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HEAD-QA: A Healthcare Dataset for Complex ReasoningJun 11 2019We present HEAD-QA, a multi-choice question answering testbed to encourage research on complex reasoning. The questions come from exams to access a specialized position in the Spanish healthcare system, and are challenging even for highly specialized ... More
Harry Potter and the Action Prediction Challenge from Natural LanguageMay 27 2019We explore the challenge of action prediction from textual descriptions of scenes, a testbed to approximate whether text inference can be used to predict upcoming actions. As a case of study, we consider the world of the Harry Potter fantasy novels and ... More
Non-Projective Dependency Parsing with Non-Local TransitionsOct 25 2017May 15 2018We present a novel transition system, based on the Covington non-projective parser, introducing non-local transitions that can directly create arcs involving nodes to the left of the current focus positions. This avoids the need for long sequences of ... More
A Full Non-Monotonic Transition System for Unrestricted Non-Projective ParsingJun 11 2017Restricted non-monotonicity has been shown beneficial for the projective arc-eager dependency parser in previous research, as posterior decisions can repair mistakes made in previous states due to the lack of information. In this paper, we propose a novel, ... More
Viable Dependency Parsing as Sequence LabelingFeb 27 2019Mar 29 2019We recast dependency parsing as a sequence labeling problem, exploring several encodings of dependency trees as labels. While dependency parsing by means of sequence labeling had been attempted in existing work, results suggested that the technique was ... More
Dynamic Oracles for Top-Down and In-Order Shift-Reduce Constituent ParsingOct 25 2018We introduce novel dynamic oracles for training two of the most accurate known shift-reduce algorithms for constituent parsing: the top-down and in-order transition-based parsers. In both cases, the dynamic oracles manage to notably increase their accuracy, ... More
Global Transition-based Non-projective Dependency ParsingJul 04 2018Shi, Huang, and Lee (2017) obtained state-of-the-art results for English and Chinese dependency parsing by combining dynamic-programming implementations of transition-based dependency parsers with a minimal set of bidirectional LSTM features. However, ... More
Improving Coverage and Runtime Complexity for Exact Inference in Non-Projective Transition-Based Dependency ParsersApr 27 2018May 02 2018We generalize Cohen, G\'omez-Rodr\'iguez, and Satta's (2011) parser to a family of non-projective transition-based dependency parsers allowing polynomial-time exact inference. This includes novel parsers with better coverage than Cohen et al. (2011), ... More
Left-to-Right Dependency Parsing with Pointer NetworksMar 20 2019We propose a novel transition-based algorithm that straightforwardly parses sentences from left to right by building $n$ attachments, with $n$ being the length of the input sentence. Similarly to the recent stack-pointer parser by Ma et al. (2018), we ... More
Transient Propagation and Scattering of Quasi-Rayleigh Waves in Plates: Quantitative comparison between Pulsed TV-Holography Measurements and FC(Gram) elastodynamic simulationsMay 13 2019May 27 2019We study the scattering of transient, high-frequency, narrow-band quasi-Rayleigh elastic waves by through-thickness holes in aluminum plates, in the framework of ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) based on full-field optical detection. Sequences ... More
Zeckendorf representations with at most two terms to x-coordinates of Pell equationsMar 28 2018In this paper, we find all positive squarefree integers d such that the Pell equation X2-dY2 = +-1 has at least two positive integer solutions (X,Y) and (X',Y') such that both X and X' have Zeckendorf representations with at most two terms. This paper ... More
On the relation between dependency distance, crossing dependencies, and parsing. Comment on "Dependency distance: a new perspective on syntactic patterns in natural languages" by Haitao Liu et alMay 27 2017Jun 03 2017Liu et al. (2017) provide a comprehensive account of research on dependency distance in human languages. While the article is a very rich and useful report on this complex subject, here I will expand on a few specific issues where research in computational ... More
Exact Deconstruction of the 6D (2,0) TheoryApr 10 2017Jun 13 2017The dimensional-deconstruction prescription of Arkani-Hamed, Cohen, Kaplan, Karch and Motl provides a mechanism for recovering the $A$-type (2,0) theories on $T^2$, starting from a four-dimensional $\mathcal N=2$ circular-quiver theory. We put this conjecture ... More
On a problem of Pillai with $k$-generalised Fibonacci numbers and powers of $2$Jul 24 2017Nov 04 2017For an integer $ k\geq 2 $, let $ \{F^{(k)}_{n} \}_{n\geq 0}$ be the $ k$--generalized Fibonacci sequence which starts with $ 0, \ldots, 0, 1 $ ($ k $ terms) and each term afterwards is the sum of the $ k $ preceding terms. In this paper, we find all ... More
Cross-entangling electronic and nuclear spins of distant nitrogen-vacancy centers in noisy environments by means of quantum microwave radiationJul 26 2018Nitrogen-vacancy (NV) defect centers in diamond are strong candidates to generate entangled states in solid-state environments even at room temperature. Quantum correlations in spatially separated NV systems, for distances between NVs ranging from a few ... More
Detailed photometric analysis of young star groups in the galaxy NGC 300Aug 22 2016The purpose of this work is to understand the global characteristics of the stellar populations in NGC 300. In particular, we focused our attention on searching young star groups and study their hierarchical organization. The research was conducted using ... More
The index of exceptional symmetric spacesMay 15 2019The index of a Riemannian symmetric space is the minimal codimension of a proper totally geodesic submanifold (Onishchik, 1980). There is a conjecture by the first two authors for how to calculate the index. In this paper we give an affirmative answer ... More
Comparing Neural- and N-Gram-Based Language Models for Word SegmentationDec 03 2018Word segmentation is the task of inserting or deleting word boundary characters in order to separate character sequences that correspond to words in some language. In this article we propose an approach based on a beam search algorithm and a language ... More
A Transition-based Algorithm for Unrestricted AMR ParsingMay 23 2018Non-projective parsing can be useful to handle cycles and reentrancy in AMR graphs. We explore this idea and introduce a greedy left-to-right non-projective transition-based parser. At each parsing configuration, an oracle decides whether to create a ... More
Grounding the Semantics of Part-of-Day Nouns Worldwide using TwitterMay 23 2018The usage of part-of-day nouns, such as 'night', and their time-specific greetings ('good night'), varies across languages and cultures. We show the possibilities that Twitter offers for studying the semantics of these terms and its variability between ... More
Speeding Up Natural Language Parsing by Reusing Partial ResultsApr 06 2019This paper proposes a novel technique that applies case-based reasoning in order to generate templates for reusable parse tree fragments, based on PoS tags of bigrams and trigrams that demonstrate low variability in their syntactic analyses from prior ... More
Transition-based Parsing with Lighter Feed-Forward NetworksOct 21 2018We explore whether it is possible to build lighter parsers, that are statistically equivalent to their corresponding standard version, for a wide set of languages showing different structures and morphologies. As testbed, we use the Universal Dependencies ... More
Constituent Parsing as Sequence LabelingOct 21 2018We introduce a method to reduce constituent parsing to sequence labeling. For each word w_t, it generates a label that encodes: (1) the number of ancestors in the tree that the words w_t and w_{t+1} have in common, and (2) the nonterminal symbol at the ... More
Relative Fourier-Mukai transforms for Weierstrass fibrations, abelian schemes and Fano fibrationsNov 08 2010Nov 22 2012We study the group of relative Fourier-Mukai transforms for Weierstrass fibrations, abelian schemes and Fano or anti-Fano fibrations. For Weierstrass and Fano or anti-Fano fibrations we are able to describe this group completely. For abelian schemes over ... More
Extensions of convex functions with prescribed subdifferentialsNov 13 2018Apr 17 2019Let $E$ be an arbitrary subset of a Banach space $X$, $f: E \rightarrow \mathbb{R}$ be a function, and $G:E \rightrightarrows X^*$ be a set-valued mapping. We give necessary and sufficient conditions on $f, G$ for the existence of a continuous convex ... More
A Characterization of Jacobians by the Existence of Picard BundlesFeb 25 2008Based on the Matsusaka-Ran criterion we give a criterion to characterize when a principal polarized abelian variety is a Jacobian by the existence of Picard bundles.
Powers of two as sums of two $k-$Fibonacci numbersSep 30 2014For an integer $k\geq 2$, let $(F_{n}^{(k)})_{n}$ be the $k-$Fibonacci sequence which starts with $0,\ldots,0,1$ ($k$ terms) and each term afterwards is the sum of the $k$ preceding terms. In this paper, we search for powers of 2 which are sums of two ... More
Analysis of ground penetrating radar data from the tunnel beneath the Temple of the Feathered Serpent in Teotihuacan, Mexico, using new multi-cross algorithmsSep 28 2016As multichannel equipment is increasingly used, we developed two algorithms for multivariable wavelet analysis of GPR signals (multi-cross wavelet MCW and Fourier multi-cross function FMC) and applied them to analyze raw GPR traces of archeological subsurface ... More
Unconditionally energy stable fully discrete schemes for a chemo-repulsion modelJul 03 2018This work is devoted to study unconditionally energy stable and mass-conservative numerical schemes for the following repulsive-productive chemotaxis model: Find $u \geq 0$, the cell density, and $v \geq 0$, the chemical concentration, such that $$ \left\{ ... More
Compound orbits break-up in constituents: an algorithmFeb 24 2014In this paper decomposition of periodic orbits in bifurcation diagrams are derived in unidimensional dynamics system $x_{n+1}=f(x_{n};r)$, being $f$ an unimodal function. We proof a theorem which states the necessary and sufficient conditions for the ... More
A solution of the Schottky-Type problem for curves with automorphismsJun 10 2005In this paper, an explicit hierarchy of differential equations for the $\tau$-functions defining the moduli space of curves with automorphisms as a subscheme of the Sato Grassmannian is obtained. The Schottky problem for Riemann surfaces with automorphisms ... More
Analysis of a chemo-repulsion model with nonlinear production: The continuous problem and unconditionally energy stable fully discrete schemesJul 12 2018Aug 21 2018We consider the following repulsive-productive chemotaxis model: Let $p\in (1,2)$, find $u \geq 0$, the cell density, and $v \geq 0$, the chemical concentration, satisfying \begin{equation}\label{C5:Am} \left\{ \begin{array} [c]{lll} \partial_t u - \Delta ... More
Breaking the sound barrier in AdS/CFTSep 12 2016It has been conjectured that the speed of sound in holographic models with UV fixed points has an upper bound set by the value of the quantity in conformal field theory. If true, this would set stringent constraints for the presence of strongly coupled ... More
Asymptotic behaviour for a chemo-repulsion system with quadratic production: The continuous problem and two fully discrete numerical schemesMay 02 2018In this paper we consider a repulsive chemotaxis model with quadratic production term. We analyze the large-time behavior of the global weak-strong solutions and we prove the exponential convergence to a constant state as time goes to infinity. Moreover, ... More
The Simultaneous Strong Metric Dimension of Graph FamiliesApr 19 2015Let ${\cal G}$ be a family of graphs defined on a common (labeled) vertex set $V$. A set $S\subset V$ is said to be a simultaneous strong metric generator for ${\cal G}$ if it is a strong metric generator for every graph of the family. The minimum cardinality ... More
Viable Dependency Parsing as Sequence LabelingFeb 27 2019We recast dependency parsing as a sequence labeling problem, exploring several encodings of dependency trees as labels. While dependency parsing by means of sequence labeling had been attempted in existing work, results suggested that the technique was ... More
Measurement of the Optical Turbulence Produced by a Multirotor Unmanned Aerial VehicleJun 04 2019At present, new approaches for the use of Multirotor Unmanned Aerial Vehicle or multirotor drones in high precision optical applications are rising. However, the optical turbulence effects generated by multirotor drones are not entirely understood. These ... More
The scarcity of crossing dependencies: a direct outcome of a specific constraint?Jan 13 2016Crossing syntactic dependencies have been observed to be infrequent in natural language, to the point that some syntactic theories and formalisms disregard them entirely. This leads to the question of whether the scarcity of crossings in languages arises ... More
Liberating language research from dogmas of the 20th centurySep 09 2015Feb 27 2016A commentary on the article "Large-scale evidence of dependency length minimization in 37 languages" by Futrell, Mahowald & Gibson (PNAS 2015 112 (33) 10336-10341).
Faster Shift-Reduce Constituent Parsing with a Non-Binary, Bottom-Up StrategyApr 21 2018We propose a novel non-binary shift-reduce algorithm for constituent parsing. Our parser follows a classical bottom-up strategy but, unlike others, it straightforwardly creates non-binary branchings with just one Reduce transition, instead of requiring ... More
The scarcity of crossing dependencies: a direct outcome of a specific constraint?Jan 13 2016Nov 14 2017The structure of a sentence can be represented as a network where vertices are words and edges indicate syntactic dependencies. Interestingly, crossing syntactic dependencies have been observed to be infrequent in human languages. This leads to the question ... More
Crossings as a side effect of dependency lengthsAug 26 2015Jul 01 2016The syntactic structure of sentences exhibits a striking regularity: dependencies tend to not cross when drawn above the sentence. We investigate two competing explanations. The traditional hypothesis is that this trend arises from an independent principle ... More
A Dynamic Oracle for Linear-Time 2-Planar Dependency ParsingMay 14 2018May 15 2018We propose an efficient dynamic oracle for training the 2-Planar transition-based parser, a linear-time parser with over 99% coverage on non-projective syntactic corpora. This novel approach outperforms the static training strategy in the vast majority ... More
Anti dependency distance minimization in short sequences. A graph theoretic approachJun 13 2019Dependency distance minimization (DDm) is a word order principle favouring the placement of syntactically related words close to each other in sentences. Massive evidence of the principle has been reported for more than a decade with the help of syntactic ... More
Generic Axiomatization of Families of Noncrossing Graphs in Dependency ParsingJun 11 2017We present a simple encoding for unlabeled noncrossing graphs and show how its latent counterpart helps us to represent several families of directed and undirected graphs used in syntactic and semantic parsing of natural language as context-free languages. ... More
Rank-frequency distribution of natural languages: a difference of probabilities approachNov 23 2018The time variation of the rank $k$ of words for six Indo-European languages is obtained using data from Google Books. For low ranks the distinct languages behave differently, maybe due to syntaxis rules, whereas for $k>50$ the law of large numbers predominates. ... More
ALMA Reveals A Collision Between Protostellar Outflows in BHR71Apr 02 2018Apr 03 2018For a binary protostellar outflow system in which its members are located so close to each other (the separation being smaller than the addition of the widths of the flows) and with large opening angles, the collision seems unavoidable regardless of the ... More
Interferometric and single-dish observations of 44, 84 and 95 GHz Class I methanol masersDec 09 2017We present observations of massive star-forming regions selected from the IRAS Point Source Catalog. The observations were made with the Very Large Array and the Large Millimeter Telescope to search for Class I methanol masers. We made interferometric ... More
Software System Design based on Patterns for Newton-Type MethodsMay 12 2019A wide range of engineering applications uses optimisation techniques as part of their solution process. The researcher uses specialized software that implements well-known optimisation techniques to solve his problem. However, when it comes to develop ... More
$Δ\left( 27\right)$ flavor singlet-triplet Higgs model for fermion masses and mixingsOct 02 2018Apr 20 2019We propose a multiscalar singlet extension of the singlet-triplet Higgs model capable of explaining the SM fermion mass spectrum and mixing parameters. Our model is based on the $\Delta \left( 27\right) $ family symmetry, supplemented by cyclic symmetries, ... More
On finite-time and fixed-time consensus algorithms for dynamic networks switching among disconnected digraphsOct 31 2018The aim of this paper is to analyze a class of consensus algorithms with finite-time or fixed-time convergence for dynamic networks formed by agents with first-order dynamics. In particular, in the analyzed class a single evaluation of a nonlinear function ... More
The scaling of the minimum sum of edge lengths in uniformly random treesFeb 25 2016May 06 2016The minimum linear arrangement problem on a network consists of finding the minimum sum of edge lengths that can be achieved when the vertices are arranged linearly. Although there are algorithms to solve this problem on trees in polynomial time, they ... More
One model, two languages: training bilingual parsers with harmonized treebanksJul 30 2015May 19 2016We introduce an approach to train lexicalized parsers using bilingual corpora obtained by merging harmonized treebanks of different languages, producing parsers that can analyze sentences in either of the learned languages, or even sentences that mix ... More
Towards Syntactic Iberian Polarity ClassificationAug 17 2017Lexicon-based methods using syntactic rules for polarity classification rely on parsers that are dependent on the language and on treebank guidelines. Thus, rules are also dependent and require adaptation, especially in multilingual scenarios. We tackle ... More
Universal, Unsupervised (Rule-Based), Uncovered Sentiment AnalysisJun 17 2016Jan 05 2017We present a novel unsupervised approach for multilingual sentiment analysis driven by compositional syntax-based rules. On the one hand, we exploit some of the main advantages of unsupervised algorithms: (1) the interpretability of their output, in contrast ... More
Limits on the performance of Infotaxis under inaccurate modelling of the environmentAug 06 2014We study the performance of infotaxis search strategy measured by the rate of success and mean search time, under changes in the environment parameters such as diffusivity, rate of emission or wind velocity. We also investigate the drop of performance ... More
Elimination of Spurious Ambiguity in Transition-Based Dependency ParsingJun 28 2012We present a novel technique to remove spurious ambiguity from transition systems for dependency parsing. Our technique chooses a canonical sequence of transition operations (computation) for a given dependency tree. Our technique can be applied to a ... More
Universal, Unsupervised, Uncovered Sentiment AnalysisJun 17 2016We present a novel unsupervised approach for multilingual sentiment analysis driven by compositional syntax-based rules. On the one hand, we exploit some of the main advantages of unsupervised algorithms: (1) the interpretability of their output, in contrast ... More
A dependency look at the reality of constituencyAug 24 2017Mar 16 2018A comment on "Neurophysiological dynamics of phrase-structure building during sentence processing" by Nelson et al (2017), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 114(18), E3669-E3678.
How Important is Syntactic Parsing Accuracy? An Empirical Evaluation on Rule-Based Sentiment AnalysisJun 07 2017Oct 24 2017Syntactic parsing, the process of obtaining the internal structure of sentences in natural languages, is a crucial task for artificial intelligence applications that need to extract meaning from natural language text or speech. Sentiment analysis is one ... More
Dependence of the physical properties of $Nd_{0.5}Ca_{0.5}MnO_{3+δ}$ on the oxydation state of $Mn$Mar 01 2000We present a comparative study of the magnetic, transport and structural properties of $Nd_{0.5}Ca_{0.5}MnO_{3+\delta}$ [$\delta=$ 0.02(1) and 0.04(1)]. We have found significant differences between the low temperature magnetic orders and the magnetization ... More
VHE Emission from Magnetic Reconnection in the RIAF of SgrA*Apr 11 2019May 23 2019The cosmic-ray (CR) accelerator at the galactic centre (GC) is not yet established by current observations. Here we investigate the radiative-inefficient accretion flow (RIAF) of Sagittarius A* (SgrA*) as a CR accelerator assuming acceleration by turbulent ... More
Numerical models of neutrino and gamma-ray emission from magnetic reconnection in the core of radio-galaxiesMar 12 2019Non-blazar radio-galaxies emitting in the very-high-energy (VHE; >100 GeV) regime offer a unique perspective for probing particle acceleration and emission processes in black hole (BH) accretion-jet systems. The misaligned nature of these sources indicates ... More
Symmetry-projected Wave Functions in Quantum Monte Carlo CalculationsJan 31 2014We consider symmetry-projected Hartree--Fock trial wave functions in constrained-path Monte Carlo (CPMC) calculations. Previous CPMC calculations have mostly employed Hartree--Fock (HF) trial wave functions, restricted or unrestricted. The symmetry-projected ... More
The Si-Ge substitutional series in the chiral STW Zeolite Structure TypeJul 05 2018The whole compositional range (Ge$_f$ = Ge/(Ge+Si)= 0 to 1) of zeolite STW has been synthesized and studied by a comprehensive combined experimental--theoretical approach. The yield of zeolite goes through a maximum and then drops at the GeO$_2$ side ... More
Driving Simulator Platform for Development and Evaluation of Safety and Emergency SystemsFeb 01 2018According to data from the United Nations, more than 3000 people have died each day in the world due to road traffic collision. Considering recent researches, the human error may be considered as the main responsible for these fatalities. Because of this, ... More
The TP3-WFS: a new guy in townNov 14 2018The TP3-WFS (Two Pupil Plane Positions Wavefront Sensor) is, to the best of the authors' knowledge, the first physical implementation of the geometrical wavefront reconstruction algorithm that has been tested in a telescope as part of an actual AO-enabled ... More
An instrumental puzzle: the modular integration of AOLIAug 16 2016The Adaptive Optics Lucky Imager, AOLI, is an instrument developed to deliver the highest spatial resolution ever obtained in the visible, 20 mas, from ground-based telescopes. In AOLI a new philosophy of instrumental prototyping has been applied, based ... More
Nonreflecting outlet boundary conditions for incompressible flows using SPHSep 26 2017In this paper we implement a simple strategy, based on Jin and Braza's method, to deal with nonreflecting outlet boundary conditions for incompressible Navier-Stokes flows using the method of smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH). The outflow boundary ... More
Particle acceleration in the Herbig-Haro objects HH 80 and HH 81Nov 21 2018Feb 05 2019We present an analysis of radio (Karl G. Jansky Very Large Array (VLA)), optical (HST), and X-ray (Chandra and XMM-Newton) observations and archival data of the Herbig-Haro objects HH 80 and HH 81 in the context of jet-cloud interactions. Our radio images ... More
Resolving the Structure and Kinematics of the Youngest HII Regions and Radio Jets from Young Stellar ObjectsJun 26 2018Jul 18 2018In this contribution we explore the new science that a Next Generation Very Large Array (ngVLA) would be able to perform on the topics of the youngest HII regions and (proto)stellar jets. Free-free continuum and radio recombination line (RRL) emission ... More
A Study of Radio Polarization in Protostellar JetsJun 11 2015Nov 22 2015Synchrotron radiation is commonly observed in connection with shocks of different velocities, ranging from relativistic shocks associated with active galactic nuclei, gamma-ray bursts or microquasars to weakly- or non-relativistic flows as those observed ... More
A comparison between the soft X-ray and [O III] morphologies of active galactic nucleiMay 01 2017Several studies of nearby active galactic nuclei (AGN) have shown that the soft X-ray emission presents a size and morphology that resembles that of the narrow-line region (NLR) traced by [O III]. Since the NLR is mainly constituted by gas photoionised ... More
Computing the local metric dimension of a graph from the local metric dimension of primary subgraphsFeb 02 2014For an ordered subset $W = \{w_1, w_2,\dots w_k\}$ of vertices and a vertex $u$ in a connected graph $G$, the representation of $u$ with respect to $W$ is the ordered $k$-tuple $ r(u|W)=(d(v,w_1), d(v,w_2),\dots,$ $d(v,w_k))$, where $d(x,y)$ represents ... More
Properties of galaxies at the faint end of the H$α$ luminosity function at $z\sim0.62$Apr 15 2016Aug 05 2016Studies measuring the star formation rate density, luminosity function, and properties of star-forming galaxies are numerous. However, it exists a gap at $0.5<z<0.8$ in H$\alpha$-based studies. Our main goal is to study the properties of a sample of faint ... More
A very young, compact bipolar H$_2$O maser outflow in the intermediate-mass star-forming LkH$α$ 234 regionApr 29 2014We report multi-epoch VLBI H$_2$O maser observations towards the compact cluster of YSOs close to the Herbig Be star LkH$\alpha$ 234. This cluster includes LkH$\alpha$ 234 and at least nine more YSOs that are formed within projected distances of $\sim$10 ... More
The mass of the Milky Way from satellite dynamicsAug 30 2018Jan 23 2019We present and apply a method to infer the mass of the Milky Way (MW) by comparing the dynamics of MW satellites to those of model satellites in the EAGLE cosmological hydrodynamics simulations. A distribution function (DF) for galactic satellites is ... More
On the relevance of chaos for halo stars in the solar neighbourhood IIJan 11 2018May 16 2018In a previous paper based on dark matter only simulations we show that, in the approximation of an analytic and static potential describing the strongly triaxial and cuspy shape of Milky Way-sized haloes, diffusion due to chaotic mixing in the neighbourhood ... More
Radiopurity of Micromegas readout planesMay 12 2010Aug 02 2010Micromesh Gas Amplification Structures (Micromegas) are being used in an increasing number of Particle Physics applications since their conception fourteen years ago. More recently, they are being used or considered as readout of Time Projection Chambers ... More
Micromegas-TPC operation at high pressure in Xenon-trimethylamine mixturesMar 22 2013We present in this work measurements performed with a small Micromegas-TPC using a xenon-trimethylamine (Xe-TMA) Penning-mixture as filling gas. Measurements of gas gain and energy resolutions for 22.1 keV X-rays are presented, spanning several TMA concentrations ... More
On the nature of the compact sources in IRAS 16293-2422 seen in at centimeter to sub-millimeter wavelengthsMar 06 2019We present multi-epoch continuum observations of the Class 0 protostellar system IRAS 16293-2422 taken with the Very Large Array (VLA) at multiple wavelengths between 7 mm and 15 cm (41 GHz down to 2 GHz), as well as single-epoch Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter ... More
Simulating cosmological substructure in the solar neighbourhoodMay 23 2019We explore the predictive power of cosmological, hydrodynamical simulations for stellar phase space substructure and velocity correlations with the Auriga simulations and Aurigaia mock-Gaia catalogues. We show that at the solar circle the Auriga simulations ... More
High-Angular-Resolution and High-Sensitivity Science Enabled by Beamformed ALMASep 13 2013An international consortium is presently constructing a beamformer for the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA) in Chile that will be available as a facility instrument. The beamformer will aggregate the entire collecting area of the array ... More
On integration in Banach spaces and total setsJun 26 2018Let $X$ be a Banach space and $\Gamma \subseteq X^*$ a total linear subspace. We study the concept of $\Gamma$-integrability for $X$-valued functions $f$ defined on a complete probability space, i.e. an analogue of Pettis integrability by dealing only ... More
An extremely high velocity molecular jet surrounded by an ionized cavity in the protostellar source Serpens SMM1Apr 12 2016May 22 2016We report ALMA observations of a one-sided, high-velocity ($\sim$80 km s$^{-1}$) CO($J = 2 \rightarrow 1$) jet powered by the intermediate-mass protostellar source Serpens SMM1-a. The highly collimated molecular jet is flanked at the base by a wide-angle ... More
Tunable ferromagnetic resonance in coupled trilayers with crossed in-plane and perpendicular magnetic anisotropiesApr 30 2019A novel approach to tune the ferromagnetic resonance frequency of a soft magnetic Ni$_{80}$Fe$_{20}$ (Permalloy = Py) film with in-plane magnetic anisotropy (IMA) based on the controlled coupling to a hard magnetic NdCo$_\text{x}$ film with perpendicular ... More
Transient Propagation and Scattering of Quasi-Rayleigh Waves in Plates: Quantitative comparison between Pulsed TV-Holography Measurements and FC(Gram) elastodynamic simulationsMay 13 2019We study the scattering of transient, high-frequency, narrow-band quasi-Rayleigh elastic waves by through-thickness holes in aluminum plates, in the framework of ultrasonic nondestructive testing (NDT) based on full-field optical detection. Sequences ... More
Contributions to the development of the CRO-SL algorithm: Engineering applications problemsJul 26 2018This Ph.D. thesis discusses advanced design issues of the evolutionary-based algorithm \textit{"Coral Reef Optimization"}, in its Substrate-Layer (CRO-SL) version, for optimization problems in Engineering Applications. The problems that can be tackled ... More
On existence of semi-wavefronts for a non-local reaction-diffusion equations with distributed time delayOct 01 2015We establish the existence of semi-wavefronts solutions for a non-local delayed reaction-diffusion equation with monostable nonlinearity. The existence result is proved for all speeds $c\geq c_\star$, where the determination of $c_\star$ is similar to ... More
Theory of disguised-groupsJul 25 2016Aug 22 2016In this paper we define a new algebraic object: the disguised-groups. We show the main properties of the disguised- groups and, as a consequence, we will see that disguised-groups coincide with regular semigroups. We prove many of the results of the theory ... More
Uniform spaces and the Newtonian structure of (big)data affinity kernelsJan 13 2017Let $X$ be a (data) set. Let $K(x,y)>0$ be a measure of the affinity between the data points $x$ and $y$. We prove that $K$ has the structure of a Newtonian potential $K(x,y)=\varphi(d(x,y))$ with $\varphi$ decreasing and $d$ a quasi-metric on $X$ under ... More
Function spaces of coercivity for the fractional Laplacian in spaces of homogeneous typeMar 19 2018We combine dyadic analysis through Haar type wavelets defined on Christ's families of generalized cubes, and Lax-Milgram theorem, in order to prove existence of Green's functions for fractional Laplacians on some function spaces of vanishing small resolution ... More
Shape differentiation of a steady-state reaction-diffusion problem arising in Chemical Engineering: the case of non-smooth kinetic with dead coreAug 03 2017In this paper we consider an extension of the results in shape differentiation of semilinear equations with smooth nonlinearity presented in J.I. D\'iaz and D. G\'omez-Castro: An Application of Shape Differentiation to the Effectiveness of a Steady State ... More
A note on Besov regularity for parabolic initial boundary value problemsJul 10 2013In this note we consider the initial boundary value problem for the heat equation on cylinders based on Lipschitz domains with Besov data. We obtain a regularity exponent for the solution that improves the rate of convergence of nonlinear approximation ... More
On the Calderón-Zygmund structure of Petermichl's kernel. Weighted inequalitiesSep 13 2017We show that Petermichl's dyadic operator $\mathcal{P}$ (S. Petermichl (2000), Dyadic shifts and a logarithmic estimate for Hankel operators with matrix symbol) is a Calder\'{o}n-Zygmund type operator on an adequate metric normal space of homogeneous ... More
Hierarchy of correlations: Application to Green's functions and interacting topological phasesDec 24 2015Jul 20 2016We study the many-body physics of different quantum systems using a hierarchy of correlations, which corresponds to a generalization of the $1/\mathcal{Z}$ hierarchy. The decoupling scheme obtained from this hierarchy is adapted to calculate double-time ... More
Hierarchy of correlations for the Ising model in the Majorana representationMay 10 2017Oct 12 2017We study the quantum Ising model in D dimensions with the equation of motion technique, in combination with the Majorana representation for spins. The decoupling scheme used for the Green's functions is based on the hierarchy of correlations in position ... More
Comment on "Revision of Bubble Bursting: Universal Scaling Laws of Top Jet Drop Size and Speed"Dec 07 2018Comment on "Revision of Bubble Bursting: Universal Scaling Laws of Top Jet Drop Size and Speed"
The velocity anisotropy of the Milky Way satellite systemOct 24 2018We analyse the orbital kinematics of the Milky Way (MW) satellite system utilizing the latest systemic proper motions for 38 satellites based on data from $Gaia$ Data Release 2. Combining these data with distance and line-of-sight velocity measurements ... More
Optimization of anemia treatment in hemodialysis patients via reinforcement learningSep 14 2015Objective: Anemia is a frequent comorbidity in hemodialysis patients that can be successfully treated by administering erythropoiesis-stimulating agents (ESAs). ESAs dosing is currently based on clinical protocols that often do not account for the high ... More