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Uniqueness of stable capillary hypersurfaces in a ballAug 23 2017May 22 2019In this paper we prove that any immersed stable capillary hypersurfaces in a ball in space forms are totally umbilical. This solves completely a long-standing open problem. In the proof one of crucial ingredients is a new Minkowski type formula. We also ... More
The Lower The Simpler: Simplifying Hierarchical Recurrent ModelsSep 08 2018May 20 2019To improve the training efficiency of hierarchical recurrent models without compromising their performance, we propose a strategy named as `the lower the simpler', which is to simplify the baseline models by making the lower layers simpler than the upper ... More
A Hybrid Reconstruction Approach for Absorption Coefficient by Fluorescence Photoacoustic TomographyJun 19 2018In this paper, we propose a hybrid method to reconstruct the absorption coefficient by fluorescence photoacoustic tomography (FPAT), which combines a squeeze iterative method (SIM) and a nonlinear optimization method. The SIM is to use two monotonic sequences ... More
On Iterative Algorithms for Quantitative Photoacoustic Tomography in the Radiative Transport RegimeApr 07 2017Sep 09 2017In this paper, we describe the numerical reconstruction method for quantitative photoacoustic tomography (QPAT) based on the radiative transfer equation (RTE), which models light propagation more accurately than diffusion approximation (DA). We investigate ... More
Maximum Orders of Cyclic and Abelian Extendable Actions on SurfacesOct 28 2013Sep 27 2015Let $\Sigma_g (g>1)$ be a closed surface embedded in $S^3$. If a group $G$ can acts on the pair $(S^3, \Sigma_g)$, then we call such a group action on $\Sigma_g$ extendable over $S^3$. In this paper we show that the maximum order of extendable cyclic ... More
Proceedings 13th International Workshop on Verification of Infinite-State SystemsNov 11 2011This volume contains the proceedings of the 13th International Workshop on Verification of Infinite-State Systems (INFINITY 2011). The workshop was held in Taipei, Taiwan on October 10, 2011, as a satellite event to the 9th International Symposium on ... More
Water waves problem with surface tension in a corner domain II: the local well-posednesDec 24 2018Jan 25 2019Based on the a priori estimates in our previous work \cite{MW}, we continue to investigate the water-waves problem in a bounded two dimensional corner domain in this paper. We prove the local well-posedness of the solution to the water-waves system when ... More
Thread-Modular Static Analysis for Relaxed Memory ModelsSep 28 2017We propose a memory-model-aware static program analysis method for accurately analyzing the behavior of concurrent software running on processors with weak consistency models such as x86-TSO, SPARC-PSO, and SPARC-RMO. At the center of our method is a ... More
Abstract Interpretation under Speculative ExecutionApr 25 2019Analyzing the behavior of a program running on a processor that supports speculative execution is crucial for applications such as execution time estimation and side channel detection. Unfortunately, existing static analysis techniques based on abstract ... More
A sharp lower bound for the first eigenvalue on Finsler manifoldsDec 19 2011In this paper, we give a sharp lower bound for the first (nonzero) Neumann eigenvalue of Finsler-Laplacian in Finsler manifolds in terms of diameter, dimension, weighted Ricci curvature.
Plane-Based Optimization of Geometry and Texture for RGB-D Reconstruction of Indoor ScenesMay 23 2019We present a novel approach to reconstruct RGB-D indoor scene with plane primitives. Our approach takes as input a RGB-D sequence and a dense coarse mesh reconstructed by some 3D reconstruction method on the sequence, and generate a lightweight, low-polygonal ... More
Efficient Plane-Based Optimization of Geometry and Texture for Indoor RGB-D ReconstructionMay 21 2019We propose a novel approach to reconstruct RGB-D indoor scene based on plane primitives. Our approach takes as input a RGB-D sequence and a dense coarse mesh reconstructed from it, and generates a lightweight, low-polygonal mesh with clear face textures ... More
Inner Product Similarity Search using Compositional CodesJun 19 2014Jun 20 2014This paper addresses the nearest neighbor search problem under inner product similarity and introduces a compact code-based approach. The idea is to approximate a vector using the composition of several elements selected from a source dictionary and to ... More
Flow-Sensitive Composition of Thread-Modular Abstract InterpretationSep 28 2017We propose a constraint-based flow-sensitive static analysis for concurrent programs by iteratively composing thread-modular abstract interpreters via the use of a system of lightweight constraints. Our method is compositional in that it first applies ... More
Isoperimetric type problems and Alexandrov-Fenchel type inequalities in the hyperbolic spaceApr 05 2013In this paper, we solve various isoperimetric problems for the quermassintegrals and the curvature integrals in the hyperbolic space $\H^n$, by using quermassintegral preserving curvature flows. As a byproduct, we obtain hyperbolic Alexandrov-Fenchel ... More
Non-canonical two-field inflation to order $ξ^2$Mar 31 2016In non-canonical two-field inflation models, deviations from the canonical model can be captured by a parameter $\xi$. We show this parameter is usually one half of the slow-roll order and analytically calculate the primordial power spectra to the precision ... More
Primordial perturbations generated by Higgs field and $R^2$ operatorJan 23 2017Dec 05 2017If the very early Universe is dominated by the non-minimally coupled Higgs field and Starobinsky's curvature-squared term together, the potential diagram would mimic the landscape of a valley, serving as a cosmological attractor. The inflationary dynamics ... More
An optimal anisotropic Poincaré inequality for convex domainsDec 19 2011In this paper, we prove a sharp lower bound of the first (nonzero) eigenvalue of Finsler-Laplacian with the Neumann boundary condition. Equivalently, we prove an optimal anisotropic Poincar\'e inequality for convex domains, which generalizes the result ... More
Elliptic estimates for Dirichlet-Neumann operator on a corner domainDec 10 2015Sep 24 2016We consider the elliptic estimates for Dirichlet-Neumann operator related to the water-wave problem on a two-dimensional corner domain in this paper. Due to the singularity of the boundary, there will be singular parts in the solution of the elliptic ... More
A classification of maximally symmetric surfaces in the 3-dimensional torusApr 07 2018If a finite group of orientation-preserving diffeomorphisms of the 3-dimensional torus leaves invariant an oriented, closed, embedded surface of genus g>1 and preserves the orientation of the surface, then its order is bounded from above by 12(g-1). In ... More
Semi-parametric Realized Nonlinear Conditional Autoregressive Expectile and Expected ShortfallJun 21 2019A joint conditional autoregressive expectile and Expected Shortfall framework is proposed. The framework is extended through incorporating a measurement equation which models the contemporaneous dependence between the realized measures and the latent ... More
Alternating Heegaard diagrams and Williams solenoid attractors in 3--manifoldsFeb 03 2015We find all Heegaard diagrams with the property "alternating" or "weakly alternating" on a genus two orientable closed surface. Using these diagrams we give infinitely many genus two 3--manifolds, each admits an automorphism whose non-wondering set consists ... More
A note on the regularity of the holes for permeability property through a perforated domain for the 2D Euler equationsApr 11 2019For equations of order two with the Dirichlet boundary condition, as the Laplace problem, the Stokes and the Navier-Stokes systems, perforated domains were only studied when the distance between the holes $d_{\varepsilon}$ is equal or much larger than ... More
Global classical solution to the Cauchy problem of 2D baratropic compressible Navier-Stokes system with large initial dataJul 20 2014For periodic initial data with initial density, we establish the global existence and uniqueness of strong and classical solutions for the two-dimensional compressible Navier-Stokes equations with no restrictions on the size of initial data provided the ... More
Non-canonical two-field inflation to order $ξ^2$Mar 31 2016Oct 05 2016In non-canonical two-field inflation models, deviations from the canonical model can be captured by a parameter $\xi$. We show this parameter is usually one half of the slow-roll order and analytically calculate the primordial power spectra accurate to ... More
Extended finite element methods for optimal control problems governed by Poisson equation in non-convex domainsMay 13 2018Aug 03 2018This paper analyzes two eXtended finite element methods (XFEMs) for linear quadratic optimal control problems governed by Poisson equation in non-convex domains. We follow the variational discretization concept to discretize the continuous problems, and ... More
Non-canonical two-field inflation to order $ξ^2$Mar 31 2016Dec 05 2017In non-canonical two-field inflation models, deviations from the canonical model can be captured by a parameter $\xi$. We show this parameter is usually one half of the slow-roll order and analytically calculate the primordial power spectra accurate to ... More
An interface-unfitted finite element method for elliptic interface optimal control problemMay 13 2018Jun 01 2018This paper develops and analyses numerical approximation for linear-quadratic optimal control problem governed by elliptic interface equations. We adopt variational discretization concept to discretize optimal control problem, and apply an interface-unfitted ... More
AutoEncoder Inspired Unsupervised Feature SelectionOct 23 2017Apr 09 2018High-dimensional data in many areas such as computer vision and machine learning tasks brings in computational and analytical difficulty. Feature selection which selects a subset from observed features is a widely used approach for improving performance ... More
Reformulation of Boundary BF Theory Approach to Statistical Explanation of the Entropy of Isolated HorizonsJun 09 2015It is shown in this paper that the symplectic form for the system consisting of $D$-dimensional bulk Palatini gravity and SO$(1,1)$ BF theory on an isolated horizon as a boundary just contains the bulk term. An alternative quantization procedure for the ... More
Orbits of antichains in certain root posetsJun 18 2016Sep 12 2017This paper gives another proof of Propp and Roby's theorem saying that the average antichain size in any reverse operator orbit of the poset $[m]\times [n]$ is $\frac{mn}{m+n}$. It is conceivable that our method should work for other situations. As a ... More
The entropy of isolated horizons in non-minimally coupling scalar field theory from BF theoryJul 31 2015In this paper, the entropy of isolated horizons in non-minimally coupling scalar field theory and in the scalar-tensor theory of gravitation is calculated by counting the degree of freedom of quantum states in loop quantum gravity. Instead of boundary ... More
The Entropy of Higher Dimensional Nonrotating Isolated Horizons from Loop Quantum GravitySep 03 2014In this paper, we extend the calculation of the entropy of the nonrotating isolated horizons in 4 dimensional spacetime to that in a higher dimensional spacetime. We show that the boundary degrees of freedom on an isolated horizon can be described effectively ... More
The Conformal Field Theory on the Horizon of BTZ Black HoleMar 27 2017In three dimensional spacetime with negative cosmology constant, the general relativity can be written as two copies of SO$(2,1)$ Chern-Simons theory. On a manifold with boundary the Chern-Simons theory induces a conformal field theory--WZW theory on ... More
BF theory explanation of the entropy for rotating isolated horizonsMay 14 2015Jul 05 2016In this paper, the isolated horizons with rotation are considered. It is shown that the symplectic form is the same as that in the nonrotating case. As a result, the boundary degrees of freedom can be also described by an SO$(1,1)$ BF theory. The entropy ... More
Local well-posedness of the vacuum free boundary of 3-D compressible Navier-Stokes equationsMay 23 2019In this paper, we consider the 3-D motion of viscous gas with the vacuum free boundary. We use the conormal derivative to establish local well-posedness of this system. One of important advantages in the paper is that we do not need any strong compatibility ... More
Mitigating Power Side Channels during CompilationFeb 25 2019The code generation modules inside modern compilers such as GCC and LLVM, which use a limited number of CPU registers to store a large number of program variables, may introduce side-channel leaks even in software equipped with state-of-the-art countermeasures. ... More
Minimal surfaces in the three dimensional sphere with high symmetryApr 15 2018Jul 05 2018Using the Lawson's existence theorem of minimal surfaces and the symmetries of the Hopf fibration, we will construct symmetric embedded closed minimal surfaces in the three dimensional sphere. These surfaces contain the Clifford torus, the Lawson's minimal ... More
A simple model for detection of rare sound eventsAug 20 2018We propose a simple recurrent model for detecting rare sound events, when the time boundaries of events are available for training. Our model optimizes the combination of an utterance-level loss, which classifies whether an event occurs in an utterance, ... More
Almost Sure and Moment Exponential Stability of Regime-Switching Jump DiffusionsJun 12 2017Aug 09 2017This work is devoted to almost sure and moment exponential stability of regime-switching jump diffusions. The Lyapunov function method is used to derive sufficient conditions for stabilities for general nonlinear systems; which further helps to derive ... More
Spin-Orbit Coupled Spinor Bose-Einstein CondensatesJun 26 2010Oct 26 2010An effective spin-orbit coupling can be generated in cold atom system by engineering atom-light interactions. In this letter we study spin-1/2 and spin-1 Bose-Einstein condensates with Rashba spin-orbit coupling, and find that the condensate wave function ... More
A pressure parametric dark energy modelJun 12 2018Jun 16 2018In this paper, we propose a new pressure parametric model of the total cosmos energy components in a spatially flat Friedmann-Robertson-Walker (FRW) universe and then reconstruct the model into quintessence and phantom scenarios, respectively. By constraining ... More
Global stability of large solutions to the 3D compressible Navier-Stokes equationsOct 30 2017The present paper aims at the investigation of the global stability of large solutions to the compressible Navier-Stokes equations in the whole space. Our main results and innovations can be concluded as follows: Under the assumption that the density ... More
TensorBeat: Tensor Decomposition for Monitoring Multi-Person Breathing Beats with Commodity WiFiFeb 06 2017Breathing signal monitoring can provide important clues for human's physical health problems. Comparing to existing techniques that require wearable devices and special equipment, a more desirable approach is to provide contact-free and long-term breathing ... More
$C^\infty$ local solutions of elliptical $2-$Hessian equation in $\mathbb{R}^3$Jun 13 2014In this work, we study the existence of $C^{\infty}$ local solutions to $2$-Hessian equation in $\mathbb{R}^{3}$. We consider the case that the right hand side function $f$ possibly vanishes, changes the sign, is positively or negatively defined. We also ... More
Deterministic switching of perpendicularly magnetic layers by spin orbital torque through stray field engineeringOct 20 2017We proposed a novel multilayer structure to realize the deterministic switching of perpendicularly magnetized layers by spin orbital torque from the spin Hall effect through stray field engineering. In our design, a pinned magnetic layer is introduced ... More
A Beale-Kato-Majda Blow-up criterion for the 3-D compressible Navier-Stokes equationsJan 08 2010We prove a blow-up criterion in terms of the upper bound of the density for the strong solution to the 3-D compressible Navier-Stokes equations. The initial vacuum is allowed. The main ingredient of the proof is \textit{a priori} estimate for an important ... More
Alexandrov-Fenchel inequalities for convex hypersurfaces with free boundary in a ballNov 14 2018In this paper we first introduce quermassintegrals for free boundary hypersurfaces in the $(n+1)$-dimensional Euclidean unit ball. Then we solve some related isoperimetric type problems for convex free boundary hypersurfaces, which lead to new Alexandrov-Fenchel ... More
Bayesian Optimal Data Detector for mmWave OFDM System with Low-Resolution ADCApr 12 2017Orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) has been widely used in communication systems operating in the millimeter wave (mmWave) band to combat frequency-selective fading and achieve multi-Gbps transmissions, such as IEEE 802.15.3c and IEEE 802.11ad. ... More
CANAL: A Cache Timing Analysis Framework via LLVM TransformationJul 09 2018A unified modeling framework for non-functional properties of a program is essential for research in software analysis and verification, since it reduces burdens on individual researchers to implement new approaches and compare existing approaches. We ... More
Chinese-Portuguese Machine Translation: A Study on Building Parallel Corpora from Comparable TextsApr 05 2018Although there are increasing and significant ties between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, there is not much parallel corpora in the Chinese-Portuguese language pair. Both languages are very populous, with 1.2 billion native Chinese speakers ... More
Accelerated Schemes for the $L_1/L_2$ MinimizationMay 22 2019In this paper, we consider the $L_1/L_2 $ minimization for sparse recovery and study its relationship with the $L_1$-$ \alpha L_2 $ model. Based on this relationship, we propose three numerical algorithms to minimize this ratio model, two of which work ... More
Topological Nonsymmorphic Crystalline SuperconductorsJun 26 2015Nov 26 2015Topological superconductors possess a nodeless superconducting gap in the bulk and gapless zero energy modes, known as "Majorana zero modes", at the boundary of a finite system. In this work, we introduce a new class of topological superconductors, which ... More
Exploring the deviation of cosmological constant by a generalized pressure dark energy modelMay 11 2019We bring forward a generalized pressure dark energy (GPDE) model to explore the evolution of the universe. This model has covered three common pressure parameterization types and can be reconstructed as quintessence and phantom scalar fields, respectively. ... More
Revealing the origin of super-Efimov states in the hyperspherical formalismDec 11 2014Sep 06 2015Super-Efimov states are a new kind of universal three-body bound states predicted for three identical fermions with $p$-wave resonant interactions in two dimensions by a recent field-theoretic calculation [Phys.~Rev.~Lett.~\textbf{110}, 235301 (2013)]. ... More
Reply to "Comment on 'Modified quantum-speed-limit bounds for open quantum dynamics in quantum channels'"May 05 2018The authors of the comment[Phys. Rev. A 97, 046101 (2018)] raise that the inconsistency in calculating some common quantum-speed-limit (QSL) bounds, which is presented in our paper [Phys. Rev. A 95, 052118 (2017)], does not exist in their paper [Phys. ... More
General solutions to equation $axb^*-bx^*a^*=c$ in rings with involutionAug 02 2008In [Q. Xu et al., The solutions to some operator equations, Linear Algebra Appl.(2008), doi:10.1016/j.laa.2008.05.034], Xu et al. provided the necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a solution to the equation $AXB^*-BX^*A^*=C$ in the ... More
A Logic of Knowing WhySep 21 2016Mar 14 2017When we say "I know why he was late", we know not only the fact that he was late, but also an explanation of this fact. We propose a logical framework of "knowing why" inspired by the existing formal studies on why-questions, scientific explanation, and ... More
Spontaneous surface magnetization and chiral Majorana modes in the $p\pm is$ superconductorsNov 14 2017Majorana fermions are often proposed to be realized by first singling out a single non-degenerate Fermi surface in spin-orbit coupled systems, and then imposing boundaries or defects. We take a different route starting with two degenerate Fermi surfaces ... More
Non-trivial intersecting families for finite affine spacesJan 17 2019Blokhuis et al. proved the Hilton-Milner theorem for vector space. In this paper, we prove the Hilton-Milner theorem for finite affine spaces.
Quasi-homography warps in image stitchingJan 27 2017Mar 18 2018The naturalness of warps is gaining extensive attentions in image stitching. Recent warps such as SPHP and AANAP, use global similarity warps to mitigate projective distortion (which enlarges regions), however, they necessarily bring in perspective distortion ... More
Model Reduction with Memory and the Machine Learning of Dynamical SystemsAug 10 2018The well-known Mori-Zwanzig theory tells us that model reduction leads to memory effect. For a long time, modeling the memory effect accurately and efficiently has been an important but nearly impossible task in developing a good reduced model. In this ... More
Charging Ultrasmall Tunnel Junctions in Electromagnetic EnvironmentNov 25 1997We have investigated the quantum admittance of an ultrasmall tunnel junction with arbitrary tunneling strength under an electromagnetic environment. Using the functional integral approach a close analytical expression of the quantum admittance is derived ... More
A Priori Estimates of the Population Risk for Residual NetworksMar 06 2019May 31 2019Optimal a priori estimates are derived for the population risk, also known as the generalization error, of a regularized residual network model. An important part of the regularized model is the usage of a new path norm, called the weighted path norm, ... More
Modified quantum-speed-limit bounds for open quantum dynamics in quantum channelsFeb 22 2017Feb 27 2017The minimal evolution time between two distinguishable states is of fundamental interest in quantum physics. Very recently Mirkin et al. argue that some most common quantum-speed-limit (QSL) bounds which depend on the actual evolution time do not cleave ... More
A Semi-parametric Realized Joint Value-at-Risk and Expected Shortfall Regression FrameworkJul 05 2018A new realized joint Value-at-Risk (VaR) and expected shortfall (ES) regression framework is proposed, through incorporating a measurement equation into the original joint VaR and ES regression model. The measurement equation models the contemporaneous ... More
Bayesian Realized-GARCH Models for Financial Tail Risk Forecasting Incorporating Two-sided Weibull DistributionJul 11 2017The realized GARCH framework is extended to incorporate the two-sided Weibull distribution, for the purpose of volatility and tail risk forecasting in a financial time series. Further, the realized range, as a competitor for realized variance or daily ... More
The Entropy of Nonrotating Isolated Horizons in Lovelock Theory from Loop Quantum GravityNov 02 2014Jun 17 2016In this paper, the BF theory method is applied to the nonrotating isolated horizons in Lovelock theory. The final entropy matches the Wald entropy formula for this theory. We also confirm the conclusion got by Bodendorfer et. al. that the entropy is related ... More
On Convergence to Stochastic IntegralsJun 24 2010Aug 01 2010Weak convergence of various general functionals of partial sums of dependent random variables to stochastic integral now play a major role in the modern statistics theory. In this paper, we obtain the weak convergence of various general functionals of ... More
Spectrum for Heavy Quankonia and Mixture of the Relevant Wave Functions within the Framework of Bethe-Salpeter EquationMar 19 2010Considering the fact that some excited states of the heavy quarkonia (charmonium and bottomonium) still missing in experimental observations and potential applications of the relevant wave functions of the bound states, we re-analyze the spectrum and ... More
Natural selection on human Y chromosomesOct 22 2013The paternally inherited Y chromosome has been widely used in population genetic studies to understand relationships among human populations. Our interpretation of Y chromosomal evidence about population history and genetics has rested on the assumption ... More
Metal-terminated Graphene NanoribbonsMay 17 2010Nov 29 2010We have investigated structure, electronic, and magnetic properties of metal-terminated zigzag graphene nanoribbons (M-ZGNRs) by first-principles calculations. Two families of metal terminations are studied: (1) 3d-transition metals (TMs) Fe, Co, and ... More
Multiuser Cellular NetworkDec 07 2011Modern radio communication is faced with a problem about how to distribute restricted frequency to users in a certain space. Since our task is to minimize the number of repeaters, a natural idea is enlarging coverage area. However, coverage has restrictions. ... More
The Enhanced Performance of C2H2 Gas Sensor based on Carbon-decorated SnO2 Nanoparticles via CVD methodSep 09 2015As a flammable and explosive industrial gas, C2H2 gas detection is necessary and significant. Herein, highly sensitive C2H2 gas sensor was initially fabricated by carbon-decorated SnO2 nanoparticles, which was prepared using CVD method with C2H2 Gas as ... More
Circuit Effect On The Current-Voltage Characteristics Of Ultrasmall Tunnel JunctionsMar 15 1999We have used the method of generating functional in imaginary time to derive the current-voltage characteristics of a tunnel junction with arbitrary tunneling conductance, connected in series with an external impedance and a voltage source. We have shown ... More
Symmetric graphs of valency seven and their basic normal quotient graphsJun 24 2019A graph $\Gamma$ is basic if Aut$\Gamma$ has no normal subgroup $N\ne1$ such that $\Gamma$ is a normal cover of the normal quotient graph $\Gamma_N$. In this paper, we completely determine the basic normal quotient graphs of all connected 7-valent symmetric ... More
Randomization Resilient To Sensitive ReconstructionFeb 15 2012With the randomization approach, sensitive data items of records are randomized to protect privacy of individuals while allowing the distribution information to be reconstructed for data analysis. In this paper, we distinguish between reconstruction that ... More
Perception-based energy functions in seam-cuttingJan 22 2017Image stitching is challenging in consumer-level photography, due to alignment difficulties in unconstrained shooting environment. Recent studies show that seam-cutting approaches can effectively relieve artifacts generated by local misalignment. Normally, ... More
Global patterns of sex-biased migrations in humansOct 29 2013A series of studies have revealed the among-population components of genetic variation are higher for the paternal Y chromosome than for the maternal mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA), which indicates sex-biased migrations in human populations. However, this ... More
General theory for Rydberg states of atoms: nonrelativistic caseJan 23 2017We carry out a complete derivation on nonrelativistic energies of atomic Rydberg states, including finite nuclear mass corrections. Several missing terms are found and a discrepancy is confirmed in the works of Drachman [in Long Range Casimir Forces: ... More
Modular Verification of Interrupt-Driven SoftwareSep 28 2017Interrupts have been widely used in safety-critical computer systems to handle outside stimuli and interact with the hardware, but reasoning about interrupt-driven software remains a difficult task. Although a number of static verification techniques ... More
Profitability of simple stationary technical trading rules with high-frequency data of Chinese Index FuturesOct 20 2017Technical trading rules have been widely used by practitioners in financial markets for a long time. The profitability remains controversial and few consider the stationarity of technical indicators used in trading rules. We convert MA, KDJ and Bollinger ... More
Adversarial Symbolic Execution for Detecting Concurrency-Related Cache Timing LeaksJul 09 2018The timing characteristics of cache, a high-speed storage between the fast CPU and the slowmemory, may reveal sensitive information of a program, thus allowing an adversary to conduct side-channel attacks. Existing methods for detecting timing leaks either ... More
Stochastic Canonical Correlation AnalysisFeb 21 2017We tightly analyze the sample complexity of CCA, provide a learning algorithm that achieves optimal statistical performance in time linear in the required number of samples (up to log factors), as well as a streaming algorithm with similar guarantees. ... More
Graphs in the 3--sphere with maximum symmetryOct 03 2015Oct 24 2017We consider the orientation-preserving actions of finite groups $G$ on pairs $(S^3, \Gamma)$, where $\Gamma$ is a connected graph of genus $g>1$, embedded in $S^3$. For each $g$ we give the maximum order $m_g$ of such $G$ acting on $(S^3, \Gamma)$ for ... More
Pipeline Generative Adversarial Networks for Facial Images Generation with Multiple AttributesNov 29 2017Generative Adversarial Networks are proved to be efficient on various kinds of image generation tasks. However, it is still a challenge if we want to generate images precisely. Many researchers focus on how to generate images with one attribute. But image ... More
Micro-modulated luminescence tomographyNov 17 2013Imaging depth of optical microscopy has been fundamentally limited to millimeter or sub-millimeter due to light scattering. X-ray microscopy can resolve spatial details of few microns deeply inside a sample but the contrast resolution is still inadequate ... More
A Survey of FPGA Based Deep Learning Accelerators: Challenges and OpportunitiesDec 25 2018With the rapid development of in-depth learning, neural network and deep learning algorithms have been widely used in various fields, e.g., image, video and voice processing. However, the neural network model is getting larger and larger, which is expressed ... More
Chinese Song Iambics Generation with Neural Attention-based ModelApr 21 2016Jun 21 2016Learning and generating Chinese poems is a charming yet challenging task. Traditional approaches involve various language modeling and machine translation techniques, however, they perform not as well when generating poems with complex pattern constraints, ... More
Embedding compact surfaces into the 3-dimensional Euclidean space with maximum symmetryFeb 10 2017Mar 31 2017The symmetries of surfaces which can be embedded into the symmetries of the 3-dimensional Euclidean space $\mathbb{R}^3$ are easier to feel by human's intuition. We give the maximum order of finite group actions on $(\mathbb{R}^3, \Sigma)$ among all possible ... More
Bordered surfaces in the 3-sphere with maximum symmetryOct 24 2017We consider orientation-preserving actions of finite groups $G$ on pairs $(S^3, \Sigma)$, where $\Sigma$ denotes a compact connected surface embedded in $S^3$. In a previous paper, we considered the case of closed, necessarily orientable surfaces, determined ... More
Multimodal and Multi-view Models for Emotion RecognitionJun 24 2019Studies on emotion recognition (ER) show that combining lexical and acoustic information results in more robust and accurate models. The majority of the studies focus on settings where both modalities are available in training and evaluation. However, ... More
Prediction for $5^{++}$ mesonsOct 04 2018Jan 23 2019In this paper, we study the spectrum and decay behavior of $5^{++}$ meson family which is still missing in experiment. By the modified Godfrey-Isgur model with a color screening effect, we obtain the mass spectrum of $a_5$, $f_5$ and $f_5^\prime$ mesons. ... More
Degrees of Freedom of Multi-hop MIMO Broadcast Networks with Delayed CSITOct 12 2012We study the sum degrees of freedom (DoF) of a class of multi-layer relay-aided MIMO broadcast networks with delayed channel state information at transmitters (CSIT). In the assumed network a K-antenna source intends to communicate to K single-antenna ... More
Embedding periodic maps on surfaces into those on $S^3$Feb 05 2013Call a periodic map $h$ on the closed orientable surface $\Sigma_g$ extendable if $h$ extends to a periodic map over the pair $(S^3, \Sigma_g)$ for possible embeddings $e: \Sigma_g\to S^3$. We determine the extendabilities for all periodical maps on $\Sigma_2$. ... More
Distributed Simulation Platform for Autonomous DrivingMay 31 2017Autonomous vehicle safety and reliability are the paramount requirements when developing autonomous vehicles. These requirements are guaranteed by massive functional and performance tests. Conducting these tests on real vehicles is extremely expensive ... More
R-CRNN: Region-based Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network for Audio Event DetectionAug 20 2018This paper proposes a Region-based Convolutional Recurrent Neural Network (R-CRNN) for audio event detection (AED). The proposed network is inspired by Faster-RCNN, a well known region-based convolutional network framework for visual object detection. ... More
The $B_c$ Decays to $P$-wave Charmonium by Improved Bethe-Salpeter ApproachJul 03 2011Feb 06 2012We re-calculate the exclusive semileptonic and nonleptonic decays of $B_c$ meson to a $P$-wave charmonium in terms of the improved Bethe-Salpeter (B-S) approach, which is developed recently. Here the widths for the exclusive semileptonic and nonleptonic ... More
The most symmetric surfaces in the 3-torusMar 26 2016Suppose an orientation preserving action of a finite group $G$ on the closed surface $\Sigma_g$ of genus $g>1$ extends over the 3-torus $T^3$ for some embedding $\Sigma_g\subset T^3$. Then $|G|\le 12(g-1)$, and this upper bound $12(g-1)$ can be achieved ... More
Efficient methods to determine the reversibility of general 1D linear cellular automata in polynomial complexityJul 13 2019In this paper, we study reversibility of one-dimensional(1D) linear cellular automata(LCA) under null boundary condition, whose core problems have been divided into two main parts: calculating the period of reversibility and verifying the reversibility ... More