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Turn-key, high-efficiency Kerr comb sourceJul 16 2019We demonstrate an approach for automated Kerr comb generation in the normal group-velocity dispersion (GVD) regime. Using a coupled-ring geometry in silicon nitride, we precisely control the wavelength location and splitting strength of avoided mode crossings ... More
Compact Binaries Ejected from Globular Clusters as GW SourcesAug 07 2013Feb 26 2014Performing N-body simulations, we examine the dynamics of BH-BH (10 Msun each) and NS-NS (1.4 Msun each) binaries formed in a cluster and its implications for gravitational wave detection. A significant fraction of compact binaries are ejected from a ... More
Visible Nonlinear PhotonicsJul 10 2019Over the past decade, remarkable advances have been realized in chip-based nonlinear photonic devices for classical and quantum applications in the near- and mid-infrared regimes. However, few demonstrations have been realized in the visible and near-visible ... More
Bending of electromagnetic wave in an ultra-strong magnetic fieldAug 07 2012We consider the bending of light by nonlinear electrodynamics when the magnetic field $B$ exceeds the critical value $B_{\rm c}$. Using the index of refraction derived from the analytic series representation in one-loop effective action of QED, we found ... More
Holomorphic Extensions of Laplacians and Their DeterminantsMay 25 2005The Teichmueller space Teich(S) of a surface S in genus g>1 is a totally real submanifold of the quasifuchsian space QF(S). We show that the determinant of the Laplacian det'(\Delta) on Teich(S) has a unique holomorphic extension to QF(S). To realize ... More
Fundamental guided electromagnetic dispersion characteristics in lossless dispersive metamaterial clad circular air hole waveguidesFeb 21 2009The fundamental guided electromagnetic dispersion characteristics in lossless dispersive metamaterial clad circular air hole waveguides are investigated. Two operating guided modes are found to exist: circular waveguide and surface plasmon polariton modes ... More
A theorem on discrete, torsion free subgroups of Isom $H^n$Oct 29 2002Dec 27 2003Let $H^n$ be the hyperbolic n-space with $n\geq 2$. Suppose that $\Gamma<Isom H^n$ is a discrete, torsion free subgroup and $a$ is a point in the domain of discontinuity $\Omega(\Gamma)$. Let $p$ be the projection map from $H^n$ to the quotient manifold ... More
Counterexamples to continuity of optimal transportation on positively curved Riemannian manifoldsSep 11 2007Counterexamples to continuity of optimal transportation on Riemannian manifolds with everywhere positive sectional curvature are provided. These examples show that the condition A3w of Ma, Trudinger, & Wang is not guaranteed by positivity of sectional ... More
Theoretical Considerations on Compensation of the Accommodation-Vergence Mismatch by Refractive Power of Focus-Adjustable 3D GlassesSep 24 2012The accommodation-vergence mismatch has been considered as a cause of the visual fatigue induced in watching 3D display. We would propose the mismatch can be compensated by refractive power of adjustable-focus 3D glasses. From lens optics and geometrical ... More
Effects of using different plasmonic metals in metal/dielectric/metal subwavelength waveguides on guided dispersion characteristicsFeb 19 2009Apr 16 2009The fundamental guided dispersion characteristics of guided light in a subwavelength dielectric slit channel embedded by two different plasmonic metals are investigated when varying the gap width. As a result, an overall and salient picture of the guided ... More
Surfaces with boundary: their uniformizations, determinants of Laplacians, and isospectralitySep 04 2006Jun 04 2007Let \Sigma be a compact surface of type (g, n), n > 0, obtained by removing n disjoint disks from a closed surface of genus g. Assuming \chi(\Sigma)<0, we show that on \Sigma, the set of flat metrics which have the same Laplacian spectrum of Dirichlet ... More
Locally Euclidean metrics on R^3Feb 15 2007Feb 16 2007For all 0<t \leq 1, we define a locally Euclidean metric \rho_t on R^3. These metrics are invariant under Euclidean isometries and, if t increases to 1, converges to the Euclidean metric d_E. This research is motivated by expanding universe.
Equivalent metrics and compactificationsSep 29 2007Let (X,d) be a metric space and m\in X. Suppose that \phi:X\times X\to\mathbold{R} is a nonnegative symmetric function. We define a metric d^{\phi,m} on X which is equivalent to d. If d^{\phi,m} is totally bounded, its completion is a compactification ... More
Geometric structures modeled on smooth projective horospherical varieties of Picard number oneOct 05 2016Nov 05 2016Geometric structures modeled on rational homogeneous manifolds are studied to characterize rational homogeneous manifolds and to prove their deformation rigidity. To generalize these characterizations and deformation rigidity results to quasihomogeneous ... More
The Thurston boundary of Teichmuller space and complex of curvesJun 02 2005Let $S$ be a closed orientable surface with genus $g\geq 2$. For a sequence $\s_i$ in the Teichm\"uller space of $S$, which converges to a projective measured lamination $[\lam]$ in the Thurston boundary, we obtain a relation between $\lam$ and the geometric ... More
Holomorphic extensions of determinants of LaplaciansOct 18 2004Nov 19 2004The Teichmuller space Teich(S) of a surface S in genus g>1 is a real submanifold of the quasifuchsian space QF(S). We show that the determinant of the Laplacian det'(Delta) on Teich(S) has a unique holomorphic extension to QF(S).
Wasserstein Barycenters over Riemannian manifoldsDec 24 2014Oct 02 2015We study barycenters in the space of probability measures on a Riemannian manifold, equipped with the Wasserstein metric. Under reasonable assumptions, we establish absolute continuity of the barycenter of general measures $\Omega \in P(P(M))$ on Wasserstein ... More
Gaussian Channel with Noisy Feedback and Peak Energy ConstraintAug 17 2011Optimal coding over the additive white Gaussian noise channel under the peak energy constraint is studied when there is noisy feedback over an orthogonal additive white Gaussian noise channel. As shown by Pinsker, under the peak energy constraint, the ... More
Diffusion and Butterfly Velocity at Finite DensityApr 04 2017Apr 23 2017We study diffusion and butterfly velocity ($v_B$) in two holographic models, linear axion and axion-dilaton model, with a momentum relaxation parameter ($\beta$) at finite density or chemical potential ($\mu$). Axion-dilaton model is particularly interesting ... More
Geometry and a natural symplectic structure of phase tropical hypersurfacesSep 07 2016First, we define phase tropical hypersurfaces in terms of a degeneration data of smooth complex algebraic hypersurfaces in $(\mathbb{C}^*)^n$. Next, we prove that complex hyperplanes are diffeomorphic to their degeneration called phase tropical hyperplanes. ... More
Sparse Depth Enhanced Direct Thermal-infrared SLAM Beyond the Visible SpectrumFeb 28 2019In this paper, we propose a thermal-infrared simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM) system enhanced by sparse depth measurements from Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR). Thermal-infrared cameras are relatively robust against fog, smoke, and dynamic ... More
Light bending in radiation backgroundOct 25 2013We consider the velocity shift of light in presence of radiation emitted by a black body. Within geometric optics formalism we calculate the bending angle of a light ray when there is a gradient in the energy density. We model the bending for two simplified ... More
Homologous Codes for Multiple Access ChannelsJan 23 2018Building on recent development by Padakandla and Pradhan, and by Lim, Feng, Pastore, Nazer, and Gastpar, this paper studies the potential of structured nested coset coding as a complete replacement for random coding in network information theory. The ... More
Electromagnetic properties of singly heavy baryonsFeb 08 2019In the present talk, we report recent results on electromagnetic properties of the baryon decuplet within the SU(3) chiral quark-soliton model, taking into account the effects of explicit flavor SU(3) symmetry breaking. We focus on the comparison of the ... More
Spontaneous vortex generation at 3-phase contact lineOct 13 2011This article describes the fluid dynamics video for "Spontaneous vortex generation at 3-phase contact line" presented at the 64th Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Fluid Dynamics in Baltimore, Maryland, November 20-22, 2011.
On the Archimedean characterization of parabolasMay 15 2013Archimedes knew that the area between a parabola and any chord $AB$ on the parabola is four thirds of the area of triangle $\Delta ABP$ where P is the point on the parabola at which the tangent is parallel to $AB$. We consider whether this property (and ... More
Some identities on the q-Bernstein polynomials, q-Stirling number and q-Bernoulli numbersJun 10 2010Recently, Kim-Jang-Yi have introduced q-Bernstein polynomials. From these q-Berstein polynomials, we investigte some properties related to q-Stirling numbes and q-Bernoulli numbes.
Normal generation and Clifford indexJan 17 2006Let $C$ be a smooth curve of genus $g\ge 4$ and Clifford index $c$. In this paper, we prove that if $C$ is neither hyperelliptic nor bielliptic with $g\ge 2c+5$ and $\mathcal M$ computes the Clifford index of $C$, then either $\deg \mathcal M\le \frac{3c}{2}+3$ ... More
The Approximate Capacity of the MIMO Relay ChannelSep 07 2015Capacity bounds are studied for the multiple-antenna complex Gaussian relay channel with t1 transmitting antennas at the sender, r2 receiving and t2 transmitting antennas at the relay, and r3 receiving antennas at the receiver. It is shown that the partial ... More
Homes' law in Holographic Superconductor with Q-latticesAug 16 2016Homes' law, $\rho_s = C \sigma_{\mathrm{DC}} T_c$, is an empirical law satisfied by various superconductors with a material independent universal constant $C$, where $\rho_{s}$ is the superfluid density at zero temperature, $T_c$ is the critical temperature, ... More
Light bending by nonlinear electrodynamics under strong electric and magnetic fieldJan 18 2011Nov 10 2011We calculate the bending angles of light under the strong electric and magnetic fields by a charged black hole and a magnetized neutron star according to the nonlinear electrodynamics of Euler-Heisenberg interaction. The bending angle of light by the ... More
Light bending in a Coulombic fieldDec 06 2010Jan 07 2011The nonlinear Euler-Heisenberg interaction bends light toward an electric charge. The bending angle and trajectory of light in a Coulombic field are computed in geometric optics.
On the flips for a synchronized systemFeb 16 2013It is shown that if an infinite synchronized system has a flip, then it has infinitely many non-conjugate flips, and that the result cannot be extended to the class of coded systems.
A generalization of the divide and conquer algorithm for the symmetric tridiagonal eigenproblemJun 29 2015In this paper, we present a generalized Cuppen's divide-and-conquer algorithm for the symmetric tridiagonal eigenproblem. We extend the Cuppen's work to the rank two modifications of the form $A =T +\beta_1\bw_1\bw_1^T + \beta_2\bw_2\bw_2^T$, where $T$ ... More
Some characterizations of spheres and elliptic paraboloids IIAug 27 2012We show some characterizations of hyperspheres in the $(n+1)$-dimensional Euclidean space ${\Bbb E}^{n+1}$ with intrinsic and extrinsic properties such as the $n$-dimensional area of the sections cut off by hyperplanes, the $(n+1)$-dimensional volume ... More
Gravitational Redshifts in Simulated Galaxy ClustersFeb 02 2004Feb 05 2004We predict the amplitude of the gravitational redshift of galaxies in galaxy clusters using an N-body simulation of a Lambda CDM universe. We examine if it might be possible to detect the gravitational effect on the total redshift observed for galaxies. ... More
Generalized 3G theorem and application to relativistic stable process on non-smooth open setsMay 16 2006Sep 19 2006Let G(x,y) and G_D(x,y) be the Green functions of rotationally invariant symmetric \alpha-stable process in R^d and in an open set D respectively, where 0<\alpha < 2. The inequality G_D(x,y)G_D(y,z)/G_D(x,z) \le c(G(x,y)+G(y,z)) is a very useful tool ... More
Prohibiting isolated singularities in optimal transportApr 03 2014Oct 07 2014We give natural topological conditions on the support of the target measure under which solutions to the optimal transport problem with cost function satisfying the (weak) Ma, Trudinger, and Wang condition cannot have any isolated singular points.
On the degeneracy of optimal transportationNov 27 2012We extend a dimensional upper bound on how much an optimal transport map can degenerate for the quadratic transportation cost, originally due to Caffarelli, to cost functions that satisfy the curvature condition of Ma, Trudinger, and Wang.
SREdgeNet: Edge Enhanced Single Image Super Resolution using Dense Edge Detection Network and Feature Merge NetworkDec 18 2018Deep learning based single image super-resolution (SR) methods have been rapidly evolved over the past few years and have yielded state-of-the-art performances over conventional methods. Since these methods usually minimized l1 loss between the output ... More
Sparse Linear RepresentationMay 13 2009May 14 2009This paper studies the question of how well a signal can be reprsented by a sparse linear combination of reference signals from an overcomplete dictionary. When the dictionary size is exponential in the dimension of signal, then the exact characterization ... More
Fluid Flower : Microliquid Patterning via Drop ImpactOct 07 2008In microfluidic technologies, direct patterning of liquid without resorting to micromachined solid structures has various advantages including reduction of the frictional dissipation and the fabrication cost. This fluid dynamics video illustrates the ... More
Infinitesimal symmetries of weakly pseudoconvex manifoldsMay 15 2019We classify the Lie algebras of infinitesimal CR automorphisms of weakly pseudoconvex hypersurfaces of finite multitype in $\mathbb C^N$. In particular, we prove that such manifolds admit neither nonlinear rigid automorphisms, nor real or nilpotent rotations. ... More
Quasiparticle energy bands and Fermi surfaces of monolayer NbSe$_2$Sep 14 2017A quasiparticle band structure of a single layer 2H-NbSe$_2$ is reported by using first-principles $GW$ calculation. We show that a self-energy correction increases the width of a partially occupied band and alters its Fermi surface shape when comparing ... More
Exciton-Polariton Quantum SimulatorsOct 28 2015A quantum simulator is a purposeful quantum machine that can address complex quantum problems in a controllable setting and an efficient manner. This chapter introduces a solid-state quantum simulator platform based on exciton-polaritons, which are hybrid ... More
On convexity and solution concepts in cooperative interval gamesNov 09 2018Cooperative interval game is a cooperative game in which every coalition gets assigned some closed real interval. This models uncertainty about how much the members of a coalition get for cooperating together. In this paper we study convexity, core and ... More
Structure Constants of a Single Trace Operator and Determinant Operators from HexagonJun 27 2019We study the structure constant of a single trace operator and two determinant operators in ${\cal N}=4$ super Yang-Mills theory. Holographically such a quantity corresponds to the interaction vertex between a closed string and two open strings attached ... More
On the Pólya-Wiman properties of Differential OperatorsJun 01 2015Let $\phi(x)=\sum \alpha_n x^n$ be a formal power series with real coefficients, and let $D$ denote differentiation. It is shown that "for every real polynomial $f$ there is a positive integer $m_0$ such that $\phi(D)^mf$ has only real zeros whenever ... More
Quantum interference and Klein tunneling in graphene heterojunctionsAug 06 2008Dec 01 2008The observation of quantum conductance oscillations in mesoscopic systems has traditionally required the confinement of the carriers to a phase space of reduced dimensionality. While electron optics such as lensing and focusing have been demonstrated ... More
On the Baryonic Density and Susceptibilities in a Holographic Model of QCDJun 16 2009Aug 06 2009In this paper, we calculate analytically the baryonic density and susceptibilities, which are sensitive probes to the fermionic degrees of freedom, in a holographic model of QCD both in its hot QGP phase and in its cold dense phase. Interesting patterns ... More
Large-Scale Structure of the Universe as a Cosmic Standard RulerMay 14 2009We propose to use the large-scale structure of the universe as a cosmic standard ruler, based on the fact that the pattern of galaxy distribution should be maintained in the course of time on large scales. By examining the scale-dependence of the pattern ... More
New insights on the origin of multiple stellar populations in globular clustersJul 31 2017In order to investigate the origin of multiple stellar populations in the halo and bulge of the Milky Way, we have constructed chemical evolution models for the low-mass proto-Galactic subsystems such as globular clusters (GCs). Unlike previous studies, ... More
A Scalable Neural Shortlisting-Reranking Approach for Large-Scale Domain Classification in Natural Language UnderstandingApr 22 2018Intelligent personal digital assistants (IPDAs), a popular real-life application with spoken language understanding capabilities, can cover potentially thousands of overlapping domains for natural language understanding, and the task of finding the best ... More
Cheng-Yau operator and Gauss map of surfaces of revolutionNov 09 2014We study the Gauss map $G$ of surfaces of revolution in the 3-dimensional Euclidean space ${\mathbb{E}^3}$ with respect to the so called Cheng-Yau operator $\square$ acting on the functions defined on the surfaces. As a result, we establish the classification ... More
Deterministic Relay Networks with State InformationMay 19 2009May 20 2009Motivated by fading channels and erasure channels, the problem of reliable communication over deterministic relay networks is studied, in which relay nodes receive a function of the incoming signals and a random network state. An achievable rate is characterized ... More
Atomically flat two-dimensional silicon crystals with versatile electronic propertiesSep 06 2017Silicon (Si) is one of the most extensively studied materials owing to its significance to semiconductor science and technology. While efforts to find a new three-dimensional (3D) Si crystal with unusual properties have made some progress, its two-dimensional ... More
On the existence problem of the total domination vertex critical graphsJan 06 2010The existence problem of the total domination vertex critical graphs has been studied in a series of articles. The aim of the present article is twofold. First, we settle the existence problem with respect to the parities of the total domination number ... More
On Electrical Equivalence of Aperture-Body and Transmission-Cavity Resonance Phenomena in Subwavelength Conducting Aperture Systems from an Equivalent Circuit Point of ViewFeb 19 2009Dec 30 2009For a narrow slit structure backed by a conducting strip which is taken as a representative example of an aperture-body resonance (ABR) problem, the transmission resonance condition (i.e., condition for maximum power transmission) and the transmission ... More
Nonlocal Dispersion Cancellation using Entangled PhotonsNov 13 2008Aug 31 2009A pair of optical pulses traveling through two dispersive media will become broadened and, as a result, the degree of coincidence between the optical pulses will be reduced. For a pair of entangled photons, however, nonlocal dispersion cancellation in ... More
Lecture Notes on Network Information TheoryJan 20 2010Dec 14 2011These lecture notes have been converted to a book titled Network Information Theory published recently by Cambridge University Press. This book provides a significantly expanded exposition of the material in the lecture notes as well as problems and bibliographic ... More
Entropy of the FRW universe based on the generalized uncertainty principleMar 17 2010Aug 02 2010The statistical entropy of the FRW universe described by time-dependent metric is newly calculated using the brick wall method based on the general uncertainty principle with the minimal length. We can determine the minimal length with the Plank scale ... More
Anomalous Magnetic Moment of Anyons in three dimensional $CP^{N-1}$ ModelDec 09 1995We calculate the anomalous magnetic moment of anyons in three dimensional $CP^{N-1}$ model with a Chern-Simons term in various limits in $1/N$ expansion. We have found that for anyons of infinite mass the gyromagnetic ratio ($g$-factor) is 2 up to the ... More
Entanglement and Bell States in Superconducting Flux QubitsJun 01 2006May 28 2007We theoretically study macroscopic quantum entanglement in two superconducting flux qubits. To manipulate the state of two flux qubits, a Josephson junction is introduced in the connecting loop coupling the qubits. Increasing the coupling energy of the ... More
High-efficiency diphenylsulfon derivatives-based organic light-emitting diode exhibiting thermally activated delayed fluorescenceMay 20 2016Novel thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) material with diphenyl sulfone (DPS) as an electron acceptor and 3,6-dimethoxycarbazole (DMOC) and 1,3,6,8-Tetramethyl-9H-carbazole (TMC) as electron donors were investigated theoretically for a blue ... More
On the Chaos Bound in Rotating Black HolesMar 21 2019Apr 12 2019We study out-of-time-order correlators (OTOCs) of rotating BTZ black holes using two different approaches: the elastic eikonal gravity approximation, and the Chern-Simons formulations of 3-dimensional gravity. Within both methods the OTOC is given as ... More
Band gap control of small bundles of carbon nanotubes using applied electric fields: A density functional theory studyOct 05 2010Electrostatic screening between carbon nanotubes (CNTs) in a small CNT bundle leads to a switching behavior induced by electric field perpendicular to the bundle axis. Using a first-principles method, we investigate the electronic structures of bundles ... More
Entropy of the Schwarzschild black hole to all orders in the Planck lengthJul 14 2007Sep 05 2007Considering corrections to all orders in the Planck length on the quantum state density from a generalized uncertainty principle (GUP), we calculate the statistical entropy of the scalar field on the background of the Schwarzschild black hole without ... More
Entropy of (2+1)-dimensional de Sitter black hole to all orders in the Planck lengthSep 06 2007Sep 19 2007We calculate the statistical entropy of a scalar field on the background of (2+1)-dimensional de Sitter space without an artificial cutoff considering corrections to all orders in the Planck length from a generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) on the ... More
Consistent Superalgebraic Truncations from D=5, N=5 SupergravityAug 09 1999We study a novel five-dimensional, {\it N}=5 supergravity in the context of Lie superalgebra SU(5/2). The possible successive superalgebraic truncations from {\it N}=5 theory to the lower supersymmetric {\it N}=4,3,2, and 1 supergravity theories are systematically ... More
On a New Approach for Constructing Wormholes in Einstein-Born-Infeld GravityAug 01 2016Oct 10 2016We study a new approach for the wormhole construction in Einstein-Born-Infeld gravity, which does not require exotic matters in the Einstein equation. The Born-Infeld field equation is not modified from "coordinate independent" conditions of continuous ... More
On the cost-subdifferentials of cost-convex functionsJun 08 2007We are interested in the cost-convex potentials in optimal mass transport theory, and we show by direct and geometric arguments the equivalence between cost-subdifferentials and ordinary subdifferentials of cost-convex functions, under the assumptions ... More
Two-Qubit Geometric Phase Gate for Quantum Dot Spins using Cavity Polariton ResonanceJan 18 2012Mar 27 2012We describe a design to implement a two-qubit geometric phase gate, by which a pair of electrons confined in adjacent quantum dots are entangled. The entanglement is a result of the Coulomb exchange interaction between the optically excited exciton-polaritons ... More
Macroscopic Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger and W States in Flux QubitsMay 28 2007Feb 23 2008We investigate two types of genuine three-qubit entanglement, known as the Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger(GHZ) and W states, in a macroscopic quantum system. Superconducting flux qubits are considered theoretically in order to generate such states. A phase ... More
Ab initio study of sodium cointercalation with diglyme molecule into graphiteMay 04 2017The cointercalation of sodium with the solvent organic molecule into graphite can resolve difficulty of forming the stage-I Na-graphite intercalation compound, which is a predominant anode of Na-ion battery. To clarify the mechanism of such cointercalation, ... More
Numerical calcultaion of e-fold number from hilltop with two inflatonsDec 11 2014We consider a cosmological inflation with two inflatons, $\phi$ and $X$. The inflation potential is a hilltop form in the $\phi$ space and $X$ is a sideway down-fall field in the region $\phi\ge m$. In this model, we calculate the $e$-fold number numerically ... More
E, B, μ, T Phase Structure of the D3/D7 Holographic DualMar 29 2011The large N_c N=4 gauge theory with quenched N=2 quark matter displays chiral symmetry breaking in the presence of a magnetic field. We previously studied the temperature and chemical potential phase structure of this theory in the grand canonical ensemble ... More
Inflation from Strongly Coupled Gauge DynamicsAug 15 2012We argue, using a phenomenological holographic approach, that walking, strongly coupled gauge theories generate a suitable potential for a small field inflation model. We show that the effective description is a model of a single inflaton. We determine ... More
Basket, flat plumbing and flat plumbing basket numbers of linksJul 04 2006Nov 10 2012We define the basket number, the flat plumbing number and the flat plumbing basket number of a link. Then we provide some upperbounds for these plumbing numbers by using Seifert's algorithm. We study the relation between these plumbing numbers and the ... More
The weighted complexity and the determinant functions of graphsMay 16 2007May 28 2007The complexity of a graph can be obtained as a derivative of a variation of the zeta function or a partial derivative of its generalized characteristic polynomial evaluated at a point [\textit{J. Combin. Theory Ser. B}, 74 (1998), pp. 408--410]. A similar ... More
Storage and Retrieval of Thermal Light in Warm Atomic VaporOct 01 2009Jul 12 2010We report slowed propagation and storage and retrieval of thermal light in warm rubidium vapor using the effect of electromagnetically-induced transparency (EIT). We first demonstrate slowed-propagation of the probe thermal light beam through an EIT medium ... More
Atomic vapor quantum memory for a photonic polarization qubitApr 08 2010Nov 25 2010We report an experimental realization of an atomic vapor quantum memory for the photonic po- larization qubit. The performance of the quantum memory for the polarization qubit, realized with electromagnetically-induced transparency in two spatially separated ... More
On the deformation rigidity of smooth projective symmetric varieties with Picard number oneMay 16 2019Symmetric varieties are normal equivariant open embeddings of symmetric homogeneous spaces and they are interesting examples of spherical varieties. The principal goal of this article is to study the rigidity under K\"{a}hler deformations of smooth projective ... More
Elliptical Tempered Stable Distribution and Fractional CalculusAug 14 2014Aug 15 2014A definition for elliptical tempered stable distribution, based on the characteristic function, have been explained which involve a unique spectral measure. This definition provides a framework for creating a connection between infinite divisible distribution, ... More
Exciton-polariton condensatesNov 25 2014Recently a new type of system exhibiting spontaneous coherence has emerged -- the exciton-polariton condensate. Exciton-polaritons (or polaritons for short) are bosonic quasiparticles that exist inside semiconductor microcavities, consisting of a superposition ... More
Power-Laws in Nonlinear Granular Chain under GravityDec 09 1998Feb 19 1999The signal generated by a weak impulse propagates in an oscillatory way and dispersively in a gravitationally compacted granular chain. For the power-law type contact force, we show analytically that the type of dispersion follows power-laws in depth. ... More
Angle Dependence of Landau Level Spectrum in Twisted Bilayer GrapheneMay 23 2011Oct 23 2011In the context of the low energy effective theory, the exact Landau level spectrum of quasiparticles in twisted bilayer graphene with small twist angle is analytically obtained by spheroidal eigenvalues. We analyze the dependence of the Landau levels ... More
Landau problem for bilayer graphene: Exact resultsAug 03 2010We consider graphene bilayer in a constant magnetic field of arbitrary orientation (i.e. tilted with respect to the graphene plane). In the low energy approximation to tight binding model with Peierls substitution, we find the exact spectrum of Landau ... More
Environmental Dependence of Type Ia Supernova Luminosities from a Sample without a Local-Global Difference in Host Star FormationDec 11 2017It is now established that there is a dependence of the luminosity of type Ia supernovae (SNe Ia) on environment: SNe Ia in young, star-forming, metal-poor stellar populations appear fainter after light-curve shape corrections than those in older, passive, ... More
SU(5/3) Superalgebra and Its Representations of Fundamental ParticlesFeb 26 2013We study the lowest dimensional typical and atypical representations of SU(5/3) superalgebra as a possible unified gauge theory having a natural SU(5) subalgebra with SU(3) extra structure, which will be used to accommodate three generations of fundamental ... More
Coupled Representation Learning for Domains, Intents and Slots in Spoken Language UnderstandingDec 13 2018Representation learning is an essential problem in a wide range of applications and it is important for performing downstream tasks successfully. In this paper, we propose a new model that learns coupled representations of domains, intents, and slots ... More
Efficient Large-Scale Domain Classification with Personalized AttentionApr 22 2018In this paper, we explore the task of mapping spoken language utterances to one of thousands of natural language understanding domains in intelligent personal digital assistants (IPDAs). This scenario is observed for many mainstream IPDAs in industry ... More
A Simple Holographic Superconductor with Momentum RelaxationJan 02 2015Aug 24 2015We study a holographic superconductor model with momentum relaxation due to massless scalar fields linear to spatial coordinates($\psi_I = \beta \delta_{Ii} x^i$), where $\beta$ is the strength of momentum relaxation. In addition to the original superconductor ... More
Center of gravity and a characterization of parabolasFeb 01 2015Archimedes determined the center of gravity of a parabolic section as follows. For a parabolic section between a parabola and any chord $AB$ on the parabola, let us denote by $P$ the point on the parabola where the tangent is parallel to $AB$ and by $V$ ... More
Steering effects on growth instability during step-flow growth of Cu on Cu(1,1,17)Aug 13 2004Kinetic Monte Carlo simulation in conjunction with molecular dynamics simulation is utilized to study the effect of the steered deposition on the growth of Cu on Cu(1,1,17). It is found that the deposition flux becomes inhomogeneous in step train direction ... More
Note on the generalization of the higher order q-Genocchi numbers and q-Euler numbersJan 13 2009In this paper we present the generalization of the higher order q-Euler numbers and q-Genocchi numbers and w-Genocchi numbers and polynomials of high order using the multivariate fermionic p-adic integral on Zp. We have the interpolation functions of ... More
A Syntactic Classification based Web Page Ranking AlgorithmFeb 03 2011The existing search engines sometimes give unsatisfactory search result for lack of any categorization of search result. If there is some means to know the preference of user about the search result and rank pages according to that preference, the result ... More
Time evolution of the complexity in chaotic systems: concrete examplesJun 05 2019Jun 13 2019We investigate the time evolution of the complexity in two chaotic systems. First, we compute the complexity of the operator in the Sachdev-Ye-Kitaev (SYK) model with $N$ Majorana fermions. We demonstrate there are indeed three stages as time ($t$) goes: ... More
Batalin-Tyutin Quantization of the (2+1) dimensional nonabelian Chern-Simons field theoryMar 31 1994The (2+1) dimensional nonabelian Chern-Simons theory coupled to complex scalar fields is quantized by using the Batalin-Tyutin canonical Hamiltonian method which systematically embeds second-class constraint system into first-class one. We obtain the ... More
Entropy of (1+1)-dimensional charged black hole to all orders in the Planck lengthFeb 05 2008We study the statistical entropy of a scalar field on the (1+1)-dimensional Maxwell-dilaton background without an artificial cutoff considering corrections to all orders in the Planck length from a generalized uncertainty principle (GUP) on the quantum ... More
Thermal production of light Dirac right-handed sneutrino dark matterAug 02 2018Oct 01 2018We consider the production of right-handed (RH) sneutrino dark matter in a model of Dirac neutrino where neutrino Yukawa coupling constants are very small. Dark matter RH sneutrinos are produced by scatterings and decays of thermal particles in the early ... More