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Indecomposables with smaller cohomological length in the derived category of gentle algebrasSep 15 2016Bongartz and Ringel proved that there is no gaps in the sequence of lengths of indecomposable modules for the finite-dimensional algebras over algebraically closed fields. The present paper mainly study this "no gaps" theorem for the bounded derived module ... More
Note: On the dielectric constant of nanoconfined waterFeb 06 2018Investigations of dielectric properties of water in nanoconfinement are highly relevant for various applications. Here, using a simple capacitor model, we show that the low dielectric constant of nanoconfined water found in molecular dynamics simulations ... More
On algebras of strongly derived unbounded typeJan 13 2015Let $A$ be a finite-dimensional algebra over an algebraically closed field. We prove $A$ is a strongly derived unbounded algebra if and only if there exists an integer $m$, such that $C_m(\proj A)$, the category of all minimal projective complexes with ... More
Renormalized solutions for the fractional p(x)-Laplacian equation with L^1 dataAug 15 2017In this paper, we prove the existence and uniqueness of nonnegative renormalized solutions for the fractional p(x)-Laplacian problem with L1 data. Our results are new even in the constant exponent fractional p-Laplacian equation case.
High Order Recurrent Neural Networks for Acoustic ModellingFeb 22 2018Vanishing long-term gradients are a major issue in training standard recurrent neural networks (RNNs), which can be alleviated by long short-term memory (LSTM) models with memory cells. However, the extra parameters associated with the memory cells mean ... More
Computing the dielectric constant of liquid water at constant dielectric displacementOct 02 2015Apr 06 2016The static dielectric constant of liquid water is computed using classical force field based molecular dynamics simulation at fixed electric displacement D. The method to constrain the electric displacement is the finite temperature classical variant ... More
Brauer-Thrall type theorems for derived categoryOct 10 2013The numerical invariants (global) cohomological length, (global) cohomological width, and (global) cohomological range of complexes (algebras) are introduced. Cohomological range leads to the concepts of derived bounded algebras and strongly derived unbounded ... More
Maximum Orders of Cyclic and Abelian Extendable Actions on SurfacesOct 28 2013Sep 27 2015Let $\Sigma_g (g>1)$ be a closed surface embedded in $S^3$. If a group $G$ can acts on the pair $(S^3, \Sigma_g)$, then we call such a group action on $\Sigma_g$ extendable over $S^3$. In this paper we show that the maximum order of extendable cyclic ... More
Semi-tied Units for Efficient Gating in LSTM and Highway NetworksJun 18 2018Gating is a key technique used for integrating information from multiple sources by long short-term memory (LSTM) models and has recently also been applied to other models such as the highway network. Although gating is powerful, it is rather expensive ... More
Superconductivity driven by pairing of the coherent parts of the physical electronsMar 12 2016How the superconductivity in unconventional superconductors emerges from the diverse mother normal states is still a big puzzle. Whatever the mother normal state is the superconductivity is {\em normal} with BCS-like behaviours of the paired quasiparticles ... More
Superconductivity driven by pairing of the coherent parts of the physical electronsMar 12 2016Dec 15 2017How the superconductivity in unconventional superconductors emerges from the diverse mother normal states is still a big puzzle. Whatever the mother normal states are the superconductivity is {\em normal} with BCS-like behaviours of the paired quasiparticles ... More
Optimal stopping problems with regime switching: a viscosity solution methodApr 13 2014Dec 24 2015We employ the viscosity solution technique to analyze optimal stopping problems with regime switching. Specifically, we obtain the viscosity property of value functions, the uniqueness of viscosity solutions, the regularity of value functions and the ... More
Stratifications in good reductions of Shimura varieties of abelian typeJul 03 2017Feb 07 2018In this paper we study the geometry of good reductions of Shimura varieties of abelian type. More precisely, we construct the Newton stratification, Ekedahl-Oort stratification, and central leaves on the special fiber of a Shimura variety of abelian type ... More
Completing Low-Rank Matrices with Corrupted Samples from Few Coefficients in General BasisJun 25 2015May 23 2016Subspace recovery from corrupted and missing data is crucial for various applications in signal processing and information theory. To complete missing values and detect column corruptions, existing robust Matrix Completion (MC) methods mostly concentrate ... More
Generalization Bounds for Domain AdaptationApr 04 2013In this paper, we provide a new framework to obtain the generalization bounds of the learning process for domain adaptation, and then apply the derived bounds to analyze the asymptotical convergence of the learning process. Without loss of generality, ... More
Frequency-Domain Response Based Timing Synchronization: A Near Optimal Sampling Phase Criterion for TDS-OFDMApr 18 2016Apr 23 2016In time-domain synchronous OFDM (TDS-OFDM) system for digital television terrestrial multimedia broadcasting (DTMB) standard, the baseband OFDM signal is upsampled and shaping filtered by square root raised cosine (SRRC) filter before digital-to-analog ... More
Klein tunneling and cone transport in AA-stacked bilayer grapheneNov 27 2013Dec 03 2013We investigate the quantum tunneling of electrons in an AA-stacked bilayer graphene (BLG) $n$-$p$ junction and $n$-$p$-$n$ junction. We show that Klein tunneling of an electron can occur in this system. The quasiparticles are not only chiral but are additionally ... More
Orientation dependence of the optical spectra in graphene at high frequenciesSep 24 2007Sep 25 2007On the basis of the Kubo formula we evaluated the optical conductivity of a graphene sheet. The full behavior of frequency as well as temperature dependence of the optical conductivity is presented. We show that the anisotropy of conductivity can be significantly ... More
Neutrino Oscillation Studies with ReactorsMar 03 2015Apr 27 2015Nuclear reactors are one of the most intense, pure, controllable, cost-effective, and well-understood sources of neutrinos. Reactors have played a major role in the study of neutrino oscillations, a phenomenon that indicates that neutrinos have mass and ... More
Quantum key distribution protocols using entangled stateOct 27 2005Mar 02 2006We present three quantum key distribution protocols using entangled state. In the first two protocols, all Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen pairs are used to distribute a secret key except those chosen for eavesdropping check, because the communication parties ... More
Efficient multiparty quantum secret sharing of secure direct communicationOct 27 2005Dec 17 2005In this paper, we present an (n, n) threshold quantum secret sharing scheme of secure direct communication using Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state. The present scheme is efficient in that all the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger states used in the quantum ... More
Multiparty controlled quantum secret direct communication using Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger stateFeb 20 2006Feb 22 2006Base on the idea of dense coding of three-photon entangled state and qubit transmission in blocks, we present a multiparty controlled quantum secret direct communication scheme using Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state. In the present scheme, the sender ... More
Dynamic Power Splitting Policies for AF Relay Networks with Wireless Energy HarvestingMar 23 2015Wireless energy harvesting (WEH) provides an exciting way to supply energy for relay nodes to forward information for the source-destination pairs. In this paper, we investigate the problem on how the relay node dynamically adjusts the power splitting ... More
Robust Preamble Design for Synchronization, Signaling Transmission and Channel EstimationOct 23 2015Nov 27 2015The European second generation digital video broadcasting standard (DVB-T2) introduces a P1 symbol. This P1 symbol facilitates the coarse synchronization and carries 7-bit transmission parameter signaling (TPS), including the fast Fourier transform size, ... More
Scalable Implementation of Boson Sampling with Trapped IonsOct 17 2013Boson sampling solves a classically intractable problem by sampling from a probability distribution given by matrix permanents. We propose a scalable implementation of Boson sampling using local transverse phonon modes of trapped ions to encode the Bosons. ... More
1/f Noise and Long Configuration Memory in Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld Models on Narrow StripesFeb 04 1999We report our findings of an 1/f power spectrum for the total amount of sand in directed and undirected Bak-Tang-Wiesenfeld models confined on narrow stripes and driven locally. The underlying mechanism for the 1/f noise in these systems is an exponentially ... More
Hard-Aware Deeply Cascaded EmbeddingNov 17 2016Riding on the waves of deep neural networks, deep metric learning has also achieved promising results in various tasks using triplet network or Siamese network. Though the basic goal of making images from the same category closer than the ones from different ... More
Distributed Relay Selection Protocols for Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power TransferJul 06 2014Aug 11 2014Harvesting energy from the radio-frequency (RF) signal is an exciting solution to replenish energy in energy-constrained wireless networks. In this paper, an amplify-and-forward (AF) based wireless relay network is considered, where the relay nodes need ... More
Learning Deep Generative Models with Doubly Stochastic MCMCJun 15 2015Mar 07 2016We present doubly stochastic gradient MCMC, a simple and generic method for (approximate) Bayesian inference of deep generative models (DGMs) in a collapsed continuous parameter space. At each MCMC sampling step, the algorithm randomly draws a mini-batch ... More
Improved TDNNs using Deep Kernels and Frequency Dependent Grid-RNNsFeb 18 2018Feb 20 2018Time delay neural networks (TDNNs) are an effective acoustic model for large vocabulary speech recognition. The strength of the model can be attributed to its ability to effectively model long temporal contexts. However, current TDNN models are relatively ... More
A Characterization of BMO^α-martingale spaces by fractional Carleson measuresApr 30 2014May 09 2014We give a characterization of $BMO^\alpha$-martingale spaces by using fractional Carleson measures. We get the boudedness of martingale transform and square function on $BMO^\alpha$-martingale spaces easily by using this characterization. We also proved ... More
Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer with Co-Channel InterferenceJul 05 2014Aug 11 2014Simultaneous wireless information and power transfer (SWIPT) is an appealing solution to balance the energy distribution in wireless networks and improve the energy-efficiency of the entire network. In this paper, we study the optimal policies for SWIPT ... More
Ultrafast carrier relaxation and its Pauli drag in photo-enhanced melting of solidsJan 03 2019Ultrafast light-matter interaction is a powerful tool for the study of solids. Upon laser excitation, carrier multiplication and lattice acceleration beyond thermal velocity can occur, as a result of far-from-equilibrium carrier relaxation. The roles ... More
Global linear convergent algorithm to compute the minimum volume enclosing ellipsoidFeb 21 2017Apr 02 2018The minimum volume enclosing ellipsoid (MVEE) problem is an optimization problem in the basis of many practical problems. This paper describes some new properties of this model and proposes a first-order oracle algorithm, the Adjusted Coordinate Descent ... More
Influence of orbital nematic order on spin responses in Fe-based superconductorsNov 30 2014Apr 26 2016Electronic nematicity is ubiquitous in Fe-based superconductors, but what the primary nematic order is and how the various nematic phenomena correlate with each other are still elusive. In this manuscript we study the physical consequence of the orbital ... More
Two-Sample Smooth Tests for the Equality of DistributionsSep 11 2015Sep 14 2015This paper considers the problem of testing the equality of two unspecified distributions. The classical omnibus tests such as the Kolmogorov-Smirnov and Cram\`er-von Mises are known to suffer from low power against essentially all but location-scale ... More
Quantum secure direct communication with pure entangled statesJun 28 2006Jun 29 2006We present a quantum secure direct communication protocol where the channels are not maximally entangled states. The communication parties utilize decoy photons to check eavesdropping. After ensuring the security of the quantum channel, the sender encodes ... More
$\textit{Ab initio}$ evidence for nonthermal characteristics in ultrafast laser meltingFeb 01 2016Dec 04 2016Laser melting of semiconductors has been observed for almost 40 years; surprisingly, it is not well understood where most theoretical simulations show a laser-induced thermal process. $\textit{Ab initio}$ nonadiabatic simulations based on real-time time-dependent ... More
Topological non-symmorphic crystalline insulatorsAug 21 2013In this work, we identify a new class of Z2 topological insulator protected by non-symmorphic crystalline symmetry, dubbed a "topological non-symmorphic crystalline insulator". We construct a concrete tight-binding model with the non-symmorphic space ... More
Poynting vector, energy density and energy velocity in anomalous dispersion mediumApr 02 2001The Poynting vector, energy density and energy velocity of light pulses propagating in anomalous dispersion medium (used in WKD-like experiments) are calculated. Results show that a negative energy density in the medium propagates along opposite of incident ... More
Renormalized and entropy solutions for the fractional p-Laplacian parabolic equation with L^1 dataAug 16 2017In this paper we introduce a natural function class and prove the existence and uniqueness of both nonnegative renormalized solutions and entropy solutions for the fractional p-Laplacian parabolic problem with L^1 data. And moreover, we obtain the equivalence ... More
Speaker diarisation using 2D self-attentive combination of embeddingsFeb 08 2019Speaker diarisation systems often cluster audio segments using speaker embeddings such as i-vectors and d-vectors. Since different types of embeddings are often complementary, this paper proposes a generic framework to improve performance by combining ... More
Training Dependency Parsers with Partial AnnotationSep 29 2016Recently, these has been a surge on studying how to obtain partially annotated data for model supervision. However, there still lacks a systematic study on how to train statistical models with partial annotation (PA). Taking dependency parsing as our ... More
First-principles study of ground state properties of zirconium dihydrideJul 30 2010Structural, mechanical, electronic, and thermodynamic properties of fluorite and tetragonal phases of ZrH$_{2}$ are systematically studied by employing the density functional theory within generalized gradient approximation. The existence of the bistable ... More
Effect of Si on Fe-rich intermetallic formation and mechanical properties of heattreated Al-Cu-Mn-Fe alloysDec 26 2017The effect of Si on Fe-rich intermetallics formation and mechanical properties of heat-treated squeeze cast Al-5.0Cu-0.6Mn-0.7Fe alloy was investigated. Our results show that increasing Si content promotes the formation of Al15(FeMn)3(SiCu)2 (${\alpha}$-Fe), ... More
Generalization Bounds for Representative Domain AdaptationJan 02 2014In this paper, we propose a novel framework to analyze the theoretical properties of the learning process for a representative type of domain adaptation, which combines data from multiple sources and one target (or briefly called representative domain ... More
g-2 in composite models of leptonsMar 29 2001Dec 11 2001Based on the bound state description of the muon and general relativistic covariant quantum field theory, we illustrate with a simple composite model that the observed deviation of (g-2)_\mu can be a demonstration of the substructure of the muon and give ... More
Refining Wi-Fi Based Indoor Localization with Li-Fi Assisted Model Calibration in Smart BuildingsFeb 24 2016In recent years, there has been an increasing number of information technologies utilized in buildings to advance the idea of "smart buildings". Among various potential techniques, the use of Wi-Fi based indoor positioning allows to locate and track smartphone ... More
Reconstructing the History of Energy Condition Violation from Observational DataOct 20 2011Apr 26 2012We study the likelihood of energy condition violations in the history of the Universe. Our method is based on a set of functions that characterize energy condition violation. FLRW cosmological models are built around these "indication functions". By computing ... More
On Properties of Hamiltonian Structures for a Class of Evolutionary PDEsNov 16 2007Nov 18 2007In \cite{LZ2} it is proved that for certain class of perturbations of the hyperbolic equation $u_t=f(u) u_x$, there exist changes of coordinate, called quasi-Miura transformations, that reduce the perturbed equations to the unperturbed one. We prove in ... More
The Effects of Vacancy and Oxidation on Black Phosphorus NanoresonatorsNov 30 2016Black phosphorene is not stable at ambient conditions, so atomic defects and oxidation effects are unavoidable in black phosphorus samples in the experiment. The effects of these defects on the performance of the black phosphorus nanoresonators are still ... More
Holographic Fermionic Liquid with LatticesApr 08 2013Aug 02 2013We investigate the holographic fermions over a gravitational lattice background with a rather low temperature. Since the rotation symmetry is broken on the plane, the lattice effects change the shape of the Fermi surface within the first Brillouin zone ... More
Embedding periodic maps on surfaces into those on $S^3$Feb 05 2013Call a periodic map $h$ on the closed orientable surface $\Sigma_g$ extendable if $h$ extends to a periodic map over the pair $(S^3, \Sigma_g)$ for possible embeddings $e: \Sigma_g\to S^3$. We determine the extendabilities for all periodical maps on $\Sigma_2$. ... More
Achieving Optimal Misclassification Proportion in Stochastic Block ModelMay 14 2015Oct 03 2015Community detection is a fundamental statistical problem in network data analysis. Many algorithms have been proposed to tackle this problem. Most of these algorithms are not guaranteed to achieve the statistical optimality of the problem, while procedures ... More
Origin of Scaling Behavior of Protein Packing Density: A Sequential Monte Carlo Study of Compact Long Chain PolymersJan 08 2003Single domain proteins are thought to be tightly packed. The introduction of voids by mutations is often regarded as destabilizing. In this study we show that packing density for single domain proteins decreases with chain length. We find that the radius ... More
Task-group Relatedness and Generalization Bounds for Regularized Multi-task LearningAug 28 2014In this paper, we study the generalization performance of regularized multi-task learning (RMTL) in a vector-valued framework, where MTL is considered as a learning process for vector-valued functions. We are mainly concerned with two theoretical questions: ... More
Summary Transfer: Exemplar-based Subset Selection for Video SummarizationMar 10 2016Apr 29 2016Video summarization has unprecedented importance to help us digest, browse, and search today's ever-growing video collections. We propose a novel subset selection technique that leverages supervision in the form of human-created summaries to perform automatic ... More
Feynman Rules for the Rational Part of the Standard Model One-loop Amplitudes in the 't Hooft-Veltman $γ_5$ SchemeJun 24 2011Sep 14 2011We study Feynman rules for the rational part $R$ of the Standard Model amplitudes at one-loop level in the 't Hooft-Veltman $\gamma_5$ scheme. Comparing our results for quantum chromodynamics and electroweak 1-loop amplitudes with that obtained based ... More
The effect of heavy metal in CMOS on neutron induced single event upset simulated with Geant4May 05 2015Local metal interconnection is widely used in modern complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) technology. The most frequently used local materials are some heavy metals, such as tungsten (W) or copper (Cu). It's well known that single event upset ... More
Word Segmentation on Micro-blog Texts with External Lexicon and Heterogeneous DataAug 04 2016Sep 29 2016This paper describes our system designed for the NLPCC 2016 shared task on word segmentation on micro-blog texts.
Proposal for High-harmonic EEHG Lasing at Shanghai Deep Ultra-Violet Free-electron LaserJul 08 2013The echo-enabled harmonic generation (EEHG) free-electron laser (FEL) has been already demonstrated at lower harmonics and the first lasing at third harmonic also has been achieved at Shanghai deep ultra-violet FEL (SDUV-FEL). While the great advantage ... More
Uplink Achievable Rate for Massive MIMO with Low-Resolution ADCDec 02 2015In this letter, we derive an approximate analytical expression for the uplink achievable rate of a massive multi-input multi-output (MIMO) antenna system when finite precision analog-digital converters (ADCs) and the common maximal ratio combining technique ... More
Holographic Thermal Relaxation in Superfluid TurbulenceDec 29 2014Dec 08 2015Holographic duality provides a first-principles approach to investigate real time processes in quantum many-body systems, in particular at finite temperature and far-from-equilibrium. We use this approach to study the dynamical evolution of vortex number ... More
Counting hypergraph colorings in the local lemma regimeNov 09 2017Nov 12 2017We give a fully polynomial-time approximation scheme (FPTAS) to count the number of $q$-colorings for $k$-uniform hypergraphs with maximum degree $\Delta$ if $k\ge 28$ and $q > 315\Delta^{\frac{14}{k-14}}$. We also obtain a polynomial-time almost uniform ... More
Glueball Interpretation of $ξ$(2230)Aug 21 1995On the basis of the results of $\xi(2230)\rightarrow\pi^{+}\pi^{-}, p\bar{p}$ and $K\bar{K}$, measured by the BES Collaboration in radiative J/$\psi$ decays, combined with the upper limit of Br($\xi\rightarrow p\bar{p}$)Br($\xi\rightarrow K\bar{K}$), ... More
Delay-Constrained Rate Control for Real-Time Video Streaming with Bounded Neural NetworkMay 02 2018Rate control is widely adopted during video streaming to provide both high video qualities and low latency under various network conditions. However, despite that many work have been proposed, they fail to tackle one major problem: previous methods determine ... More
Graphs in the 3--sphere with maximum symmetryOct 03 2015Oct 24 2017We consider the orientation-preserving actions of finite groups $G$ on pairs $(S^3, \Gamma)$, where $\Gamma$ is a connected graph of genus $g>1$, embedded in $S^3$. For each $g$ we give the maximum order $m_g$ of such $G$ acting on $(S^3, \Gamma)$ for ... More
GaitSet: Regarding Gait as a Set for Cross-View Gait RecognitionNov 15 2018Dec 12 2018As a unique biometric feature that can be recognized at a distance, gait has broad applications in crime prevention, forensic identification and social security. To portray a gait, existing gait recognition methods utilize either a gait template, where ... More
Community Detection in Degree-Corrected Block ModelsJul 24 2016Community detection is a central problem of network data analysis. Given a network, the goal of community detection is to partition the network nodes into a small number of clusters, which could often help reveal interesting structures. The present paper ... More
UDBMS: Road to Unification for Multi-model Data ManagementDec 23 2016A traditional database systems is organized around a single data model that determines how data can be organized, stored and manipulated. But the vision of this paper is to develop new principles and techniques to manage multiple data models against a ... More
Priori-Information Aided Iterative Hard Threshold: A Low-Complexity High-Accuracy Compressive Sensing Based Channel Estimation for TDS-OFDMOct 23 2015Nov 27 2015This paper develops a low-complexity channel estimation (CE) scheme based on compressive sensing (CS) for time-domain synchronous (TDS) orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) to overcome the performance loss under doubly selective fading channels. ... More
Regularity estimates in Hölder spaces for Schrödinger operators via a T1 theoremSep 28 2011Sep 05 2012We derive H\"older regularity estimates for operators associated with a time independent Schr\"odinger operator of the form $-\Delta+V$. The results are obtained by checking a certain condition on the function $T1$. Our general method applies to get regularity ... More
Interacting topological phases in thin films of topological mirror Kondo insulatorsJul 20 2016We study the interaction effects on thin films of topological mirror Kondo insulators (TMKI), where the strong interaction is expected to play an important role. Our study has led to the following results: (1) We identify a rich phase diagram of non-interacting ... More
On the Drinfeld-Sokolov Hierarchies of D typeDec 30 2009We extend the notion of pseudo-differential operators that are used to represent the Gelfand-Dickey hierarchies, and obtain a similar representation for the full Drinfeld-Sokolov hierarchies of $D_n$ type. By using such pseudo-differential operators we ... More
Observational constraints on running vacuum modelDec 17 2018We investigate the power spectra of the CMB temperature and matter density in the running vacuum model (RVM) with the time-dependent cosmological constant of $\Lambda = 3 \nu H^2 + \Lambda_0$, where $H$ is the Hubble parameter. In this model, dark energy ... More
Structures of GMC W 37Nov 04 2015We carried out observations toward the giant molecular cloud W 37 with the $J = 1 - 0$ transitions of $^{12}$CO, $^{13}$CO, and C$^{18}$O using the 13.7 m single-dish telescope at the Delingha station of Purple Mountain Observatory. Based on the three ... More
Embedding compact surfaces into the 3-dimensional Euclidean space with maximum symmetryFeb 10 2017Mar 31 2017The symmetries of surfaces which can be embedded into the symmetries of the 3-dimensional Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^3$ are easier to feel by human's intuition. We give the maximum order of finite group actions on $(\mathbb{R}^3, \Sigma)$ among all possible ... More
Reduction Schemes in Cutoff Regularization and Higgs Decay into Two PhotonsOct 31 2011Jan 16 2012We present a new systematic method to evaluate one-loop tensor integrals in conventional ultraviolet cutoff regularization. By deriving a new recursive relation that describes the momentum translation variance of ultraviolet integrals, we implement this ... More
Dijet Invariant Mass Distribution in Top Quark Hadronic Decay with QCD CorrectionsJun 27 2011Nov 21 2011The dijet invariant mass distributions from the hadronic decay of unpolarized top quark ($t\to b W^+$ followed by $W^+\to u \bar{d}$) are calculated, including the next-to-leading order QCD radiative corrections. We treat the top decay in the complex ... More
Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing: When Participatory Sensing Meets Participatory Social MediaMay 01 2015With the development of mobile sensing and mobile social networking techniques, Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing (MCSC), which leverages heterogeneous crowdsourced data for large-scale sensing, has become a leading paradigm. Built on top of the participatory ... More
Video Summarization with Long Short-term MemoryMay 26 2016Jul 29 2016We propose a novel supervised learning technique for summarizing videos by automatically selecting keyframes or key subshots. Casting the problem as a structured prediction problem on sequential data, our main idea is to use Long Short-Term Memory (LSTM), ... More
Production and Suppression of Charmonium in Nuclear CollisionsAug 06 1997$J/\psi$ production cross section considering the contributions of both color-singlet and color-octet $c\bar c$ channels is calculated. The result is used to study the suppression of $J/\psi$ in nuclear collisions. With absorption cross sections for $(c ... More
Embedding surfaces into $S^3$ with maximum symmetrySep 06 2012Jun 06 2016We restrict our discussion to the orientable category. For $g > 1$, let $OE_g$ be the maximum order of a finite group $G$ acting on the closed surface $\Sigma_g$ of genus $g$ which extends over $(S^3, \Sigma_g)$, where the maximum is taken over all possible ... More
Extending finite group actions on surfaces over $S^3$Sep 06 2012Let $OE_g$ (resp. $CE_g$ and $AE_g$) and resp. $OE^o_g$ be the maximum order of finite (resp. cyclic and abelian) groups $G$ acting on the closed orientable surfaces $\Sigma_g$ which extend over $(S^3, \Sigma_g)$ among all embeddings $\Sigma_g\to S^3$ ... More
Pair Production of Heavy Quarkonium and $B_c(^*)$ Mesons at Hadron CollidersMar 12 2009We investigate the pair production of S-wave heavy quarkonium at the LHC in the color-singlet mechanism (CSM) and estimate the contribution from the gluon fragmentation process in the color-octet mechanism (COM) for comparison. With the matrix elements ... More
Not Call Me Cellular Any More: The Emergence of Scaling Law, Fractal Patterns and Small-World in Wireless NetworksDec 02 2016Dec 15 2016In conventional cellular networks, for base stations (BSs) that are deployed far away from each other, it is general to assume them to be mutually independent. Nevertheless, after long-term evolution of cellular networks in various generations, this assumption ... More
Word Segmentation on Micro-blog Texts with External Lexicon and Heterogeneous DataAug 04 2016This paper describes our system designed for the NLPCC 2016 shared task on word segmentation on micro-blog texts.
Three-dimensional manipulation of electron beam phase space for seeding soft x-ray free-electron lasersApr 18 2014In this letter, a simple technique is proposed to induce strong density modulation into the electron beam with small energy modulation. By using the combination of a transversely dispersed electron beam and a wave-front tilted seed laser, three-dimensional ... More
Mixed-ADC Massive MIMO Detectors: Performance Analysis and Design OptimizationSep 26 2015Oct 01 2015Using a very low-resolution analog-to-digital convertor (ADC) unit at each antenna can remarkably reduce the hardware cost and power consumption of a massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) system. However, such a pure low-resolution ADC architecture ... More
Zeros of Holant problems: locations and algorithmsJul 24 2018Aug 05 2018We present fully polynomial-time (deterministic or randomised) approximation schemes for Holant problems, defined by a non-negative constraint function satisfying a generalised second order recurrence modulo a couple of exceptional cases. As a consequence, ... More
Bordered surfaces in the 3-sphere with maximum symmetryOct 24 2017We consider orientation-preserving actions of finite groups $G$ on pairs $(S^3, \Sigma)$, where $\Sigma$ denotes a compact connected surface embedded in $S^3$. In a previous paper, we considered the case of closed, necessarily orientable surfaces, determined ... More
Large transport Jc in Cu-sheathed Sr0.6K0.4Fe2As2 superconducting tape conductorsApr 09 2015Copper sheath is the first choice for manufacturing high-Tc superconducting wires and tapes because of its high electrical and thermal conductivities, low cost and good mechanical properties. However, Cu can easily react with superconducting cores, such ... More
The frequency response of space-borne gravitational wave interferometersJan 28 2019We gave the analytical formulas for the antenna response functions for the six polarizations which are valid for any equal arm interferometers. The response function averaged over the source direction and polarization angle decreases at high frequencies ... More
The D0 Dimuon Charge Asymmetry and Baryon Asymmetry of the UniverseAug 31 2010The D0 collaboration has reported a 3.2 \sigma deviation from the Standard Model (SM) prediction in the like-sign dimuon charge asymmetry. New physics beyond the SM in B_s - \bar B_s mixing is needed to explain the data. In this paper, we investigate ... More
Influence of Pb addition on the superconducting properties of polycrystalline Sr0.6K0.4Fe2As2Feb 23 2010Polycrystalline Sr0.6K0.4Fe2As2 samples with various Pb additions (0-20 wt%) were prepared using a one-step solid state reaction. X-ray diffraction analysis shows no evidence for chemical reaction between the Pb and the FeAs-based superconductor. However, ... More
Coherent photon beam based diagnostics for a seeded extreme ultraviolet free-electron laserJul 11 2012Dec 08 2013Independently from electron beam based procedures, photon beam based diagnostics is an alternative way for alignment and commissioning of the numerous undulator cells in a high-gain short-wavelength free-electron laser (FEL). In this paper, using the ... More
The effect of Si addition on the microstructure and tensile properties of casting Al-5.0Cu-0.6Mn-1.2Fe alloysDec 26 2017Feb 14 2018In this work, we studied the effect of Si on the microstructure and tensile properties of the as-cast Al-5.0Cu-0.6Mn-1.2Fe alloys which were produced by casting with or without applied pressure. The results show that the addition of Si can significantly ... More
Quantum Anomalous Hall Effect in Magnetically Doped InAs/GaSb Quantum WellsNov 17 2013The quantum anomalous Hall effect has recently been observed experimentally in thin films of Cr doped (Bi,Sb)$_2$Te$_3$ at a low temperature ($\sim$ 30mK). In this work, we propose realizing the quantum anomalous Hall effect in more conventional diluted ... More
Feature selection for classification with class-separability strategy and data envelopment analysisMay 06 2014Feb 01 2015In this paper, a novel feature selection method is presented, which is based on Class-Separability (CS) strategy and Data Envelopment Analysis (DEA). To better capture the relationship between features and the class, class labels are separated into individual ... More
Microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-Cu alloy with 0.6%Fe produced with ultrasonic vibration and applied pressureJan 10 2018The combined effect of ultrasonic vibration (UT) and applied pressure (P) on microstructure and mechanical properties of Al-5.0Cu-0.6Mn-0.6Fe alloy were investigated. The best tensile properties produced by P+UT processing are UTS: 268MPa, YS: 192MPa, ... More