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Sobolev spaces with non-Muckenhoupt weights, fractional elliptic operators, and applicationsMar 27 2018We propose a new variational model in weighted Sobolev spaces with non-standard weights and applications to image processing. We show that these weights are, in general, not of Muckenhoupt type and therefore the classical analysis tools may not apply. ... More
Fractional Elliptic Quasi-Variational Inequalities: Theory and NumericsDec 19 2017This paper introduces an elliptic quasi-variational inequality (QVI) problem class with fractional diffusion of order $s \in (0,1)$, studies existence and uniqueness of solutions and develops a solution algorithm. As the fractional diffusion prohibits ... More
Existence, iteration procedures and directional differentiability for parabolic QVIsApr 30 2019We study parabolic quasi-variational inequalities (QVIs) of obstacle type. Under appropriate assumptions on the obstacle mapping, we prove the existence of solutions of such QVIs by two methods: one by time discretisation through elliptic QVIs and the ... More
Directional differentiability for elliptic quasi-variational inequalities of obstacle typeFeb 10 2018The directional differentiability of the solution map of obstacle type quasi-variational inequalities (QVIs) with respect to perturbations on the forcing term is studied. The classical result of Mignot is then extended to the quasi-variational case under ... More
Analytical aspects of spatially adapted total variation regularisationSep 05 2016In this paper we study the structure of solutions of the one dimensional weighted total variation regularisation problem, motivated by its application in signal recovery tasks. We study in depth the relationship between the weight function and the creation ... More
Stability of the Solution Set of Quasi-variational Inequalities and Optimal ControlApr 12 2019For a class of quasivariational inequalities (QVIs) of obstacle-type the stability of its solution set and associated optimal control problems are considered. These optimal control problems are non-standard in the sense that they involve an objective ... More
A Hardy inequality on Riemannian manifolds and classification of discrete Dirichlet spectraJan 20 2014We prove a Hardy inequality for uniformly elliptic operators subject to Dirichlet or mixed boundary conditions on domains $\Omega$ with piecewiese smooth boundary in arbitrary Riemannian Manifolds (M, g). Employing an approach of E.B. Davies for the euclidean ... More
We can hear (some of) the shape of dented hornsMay 29 2014May 31 2014In this article we construct a family of domains $\Omega \subset \mathbb{R}^2$ with infinite volume such that the Dirichlet Laplacian $\Delta^D$ has purely discrete spectrum and give precise spectral asymptotics for the eigenvalue counting function in ... More
Classical and quantum chaos in a three-mode bosonic systemJul 09 2019We study the dynamics of a three-mode bosonic system with mode-changing interactions. For large mode occupations the short-time dynamics is well described by classical mean-field equations allowing us to study chaotic dynamics in the classical system ... More
Higher dimensional non standard eigenvalue asymptoticsMar 10 2014Apr 21 2015In this article we extend B. Simon's construction and results for leading order eigenvalue asymptotics to $n$-dimensional Schr\"odinger operators with non-confining potentials given by: $H^\alpha_n=-\Delta +\prod\limits_{i=1}^n |x_i|^{\alpha_i}$ on $\mathbb{R}^n$ ... More
Spin and Center of Mass in Axially Symmetric Einstein-Maxwell SpacetimesFeb 27 2012We give a definition and derive the equations of motion for the center of mass and angular momentum of an axially symmetric, isolated system that emits gravitational and electromagnetic radiation. A central feature of this formulation is the use of Newman-Unti ... More
String dynamics in cosmological and black hole backgrounds: The null string expansionMay 08 1996We study the classical dynamics of a bosonic string in the $D$--dimensional flat Friedmann--Robertson--Walker and Schwarzschild backgrounds. We make a perturbative development in the string coordinates around a {\it null} string configuration; the background ... More
A game-theoretic analysis of baccara chemin de ferMay 23 2013Assuming that cards are dealt with replacement from a single deck and that each of Player and Banker sees the total of his own two-card hand but not its composition, baccara is a 2 x 2^88 matrix game, which was solved by Kemeny and Snell in 1957. Assuming ... More
Solar models and solar neutrino oscillationsApr 06 2004We provide a summary of the current knowledge, theoretical and experimental, of solar neutrino fluxes and of the masses and mixing angles that characterize solar neutrino oscillations. We also summarize the principal reasons for doing new solar neutrino ... More
Hyperon Polarizabilities in the Bound State Soliton ModelSep 02 1995A detailed calculation of electric and magnetic static polarizabilities of octet hyperons is presented in the framework of the bound state soliton model. Both seagull and dispersive contributions are considered, and the results are compared with different ... More
A road map to solar neutrino fluxes, neutrino oscillation parameters, and tests for new physicsMay 15 2003Oct 10 2003We analyze all available solar and related reactor neutrino experiments, as well as simulated future 7Be, p-p, pep, and ^8B solar neutrino experiments. We treat all solar neutrino fluxes as free parameters subject to the condition that the total luminosity ... More
The Large Footprints of H-Space on Asymptotically Flat Space-TimesApr 06 2005We show that certain structures defined on the complex four dimensional space known as H-Space have considerable relevance for its closely associated asymptotically flat real physical space-time. More specifically for every complex analytic curve on the ... More
Electromagnetic Dipole Radiation Fields, Shear-Free Congruences and Complex Center of Charge World LinesApr 20 2005We show that for asymptotically vanishing Maxwell fields in Minkowski space with non-vanishing total charge, one can find a unique geometric structure, a null direction field, at null infinity. From this structure a unique complex analytic world-line ... More
Null Surfaces and the Bach EquationsFeb 03 1999It is shown that the integrability conditions that arise in the Null Surface Formulation (NSF) of general relativity (GR) impose a field equation on the local null surfaces which is equivalent to the vanishing of the Bach tensor. This field equation is ... More
Coherent observations of gravitational radiation with LISA and gLISAAug 16 2016The geosynchronous Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (gLISA) is a space-based gravitational wave (GW) mission that, for the past five years, has been under joint study at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Stanford University, the National Institute for ... More
Geodetic Graphs Homeomorphic to a Given Geodetic GraphNov 07 2016This paper describes a new approach to the problem of generating the class of all geodetic graphs homeomorphic to a given geodetic one. An algorithmic procedure is elaborated to carry out a systematic finding of such a class of graphs. As a result, the ... More
Multibaryons in the collective coordinate approach to the SU(3) Skyrme modelMar 24 2000We obtain the rotational spectrum of strange multibaryon states by performing the SU(3) collective coordinate quantization of the static multi-Skyrmions. These background configurations are given in terms of rational maps, which are very good approximations ... More
Multibaryons with heavy flavors in the Skyrme modelJul 07 1999We investigate the possible existence of multibaryons with heavy flavor quantum numbers using the bound state approach to the topological soliton model and the recently proposed approximation for multiskyrmion fields based on rational maps. We use an ... More
Some Quantum Aspects of Three-Dimensional Einstein-Chern-Simons-Proca Massive GravityApr 01 1997We present a 3-dimensional model for massive gravity with masses induced by topological (Chern-Simons) and Proca-like mass terms. Causality and unitarity are discussed at tree-level. Power-counting renormalizability is also contemplated.
Nonlinear Hebbian learning as a unifying principle in receptive field formationJan 04 2016The development of sensory receptive fields has been modeled in the past by a variety of models including normative models such as sparse coding or independent component analysis and bottom-up models such as spike-timing dependent plasticity or the Bienenstock-Cooper-Munro ... More
Regulators of canonical extensions are torsion: the smooth divisor caseJul 03 2007Jul 04 2007In this paper, we prove a generalization of Reznikov's theorem which says that the Chern-Simons classes and in particular the Deligne Chern classes (in degrees $>1$) are torsion, of a flat bundle on a smooth complex projective variety. We consider the ... More
The Chern character of a parabolic bundle, and a parabolic Reznikov theorem in the case of finite order at infinityDec 06 2006Feb 02 2007In this paper, we obtain an explicit formula for the Chern character of a locally abelian parabolic bundle in terms of its constituent bundles. Several features and variants of parabolic structures are discussed. Parabolic bundles arising from logarithmic ... More
K-Geodetic Graphs and their Applications to Analysis across Different Scales of Dynamics of Complex SystemsMay 29 2017Jul 14 2017This paper describes a new approach to the problem of the structural research of clusters based on the theory of geodetic and k-geodetic graphs. We firmly believe that this same approach can be used when solving problems of correlation between structural ... More
A relation between the parabolic Chern characters of the de Rham bundlesMar 29 2006May 05 2006In this paper, we consider the weight $i$ de Rham--Gauss--Manin bundles on a smooth variety arising from a smooth projective morphism $f:X\_U\lrar U$ for $i\geq 0$. We associate to each weight $i$ de Rham bundle, a certain parabolic bundle on $S$ and ... More
Center of Mass and spin for isolated sources of gravitational radiationNov 22 2013Mar 14 2016We define the center of mass and spin of an isolated system in General Relativity. The resulting relationships between these variables and the total linear and angular momentum of the gravitational system are remarkably similar to their Newtonian counterparts, ... More
Astrophysical limits on quantum gravity motivated birefringenceFeb 21 2001We obtain observational upper bounds on a class of quantum gravity related birefringence effects, by analyzing the presence of linear polarization in the optical and ultraviolet spectrum of some distant sources. In the notation of Gambini and Pullin we ... More
Space-Time Area in Atom InterferometryDec 10 2013Jul 21 2014It is a commonly stated that the acceleration sensitivity of an atom interferometer is proportional to the space-time area enclosed between the two interfering arms. Here we derive the interferometric phase shift for an extensive class of interferometers, ... More
On the Mahler measure of resultants in small dimensionsApr 16 2006We prove that sparse resultants having Mahler measure equal to zero are those whose Newton polytope has dimension one. We then compute the Mahler measure of resultants in dimension two, and examples in dimension three and four. Finally, we show that sparse ... More
Multichannel Framework for Singular Quantum MechanicsJul 02 2013Nov 25 2013A multichannel S-matrix framework for singular quantum mechanics (SQM) subsumes the renormalization and self-adjoint extension methods and resolves its boundary-condition ambiguities. In addition to the standard channel accessible to a distant ("asymptotic") ... More
On the Inequivalence of Renormalization and Self-Adjoint Extensions for Quantum Singular InteractionsApr 04 2006Apr 02 2007A unified S-matrix framework of quantum singular interactions is presented for the comparison of self-adjoint extensions and physical renormalization. For the long-range conformal interaction the two methods are not equivalent, with renormalization acting ... More
Effective Field Theory Program for Conformal Quantum AnomaliesJan 24 2005Aug 14 2005The emergence of conformal states is established for any problem involving a domain of scales where the long-range, SO(2,1) conformally invariant interaction is applicable. Whenever a clear-cut separation of ultraviolet and infrared cutoffs is in place, ... More
Anomalous Commutator Algebra for Conformal Quantum MechanicsMay 19 2002Mar 02 2003The structure of the commutator algebra for conformal quantum mechanics is considered. Specifically, it is shown that the emergence of a dimensional scale by renormalization implies the existence of an anomaly or quantum-mechanical symmetry breaking, ... More
Atomistic deconstruction of current flow in graphene based hetero-junctionsFeb 18 2013We describe the numerical modeling of current flow in graphene heterojunctions, within the Keldysh Landauer Non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) formalism. By implementing a $k$-space approach along the transverse modes, coupled with partial matrix ... More
Robust signatures of solar neutrino oscillation solutionsNov 13 2001Apr 15 2002With the goal of identifying signatures that select specific neutrino oscillation parameters, we test the robustness of global oscillation solutions that fit all the available solar and reactor experimental data. We use three global analysis strategies ... More
Global Analysis of Solar Neutrino Oscillations Including SNO CC MeasurementJun 25 2001Aug 04 2001For active and sterile neutrinos, we present the globally allowed solutions for two neutrino oscillations. We include the SNO CC measurement and all other relevant solar neutrino and reactor data. Five active neutrino oscillation solutions (LMA, LOW, ... More
Before and After: How has the SNO NC measurement changed things?Apr 29 2002Jul 26 2002We present "Before and After" global oscillation solutions, as well as predicted "Before and After" values and ranges for ten future solar neutrino observables (for BOREXINO, KamLAND, SNO, and a generic p-p neutrino detector). We have performed global ... More
Quantum coherence as a proof of quantumness in the Dynamical Casimir EffectOct 11 2016We propose to use quantum coherence as ultimate proof of quantum nature in the radiation that appears by means of the Dynamical Casimir Effect in experiments with superconducting microwave waveguides. We show that, unlike previously considered measurements ... More
A Simple Quantum Integro-Differential Solver (SQuIDS)Dec 11 2014Simple Quantum Integro-Differential Solver (SQuIDS) is a C++ code designed to solve semi-analytically the evolution of a set of density matrices and scalar functions. This is done efficiently by expressing all operators in an SU(N) basis. SQuIDS provides ... More
Superselection Sectors in Asymptotic Quantization of GravitySep 30 1996Using the continuity of the scalar $\Psi_2$ (the mass aspect) at null infinity through $i_o$ we show that the space of radiative solutions of general relativity can be thought of a fibered space where the value of $\Psi_2$ at $i_o$ plays the role of the ... More
Linearized Einstein theory via null surfacesFeb 10 1995Recently there has been developed a reformulation of General Relativity - referred to as {\it the null surface version of GR} - where instead of the metric field as the basic variable of the theory, families of three-surfaces in a four-manifold become ... More
Connected structure in the 2dFGRSOct 11 2010Jan 19 2011We describe and apply a simple prescription for defining connected structures in galaxy redshift surveys. The method is based upon two passes with a friends-of-friends groupfinder. The first pass uses a cylindrical linking volume to find galaxy groups ... More
A method to determine the polarization of high energy gamma-raysJun 22 1998May 22 1999A method to determine the polarization direction of a very high energy (50 MeV - 30 GeV), linearly polarized gamma ray is analyzed and discussed. We study the differential cross section for pair production and show that the only relevant piece of information ... More
Fundamental residual amplitude modulation in electro-optic modulatorsOct 29 2017Dec 22 2018The residual amplitude modulation ($\mathrm{RAM}$) is the undesired, non-zero amplitude modulation that usually occurs when a phase modulation based-on the electro-optic effect is imprinted on a laser beam. In this work, we show that electro-optic modulators ... More
The Vacuum Einstein Equations via Holonomy around Closed Loops on Characteristic SurfacesFeb 08 1995Feb 10 1995We reformulate the standard local equations of general relativity for asymptotically flat spacetimes in terms of two non-local quantities, the holonomy $H$ around certain closed null loops on characteristic surfaces and the light cone cut function $Z$, ... More
Dynamical analysis of anisotropic scalar-field cosmologies for a wide range of potentialsAug 07 2013Mar 17 2014We perform a detailed dynamical analysis of anisotropic scalar-field cosmologies, and in particular of the most significant Kantowski-Sachs, Locally Rotationally Symmetric (LRS) Bianchi I and LRS Bianchi III cases. We follow the new and powerful method ... More
What can we learn from neutrinoless double beta decay experiments?Mar 15 2004Apr 08 2004We assess how well next generation neutrinoless double beta decay and normal neutrino beta decay experiments can answer four fundamental questions. 1) If neutrinoless double beta decay searches do not detect a signal, and if the spectrum is known to be ... More
SO(2,1) conformal anomaly: Beyond contact interactionsFeb 25 2003Jul 03 2003The existence of anomalous symmetry-breaking solutions of the SO(2,1) commutator algebra is explicitly extended beyond the case of scale-invariant contact interactions. In particular, the failure of the conservation laws of the dilation and special conformal ... More
Homogenization Model for Aberrant Crypt FociMay 06 2014Mar 07 2016Several explanations can be found in the literature about the origin of colorectal cancer. There is however some agreement on the fact that the carcinogenic process is a result of several genetic mutations of normal cells. The colon epithelium is characterized ... More
Modelling uncertainty of the radiation energy emitted by extensive air showersAug 16 2017Recently, the energy determination of extensive air showers using radio emission has been shown to be both precise and accurate. In particular, radio detection offers the opportunity for an independent measurement of the absolute energy of cosmic rays, ... More
On the quantization of the Null-Surface formulation of GRDec 03 1996We define and discuss various quantum operators that describe the geometry of spacetime in quantum general relativity. These are obtained by combining the Null-Surface Formulation of general relativity, recently developed, with asymptotic quantization. ... More
Carrier recombination dynamics in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wellsApr 14 2010Jul 19 2010We have mesured the carrier recombination dynamics in InGaN/GaN multiple quantum wells over an unprecedented range in intensity. We find that at times shorter than 30\,ns, they follow an exponential form, and a power law at times longer than 1\,$\mu$s. ... More
Moduli Evolution in Heterotic ScenariosOct 10 2000Jan 16 2001We discuss several aspects of the cosmological evolution of moduli fields in heterotic string/M-theory scenarios. In particular we study the equations of motion of both the dilaton and overall modulus of these theories in the presence of an expanding ... More
Solar Neutrinos Before and After Neutrino 2004Jun 28 2004Sep 02 2004We compare, using a three neutrino analysis, the allowed neutrino oscillation parameters and solar neutrino fluxes determined by the experimental data available Before and After Neutrino 2004. New data available after Neutrino2004 include refined KamLAND ... More
Solar Neutrinos Before and After KamLANDDec 11 2002Feb 05 2003We use the recently reported KamLAND measurements on oscillations of reactor anti-neutrinos, together with the data of previously reported solar neutrino experiments, to show that: (1) the total 8B neutrino flux emitted by the Sun is 1.00(1.0 \pm 0.06) ... More
Null surfaces formulation in 3DMay 26 2000The Null Surface Formulation of General Relativity is developed for 2+1 dimensional gravity. The geometrical meaning of the metricity condition is analyzed and two approaches to the derivation of the field equations are presented. One method makes explicit ... More
On low energy quantum gravity induced effects on the propagation of lightApr 11 2003Present models describing the interaction of quantum Maxwell and gravitational fields predict a breakdown of Lorentz invariance and a non standard dispersion relation in the semiclassical approximation. Comparison with observational data however, does ... More
Relevance of a magnetic moment distribution and scaling law methods to study the magnetic behavior of antiferromagnetic nanoparticlesAug 06 2004In antiferromagnetic nanoparticles magnetization the linear component, $\chi_{AF}$H superposed to the saturation one usually complicates the fit of experimental data. We present a method based on scaling laws to determine the variation of $\chi_{AF}$ ... More
Determination of the absolute energy scale of extensive air showers via radio emission: systematic uncertainty of underlying first-principle calculationsDec 20 2017Jul 17 2018Recently, the energy determination of extensive air showers using radio emission has been shown to be both precise and accurate. In particular, radio detection offers the opportunity for an independent measurement of the absolute energy scale of cosmic ... More
An Elastic Image Registration Approach for Wireless Capsule Endoscope LocalizationApr 23 2015Wireless Capsule Endoscope (WCE) is an innovative imaging device that permits physicians to examine all the areas of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract. It is especially important for the small intestine, where traditional invasive endoscopies cannot reach. ... More
Evaluating the importance of environmental factors on the spatial distribution of livestock settlements in the Monte desert with a Monte Carlo based model: Settlement Dynamics in Drylands (SeDD)Jul 28 2015In the Monte desert, increasing population density, changing land rights and infrastructure may encourage livestock activity, with unknown consequences on ecosystems. Factors that influence livestock settlement distribution may affect ecosystem degradation. ... More
Lepton number violation and neutrino masses in 3-3-1 modelsMar 05 2015Lepton number violation and its relation to neutrino masses is investigated in several versions of the $SU(3)_c\otimes SU(3)_L\otimes U(1)_x$ model. Spontaneous and explicit violation and conservation of the lepton number are considered. In one of the ... More
Pilot Precoding and Combining in Multiuser MIMO NetworksNov 07 2016Nov 16 2016Although the benefits of precoding and combining of data signals are widely recognized, the potential of these techniques for pilot transmission is not fully understood. This is particularly relevant for multiuser multiple-input multiple-output (MU-MIMO) ... More
Dimensional Transmutation and Dimensional Regularization in Quantum Mechanics. I. General TheoryMar 28 2000Jan 04 2001This is the first in a series of papers addressing the phenomenon of dimensional transmutation in nonrelativistic quantum mechanics within the framework of dimensional regularization. Scale-invariant potentials are identified and their general properties ... More
Analytic Structure of the S-Matrix for Singular Quantum MechanicsNov 17 2014Jun 12 2015The analytic structure of the S-matrix of singular quantum mechanics is examined within a multichannel framework, with primary focus on its dependence with respect to a parameter ($\Omega$) that determines the boundary conditions. Specifically, a characterization ... More
Looking for magnetic monopoles at LHC with diphoton eventsMay 28 2012Magnetic monopoles have been a subject of interest since Dirac established the relation between the existence of monopoles and charge quantization. The intense experimental search carried thus far has not met with success. The Large Hadron Collider is ... More
Monopolium detection at the LHCJul 19 2011Dirac monopoles have been widely studied and searched, though never found. A way out of this impasse is the idea that monopoles are not seen freely because they are confined by their strong magnetic forces forming a monopole-antimonopole bound state called ... More
Scattering length of Andreev reflection from quantized vortices in $^3$He-$B$Jan 08 2015Apr 30 2015Andreev reflection of thermal quasiparticles from quantized vortices is an important technique to visualize quantum turbulence in low temperature $^3$He-$B$. We revisit a problem of Andreev reflection from the isolated, rectilinear vortex line. For quasiparticle ... More
Monopolium production from photon fusion at the Large Hadron ColliderSep 01 2008Magnetic monopoles have attracted the attention of physicists since the founding of the electromagnetic theory. Their search has been a constant endeavor which was intensified when Dirac established the relation between the existence of monopoles and ... More
Monopolium: the key to monopolesJan 17 2007Sep 04 2007Dirac showed that the existence of one magnetic pole in the universe could offer an explanation for the discrete nature of the electric charge. Magnetic poles appear naturally in most Grand Unified Theories. Their discovery would be of greatest importance ... More
Neutrinos in Large Extra Dimensions and Short-Baseline $ν_e$ AppearanceAug 31 2017Oct 29 2017We show that, in the presence of bulk masses, sterile neutrinos propagating in large extra dimensions (LED) can induce electron-neutrino appearance effects. This is in contrast to what happens in the standard LED scenario and hence LED models with explicit ... More
The DEEP2 Galaxy Redshift Survey: Discovery of Luminous, Metal-poor, Sta r-forming Galaxies at Redshifts z~0.7Oct 31 2005We have discovered a sample of 17 metal-poor, yet luminous, star-forming galaxies at redshifts z~0.7. They were selected from the initial phase of the DEEP2 survey of 3900 galaxies and the Team Keck Redshift Survey (TKRS) of 1536 galaxies as those showing ... More
Can the Majoron be gauged away?Jan 23 2007In a recent paper [Phys. Rev. D73, 075005 (2006)], the authors presented the lepton number violation mechanism in the economic version of the 3-3-1 model, without explicit pointing where the pseudo Goldstone Majoron lies. In this comment we clarify this ... More
Clustering stock market companies via chaotic map synchronizationApr 21 2004A pairwise clustering approach is applied to the analysis of the Dow Jones index companies, in order to identify similar temporal behavior of the traded stock prices. To this end, the chaotic map clustering algorithm is used, where a map is associated ... More
Hausdorff clusteringJan 07 2008A clustering algorithm based on the Hausdorff distance is introduced and compared to the single and complete linkage. The three clustering procedures are applied to a toy example and to the time series of financial data. The dendrograms are scrutinized ... More
PAC it up: Towards Pointer Integrity using ARM Pointer AuthenticationNov 22 2018Run-time attacks against programs written in memory-unsafe programming languages (e.g., C and C++) remain a prominent threat against computer systems. The prevalence of techniques like return-oriented programming (ROP) in attacking real-world systems ... More
PAC it up: Towards Pointer Integrity using ARM Pointer AuthenticationNov 22 2018Feb 18 2019Run-time attacks against programs written in memory-unsafe programming languages (e.g., C and C++) remain a prominent threat against computer systems. The prevalence of techniques like return-oriented programming (ROP) in attacking real-world systems ... More
Quantum Anomaly in Molecular PhysicsJun 16 2001Nov 12 2001The interaction of an electron with a polar molecule is shown to be the simplest realization of a quantum anomaly in a physical system. The existence of a critical dipole moment for electron capture and formation of anions, which has been confirmed experimentally ... More
Colloidal particle adsorption at liquid interfaces: Capillary driven dynamics and thermally activated kineticsApr 23 2016The adsorption of single colloidal microparticles (0.5--1 $\mu$m radius) at a water-oil interface has been recently studied experimentally using digital holographic microscopy [Kaz \textit{et al., Nat. Mater.}, 2012, \textbf{11}, 138--142]. An initially ... More
Hagedorn transition and chronology protection in string theoryApr 12 2005Jul 12 2005We conjecture chronology is protected in string theory due to the condensation of light winding strings near closed null curves. This condensation triggers a Hagedorn phase transition, whose end-point target space geometry should be chronological. Contrary ... More
Moduli evolution in the presence of thermal correctionsDec 14 2007Sep 23 2008We study the effect of thermal corrections on the evolution of moduli in effective Supergravity models. This is motivated by previous results in the literature suggesting that these corrections could alter and, even, erase the presence of a minimum in ... More
Experimental evidence for a Bragg glass density wave phase in a transition-metal dichalcogenideMay 21 2014Analysis of the spatial dependence of current-voltage characteristics obtained from scanning tunneling microscopy experiments indicates that the charge density wave (CDW) occurring in NbSe$_2$ is subject to locally strong pinning by a non-negligible density ... More
Relating correlation measures: the importance of the energy gapFeb 27 2017Mar 26 2017The concept of correlation is central to all approaches that attempt the description of many-body effects in electronic systems. Multipartite correlation is a quantum information theoretical property that is attributed to quantum states independent of ... More
Domain Walls in Supersymmetric QCDFeb 07 2001In this talk we construct BPS-saturated domain walls in supersymmetric QCD, for any values of the masses of the chiral matter superfields. We compare our results to those already obtained in the literature and we also discuss their range of applicability, ... More
Exactly solvable models and ultracold Fermi gasesNov 14 2010Exactly solvable models of ultracold Fermi gases are reviewed via their thermodynamic Bethe Ansatz solution. Analytical and numerical results are obtained for the thermodynamics and ground state properties of two- and three-component one-dimensional attractive ... More
Direct determination of oxygen abundances in line emitting star-forming galaxies at intermediate redshiftAug 21 2015We present a sample of 22 blue ($(B-V)_{AB}<0.45$), luminous ($M_{B,AB}<-18.9$), metal-poor galaxies in the $0.69<z<0.88$ redshift range, selected from the DEEP2 galaxy redshift survey. Their spectra contain the $[OIII]\lambda4363$ auroral line, the $[OII]\lambda ... More
Venus Atmosphere Profile from a Maximum Entropy PrincipleSep 24 2006The variational method with constraints recently developed by Verkley and Gerkema to describe maximum-entropy atmospheric profiles is generalized to ideal gases but with temperature-dependent specific heats. In so doing, an extended and non standard potential ... More
High-dimensional brain. A tool for encoding and rapid learning of memories by single neuronsOct 30 2017Jan 27 2018Codifying memories is one of the fundamental problems of modern Neuroscience. The functional mechanisms behind this phenomenon remain largely unknown. Experimental evidence suggests that some of the memory functions are performed by stratified brain structures ... More
Foliations and Polynomial Diffeomorphisms of $\mathbb{R}^{3}$Jul 17 2006Let $Y=(f,g,h):\mathbb{R}^{3} \to \mathbb{R}^{3}$ be a $C^{2}$ map and let $\spec(Y)$ denote the set of eigenvalues of the derivative $DY_p$, when $p$ varies in $\mathbb{R}^3$. We begin proving that if, for some $\epsilon>0,$ $\spec(Y)\cap (-\epsilon,\epsilon)=\emptyset,$ ... More
Measurement, control, and decay of quantum-dot spinsJun 30 2006Sep 12 2006In this review we discuss a recent proposal to perform partial Bell-state (parity) measurements on two-electron spin states for electrons confined to quantum dots. The realization of this proposal would allow for a physical implementation of measurement-based ... More
Micellization of Sliding Polymer SurfactantsSep 07 2005Following up a recent paper on grafted sliding polymer layers (Macromolecules 2005, 38, 1434-1441), we investigated the influence of the sliding degree of freedom on the self-assembly of sliding polymeric surfactants that can be obtained by complexation ... More
Towards a formal definition of static and dynamic electronic correlationsApr 29 2017May 19 2017Some of the most spectacular failures of density-functional and Hartree-Fock theories are related to an incorrect description of the so-called static electron correlation. Motivated by recent progress on the N-representability problem of the one-body ... More
Inferring the joint demographic history of multiple populations from multidimensional SNP frequency dataSep 04 2009Demographic models built from genetic data play important roles in illuminating prehistorical events and serving as null models in genome scans for selection. We introduce an inference method based on the joint frequency spectrum of genetic variants within ... More
Renormalization of the Inverse Square PotentialMar 02 2000Sep 05 2000The quantum-mechanical D-dimensional inverse square potential is analyzed using field-theoretic renormalization techniques. A solution is presented for both the bound-state and scattering sectors of the theory using cutoff and dimensional regularization. ... More
Looking for magnetic monopoles at LHCApr 01 2011Apr 11 2011Magnetic monopoles have been a subject of interest since Dirac established the relation between the existence of monopoles and charge quantization. The intense experimental search carried thus far has not met with success. We study the observability of ... More
Semi-BCI AlgebrasMar 13 2018The notion of semi-BCI algebras is introduced and some of its properties are investigated. This algebra is another generalization for BCI-algebras. It arises from the "intervalization" of BCI algebras. Semi-BCI have a similar structure to Pseudo-BCI algebras ... More