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Ends of iterated function systemsMar 06 2014Guided by classical concepts, we define the notion of \emph{ends} of an iterated function system and prove that the number of ends is an upper bound for the number of nondegenerate components of its attractor. The remaining isolated points are then linked ... More
A note on automatic continuityOct 13 2017We present new results regarding automatic continuity, unifying some diagonalization concepts that have been developed over the years. For example, any homomorphism from a completely metrizable topological group to Thompson's group $F$ has open kernel. ... More
Some anomalous examples of lifting spacesAug 02 2017An inverse limit of a sequence of covering spaces over a given space $X$ is not, in general, a covering space over $X$ but is still a lifting space, i.e. a Hurewicz fibration with unique path lifting property. Of particular interest are inverse limits ... More
Self-affine ManifoldsFeb 12 2014Nov 09 2015This paper studies closed 3-manifolds which are the attractors of a system of finitely many affine contractions that tile $\mathbb{R}^3$. Such attractors are called self-affine tiles. Effective characterization and recognition theorems for these 3-manifolds ... More
The homotopy dimension of codiscrete subsets of the 2-sphereMar 03 2006We characterize those planar Peano continua that are homotopy equivalent to 1-dimensional sets. While many planar Peano continua are not homotopically 1-dimensional, we prove that each has fundamental group that embeds in the fundamental group of a 1-dimensional ... More
Commensurators and Quasi-Normal SubgroupsDec 29 2009We say A is a quasi-normal subgroup of the group G if the commensurator of A in G is all of G. We develop geometric versions of commensurators in finitely generated groups. In particular, g is an element of the commensurator of A in G iff the Hausdorff ... More
Archipelago groupsOct 30 2014The classical archipelago is a non-contractible subset of $\mathbb{R}^3$ which is homeomorphic to a disk except at one non-manifold point. Its fundamental group, $\mathcal{A}$, is the quotient of the topologist's product of $\mathbb Z$, the fundamental ... More
On the First Homology of Peano ContinuaSep 23 2015We show that the first homology group of a locally connected compact metric space is either uncountable or is finitely generated. This is related to Shelah's well-known result which shows that the fundamental group of such a space satisfies a similar ... More
Geometry of compact lifting spacesJan 07 2019We study a natural generalization of inverse systems of finite regular covering spaces. A limit of such a system is a fibration whose fibres are profinite topological groups. However, as shown in a previous paper (Conner-Herfort-Pavesic: Some anomalous ... More
The Geometry and Fundamental Groups of Solenoid ComplementsDec 01 2012When a solenoid is embedded in three space, its complement is an open three manifold. We discuss the geometry and fundamental groups of such manifolds, and show that the complements of different solenoids (arising from different inverse limits) have different ... More
Violating Bell's inequality with remotely-connected superconducting qubitsAug 09 2018Oct 17 2018Quantum communication relies on the efficient generation of entanglement between remote quantum nodes, due to entanglement's key role in achieving and verifying secure communications. Remote entanglement has been realized using a number of different probabilistic ... More
Phonon-mediated quantum state transfer and remote qubit entanglementMar 13 2019Phonons, and in particular surface acoustic wave phonons, have been proposed as a means to coherently couple distant solid-state quantum systems. Recent experiments have shown that superconducting qubits can control and detect individual phonons in a ... More
A rank 18 Waring decomposition of $sM_{\langle 3\rangle}$ with 432 symmetriesNov 15 2017The recent discovery that the exponent of matrix multiplication is determined by the rank of the symmetrized matrix multiplication tensor has invigorated interest in better understanding symmetrized matrix multiplication. I present an explicit rank 18 ... More
Unidirectional Distributed Acoustic Reflection Transducers for Quantum ApplicationsMay 08 2019Recent significant advances in coupling superconducting qubits to acoustic wave resonators has led to demonstrations of quantum control of surface and bulk acoustic resonant modes as well Wigner tomography of quantum states in these modes. These advances ... More
Evidence for negative thermal expansion in the superconducting precursor phase SmFeAsOFeb 23 2018The fluorine-doped rare-earth iron oxypnictide series SmFeAsO$_{1-x}$F$_x$ (0 $\leq x \leq$ 0.10) was investigated with high resolution powder x-ray scattering. In agreement with previous studies, the parent compound SmFeAsO exhibits a tetragonal-to-orthorhombic ... More
Performance of the STACEE Atmospheric Cherenkov TelescopeOct 17 2000The Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE) is located at the National Solar Thermal Test Facility of Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. The field of solar tracking mirrors (heliostats) around a central ... More
Itinerant Antiferromagnetism in FeMnP0.8Si0.2 Single CrystalsJul 01 2015Compounds based on the Fe2P structure have continued to attract interest because of the interplay between itinerant and localized magnetism in a non-centrosymmetric crystal structure, and because of the recent developments of these materials for magnetocaloric ... More
Inverse Limits of Finite Rank Free GroupsMay 02 2011Aug 03 2011We will show that all inverse limits of finite rank free groups index by the natural numbers are isomorphic either to a finite rank free group or to a fixed universal group. In other words, any inverse system of finite rank free groups which is not equivalent ... More
Commensurated subgroups, semistability and simple connectivity at infinityJan 13 2012A subgroup Q is commensurated in a group G if each G conjugate of Q intersects Q in a group that has finite index in both Q and the conjugate. So commensurated subgroups are similar to normal subgroups. Semistability and simple connectivity at infinity ... More
$A_{\infty}$-algebra Structures Associated to $\mathcal{K}_2$-algebrasMay 27 2010Jun 14 2010The notion of a $\mathcal{K}_2$-algebra was recently introduced by Cassidy and Shelton as a generalization of the notion of a Koszul algebra. The Yoneda algebra of any connected graded algebra admits a canonical $A_{\infty}$-algebra structure. This structure ... More
The STACEE-32 Ground Based Gamma-ray DetectorMay 29 2002We describe the design and performance of the Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment detector in its initial configuration (STACEE-32). STACEE is a new ground-based gamma ray detector using the atmospheric Cherenkov technique. In STACEE, ... More
High Energy Gamma-Ray Observations of the Crab Nebula and Pulsar with the Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect ExperimentJun 21 2000The Solar Tower Atmospheric Cherenkov Effect Experiment (STACEE) is a new ground-based atmospheric Cherenkov telescope for gamma-ray astronomy. STACEE uses the large mirror area of a solar heliostat facility to achieve a low energy threshold. A prototype ... More
$\mathcal K_2$ factors of Koszul algebras and applications to face ringsSep 23 2011Generalizing the notion of a Koszul algebra, a graded k-algebra A is K2 if its Yoneda algebra is generated as an algebra in cohomology degrees 1 and 2. We prove a strong theorem about K2 factor algebras of Koszul algebras and use that theorem to show ... More
Some non-Koszul algebras from rational homotopy theoryJul 17 2014Feb 17 2015The McCool group, denoted $P\Sigma_n$, is the group of pure symmetric automorphisms of a free group of rank $n$. The cohomology algebra $H^*(P\Sigma_n, \mathbb{Q})$ was determined by Jensen, McCammond and Meier. We prove that $H^*(P\Sigma_n, \mathbb{Q})$ ... More
Evidence for a pulsar wind nebula in the Type Ib-peculiar supernova SN 2012auSep 04 2018We present an optical spectrum of the energetic Type Ib supernova (SN) 2012au obtained at an unprecedented epoch of 6.2 years after explosion. Forbidden transition emission lines of oxygen and sulfur are detected with expansion velocities of 2300 km/s. ... More
From Twisted Quantum Loop Algebras to Twisted YangiansMay 14 2015We prove how the Yangian of $\mathfrak{gl}_N$ in its RTT presentation and Olshanski's twisted Yangians for the orthogonal and symplectic Lie algebras can be obtained by a degeneration process from the corresponding quantum loop algebra and some of its ... More
Concerning Fundamental Groups of Locally Connected Subsets of the PlaneMay 02 2011May 17 2013We show that every homomorphism from a one-dimensional Peano continuum to a planar Peano continuum is induced by a continuous map up to conjugation. We then prove that the topological structure of the space of points at which a planar Peano continuum ... More
Local topological properties of asymptotic cones of groupsOct 16 2012We define a local analogue to Gromov's loop division property which is use to give a sufficient condition for an asymptotic cone of a complete geodesic metric space to have uncountable fundamental group. As well, this property is used to understand the ... More
Classification, Koszulity and Artin-Schelter Regularity of some Graded Twisted Tensor ProductsNov 25 2018Let $\mathbb{k}$ be an algebraically closed field. We classify all of the quadratic twisted tensor products $A \otimes_{\tau} B$ in the cases where $(A, B) = (\mathbb{k}[x], \mathbb{k}[y])$ and $(A, B) = (\mathbb{k}[x, y], \mathbb{k}[z])$. We determine ... More
The Koszul Property for Graded Twisted Tensor ProductsAug 08 2017Jun 04 2018Let $k$ be a field. Let $A$ and $B$ be connected $N$-graded $k$-algebras. Let $C$ denote a twisted tensor product of $A$ and $B$ in the category of connected $N$-graded $k$-algebras. The purpose of this paper is to understand when $C$ possesses the Koszul ... More
Quantum control of surface acoustic wave phononsApr 19 2018The superposition of quantum states is one of the hallmarks of quantum physics, and clear demonstrations of superposition have been achieved in a number of quantum systems. However, mechanical systems have remained a challenge, with only indirect demonstrations ... More
Low Surface Brightness Radio Structure in the Field of Gravitational Lens 0957+561Aug 19 1997We have produced deep radio maps of the double quasar 0957+561 from multiple-epoch VLA observations. To achieve high sensitivity to extended structure we have re-reduced the best available 1.6 GHz observations and have combined 5 GHz data from multiple ... More
Control of the third dimension in copper-based square-lattice antiferromagnetsMar 01 2016Using a mixed-ligand synthetic scheme, we create a family of quasi-two-dimensional antiferromagnets, namely, [Cu(HF$_2$)(pyz)$_2$]ClO$_4$ [pyz = pyrazine], [Cu$L_2$(pyz)$_2$](ClO$_4$)$_2$ [$L$ = pyO = pyridine-N-oxide and 4-phpyO = 4-phenylpyridine-N-oxide. ... More
Vortex lock-in transition and evidence for transitions among commensurate kinked vortex configurations in single-layered Fe arsenidesMar 12 2013We report an angle-dependent study of the magnetic torque $\tau(\theta)$ within the vortex state of single-crystalline LaO$_{0.9}$F$_{0.1}$FeAs and SmO$_{0.9}$F$_{0.1}$FeAs as a function of both temperature $T$ and magnetic field $H$. Sharp peaks are ... More
The Gravitationally-Lensed Radio Source MG0751+2716Feb 21 1997May 15 1997We report the discovery of a new gravitationally lensed radio source. Radio maps of MG0751+2716 show four lensed images, which, at higher resolution, are resolved into long arcs of emission. A group of galaxies is present in optical images, including ... More
Towards Controlling Refinements of StatechartsMar 25 2015In incremental development strategies, modelers frequently refine Statecharts models to satisfy requirements and changes. Although several solutions exist to the problem of Statecharts refinement, they provide such levels of freedom that a statechart ... More
Deep Convolutional Neural Networks for Noise Detection in ECGsOct 05 2018Mobile electrocardiogram (ECG) recording technologies represent a promising tool to fight the ongoing epidemic of cardiovascular diseases, which are responsible for more deaths globally than any other cause. While the ability to monitor one's heart activity ... More
Growth and Characterization of Ce- Substituted Nd2Fe14B Single CrystalsAug 31 2015Single crystals of (Nd1-xCex)2Fe14B are grown out of Fe-(Nd,Ce) flux. Chemical and structural analysis of the crystals indicates that (Nd1-xCex)2Fe14B forms a solid solution until at least x = 0.38 with a Vegard-like variation of the lattice constants ... More
The Type II-Plateau Supernova 2017eaw in NGC 6946 and Its Red Supergiant ProgenitorMar 09 2019We present extensive optical photometric and spectroscopic observations, from 4 to 482 days after explosion, of the Type II-plateau (II-P) supernova (SN) 2017eaw in NGC 6946. SN 2017eaw is a normal SN II-P intermediate in properties between, for example, ... More
The Type II-Plateau Supernova 2017eaw in NGC 6946 and Its Red Supergiant ProgenitorMar 09 2019Apr 18 2019We present extensive optical photometric and spectroscopic observations, from 4 to 482 days after explosion, of the Type II-plateau (II-P) supernova (SN) 2017eaw in NGC 6946. SN 2017eaw is a normal SN II-P intermediate in properties between, for example, ... More
Noncommutative Knörrer periodicity and noncommutative Kleinian singularitiesSep 18 2018We establish a version of Kn\"{o}rrer's Periodicity Theorem in the context of noncommutative invariant theory. Namely, let $A$ be a left noetherian AS-regular algebra, let $f$ be a normal and regular element of $A$ of positive degree, and take $B=A/(f)$. ... More
Monte Carlo simulation of a very high resolution thermal neutron detector composed of glass scintillator microfibersJun 11 2016In order to develop a high spatial resolution (micron level) thermal neutron detector, a detector assembly composed of cerium doped lithium glass microfibers, each with a diameter of 1\,$\mu$m, is proposed, where the neutron absorption location is reconstructed ... More
Noncommutative Knörrer periodicity and noncommutative Kleinian singularitiesSep 18 2018Feb 25 2019We establish a version of Kn\"{o}rrer's Periodicity Theorem in the context of noncommutative invariant theory. Namely, let $A$ be a left noetherian AS-regular algebra, let $f$ be a normal and regular element of $A$ of positive degree, and take $B=A/(f)$. ... More
Periodic free resolutions from twisted matrix factorizationsJul 31 2013The notion of a matrix factorization was introduced by Eisenbud in the commutative case in his study of bounded (periodic) free resolutions over complete intersections. In this work, we extend the notion of (homogeneous) matrix factorizations to regular ... More
On small homotopies of loopsDec 11 2007Two natural questions are answered in the negative: (1) If a space has the property that small nulhomotopic loops bound small nulhomotopies, then are loops which are limits of nulhomotopic loops themselves nulhomotopic? (2) Can adding arcs to a space ... More
Eliciting the Endowment Effect under Assigned OwnershipSep 22 2018Oct 04 2018In this study we present evidence that endowment effect can be elicited merely by assigned ownership. Using Google Customer Survey, we administered a survey were participants (n=495) were randomly split into 4 groups. Each group was assigned ownership ... More
Finiteness conditions on the Yoneda algebra of a monomial algebraOct 11 2012Let A be a connected graded noncommutative monomial algebra. We associate to A a finite graph \Gamma(A) called the CPS graph of A. Finiteness properties of the Yoneda algebra Ext_A(k,k) including Noetherianity, finite GK dimension, and finite generation ... More
Magnetic order in the S=1/2 two-dimensional molecular antiferromagnet, copper pyrazine perchlorate Cu(Pz)_2(ClO_4)_2Dec 13 2006We present an investigation of magnetic ordering in the two-dimensional S=1/2 quantum magnet Cu(Pz)_2(ClO_4)_2 using specific heat and zero field muon-spin relaxation (\mu^+SR). The magnetic contribution to the specific heat is consistent with an exchange ... More
First dark matter search results from a 4-kg CF$_3$I bubble chamber operated in a deep underground siteApr 13 2012Sep 19 2012New data are reported from the operation of a 4.0 kg CF$_{3}$I bubble chamber in the 6800-foot-deep SNOLAB underground laboratory. The effectiveness of ultrasound analysis in discriminating alpha-decay background events from single nuclear recoils has ... More
A geometric study of Strassen's asymptotic rank conjecture and its variantsNov 13 2018We establish basic information about the set of tight tensors, the tensors with continuous regular symmetry. Our motivation is Strassen's astounding asymptotic rank conjecture that the asymptotic rank of any tight tensor is minimal. In particular, we ... More
Energy Harvesting with a Liquid-Metal Microfluidic Influence MachineMar 06 2018We describe and demonstrate a new energy harvesting technology based on a microfluidic realization of a Wimshurst influence machine. The prototype device converts the mechanical energy of a pressure-driven flow into electrical energy, using a multiphase ... More
Phenomenology of the Two Higgs Doublet Sector of a Quark-Lepton Symmetric ModelMar 23 1994In the simplest examples of models with a discrete quark-lepton symmetry, an electroweak symmetry breaking sector with more than one Higgs doublet is necessary to obtain the correct mass relations between quarks and leptons. A two Higgs doublet model ... More
Anticipated synchronization and the predict-prevent control method in the FitzHugh-Nagumo model systemJan 05 2012We study the synchronization region of two unidirectionally coupled, in a master-slave configuration, FitzHugh-Nagumo systems under the influence of external forcing terms. We observe that anticipated synchronization is robust to the different types of ... More
Distance-Redshift in Inhomogeneous $Omega_0=1$ Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker CosmologyNov 08 2000Jun 18 2001Distance--redshift relations are given in terms of associated Legendre functions for partially filled beam observations inspatially flat Friedmann-Lemaitre-Robertson-Walker (FLRW) cosmologies. These models are dynamically pressure-free, flat FLRW on large ... More
Ring-Like Structure in the Radio Lobe of MG0248+0641Aug 16 1997Oct 01 1997We present radio and optical observations of MG0248+0641, which contains a kiloparsec-scale ring-like structure in one of its radio lobes. The radio observations show a typical core-double morphology: a central core between two lobes, each of which has ... More
Search for domain wall dark matter with atomic clocks on board global positioning system satellitesApr 22 2017Oct 30 2017Cosmological observations indicate that 85% of all matter in the Universe is dark matter (DM), yet its microscopic composition remains a mystery. One hypothesis is that DM arises from ultralight quantum fields that form macroscopic objects such as topological ... More
Branching ratio measurements of the 7.12-MeV state in 16OOct 25 2004Knowledge of the gamma-ray branching ratios of the 7.12-MeV state of 16O is important for the extrapolation of the 12C(a,g)16O cross section to astrophysical energies. Ground state transitions provide most of the 12C(a,g)16O total cross section while ... More
Probing halo nucleus structure through intermediate energy elastic scatteringJun 30 1999This work addresses the question of precisely what features of few body models of halo nuclei are probed by elastic scattering on protons at high centre-of-mass energies. Our treatment is based on a multiple scattering expansion of the proton-projectile ... More
Cosmic-ray diffusion in magnetized turbulenceMay 19 2015The problem of cosmic-ray scattering in the turbulent electromagnetic fields of the interstellar medium and the solar wind is of great importance due to the variety of applications of the resulting diffusion coefficients. Examples are diffusive shock ... More
Branes and Fundamental GroupsDec 04 1997We consider bound states of D-branes wrapped around cycles with non-trivial fundamental groups of finite order. We find a new mechanism for binding D-branes by turning on flat discrete abelian and non-abelian gauge fields on their worldvolume. As a concrete ... More
Flexible Widely-Linear Multi-Branch Decision Feedback Detection Algorithms for Massive MIMO SystemsDec 19 2015This paper presents widely-linear multi-branch decision feedback detection techniques for large-scale multiuser multiple-antenna systems. We consider a scenario with impairments in the radio-frequency chain in which the in-phase (I) and quadrature (Q) ... More
Review of Indirect Methods Used to Determine the $^1S_0$ Neutron-Neutron Scattering LengthMay 08 2008We have determined a value for the $^1S_0$ neutron-neutron scattering length ($a_{nn}$) from high-precision measurements of time-of-flight spectra of neutrons from the $^2H(\pi^-,n \gamma)n$ capture reaction. The measurements were done at the Los Alamos ... More
Large-Scale Structure Studies with Clusters of GalaxiesOct 09 2001I present here a review of Large-Scale Structure (LSS) studies using clusters of galaxies. First, I re-evaluate the `pros' and `cons' of using clusters for such studies, especially in this era of large galaxy redshift surveys. Secondly, I provide an historical ... More
Associated HI in Absorbers at High RedshiftDec 15 2000WSRT observations have provided a first inventory of the incidence of HI 21 cm line absorption associated with AGN at redshifts up to z=1.0. There is a large range in line depths, from tau=0.44 to tau less than 0.001, and a substantial variety of line ... More
Excitation spectra of the two dimensional Kondo insulatorSep 01 1999We present a Quantum Monte Carlo study of the temperature dependent dynamics of the two-dimensional Kondo insulator. Working at the so-called symmetrical point allows to perform minus-sign free QMC simulations. Study of the temperature dependence of the ... More
Degenerations of Planar Linear SystemsFeb 21 1997Apr 03 1998Fixing $n$ general points $p_i$ in the plane, what is the dimension of the space of plane curves of degree $d$ having multiplicity $m_i$ at $p_i$ for each $i$? In this article we propose an approach to attack this problem, and demonstrate it by successfully ... More
Hodge integrals and Gromov-Witten theoryOct 30 1998Integrals of the Chern classes of the Hodge bundle in Gromov-Witten theory are studied. We find a universal system of differential equations which determines the generating function of these integrals from the standard descendent potential (for any target ... More
The low temperature Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov phases in 3 dimensionsNov 03 2003We consider the nature of the Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov (FFLO) phases in three dimensions at low temperature. We introduce a new method to handle the quasiclassical equations for superconductors with space dependent order parameter, which makes ... More
Statistical Cryptography using a Fisher-Schrödinger ModelJan 15 2007A principled procedure to infer a hierarchy of statistical distributions possessing ill-conditioned eigenstructures, from incomplete constraints, is presented. The inference process of the \textit{pdf}'s employs the Fisher information as the measure of ... More
HST CALSPEC Flux Standards: Sirius (and Vega)Mar 26 2014The Space Telescope Imaging Spectrograph (STIS) has measured the flux for Sirius from 0.17--1.01~$\mu$m on the \emph{HST} White Dwarf scale. Because of the cool debris disk around Vega, Sirius is commonly recommended as the primary IR flux standard. The ... More
The continuum limit of $f_B$ from the lattice in the static approximationOct 21 1994We present an analysis of the continuum extrapolation of $f_B$ in the static approximation from lattice data. The method described here aims to uncover the systematic effects which enter in this extrapolation and has not been described before. Our conclusions ... More
Dielectric-BranesOct 06 1999Oct 11 1999We extend the usual world-volume action for a Dp-brane to the case of N coincident Dp-branes where the world-volume theory involves a U(N) gauge theory. The guiding principle in our construction is that the action should be consistent with the familiar ... More
On infinite dimensional grassmannians and their quantum deformationsNov 09 2001An algebraic approach is developed to define and study infinite dimensional grassmannians. Using this approach a quantum deformation is obtained for both the ind-variety union of all finite dimensional grassmannians, and the Sato grassmannian introduced ... More
Non-Gaussian CMBR angular power spectraMay 17 1995In this paper we show how the prediction of CMBR angular power spectra $C_l$ in non-Gaussian theories is affected by a cosmic covariance problem, that is $(C_l,C_{l'})$ correlations impart features on any observed $C_l$ spectrum which are absent from ... More
Two-loop Improved Truncation of the Ghost-Gluon Dyson-Schwinger Equations: Multiplicatively Renormalizable Propagators and Nonperturbative Running CouplingMar 14 2003Sep 04 2003The coupled Dyson-Schwinger equations for the gluon and ghost propagators are investigated in the Landau gauge using a two-loop improved truncation that preserves the multiplicative renormalizability of the propagators. In this truncation all diagrams ... More
The moon and the origin of lifeDec 17 2001Earth is unusual in bearing life, and in having a large moon. A number of authors have suggested a possible connection between the two, e.g. through lunar stabilisation of the earth's obliquity, or through the effects of the oceanic tides. The various ... More
Small-Scale Variations of HI Spectra from Interstellar ScintillatioMay 01 2001I suggest that radio-wave scattering by the interstellar plasma, in combination with subsonic gradients in the Doppler velocity of interstellar HI, is responsible for the observed small-scale variation in HI absorption spectra of pulsars. Velocity gradients ... More
Synthetic Spectrum Methods for Three-Dimensional Supernova ModelsOct 21 2003Current observations stimulate the production of fully three-dimensional explosion models, which in turn motivates three-dimensional spectrum synthesis for supernova atmospheres. We briefly discuss techniques adapted to address the latter problem, and ... More
Group-Theoretical Derivation of Aharonov-Bohm Phase ShiftsNov 16 2012The phase shifts of the Aharonov-Bohm effect are generally determined by means of the partial wave decomposition of the underlying Schrodinger equation. It is shown here that they readily emerge from an o(2,1) calculation of the energy levels employing ... More
Soluble field theory with a massless gauge invariant limitSep 29 1999It is shown that there exists a soluble four parameter model in (1+1) dimensions all of whose propagators can be determined in terms of the corresponding known propagators of the vector coupling theory. Unlike the latter case, however, the limit of zero ... More
Arbitrary Spin Galilean OscillatorSep 17 2014The so-called Dirac oscillator was proposed as a modification of the free Dirac equation which reproduces many of the properties of the simple harmonic oscillator but accompanied by a strong spin-orbit coupling term. It has yet to be extended successfully ... More
Two-Photon Decays of Mesons in a Relativistic Quark ModelJan 03 1996We present a relativistic calculation of two-photon decays for heavy and light mesons in the framework of the Salpeter equation for quark-antiquark states. The meson-photon-photon vertex is computed by reconstructing the Bethe-Salpeter vertex function ... More
Observations on the Halting ProblemJun 26 2016The Halting Problem is ill-conceived and ill-defined.
Subspace-Sparse RepresentationJul 06 2015Given an overcomplete dictionary $A$ and a signal $b$ that is a linear combination of a few linearly independent columns of $A$, classical sparse recovery theory deals with the problem of recovering the unique sparse representation $x$ such that $b = ... More
A Dynamical System with Two Strange AttractorsOct 24 2000A six-dimensional Rossler-Lorenz hybrid has two coexistent attractors. Both, either or neither may be strange.
Gravitational collapse and evolution of holographic black holesDec 16 2005Gravitational collapse is analyzed in the Brane-World by arguing that regularity of five-dimensional geodesics require that stars on the brane have an atmosphere. For the simple case of a spherically symmetric cloud of non-dissipating dust, conditions ... More
On the existence of ergodic automorphisms in ergodic ${\mathbb Z} ^d$-actions on compact groupsApr 06 2009Let $K$ be a compact metrizable group and $\Ga$ be a finitely generated group of commuting automorphisms of $K$. We show that ergodicity of $\Ga$ implies $\Ga$ contains ergodic automorphisms if center of the action, $Z(\Ga) = \{\ap \in {\rm Aut}(K) \mid ... More
Social Effects in Science: Modelling Agents for a Better Scientific PracticeMar 30 2009Science is a fundamental human activity and we trust its results because it has several error-correcting mechanisms. Its is subject to experimental tests that are replicated by independent parts. Given the huge amount of information available, scientists ... More
Continuous Opinions and Discrete Actions in Opinion Dynamics ProblemsNov 08 2007Aug 11 2008A model where agents show discrete behavior regarding their actions, but have continuous opinions that are updated by interacting with other agents is presented. This new updating rule is applied to both the voter and Sznajd models for interaction between ... More
Phenotypical Behavior and Evolutionary SlaveryFeb 09 2000A new evolutionary solution to Prisoner Dilemma situations is proposed in this paper. A specific genetic code may have different phenotypes, meaning different strategies for different individuals carrying that gene. This means that, under the right parameters, ... More
Ergodic amenable actions of algebraic groupsJun 19 2003We prove that every ergodic amenable action of an algebraic group over a local field of characteristic zero is induced from an ergodic action of an amenable subgroup.
Renormalized vacuum polarization of rotating black holesFeb 04 2015May 05 2015Quantum field theory on rotating black hole spacetimes is plagued with technical difficulties. Here, we describe a general method to renormalize and compute the vacuum polarization of a quantum field in the Hartle-Hawking state on rotating black holes. ... More
Arguments Related to the Riemann Hypothesis: New Methods and ResultsNov 12 2018May 01 2019Four propositions are considered concerning the relationship between the zeros of two combinations of the Riemann zeta function and the function itself. The first is the Riemann hypothesis, while the second relates to the zeros of a derivative function. ... More
Surfaces, circles, and solenoidsSep 17 2004Previous work of the author has developed coordinates on bundles over the classical Teichmueller spaces of punctured surfaces and on the space of cosets of the Moebius group in the group of orientation-preserving homeomorphisms of the circle, and this ... More
Operator decomposable measures and stochastic difference equationDec 30 2013We consider the following convolution equation or equivalently stochastic difference equation $$\lam _k = \mu _k*\phi (\lam _{k-1}), k \in \Z \eqno (1) $$ for a given bi-sequence $(\mu _k)$ of probability measures on $\R ^d$ and a linear map $\phi $ on ... More
Quantum random walks and thermalisation IISep 23 2012Nov 20 2012A convergence theorem is obtained for quantum random walks with particles in an arbitrary normal state. This result unifies and extends previous work on repeated-interactions models, including that of the author (2010, J. London Math. Soc. (2) 81, 412-434; ... More
A Gevrey microlocal analysis of multi-anisotropic differential operatorsMar 14 2006We give a microlocal version of the theorem of iterates in multi-anisotropic Gevrey classes for multi-anisotropic hypoelliptic differential operators
A Ray-Tracing Model of the Vela PulsarJan 19 2001In the relativistic plasma surrounding a pulsar, a subluminal ordinary-mode electromagnetic wave will propagate along a magnetic field line. After some distance, it can break free of the field line and escape the magnetosphere to reach an observer. We ... More
Frame-Independence of Exclusive Amplitudes in the Light-Front QuantizationMar 31 2000While the particle-number-conserving convolution formalism established in the Drell-Yan-West reference frame is frequently used to compute exclusive amplitudes in the light-front quantization, this formalism is limited to only those frames where the light-front ... More
Novel approaches to dark-matter detection using space-time separated clocksFeb 19 2019We discuss the theoretical analysis and interpretation of space-time separated clock experiments in the context of a space-time varying scalar field that is non-universally coupled to the standard model fields. If massive, such a field is a candidate ... More