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The electron-flavored Z'-portal dark matter and the DAMPE cosmic ray excessNov 30 2017Dec 04 2017The DAMPE experiment has recently reported strong indications for the existence of an excess of high-energy electrons and positrons. If interpreted in terms of the annihilation of dark matter, the DAMPE result restricts the dark matter mass and possible ... More
Photonic switching devices based on semiconductor nanostructuresAug 11 2013Feb 26 2014Focusing and guiding light into semiconductor nanostructures can deliver revolutionary concepts for photonic devices, which offer a practical pathway towards next-generation power-efficient optical networks. In this review, we consider the prospects for ... More
Dark matter and LHC phenomenology of a scale invariant scotogenic modelNov 03 2018Nov 12 2018We study the phenomenology of a model that addresses the neutrino mass, dark matter and generation of the electroweak scale in one framework. The electroweak symmetry breaking is realized via the Coleman-Weinberg mechanism in a classically scale invariant ... More
Poynting vector, energy density and energy velocity in anomalous dispersion mediumApr 02 2001The Poynting vector, energy density and energy velocity of light pulses propagating in anomalous dispersion medium (used in WKD-like experiments) are calculated. Results show that a negative energy density in the medium propagates along opposite of incident ... More
Video Compression through Image InterpolationApr 18 2018An ever increasing amount of our digital communication, media consumption, and content creation revolves around videos. We share, watch, and archive many aspects of our lives through them, all of which are powered by strong video compression. Traditional ... More
Feature Incay for Representation RegularizationMay 29 2017Softmax loss is widely used in deep neural networks for multi-class classification, where each class is represented by a weight vector, a sample is represented as a feature vector, and the feature vector has the largest projection on the weight vector ... More
An Adaptive Homomorphic Aperture Photometry Algorithm for Merging GalaxiesMar 23 2016We present a novel automatic adaptive aperture photometry algorithm for measuring the total magnitudes of merging galaxies with irregular shapes. First, we use a morphological pattern recognition routine for identifying the shape of an irregular source ... More
Some New Symplectic Multiple Timestepping Methods for Multiscale Molecular Dynamics ModelsJan 14 2015We derived a number of numerical methods to treat biomolecular systems with multiple time scales. Based on the splitting of the operators associated with the slow-varying and fast-varying forces, new multiple time-stepping (MTS) methods are obtained by ... More
Generative Adversarial Nets for Robust Scatter Estimation: A Proper Scoring Rule PerspectiveMar 05 2019Robust scatter estimation is a fundamental task in statistics. The recent discovery on the connection between robust estimation and generative adversarial nets (GANs) by Gao et al. (2018) suggests that it is possible to compute depth-like robust estimators ... More
Collaborative Learning with Limited Interaction: Tight Bounds for Distributed Exploration in Multi-Armed BanditsApr 05 2019Best arm identification (or, pure exploration) in multi-armed bandits is a fundamental problem in machine learning. In this paper we study the distributed version of this problem where we have multiple agents, and they want to learn the best arm collaboratively. ... More
Collaborative Learning with Limited Interaction: Tight Bounds for Distributed Exploration in Multi-Armed BanditsApr 05 2019Aug 30 2019Best arm identification (or, pure exploration) in multi-armed bandits is a fundamental problem in machine learning. In this paper we study the distributed version of this problem where we have multiple agents, and they want to learn the best arm collaboratively. ... More
Hard-Aware Deeply Cascaded EmbeddingNov 17 2016Aug 01 2017Riding on the waves of deep neural networks, deep metric learning has also achieved promising results in various tasks using triplet network or Siamese network. Though the basic goal of making images from the same category closer than the ones from different ... More
Supervised Nonnegative Matrix Factorization to Predict ICU Mortality RiskSep 27 2018Oct 09 2018ICU mortality risk prediction is a tough yet important task. On one hand, due to the complex temporal data collected, it is difficult to identify the effective features and interpret them easily; on the other hand, good prediction can help clinicians ... More
Readout method based on PCIe over optical fiber for CBM-TOF super module quality evaluationJun 25 2018The Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment will investigate the quantum chromodynamics (QCD) phase diagram at high net baryon densities and moderate temperatures. CBM Time of Flight (TOF) system is composed of super modules containing high performance ... More
The Distributed MIMO Scenario: Can Ideal ADCs Be Replaced by Low-resolution ADCs?May 12 2017May 15 2017This letter considers the architecture of distributed antenna system, which is made up of a massive number of single-antenna remote radio heads (RRHs), some with full-resolution but others with low-resolution analog-to-digital converter (ADC) receivers. ... More
New Physics Effects in $B$ DecaysOct 27 2008The two $B$-factories, Belle and BaBar, has been played major roles in the B decays study. Their wonderful design and excellent operation enables their fruitful analysis results. Also recently the Tevatron experiments, CDF and DO, join the game with their ... More
An indirect magnetic approach for determining entropy change in first-order magnetocaloric materialsJul 22 2015Jul 26 2015Taking into account the phase fraction during transition for the first-order magnetocaloric materials, an improved isothermal entropy change determination has been put forward based on the Clausius-Clapeyron (CC) equation. It was found that the isothermal ... More
Thresholding Bandit with Optimal Aggregate RegretMay 27 2019We consider the thresholding bandit problem, whose goal is to find arms of mean rewards above a given threshold $\theta$, with a fixed budget of $T$ trials. We introduce LSA, a new, simple and anytime algorithm that aims to minimize the aggregate regret ... More
Explaining reviews and ratings with PACO: Poisson Additive Co-ClusteringDec 06 2015Understanding a user's motivations provides valuable information beyond the ability to recommend items. Quite often this can be accomplished by perusing both ratings and review texts, since it is the latter where the reasoning for specific preferences ... More
Exclusive Semileptonic Rare Decays $B \to K^{(*)} l^+ l^-$ in a SUSY SO(10) GUTOct 23 2004Nov 01 2004In the SUSY SO(10) GUT context, we study the exclusive processes $B \to K^{(*)} l^+l^-(l=\mu,\tau)$. Using the Wilson coefficients of relevant operators including the new operators $Q_{1,2}^{(\prime)}$ which are induced by neutral Higgs boson (NHB) penguins, ... More
Minimum-Bias and Underlying Event Studies at CMSOct 27 2008The "Underlying Event" at CMS (under nominal and start-up conditions) is studied by examining charged particle and momentum densities in the "transverse" region in charged particle jet production. The predictions of various QCD models with different multiple ... More
Fog-Aided Device to Device Networks with Opportunistic Content DeliveryMay 09 2019In this paper, we investigate the caching placement and content delivery strategy in large-scale fog-aided device to device (F-D2D) networks by exploring the idea of opportunistic spectrum access (OSA) which is originally introduced in cognitive radio ... More
Not Call Me Cellular Any More: The Emergence of Scaling Law, Fractal Patterns and Small-World in Wireless NetworksDec 02 2016Dec 15 2016In conventional cellular networks, for base stations (BSs) that are deployed far away from each other, it is general to assume them to be mutually independent. Nevertheless, after long-term evolution of cellular networks in various generations, this assumption ... More
Learning a No-Reference Quality Metric for Single-Image Super-ResolutionDec 18 2016Numerous single-image super-resolution algorithms have been proposed in the literature, but few studies address the problem of performance evaluation based on visual perception. While most super-resolution images are evaluated by fullreference metrics, ... More
$B\to X_sτ^+τ^-$ in a two Higgs doublet modelJul 22 1996The inclusive rate and forward-backward asymmetry of dilepton angular distribution for a B-meson to decay to strange hadronic final states and a $\tau^+\tau^-$ pair in a two Higgs doublet model are computed. In particular, contributions of neutral Higgs ... More
Urban contact structures for epidemic simulations: Correcting biases in data-driven approachesApr 27 2018Sep 21 2018Epidemics are emergent phenomena depending on the epidemiological characteristics of pathogens and the interaction and movement of people. Public transit systems have provided much important information about the movement of people, but there are also ... More
Inelastic electroproduction of $η_c$ at ep collidersApr 21 2000Aug 11 2000Using the nonrelativistic QCD factorization formalism, we calculate the electroproduction cross sections of $\eta_c$ in ep collisions, including the contribution from both the transverse photon and the longitudinal photon. For this process the color-singlet ... More
Robust Estimation and Generative Adversarial NetsOct 04 2018Feb 25 2019Robust estimation under Huber's $\epsilon$-contamination model has become an important topic in statistics and theoretical computer science. Statistically optimal procedures such as Tukey's median and other estimators based on depth functions are impractical ... More
Exact Boson-Fermion Duality on a 3D Euclidean LatticeMay 16 2017Dec 22 2017The idea of statistical transmutation plays a crucial role in descriptions of the fractional quantum Hall effect. However, a recently conjectured duality between a critical boson and a massless 2-component Dirac fermion extends this notion to gapless ... More
Rank Minimization on Tensor Ring: A New Paradigm in Scalable Tensor Decomposition and CompletionMay 22 2018In low-rank tensor completion tasks, due to the underlying multiple large-scale singular value decomposition (SVD) operations and rank selection problem of the traditional methods, they suffer from high computational cost and high sensitivity of model ... More
Ricci-flat graphs with girth fourJul 19 2018Lin-Lu-Yau introduced an interesting notion of Ricci curvature for graphs and obtained a complete characterization for all Ricci-flat graphs with girth at least five [1]. In this paper, we propose a concrete approach to construct an infinite family of ... More
Missing Data Reconstruction in Remote Sensing image with a Unified Spatial-Temporal-Spectral Deep Convolutional Neural NetworkFeb 23 2018Because of the internal malfunction of satellite sensors and poor atmospheric conditions such as thick cloud, the acquired remote sensing data often suffer from missing information, i.e., the data usability is greatly reduced. In this paper, a novel method ... More
g-2 in composite models of leptonsMar 29 2001Dec 11 2001Based on the bound state description of the muon and general relativistic covariant quantum field theory, we illustrate with a simple composite model that the observed deviation of (g-2)_\mu can be a demonstration of the substructure of the muon and give ... More
Order (1/m_Q) Corrections to Masses of Excited Heavy Mesons From QCD Sum RulesFeb 21 1997The $O(1/m_Q)$ corrections to masses of excited heavy mesons are studied with sum rules in the heavy quark effective theory. Numerical results for the matrix elements of the heavy quark kinetic energy operator K and chromomagnetic interaction operator ... More
A Semi-smooth Newton Method for Solving Semidefinite Programs in Electronic Structure CalculationsAug 27 2017Aug 31 2017The ground state energy of a many-electron system can be approximated by an variational approach in which the total energy of the system is minimized with respect to one and two-body reduced density matrices (RDM) instead of many-electron wavefunctions. ... More
Floquet engineering of localized propagation of light in waveguide arrayOct 17 2017Feb 05 2018The light propagating in a waveguide array or photonic lattice has become an ideal platform to control light and to mimic quantum behaviors in a classical system. We here investigate the propagation of light in a coupled waveguide array with one of the ... More
Sampling Matters in Deep Embedding LearningJun 23 2017Jan 16 2018Deep embeddings answer one simple question: How similar are two images? Learning these embeddings is the bedrock of verification, zero-shot learning, and visual search. The most prominent approaches optimize a deep convolutional network with a suitable ... More
Context-Integrated and Feature-Refined Network for Lightweight Urban Scene ParsingJul 26 2019Semantic segmentation for lightweight urban scene parsing is a very challenging task, because both accuracy and efficiency (e.g., execution speed, memory footprint, and computation complexity) should all be taken into account. However, most previous works ... More
Characterization of the Most Probable Transition Paths of Stochastic Dynamical Systems with Stable Lévy NoiseDec 31 2018Apr 06 2019This work is devoted to the investigation of the most probable transition path for stochastic dynamical systems driven by either symmetric $\alpha$-stable L\'{e}vy motion ($0<\alpha<1$) or Brownian motion. For stochastic dynamical systems with Brownian ... More
Impact of Spatial Dimension on Structural Ordering in Metallic GlassSep 06 2017Metallic glasses have so far attracted considerable attention for their applications as bulk materials. However, new physics and applications often emerge by dimensional reduction from three dimension (3D) to two dimension (2D). Here, we study, by molecular ... More
D-\bar D mixing and rare D decays in the Littlest Higgs model with non-unitarity matrixApr 04 2007Oct 24 2007We study the $D-\bar D$ mixing and rare D decays in the Littlest Higgs model. As the new weak singlet quark with the electric charge of 2/3 is introduced to cancel the quadratic divergence induced by the top-quark, the standard unitary $3\times 3$ Cabibbo-Kobayashi-Maskawa ... More
CNNLab: a Novel Parallel Framework for Neural Networks using GPU and FPGA-a Practical Study with Trade-off AnalysisJun 20 2016Designing and implementing efficient, provably correct parallel neural network processing is challenging. Existing high-level parallel abstractions like MapReduce are insufficiently expressive while low-level tools like MPI and Pthreads leave ML experts ... More
A Hybrid multiphase model based on lattice Boltzmann method direct simulationsJun 11 2019By means of the multicomponent Shan-Chen lattice Boltzmann method (LBM), we investigate the multiphase flow through porous media. Despite the excellent accuracy of the LBM, large domains result in unaffordable computational expenses. The Hybrid model ... More
Twist-3 contribution to the pion electromagnetic form factorNov 03 1997Jun 01 1998Non-leading contribution to the pion electromagnetic form factor which comes from the pion twist-3 wave function is analyzed in the modified hard scattering approach (MHSA) proposed by Li and Sterman. This contribution is enhanced significantly due to ... More
Point-surface fusion of station measurements and satellite observations for mapping PM2.5 distribution in China: methods and assessmentJul 05 2016Fine particulate matter (PM2.5) is associated with adverse human health effects, and China is currently suffering from serious PM2.5 pollution. To obtain spatially continuous ground-level PM2.5 concentrations, several models established by point-surface ... More
Speed of Gravity and Gravitational HorizonJan 16 2000Jul 08 2010Pioneer-10 unexpected anomalous deceleration hurtling through the solar system might have revealed a secret of nature that gravitational information propagating at very high but finite speed rushing to gravitational horizon opens a window to Universe ... More
DEXON: A Highly Scalable, Decentralized DAG-Based Consensus AlgorithmNov 19 2018A blockchain system is a replicated state machine that must be fault tolerant. When designing a blockchain system, there is usually a trade-off between decentralization, scalability, and security. In this paper, we propose a novel blockchain system, DEXON, ... More
Transmission resonance in a composite plasmonic structureMar 27 2009The design, fabrication, and optical properties of a composite plasmonic structure, a two-dimentional array of split-ring resonators inserted into periodic square holes of a metal film, have been reported. A new type of transmission resonance, which makes ... More
Understanding the $D^+_{sJ}(2317)$ and $D^+_{sJ}(2460)$ with Sum Rules in HQETJun 27 2003Sep 11 2003In the framework of heavy quark effective theory we use QCD sum rules to calculate the masses of the $\bar c s$ $(0^+, 1^+)$ and $(1^+, 2^+)$ excited states. The results are consistent with that the states $D_{sJ}(2317)$ and $D_{sJ}(2460)$ observed by ... More
QCD Sum Rule Analysis for the Λ_b to Λ_c Semileptonic DecayAug 09 1996The 1/m_c and 1/m_b corrections to the \Lambda_b to \Lambda_c semi- leptonic decay are analyzed by QCD sum rules. Within the framework of heavy quark effective theory,the subleading baryonic Isgur-Wise func- tion of \Lambda_b to \Lambda_c has been calculated. ... More
Effective Clipart Image Vectorization Through Direct Optimization of BezigonsFeb 05 2016Bezigons, i.e., closed paths composed of B\'ezier curves, have been widely employed to describe shapes in image vectorization results. However, most existing vectorization techniques infer the bezigons by simply approximating an intermediate vector representation ... More
TNSPackage: A Fortran2003 library designed for tensor network state methodsAug 01 2017Recently, the tensor network states (TNS) methods have proven to be very powerful tools to investigate the strongly correlated many-particle physics in one and two dimensions. The implementation of TNS methods depends heavily on the operations of tensors, ... More
Spectral Methods for Nonparametric ModelsMar 31 2017Nonparametric models are versatile, albeit computationally expensive, tool for modeling mixture models. In this paper, we introduce spectral methods for the two most popular nonparametric models: the Indian Buffet Process (IBP) and the Hierarchical Dirichlet ... More
Fashion++: Minimal Edits for Outfit ImprovementApr 19 2019Sep 02 2019Given an outfit, what small changes would most improve its fashionability? This question presents an intriguing new vision challenge. We introduce Fashion++, an approach that proposes minimal adjustments to a full-body clothing outfit that will have maximal ... More
Study of the excited $1^-$ charm and charm-strange mesonsJan 12 2017We give a systematical study on the recently reported excited charm and charm-strange mesons with potential $1^-$ spin-parity, including the $D^*_{s1}(2700)^+$, $D^*_{s1}(2860)^+$, $D^*(2600)^0$, $D^*(2650)^0$, $D^*_1(2680)^0$ and $D^*_1(2760)^0$. The ... More
Search for new physics from $B\toπφ$Dec 11 2006We investigate the pure penguin process $B^-\to \pi^-\phi$ using QCD factorization approach to calculate hadronic matrix elements to the $\alpha_s$ order in some well-known NP models. It is shown that the NP contributions in R-parity conserved SUSY models ... More
Implications for new physics from ${\bar B}^0\to π^0π^0$ and ${\bar B}^0\to {\bar K}^0K^0$Dec 21 2005Jun 02 2006We have analyzed the ${\bar B}^0\to \pi^0\pi^0$ puzzle in three kinds of models beyond the standard model (SM). It is shown that the minimal flavor violation (MFV) models, the minimal supersymmetric standard model (MSSM), and the two Higgs doublet models ... More
DLAU: A Scalable Deep Learning Accelerator Unit on FPGAMay 23 2016As the emerging field of machine learning, deep learning shows excellent ability in solving complex learning problems. However, the size of the networks becomes increasingly large scale due to the demands of the practical applications, which poses significant ... More
Opinion Mining for Relating Subjective Expressions and Annual Earnings in US Financial StatementsOct 15 2012Financial statements contain quantitative information and manager's subjective evaluation of firm's financial status. Using information released in U.S. 10-K filings. Both qualitative and quantitative appraisals are crucial for quality financial decisions. ... More
Itinerant metamagnetism in manganites caused by the field-induced electronic nematic orderJun 02 2009Itinerant metamagnetism transition is observed and studied in perovskite La1-xCaxMn0.90Cu0.10O3 system for x = 0.30. At a constant low temperature, 10 K < T < 150 K, there is a continuous second-order metamagnetism jump from a low magnetic state to a ... More
Compressed Video Action RecognitionDec 02 2017Mar 29 2018Training robust deep video representations has proven to be much more challenging than learning deep image representations. This is in part due to the enormous size of raw video streams and the high temporal redundancy; the true and interesting signal ... More
Dynamic cavity effect in Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 based Passive Q-switched Solid State LaserNov 19 2017Dynamic cavity effect of a Topological Insulator Bi2Te3 based Passive Q-switched (QS) solid state laser was investigated. With a saturation intensity as low as a few kW, Bi2Te3 processed by hydrothermal exfoliation serves a sensitive saturable absorber ... More
Inelastic $J/ψ$ production in polarized photon-hadron collisionsSep 02 1999Presented here is a calculation of inelastic $J/\psi$ production in polarized photon-hadron collisions under the framework of NRQCD factorization formalism. We consider the photoproduction of $\jpsi$ in the energy range relevant to HERA. The Weizs\"acker-Williams ... More
Hunting for Heavy Majorana Neutrinos with Lepton Number Violating Signatures at LHCJan 10 2017Jan 17 2017The neutrinophilic two-Higgs-doublet model ($\nu$2HDM) provides a natural way to generate tiny neutrino mass from interactions with the new doublet scalar $\Phi_\nu$ ($H^\pm,~H,~A$) and singlet neutrinos $N_R$ of TeV scale. In this paper, we perform detailed ... More
Theoretical study of terahertz generation from atoms and aligned molecules driven by two-color laser fieldsMar 26 2015We study the generation of terahertz radiation from atoms and molecules driven by an ultrashort fundamental laser and its second harmonic field by solving time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation (TDSE). The comparisons between one-, two-, and three- dimensional ... More
Multi-wavelength study of the MGRO J2019+37Mar 25 2014MGRO J2019+37 within the Cygnus region is a bright and extended source revealed by Milagro at 12-35 TeV. This source is almost as bright as Crab Nebula in northern sky, while it is not confirmed by ARGO-YBJ around TeV. Up to now, no obvious counterpart ... More
Learning Unified Embedding for Apparel RecognitionJul 19 2017Aug 15 2017In apparel recognition, specialized models (e.g. models trained for a particular vertical like dresses) can significantly outperform general models (i.e. models that cover a wide range of verticals). Therefore, deep neural network models are often trained ... More
Real-time Data Flow Control for CBM-TOF Super Module Quality EvaluationJun 25 2018Super module assembled with MRPC detectors is the component unit of TOF (Time of Flight) system for the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment. Quality of super modules needs to be evaluated before it is applied in CBM-TOF. Time signals exported ... More
Ticking terahertz wave generation in attosecondsJun 27 2012We perform a joint measurement of terahertz waves and high-order harmonics generated from noble atoms driven by a fundamental laser pulse and its second harmonic. By correlating their dependence on the phase-delay of the two pulses, we determine the generation ... More
Gapless spin liquid ground state of spin-1/2 $J_1$-$J_2$ Heisenberg model on square latticesJun 19 2018The spin-1/2 $J_1$-$J_2$ Heisenberg model on square lattices are investigated via the finite projected entangled pair states (PEPS) method. Using the recently developed gradient optimization method combining with Monte Carlo sampling techniques, we are ... More
Low-loss Broadband Dirac Plasmons in BoropheneMar 05 2018Jun 05 2019The past decade has witnessed numerous discoveries of two-dimensional (2D) semimetals and insulators, whereas 2D metals are rarely identified. Borophene, a monolayer boron sheet, has recently emerged as a perfect 2D metal with unique structure and electronic ... More
Radiation driven outflow in active galactic nuclei: the feedback effects of scattered and reprocessed photonsApr 17 2013Jun 20 2013We perform time-dependent, 2DHD numerical simulations to study the dynamics of a slowly rotating accretion flow from sub-pc to pc scales under the irradiation from the central AGN. Compared to previous work, we improve the calculation of the radiative ... More
CP asymmetry in B \to phi K_S in a SUSY SO(10) GUTJul 22 2004We study the $B\to \phi K_S$ decay in a SUSY SO(10) GUT. We calculate the mass spectrum of sparticles for a given set of parameters at the GUT scale. We complete the calculations of the Wilson coefficients of operators including the new operators which ... More
CP violation in $B_{d,s} \to l^+l^-$ in the model III 2HDMJan 13 2003Mar 28 2003We have calculated the Wilson coefficients $C_{10}, C_{Q_i}$ (i=1,2) in the $\bar{MS}$ renormalization scheme in the model III 2HDM. Using the obtained Wilson coefficients, we have analyzed the CP violation in decays $B^0_q\to l^+l^-$ (q=d,s) in the model. ... More
Long-Term Feature Banks for Detailed Video UnderstandingDec 12 2018Apr 17 2019To understand the world, we humans constantly need to relate the present to the past, and put events in context. In this paper, we enable existing video models to do the same. We propose a long-term feature bank---supportive information extracted over ... More
Collision of two kinks with inner structureJun 07 2019Jun 18 2019In this work, we study kink collisions in a scalar field model with scalar-kinetic coupling. This model supports kink/antikink solutions with inner structure in the energy density. The collision of two such kinks is simulated by using the Fourier spectral ... More
Testing the Einstein's equivalence principle with polarized gamma-ray burstsJun 03 2017The Einstein's equivalence principle can be tested by using parameterized post-Newtonian parameters, of which the parameter $\gamma$ has been constrained by comparing the arrival times of photons with different energies. It has been constrained by a variety ... More
High-harmonic and terahertz wave spectroscopy (HATS) for aligned moleculesJun 02 2016We present the experimental and theoretical details of our recent published letter [Phys. Rev. Lett. 115. 123002] on synchronized high-harmonic and terahertz-wave spectroscopy (HATS) from nonadiabatically aligned nitrogen molecules in dual-color laser ... More
Data Acquisition Software for CBM-TOF super module quality controlJun 25 2018The time-of-flight (TOF) system in the Compressed Baryonic Matter (CBM) experiment is composed of super modules based on multi-gap Resistive Plate Chambers (MRPC) for high-denseness, high-resolution time measurement. In order to evaluate the quality of ... More
Tuning the glass-forming ability of metallic glasses through energetic frustrationApr 10 2019The design of multi-functional BMGs is limited by the lack of a quantitative understanding of the variables that control the glass-forming ability (GFA) of alloys. Both geometric frustration (e.g. differences in atomic radii) and energetic frustration ... More
1/m Corrections to Heavy Baryon Masses in the Heavy Quark Effective Theory Sum RulesFeb 07 1996The 1/m corrections to heavy baryon masses are calculated from the QCD sum rules within the framework of the heavy quark effective theory. Numerical results for the heavy baryons are obtained. The implications of the results are discussed.
D_s(2317) and D_s(2457) from HQET Sum RulesJan 20 2004Within the framework of the heavy quark effective theory, QCD sum rules are used to calculate the masses of p-wave (c-bar s) states. The results for 0^+ and 1^+ states with the angular momentum of the light component j_l=1/2 are consistent with the experimental ... More
QCD Sum Rules for Masses of Excited Heavy MesonsSep 23 1996The masses of excited heavy mesons are studied with sum rules in the heavy quark effective theory. A set of interpolating currents creating (annihilating) excited heavy mesons with arbitrary spin and parity are proposed and their properties are discussed. ... More
Interlaced Sparse Self-Attention for Semantic SegmentationJul 29 2019Jul 30 2019In this paper, we present a so-called interlaced sparse self-attention approach to improve the efficiency of the \emph{self-attention} mechanism for semantic segmentation. The main idea is that we factorize the dense affinity matrix as the product of ... More
Secure Quantum Private Comparison of Equality Based on Asymmetric W StateDec 19 2013Recently, Liu et al. [Opt. Commun. 284, 3160, 2011] proposed a protocol for quantum private comparison of equality (QPCE) based on sym- metric W state. However, Li et al. [Eur. Phys. J. D. 66, 110, 2012] pointed out that there is a flaw of information ... More
On approximate equivalence of modularity, D and non-negative matrix factorizationJan 11 2018Jan 19 2018Community structures detection is one of the fundamental problems in complex network analysis towards understanding the topology structures of the network and the functions of it. Nonnegative matrix factorization (NMF) is a widely used method for community ... More
Population Density-based Hospital Recommendation with Mobile LBS Big DataAug 02 2017The difficulty of getting medical treatment is one of major livelihood issues in China. Since patients lack prior knowledge about the spatial distribution and the capacity of hospitals, some hospitals have abnormally high or sporadic population densities. ... More
Tunable Electronic Structure and Topological Properties of $LnPn$ ($Ln$=Ce, Pr, Gd, Sm, Yb; $Pn$=Sb, Bi)Feb 13 2018Nov 08 2018We have performed systematic first principles study of the electronic structure and band topology properties of $LnPn$ compounds ($Ln$=Ce, Pr, Gd, Sm, Yb; $Pn$=Sb, Bi). Assuming the $f$-electrons are well localized in these materials, both hybrid functional ... More
Value Propagation for Decentralized Networked Deep Multi-agent Reinforcement LearningJan 27 2019Jul 09 2019We consider the networked multi-agent reinforcement learning (MARL) problem in a fully decentralized setting, where agents learn to coordinate to achieve the joint success. This problem is widely encountered in many areas including traffic control, distributed ... More
Quantum-trajectory analysis for charge transfer in solid materials induced by strong laser fieldsJan 24 2017We investigate the dependence of charge transfer on the intensity of driving laser field when SiO2 crystal is irradiated by an 800 nm laser. It is surprising that the direction of charge transfer undergoes a sudden reversal when the driving laser intensity ... More
Width-tuned magnetic order oscillation on zigzag edges of honeycomb nanoribbonsJul 13 2017Quantum confinement and interference often generate exotic properties in nanostructures. One recent highlight is the experimental indication of a magnetic phase transition in zigzag-edged graphene nanoribbons at the critical ribbon width of about 7 nm ... More
Anisotropic Spin Relaxation Induced by Surface Spin-Orbit EffectsSep 21 2017It is a common perception that the transport of a spin current in polycrystalline metal is isotropic and independent of the polarization direction, even though spin current is a tensorlike quantity and its polarization direction is a key variable. We ... More
Decay Widths of Excited Heavy Mesons From QCD Sum Rules at the Leading Order of HQETMay 04 1997Aug 18 1998The widths for pionic decays of lowest two excited doublets (0^+,1^+) and (1^+,2^+) of heavy mesons are studied with QCD sum rules in the leading order of heavy quark effective theory. The ambiguity due to presence of two distinct 1^+ states are solved. ... More
Portable Microwave Frequency Dissemination in Free Space and Implications on Ground-Satellite SynchronizationMar 16 2015May 19 2015Frequency dissemination and synchronization in free space plays an important role in global navigation satellite system, radio astronomy and synthetic aperture radar. In this paper, we demonstrate a portable radio frequency dissemination scheme via free ... More
Experimental nonlocal measurement of a product observableAug 13 2019Nonlocal measurement, or instantaneous measurement of nonlocal observables, is a considerably difficult task even for a simple form of product observable since relativistic causality prohibits interaction between spacelike separate subsystems. Following ... More
Optical monitoring of BL Lac object S5 0716+714 and FSRQ 3C273 from 2000 to 2014Jun 03 2017Using the 1.56m telescope at the Shanghai Observatory (ShAO), China, we monitored two sources, BL Lac object S5 0716+714 and Flat Spectrum Radio Quasar (FSRQ) 3C 273. For S5 0716+714, we report 4969 sets of CCD (Charge-coupled Device) photometrical optical ... More
Self-consistent spin-wave analysis of the 1/3 magnetization plateau in the kagome antiferromagnetJun 22 2016We propose a modified spin-wave theory to study the 1/3 magnetization plateau of the antiferromagnetic Heisenberg model on the kagome lattice. By the self-consistent inclusion of quantum corrections, the 1/3 plateau is stabilized over a broad range of ... More
NMR Evidence of Charge Fluctuations in Multiferroic CuBr2Feb 03 2018We report combined magnetic susceptibility, dielectric constant, nuclear quadruple resonance (NQR) and zero-field nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) measurements on single crystals of multiferroics CuBr$_2$. High quality of the sample is demonstrated by ... More
Polarized J/psi production in deep inelastic scattering at HERAAug 29 2000Aug 10 2002We perform a calculation on the polarization of J/psi production in deep inelastic scattering in the HERA energy range. For the inclusive production distributions, we find that the color-singlet contributions are consistent with the experimental data ... More
Polarizations of J/ψand ψ' in hadroproduction at Tevatron in the k_t factorization approachSep 19 2000May 13 2001We present a calculation for the polarizations of $J/\psi$ and $\psi'$ produced in the hadron collisions at the Fermilab Tevatron. Various color octet channels including ${}^1S_0^{(8)}$, ${}^3P_J^{(8)}$, and ${}^3S_1^{(8)}$ as well as contributions from ... More