity of Solutions of the Lighthill Problem for Shock Diffraction for Potential FlowMay 19 2017May 07 2018We are concerned with the regularity of solutions of the Lighthill problem for shock diffraction by a convex corned wedge, which can be formulated as a free boundary problem. In this paper, we prove that there is no regular solution that is subsonic up ... More
Katalyst: Boosting Convex Katayusha for Non-Convex Problems with a Large Condition NumberSep 18 2018Mar 10 2019In this paper, we propose a new SVRG-style acceleated stochastic algorithm for solving a family of non-convex optimization problems whose objective consists of a sum of $n$ smooth functions and a non-smooth convex function. Our major goal is to improve ... More
i-Josephson Junction as Topological SuperconductorJan 26 2018Jul 18 2018We show that the time reversal symmetry inevitably breaks in a superconducting Josephson junction formed by two superconductors with different pairing symmetries dubbed as i-Josephson junction. While the leading conventional Josephson coupling vanishes ... More
Dirac and nodal line magnons in three-dimensional antiferromagnetsMar 24 2017Nov 05 2017We study the topological properties of magnon excitations in three-dimensional antiferromagnets, where the ground state configuration is invariant under time-reversal followed by space-inversion ($PT$-symmetry). We prove that Dirac points and nodal lines, ... More
Magnetic Frustration and Iron-Vacancy Ordering in Iron-ChalcogenideMar 23 2011Apr 11 2011We show that the magnetic and vacancy orders in the 122 $(A_{1-y}Fe_{2-x}Se_2)$ iron-chalcogenides can be naturally derived from the $J_1-J_2-J_3$ model with $J_1$ being the ferromagnetic (FM) nearest neighbor exchange coupling and $J_{2}, J_3$ being ... More
Collinear to Anti-collinear Quantum Phase Transition by VacanciesApr 11 2011Apr 13 2011We study static vacancies in the collinear magnetic phase of a frustrated Heisenberg $J_1$-$J_2$ model. It is found that vacancies can rapidly suppress the collinear antiferromagnetic state (CAFM)and generate a new magnetic phase, an anti-collinear magnetic ... More
Flight trajectory recreation and playback system of aerial mission based on ossimplanetJan 03 2014Recreation of flight trajectory is important among research areas. The design of a flight trajectory recreation and playback system is presented in this paper. Rather than transferring the flight data to diagram, graph and table, flight data is visualized ... More
Temperature dependence of circular DNA topological statesApr 23 2009Circular double stranded DNA has different topological states which are defined by their linking numbers. Equilibrium distribution of linking numbers can be obtained by closing a linear DNA into a circle by ligase. Using Monte Carlo simulation, we predict ... More