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Parameterized Littlewood-Paley operators with variable kernels on Hardy spaces and weak Hardy spacesDec 13 2017In this paper, by using the atomic decomposition theory of Hardy space and weak Hardy space, we discuss the boundedness of parameterized Littlewood-Paley operator with variable kernel on these spaces.
Boundedness of parameterized Marcinkiewicz integrals with variable kernels on Hardy spaces and weak Hardy spacesNov 27 2017In this paper, by using the atomic decomposition theory of Hardy space and weak Hardy space, the author establishes the boundedness of parameterized Marcinkiewicz integral with variable kernel on these spaces, under the Dini condition or H\"{o}rmander ... More
Weighted Norm Inequalities for Parametric Littlewood-Paley OperatorsNov 28 2017In this paper, the author establishes the boundedness of parametric Littlewood-Paley operators from Musielak-Orlicz Hardy space to Musielak-Orlicz space, or to weak Musielak-Orlicz space at the critical index. Part of these results are new even for classical ... More
3D Fully Convolutional Network for Vehicle Detection in Point CloudNov 24 2016Jan 16 20172D fully convolutional network has been recently successfully applied to object detection from images. In this paper, we extend the fully convolutional network based detection techniques to 3D and apply it to point cloud data. The proposed approach is ... More
A Spline-based Volumetric Data Modeling Framework and Its ApplicationsAug 05 2013In this dissertation, we concentrate on the challenging research issue of developing a spline-based modeling framework, which converts the conventional data (e.g., surface meshes) to tensor-product trivariate splines. This methodology can represent both ... More
A Survey of Spline-based Volumetric Data Modeling Framework and Its ApplicationsAug 05 2013The rapid advances in 3D scanning and acquisition techniques have given rise to the explosive increase of volumetric digital models in recent years. This dissertation systematically trailblazes a novel volumetric modeling framework to represent 3D solids. ... More
Curvaton Reheating in Non-oscillatory Inflationary ModelsDec 15 2002Jun 26 2003In non-oscillatory (NO) inflationary models, the reheating mechanism was usually based on gravitational particle production or the mechanism of instant preheating. In this paper we introduce the curvaton mechanism into NO models to reheat the universe ... More
Dynamics of Taxi-like Logistics Systems: Theory and Microscopic SimulationsJul 10 2018In this paper we study the dynamics of a class of bi-agent logistics systems consisting of two types of agents interacting on an arbitrary complex network. By approximating the system with simple microscopic models and solving them analytically, we reveal ... More
Spectral radius and traceability of connected claw-free graphsJun 20 2014Jun 25 2015Let $G$ be a connected claw-free graph on $n$ vertices and $\overline{G}$ be its complement graph. Let $\mu(G)$ be the spectral radius of $G$. Denote by $N_{n-3,3}$ the graph consisting of $K_{n-3}$ and three disjoint pendent edges. In this note we prove ... More
Exact bipartite Turán numbers of large even cyclesJan 18 2019Feb 13 2019Let the bipartite Tur\'an number $ex(m,n,H)$ of a graph $H$ be the maximum number of edges in an $H$-free bipartite graph with two parts of sizes $m$ and $n$, respectively. In this paper, we prove that $ex(m,n,C_{2t})=(t-1)n+m-t+1$ for any positive integers ... More
Chimera-like States in Structured Heterogeneous NetworksNov 02 2016Apr 19 2017Chimera-like states are manifested through the coexistence of synchronous and asynchronous dynamics and have been observed in various systems. To analyze the role of network topology in giving rise to chimera-like states we study a heterogeneous network ... More
Spectral analogues of Moon-Moser's theorem on Hamilton paths in bipartite graphsJan 26 2016Nov 17 2016In 1962, Erd\H{o}s proved a theorem on the existence of Hamilton cycles in graphs with given minimum degree and number of edges. Significantly strengthening in case of balanced bipartite graphs, Moon and Moser proved a corresponding theorem in 1963. In ... More
Exploring the Function Space of Deep-Learning MachinesAug 04 2017Aug 09 2018The function space of deep-learning machines is investigated by studying growth in the entropy of functions of a given error with respect to a reference function, realized by a deep-learning machine. Using physics-inspired methods we study both sparsely ... More
Local times for spectrally negative Lévy processesMay 03 2017Jan 11 2019For spectrally negative L\'evy processes, adapting an approach from \cite{BoLi:sub1} we identify joint Laplace transforms involving local times evaluated at either the first passage times, or independent exponential times, or inverse local times. The ... More
A New 3D Geometric Approach to Focus and Context Lens Effect SimulationAug 01 2013We present a novel methodology based on geometric approach to simulate magnification lens effects. Our aim is to promote new applications of powerful geometric modeling techniques in visual computing. Conventional image processing/visualization methods ... More
Pattern Recognition and Revealing using Parallel Coordinates PlotJun 08 2013Nov 03 2013Parallel coordinates plot (PCP) is an excellent tool for multivariate visualization and analysis, but it may fail to reveal inherent structures for datasets with a large number of items. In this paper, we propose a suite of novel clustering, dimension ... More
On weighted occupation times for refracted spectrally negative Lévy processesMar 17 2017For refracted spectrally negative L\'evy processes, we identify expressions of several quantities related to Laplace transforms on their weighted occupation times until first exit times. Such quantities are expressed in terms of unique solutions to integral ... More
Comparison principles for some fully nonlinear subelliptic equations on the Heisenberg groupNov 27 2018In this paper, we prove a form of the strong comparison principle for a class of fully nonlinear subelliptic operators of the form $\nabla^{2}_{H}\psi+L(\cdot,\psi,\nabla_{H}\psi)$ on the Heisenberg group, which include the CR invariant operators.
The Dirichlet Problem for a Complex Monge-Ampere Type Equation on Hermitian ManifoldsOct 19 2012Jun 28 2013We are concerned with fully nonlinear elliptic equations on complex manifolds and search for technical tools to overcome difficulties in deriving a priori estimates which arise due to the nontrivial torsion and curvature, as well as the general (non-pseudoconvex) ... More
Proton-hydrogen collision at cold temperaturesOct 07 2014We study the proton-hydrogen collision in the energy range from 0 to 5 K where the hyperfine structure of the hydrogen atom is important. The proper multichannel treatment of the hyperfine structure is found to be crucial at cold temperatures compared ... More
Global attractor of the three dimensional primitive equations of large-scale ocean and atmosphere dynamics in an unbounded domainDec 07 2016This paper is concerned with the long-time behavior of solutions for the three dimensional primitive equations of large-scale ocean and atmosphere dynamics in an unbounded domain. Since the Sobolev embedding is no longer compact in an unbounded domain, ... More
Feedback Capacity over NetworksJan 11 2017Jan 10 2018In this paper, we investigate the fundamental limitations of feedback mechanism in dealing with uncertainties for network systems. The study of maximum capability of feedback control was pioneered in Xie and Guo (2000) for scalar systems with nonparametric ... More
Occupation times of intervals until last passage times for spectrally negative Levy processesMay 25 2016Sep 22 2016In this paper, we derive the joint Laplace transforms of occupation times until its last passage times as well as its positions. Motivated by Baurdoux [2], the last times before an independent exponential variable are studied. By applying dual arguments, ... More
Heavy subgraphs, stability and hamiltonicityJun 09 2015Jun 12 2016Let $G$ be a graph. Adopting the terminology of Broersma et al. and \v{C}ada, respectively, we say that $G$ is 2-heavy if every induced claw ($K_{1,3}$) of $G$ contains two end-vertices each one has degree at least $|V(G)|/2$; and $G$ is o-heavy if every ... More
On path-quasar Ramsey numbersJan 15 2014Let $G_1$ and $G_2$ be two given graphs. The Ramsey number $R(G_1,G_2)$ is the least integer $r$ such that for every graph $G$ on $r$ vertices, either $G$ contains a $G_1$ or $\overline{G}$ contains a $G_2$. Parsons gave a recursive formula to determine ... More
Efficient Relative Pose Estimation for Cameras and Generalized Cameras in Case of Known Relative Rotation AngleJan 31 2019We propose two minimal solutions to the problem of relative pose estimation of (i) a calibrated camera from four points in two views and (ii) a calibrated generalized camera from five points in two views. In both cases, the relative rotation angle between ... More
On the F-expanding of Homoclinic classOct 23 2017We establish a closing property for thin trapped homoclinic classes. Taking advantage of this property, we proved that if the homoclinic class $H(p)$ admits a dominated splitting $T_{H(p)}M=E\oplus_{<}F$, where $E$ is thin trapped (see Definition \ref{Def:TP}) ... More
Global and exponential attractors of the three dimensional viscous primitive equations of large-scale moist atmosphereOct 24 2016This paper is concerned with the long-time behavior of solutions for the three dimensional viscous primitive equations of large-scale moist atmosphere. We prove the existence of a global attractor for the three dimensional viscous primitive equations ... More
3D model retrieval using global and local radial distancesJun 10 20133D model retrieval techniques can be classified as histogram-based, view-based and graph-based approaches. We propose a hybrid shape descriptor which combines the global and local radial distance features by utilizing the histogram-based and view-based ... More
The electron-ion streaming instabilities driven by drift velocities of the order of electron thermal velocity in a nonmagnetized plasmaMay 17 2013We examine the electron-ion streaming instabilities driven by drift velocities of the order of the electron thermal velocity in a nonmagnetized plasma by one-dimensional electrostatic particle-in-cell code which adopts an ion-to-electron mass ratio of ... More
On maximal regularity and semivariation of $α$-times resolvent familiesJul 26 2010Let $1< \alpha <2$ and $A$ be the generator of an $\alpha$-times resolvent family $\{S_\alpha(t)\}_{t \ge 0}$ on a Banach space $X$. It is shown that the fractional Cauchy problem ${\bf D}_t^\alpha u(t) = Au(t)+f(t)$, $t \in [0,r]$; $u(0), u'(0) \in D(A)$ ... More
A Monge-Ampere Type Fully Nonlinear Equation on Hermitian ManifoldsOct 19 2012We study a fully nonlinear equation of complex Monge-Ampere type on Hermitian manifolds. We establish the a priori estimates for solutions of the equation up to the second order derivatives with the help of a subsolution.
On spectral radius of strongly connected digraphsMay 01 2013We determine the digraphs which achieve the second, the third and the fourth minimum spectral radii respectively among strongly connected digraphs of order $n\ge 4$, and thus we answer affirmatively the problem whether the unique digraph which achieves ... More
New Constraints on Anisotropic Rotation of CMB PolarizationMar 08 2013Jun 02 2013The coupling of a scalar field to electromagnetic field via the Chern-Simons term will rotate the polarization directions of the cosmic microwave background radiation. The rotation angle which relies on the distribution of the scalar field on the CMB ... More
Quantum-defect theory of resonant charge exchangeMay 30 2012We apply the quantum-defect theory for $-1/R^4$ potential to study the resonant charge exchange process. We show that by taking advantage of the partial-wave-insensitive nature of the formulation, resonant charge exchange of the type of $^1$S+$^2$S can ... More
Cesari-type Conditions for Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Leading Term Containing ControlsDec 05 2010An optimal control problem governed by semilinear elliptic partial differential equations is considered. The equation is in divergence form with the leading term containing controls. By studying the $G$-closure of the leading term, an existence result ... More
Long-time behavior of the three dimensional globally modified Navier-Stokes equationsMar 16 2017This paper is concerned with the long-time behavior of solutions for the three dimensional globally modified Navier-Stokes equations in a three-dimensional bounded domain. We prove the existence of a global attractor $\mathcal{A}_0$ in $H$ and investigate ... More
Complex Monge-Ampere equations and totally real submanifoldsOct 09 2009We study the Dirichlet problem for complex Monge-Ampere equations in Hermitian manifolds with general (non-pseudoconvex) boundary. Our main result extends the classical theorem of Caffarelli, Kohn, Nirenberg and Spruck in the flat case. We also consider ... More
Complex Monge-Ampere equations on Hermitian manifoldsJun 18 2009We study complex Monge-Ampere equations on Hermitian manifolds, extending classical existence results of Yau and Aubin in the Kahler case, and those of Caffarelli, Kohn, Nirenberg and Spruck for the Dirichlet problem in $C^n$. As an application we generalize ... More
Fluctuations of Omega-killed spectrally negative Lévy processesMar 25 2016Jun 24 2017In this paper we solve the exit problems for (reflected) spectrally negative L\'evy processes, which are exponentially killed with a killing intensity dependent on the present state of the process and analyze respective resolvents. All identities are ... More
Spectral analogues of Erdős' and Moon-Moser's theorems on Hamilton cyclesApr 14 2015Feb 27 2016In 1962, Erd\H{o}s gave a sufficient condition for Hamilton cycles in terms of the vertex number, edge number, and minimum degree of graphs which generalized Ore's theorem. One year later, Moon and Moser gave an analogous result for Hamilton cycles in ... More
The Ramsey numbers of paths versus wheels: a complete solutionDec 07 2013Let $G_1$ and $G_2$ be two given graphs. The Ramsey number $R(G_1,G_2)$ is the least integer $r$ such that for every graph $G$ on $r$ vertices, either $G$ contains a $G_1$ or $\overline{G}$ contains a $G_2$. We denote by $P_n$ the path on $n$ vertices ... More
Dynamic Fair Division Problem with General ValuationsFeb 14 2018Apr 18 2018In this paper, we focus on how to dynamically allocate a divisible resource fairly among n players who arrive and depart over time. The players may have general heterogeneous valuations over the resource. It is known that the exact envy-free and proportional ... More
Relative Entropy and Torsion CouplingJul 01 2016Nov 19 2016We evaluate the relative entropy on a ball region near the UV fixed point of a holographic conformal field theory deformed by a fermionic operator of nonzero vacuum expectation value. The positivity of the relative entropy considered here is implied by ... More
Chiral topological insulator of magnonsDec 22 2017May 15 2018We propose a magnon realization of 3D topological insulator in the AIII (chiral symmetry) topological class. The topological magnon gap opens due to the presence of Dzyaloshinskii-Moriya interactions. The existence of the topological invariant is established ... More
Direct detection of dark matter with resonant annihilationMar 28 2015In the scenario where the dark matter (DM) particles $\chi\bar\chi$ pair annihilate through a resonance particle $R$, the constraint from DM relic density makes the corresponding cross section for DM-nuclei elastic scattering extremely small, and can ... More
Simulating the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model in a hybrid quantum systemDec 18 2017We propose an efficient scheme for simulating the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick (LMG) model with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center ensembles in diamond magnetically coupled to superconducting coplanar waveguide cavities. With the assistance of external microwave driving ... More
Formation of ultra-compact X-ray binaries through circum-binary disk-driven mass transferMar 26 2009The formation of ultra-compact X-ray binaries (UCXBs) has not been well understood. Previous works show that ultra-short orbital periods ($<1$ hr) may be reached through mass transfer driven by magnetic braking in normal low/intermediate-mass X-ray binaries ... More
The bifurcation periods in low-mass X-ray binaries: the effect of magnetic braking and mass lossOct 11 2008Oct 15 2008The bifurcation period in low-mass X-ray binaries is the initial orbital pe- riod which separates the formation of converging systems (which evolve with decreasing orbital periods until the donor becomes degenerate) from the diverging systems (which evolve ... More
Local polynomial regression on unknown manifoldsAug 07 2007We reveal the phenomenon that ``naive'' multivariate local polynomial regression can adapt to local smooth lower dimensional structure in the sense that it achieves the optimal convergence rate for nonparametric estimation of regression functions belonging ... More
Unified Parametrization of Quark and Lepton Mixing MatricesJan 24 2005May 03 2005We present a unified parametrization of quark and lepton mixing matrices. By using some simple relations between the mixing angles of quarks and leptons, i.e., the quark-lepton complementarity, we parametrize the lepton mixing matrix with the Wolfenstein ... More
Energy scale independence of Koide's relation for quark and lepton massesJan 05 2006Jan 15 2006Koide's mass relation of charged leptons has been extended to quarks and neutrinos, and we prove here that this relation is independent of energy scale in a huge energy range from $1 {GeV}$ to $2\times10^{16} {GeV}$. By using the parameters $k_u$, $k_d$ ... More
Necessary and sufficient conditions of freezing phenomena of quantum discord under phase dampingMar 03 2012Jun 27 2012We investigate the freezing phenomenon of quantum discord occurring in phase damping noise processes. By relating the expression of the time variation of the discord to the convex function of relative entropy, we obtain the necessary and sufficient conditions ... More
Orbital and Mass Ratio Evolution of Protobinaries Driven by Magnetic BrakingOct 08 2012Nov 26 2012The majority of stars reside in multiple systems, especially binaries. The formation and early evolution of binaries is a longstanding problem in star formation that is not fully understood. In particular, how the magnetic field observed in star-forming ... More
Parametrization of Neutrino Mixing Matrix in Tri-bimaximal Mixing PatternDec 09 2004Dec 29 2004The neutrino mixing matrix is expanded in powers of a small parameter $\lambda$ in tri-bimaximal mixing pattern. We also present some applications of this parametrization, such as to the expression of the Jarlskog parameter $J$. Comparing with other parametrizations ... More
Estimate of neutrino masses from Koide's relationMay 05 2005We apply Koide's mass relation of charged leptons to neutrinos and quarks, with both the normal and inverted mass schemes of neutrinos discussed. We introduce the parameters $k_{\nu}$, $k_u$ and $k_d$ to describe the deviations of neutrinos and quarks ... More
A New Parametrization of the Neutrino Mixing MatrixAug 22 2004Dec 01 2004The neutrino mixing matrix is expanded in powers of a small parameter $\lambda$, which approximately equals to 0.1. The meaning of every order of the expansion is discussed respectively, and the range of $\lambda$ is carefully calculated. We also present ... More
Relations between quark and lepton mixing angles and matricesApr 18 2005May 12 2005We discuss the relations between the mixing angles and the mixing matrices of quarks and leptons. With Raidal's numerical relations, we parametrize the lepton mixing (PMNS) matrix with the parameters of the quark mixing (CKM) matrix, and calculate the ... More
Global Theory to Understand Toroidal Drift Waves in Steep GradientAug 20 2016Toroidal drift waves with unconventional mode structures and non-ground eigenstates, which differ from typical ballooning structure mode, are found to be important recently by large scale global gyrokinetic simulations and especially become dominant at ... More
Baryon spectrum in a finite-temperature AdS/QCD modelDec 12 2013Jan 03 2014We propose a model for baryons at finite temperature using AdS/QCD correspondence. In this model, we modify the AdS spacetime into the AdS-Schwarzchild spacetime and consider a couple of bulk spinors in this background. Solving this model, we get an eigenvalue ... More
An anisotropic-Alfvenic-turbulence-based solar wind model with proton temperature anisotropyNov 30 2012How the solar wind is accelerated to its supersonic speed is intimately related to how it is heated. Mechanisms based on ion-cyclotron resonance have been successful in explaining a large number of observations, those concerning the significant ion temperature ... More
All-optical controlled phase gate in quantum dot moleculesFeb 26 2014May 19 2015We propose a two-qubit optically controlled phase gate in quantum dot molecules via adiabatic passage and hole tunneling. Our proposal combines the merits of the current generation of vertically stacked self-assembled InAs quantum dots and adiabatic passage. ... More
Preparing multiparticle entangled states of NV centers via adiabatic ground-state transitionsSep 25 2018We propose an efficient method to generate multiparticle entangled states of NV centers in a spin mechanical system, where the spins interact through a collective coupling of the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick (LMG) type. We show that, through adiabatic transitions ... More
Quantum Fluctuations of Vortex-Lattice State in Ultrafast Rotating Bose GasJan 14 2011Quantum fluctuations in an ultrafast rotating Bose gas at zero temperature are investigated. We calculate the condensate density perturbatively to show that no condensate is present in the thermodynamic limit. The excitation from Gaussian fluctuations ... More
A Much better replacement of the Michaelis-Menten equation and its applicationMay 14 2015Michaelis-Menten equation is a basic equation of enzyme kinetics and gives an acceptable approximation of real chemical reaction processes. Analyzing the derivation of this equation yields the fact that its good performance of approximating real reaction ... More
Multichannel quantum-defect theory for ion-atom interactionsFeb 15 2014We present a quantum theory of ion-atom interaction that is applicable at energies comparable to or smaller than the atomic hyperfine splitting and takes proper account of the effects of identical nuclei. The theory reveals the subtlety and the complexity ... More
On fractional powers of generators of fractional resolvent familiesMay 11 2010Jul 26 2010We show that if $-A$ generates a bounded $\alpha$-times resolvent family for some $\alpha \in (0,2]$, then $-A^{\beta}$ generates an analytic $\gamma$-times resolvent family for $\beta \in(0,\frac{2\pi-\pi\gamma}{2\pi-\pi\alpha})$ and $\gamma \in (0,2)$. ... More
Efficient Approximations for the Online Dispersion ProblemApr 22 2017The dispersion problem has been widely studied in computational geometry and facility location, and is closely related to the packing problem. The goal is to locate n points (e.g., facilities or persons) in a k-dimensional polytope, so that they are far ... More
Information Elicitation for Bayesian AuctionsFeb 05 2017Jun 26 2018In this paper we design information elicitation mechanisms for Bayesian auctions. While in Bayesian mechanism design the distributions of the players' private types are often assumed to be common knowledge, information elicitation considers the situation ... More
Kinetic plasma turbulence in the fast solar wind measured by ClusterMar 20 2013The k-filtering technique and wave polarization analysis are applied to Cluster magnetic field data to study plasma turbulence at the scale of the ion gyroradius in the fast solar wind. Waves are found propagating in directions nearly perpendicular to ... More
Quantum microwave-optical interface with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondSep 14 2017We propose an efficient scheme for a coherent quantum interface between microwave and optical photons using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. In this setup, an NV center ensemble is simultaneously coupled to an optical and a microwave cavity. ... More
Interfacing a topological qubit with a spin qubit in a hybrid quantum systemMar 31 2019We present and analyze a hybrid quantum system that interfaces a Majorana-hosted semiconductor nanowire with a single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center via a magnetized torsional cantilever. We show that, the torsional mode of the mechanical resonator can ... More
Projection Based Weight Normalization for Deep Neural NetworksOct 06 2017Optimizing deep neural networks (DNNs) often suffers from the ill-conditioned problem. We observe that the scaling-based weight space symmetry property in rectified nonlinear network will cause this negative effect. Therefore, we propose to constrain ... More
Robust continuous-variable entanglement of microwave photons with cavity electromechanicsJan 24 2013Sep 19 2013We investigate the controllable generation of robust photon entanglement with a circuit cavity electromechanical system, consisting of two superconducting coplanar waveguide cavities (CPWC's) capacitively coupled by a nanoscale mechanical resonator (MR). ... More
Engineering two-mode entangled states between two superconducting resonators by dissipationMay 22 2012We present an experimental feasible scheme to synthesize two-mode continuous-variable entangled states of two superconducting resonators that are interconnected by two gap-tunable superconducting qubits. We show that, with each artificial atom suitably ... More
Topological supersolids with tunable chern numbers of a dipolar Fermi gas in a three-dimensional anisotropic optical latticeApr 19 2019Supersolids are among the most desirable unconventional many-body quantum states, which are linked to the fundamental issue of the coexistence of crystalline long-range order and off-diagonal long-range order (superfluidity). The recent experimental breakthrough ... More
Parallel-cascade-based mechanisms for heating solar coronal loops: test against observationsJun 02 2014Jun 04 2014The heating of solar coronal loops is at the center of the problem of coronal heating. Given that the origin of the fast solar wind has been tracked down to atmospheric layers with transition region or even chromospheric temperatures, it is worthy attempting ... More
Joint Cluster Unary Loss for Efficient Cross-Modal HashingFeb 02 2019With the rapid growth of various types of multimodal data, cross-modal deep hashing has received broad attention for solving cross-modal retrieval problems efficiently. Most cross-modal hashing methods follow the traditional supervised hashing framework ... More
Reciprocity in Social Networks with Capacity ConstraintsDec 14 2014Jun 18 2015Directed links -- representing asymmetric social ties or interactions (e.g., "follower-followee") -- arise naturally in many social networks and other complex networks, giving rise to directed graphs (or digraphs) as basic topological models for these ... More
The nondynamical r-matrix structure for the elliptic $A_{n-1}$ Calogero-Moser modelNov 14 1997In this paper, we construct a new Lax operator for the elliptic $A_{n-1}$ Calogero-Moser model with general $n(2\leq n$) from the classical dynamical twisting,in which the corresponding r-matrix is purely numeric (nondynamical one). The nondynamical r-matrix ... More
D^0-D^0bar mixing in Υ(1S) \to D^0 D^0bar decay at Super-BOct 06 2006Nov 13 2006$\Dz-\Dzb$ mixing and significant CP violation in the charm system may indicate the signature of new physics. In this study, we suggest that the coherent $\DzDzb$ events from the decay of $\Upsilon(1S) \to \Dz \Dzb$ can be used to measure both mixing ... More
Improved Eavesdropping Detection Strategy in Quantum Direct Communication Protocol Based on Four-particle GHZ StateOct 25 2011In order to improve the eavesdropping detection efficiency in two-step quantum direct communication protocol, an improved eavesdropping detection strategy using four-particle GHZ state is proposed, in which four-particle GHZ state is used to detect eavesdroppers. ... More
Investigation of the Puzzling Abundance Pattern in the Stars of the Fornax Dwarf Spheroidal GalaxySep 06 2013Many works have found unusual characteristics of elemental abundances in nearby dwarf galaxies. This implies that there is a key factor of galactic evolution that is different from that of the Milky Way (MW). The chemical abundances of the stars in the ... More
Finite dimensional global attractor of the Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes system with dynamic boundary conditionsNov 07 2016Mar 16 2017In this paper, we mainly consider the long-time behavior of solutions for the Cahn-Hilliard-Navier-Stokes system with dynamic boundary conditions and two polynomial growth nonlinearities of arbitrary order. We prove the existence of a finite dimensional ... More
Calculation of SPH and VSH ExpansionsSep 15 2017We present in this paper a spectrally accurate numerical method for computing the spherical/vector spherical harmonic expansion of a function/vector field with given (elemental) nodal values on a spherical surface. Built upon suitable analytic formulas ... More
Some Characterizations and Properties of COM-Poisson Random VariablesSep 25 2018This paper introduces some new characterizations of COM-Poisson random variables. First, it extends Moran-Chatterji characterization and generalizes Rao-Rubin characterization of Poisson distribution to COM-Poisson distribution. Then, it defines the COM-type ... More
Data Dropout: Optimizing Training Data for Convolutional Neural NetworksSep 01 2018Sep 07 2018Deep learning models learn to fit training data while they are highly expected to generalize well to testing data. Most works aim at finding such models by creatively designing architectures and fine-tuning parameters. To adapt to particular tasks, hand-crafted ... More
Isotropic Negative Thermal Expansion MetamaterialsSep 24 2015Negative thermal expansion materials are important and desirable in science and engineering applications. However, natural materials with isotropic negative thermal expansion are rare and usually unsatisfied in performance. Here, we propose a novel method ... More
Extracting Nuclear Symmetry Energies at High Densities from Observations of Neutron Stars and Gravitational WavesJul 20 2018Jan 23 2019By numerically inverting the Tolman-Oppenheimer-Volkov (TOV) equation using an explicitly isospin-dependent parametric Equation of State (EOS) of dense neutron-rich nucleonic matter, a restricted EOS parameter space is established using observational ... More
A Pyramid Scheme Model Based on "Consumer Rebate" FraudsApr 17 2019Apr 18 2019There are various types of pyramid schemes which have inflicted or are inflicting losses on many people in the world. We propose a pyramid scheme model which has the principal characters of many pyramid schemes appeared in recent years: promising high ... More
Vehicle Detection from 3D Lidar Using Fully Convolutional NetworkAug 29 2016Convolutional network techniques have recently achieved great success in vision based detection tasks. This paper introduces the recent development of our research on transplanting the fully convolutional network technique to the detection tasks on 3D ... More
Degree conditions restricted to induced paths for hamiltonicity of claw-heavy graphsJun 18 2015Broersma and Veldman proved that every 2-connected claw-free and $P_6$-free graph is hamiltonian. Chen et al. extended this result by proving every 2-connected claw-heavy and $P_6$-free graph is hamiltonian. On the other hand, Li et al. constructed a ... More
The witness of sudden change of geometric quantum correlationSep 04 2013In this paper, we give a sufficient and necessary condition (witness) for the sudden change of geometric quantum discord by considering mathematical definition of the discontinuity of a function. Based on the witness, we can find out various sudden changes ... More
Dbrane Near NS5-branes: with Electromagnetic FieldDec 02 2004Dec 16 2004We study the Dp-brane dynamics near NS5-branes with constant electromagnetic field. In the framework of effective Dirac-Born-Infeld action, we investigate the effect of the electromagnetic field on the Dp-brane dynamics. The radial motion of the Dp-brane ... More
Adaptive Wing Loss for Robust Face Alignment via Heatmap RegressionApr 16 2019Heatmap regression has became one of the mainstream approaches to localize facial landmarks. As Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) and Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) are becoming popular in solving computer vision tasks, extensive research has been done ... More
Engineering squeezed phonon reservoir with a bichromatic driving of a quantum dotAug 31 2016We demonstrate how an acoustic phonon bath when coupled to a quantum dot with the help of a bichromatic laser field may effectively form a quantum squeezed reservoir. This approach allows to achieve an arbitrary degree of squeezing of the effective reservoir ... More
SilentSense: Silent User Identification via Dynamics of Touch and Movement Behavioral BiometricsAug 31 2013With the increased popularity of smartphones, various security threats and privacy leakages targeting them are discovered and investigated. In this work, we present \ourprotocoltight, a framework to authenticate users silently and transparently by exploiting ... More
A Weakly Supervised Adaptive DenseNet for Classifying Thoracic Diseases and Identifying AbnormalitiesJul 03 2018Nov 05 2018We present a weakly supervised deep learning model for classifying thoracic diseases and identifying abnormalities in chest radiography. In this work, instead of learning from medical imaging data with region-level annotations, our model was merely trained ... More
Ultracold collision in the presence of synthetic spin-orbit couplingMay 21 2013We present an analytic description of ultracold collision between two spin-$\frac{1}{2}$ fermions with isotropic spin-orbit coupling of the Rashba type. We show that regardless of how weak the spin-orbit coupling may be, the ultracold collision at sufficiently ... More
Refined Holographic Entanglement Entropy for the AdS Solitons and AdS black HolesMar 28 2012Apr 04 2013We consider the refinement of the holographic entanglement entropy for the holographic dual theories to the AdS solitons and AdS black holes, including the corrected ones by the Gauss-Bonnet term. The refinement is obtained by extracting the UV-independent ... More