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Sensitivity of the PICO-500 Bubble Chamber to Supernova Neutrinos Through Coherent Nuclear Elastic ScatteringJun 04 2018Nov 05 2018Ton-scale direct dark matter search experiments should be sensitive to neutrino-induced recoil events from either $^8$B solar neutrinos or the brief but intense flux from a core collapse supernova in the Milky Way. These low-threshold detectors are sensitive ... More
Modeling emission of acoustic energy during bubble expansion in PICO bubble chambersJun 11 2019The PICO experiment uses bubble chambers filled with superheated C$_3$F$_8$ for spin-dependent WIMP dark matter searches. One of the main sources of background in these detectors is alpha particles from decays of environmental $^{222}\mathrm{Rn}$, which ... More
Constraints on Simplified Models for Dark Matter from LHC Dijet SearchesDec 04 2018We present a reanalysis of the latest results from CMS dijet searches for an integrated luminosity of 36 fb${}^{-1}$ together with preliminary results for 78 fb${}^{-1}$ in the framework of simplified models for dark matter interacting with quarks through ... More
Recent HERMES Results on DVCSMay 09 2005The interference of Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering (DVCS) and Bremsstrahlung leads to a beam-charge asymmetry that can be observed for exclusive photon production in the collision of high energy leptons and nucleons/nuclei. Recent results for a hydrogen ... More
Comment on "Is Faith the Enemy of Science?"Aug 01 2008This comment was solicited by Physics in Canada and will appear alongside the article by Richard Mackenzie [arXiv:0807.3670] in the next issue.
Gravitational Lensing and the Variability of GApr 26 1992The four observables associated with gravitational lensing of distant quasars by intervening galaxies: image splittings, relative amplifications, time delays, and optical depths, provide separate measures of the strength of the gravitational constant ... More
Strangeness in strongly interacting matterDec 29 2001Feb 07 2002This talk is devoted to review the field of strangeness production in (ultra-)relativistic heavy ion collisions within our present theoretical understanding. Historically there have been (at least) three major ideas for the interest in the production ... More
Physics of Strange MatterSep 04 1998Relativistic heavy ion collisions offer the possibility to produce exotic metastable states of nuclear matter containing (roughly) equal number of strangeness compared to the content in baryon number. The reasoning of both their stability and existence, ... More
Charge and Magnetization Inhomogeneities in Diluted Magnetic SemiconductorsSep 26 2005Mar 29 2006It is predicted that III-V diluted magnetic semiconductors can exhibit stripe-like modulations of magnetization and carrier concentration. This inhomogeneity results from the strong dependence of the magnetization on the carrier concentration. Within ... More
Generalization of the Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless theory to higher vortex densitiesFeb 23 1996The Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless theory for superfluid films is generalized in a straightforward way that (a) corrects for overlapping vortex-antivortex pairs at high pair density and (b) utilizes a dielectric approximation for the polarization of ... More
Distributed-Memory Forest-of-Octrees RaycastingSep 05 2018We present an MPI-parallel algorithm for the in-situ visualization of computational data that is built around a distributed linear forest-of-octrees data structure. Such octrees are frequently used in element-based numerical simulations; they store the ... More
Adelic Geometry and PolarityNov 17 2011In the present paper we generalise transference theorems from the classical geometry of numbers to the geometry of numbers over the ring of adeles of a number field. To this end we introduce a notion of polarity for adelic convex bodies.
A note on Poincaré- and Friedrichs-type inequalitiesDec 09 2015We introduce a simple criterion to check coercivity of bilinear forms on subspaces of Hilbert-spaces. The presented criterion allows to derive many standard and non-standard variants of Poincar\'e- and Friedrichs-type inequalities with very little effort. ... More
Stochastic PDEs with heavy-tailed noiseJan 31 2016Nov 18 2016We analyze the nonlinear stochastic heat equation driven by heavy-tailed noise in free space and arbitrary dimension. The existence of a solution is proved even if the noise only has moments up to an order strictly smaller than its Blumenthal-Getoor index. ... More
Increased coherence time in narrowed bath states in quantum dotsApr 25 2016Sep 15 2016We study the influence of narrowed distributions of the nuclear Overhauser field on the decoherence of a central electron spin in quantum dots. We describe the spin dynamics in quantum dots by the central spin model. We use analytic solutions for uniform ... More
Signatures of the quark gluon plasma: a personal overviewDec 28 2000We first discuss, on a no-QGP basis, the two prominent indications of (a) enhanced strangeness production and of (b) anomalous $J/\psi $-suppression: We elaborate in particular on a recent idea of antihyperon production solely by multi-mesonic reactions. ... More
Do chemically saturated antihyperon abundancies signal the quark gluon plasma?Nov 07 2000We first review the production and the possible chemical equilibration of strange particles at CERN-SPS energies within a microscopic hadronic transport calculation. It is shown in particular that the strange quarks are produced initially via string excitations ... More
The cohomology ring of the complement of a finite family of linear subspaces in a complex projective spaceNov 11 2004Nov 11 2004The integral cohomology ring of the complement of an arrangement of linear subspaces of a finite dimensional complex projective space is determined by combinatorial data, i.e. the intersection poset and the dimension function.
Unitarity constraints in triplet extensions beyond the large s limitMay 18 2018Aug 01 2018Triplet extensions are attractive alternatives to the standard model (SM) of particle physics. While models with only one triplet are highly constrained by electroweak precision observables, this is not necessarily the case once several triplets are present ... More
Grand Unification, Gravitational Waves, and the Cosmic Microwave Background AnisotropyMay 08 1992We re-examine the gravitational wave background resulting from inflation and its effect on the cosmic microwave background radiation. The new COBE measurement of a cosmic background quadrupole anisotropy places an upper limit on the vacuum energy during ... More
Collective effects in microscopic transport modelsSep 06 2002We give a reminder on the major inputs of microscopic hadronic transport models and on the physics aims when describing various aspects of relativistic heavy ion collisions at SPS energies. We then first stress that the situation of particle ratios being ... More
Possible magnetic-field-induced voltage and thermopower in diluted magnetic semiconductorsMay 01 2006In diluted magnetic semiconductors, the carrier concentration and the magnetization of local moments are strongly coupled, since the magnetic interaction is mediated by the carriers. It is predicted that this coupling leads to an electric polarization ... More
Liquid antiferromagnets in two dimensionsFeb 22 2002It is shown that, for proper symmetry of the parent lattice, antiferromagnetic order can survive in two-dimensional liquid crystals and even isotropic liquids of point-like particles, in contradiction to what common sense might suggest. We discuss the ... More
Flux noise in high-temperature superconductorsOct 29 1996Spontaneously created vortex-antivortex pairs are the predominant source of flux noise in high-temperature superconductors. In principle, flux noise measurements allow to check theoretical predictions for both the distribution of vortex-pair sizes and ... More
Renormalization group approach to layered superconductorsJul 04 1995A renormalization group theory for a system consisting of coupled superconducting layers as a model for typical high-temperature superconducters is developed. In a first step the electromagnetic interaction over infinitely many layers is taken into account, ... More
Status of Dark Matter Searches (Rapporteur Talk)Dec 02 2017This article reviews the status of the field of dark matter as of summer 2017, when it was discussed at 35th International Cosmic Ray Conference (ICRC 2017) in Busan, Korea. It is the write-up of a rapporteur talk on the status of dark matter searches ... More
Neutrinos, WMAP, and BBNSep 23 2010Nov 18 2010New data from WMAP have appeared, related to both the fractional energy density in relativistic species at decoupling and also the primordial helium abundance, at the same time as other independent observational estimates suggest a higher value of the ... More
Revisiting the $t\bar{t}hh$ channel at the FCC-hhApr 16 2019The exploration of the scalar sector of the Standard Model is at the core of current and future science programs at collider experiments, with increasing focus on the self-interaction of the Higgs boson. This important parameter of the Higgs sector can ... More
Gilbert damping of magnetostatic modes in a yttrium iron garnet sphereDec 07 2016The magnetostatic mode (MSM) spectrum of a 300$\mu$m diameter single crystalline sphere of yttrium iron garnet is investigated using broadband ferromagnetic resonance (FMR). The individual MSMs are identified via their characteristic dispersion relations ... More
Temperature dependent magnetic damping of yttrium iron garnet spheresMar 28 2017Jun 02 2017We investigate the temperature dependent microwave absorption spectrum of an yttrium iron garnet sphere as a function of temperature (5 K to 300 K) and frequency (3 GHz to 43.5 GHz). At temperatures above 100 K, the magnetic resonance linewidth increases ... More
Solar Neutrino Data, Solar Model Uncertainties and Neutrino OscillationsOct 08 1992We incorporate all existing solar neutrino flux measurements and take solar model flux uncertainties into account in deriving global fits to parameter space for the MSW and vacuum solutions of the solar neutrino problem.
Cosmic Variance in CMB Anisotropies: From $1^{\circ}$ to COBEMar 19 1993Sep 03 1993Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) anisotropies that result from quantum fluctuations during inflation are explored and the impact of their ``cosmic variance'' on the ability to use existing data to probe inflationary models is studied. We calculate the ... More
The Peculiar-Velocity-Field in Structure Formation Theories with Cosmic StringsOct 29 1997We investigate the peculiar velocity field due to long cosmic strings in several cosmological models and analyse the influence of a nonscaling behaviour of the string network, which is expected in open cosmological models or models with a cosmological ... More
Stirring up the dust: A dynamical model for halo-like dust clouds in transitional disksMay 26 2011A small number of young stellar objects show signs of a halo-like structure of optically thin dust. This halo or torus is located within a few AU of the star, but its origin has not yet been understood. A dynamically excited cloud of planetesimals colliding ... More
(Spin-)density-functional theory for open-shell systems: exact magnetization density functional for the half-filled Hubbard trimerMay 18 2019According to the Hohenberg-Kohn theorem of density-functional theory (DFT), all observable quantities of systems of interacting electrons can be expressed as functionals of the ground-state density. This includes, in principle, the spin polarization (magnetization) ... More
Associahedra via spinesJul 16 2013Dec 05 2017An associahedron is a polytope whose vertices correspond to triangulations of a convex polygon and whose edges correspond to flips between them. Using labeled polygons, C. Hohlweg and C. Lange constructed various realizations of the associahedron with ... More
Evaluation of binomial double sums involving absolute valuesJul 18 2016We show that double sums of the form $$ \sum_{i,j=-n} ^{n} |i^sj^t(i^k-j^k)^\beta| \binom {2n} {n+i} \binom {2n} {n+j} $$ can always be expressed in terms of a linear combination of just four functions, namely $\binom {4n}{2n}$, ${\binom {2n}n}^2$, $4^n\binom ... More
General theory for stochastic admixture graphs and F-statisticsJul 19 2018We provide a general mathematical framework based on the theory of graphical models to study admixture graphs. Admixture graphs are used to describe the ancestral relationships between past and present populations, allowing for population merges and migration ... More
Intermittency for the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseJul 16 2017Jun 29 2018We investigate the moment asymptotics of the solution to the stochastic heat equation driven by a $(d+1)$-dimensional L\'evy space--time white noise. Unlike the case of Gaussian noise, the solution typically has no finite moments of order $1+2/d$ or higher. ... More
Locally finite extensions and Gesztesy-Šeba realizations for the Dirac operator on a metric graphJun 11 2018We study extensions of direct sums of symmetric operators $S=\oplus_{n\in\mathbb{N}} S_n$. In general there is no natural boundary triplet for $S^*$ even if there is one for every $S_n^*$, $n\in\mathbb{N}$. We consider a subclass of extensions of $S$ ... More
How to prove the discrete reliability for nonconforming finite element methodsAug 10 2018Optimal convergence rates of adaptive finite element methods are well understood in terms of the axioms of adaptivity. One key ingredient is the discrete reliability of a residual-based a posteriori error estimator, which controls the error of two discrete ... More
Topology of Hom complexes and test graphs for bounding chromatic numberJul 29 2009Mar 23 2010We introduce new methods for understanding the topology of $\Hom$ complexes (spaces of homomorphisms between two graphs), mostly in the context of group actions on graphs and posets. We view $\Hom(T,-)$ and $\Hom(-,G)$ as functors from graphs to posets, ... More
Algebraic independence results for values of Jacobi theta-constantsSep 13 2016Let $\theta_3(\tau)=1+2\sum_{\nu=1}^{\infty} q^{\nu^2}$ with $q=e^{i\pi \tau}$ and $\Im (\tau)>0$ denote the Thetanullwert of the Jacobi theta function \[\theta(z|\tau) \,=\,\sum_{\nu=-\infty}^{\infty} e^{\pi i\nu^2\tau + 2\pi i\nu z} \,.\] Moreover, ... More
Polynomial-like semi-conjugates of the shift mapDec 21 2009In this paper I prove that for a polynomial of degree $d$ with a Cantor Julia set $J$, the Julia set can be understood as the simplest possible quotiont of the one sided shift space $\Sigma_d$ with dynamics given by the shift. Here simplest possible means ... More
Relative energetics of acetyl-histidine protomers with and without Zn2+ and a benchmark of energy methodsOct 24 2018We studied acetylhistidine (AcH), bare or microsolvated with a zinc cation by simulations in isolation. First, a global search for minima of the potential energy surface combining both, empirical and first-principles methods, is performed individually ... More
Analytic Computing Methods for Precision Calculations in Quantum Field TheorySep 08 2018An overview is presented on the current status of main mathematical computation methods for the multi-loop corrections to single scale observables in quantum field theory and the associated mathematical number and function spaces and algebras. At present ... More
Yet Another Tensor Toolbox for discontinuous Galerkin methods and other applicationsMar 27 2019The numerical solution of partial differential equations is at the heart of many grand challenges in supercomputing. Solvers based on high-order discontinuous Galerkin (DG) discretisation have been shown to scale on large supercomputers with excellent ... More
Uniform Approximation of Solutions by Elimination of Intermediate Species in Deterministic Reaction NetworksSep 06 2016Sep 07 2017Chemical reactions often proceed through the formation and the consumption of intermediate species. An example is the creation and subsequent degradation of the substrate-enzyme complexes in an enzymatic reaction. In this paper we provide a setting, based ... More
A tetrahedral space-filling curve for non-conforming adaptive meshesSep 15 2015Apr 21 2017We introduce a space-filling curve for triangular and tetrahedral red-refinement that can be computed using bitwise interleaving operations similar to the well-known Z-order or Morton curve for cubical meshes. To store sufficient information for random ... More
Characteristic time and length scales in Kremer-Grest bead-spring polymer melts as a function of chain stiffnessAug 10 2018The Kremer-Grest (KG) model is a standard for studying generic polymer properties. Here we have equilibrated KG melts with varying chain stiffness for melts up to and beyond $200$ entanglements per chain. We present methods for estimating the Kuhn length ... More
Gaussian hypergeometric series and supercongruencesOct 09 2006Nov 08 2007Let p be an odd prime. In 1984, Greene introduced the notion of hypergeometric functions over finite fields. Special values of these functions have been of interest as they are related to the number of F_p points on algebraic varieties and to Fourier ... More
Theory for transport through a single magnetic molecule: Endohedral N@C60Oct 25 2004Apr 19 2005We consider transport through a single N@C60 molecule, weakly coupled to metallic leads. Employing a density-matrix formalism we derive rate equations for the occupation probabilities of many-particle states of the molecule. We calculate the current-voltage ... More
On Gravity, Holography and the QuantumJan 17 2000Jan 20 2000The holographic principle states that the number of degrees of freedom describing the physics inside a volume (including gravity) is bounded by the area of the boundary (also called the screen) which encloses this volume. A stronger statement is that ... More
Cosmic String Network Evolution in arbitrary Friedmann-Lemaitre modelsMay 26 1997We use the velocity-dependent one-scale model by Martins & Shellard to investigate the evolution of a GUT long cosmic string network in arbitrary Friedmann-Lemaitre models. Four representative models are used to show that in general there is no scaling ... More
Restricted Successive MinimaFeb 06 2013Mar 13 2013We give bounds on the successive minima of an $o$-symmetric convex body under the restriction that the lattice points realizing the successive minima are not contained in a collection of forbidden sublattices. Our investigations extend former results ... More
Discretization error estimates for penalty formulations of a linearized Canham-Helfrich type energyMar 20 2017Sep 26 2017This paper is concerned with minimization of a fourth-order linearized Canham-Helfrich energy subject to Dirichlet boundary conditions on curves inside the domain. Such problems arise in the modeling of the mechanical interaction of biomembranes with ... More
Algebraic independence results for values of Theta-constants, IIMar 15 2016Let $\theta_3(\tau)=1+2\sum_{\nu=1}^{\infty} q^{\nu^2}$ with $q=e^{i\pi \tau}$ denote the Thetanullwert of the Jacobi theta function \[\theta(z|\tau) \,=\,\sum_{\nu=-\infty}^{\infty} e^{\pi i\nu^2\tau + 2\pi i\nu z} \,.\] Moreover, let $\theta_2(\tau)=2\sum_{\nu=0}^{\infty} ... More
Normal approximation of the solution to the stochastic heat equation with Lévy noiseDec 03 2018Given a sequence $\dot{L}^{\varepsilon}$ of L\'evy noises, we derive necessary and sufficient conditions in terms of their variances $\sigma^2(\varepsilon)$ such that the solution to the stochastic heat equation with noise $\sigma(\varepsilon)^{-1} \dot{L}^\varepsilon$ ... More
Interference Effects in Bethe-Heitler Pair Creation in a Bichromatic Laser FieldAug 19 2013We study the creation of electron-positron pairs in the superposition of a nuclear Coulomb field and a two-color laser field of high intensity. Our focus lies on quantum interference effects, which may arise if the two laser frequencies are commensurable. ... More
Closed Sets and Operators thereon: Representations, Computability and ComplexityJan 01 2017Apr 09 2018The TTE approach to Computable Analysis is the study of so-called representations (encodings for continuous objects such as reals, functions, and sets) with respect to the notions of computability they induce. A rich variety of such representations had ... More
Realizations of the associahedron and cyclohedronOct 27 2005Sep 14 2006We describe many different realizations with integer coordinates for the associahedron (i.e. the Stasheff polytope) and for the cyclohedron (i.e. the Bott-Taubes polytope) and compare them to the permutahedron of type A_n and B_n respectively. The coordinates ... More
On symmetries of nonlinear systems in state representation and application of invariant feedback designJun 21 2012Symmetries of nonlinear control systems in state representation are considered. To this end, a geometric approach to ordinary differential equations is advocated. Invariant feedback laws for systems with Lie symmetries, i.e. feedback laws that preserve ... More
Bennett-Carl inequalities for symmetric Banach sequence spaces and unitary idealsApr 28 1999We prove an abstract interpolation theorem which interpolates the (r,2)-summing and (s,2)-mixing norm of a fixed operator in the image and the range space. Combined with interpolation formulas for spaces of operators we obtain as an application the original ... More
Solar WIMPs Unraveled: Experiments, astrophysical uncertainties, and interactive ToolsSep 28 2015The absence of a neutrino flux from self-annihilating dark matter captured in the Sun has tightly constrained some leading particle dark matter scenarios. The impact of astrophysical uncertainties on the capture process of dark matter in the Sun and hence ... More
ForestClaw: A parallel algorithm for patch-based adaptive mesh refinement on a forest of quadtreesMar 09 2017We describe a parallel, adaptive, multi-block algorithm for explicit integration of time dependent partial differential equations on two-dimensional Cartesian grids. The grid layout we consider consists of a nested hierarchy of fixed size, non-overlapping, ... More
Contagion in financial systems: A Bayesian network approachFeb 14 2017Jul 16 2017We develop a structural default model for interconnected financial institutions in a probabilistic framework. For all possible network structures we characterize the joint default distribution of the system using Bayesian network methodologies. Particular ... More
Studies of aging and HV break down problems during development and operation of MSGC and GEM detectors for the Inner Tracking System of HERA-BApr 09 2002The results of five years of development of the inner tracking system of the HERA-B experiment and first experience from the data taking period of the year 2000 are reported. The system contains 184 chambers, covering a sensitive area of about 20 * 20 ... More
A unified theory to describe and engineer conservation laws in light-matter interactionsNov 03 2016The effects of the electromagnetic field on material systems are governed by joint light-matter conservation laws. An increasing number of these balance equations are currently being considered both theoretically and with an eye to their practical applicability. ... More
Carrots for dessertMar 20 2010Carrots for dessert is the title of a section of the paper `On polynomial-like mappings' by Douady and Hubbard. In that section the authors define a notion of dyadic carrot fields of the Mandelbrot set M and more generally for Mandelbrot like families. ... More
Alternative Characterizations of Fitch's Xenology RelationNov 30 2018According to Walter M. Fitch, two genes are xenologs if they are separated by at least one horizontal gene transfer. This concept is formalized through Fitch relations, which are defined as binary relations that comprise all pairs $(x,y)$ of genes $x$ ... More
A common Universality class for the three-dimensional Vortex Glass and Chiral Glass?Apr 21 1997Apr 23 1997We present a Monte Carlo study of the d=3 gauge glass and the XY--spin glass models in the vortex representation. We investigate the critical behavior of these models by a scaling analysis of the linear resistivity and current-- voltage characteristics, ... More
Volterra-type Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes in space and timeSep 22 2016Nov 06 2017We propose a novel class of tempo-spatial Ornstein-Uhlenbeck processes as solutions to L\'evy-driven Volterra equations with additive noise and multiplicative drift. After formulating conditions for the existence and uniqueness of solutions, we derive ... More
Weak limits of the measures of maximal entropy for Orthogonal polynomialsOct 01 2018In this paper we study the sequence of orthonormal polynomials $\{P_n(\mu; z)\}$ defined by a probability measure $\mu$ with non-polar compact support $S(\mu)\subset\mathbb C$. We show that the support of any weak* limit of the sequence of measures of ... More
Discrimination of nuclear recoils from alpha particles with superheated liquidsJul 10 2008Sep 23 2008The PICASSO collaboration observed for the first time a significant difference between the acoustic signals induced by neutrons and alpha particles in a detector based on superheated liquids. This new discovery offers the possibility of improved background ... More
Analysis of structure and dynamics in three-neuron motifsNov 13 2018In neural networks with identical neurons, the matrix of connection weights completely describes the network structure and thereby determines how it is processing information. However, due to the non-linearity of these systems, it is not clear if similar ... More
Redshift Accuracy Requirements for Future Supernova and Number Count SurveysJan 30 2004Feb 13 2004We investigate the required redshift accuracy of type Ia supernova and cluster number-count surveys in order for the redshift uncertainties not to contribute appreciably to the dark energy parameter error budget. For the SNAP supernova experiment, we ... More
Acoustics of Margravial Opera House BayreuthMay 31 2019The Margravial Opera House Bayreuth, built between 1745 and 1750, is a well preserved Baroque court theatre designed by Giuseppe Galli Bibiena [1]. It provides an opportunity to experience not only the visual but also the acoustic design of opera theatres ... More
A Cross-Platform Collection of Social Network ProfilesJul 12 2016The proliferation of Internet-enabled devices and services has led to a shifting balance between digital and analogue aspects of our everyday lives. In the face of this development there is a growing demand for the study of privacy hazards, the potential ... More
Finite First Hitting Time versus Stochastic Convergence in Particle Swarm OptimisationMay 27 2011We reconsider stochastic convergence analyses of particle swarm optimisation, and point out that previously obtained parameter conditions are not always sufficient to guarantee mean square convergence to a local optimum. We show that stagnation can in ... More
Interaction of martensitic microstructures in adjacent grainsAug 10 2017It is often observed that martensitic microstructures in adjacent polycrystal grains are related. For example, micrographs of Arlt exhibit propagation of layered structures across grain boundaries in the cubic-to-tetragonal phase transformation in $\rm ... More
On Combinatorial Types of Periodic Orbits of the Map $x \mapsto kx$ (mod $\mathbb Z$). Part I: RealizationDec 12 2017We study the combinatorial types of periodic orbits of the standard covering endomorphisms ${\mathbf m}_k(x)=k x \ (\text{mod} \ {\mathbb Z})$ of the circle for integers $k \geq 2$ and the frequency with which they occur. For any $q$-cycle $\sigma$ in ... More
Improved Spin Dependent Limits from the PICASSO Dark Matter Search ExperimentFeb 15 2005Aug 09 2005The PICASSO experiment reports an improved limit for the existence of cold dark matter WIMPs interacting via spin-dependent interactions with nuclei. The experiment is installed in the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory at a depth of 2070 m. With superheated ... More
A Higgs--Saw Mechanism as a Source for Dark EnergyJun 13 2013Motivated by the see-saw mechanism for neutrinos which naturally generates small neutrino masses, we explore how a small GUT-scale mixing between the Standard Model Higgs and an otherwise massless hidden sector scalar can naturally generate a small mass ... More
Compatibility of a dark matter discovery at XENONnT/LZ with the WIMP thermal production mechanismDec 21 2017May 28 2018The discovery of dark matter (DM) at XENONnT or LZ would place constraints on DM particle mass and coupling constants. It is interesting to ask when these constraints can be compatible with the DM thermal production mechanism. We address this question ... More
Impact of a XENONnT Signal on LHC Dijet SearchesDec 04 2018It is well-known that dark matter (DM) direct detection experiments and the LHC are complementary, since they probe physical processes occurring at different energy scales. And yet, there are aspects of this complementarity which are still not fully understood, ... More
Response of Superheated Droplet Detectors of the PICASSO Dark Matter Search ExperimentAug 15 2005We present results of systematic studies of the radiation response of superheated liquid droplet detectors, which are used in the PICASSO dark matter search experiment. This detection technique is based on the phase transitions of superheated liquid Freon ... More
Bounds on the non-real spectrum of differential operators with indefinite weightsApr 05 2012Ordinary and partial differential operators with an indefinite weight function can be viewed as bounded perturbations of non-negative operators in Krein spaces. Under the assumption that 0 and $\infty$ are not singular critical points of the unperturbed ... More
Superposition of COGARCH processesMay 10 2013Nov 03 2014We suggest three superpositions of COGARCH (supCOGARCH) volatility processes driven by L\'evy processes or L\'evy bases. We investigate second-order properties, jump behaviour, and prove that they exhibit Pareto-like tails. Corresponding price processes ... More
Permutahedra and generalized associahedraSep 26 2007Apr 17 2008Given a finite Coxeter system $(W,S)$ and a Coxeter element $c$, we construct a simple polytope whose outer normal fan is N. Reading's Cambrian fan $F_c$, settling a conjecture of Reading that this is possible. We call this polytope the $c$-generalized ... More
Runtime Analysis for Self-adaptive Mutation RatesNov 30 2018We propose and analyze a self-adaptive version of the $(1,\lambda)$ evolutionary algorithm in which the current mutation rate is part of the individual and thus also subject to mutation. A rigorous runtime analysis on the OneMax benchmark function reveals ... More
Numerical approximation of multi-phase Penrose-Fife systemsMay 12 2016We consider a non-isothermal multi-phase field model. We subsequently discretize implicitly in time and with linear finite elements. The arising algebraic problem is formulated in two variables where one is the multi-phase field, and the other contains ... More
Partitioning a macroscopic system into independent subsystemsMar 31 2017Jun 06 2017We discuss the problem of partitioning a macroscopic system into a collection of independent subsystems. The partitioning of a system into replica-like subsystems is nowadays a subject of major interest in several field of theoretical and applied physics, ... More
Ion beam sputtering of silicon: Energy distributions of sputtered and scattered ionsJun 13 2019The properties of sputtered and scattered ions are studied for ion beam sputtering of Si by bombardment with noble gas ions. The energy distributions in dependence on ion beam parameters (ion energy: 0.5 - 1 keV; ion species: Ne, Ar, Xe) and geometrical ... More
Vector particle scattering on the latticeFeb 09 2018Jul 07 2018In this work, we present an explicit form of the Luescher equation and consider the construction of the operators in different irreducible representations for the case of scattering of two vector particles. The formalism is applied to scalar QED in the ... More
Eigenvalue estimates for singular left-definite Sturm-Liouville operatorsDec 19 2010Jun 20 2011The spectral properties of a singular left-definite Sturm-Liouville operator $JA$ are investigated and described via the properties of the corresponding right-definite selfadjoint counterpart $A$ which is obtained by substituting the indefinite weight ... More
Jarzynski's equality, fluctuation theorems, and variance reduction: Mathematical analysis and numerical algorithmsMar 25 2018Apr 08 2019In this paper, we study Jarzynski's equality and fluctuation theorems for diffusion processes. While some of the results considered in the current work are known in the (mainly physics) literature, we review and generalize these nonequilibrium theorems ... More
Multistationarity in the space of total concentrations for systems that admit a monomial parametrizationOct 18 2018Apr 25 2019We apply tools from real algebraic geometry to the problem of multistationarity of chemical reaction networks. A particular focus is on the case of reaction networks whose steady states admit a monomial parametrization. For such systems we show that in ... More
Comment on arXiv:1105.6334 "Optical nonlinearity in Ar and N$_2$ near the ionization threshold"Oct 04 2011In a recent publication [Phys. Rev. Lett. 107, 103901 (2011)], Wahlstrand et al. reported to observe no indications for the appearance of the higher-order Kerr effect in a parameter regime that was previously found to display this phenomenon [Opt. Express ... More
Forecasting wind power - Modeling periodic and non-linear effects under conditional heteroscedasticityJun 02 2016In this article we present an approach that enables joint wind speed and wind power forecasts for a wind park. We combine a multivariate seasonal time varying threshold autoregressive moving average (TVARMA) model with a power threshold generalized autoregressive ... More
Rewritability in Monadic Disjunctive Datalog, MMSNP, and Expressive Description LogicsJan 03 2017May 22 2019We study rewritability of monadic disjunctive Datalog programs, (the complements of) MMSNP sentences, and ontology-mediated queries (OMQs) based on expressive description logics of the ALC family and on conjunctive queries. We show that rewritability ... More