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Reachability-based safe learning for optimal control problemNov 09 2018In this work we seek for an approach to integrate safety in the learning process that relies on a partly known state-space model of the system and regards the unknown dynamics as an additive bounded disturbance. We introduce a framework for safely learning ... More
Efficient Kernel-based Subsequence Search for User Identification from Walking ActivityJun 11 2019This paper presents an efficient approach for subsequence search in data streams. The problem consists in identifying coherent repetitions of a given reference time-series, eventually multi-variate, within a longer data stream. Dynamic Time Warping (DTW) ... More
The QCD potential at O(1/m^2): Complete spin-dependent and spin-independent resultSep 12 2000Apr 11 2001Within an effective field theory framework, we obtain an expression, with O(1/m^2) accuracy, for the energies of the gluonic excitations between heavy quarks, which holds beyond perturbation theory. For the singlet heavy quark--antiquark energy, in particular, ... More
Sign-changing solutions of the fractional heat equation: existence and convexityJun 01 2016We prove that the initial-value problem for the fractional heat equation admits a solution provided that the (possibly unbounded) initial datum has a conveniently moderate growth at infinity. Under the same growth condition we also prove that the solution ... More
Cosmic $ΔB$ from Lepton Violating Interactions at the Electroweak Phase TransitionJun 05 1992We propose a new mechanism for late cosmological baryon asymmetry in models with first order electroweak phase transition. Lepton asymmetry arises through the decay of particles produced out of equilbrium in bubble collisions and is converted into baryon ... More
Existence and convexity of solutions of the fractional heat equationJun 01 2016Aug 22 2017We prove that the initial-value problem for the fractional heat equation admits a solution provided that the (possibly unbounded) initial datum has a conveniently moderate growth at infinity. Under the same growth condition we also prove that the solution ... More
Dark matter and dark energy induced by condensatesAug 18 2016It is shown that the vacuum condensate induced by many phenomena behaves as a perfect fluid which, under particular conditions, has zero or negative pressure. In particular, the condensates of thermal states, of fields in curved space and of mixed particles ... More
Some Epistemological Problems with the Knowledge Level in Cognitive ArchitecturesNov 26 2015This article addresses an open problem in the area of cognitive systems and architectures: namely the problem of handling (in terms of processing and reasoning capabilities) complex knowledge structures that can be at least plausibly comparable, both ... More
A Local and Discrete Model Simulating Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanical SystemsMay 26 2016This paper presents a simple model that mimics quantum mechanics (QM) results without using complex wavefunctions or non-localities. The proposed model only uses integer-valued quantities and arithmetic operations, in particular assuming a discrete spacetime ... More
On the Lie and Cartan Theory of Invariant Differential Systems, IINov 27 2015May 25 2016We discuss the basic properties of Lie groupoids and Lie pseudo-groups in view of applying these techniques to the analysis of Jordan-H\"older resolutions and the subsequent integration of partial differential equations. This is the summit of Lie and ... More
Basic univariate and bivariate statistics for symbolic data: a critical reviewDec 08 2013Some proofs of the problems of the basic statistics proposed for numeric symbolic data.
Complexity of intersections of real quadrics and topology of symmetric determinantal varietiesNov 07 2012Let X be the base locus of a linear system W of k quadrics. Let also S be the intersection of W with the discriminant hypersurface in the space of all homogeneous polynomials of degree two. We prove a formula relating the topology of X with the one of ... More
Random matrices and the average topology of the intersection of two quadricsMay 09 2012Jun 18 2013Let X_R be the zero locus in RP^n of one or two independently and Weyl distributed random real quadratic forms (this is the same as requiring that the corresponding symmetric matrices are in the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble). We prove that the sum of ... More
Theories of BaryogenesisJul 22 1998Jul 28 1998These lectures provide a pedagogical review of the present status of theories explaining the observed baryon asymmetry of the Universe. Particular emphasis is given on GUT baryogenesis and electroweak baryogenesis. The key issues, the unresolved problems ... More
Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Polydisperse Hard SpheresJul 02 2012Jul 05 2012Standard algorithms for the numerical integration of the Langevin equation require that interactions are slowly varying during to the integration timestep. This in not the case for hard-body systems, where there is no clearcut between the correlation ... More
Non-relativistic particles in a thermal bathJan 14 2014Heavy particles are a window to new physics and new phenomena. Since the late eighties they are treated by means of effective field theories that fully exploit the symmetries and power counting typical of non-relativistic systems. More recently these ... More
Quarkonium in a weakly-coupled quark-gluon plasmaSep 30 2010We report about a recent calculation of the heavy quarkonium mass and decay width in a quark-gluon plasma, whose temperature T and screening mass m_D satisfy the hierarchy m alpha_s >> pi T >> m alpha_s^2 >> m_D, m being the heavy-quark mass, up to order ... More
Quarkonia: a theoretical frameDec 22 2009We discuss a general theoretical framework for the study of bound states made of two heavy quarks. For states below threshold, the framework has been developed to the level of providing precision studies for several charmonium and bottomonium observables. ... More
The non-perturbative QCD potentialSep 12 2000The potential between heavy quarks can be rigorously defined in a QCD effective field theories framework. I discuss the general situation when the coupling constant may not be considered small and provide an explicit expression for the potential valid ... More
Vibrations of closed-shell Lennard-Jones icosahedral and cuboctahedral clusters and their effect on the cluster ground state energyApr 13 2004Vibrational spectra of closed shell Lennard-Jones icosahedral and cuboctahedral clusters are calculated for shell numbers between 2 and 9. Evolution of the vibrational density of states with the cluster shell number is examined and differences between ... More
Probing CPT violation in meson mixing by non-cyclic phaseDec 02 2011The presence of non-cyclic phases is revealed in the time evolution of mixed meson systems. Such phases are related to the parameter $z$ describing the $CPT$ violation; moreover, a non zero phase difference between particle and antiparticle arises only ... More
Scalar perturbations in Randall-Sundrum braneworld cosmologyOct 24 2007We study the evolution of scalar perturbations in the radiation-dominated era of Randall-Sundrum braneworld cosmology by numerically solving the coupled bulk and brane master wave equations. We find that density perturbations with wavelengths less than ... More
Shock dynamics of phase diagramsJul 29 2013Jan 28 2014A thermodynamic phase transition denotes a drastic change of state of a physical system due to a continuous change of thermodynamic variables, as for instance pressure and temperature. The classical van der Waals equation of state is the simplest model ... More
Multi-Source Cooperative Communication with Opportunistic Interference Cancelling RelaysSep 03 2015In this paper we present a multi-user cooperative protocol for wireless networks. Two sources transmit simultaneously their information blocks and relays employ opportunistically successive interference cancellation (SIC) in an effort to decode them. ... More
Consistent analysis of the $ν_μ\to ν_e$ sterile neutrinos searches of ICARUS and OPERAMar 13 2015May 06 2015The two long-baseline experiments ICARUS and OPERA have recently provided bounds on light ($\sim$ eV) sterile neutrinos exploiting the negative results of the $\nu_\mu \to \nu_e$ appearance searches. Both collaborations have performed the data analysis ... More
The degenerate affine walled Brauer algebraMay 10 2013We define a degenerate affine version of the walled Brauer algebra, that has the same role plaid by the degenerate affine Hecke algebra for the symmetric group algebra. We use it to prove a higher level mixed Schur-Weyl duality for gl_N. We consider then ... More
Lifshitz transitions in multi-band Hubbard models for topological superconductivity in complex quantum matterDec 16 2017Jan 03 2018How the macroscopic quantum coherence can resist to the decoherence attacks of high temperature is a major challenge for the science of the 21st century. Superstripes 2017 conference held in Ischia on June 2017 has been focused on the new physics of high ... More
Height estimates for mean curvature graphs in $\mathrm{Nil}_3$ and $\widetilde{PSL}_2(\mathbb{R})$Mar 18 2018May 15 2018In this paper we obtain height estimates for compact, constant mean curvature vertical graphs in the homogeneous spaces $\mathrm{Nil}_3$ and $\widetilde{PSL}_2(\mathbb{R})$. As a straightforward consequence, we announce a structure-type result for proper ... More
Commutative rings with finite quotient fieldsMar 14 2009We consider the class of all commutative reduced rings for which there exists a finite subset T of A such that all projections on quotients by prime ideals of A are surjective when restricted to T. A complete structure theorem is given for this class ... More
A gauge invariant flow equationJan 24 2003Given a Quantum Field Theory, with a particular content of fields and a symmetry associated with them, if one wants to study the evolution of the couplings via a Wilsonian renormalisation group, there is still a freedom on the construction of a flow equation, ... More
Embedded polar spaces revisitedMar 20 2014In this paper we introduce generalized pseudo-quadratic forms and develope some theory for them. Recall that the codomain of a $(\sigma,\varepsilon)$-quadratic form is the group $\overline{K} := K/K_{\sigma,\varepsilon}$, where $K$ is the underlying division ... More
Asymptotic efficiency of restart and checkpointingFeb 21 2018May 12 2018Many tasks are subject to failure before completion. Two of the most common failure recovery strategies are restart and checkpointing. Under restart, once a failure occurs, it is restarted from the beginning. Under checkpointing, the task is resumed from ... More
Cantor versus CantorJan 17 2010Jan 25 2012This paper examines the possibilities of extending Cantor's two arguments on the uncountable nature of the set of real numbers to one of its proper denumerable subsets: the set of rational numbers. The paper proves that, unless certain restrictive conditions ... More
Beyond ChaosApr 18 2008The first part of this paper defines recursive interactions by means of logistic functions and derives a general result on the way interacting systems evolve in attractors. It also defines the notion of coevolution trajectory and presents a new family ... More
Recursion and w-orderApr 18 2008Apr 29 2008This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to an error.
Two-Loop Renormalization Group Equations and Gauge Couplings UnificationSep 22 2017We analize the impact of two-loop renormalization group equations on the $SU(3)_c\times SU(2)_w\times U(1)_Y$ gauge couplings unification in various supersymmetric theories. In general the presence of superfields in higher representation than the doublet ... More
Renormings of the dual of James tree spacesMar 01 2009We discuss renorming properties of the dual of a James tree space JT. We present examples of weakly Lindelof determined JT such that JT* admits neither strictly convex nor Kadec renorming and of weakly compactly generated JT such that JT* does not admit ... More
ECOLANG - Communications Language for Ecological Simulations NetworkSep 09 2008This document describes the communication language used in one multiagent system environment for ecological simulations, based on EcoDynamo simulator application linked with several intelligent agents and visualisation applications, and extends the initial ... More
Compact spaces that do not map onto finite productsJan 26 2010We provide examples of nonseparable compact spaces with the property that any continuous image which is homeomorphic to a finite product of spaces has a maximal prescribed number of nonseparable factors.
Correcting a minor error in Cantor's calculation of the power of the continuumSep 21 2006Cantor's algebraic calculation of the power of the continuum contains an easily repairable error related to Cantor own way of defining the addition of cardinal numbers. The appropriate correction is suggested.
Recursion and the Axiom of InfinitySep 07 2006Jan 27 2012This paper examines the completion of an w-ordered sequence of recursive definitions which on the one hand defines an increasing sequence of nested set and on the other redefines successively a numeric variable as the cardinal of the successively defined ... More
The choice: evaluating and selecting scientific proposalsApr 21 2015The selection process of proposals is a crucial component of scientific progress and innovations. Limited resources must be allocated in the most effective way to maximise advancements and the production of new knowledge, especially as it is becoming ... More
Cech Closure Spaces: A Framework for Discrete HomotopyAug 31 2017Mar 21 2019Motivated by constructions in topological data analysis and algebraic combinatorics, we study homotopy theory on the category of closure spaces, the category whose objects are sets endowed with a Cech closure operator and whose morphisms are the continuous ... More
Observer-less Output Feedback Global Tracking Control of Lossless Lagrangian SystemsJul 17 2013We obviate the use of observers for the purpose of output feedback tracking control of Lagrangian systems and solve some long-standing yet well-documented open problems. As often implemented in control practice, we replace unavailable derivatives with ... More
On The Equivalence Problem for Geometric Structures, IDec 29 2014We discuss the local and global problems for the equivalence of geometric structures of an arbitrary order and, in later sections, attention is given to what really matters, namely the equivalence with respect to transformations belonging to a given pseudo-group ... More
Bounds on the Tamagawa numbers of a crystalline representation over towers of cyclotomic extensionsOct 21 2015In this paper, we study the Tamagawa numbers of a crystalline representation over a tower of cyclotomic extensions under certain technical conditions on the representation. In particular, we show that we may improve the asymptotic bounds given in the ... More
Boolean metric spaces and Boolean algebraic varietiesMar 14 2009The concepts of Boolean metric space and convex combination are used to characterize polynomial maps in a class of commutative Von Neumann regular rings including Boolean rings and p-rings, that we have called CFG-rings. In those rings, the study of the ... More
Upsilon type concordance invariantsSep 05 2017To a region $C$ of the plane satisfying a suitable convexity condition we associate a knot concordance invariant $\Upsilon^C$. For appropriate choices of the domain this construction gives back some known knot Floer concordance invariants like Rasmussen's ... More
On the existence of D-solutions of the steady-state Navier-Stokes equations in plane exterior domainsJan 06 2011We prove that the steady--state Navier--Stokes problem in a plane Lipschitz domain $\Omega$ exterior to a bounded and simply connected set has a $D$-solution provided the boundary datum $\a \in L^2(\partial\Omega)$ satisfies ${1\over 2\pi}|\int_{\partial\Omega}\a\cdot\n|<1$. ... More
A quasilinear approach to fully nonlinear parabolic (S)PDEs on $\mathbb{R}^d$Feb 18 2018Apr 11 2018We study the Cauchy problem for fully nonlinear (stochastic) parabolic partial differential equations. We provide both in deterministic and stochastic case the existence of a maximal defined solution for the problem and we provide suitable blow-up criterion. ... More
Updated determination of $α_s(m_τ^2)$ from tau decaysJun 24 2016Using the most recent release of the ALEPH $\tau$ decay data, we present a very detailed phenomenological update of the $\alpha_s(m_\tau^2)$ determination. We have exploited the sensitivity to the strong coupling in many different ways, exploring several ... More
The dynamics of the Goldstone bosons on the braneJul 11 2000Oct 16 2000We study, within the recently proposed brane-world scenario, the effective action for the low-energy brane excitations. These modes are understood as Goldstone bosons associated to the spontaneous isometry breaking, induced on the bulk space by the presence ... More
Particle production from nonlocal gravitational effective actionMar 23 1998Sep 21 1999In this paper we show how the nonlocal effective action for gravity, obtained after integrating out the matter fields, can be used to compute particle production and spectra for different space-time metrics. Applying this technique to several examples, ... More
Topological invariants of O'Grady's six dimensional irreducible symplectic varietyJun 02 2004Aug 08 2004We study O'Grady examples of irreducible symplectic varieties: we establish that both of them can be deformed into lagrangian fibrations. We analyse in detail the topology of the six dimensional example: in particular we compute its Euler characteristic ... More
Distributed Space-Time Coding of Over-the-Air Superimposed Packets in Wireless NetworksMar 14 2013In this paper we propose a new cooperative packet transmission scheme that allows independent sources to superimpose over-the-air their packet transmissions. Relay nodes are used and cooperative diversity is combined with distributed space-time block ... More
General Covariance, Diffeomorphism Invariance, and Background Independence in 5 DimensionsOct 04 2014Apr 10 2015The paper considers the "GR-desideratum", that is, the way general relativity implements general covariance, diffeomorphism invariance, and background independence. Two cases are discussed where $5$-dimensional generalizations of general relativity run ... More
Darboux polynomial matrices: the classical Massive Thirring Model as study caseNov 28 2014One way of constructing explicit expressions of solutions of integrable systems of Partial Differential Equations (PDEs) goes via the Darboux method. This requires the construction of Darboux matrices. Here we introduce a novel algorithm to obtain such ... More
Plenty of Morse functions by perturbing with sums of squaresNov 16 2011Given a smooth function f on R^n and a submanifold M, we prove that the set of diagonal quadratic forms q such that the restriction of f+q to M is Morse is a dense set (in the n-dimensional space of diagonal quadratic forms). The standard transversality ... More
Convex pencils of real quadratic formsJun 23 2011Sep 06 2012We study the topology of the set X of the solutions of a system of two quadratic inequalities in the real projective space RP^n (e.g. X is the intersection of two real quadrics). We give explicit formulae for its Betti numbers and for those of its double ... More
Inflation and the Theory of Cosmological PerturbationsOct 10 2002These lectures provide a pedagogical introduction to inflation and the theory of cosmological perturbations generated during inflation which are thought to be the origin of structure in the universe.
The More Relaxed Supersymmetric Electroweak BaryogenesisMar 15 1998We reanalyze the issue of generation of the baryon asymmetry at the electroweak phase transition in the MSSM and compute the baryon asymmetry assuming the presence of non-trivial CP-violating phases in the parameters associated with the left-right stop ... More
Effective field theories for baryons with two- and three-heavy quarksAug 26 2010Oct 28 2010Baryons made of two or three heavy quarks can be described in the modern language of non-relativistic effective field theories. These, besides allowing a rigorous treatment of the systems, provide new insight in the nature of the three-body interaction ... More
Non-relativistic bound states: the long way back from the Bethe-Salpeter to the Schroedinger equationFeb 19 2009Apr 06 2009I review, in a personal perspective, the history of the theory of non-relativistic bound states in QED and QCD from the Bethe-Salpeter equation to the construction of effective field theories.
Heavy quarkonium decays and transitions in the language of effective field theoriesDec 30 2005Heavy quarkonium decays and transitions are discussed in the framework of non-relativistic effective field theories. Emphasis is put on the matching procedure in the non-perturbative regime. Some exact results valid for the magnetic dipole couplings are ... More
Open Problems in Heavy Quarkonium PhysicsDec 22 2004Some recent progress and a personal selection of open problems in heavy quarkonium physics (spectroscopy, decay and production) inspired by the activity of the Quarkonium Working Group are reviewed.
The QCD potentialSep 21 2007After reviewing the definition of the heavy quark-antiquark potential in pNRQCD, we discuss recent advances in the calculation.
Asymmetric random walks in a discrete spacetime as a model for quantum mechanicsDec 20 2013Jan 25 2015This paper presents a simple model that mimics quantum mechanics (QM) results in terms of probability fields of free particles subject to self-interference, without using Schr\"{o}dinger equation or wavefunctions. Unlike the standard QM picture, the proposed ... More
Dynamics and (de)localization in a one-dimensional tight-binding chainJul 18 2006A simple tight-binding model is used to illustrate how the time dependence of a state vector can be obtained from all the eigenvalues and eigenvectors of the Hamiltonian. The behavior of the eigenvalues and eigenvectors is studied for various parameters ... More
Energies of sp2 carbon shapes with pentagonal disclinations and elasticity theoryMar 28 2006Jun 26 2006Energies of a certain class of fullerene molecules (elongated, contracted, and regular icosahedral fullerenes) are numerically calculated using a microscopic description of carbon-carbon bonding. It is shown how these results can be interpreted and comprehended ... More
Adsorption of He atoms in external grooves of single wall carbon nanotube bundlesNov 15 2002I calculate the quantum states for He atom in the potential of an external groove of the single wall carbon nanotube bundle. The calculated ground state energy is found to be in fair agreement with the experimental estimate which suggests that the outer ... More
Icosadeltahedral geometry of fullerenes, viruses and geodesic domesNov 22 2007I discuss the symmetry of fullerenes, viruses and geodesic domes within a unified framework of icosadeltahedral representation of these objects. The icosadeltahedral symmetry is explained in details by examination of all of these structures. Using Euler's ... More
Constraining hybrid inflation models with WMAP three-year resultsOct 03 2006Jan 11 2007We reconsider the original model of quadratic hybrid inflation in light of the WMAP three-year results and study the possibility of obtaining a spectral index of primordial density perturbations, $n_s$, smaller than one from this model. The original hybrid ... More
Hint of non-standard dynamics in solar neutrino conversionJan 20 2011Apr 27 2011Motivated by the recent low-threshold measurements of the solar 8B neutrino spectrum performed by Borexino, Super-Kamiokande and the Sudbury Neutrino Observatory -- all now monitoring the transition regime between low-energy (vacuum-like) and high-energy ... More
An estimate of theta_14 independent of the reactor antineutrino flux determinationsJan 20 2012Mar 08 2012In a previous paper [Phys. Rev. D 83, 113013 (2011)] we have shown that the solar sector data (solar and KamLAND) are sensitive to the parameter theta_14, encoding the admixture of the electron neutrino with a fourth (essentially) sterile mass eigenstate. ... More
Hodographic VorticesAug 08 2008Jul 10 2009Vortices are screw phase dislocations associated with helicoidal wave-fronts. In nonlinear optics, vortices arise as singular solutions to the phase-intensity equations of geometric optics. They exist for a general class of nonlinear response functions. ... More
A discrete spacetime model for quantum mechanicsJun 02 2015This paper presents a simple model that mimics quantum mechanics (QM) results in terms of probability fields of free particles subject to self-interference, without using Schroedinger equation or complex wavefunctions. Unlike the standard QM picture, ... More
ICHEP 2014 Summary: Theory Status after the First LHC RunMay 07 2015Jun 08 2015A brief overview of the main highlights discussed at ICHEP 2014 is presented. The experimental data confirm that the scalar boson discovered at the LHC couples to other particles as predicted in the Standard Model. This constitutes a great success of ... More
Quantifying the dynamical complexity of time seriesOct 19 2016A powerful tool is developed for the characterization of chaotic signals. The approach is based on the symbolic encoding of time series (according to their ordinal patterns) combined with the ensuing characterization of the corresponding cylinder sets. ... More
Spectroscopic investigations of phonons in epitaxial grapheneJan 04 2016The interaction of graphene with metallic substrates reveals phenomena and properties of great relevance for applications in nanotechnology. In this review, the vibrational characterization by means of various inelastic scattering spectroscopies are surveyed ... More
Can Bohmian Mechanics Be Made Background Independent?Sep 02 2015The paper presents an inquiry into the question regarding the compatibility of Bohmian mechanics, intended as a non-local theory of moving point-like particles, with background independence. This issue is worth being investigated because, if the Bohmian ... More
Proper holomorphic Legendrian curves in $SL_2(\mathbb{C})$Nov 02 2016In this paper we prove that every open Riemann surface properly embeds in the Special Linear group $SL_2(\mathbb{C})$ as a holomorphic Legendrian curve, where $SL_2(\mathbb{C})$ is endowed with its standard contact structure. As a consequence, we derive ... More
Asymptotic cosmological solutions for string/brane gases with solitonic fluxesJan 13 2005We present new cosmological solutions for brane gases with solitonic fluxes that can dynamically explain the existence of three large spatial dimensions. This reasserts the importance of fluxes for understanding the full space of solutions in a potential ... More
The number of weakly compact sets which generate a Banach spaceFeb 28 2009We consider the cardinal invariant CG(X) of the minimal number of weakly compact subsets which generate a Banach space X. We study the behavior of this index when passing to subspaces, its relation with the Lindelof number in the weak topology and other ... More
k-Colorability is Graph Automaton RecognizableJan 21 2014Automata operating on general graphs have been introduced by virtue of graphoids. In this paper we construct a graph automaton that recognizes $k$-colorable graphs.
A Topological Approach to Spectral ClusteringJun 08 2015We propose a clustering algorithm which, for input, takes data assumed to be sampled from a uniform distribution supported on a metric space $X$, and outputs a clustering of the data based on a topological estimate of the connected components of $X$. ... More
Lagrangian blow-ups, blow-downs, and applications to real packingDec 05 2010Dec 07 2012Given a symplectic manifold (M, {\omega}) and a Lagrangian submanifold L, we construct versions of the symplectic blow-up and blow-down which are defined relative to L. Furthermore, we show that if M admits an anti-symplectic involution {\phi} and we ... More
A Local-Realistic Model of Quantum Mechanics Based on a Discrete Spacetime (Extended version)Dec 08 2017This paper presents a realistic, stochastic, and local model that reproduces nonrelativistic quantum mechanics (QM) results without using its mathematical formulation. The proposed model only uses integer-valued quantities and operations on probabilities, ... More
Classes of structures with no intermediate isomorphism problemsSep 16 2013We say that a theory $T$ is intermediate under effective reducibility if the isomorphism problems among its computable models is neither hyperarithmetic nor on top under effective reducibility. We prove that if an infinitary sentence $T$ is uniformly ... More
A fixed point for the jump operator on structuresJun 05 2011Assuming that $0^#$ exists, we prove that there is a structure that can effectively interpret its own jump. In particular, we get a structure $\mathcal A$ such that \[ Sp({\mathcal A}) = \{{\bf x}':{\bf x}\in Sp ({\mathcal A})\}, \] where $Sp ({\mathcal ... More
Experimental results on event shapes at hadron collidersMay 05 2017In this paper a review on event shapes at hadron colliders, mainly focused on experimental results, is presented. Measurements performed at the Tevatron and at the LHC, for the soft and hard regimes of QCD, are reviewed. The potential applications of ... More
The Aleph-zero or zero dichotomyApr 18 2008Nov 23 2009This paper proves the existence of a dichotomy which being formally derived from the topological successiveness of w-order leads to the same absurdity of Zeno's Dichotomy II. It also derives a contradictory result from the first Zeno's Dichotomy.
SuperswappingApr 18 2008Jan 27 2012Supertask theory is used here to prove a contradictory result which involves the consistency of w-order and the Axiom of Infinity.
Leptons and QCDDec 12 2014Three important QCD-related aspects of the $\tau$ and $\mu$ dynamics are reviewed: the determination of the strong coupling from the hadronic tau decay width, leading to the updated value $\alpha_s(m_\tau^2) = 0.331 \pm 0.013$; the measurement of $|V_{us}|$ ... More
Regular polyhedra in the 3-torusApr 21 2016In this paper we discuss the classification rank $3$ lattices preserved by finite orthogonal groups of isometries and derive from it the classification of regular polyhedra in the $3$-dimensional torus. This classification is highly related to the classification ... More
Special systems through double points on an algebraic surfaceMay 03 2006Let S be a smooth algebraic surface satisfying the following property: H^i(\oc_S(C))=0 (i=1,2) for any irreducible and reduced curve C of S. The aim of this paper is to provide a characterization of special linear systems on S which are singular along ... More
Stone-type representations and dualities for varieties of bisemilatticesMar 18 2018In this article we will focus our attention on the variety of distributive bisemilattices and some linguistic expansions thereof: bounded, De Morgan, and involutive bisemilattices. After extending Balbes' representation theorem to bounded, De Morgan, ... More
A family of acyclic functorsJun 14 2007Nov 08 2007We determine a family of functors from a poset to abelian groups such that the higher direct limits vanish on them. This is done by first characterizing the projective functors. Then a spectral sequence arising from the grading of the poset is used. Also ... More
Transfinite partitions of Jordan curvesAug 21 2006The w-asymmetry induced by transfinite partitions makes it impossible for Jordan curves to have an infinite length.
The elliptic Kirchhoff equation in $\R^N$ perturbed by a local nonlinearityJan 02 2010Apr 26 2011In this paper we present a very simple proof of the existence of at least one non trivial solution for a Kirchhoff type equation on $\RN$, for $N\ge 3$. In particular, in the first part of the paper we are interested in studying the existence of a positive ... More
On the Lie and Cartan Theory of Invariant Differential Systems, IIIMar 23 2017It is presently our aim to undertake the discussion, of the Parts I and II, on the infinitesimal level and outline as well the transition from infinitesimal to finite, the main reason for this being, of course, the well known fact that arguments and calculation ... More