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Sensitivity of the PICO-500 Bubble Chamber to Supernova Neutrinos Through Coherent Nuclear Elastic ScatteringJun 04 2018Nov 05 2018Ton-scale direct dark matter search experiments should be sensitive to neutrino-induced recoil events from either $^8$B solar neutrinos or the brief but intense flux from a core collapse supernova in the Milky Way. These low-threshold detectors are sensitive ... More
Recent HERMES Results on DVCSMay 09 2005The interference of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) and Bremsstrahlung leads to a beam-charge asymmetry that can be observed for exclusive photon production in the collision of high energy leptons and nucleons/nuclei. Recent results for a hydrogen ... More
Impact of a XENONnT Signal on LHC Dijet SearchesDec 04 2018Jul 10 2019It is well-known that dark matter (DM) direct detection experiments and the LHC are complementary, since they probe physical processes occurring at different energy scales. And yet, there are aspects of this complementarity which are still not fully understood, ... More
Constraints on Simplified Models for Dark Matter from LHC Dijet SearchesDec 04 2018We present a reanalysis of the latest results from CMS dijet searches for an integrated luminosity of 36 fb${}^{-1}$ together with preliminary results for 78 fb${}^{-1}$ in the framework of simplified models for dark matter interacting with quarks through ... More
Modeling emission of acoustic energy during bubble expansion in PICO bubble chambersJun 11 2019The PICO experiment uses bubble chambers filled with superheated C$_3$F$_8$ for spin-dependent WIMP dark matter searches. One of the main sources of background in these detectors is alpha particles from decays of environmental $^{222}\mathrm{Rn}$, which ... More
Optical performance monitoring at 640Gb/s via slow-light in a silicon nanowireMay 13 2015We demonstrate optical performance monitoring of in-band optical signal to noise ratio (OSNR) and residual dispersion, at bit rates of 40Gb/s, 160Gb/s and 640Gb/s, using slow-light enhanced optical third harmonic generation (THG) in a compact (80 micron) ... More
Adelic Geometry and PolarityNov 17 2011In the present paper we generalise transference theorems from the classical geometry of numbers to the geometry of numbers over the ring of adeles of a number field. To this end we introduce a notion of polarity for adelic convex bodies.
Strangeness in strongly interacting matterDec 29 2001Feb 07 2002This talk is devoted to review the field of strangeness production in (ultra-)relativistic heavy ion collisions within our present theoretical understanding. Historically there have been (at least) three major ideas for the interest in the production ... More
Physics of Strange MatterSep 04 1998Relativistic heavy ion collisions offer the possibility to produce exotic metastable states of nuclear matter containing (roughly) equal number of strangeness compared to the content in baryon number. The reasoning of both their stability and existence, ... More
Charge and Magnetization Inhomogeneities in Diluted Magnetic SemiconductorsSep 26 2005Mar 29 2006It is predicted that III-V diluted magnetic semiconductors can exhibit stripe-like modulations of magnetization and carrier concentration. This inhomogeneity results from the strong dependence of the magnetization on the carrier concentration. Within ... More
Generalization of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless theory to higher vortex densitiesFeb 23 1996The Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless theory for superfluid films is generalized in a straightforward way that (a) corrects for overlapping vortex-antivortex pairs at high pair density and (b) utilizes a dielectric approximation for the polarization of ... More
Quantum dot self-assembly driven by a surfactant-induced morphological instabilityMar 15 2017In strained heteroepitaxy, two-dimensional (2D) layers can exhibit a critical thickness at which three-dimensional (3D) islands self-assemble, relieving misfit strain at the cost of an increased surface area. Here we show that such a morphological phase ... More
Photonic bandgap plasmonic waveguidesApr 27 2011A novel type of a plasmonic waveguide has been proposed featuring an "open" design that is easy to manufacture, simple to excite and that offers a convenient access to a plasmonic mode. Optical properties of photonic bandgap (PBG) plasmonic waveguides ... More
The State and Future of Genetic ImprovementJun 27 2019We report the discussion session at the sixth international Genetic Improvement workshop, GI-2019 @ ICSE, which was held as part of the 41st ACM/IEEE International Conference on Software Engineering on Tuesday 28th May 2019. Topics included GI representations, ... More
Signatures of the quark gluon plasma: a personal overviewDec 28 2000We first discuss, on a no-QGP basis, the two prominent indications of (a) enhanced strangeness production and of (b) anomalous $J/\psi $-suppression: We elaborate in particular on a recent idea of antihyperon production solely by multi-mesonic reactions. ... More
Do chemically saturated antihyperon abundancies signal the quark gluon plasma?Nov 07 2000We first review the production and the possible chemical equilibration of strange particles at CERN-SPS energies within a microscopic hadronic transport calculation. It is shown in particular that the strange quarks are produced initially via string excitations ... More
Efficient Farthest-Point Queries in Two-Terminal Series-Parallel NetworksMar 05 2015Jul 29 2015Consider the continuum of points along the edges of a network, i.e., a connected, undirected graph with positive edge weights. We measure the distance between these points in terms of the weighted shortest path distance, called the network distance. Within ... More
The Einstein-Vlasov system in spherical symmetry II: spherical perturbations of static solutionsAug 23 2017We reduce the equations governing the spherically symmetric perturbations of static spherically symmetric solutions of the Einstein-Vlasov system (with either massive or massless particles) to a single stratified wave equation $-\psi_{,tt}=H\psi$, with ... More
A Magnus theorem for some amalgamated productsJan 16 2017A group $G$ possesses the Magnus property if for every two elements $u,v \in G$ with the same normal closure, $u$ is conjugate in $G$ to $v$ or $v^{-1}$. We prove the Magnus property for some amalgamated products including the fundamental group of a closed ... More
The Einstein-Vlasov system in spherical symmetry: reduction of the equations of motion and classification of single-shell static solutions, in the limit of massless particlesOct 27 2016Dec 19 2016We express the Einstein-Vlasov system in spherical symmetry in terms of a dimensionless momentum variable $z$ (radial over angular momentum). This regularises the limit of massless particles, and in that limit allows us to obtain a reduced system in independent ... More
The square of a planar cubic graph is $7$-colorableAug 15 2017We prove the conjecture made by G.Wegner in 1977 that the square of every planar, cubic graph is $7$-colorable. Here, $7$ cannot be replaced by $6$.
Review of Indirect WIMP Search ExperimentsOct 15 2012Observational evidence for dark matter can be explained by Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs). These dark matter particle candidates could indirectly be detected through the observation of signals produced as part of WIMP annihilations or decays. ... More
Effect of material stiffness on intermodulation response in dynamic atomic force microscopyFeb 22 2013We perform simulations and experiments on an oscillating atomic force microscope cantilever approaching a surface, where the intermodulation response of the cantilever driven with two pure harmonic tones is investigated. In the simulations, the tip and ... More
Collective effects in microscopic transport modelsSep 06 2002We give a reminder on the major inputs of microscopic hadronic transport models and on the physics aims when describing various aspects of relativistic heavy ion collisions at SPS energies. We then first stress that the situation of particle ratios being ... More
Nano-scale thermal transfer -- an invitation to fluctuation electrodynamicsSep 27 2016An electromagnetic theory of thermal radiation is outlined, based on the fluctuation electrodynamics of Rytov and co-workers. We discuss the basic concepts and the status of different approximations. The physical content is illustrated with a few examples ... More
A streamlined difference ring theory: Indefinite nested sums, the alternating sign and the parameterized telescoping problemDec 08 2014Jan 30 2015We present an algebraic framework to represent indefinite nested sums over hypergeometric expressions in difference rings. In order to accomplish this task, parts of Karr's difference field theory have been extended to a ring theory in which also the ... More
Status of Dark Matter Searches (Rapporteur Talk)Dec 02 2017This article reviews the status of the field of dark matter as of summer 2017, when it was discussed at 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2017) in Busan, Korea. It is the write-up of a rapporteur talk on the status of dark matter searches ... More
Reversibility Violation in the Hybrid Monte Carlo AlgorithmOct 20 2017Feb 06 2018We investigate reversibility violations in the Hybrid Monte Carlo algorithm. Those violations are inevitable when computers with finite numerical precision are being used. In SU(2) gauge theory, we study the dependence of observables on the size of the ... More
Large Slow Roll Parameters in Single Field InflationAug 14 2015May 01 2016We initially consider two simple situations where inflationary slow roll parameters are large and modes no longer freeze out shortly after exiting the horizon, treating both cases analytically. We then consider applications to transient phases where the ... More
Bottom-quark mass effects in associated production with $Z$ and $H$ bosonsJun 30 2017In this study, predictions obtained in the four and in the five flavour schemes are compared for two important processes involving heavy flavours at the LHC: the production of a $Z$ or a Higgs boson in association with $b$ quarks. In particular we obtain ... More
Motor-free actin bundle contractility driven by molecular crowdingMar 10 2015Modeling approaches of suspended, rod-like particles and recent experimental data have shown that depletion forces display different signatures depending on the orientation of these particles. It has been shown that axial attraction of two rods yields ... More
Extracting Particle Physics Information from Direct Detection of Dark Matter with Minimal AssumptionsJan 25 2018In the absence of direct accelerator data to constrain particle models, and given existing astrophysical uncertainties associated with the phase space distribution of WIMP dark matter in our galactic halo, extracting information on fundamental particle ... More
Distinguishing b-quark and gluon jets with a tagged b-hadronDec 16 2015Based on the knowledge of the QCD radiation pattern, observables to distinguish jets containing one and two $b$-hadrons are discussed. A simple method is used to combine pairs of the most sensitive observables, girth, number of charged tracks and the ... More
Cosmic Variance in CMB Anisotropies: From $1^{\circ}$ to COBEMar 19 1993Sep 03 1993Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropies that result from quantum fluctuations during inflation are explored and the impact of their ``cosmic variance'' on the ability to use existing data to probe inflationary models is studied. We calculate the ... More
Benchmarking the Robustness of Semantic Segmentation ModelsAug 14 2019When designing a semantic segmentation module for a practical application, such as autonomous driving, it is crucial to understand the robustness of the module with respect to a wide range of image corruptions. While there are recent robustness studies ... More
Asymptotic and exact results on the complexity of the Novelli-Pak-Stoyanovskii algorithmJun 24 2016May 24 2017The Novelli-Pak-Stoyanovskii algorithm is a sorting algorithm for Young tableaux of a fixed shape that was originally devised to give a bijective proof of the hook-length formula. We obtain new asymptotic results on the average case and worst case complexity ... More
Uniform Approximation of Solutions by Elimination of Intermediate Species in Deterministic Reaction NetworksSep 06 2016Sep 07 2017Chemical reactions often proceed through the formation and the consumption of intermediate species. An example is the creation and subsequent degradation of the substrate-enzyme complexes in an enzymatic reaction. In this paper we provide a setting, based ... More
The Peculiar-Velocity-Field in Structure Formation Theories with Cosmic StringsOct 29 1997We investigate the peculiar velocity field due to long cosmic strings in several cosmological models and analyse the influence of a nonscaling behaviour of the string network, which is expected in open cosmological models or models with a cosmological ... More
Suppression of light propagation in a medium made of randomly arranged dielectric spheresOct 22 2008Light propagation in a medium made of densely packed dielectric spheres is investigated by using a rigorous diffraction theory. It is shown that a substantial suppression of the local density of states occurs in spectral domains where the single constituents ... More
Complex interpolation of spaces of operators on l_1Aug 18 1999Within the theory of complex interpolation and theta-Hilbert spaces we extend classical results of Kwapien on absolutely (r,1)-summing operators on l_1 with values in l_p as well as their natural extensions for mixing operators invented by Maurey. Furthermore, ... More
"Fully covariant radiation force on a polarizable particle" - Reply to the Comment by Volokitin and PerssonJul 19 2014We argue that the theories of Volokitin and Persson [Comment arXiv:1405:2525], of Dedkov and Kyasov [J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 20 (2008) 354006], and Pieplow and Henkel [New J. Phys. 15 (2013) 023027] agree on the electromagnetic force on a small, polarizable ... More
Associahedra via spinesJul 16 2013Dec 05 2017An associahedron is a polytope whose vertices correspond to triangulations of a convex polygon and whose edges correspond to flips between them. Using labeled polygons, C. Hohlweg and C. Lange constructed various realizations of the associahedron with ... More
Axioms of adaptivity for separate markingJun 07 2016Mixed finite element methods with flux errors in $H(div)$-norms and div-least-squares finite element methods require a separate marking strategy in obligatory adaptive mesh-refining. The refinement indicator $\sigma^2(\mathcal T,K)=\eta^2(\mathcal T,K)+\mu^2(K)$ ... More
Intermittency for the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseJul 16 2017Jun 29 2018We investigate the moment asymptotics of the solution to the stochastic heat equation driven by a $(d+1)$-dimensional L\'evy space--time white noise. Unlike the case of Gaussian noise, the solution typically has no finite moments of order $1+2/d$ or higher. ... More
General theory for stochastic admixture graphs and F-statisticsJul 19 2018We provide a general mathematical framework based on the theory of graphical models to study admixture graphs. Admixture graphs are used to describe the ancestral relationships between past and present populations, allowing for population merges and migration ... More
A static higher-order dependency pair frameworkFeb 15 2019Apr 04 2019We revisit the static dependency pair method for proving termination of higher-order term rewriting and extend it in a number of ways: (1) We introduce a new rewrite formalism designed for general applicability in termination proving of higher-order rewriting, ... More
The unified higher-order dependency pair frameworkMay 23 2018In recent years, two higher-order extensions of the powerful dependency pair approach for termination analysis of first-order term rewriting have been defined: the static and the dynamic approach. Both approaches offer distinct advantages and disadvantages. ... More
Theoretical Review of Charmonium Production with Different $p_T$ in the Hot MediumJan 26 2019Charmonia with different transverse momentum $p_T$ usually comes from different mechanisms in the relativistic heavy ion collisions. This work tries to review the theoretical studies on quarkonium evolutions in the deconfined medium produced in p-Pb and ... More
Universal recursive formulae for Q-curvaturesApr 17 2008Dec 10 2009We formulate and discuss two conjectures concerning recursive formulae for Branson's $Q$-curvatures. The proposed formulae describe all $Q$-curvatures on manifolds of all even dimensions in terms of respective lower order $Q$-curvatures and lower order ... More
Topology of Hom complexes and test graphs for bounding chromatic numberJul 29 2009Mar 23 2010We introduce new methods for understanding the topology of $\Hom$ complexes (spaces of homomorphisms between two graphs), mostly in the context of group actions on graphs and posets. We view $\Hom(T,-)$ and $\Hom(-,G)$ as functors from graphs to posets, ... More
A Derivative-Free Approach to Total Variation RegularizationNov 06 2009The goal of this paper is to present a novel approach for total variation regularization and Sobolev minimization, which are prominent tools for variational imaging. Thereby we use derivative free characterizations of the total variation semi-norm and ... More
Efficient Rare Event Simulation by Optimal Nonequilibrium ForcingAug 15 2012Aug 17 2012Rare event simulation and estimation for systems in equilibrium are among the most challenging topics in molecular dynamics. As was shown by Jarzynski and others, nonequilibrium forcing can theoretically be used to obtain equilibrium rare event statistics. ... More
Normal approximation of the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseDec 03 2018Jul 14 2019Given a sequence $\dot{L}^{\varepsilon}$ of L\'evy noises, we derive necessary and sufficient conditions in terms of their variances $\sigma^2(\varepsilon)$ such that the solution to the stochastic heat equation with noise $\sigma(\varepsilon)^{-1} \dot{L}^\varepsilon$ ... More
Locally finite extensions and Gesztesy-Šeba realizations for the Dirac operator on a metric graphJun 11 2018We study extensions of direct sums of symmetric operators $S=\oplus_{n\in\mathbb{N}} S_n$. In general there is no natural boundary triplet for $S^*$ even if there is one for every $S_n^*$, $n\in\mathbb{N}$. We consider a subclass of extensions of $S$ ... More
Theory for transport through a single magnetic molecule: Endohedral N@C60Oct 25 2004Apr 19 2005We consider transport through a single N@C60 molecule, weakly coupled to metallic leads. Employing a density-matrix formalism we derive rate equations for the occupation probabilities of many-particle states of the molecule. We calculate the current-voltage ... More
On Gravity, Holography and the QuantumJan 17 2000Jan 20 2000The holographic principle states that the number of degrees of freedom describing the physics inside a volume (including gravity) is bounded by the area of the boundary (also called the screen) which encloses this volume. A stronger statement is that ... More
Cosmic String Network Evolution in arbitrary Friedmann-Lemaitre modelsMay 26 1997We use the velocity-dependent one-scale model by Martins & Shellard to investigate the evolution of a GUT long cosmic string network in arbitrary Friedmann-Lemaitre models. Four representative models are used to show that in general there is no scaling ... More
Polynomial Interpretations for Higher-Order RewritingMar 26 2012The termination method of weakly monotonic algebras, which has been defined for higher-order rewriting in the HRS formalism, offers a lot of power, but has seen little use in recent years. We adapt and extend this method to the alternative formalism of ... More
Update Strength in EDAs and ACO: How to Avoid Genetic DriftJul 14 2016Jul 15 2016We provide a rigorous runtime analysis concerning the update strength, a vital parameter in probabilistic model-building GAs such as the step size $1/K$ in the compact Genetic Algorithm (cGA) and the evaporation factor $\rho$ in ACO. While a large update ... More
A global convergence result for processive multisite phosphorylation systemsApr 22 2014Oct 22 2014Multisite phosphorylation plays an important role in intracellular signaling. There has been much recent work aimed at understanding the dynamics of such systems when the phosphorylation/dephosphorylation mechanism is distributive, that is, when the binding ... More
Estimating nonlinear regression errors without doing regressionApr 11 2014A method for estimating nonlinear regression errors and their distributions without performing regression is presented. Assuming continuity of the modeling function the variance is given in terms of conditional probabilities extracted from the data. For ... More
Femtosecond filamentation by intensity clamping at a Freeman resonanceDec 17 2014We demonstrate that Freeman resonances have a strong impact on the nonlinear optical response in femtosecond filaments. These resonances decrease the transient refractive index within a narrow intensity window and strongly affect the filamentation dynamics. ... More
Towards a symbolic summation theory for unspecified sequencesSep 18 2018The article addresses the problem whether indefinite double sums involving a generic sequence can be simplified in terms of indefinite single sums. Depending on the structure of the double sum, the proposed summation machinery may provide such a simplification ... More
Approximating the frequency dependence of the effective interaction in the functional renormalization group for many-fermion systemsMar 22 2018The functional renormalization group has become a widely used tool for the analysis of the leading low-temperature correlations in weakly to moderately coupled many-fermion lattice systems. A bottleneck for quantitatively more precise results is that ... More
Learning Less is More - 6D Camera Localization via 3D Surface RegressionNov 28 2017Mar 27 2018Popular research areas like autonomous driving and augmented reality have renewed the interest in image-based camera localization. In this work, we address the task of predicting the 6D camera pose from a single RGB image in a given 3D environment. With ... More
Denominator Bounds for Systems of Recurrence Equations using $ΠΣ$-ExtensionsApr 30 2017We consider linear systems of recurrence equations whose coefficients are given in terms of indefinite nested sums and products covering, e.g., the harmonic numbers, hypergeometric products, $q$-hypergeometric products or their mixed versions. These linear ... More
Discretization error estimates for penalty formulations of a linearized Canham-Helfrich type energyMar 20 2017Sep 26 2017This paper is concerned with minimization of a fourth-order linearized Canham-Helfrich energy subject to Dirichlet boundary conditions on curves inside the domain. Such problems arise in the modeling of the mechanical interaction of biomembranes with ... More
Graph-theoretic analysis of multistationarity using degree theoryNov 11 2014Biochemical mechanisms with mass action kinetics are often modeled by systems of polynomial differential equations (DE). Determining directly if the DE system has multiple equilibria (multistationarity) is difficult for realistic systems, since they are ... More
The Shortlist Method for Fast Computation of the Earth Mover's Distance and Finding Optimal Solutions to Transportation ProblemsMay 30 2014Finding solutions to the classical transportation problem is of great importance, since this optimization problem arises in many engineering and computer science applications. Especially the Earth Mover's Distance is used in a plethora of applications ... More
Spectral Points of Type $π_+$ and Type $π_-$ of Closed Operators in Indefinite Inner Product SpacesMay 09 2014We introduce the notion of spectral points of type $\pi_+$ and type $\pi_-$ of closed operators $A$ in a Hilbert space which is equipped with an indefinite inner product. It is shown that these points are stable under compact perturbations. In the second ... More
Unsupervised adaptation of brain machine interface decodersJun 16 2012The performance of neural decoders can degrade over time due to nonstationarities in the relationship between neuronal activity and behavior. In this case, brain-machine interfaces (BMI) require adaptation of their decoders to maintain high performance ... More
Dynamics of dense hard sphere colloidal systems: a numerical analysisJan 22 2019Mar 07 2019The applicability to dense hard sphere colloidal suspensions of a general coarse-graining approach called Record Dynamics (RD) is tested by extensive molecular dynamics simulations. We reproduce known results as logarithmic diffusion and the logarithmic ... More
Normal approximation of the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseDec 03 2018Given a sequence $\dot{L}^{\varepsilon}$ of L\'evy noises, we derive necessary and sufficient conditions in terms of their variances $\sigma^2(\varepsilon)$ such that the solution to the stochastic heat equation with noise $\sigma(\varepsilon)^{-1} \dot{L}^\varepsilon$ ... More
On linear relations for Dirichlet series formed by recursive sequences of second orderMay 08 2018Let $F_n$ and $L_n$ be the Fibonacci and Lucas numbers, respectively. Four corresponding zeta functions in $s$ are defined by \[\zeta_F(s) \,:=\, \sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{1}{F_n^s}\,,\quad \zeta_F^*(s) \,:=\,\sum_{n=1}^{\infty} \frac{{(-1)}^{n+1}}{F_n^s}\,,\quad ... More
Inherited and flatband-induced ordering in twisted graphene bilayersJul 23 2019The nature of the insulating and superconducting states in twisted bilayer graphene systems is intensely debated. While many works seek for explanations in the few flat bands near the Fermi level, theory and a number of experiments suggest that nontwisted ... More
On the geometry and quantization of symplectic Howe pairsOct 05 2009We study the orbit structure and the geometric quantization of a pair of mutually commuting hamiltonian actions on a symplectic manifold. If the pair of actions fulfils a symplectic Howe condition, we show that there is a canonical correspondence between ... More
Operator based approach to PT-symmetric problems on a wedge-shaped contourFeb 21 2019We consider a second-order differential equation $$ -y''(z)-(iz)^{N+2}y(z)=\lambda y(z), \quad z\in \Gamma $$ with an eigenvalue parameter $\lambda \in \mathbb{C}$. In $\mathcal{PT}$ quantum mechanics $z$ runs through a complex contour $\Gamma\subset ... More
Combinatorial Inequalities and Subspaces of L1Apr 26 2012Let M and N be Orlicz functions. We establish some combinatorial inequalities and show that the product spaces l^n_M(l^n_N) are uniformly isomorphic to subspaces of L_1 if M and N are "separated" by a function t^r, 1<r<2.
Computer algebra tools for Feynman integrals and related multi-sumsSep 17 2018In perturbative calculations, e.g., in the setting of Quantum Chromodynamics (QCD) one aims at the evaluation of Feynman integrals. Here one is often faced with the problem to simplify multiple nested integrals or sums to expressions in terms of indefinite ... More
Velocity fields in and around sunspots at the highest resolutionSep 10 2010The flows in and around sunspots are rich in detail. Starting with the Evershed flow along low-lying flow channels, which are cospatial with the horizontal penumbral magnetic fields, Evershed clouds may continue this motion at the periphery of the sunspot ... More
Realizations of the associahedron and cyclohedronOct 27 2005Sep 14 2006We describe many different realizations with integer coordinates for the associahedron (i.e. the Stasheff polytope) and for the cyclohedron (i.e. the Bott-Taubes polytope) and compare them to the permutahedron of type A_n and B_n respectively. The coordinates ... More
Solar WIMPs Unraveled: Experiments, astrophysical uncertainties, and interactive ToolsSep 28 2015The absence of a neutrino flux from self-annihilating dark matter captured in the Sun has tightly constrained some leading particle dark matter scenarios. The impact of astrophysical uncertainties on the capture process of dark matter in the Sun and hence ... More
Hierarchical XPSep 22 2014XP is a light-weight methodology suited particularly for small-sized teams that develop software which has only vague or rapidly changing requirements. The discipline of systems engineering knows it as approach of incremental system change or also of ... More
Higher-order approximations of the residual-mean eddy streamfunction and the quasi-Stokes streamfunctionMay 02 2016The series expansion of the residual-mean eddy streamfunction and the quasi-Stokes streamfunction are compared up to third order in buoyancy perturbation, both formally and by using several idealised eddy-permitting zonal channel model experiments. In ... More
Note on adelic triangulations and an Adelic Blichfeldt-type inequalityMay 22 2014We introduce a notion of convex hull and polytope into adele space. This allows to consider adelic triangulations which, in particular, lead to an adelic blichfeldt-type inequality, complementing former results.
Topological surface states and Andreev bound states in superconducting iron pnictidesMay 07 2014Aug 05 2014The nontrivial topology of the electronic structure of iron pnictides can lead to the appearance of surface states. We study such states in various strip geometries with a focus on the superconducting phase. In the presence of unconventional superconducting ... More
Horizontal flow fields observed in Hinode G-band images IV. Statistical properties of the dynamical environment around poresJan 20 2014The extensive database of high-resolution G-band images observed with the Hinode/SOT is a unique resource to derive statistical properties of pores using advanced digital image processing techniques. The study is based on two data sets: (1) Photometric ... More
Self-energy feedback and frequency-dependent interactions in the functional renormalization group flow for the two-dimensional Hubbard modelSep 18 2012We study the impact of including the self-energy feedback and frequency-dependent interactions on functional renormalization group grows for the two-dimensional Hubbard model on the square lattice at weak to moderate coupling strength. Previous studies ... More
The Influence of the Generator's License on Generated ArtifactsDec 09 2014Open sourcing modelling tools and generators becomes more and more important as open source software as a whole becomes more important. We evaluate the impact open source licenses of code generators have on the intellectual property (IP) of generated ... More
Interference Effects in Bethe-Heitler Pair Creation in a Bichromatic Laser FieldAug 19 2013We study the creation of electron-positron pairs in the superposition of a nuclear Coulomb field and a two-color laser field of high intensity. Our focus lies on quantum interference effects, which may arise if the two laser frequencies are commensurable. ... More
Topological Surface States in Paramagnetic and Antiferromagnetic Iron PnictidesMay 08 2013Aug 06 2014The electronic structure of iron pnictides is topologically nontrivial, leading to the appearance of Dirac cones in the band structure for the antiferromagnetic phase. Motivated by the analogy with Dirac cones in graphene, we explore the possible existence ... More
Separating the Real from the Synthetic: Minutiae Histograms as Fingerprints of FingerprintsApr 19 2013Oct 15 2014In this study we show that by the current state-of-the-art synthetically generated fingerprints can easily be discriminated from real fingerprints. We propose a method based on second order extended minutiae histograms (MHs) which can distinguish between ... More
Infinite-dimensional bilinear and stochastic balanced truncation with error boundsJun 14 2018Nov 26 2018Along the ideas of Curtain and Glover, we extend the balanced truncation method for infinite-dimensional linear systems to bilinear and stochastic systems. Specifically , we apply Hilbert space techniques used in many-body quantum mechanics to establish ... More
Density-functional theory for systems with noncollinear spin: orbital-dependent exchange-correlation functionals and their application to the Hubbard dimerMay 16 2018A new class of orbital-dependent exchange-correlation (xc) potentials for applications in noncollinear spin-density-functional theory is developed. Starting from the optimized effective potential (OEP) formalism for the exact exchange potential - generalized ... More
BlurRingMay 15 2018A code package, BlurRing, is developed as a method to allow for multi-dimensional likelihood visualisation. From the BlurRing visualisation additional information about the likelihood can be extracted. The spread in any direction of the overlaid likelihood ... More
Flavor-singlet meson decay constants from $N_f=2+1+1$ twisted mass lattice QCDOct 22 2017Mar 18 2018We present an improved analysis of our lattice data for the $\eta$--$\eta'$ system, including a correction of the relevant correlation functions for residual topological finite size effects and employing consistent chiral and continuum fits. From this ... More
The Diffusion of Humans and Cultures in the Course of the Spread of FarmingFeb 22 2017The most profound change in the relationship between humans and their environment was the introduction of agriculture and pastoralism. [....] For an understanding of the expansion process, it appears appropriate to apply a diffusive model. Broadly, these ... More
The Method of Arbitrarily Large Moments to Calculate Single Scale Processes in Quantum Field TheoryJan 17 2017We device a new method to calculate a large number of Mellin moments of single scale quantities using the systems of differential and/or difference equations obtained by integration-by-parts identities between the corresponding Feynman integrals of loop ... More
Charge order in an interacting monolayer under transverse biasJul 05 2016Nov 24 2016A monolayer of molecules or quantum dots sandwiched between electrodes can be driven out of equilibrium by the application of a bias voltage between the electrodes. We study charge ordering, i.e., the spontaneous formation of a charge density wave, and ... More
On symmetries of nonlinear systems in state representation and application of invariant feedback designJun 21 2012Symmetries of nonlinear control systems in state representation are considered. To this end, a geometric approach to ordinary differential equations is advocated. Invariant feedback laws for systems with Lie symmetries, i.e. feedback laws that preserve ... More