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Hardening Stratum, the Bitcoin Pool Mining ProtocolMar 20 2017Stratum, the de-facto mining communication protocol used by blockchain based cryptocurrency systems, enables miners to reliably and efficiently fetch jobs from mining pool servers. In this paper we exploit Stratum's lack of encryption to develop passive ... More
Tithonus: A Bitcoin Based Censorship Resilient SystemSep 29 2018Providing reliable and surreptitious communications is difficult in the presence of adaptive and resourceful state level censors. In this paper we introduce Tithonus, a framework that builds on the Bitcoin blockchain and network to provide censorship-resistant ... More
Camera Based Two Factor Authentication Through Mobile and Wearable DevicesOct 20 2017We introduce Pixie, a novel, camera based two factor authentication solution for mobile and wearable devices. A quick and familiar user action of snapping a photo is sufficient for Pixie to simultaneously perform a graphical password authentication and ... More
A Longitudinal Study of Google PlayFeb 08 2018The difficulty of large scale monitoring of app markets affects our understanding of their dynamics. This is particularly true for dimensions such as app update frequency, control and pricing, the impact of developer actions on app popularity, as well ... More
A Secure Mobile Authentication Alternative to BiometricsDec 07 2017Aug 21 2018Biometrics are widely used for authentication in consumer devices and business settings as they provide sufficiently strong security, instant verification and convenience for users. However, biometrics are hard to keep secret, stolen biometrics pose lifelong ... More
Secure Management of Low Power Fitness TrackersMar 24 2017The increasing popular interest in personal telemetry, also called the Quantified Self or "lifelogging", has induced a popularity surge for wearable personal fitness trackers. Fitness trackers automatically collect sensor data about the user throughout ... More
Fit and Vulnerable: Attacks and Defenses for a Health Monitoring DeviceApr 20 2013The fusion of social networks and wearable sensors is becoming increasingly popular, with systems like Fitbit automating the process of reporting and sharing user fitness data. In this paper we show that while compelling, the integration of health data ... More
FairPlay: Fraud and Malware Detection in Google PlayMar 06 2017Fraudulent behaviors in Google Android app market fuel search rank abuse and malware proliferation. We present FairPlay, a novel system that uncovers both malware and search rank fraud apps, by picking out trails that fraudsters leave behind. To identify ... More
Search Rank Fraud De-Anonymization in Online SystemsJun 23 2018We introduce the fraud de-anonymization problem, that goes beyond fraud detection, to unmask the human masterminds responsible for posting search rank fraud in online systems. We collect and study search rank fraud data from Upwork, and survey the capabilities ... More
Stateless Puzzles for Real Time Online Fraud PreemptionJun 05 2017The profitability of fraud in online systems such as app markets and social networks marks the failure of existing defense mechanisms. In this paper, we propose FraudSys, a real-time fraud preemption approach that imposes Bitcoin-inspired computational ... More
Eat the Cake and Have It Too: Privacy Preserving Location Aggregates in Geosocial NetworksApr 12 2013Geosocial networks are online social networks centered on the locations of subscribers and businesses. Providing input to targeted advertising, profiling social network users becomes an important source of revenue. Its natural reliance on personal information ... More
Video Liveness for Citizen Journalism: Attacks and DefensesApr 06 2017The impact of citizen journalism raises important video integrity and credibility issues. In this article, we introduce Vamos, the first user transparent video "liveness" verification solution based on video motion, that accommodates the full range of ... More
Spotting Suspicious Reviews via (Quasi-)clique ExtractionSep 19 2015How to tell if a review is real or fake? What does the underworld of fraudulent reviewing look like? Detecting suspicious reviews has become a major issue for many online services. We propose the use of a clique-finding approach to discover well-organized ... More
An Iterative, Dynamically Stabilized(IDS) Method of Data UnfoldingJun 15 2011We describe an iterative unfolding method for experimental data, making use of a regularization function. The use of this function allows one to build an improved normalization procedure for Monte Carlo spectra, unbiased by the presence of possible new ... More
Inclusive Jet Production Measured with ATLAS and Constraints on PDFsJul 19 2012Inclusive jet and dijet double-differential cross sections have been measured in proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy of 7 TeV using the ATLAS detector at the LHC. The cross sections were measured using jets clustered with the anti-kt algorithm. ... More
Shock waves in a one-dimensional Bose gas: from a Bose-Einstein condensate to a Tonks gasJun 08 2005Apr 03 2006We derive and analyze shock-wave solutions of hydrodynamic equations describing repulsively interacting one dimensional Bose gas. We also use the number-conserving Bogolubov approach to verify accuracy of the Gross-Pitaevskii equation in shock wave problems. ... More
Shock waves in ultracold Fermi (Tonks) gasesJun 15 2003Feb 02 2004It is shown that a broad density perturbation in a Fermi (Tonks) cloud takes a shock wave form in the course of time evolution. A very accurate analytical description of shock formation is provided. A simple experimental setup for the observation of shocks ... More
The simplest quantum model supporting the Kibble-Zurek mechanism of topological defect production: Landau-Zener transitions from a new perspectiveOct 30 2004Jun 06 2005It is shown that dynamics of the Landau-Zener model can be accurately described in terms of the Kibble-Zurek theory of the topological defect production in nonequilibrium phase transitions. The simplest quantum model exhibiting the Kibble-Zurek mechanism ... More
The Puzzle of Empty Bottle in Quantum TheoryJun 20 2016We discuss an extremely simple effect of 'shadowing' where the very existence of the measuring apparatus deforms the evolution of quantum states even if the measurement is never preformed. In spite of strange intuitive aspects, it might be related to ... More
Nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials and matrix coefficients for unramified principal seriesJul 03 2004May 10 2006We show how a certain limit of the nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials appears in the representation theory of semisimple groups over p--adic fields as matrix coefficients for the unramified principal series representations. The result is the nonsymmetric ... More
The Cherednik kernel and generalized exponentsNov 17 2003We show how the knowledge of the Fourier coefficients of the Cherednik kernel leads to combinatorial formulas for generalized exponents. We recover known formulas for generalized exponents of irreducible representations parameterized by dominant roots, ... More
Critical $\mathrm{L}^p$-differentiability of $\mathrm{BV}^{\mathbb{A}}$-maps and canceling operatorsDec 04 2017Oct 11 2018We give a generalization of Dorronsoro's Theorem on critical $\mathrm{L}^p$-Taylor expansions for $\mathrm{BV}^k$-maps on $\mathrm{R}^n$, i.e., we characterize homogeneous linear differential operators $\mathbb{A}$ of $k$-th order such that $D^{k-j}u$ ... More
Spectral morphisms, K-theory, and stable ranksMay 17 2010We give a brief account of the interplay between spectral morphisms, K-theory, and stable ranks in the context of Banach algebras.
A new class of numerical sequences and its applications to uniform convergence of sine seriesMay 08 2009In the present paper we introduce a new class of sequences called GM(b,r), which is the generalization of a class considered by Tikhonov. Moreover, we obtained in this note sufficient and necessary conditions for uniform convergence of sine series with ... More
On L-convergence of trigonometric seriesAug 31 2009In the present paper we consider the trigonometric series with (b,r)-general monotone and (b,r)-rest bounded variation coefficients. Necessary and sufficien conditions of L-convergence for such series are obtained in terms of the coefficients.
Linear groups - Malcev's theorem and Selberg's lemmaJun 10 2013An account of two fundamental facts concerning finitely generated linear groups: Malcev's theorem on residual finiteness, and Selberg's lemma on virtual torsion-freeness.
Proper isometric actions of hyperbolic groups on $L^p$-spacesFeb 13 2012Jun 10 2013We show that every non-elementary hyperbolic group $\G$ admits a proper affine isometric action on $L^p(\bd\G\times \bd\G)$, where $\bd\G$ denotes the boundary of $\G$ and $p$ is large enough. Our construction involves a $\G$-invariant measure on $\bd\G\times ... More
The Motivic Cofiber of $τ$Jan 17 2017Consider the Tate twist $\tau \in H^{0,1}(S^{0,0})$ in the mod 2 cohomology of the motivic sphere. After 2-completion, the motivic Adams spectral sequence realizes this element as a map $\tau \colon S^{0,-1} \to S^{0,0}$, with cofiber $C\tau$. We show ... More
The first eigenvalue of the Dirac operator on locally reducible Riemannian manifoldsFeb 25 2005We prove a lower estimate for the first eigenvalue of the Dirac operator on a compact locally reducible Riemannian spin manifold with positive scalar curvature. We determine also the universal covers of the manifolds on which the smallest possible eigenvalue ... More
A commutative Bezout domain in which every maximal ideal is principal is an elementary divisor ringOct 30 2012In this article we revisit a problem regarding Bezout domains, namely, whether every Bezout domain is an elementary divisor domain. We prove that a Bezout domain in which every maximal ideal is principal is an elementary divisor ring
Critical $\mathrm{L}^p$-differentiability of $\mathrm{BV}^{\mathbb{A}}$-maps and canceling operatorsDec 04 2017Apr 29 2019We give a generalization of Dorronsoro's Theorem on critical $\mathrm{L}^p$-Taylor expansions for $\mathrm{BV}^k$-maps on $\mathbb{R}^n$, i.e., we characterize homogeneous linear differential operators $\mathbb{A}$ of $k$-th order such that $D^{k-j}u$ ... More
Sp(n)U(1)-connections with parallel totally skew-symmetric torsionNov 14 2003Jul 08 2004We consider the unique Hermitian connection with totally skew-symmetric torsion on a Hermitian manifold. We prove that if the torsion is parallel and the holonomy is Sp(n)U(1), considered as a subgroup of U(2n) x U(1), then the manifold is locally isomorphic ... More
On the Relation Between the Randomized Extended Kaczmarz Algorithm and Coordinate DescentMay 27 2014Aug 30 2014In this note we compare the randomized extended Kaczmarz (EK) algorithm and randomized coordinate descent (CD) for solving the full-rank overdetermined linear least-squares problem and prove that CD needs less operations for satisfying the same residual-related ... More
Supersymmetry and Bogomol'nyi equations in the Maxwell Chern-Simons systemsJan 06 2000We take advantage of the superspace formalism and explicitly find the N=2 supersymmetric extension of the Maxwell Chern-Simons model. In our construction a special form of a potential term and indispensability of an additional neutral scalar field arise ... More
Improved alpha_s from Tau DecaysMay 19 2008We present an update of the measurement of alpha_s(m_tau) from ALEPH tau hadronic spectral functions. We report a study of the perturbative prediction(s) showing that the fixed-order perturbation theory manifests convergence problems not presented in ... More
An iterative, dynamically stabilized method of data unfoldingJul 22 2009We propose a new iterative unfolding method for experimental data, making use of a regularization function. The use of this function allows one to build an improved normalization procedure for Monte Carlo spectra, unbiased by the presence of possible ... More
Precise alpha_s from Tau DecaysSep 16 2008Nov 10 2008An updated measurement of alpha_s(m_tau) from ALEPH tau hadronic spectral functions is presented. We report a study of the perturbative prediction(s) showing that the fixed-order perturbation theory manifests convergence or principle problems not presented ... More
Spatial Dynamic Structures and Mobility in ComputationAug 02 2011Membrane computing is a well-established and successful research field which belongs to the more general area of molecular computing. Membrane computing aims at defining parallel and non-deterministic computing models, called membrane systems or P Systems, ... More
Nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials and Demazure charactersMay 08 2001Nov 20 2001We establish a connection between a specialization of the nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials and the Demazure characters of the corresponding affine Kac-Moody algebra. This allows us to obtain a representation-theoretical interpretation of the coefficients ... More
The Current Status of g-2Jun 24 2010Jun 25 2010Recently, important updates were made for the hadronic contribution to the theoretical prediction of g-2. The isospin-breaking-corrections, needed in the comparison of the two pion spectral functions from tau decays and e+e- annihilations, were improved ... More
Mutual transitions between stationary and moving dissipative solitonsNov 23 2018Application of stable localized dissipative solitons as basic carriers of information promises the significant progress in the development of new optical communication networks. The success development of such systems requires getting the full control ... More
Relatively spectral morphisms and applications to K-theoryMay 30 2008Aug 23 2011Spectral morphisms between Banach algebras are useful for comparing their K-theory and their "noncommutative dimensions" as expressed by various notions of stable ranks. In practice, one often encounters situations where the spectral information is only ... More
The Generalized Stokes theorem for R-linear forms on Lie algebroidsFeb 13 2011May 18 2011The author presents the generalized Stokes theorem for R-linear forms on Lie algebroids (which can be non-local). We apply the Stokes formula on forms to prove that two homotopic homomorphisms of Lie algebroids implies the existence of a chain operator ... More
Exotic Motivic PeriodicitiesSep 04 2017One can attempt to study motivic homotopy groups by mimicking the classical (non-motivic) chromatic approach. There are however major differences, which makes the motivic story more complicated and still not well understood. For example, classically the ... More
Generalized exponents of small representations. IIApr 16 2009This is the second paper in a sequence devoted to giving manifestly non-negative formulas for generalized exponents of small representations in all types. It contains a first formula for generalized exponents of small weights which extends the Shapiro-Steinberg ... More
Standard bases for affine parabolic modules and nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomialsJun 03 2004Oct 05 2006We establish a connection between (degenerate) nonsymmetric Macdonald polynomials and standard bases and dual standard bases of maximal parabolic modules of affine Hecke algebras. Along the way we prove a (weak) polynomiality result for coefficients of ... More
Conditions for stable range of an elementary divisor ringsAug 29 2015Using the concept of ring of Gelfand range 1 we proved that a commutative Bezout domain is an elementary divisor ring iff it is a ring of Gelfand range 1. Obtained results give a solution of problem of elementary divisor rings for different classes of ... More
$\mathrm{L}^1$-estimates for constant rank operatorsNov 25 2018We show that the inequality $$ \|D^{k-1}(u-\pi u)\|_{\mathrm{L}^{n/(n-1)}(\mathbb{R}^n)}\leq c\|\mathbb{B}(D) u\|_{\mathrm{L}^1(\mathbb{R}^n)} $$ holds for vector fields $u\in\mathrm{C}^\infty_c$ if and only if $\mathbb{B}$ is canceling. Here $\pi$ denotes ... More
Unimodular graphs and Eisenstein sumsMay 19 2015Sep 26 2016Motivated in part by combinatorial applications to certain sum-product phenomena, we introduce unimodular graphs over finite fields and, more generally, over finite valuation rings. We compute the spectrum of the unimodular graphs, by using Eisenstein ... More
Sobolev spaces and Lagrange interpolationJan 23 2012In this short paper the discussion of the pointwise characterization of functions $f$ in the Sobolev space $W^{m,p}(\R^n)$ given in the recent paper (Bojarski) is supplemented in \SS1 by a direct, essentially geometric, proof of the novel inequality (for ... More
An Extension of the Work of V. Guillemin on Complex Powers and Zeta Functions of Elliptic Pseudodifferential OperatorsMay 09 1997May 17 1997The purpose of this note is to extend the results of V. Guillemin on elliptic self-adjoint pseudodifferential operators of order one, from operators defined on smooth functions on a closed manifold to operators defined on smooth sections in a vector bundle ... More
Superradiant instability in AdSAug 05 2016The phenomenon of superradiance in the context of asymptotically global AdS spacetimes is investigated with particular accent on its effect on the stability of the systems under consideration. To this end, the concept of an asymptotically AdS spacetime ... More
A true relative of Suslin's normality theoremDec 08 2014We prove a normality theorem for the "true" elementary subgroups of $SL_n(A)$ defined by the ideals of a commutative unital ring $A$. Our result is an analogue of a normality theorem, due to Suslin, for the standard elementary subgroups, and it greatly ... More
Counterdiabatic driving of the quantum Ising modelSep 30 2014Dec 22 2014The system undergoes adiabatic evolution when its population in the instantaneous eigenbasis of its time-dependent Hamiltonian changes only negligibly. Realization of such dynamics requires slow-enough changes of the parameters of the Hamiltonian, a task ... More
Formation of shock waves in a Bose-Einstein condensateSep 18 2003Feb 17 2004We consider propagation of density wave packets in a Bose-Einstein condensate. We show that the shape of initially broad, laser-induced, density perturbation changes in the course of free time evolution so that a shock wave front finally forms. Our results ... More
Measurement of hadronic cross sections at BABAR with ISR and implications for the muon (g-2)Apr 28 2014The ISR method has been largely exploited by the BABAR experiment, for measuring numerous channels of the cross section e+e- into hadrons. For the pi+pi-(gamma) and K+K-(gamma) channels, BABAR has pioneered the method based on the ratio between the hadronic ... More
Measurement of the e+e- --> hadrons cross-section at low energy with ISR events at BABARDec 16 2010The precise measurement of the cross section e+e- --> pi+ pi-(gamma) from threshold to an energy of 3 GeV, using events with Initial State Radiation (ISR) collected with the BABAR detector, is presented. The ISR luminosity is determined from a study of ... More
Relative PBW type theorems for symmetrically braided Hopf algebrasApr 28 2010We show that in characteristic zero all irreducible symmetrically braided Hopf algebras are of PBW type. Consequently, we obtain conditions for a braided Hopf algebra to be of PBW type as module over a braided Hopf subalgebra containing the coradical. ... More
A weight multiplicity formula for Demazure modulesSep 14 2004We establish a formula for the weight multiplicities of Demazure modules (in particular for highest weight representations) of a complex connected algebraic group in terms of the geometry of its Langlands dual.
Involutions of double affine Hecke algebrasNov 01 2001The main aim of the paper is to formulate and prove a result about the structure of double affine Hecke algebras which allows its two commutative subalgebras to play a symmetric role. This result is essential for the theory of intertwiners of double affine ... More
Potentials for $\mathcal{A}$-quasiconvexityMar 02 2018We show that each constant rank operator $\mathcal{A}$ admits an exact potential $\mathbb{A}$ in frequency space. We use this fact to show that the notion of $\mathcal{A}$-quasiconvexity can be tested against compactly supported fields.
Generalized exponents of small representations. IApr 16 2009This is the first paper in a sequence devoted to giving manifestly non-negative formulas for generalized exponents of small representations in all types. The main part of this paper illustrates the overall structure of the argument on root systems of ... More
Chern-Simons forms for R-linear connections on Lie algebroidsJun 05 2011The Chern-Simons forms for R-linear connections on Lie algebroids are considered. A generalized Chern-Simons formula for such R-linear connections is obtained. We it apply to define Chern character and secondary characteristic classes for R-linear connections ... More
Weak index pairs and the Conley index for discrete multivalued dynamical systems. Part II: properties of the indexJun 28 2017Motivation to revisit the Conley index theory for discrete multivalued dynamical systems stems from the needs of broader real applications, in particular in sampled dynamics or in combinatorial dynamics. The new construction of the index in [B. Batko ... More
Hyper-Hermitian quaternionic Kaehler manifoldsMay 25 2001Oct 30 2001We call a quaternionic Kaehler manifold with non-zero scalar curvature, whose quaternionic structure is trivialized by a hypercomplex structure, a hyper-Hermitian quaternionic Kaehler manifold. We prove that every locally symmetric hyper-Hermitian quaternionic ... More
On operator norms for hyperbolic groupsSep 28 2015We estimate the operator norm of radial non-negative functions on hyperbolic groups. As a consequence, we show that several forms of Haagerup's inequality are optimal.
On the lower bound of the inner radius of nodal domainsJul 13 2016We discuss the asymptotic lower bound on the inner radius of nodal domains that arise from Laplacian eigenfunctions $ \phi_\lambda $ on a closed Riemannian manifold $ (M,g) $. First, in the real-analytic case we present an improvement of the currently ... More
Nucleon form factors program with SBS at JLABJan 05 2014Mar 17 2014The physics of the nucleon form factors is a fundamental part of the Jefferson Laboratory program. We review the achievements of the 6-GeV era and the program with the 12- GeV beam with the SBS spectrometer in Hall A, with a focus on the nucleon ground ... More
Axiomatic Definition of Limit of Real-Valued FunctionsSep 23 2009We present a new way of organizing the few mathematical statements which form introduction to Calculus: the epsilon-delta characterization of the limit is now d e r i v e d from four simple, intuitive and frequently used statements, which we choose as ... More
Fidelity approach to quantum phase transitions in quantum Ising modelSep 10 2015Fidelity approach to quantum phase transitions uses the overlap between ground states of the system to gain some information about its quantum phases. Such an overlap is called fidelity. We illustrate how this approach works in the one dimensional quantum ... More
Evaluation of alpha_s using the ATLAS inclusive jet cross-section dataOct 04 2012We present a determination of the strong coupling constant using ATLAS inclusive jet cross section data at sqrt{s} = 7TeV, with their full information on the bin-to-bin correlations. Several procedures for combining the statistical information from the ... More
On bounded elementary generation for $SL_n$ over polynomial ringsJan 03 2019Let $F[X]$ be the polynomial ring over a finite field $F$. It is shown that, for $n\geq 3$, the special linear group $SL_n(F[X])$ is boundedly generated by the elementary matrices.
A one-formula proof of the nonvanishing of L-functions of real characters at 1Dec 15 2014We present a simple analytic proof that L-functions of real non-principal Dirichlet characters are nonzero at 1.
A Poincare-Birkhoff-Witt theorem for Hopf algebras with central Hopf algebra coradicalMay 14 2009Jun 01 2010We show that over fields of characteristic zero a Hopf algebra with central Hopf algebra coradical has a PBW basis as a module over the coradical.
Hermitian spin surfaces with small eigenvalues of the Dolbeault operatorMar 03 2004We study the compact Hermitian spin surfaces with positive conformal scalar curvature on which the first eigenvalue of the Dolbeault operator of the spin structure is the smallest possible. We prove that such a surface is either a ruled surface or a Hopf ... More
Seeley's Theory of Pseudodifferential Operators on OrbifoldsDec 30 1999We present the theory of pseudodifferential operators acting on a vector orbibundle over an orbifold, construct the zeta function of an elliptic pseudodifferential operator and show the existence of a meromorphic extension to the complex plane with at ... More
Homotopical stable ranks for Banach algebrasNov 16 2009Aug 23 2011The connected stable rank and the general stable rank are homotopy invariants for Banach algebras, whereas the Bass stable rank and the topological stable rank should be thought of as dimensional invariants. This paper studies the two homotopical stable ... More
Syntactic Analysis Based on Morphological Characteristic Features of the Romanian LanguageJan 09 2013This paper refers to the syntactic analysis of phrases in Romanian, as an important process of natural language processing. We will suggest a real-time solution, based on the idea of using some words or groups of words that indicate grammatical category; ... More
The Mazur-Ulam theoremJun 10 2013A short proof of the Mazur-Ulam theorem concerning isometries of real normed spaces.
A classical approach to dynamics of parabolic competitive systemsSep 13 2011We study the reaction-diffusion system, its stationary solutions, the behavior of the system near them and discuss similarities and differences for different boundary conditions.
Fidelity susceptibility of the quantum Ising model in the transverse field: The exact solutionDec 07 2012Apr 16 2013We derive an exact closed-form expression for fidelity susceptibility of the quantum Ising model in the transverse field. We also establish an exact one-to-one correspondence between fidelity susceptibility in the ferromagnetic and paramagnetic phases ... More
The quantum Ising model: finite sums and hyperbolic functionsJun 15 2015Oct 31 2015We derive exact closed-form expressions for several sums leading to hyperbolic functions and discuss their applicability for studies of finite-size Ising spin chains. We show how they immediately lead to closed-form expressions for both fidelity susceptibility ... More
On weak holonomyMar 27 2004Jul 15 2004We prove that SU(n) (n > 2) and Sp(n)U(1) (n > 1) are the only connected Lie groups acting transitively and effectively on some sphere which can be weak holonomy groups of a Riemannian manifold without having to contain its holonomy group. In both cases ... More
On the degree of rapid decayNov 16 2009May 17 2010A finitely generated group $\G$ equipped with a word-length is said to satisfy property RD if there are $C, s\geq 0$ such that, for all non-negative integers $n$, we have $\|a\|\leq C (1+n)^s \|a\|_2$ whenever $a\in\C\G$ is supported on elements of length ... More
Cubulating spaces with wallsAug 29 2003May 24 2004We describe a correspondence between spaces with walls and CAT(0) cube complexes.
A brief introduction to Spectral Graph TheorySep 26 2016Expanded lecture notes. Preliminary version, comments are welcome.
Potentials for $\mathcal{A}$-quasiconvexityMar 02 2018Apr 02 2019We show that each constant rank operator $\mathcal{A}$ admits an exact potential $\mathbb{B}$ in frequency space. We use this fact to show that the notion of $\mathcal{A}$-quasiconvexity can be tested against compactly supported fields. We also show that ... More
Unresolved X-ray emission in M31 and constraints on progenitors of Classical NovaeFeb 17 2010We investigate unresolved X-ray emission from M31 based on an extensive set of archival XMM-Newton and Chandra data. We show that extended emission, found previously in the bulge and thought to be associated with a large number of faint compact sources, ... More
Comments on "An Update of the HLS Estimate of the Muon g-2"by M.Benayoun {\it et al.}, arXiv:1210.7184v3Jun 26 2013In a recent paper \cite{benayoun} M.Benayoun {\it et al.} use a specific model to compare results on the existing data for the cross section of the process $e^+e^-\rightarrow \pi^+\pi^-$ and state conclusions about the inconsistency of the BABAR results ... More
Evaluation of the Strong Coupling Constant alpha_s Using the ATLAS Inclusive Jet Cross-Section DataMar 24 2012Jul 03 2012We perform a determination of the strong coupling constant using the latest ATLAS inclusive jet cross section data, from proton-proton collisions at sqrt{s}=7 TeV, and their full information on the bin-to-bin correlations. Several procedures for combining ... More
On the quantum Coulomb fieldAug 30 2011Apr 02 2012The quantum theory of the Coulomb field has been developed by Staruszkiewicz in the long series of papers. This theory explains the universality and quantization of the electric charge observed in Nature. Moreover, the efforts have been made to determine ... More
Super-convergence and post-processing for mixed finite element approximations of the wave equationAug 12 2016We consider the numerical approximation of acoustic wave propagation problems by mixed BDM(k+1)-P(k) finite elements on unstructured meshes. Optimal convergence of the discrete velocity and super-convergence of the pressure by one order are established. ... More
The Aharonov-Bohm Effect in the Momentum SpaceMar 21 2005The Schrodinger formalism of quantum mechanics is used to demonstrate the existence of the Aharonov-Bohm effect in momentum space and set-ups for experimentally demonstrating it are proposed for either free or ballistic electrons.
Getting Feasible Variable Estimates From Infeasible Ones: MRF Local Polytope StudyOct 15 2012This paper proposes a method for construction of approximate feasible primal solutions from dual ones for large-scale optimization problems possessing certain separability properties. Whereas infeasible primal estimates can typically be produced from ... More
Fermion Masses without Higgs: A Supersymmetric Technicolor ModelApr 26 1995Jun 05 1995We propose a supersymmetric technicolor model in which the electroweak symmetry breaking is communicated to the quarks and leptons by technicolored $SU(2)_W$-singlet scalars. When the technifermions condense, the quarks and leptons of the third generation ... More
Gluino mass from dynamical supersymmetry breakingOct 27 1995Jan 11 1996We present a new mechanism for gluino mass generation in models of dynamical supersymmetry breaking. The mechanism requires two colored chiral superfields which feel a nonabelian gauge interaction such that a fermion condensate is formed at a scale of ... More
Approximation of conjugate functions by general linear operators of their Fourier series at the Lebesgue pointsMay 15 2014The pointwise estimates of the deviations $\widetilde{T}_{n,A,B}^{\text{}%}f\left(\cdot \right) -\widetilde{f}(\cdot)$ and $\widetilde{T}_{n,A,B}^{% \text{}}f\left(\cdot \right) -\widetilde{f}(\cdot,\varepsilon)$ in terms of moduli of continuity $\widetilde{\bar{w}}_{\cdot}f$ ... More
Generalized $q$-Gaussian von Neumann algebras with coefficients, II. Absence of central sequencesSep 23 2015Oct 27 2015We show that the generalized $q$-gaussian von Neumann algebras with coefficients $\Gamma_q(B,S \otimes H)$ with $B$ a finite dimensional factor, dim$(D_k(S))$ sub-exponential and the dimension of $H$ finite and larger than a constant depending on $q$, ... More
Statistical analysis of Hasegawa - Wakatani turbulenceJun 09 2017Resistive drift wave turbulence is a multipurpose paradigm that can be used to understand transport at the edge of fusion devices. The Hasegawa-Wakatani model captures the essential physics of drift turbulence while retaining the simplicity needed to ... More
On some special classes of complex elliptic curvesNov 04 2011In this paper we classify the complex elliptic curves $E$ for which there exist cyclic subgroups $C\leq (E,+)$ of order $n$ such that the elliptic curves $E$ and $E/C$ are isomorphic, where $n$ is a positive integer. Important examples are provided in ... More