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Cooperative light scattering in any dimensionOct 03 2016Feb 19 2017We present a theory of cooperative light scattering valid in any dimension: connecting theories for an open line, open plane, and open space in the non-relativistic regime. This theory includes near-field and dipole-orientation effects, highlighting how ... More
Adaptive Multi-GPU Exchange Monte Carlo for the 3D Random Field Ising ModelAug 25 2015Sep 22 2015We present an adaptive multi-GPU Exchange Monte Carlo method designed for the simulation of the 3D Random Field Model. The algorithm design is based on a two-level parallelization scheme that allows the method to scale its performance in the presence ... More
Metallicity distribution of halo stars and minor merger processes of the GalaxyMay 30 2001A possible relation between the high dispersion in metallicity of metal-poor halo stars and the minor merger processes in the history of the Galaxy is presented. The foreign populations of stars in the satellites through minor merger processes, make considerable ... More
Flux-induced Majorana modes in full-shell nanowiresSep 14 2018We demonstrate a novel means of creating Majorana zero modes using magnetic flux applied to a full superconducting shell surrounding a semiconducting nanowire core, unifying approaches based on proximitized nanowires and vortices in topological superconductors. ... More
The asymmetric structure of the Galactic haloFeb 26 2006Using the stellar photometry catalogue based on the latest data release (DR4) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), a study of the Galactic structure using star counts is carried out for selected areas of the sky. The sample areas are selected along ... More
Temporal Action Localization by Structured Maximal SumsApr 15 2017We address the problem of temporal action localization in videos. We pose action localization as a structured prediction over arbitrary-length temporal windows, where each window is scored as the sum of frame-wise classification scores. Additionally, ... More
D numbers theory: a generalization of Dempster-Shafer theoryFeb 14 2014May 12 2014Dempster-Shafer theory is widely applied to uncertainty modelling and knowledge reasoning due to its ability of expressing uncertain information. However, some conditions, such as exclusiveness hypothesis and completeness constraint, limit its development ... More
Transformation of basic probability assignments to probabilities based on a new entropy measureFeb 24 2015Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is an efficient mathematical tool to deal with uncertain information. In that theory, basic probability assignment (BPA) is the basic element for the expression and inference of uncertainty. Decision-making based on BPA ... More
A short note on the axiomatic requirements of uncertainty measureOct 08 2013In this note, we argue that the axiomatic requirement of range to the measure of aggregated total uncertainty (ATU) in Dempster-Shafer theory is not reasonable.
Disk stars in the Milky Way detected beyond 25 kpc from its centerApr 09 2018CONTEXT. The maximum size of the Galactic stellar disk is not yet known. Some studies have suggested an abrupt drop-off of the stellar density of the disk at Galactocentric distances $R\gtrsim 15$ kpc, which means that in practice no disk stars or only ... More
Multi-color Optical Variability of the TeV Blazar Mrk 501 in the Low-StateJan 08 2008We report results based on the monitoring of the BL Lac object Mrk 501 in the optical (B, V and R) passbands from March to May 2000. Observations spread over 12 nights were carried out using 1.2 meter Mount Abu Telescope, India and 61 cm Telescope at ... More
A three-dimensional multidimensional gas-kinetic scheme for the Navier-Stokes equations under gravitational fieldsJul 30 2007Jan 24 2008This paper extends the gas-kinetic scheme for one-dimensional inviscid shallow water equations (J. Comput. Phys. 178 (2002), pp. 533-562) to multidimensional gas dynamic equations under gravitational fields. Four important issues in the construction of ... More
Optically and Electrically Tunable Dirac Points and Zitterbewegung in Graphene-Based Photonic SuperlatticesApr 28 2015We demonstrate that graphene-based photonic superlattices provide a versatile platform for electrical and all-optical control of photonic beams with deep-subwavelength accuracy. Specifically, by inserting graphene sheets into periodic metallo-dielectric ... More
Multipartite Leggett-type InequalitiesNov 17 2011We use two different approaches to derive multipartite Leggett-type inequalities, which are generalizations of the two-qubit Leggett-type inequality obtained in [Nature Phys. \textbf{4}, 681 (2008)]. The first approach is based on the assumption that ... More
The Growth of Black Holes and Their Host Spheroids in (Sub)mm-loud QSOs at High RedshiftApr 24 2007We study the growth of black holes and stellar population in spheroids at high redshift using several (sub)mm-loud QSO samples. Applying the same criteria established in an earlier work, we find that, similar to IR QSOs at low redshift, the far-infrared ... More
Luminous Infrared Galaxies in the Local UniverseMar 21 2006Jun 14 2006We study the morphology and star formation properties of 159 local luminous infrared galaxy (LIRG) using multi-color images from Data Release 2 (DR2) of the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). The LIRGs are selected from a cross-correlation analysis between ... More
The Physical Connections Among IR QSOs, PG QSOs and Narrow-Line Seyfert 1 GalaxiesJan 30 2005We study the properties of infrared-selected QSOs (IR QSOs), optically-selected QSOs (PG QSOs) and Narrow Line Seyfert 1 galaxies (NLS1s). We compare their properties from the infrared to the optical and examine various correlations among the black hole ... More
Ill-posedness of the incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in $\dot{F}^{-1,q}_{\infty}({R}^3)$Feb 28 2013In this paper, authors show the ill-posedness of 3D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations in the critical Triebel-Lizorkin spaces $ \dot{F}^{-1,q}_{\infty} (\mathbb{R}^3) $ for any $ q>2 $ in the sense that arbitrarily small initial data of $ \dot{F}^{-1,q}_{\infty}(\mathbb{R}^3) ... More
Surface modes in plasmonic Bragg fibers with negative average permittivityJan 20 2018We investigate surface modes in plasmonic Bragg fibers composed of nanostructured coaxial cylindrical metal-dielectric multilayers. We demonstrate that the existence of surface modes is determined by the sign of the spatially averaged permittivity of ... More
Heralded Entanglement between Atomic Ensembles: Preparation, Decoherence, and ScalingJun 04 2007Sep 19 2007Heralded entanglement between collective excitations in two atomic ensembles is probabilistically generated, stored, and converted to single photon fields. By way of the concurrence, quantitative characterizations are reported for the scaling behavior ... More
Enhanced low field magnetoresistance of Fe3O4 nano-sphere compactJun 22 2006Unusually large low field magetoresistance (LFMR), ~ 10 %, at 300 K has been observed with the sample of mono-dispersed Fe3O4 magnetite nanospheres, ~ 200 nm, compactly cold-pressed and sintered at 800 C. A detailed analysis on the transport and magnetic ... More
Tracking Back the Solar Wind to its Photospheric Footpoints from Wind Observations -- A Statistical StudyFeb 25 2014It is of great importance to track the solar wind back to its photospheric source region and identify the related current sheets; this will provide key information for investigating the origin and predictions of the solar wind. We report a statistical ... More
Riordan Paths and DerangementsFeb 14 2006Riordan paths are Motzkin paths without horizontal steps on the x-axis. We establish a correspondence between Riordan paths and $(321,3\bar{1}42)$-avoiding derangements. We also present a combinatorial proof of a recurrence relation for the Riordan numbers ... More
The simultaneous occurrence of superparamagnetism and superconductivity in nominal single crystalline (Ca1-xPrx)Fe2As2 with 0 <= x <= 0.13Aug 14 2013The observation of non-bulk superconductivity with an unexpectedly high onset transition temperature Tc up to ~ 49 K in non-superconducting single crystalline CaFe2As2 upon rare-earth doping has raised interesting questions concerning its origin. Several ... More
Modeling and Simulation of Molecular Communication Systems with a Reversible Adsorption ReceiverJan 04 2016Jun 22 2016In this paper, we present an analytical model for the diffusive molecular communication (MC) system with a reversible adsorption receiver in a fluid environment. The widely used concentration shift keying (CSK) is considered for modulation. The time-varying ... More
Mid-Infrared Spectroscopic Properties of Ultra-Luminous Infrared QuasarsJul 23 2008We analyse mid-infrared (MIR) spectroscopic properties for 19 ultra-luminous infrared quasars (IR QSOs) in the local universe based on the spectra from the Infrared Spectrograph on board the Spitzer Space Telescope. The MIR properties of IR QSOs are compared ... More
Isophotal Shapes of Elliptical/S0 Galaxies from the Sloan Digital Sky SurveyMay 12 2006Jun 25 2006We revisit the shapes of isophotes for elliptical (E) and lenticular (S0) galaxies by studying 847 nearby early-type galaxies selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 4 with velocity dispersions above 200 km/s. The IRAF task {\tt ellipse} ... More
Spin-orbit-coupled dipolar Bose-Einstein condensatesOct 04 2011Jun 08 2012We propose an experimental scheme to create spin-orbit coupling in spin-3 Cr atoms using Raman processes. Employing linear Zeeman effect and optical Stark shift, two spin states within the ground electronic manifold are selected, which results in a pseudo-spin-1/2 ... More
Observation of Majorana Fermions in a Nb-InSb Nanowire-Nb Hybrid Quantum DeviceApr 18 2012We report on the observation of excitation of Majorana fermions in a Nb-InSb nanowire quantum dot-Nb hybrid system. The InSb nanowire quantum dot is formed between the two Nb contacts by weak Schottky barriers and is thus in the regime of strong couplings ... More
Capillary instability in concentric-cylindrical shell: numerical simulation and applications in composite microstructured fibersMar 08 2010Aug 06 2010Recent experimental observations have demonstrated interesting instability phenomenon during thermal drawing of microstructured glass/polymer fibers, and these observations motivate us to examine surface-tension-driven instabilities in concentric cylindrical ... More
Experimental Distillation of Quantum NonlocalityMay 18 2013We report the first experimental demonstration of distillation of quantum nonlocality, confirming the recent theoretical protocol [\textit{Phys. Rev. Lett. 102, 120401 (2009)}]. Quantum nonlocality is described by a correlation box with binary inputs ... More
D3D: Distilled 3D Networks for Video Action RecognitionDec 19 2018Feb 05 2019State-of-the-art methods for video action recognition commonly use an ensemble of two networks: the spatial stream, which takes RGB frames as input, and the temporal stream, which takes optical flow as input. In recent work, both of these streams consist ... More
Detecting Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering for Continuous Variable WavefunctionsNov 14 2011Nov 25 2011By use of Reid's criterion and entropic criterion, we investigate the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering for some entangled continuous variable wavefunctions. We find that not all of the entangled states violate Reid's EPR inequality and the entropic ... More
Detecting Full N-Particle Entanglement in Arbitrarily High-Dimensional Systems with Bell-Type InequalityOct 19 2010Mar 09 2011We derive a set of Bell-type inequalities for arbitrarily high-dimensional systems, based on the assumption of partial separability in the hybrid local-nonlocal hidden variable model. Partially entangled states would not violate the inequalities, and ... More
Molecular Communication with a Reversible Adsorption ReceiverNov 30 2015Apr 07 2016In this paper, we present an analytical model for a diffusive molecular communication (MC) system with a reversible adsorption receiver in a fluid environment. The time-varying spatial distribution of the information molecules under the reversible adsorption ... More
Effective g-factor in Majorana WiresOct 11 2017Oct 05 2018We use the effective g-factor of subgap states, g*, in hybrid InAs nanowires with an epitaxial Al shell to investigate how the superconducting density of states is distributed between the semiconductor core and the metallic shell. We find a step-like ... More
Parity independence of the zero-bias conductance peak in a nanowire based topological superconductor-quantum dot hybrid deviceJun 12 2014We explore the signatures of Majorana fermions in a nanowire based topological superconductor-quantum dot-topological superconductor hybrid device by charge transport measurements. The device is made from an epitaxially grown InSb nanowire with two superconductor ... More
Quantum mechanical analysis of nonlinear optical response of interacting graphene nanoflakesDec 18 2017We propose a distant-neighbor quantum-mechanical (DNQM) approach to study the linear and nonlinear optical properties of graphene nanoflakes (GNFs). In contrast to the widely used tight-binding description of the electronic states that considers only ... More
Transverse Anderson localization of light near Dirac points of photonic nanostructuresSep 30 2015We perform a comparative study of the Anderson localization of light beams in disordered layered photonic nanostructures that, in the limit of periodic layer distribution, possess either a Dirac point or a Bragg gap in the spectrum of the wavevectors. ... More
Testing Leggett's Inequality Using Aharonov-Casher EffectApr 21 2011Aug 08 2013Bell's inequality is established based on local realism. The violation of Bell's inequality by quantum mechanics implies either locality or realism or both are untenable. Leggett's inequality is derived based on nonlocal realism. The violation of Leggett's ... More
Quantum statistics of the collective excitations of an atomic ensemble inside a cavitySep 28 2011Feb 08 2012We study the quantum statistical properties of the collective excitations of an atomic ensemble inside a high-finesse cavity. In the large-detuning regime, it is found that the virtual photon exchange can induce a long-range interaction between atoms, ... More
Effect of weak measurement on entanglement distribution over noisy channelsAug 03 2015Apr 13 2016Being able to implement effective entanglement distribution in noisy environments is a key step towards practical quantum communication, and long-term efforts have been made on the development of it. Recently, it has been found that the null-result weak ... More
Bell Function Values Approach to Topological Quantum Phase TransitionsNov 18 2011We investigate the relation between Bell function values (BFV) of the reduced density matrix and the topological quantum phase transitions in the Kitaev-Castelnovo-Chamon model. % [Phys. Rev. B \textbf{77}, %054433 (2008)]. We find that the first order ... More
Guided Random Forest in the RRF PackageJun 02 2013Nov 18 2013Random Forest (RF) is a powerful supervised learner and has been popularly used in many applications such as bioinformatics. In this work we propose the guided random forest (GRF) for feature selection. Similar to a feature selection method called guided ... More
Multispeed Klein-Gordon systems in dimension threeFeb 04 2016We consider long time evolution of small solutions to general multispeed Klein-Gordon systems in 3+1 dimensions. We prove that such solutions are always global and scatter to a linear flow, thus extending previous partial results. The main new ingredients ... More
Applications of the Ohsawa-Takegoshi Extension Theorem to Direct Image ProblemsMar 21 2017Oct 23 2017In the first part of the paper, we study a Fujita-type conjecture by Popa and Schnell, and give an effective bound on the generic global generation of the direct image of the twisted pluricanonical bundle. We also point out the relation between the Seshadri ... More
Hyperbolicity of bases of log Calabi-Yau familiesJan 14 2019Jan 25 2019In this paper, we prove that the quasi-projective base of any maximally variational smooth family of Calabi-Yau klt pairs is both of log general type, and pseudo Kobayashi hyperbolic. Moreover, such a base is Brody hyperbolic if the family is effectively ... More
Blow-up for the one dimensional stochastic wave equationsJan 01 2019The paper is concerned with the problem of explosive solutions for a class of semilinear stochastic wave equations. The challenging open problem(\cite{CMullR}) which is raised by C.Mueller and G.Richards is included in this problem.We develop an $\Omega_\delta$-comparative ... More
Wiener Indices of Spiro and Polyphenyl Hexagonal ChainsJun 29 2010The Wiener index W(G) of a connected graph $G$ is the sum of distances between all pairs of vertices in G$. In this paper, we first give the recurrences or explicit formulae for computing the Wiener indices of spiro and polyphenyl hexagonal chains, which ... More
Growth of higher Sobolev norms for energy critical NLS on irrational tori: small energy caseFeb 18 2017We consider the energy critical nonlinear Schrodinger equation on generic irrational tori. Using the long-time Strichartz estimates proved in [8], we establish polynomial upper bounds for higher Sobolev norms for solutions with small energy.
Non-Degeneracy of Kobayashi Volume Measures for Singular Directed VarietiesMar 07 2016In this note, we prove the generic Kobayashi volume measure hyperbolicity of singular directed varieties $(X, V)$, as soon as the canonical sheaf $\mathcal{K}\_V$ of $V$ is big in the sense of Demailly.
Pseudo Kobayashi hyperbolicity of base spaces of families of minimal projective manifolds with maximal variationSep 16 2018Sep 24 2018In this paper we prove that every quasi-projective base space $V$ of smooth family of minimal projective manifolds with maximal variation is pseudo Kobayashi hyperbolic, i.e. $V$ is Kobayashi hyperbolic modulo a proper subvariety $Z\subsetneq V$. In particular, ... More
The General Solution to Vlasov Equation and Linear Landau DampingOct 14 2015A general solution to linearized Vlasov equation for an electron electrostatic wave in a homogeneous unmagnetized plasma is derived. The quasi-linear diffusion coefficient resulting from this solution is a continuous function of omega in contrast to that ... More
Using Off-Resonance Laser Modulation for Beam Energy Spread Cooling in Generation of Short-Wavelength RadiationMay 30 2013Various seeding configurations have being proposed for frequency up-conversion of the electron beam density distribution, in which the energy spread, may however hinder the harmonic generation efficiency. In this Letter, a method for cooling the electron ... More
The Neumann problem for a class of fully nonlinear elliptic partial differential equationsMar 11 2019In this paper, we establish a global $C^2$ estimates to the Neumann problem for a class of fullly nonlinear elliptic equations. By the method of continuity, we establish the existence theorem of $k$-admissible solutions of the Neumann problems.
Tridiagonal random matrix: Gaussian fluctuations and deviationsJun 15 2015This paper is devoted to the Gaussian fluctuations and deviations of the traces of tridiagonal random matrix. Under quite general assumptions, we prove that the traces are approximately normal distributed. Multi-dimensional central limit theorem is also ... More
Kobayashi hyperbolicity of moduli spaces of minimal projective manifolds of general type (with the appendix by Dan Abramovich)Jun 05 2018Oct 09 2018In this work we first refine several results on the positivity of direct images by Koll\'ar and Viehweg-Zuo, along the lines of the fundamental work by Viehweg-Zuo as well as the recent breakthrough by Cao-P\u{a}un on the Iitaka $C_{n,m}$ conjecture. ... More
Degeneracy of entire curves into higher dimensional complex manifoldsMar 07 2016Pursuing McQuillan's philosophy in proving the Green-Griffiths conjecture for certain surfaces of general type, we deal with the algebraic degeneracy of entire curves tangent to holomorphic foliations by curves. Inspired by the recent work of Paun and ... More
On the Diverio-Trapani ConjectureMar 22 2017Oct 01 2018In this paper we establish effective lower bounds on the degrees of the Debarre and Kobayashi conjectures. Then we study a more general conjecture proposed by Diverio-Trapani on the ampleness of jet bundles of general complete intersections in complex ... More
Effectivity in the Hyperbolicity-related problemsJun 13 2016The aim of this work is to deal with effective questions related to the Kobayashi and Debarre conjectures, and based on the work of Damian Brotbek and Lionel Darondeau. We first show that if a line bundle $L$ generates $k$-jets, the $k$-th Wronskian ideal ... More
Transcendental Morse Inequality and Generalized Okounkov BodiesFeb 28 2015The main goal of this article is to construct "arithmetic Okounkov bodies" for an arbitrary pseudo-effective (1,1)-class $\alpha$ on a K\"ahler manifold. Firstly, using Boucksom's divisorial Zariski decompositions for pseudo-effective (1,1)-classes on ... More
Two Dimensional NLS Equation With Random Radial DataAug 16 2010Nov 15 2010In this paper we study radial solutions of certain two-dimensional nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation with harmonic potential, which is supercritical with respect to the initial data. By combining the nonlinear smoothing effect of Schr \"odinger equation ... More
D numbers theory: a generalization of Dempster-Shafer evidence theoryMay 13 2014Efficient modeling of uncertain information in real world is still an open issue. Dempster-Shafer evidence theory is one of the most commonly used methods. However, the Dempster-Shafer evidence theory has the assumption that the hypothesis in the framework ... More
Generalized Evidence TheoryApr 17 2014Conflict management is still an open issue in the application of Dempster Shafer evidence theory. A lot of works have been presented to address this issue. In this paper, a new theory, called as generalized evidence theory (GET), is proposed. Compared ... More
Interpreting Tree Ensembles with inTreesAug 23 2014Tree ensembles such as random forests and boosted trees are accurate but difficult to understand, debug and deploy. In this work, we provide the inTrees (interpretable trees) framework that extracts, measures, prunes and selects rules from a tree ensemble, ... More
Feasibility study on optical vortex generation at Shanghai deep ultraviolet free-electron laserSep 30 2013Dec 31 2013Coherent light with orbital angular momentum (OAM) is of great interest, and more recently, OAM light generation by coupling a relativistic electron beam with a Gaussian mode laser pulse at the high harmonics of a helical undulator has been demonstrated ... More
Invariance of the Gibbs measure for the Benjamin-Ono equationOct 04 2012In this paper we consider the periodic Benjemin-Ono equation. We will establish the invariance of the Gibbs measure associated to this equation, thus answering a question raised in Tzvetkov [20]. As an intermediate step, we also obtain a local well-posedness ... More
Quantum contextuality for a relativistic spin-1/2 particleJan 26 2012Feb 15 2013The quantum predictions for a single nonrelativistic spin-1/2 particle can be reproduced by noncontextual hidden variables. Here we show that quantum contextuality for a relativistic electron moving in a Coulomb potential naturally emerges if relativistic ... More
The anomaly Cu doping effects on LiFeAs superconductorsSep 19 2014Sep 25 2014The Cu substitution effect on the superconductivity of LiFeAs has been studied in comparison with Co/Ni substitution. It is found that the shrinking rate of the lattice parameter c for Cu substitution is much smaller than that of Co/Ni substitution. This ... More
Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering in Quantum Phase TransitionDec 31 2011Jan 28 2012We investigate the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen (EPR) steering and its criticality in quantum phase transition. It is found that the EPR steerability function of the ground state of XY spin chain exhibits nonanalytic feature in the vicinity of a quantum phase ... More
Quantum No-Cloning Theorem Certified by Bell's TheoremNov 20 2011We investigate the connection between quantum no-cloning theorem and Bell's theorem. Designing some Bell's inequalities, we show that quantum no-cloning theorem can always be certified by Bell's theorem, and this fact in turn reflects that our physical ... More
Majorana non-locality in hybrid nanowiresDec 10 2017Emergent Majorana bound states (MBSs) in topological superconductors appear capable of providing a naturally fault-tolerant basis for quantum computing. Key to topological protection is the separation, or non-locality, of MBSs, which makes Majorana qubits ... More
Multimodal Image Super-resolution via Joint Sparse Representations induced by Coupled DictionariesSep 25 2017Mar 08 2018Real-world data processing problems often involve various image modalities associated with a certain scene, including RGB images, infrared images or multi-spectral images. The fact that different image modalities often share certain attributes, such as ... More
Towards experimental entanglement connection with atomic ensembles in the single excitation regimeApr 17 2007We present a protocol for performing entanglement connection between pairs of atomic ensembles in the single excitation regime. Two pairs are prepared in an asynchronous fashion and then connected via a Bell measurement. The resulting state of the two ... More
The peculiar type Ib supernova 2005bf: explosion of a massive He star with a thin hydrogen envelope?Sep 21 2005We present BVRI photometry and optical spectroscopy of SN 2005bf near light maximum. The maximum phase is broad and occurred around 2005 May 7, about forty days after the shock breakout. SN 2005bf has a peak bolometric magnitude M_{bol}=-18.0\pm 0.2: ... More
Test of Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Steering Based on the All-Versus-Nothing ProofFeb 14 2014In comparison with entanglement and Bell nonlocality, Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering is a newly emerged research topic and in its incipient stage. Although Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen steering has been explored via violations of steering inequalities both ... More
Emergence of micro-frequency comb via limit cycles in dissipatively coupled condensatesSep 12 2018Feb 26 2019Self-sustained oscillations, limit cycles, are a fundamental phenomenon unique to nonlinear dynamic systems of high-dimensional phase space. They enable understanding of a wide range of cyclic processes in natural, social and engineering systems. Here ... More
Superconductor-Nanowire Devices from Tunneling to the Multichannel Regime: Zero-Bias Oscillations and Magnetoconductance CrossoverMar 11 2013We present transport measurements in superconductor-nanowire devices with a gated constriction forming a quantum point contact. Zero-bias features in tunneling spectroscopy appear at finite magnetic fields, and oscillate in amplitude and split away from ... More
Flux qubits in a planar circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture: quantum control and decoherenceJul 05 2014We report experiments on superconducting flux qubits in a circuit quantum electrodynamics (cQED) setup. Two qubits, independently biased and controlled, are coupled to a coplanar waveguide resonator. Dispersive qubit state readout reaches a maximum contrast ... More
Pah and Mid-IR Luminosities as Measures of Star-Formation Rate in Spitzer First Look Survey GalaxiesSep 12 2005Oct 14 2005We present evidence that the 8 $\mu$m (dust) and 24 $\mu$m luminosities of star-forming galaxies are both strongly correlated with their 1.4 GHz and H$\alpha$ luminosities over a range in luminosity of two-to-three orders of magnitude. At the bright end, ... More
Single Crystal Growth and Spin Polarization Measurements of Diluted Magnetic Semiconductor (BaK)(ZnMn)2As2Oct 10 2018Recently a new type diluted magnetic semiconductor (BaK)(ZnMn)2As2 (BZA) with high Cure temperature (Tc) was discovered showing independent spin and charge doping mechanism. This makes BZA a promising material for spintronics devices. Here we report for ... More
Evidence for Defect-induced Superconductivity up to 49 K in (Ca1-xRx)Fe2As2Feb 12 2016To explore the origin of the unusual non-bulk superconductivity with a Tc up to 49 K reported in the rare-earth-doped CaFe2As2 , the chemical composition, magnetization, specific heat, resistivity, and annealing effect are systematically investigated ... More
Why is the superconducting Tc so high in rare-earth-doped CaFe2As2?Aug 30 2013Sep 06 2013In rare-earth doped single crystalline CaFe2As2, the mysterious small volume fraction which superconducts up to 49 K, much higher than the bulk Tc ~ 30s K, has prompted a long search for a hidden variable that could enhance the Tc by more than 30% in ... More
Kondo Correlation Induced Low-Field Magnetoresistance Anomalies in InSb Nanowire Josephson Quantum Dot DevicesAug 21 2018We report the observation of sharp suppression of superconductivity-induced zero-bias conductance peaks at low magnetic fields in InSb nanowire Josephson quantum dot devices. With multiple gates, the quantum dot devices can be tuned to the Kondo-superconductivity ... More
Generalized prisoner's dilemmaMar 14 2014Prisoner's dilemma has been heavily studied. In classical model, each player chooses to either "Cooperate" or "Defect". In this paper, we generalize the prisoner's dilemma with a new alternative which is neither defect or cooperation. The classical model ... More
A large sample of low surface brightness disc galaxies from the SDSS- II. Metallicities in surface brightness binsApr 21 2010We study the spectroscopic properties of a large sample of Low Surface Brightness galaxies (LSBGs) (with B-band central surface brightness mu0(B)>22 mag arcsec^(-2)) selected from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey Data Release 4 (SDSS-DR4) main galaxy sample. ... More
Galaxy disc central surface brightness distribution in the optical and near-infrared bandsJan 29 2019To study the disc central surface brightness ($\mu_0$) distribution in optical and near-infrared bands, we select 708 disc-dominated galaxies within a fixed distance of 57 Mpc from SDSS DR7 and UKIDSS DR10. Then we fit $\mu_0$ distribution by using single ... More
The properties of a large sample of low surface brightness galaxies from SDSSOct 11 2009A large sample of low surface brightness (LSB) disk galaxies is selected from SDSS with B-band central surface brightness mu_0(B) from 22 to 24.5 mag arcsec^(-2). Some of their properties are studied, such as magnitudes, surface brightness, scalelengths, ... More
Comparing the Host Galaxies of Type Ia, Type II and Type Ibc SupernovaeJul 02 2014We compare the host galaxies of 902 supernovae, including SNe Ia, SNe II and SNe Ibc, which are selected by cross-matching the Asiago Supernova Catalog with the SDSS Data Release 7. We further selected 213 galaxies by requiring the light fraction of spectral ... More
Iso-vector dipole resonance and shear viscosity in low energy heavy-ion collisionMay 11 2017The ratio of shear viscosity over entropy density in low energy heavy-ion collision has been calculated by using the Green-Kubo method in the framework of an extended quantum molecular dynamics model. After the system almost reaching a local equilibration ... More
Selective Area Grown Semiconductor-Superconductor Hybrids: A Basis for Topological NetworksFeb 12 2018Sep 11 2018We introduce selective area grown hybrid InAs/Al nanowires based on molecular beam epitaxy, allowing arbitrary semiconductor-superconductor networks containing loops and branches. Transport reveals a hard induced gap and unpoisoned 2e-periodic Coulomb ... More
The doping dependence of superconductivity of (Ca1-xNax)Fe2As2Dec 01 2011Single crystalline CaFe2As2 and (Ca1-xNax)Fe2As2 polycrystals (0 < x < 0.66) are synthesized and characterized using structural, magnetic, electronic transport, and heat capacity measurements. These measurements show that the structural/magnetic phase ... More
Time- and angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy of solids in the extreme ultraviolet at 500 kHz repetition rateNov 16 2018Feb 13 2019Time- and angle-resolved photoelectron spectroscopy (trARPES) employing a 500 kHz extreme-ultravioled (XUV) light source operating at 21.7 eV probe photon energy is reported. Based on a high-power ytterbium laser, optical parametric chirped pulse amplification ... More
Theory of non-retarded ballistic surface plasma waves in metal filmsFeb 06 2017We present a theory of surface plasma waves in metal films with arbitrary electronic collision rate $\tau$. Both \textit{tangential} and \textit{normal} modes are investigated. A universal self-amplification channel for these waves is established as a ... More
Bicyclic graphs with exactly two main signless Laplacian eigenvaluesDec 30 2011Oct 09 2013A signless Laplacian eigenvalue of a graph $G$ is called a main signless Laplacian eigenvalue if it has an eigenvector the sum of whose entries is not equal to zero. In this paper, all connected bicyclic graphs with exactly two main eigenvalues are determined. ... More
Feynman-Kac Equations for Reaction and Diffusion ProcessesJun 01 2017This paper provides a theoretical framework of deriving the forward and backward Feynman-Kac equations for the distribution of functionals of the path of a particle undergoing both diffusion and chemical reaction. Very general forms of the equations are ... More
Hardy Spaces ($0<p<\infty$) over Lipschitz DomainsAug 27 2017Let $0<p<\infty$, $\Gamma$ be a Lipschitz curve on the complex plane~$\mathbb{C}$ and $\Omega_+$ is the domain above $\Gamma$, we define Hardy space $H^p(\Omega_+)$ as the set of analytic functions $F$ satisfying $\sup_{\tau>0}(\int_{\Gamma} |F(\zeta+\mathrm{i}\tau)|^p ... More
Convex Set of Doubly Substochastic MatricesNov 18 2017Denote $\mathcal{A}$ as the set of all doubly substochastic $m \times n$ matrices and let $k$ be a positive integer. Let $\mathcal{A}_k$ be the set of all $1/k$-bounded doubly substochastic $m \times n$ matrices, i.e., $\mathcal{A}_k \triangleq \{E \in ... More
On the global behavior of weak null quasilinear wave equationsApr 13 2018We consider a class of quasilinear wave equations in $3+1$ space-time dimensions that satisfy the "weak null condition" as defined by Lindblad and Rodnianski \cite{LR1}, and study the large time behavior of solutions to the Cauchy problem. The prototype ... More
3d steady Gradient Ricci Solitons with linear curvature decayDec 17 2016In this note, we prove that a 3-dimensional steady Ricci soliton is rotationally symmetric if its scalar curvature $R(x)$ satisfies $$\frac{C_0^{-1}}{\rho(x)}\le R(x)\le \frac{C_0}{\rho(x)}$$ for some constant $C_0>0$, where $\rho(x)$ denotes the distance ... More