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On maximal regularity and semivariation of $α$-times resolvent familiesJul 26 2010Let $1< \alpha <2$ and $A$ be the generator of an $\alpha$-times resolvent family $\{S_\alpha(t)\}_{t \ge 0}$ on a Banach space $X$. It is shown that the fractional Cauchy problem ${\bf D}_t^\alpha u(t) = Au(t)+f(t)$, $t \in [0,r]$; $u(0), u'(0) \in D(A)$ ... More
Stability of the Bergman kernel on a tower of coveringsFeb 20 2012We obtain several results about stability of the Bergman kernel on a tower of coverings on complex manifolds. An effective version of Rhodes' result is given for a tower of coverings on a compact Riemann surface of genus greater than or equal to 2. Stability ... More
Physics Enhanced Artificial IntelligenceMar 11 2019We propose that intelligently combining models from the domains of Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning with Physical and Expert models will yield a more "trustworthy" model than any one model from a single domain, given a complex and narrow enough ... More
Convolutional Neural Networks combined with Runge-Kutta MethodsFeb 24 2018Jan 17 2019A convolutional neural network for image classification can be constructed mathematically since it can be regarded as a multi-period dynamical system. In this paper, a novel approach is proposed to construct network models from the dynamical systems view. ... More
Approximation Algorithms for Optimization of Real-Valued General Conjugate Complex FormsDec 07 2016Complex polynomial optimization has recently gained more and more attention in both theory and practice. In this paper, we study the optimization of a real-valued general conjugate complex form over various popular constraint sets including the m-th roots ... More
On decompositions and approximations of conjugate partial-symmetric complex tensorsFeb 25 2018Conjugate partial-symmetric (CPS) tensors are the high-order generalization of Hermitian matrices. As the role played by Hermitian matrices in matrix theory and quadratic optimization, CPS tensors have shown growing interest recently in tensor theory ... More
Learning From Hidden Traits: Joint Factor Analysis and Latent ClusteringMay 21 2016Dimensionality reduction techniques play an essential role in data analytics, signal processing and machine learning. Dimensionality reduction is usually performed in a preprocessing stage that is separate from subsequent data analysis, such as clustering ... More
On fractional powers of generators of fractional resolvent familiesMay 11 2010Jul 26 2010We show that if $-A$ generates a bounded $\alpha$-times resolvent family for some $\alpha \in (0,2]$, then $-A^{\beta}$ generates an analytic $\gamma$-times resolvent family for $\beta \in(0,\frac{2\pi-\pi\gamma}{2\pi-\pi\alpha})$ and $\gamma \in (0,2)$. ... More
Note on symmetric BCJ numeratorMar 25 2014Apr 30 2014We present an algorithm that leads to BCJ numerators satisfying manifestly the three properties proposed by Broedel and Carrasco in [35]. We explicitly calculate the numerators at 4, 5 and 6-points and show that the relabeling property is generically ... More
The Construction of Dual-trace Factor in Yang-Mills TheoryApr 10 2013Jul 10 2013Recently, a BCJ dual of the color-ordered formula for Yang-Mills amplitude was proposed, where the dual-trace factor satisfies cyclic symmetry and KK-relation. In this paper, we present a systematic construction of the dual-trace factor based on its proposed ... More
Note on Cyclic Sum and Combination Sum of Color-ordered Gluon AmplitudesNov 24 2011Feb 21 2012Continuing our previous study \cite{Du:2011se} of permutation sum of color ordered tree amplitudes of gluons, in this note, we prove the large-$z$ behavior of their cyclic sum and the combination of cyclic and permutation sums under BCFW deformation. ... More
Single-photon entanglement concentration for long-distance quantum communicationJul 01 2009Jan 12 2010We present a single-photon entanglement concentration protocol for long-distance quantum communication with quantum nondemolition detector. It is the first concentration protocol for single-photon entangled states and it dose not require the two parties ... More
Efficient polarization entanglement concentration for electrons with charge detectionNov 01 2008May 07 2009We present an entanglement concentration protocol for electrons based on their spins and their charges. The combination of an electronic polarizing beam splitter and a charge detector functions as a parity check device for two electrons, with which the ... More
Robust continuous-variable entanglement of microwave photons with cavity electromechanicsJan 24 2013Sep 19 2013We investigate the controllable generation of robust photon entanglement with a circuit cavity electromechanical system, consisting of two superconducting coplanar waveguide cavities (CPWC's) capacitively coupled by a nanoscale mechanical resonator (MR). ... More
Expansion of Einstein-Yang-Mills AmplitudeFeb 27 2017Oct 08 2017In this paper, we provide a thorough study on the expansion of single trace Einstein-Yang-Mills amplitudes into linear combination of color-ordered Yang-Mills amplitudes, from various different perspectives. Using the gauge invariance principle, we propose ... More
MSplit LBI: Realizing Feature Selection and Dense Estimation Simultaneously in Few-shot and Zero-shot LearningJun 12 2018It is one typical and general topic of learning a good embedding model to efficiently learn the representation coefficients between two spaces/subspaces. To solve this task, $L_{1}$ regularization is widely used for the pursuit of feature selection and ... More
Representation Learning for Heterogeneous Information Networks via Embedding EventsJan 29 2019Feb 12 2019Network representation learning (NRL) has been widely used to help analyze large-scale networks through mapping original networks into a low-dimensional vector space. However, existing NRL methods ignore the impact of properties of relations on the object ... More
Learning to SynthesizeFeb 21 2018In many scenarios we need to find the most likely program under a local context, where the local context can be an incomplete program, a partial specification, natural language description, etc. We call such problem program estimation. In this paper we ... More
Phenomenological analysis of nucleon strangeness and meson-nucleon sigma termsNov 05 2007We calculate the nucleon strangeness $y_N$ in the chiral quark model and the meson cloud model. With the internal relation between the sigma term of $\pi$$N$ ($\sigma_{\pi N}$) and $y_N$, we present the results of $\sigma_{\pi N}$ in these two models. ... More
Efficient and economic five-party quantum state sharing of an arbitrary m-qubit stateMay 01 2010We present an efficient and economic scheme for five-party quantum state sharing of an arbitrary m-qubit state with $2m$ three-particle Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger (GHZ) states and three-particle GHZ-state measurements. It is more convenient than other ... More
Learning Nonlinear Mixtures: Identifiability and AlgorithmJan 06 2019Linear mixture models have proven very useful in a plethora of applications, e.g., topic modeling, clustering, and source separation. As a critical aspect of the linear mixture models, identifiability of the model parameters is well-studied, under frameworks ... More
Observations of upward propagating waves in the transition region and corona above SunspotsJan 23 2018We present observations of persistent oscillations of some bright features in the upper-chromosphere/transition-region above sunspots taken by IRIS SJ 1400 {\AA} and upward propagating quasi-periodic disturbances along coronal loops rooted in the same ... More
Note on Permutation Sum of Color-ordered Gluon AmplitudesOct 21 2011Nov 16 2011In this note we show that under BCFW-deformation the large z behavior of permutation sum of color-ordered gluon amplitudes found by Boels and Isermann in arxiv:1109.5888 can be simply understood from the well known Kleiss-Kuijf relation and Bern-Carrasco-Johansson ... More
An algebraic approach to BCJ numeratorsDec 26 2012One important discovery in recent years is that the total amplitude of gauge theory can be written as BCJ form where kinematic numerators satisfy Jacobi identity. Although the existence of such kinematic numerators is no doubt, the simple and explicit ... More
Nonlocal entanglement concentration scheme for partially entangled multipartite systems with nonlinear opticsJun 01 2008Aug 20 2009We present a nonlocal entanglement concentration scheme for reconstructing some maximally entangled multipartite states from partially entangled ones by exploiting cross-Kerr nonlinearities to distinguish the parity of two polarization photons. Compared ... More
Efficient polarization entanglement purification based on parametric down-conversion sources with cross-Kerr nonlinearityMay 01 2008We present a way for entanglement purification based on two parametric down-conversion (PDC) sources with cross-Kerr nonlinearities. It is comprised of two processes. The first one is a primary entanglement purification protocol for PDC sources with nondestructive ... More
The perturbative pion-photon transition form factors with transverse momentum correctionsMar 18 1996We perform a perturbative QCD analysis of the quark transverse momentum effect on the pion-photon transition form factors $F_{\pi \gamma}$ and $F_{\pi \gamma^*}$ in the standard light-cone formalism, with two phenomenological models of wavefunction as ... More
Study of the electromagnetic transitions $J/ψ\rightarrow P l^+l^-$ and probe dark photonNov 17 2011May 16 2012We study the electromagnetic Dalitz decay modes of $J/\psi \rightarrow P l^+l^-$ ($P= \pi^0$, $\eta$ or $\eta^\prime$). In these decays, the lepton pairs are formed by internal conversion of an intermediate virtual photon with invariant mass $m_{l^+l^-}$. ... More
BCJ Relation of Color Scalar Theory and KLT Relation of Gauge TheoryMay 17 2011We present a field theoretical proof of the conjectured KLT relation which states that the full tree-level scattering amplitude of gluons can be written as a product of color-ordered amplitude of gluons and color-ordered amplitude of scalars with only ... More
Patch-based Contour Prior Image Denoising for Salt and Pepper NoiseAug 26 2018The salt and pepper noise brings a significant challenge to image denoising technology, i.e. how to removal the noise clearly and retain the details effectively? In this paper, we propose a patch-based contour prior denoising approach for salt and pepper ... More
Electromagnetic Transition Form Factor of Pseudoscalar Meson and $η-η'$ MixingJul 27 1998The electromagnetic transition form factors of $\eta$ and $\eta'$ are calculated in the light-cone perturbation theory. We show that it is unreliable to determine the \eta-\etap'$ mixing angle without any additional normalization conditions other than ... More
The QED Radiative Corrections to Chiral Magnetic EffectOct 14 2018We study in this paper the radiative corrections to chiral magnetic current at both zero and nonzero temperature. Our motivation is a radiative correction to the matrix element of the anomalous Ward identity in massless QED stemming from a three-loop ... More
Note on Soft Graviton theorem by KLT RelationAug 19 2014Recently, new soft graviton theorem proposed by Cachazo and Strominger has inspired a lot of works. In this note, we use the KLT-formula to investigate the theorem. We have shown how the soft behavior of color ordered Yang-Mills amplitudes can be combined ... More
Dual-color decompositions at one-loop level in Yang-Mills theoryFeb 27 2014In this work, we extend the construction of dual color decomposition in Yang-Mills theory to one-loop level, i.e., we show how to write one-loop integrands in Yang-Mills theory to the dual DDM-form and the dual trace-form. In dual forms, integrands are ... More
Note on Construction of Dual-trace Factor in Yang-Mills TheoryMay 14 2013Jun 09 2013In this note we provide a new construction of BCJ dual-trace factor using the kinematic algebra proposed in arXiv:1105.2565 and arXiv:1212.6168. Different from the construction given in arXiv:1304.2978 based on the proposal of arXiv:1103.0312, the method ... More
Engineering two-mode entangled states between two superconducting resonators by dissipationMay 22 2012We present an experimental feasible scheme to synthesize two-mode continuous-variable entangled states of two superconducting resonators that are interconnected by two gap-tunable superconducting qubits. We show that, with each artificial atom suitably ... More
Preparing multiparticle entangled states of NV centers via adiabatic ground-state transitionsSep 25 2018We propose an efficient method to generate multiparticle entangled states of NV centers in a spin mechanical system, where the spins interact through a collective coupling of the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick (LMG) type. We show that, through adiabatic transitions ... More
Simulating the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick model in a hybrid quantum systemDec 18 2017We propose an efficient scheme for simulating the Lipkin-Meshkov-Glick (LMG) model with nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center ensembles in diamond magnetically coupled to superconducting coplanar waveguide cavities. With the assistance of external microwave driving ... More
Quantum microwave-optical interface with nitrogen-vacancy centers in diamondSep 14 2017We propose an efficient scheme for a coherent quantum interface between microwave and optical photons using nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. In this setup, an NV center ensemble is simultaneously coupled to an optical and a microwave cavity. ... More
Mass-concentration relation of clusters of galaxies from CFHTLenSOct 28 2015Nov 25 2015Based on weak lensing data from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Lensing Survey (CFHTLenS), in this paper we study the mass-concentration ($M$-$c$) relation for $\sim 200$ redMaPPer clusters in the fields. We extract the $M$-$c$ relation by measuring ... More
Magnetic nanotubes: A new material platform to realize robust spin-Seebeck effect and perfect thermal spin-filtering effectAug 31 2018To construct reliable material platforms and to uncover new rules to realize spin-Seebeck effect (SSE) and thermal spin-filtering effect (SFE) are core topics in spin caloritronics. Here we design several single-layer boron-nitrogen nanotubes (BNNTs) ... More
2-Entity RANSAC for robust visual localization in changing environmentMar 10 2019Visual localization has attracted considerable attention due to its low-cost and stable sensor, which is desired in many applications, such as autonomous driving, inspection robots and unmanned aerial vehicles. However, current visual localization methods ... More
Empirical modeling of the stellar spectrum of galaxiesJul 01 2004An empirical method of modeling the stellar spectrum of galaxies is proposed, based on two successive applications of Principal Component Analysis (PCA). PCA is first applied to the newly available stellar library STELIB, supplemented by the J, H and ... More
Transition region bright dots in active regions observed by the Interface Region Imaging SpectrographMar 22 2018The Interface Region Imaging Spectrograph (IRIS) reveals numerous small-scale (sub-arcsecond) brightenings that appear as bright dots sparkling the solar transition region in active regions. Here, we report a statistical study on these transition region ... More
Charge States and FIP Bias of the Solar Wind from Coronal Holes, Active Regions, and Quiet SunJan 26 2017Jan 27 2017Connecting in-situ measured solar-wind plasma properties with typical regions on the Sun can provide an effective constraint and test to various solar wind models. We examine the statistical characteristics of the solar wind with an origin in different ... More
Damping and power spectra of quasi-periodic intensity disturbances above a solar polar coronal holeFeb 16 2016We study intensity disturbances above a solar polar coronal hole seen in the AIA 171 \AA\ and 193 \AA\ passbands, aiming to provide more insights into their physical nature. The damping and power spectra of the intensity disturbances with frequencies ... More
Person Re-Identification by Semantic Region Representation and Topology ConstraintAug 20 2018Person re-identification is a popular research topic which aims at matching the specific person in a multi-camera network automatically. Feature representation and metric learning are two important issues for person re-identification. In this paper, we ... More
A Convolutional Neural Networks Denoising Approach for Salt and Pepper NoiseJul 21 2018The salt and pepper noise, especially the one with extremely high percentage of impulses, brings a significant challenge to image denoising. In this paper, we propose a non-local switching filter convolutional neural network denoising algorithm, named ... More
Security proof of differential phase shift quantum key distribution in the noiseless caseJun 12 2008Oct 28 2008Differential phase shift quantum key distribution systems have a high potential for achieving high speed key generation. However, its unconditional security proof is still missing, even though it has been proposed for many years. Here, we prove its security ... More
Spatiotemporal Decoupling Based LiDAR-Camera Calibration under Arbitrary ConfigurationsMar 14 2019LiDAR-camera calibration is a precondition for many heterogeneous systems that fuse data from LiDAR and camera. However, the constraint from the common field of view and the requirement for strict time synchronization make the calibration a challenging ... More
Fault tolerant quantum key distribution based on quantum dense coding with collective noiseApr 01 2009Jan 12 2010We present two robust quantum key distribution protocols against two kinds of collective noise, following some ideas in quantum dense coding. Three-qubit entangled states are used as quantum information carriers, two of which forming the logical qubit ... More
Chiral Magnetic Effect in a Lattice ModelFeb 26 2017We study analytically the one-loop contribution to the Chiral Magnetic Effect(CME) using lattice regularization with a Wilson fermion field. In the continuum limit, we find that the chiral magnetic current vanishes at nonzero temperature but emerges at ... More
Find a Reasonable Ending for Stories: Does Logic Relation Help the Story Cloze Test?Dec 13 2018Natural language understanding is a challenging problem that covers a wide range of tasks. While previous methods generally train each task separately, we consider combining the cross-task features to enhance the task performance. In this paper, we incorporate ... More
A Large-scale Attribute Dataset for Zero-shot LearningApr 12 2018May 16 2018Zero-Shot Learning (ZSL) has attracted huge research attention over the past few years; it aims to learn the new concepts that have never been seen before. In classical ZSL algorithms, attributes are introduced as the intermediate semantic representation ... More
Dynamics of a prominence-horn structure during its evaporation in the solar coronaAug 14 2016The physical connection among and formation mechanisms of various components of the prominence-horn cavity system remain elusive. Here we present observations of such a system, focusing on a section of the prominence that rises and separates gradually ... More
A magnetic reconnection event in the solar atmosphere driven by relaxation of a twisted arch filament systemJan 18 2018We present high-resolution observations of a magnetic reconnection event in the solar atmosphere taken with the New Vacuum Solar Telescope, AIA and HMI. The reconnection event occurred between the threads of a twisted arch filament system (AFS) and coronal ... More
Privacy-preserving Stochastic Gradual LearningSep 30 2018It is challenging for stochastic optimizations to handle large-scale sensitive data safely. Recently, Duchi et al. proposed private sampling strategy to solve privacy leakage in stochastic optimizations. However, this strategy leads to robustness degeneration, ... More
Dissipative preparation of entangled states between two spatially separated nitrogen-vacancy centersOct 31 2011Apr 04 2012We present a novel scheme for the generation of entangled states of two spatially separated nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers with two whispering-gallery-mode (WGM) microresonators, which are coupled either by an optical fiber-taper waveguide, or by the evanescent ... More
Computational Complexity of Continuous Variable Quantum Key DistributionFeb 01 2006Jun 03 2008The continuous variable quantum key distribution has been considered to have the potential to provide high secret key rate. However, in present experimental demonstrations, the secret key can be distilled only under very small loss rates. Here, by calculating ... More
Efficient routing on complex networksMay 15 2005Aug 18 2005In this letter, we propose a new routing strategy to improve the transportation efficiency on complex networks. Instead of using the routing strategy for shortest path, we give a generalized routing algorithm to find the so-called {\it efficient path}, ... More
Analyzing Real-Time Multimedia Content From Network Cameras Using CPUs and GPUs in the CloudFeb 21 2018Mar 21 2018Millions of network cameras are streaming real-time multimedia content (images or videos) for various environments (e.g., highways and malls) and can be used for a variety of applications. Analyzing the content from many network cameras requires significant ... More
Constraints on the Sound Speed of Dynamical Dark EnergyMar 09 2007Jan 16 2008In this paper we study the sound speed - $c_s^2$, which is directly related to the classical perturbations - of the dynamical dark energy (DE), especially with an equation of state crossing the cosmological constant boundary in details and show its implications ... More
Coronal sources and in situ properties of the solar winds sampled by ACE during 1999-2008May 03 2015We identify the coronal sources of the solar winds sampled by the ACE spacecraft during 1999-2008, and examine the in situ solar wind properties as a function of wind sources. The standard two-step mapping technique is adopted to establish the photospheric ... More
Measurements of Outflow Velocities in On-Disk Plumes from EIS Hinode ObservationsAug 23 2014The contribution of plumes to the solar wind has been subject to hot debate in the past decades. The EUV Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) on board Hinode provides a unique means to deduce outflow velocities at coronal heights via direct Doppler shift measurements ... More
A note on on-shell recursion relation of string amplitudesOct 05 2012Jan 17 2013In the application of on-shell recursion relation to string amplitudes, one challenge is the sum over infinite intermediate on-shell string states. In this note, we show how to sum these infinite states explicitly by including unphysical states to make ... More
Room-temperature steady-state optomechanics entanglement on a chipDec 30 2010A potential experimental system, based on the Silicon Nitride (SiN) material, is proposed to generate steady-state room-temperature optomechanical entanglement. In the proposed structure, the nanostring interacts dispersively and reactively with the microdisk ... More
Multiscale quantum-defect theory and its application to atomic spectrumDec 31 2014We present a multiscale quantum-defect theory based on the first analytic solution for a two-scale long range potential consisting of a Coulomb potential and a polarization potential. In its application to atomic structure, the theory extends the systematic ... More
Helium abundance and speed difference between helium ions and protons in the solar wind from coronal holes, active regions, and quiet SunMay 08 2018Two main models have been developed to explain the mechanisms of release, heating and acceleration of the nascent solar wind, the wave-turbulence-driven (WTD) models and reconnection-loop-opening (RLO) models, in which the plasma release processes are ... More
Scale invariance and scaling law of Thomson backscatter spectra by electron moving in laser-magnetic resonance regimeMay 26 2016The Thomson scattering spectra by an electron moving in the laser-magnetic resonance acceleration regime are computed numerically and analytically. The dependence of fundamental frequency on the laser intensity and magnetic resonance parameter is examined ... More
Low-mass Active Galactic Nuclei on the Fundamental Plane of Black Hole ActivityJul 13 2017May 07 2018It is widely known that in active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and black hole X-ray binaries (BHXBs), there is a tight correlation among their radio luminosity ($L_R$), X-ray luminosity ($L_X$) and BH mass ($\mbh$), the so-called `fundamental plane' (FP) of ... More
Sources of quasi-periodic propagating disturbances above a solar polar coronal holeJul 30 2015Jul 31 2015Quasi-periodic propagating disturbances (PDs) are ubiquitous in polar coronal holes on the Sun. It remains unclear as to what generates PDs. In this work, we investigate how the PDs are generated in the solar atmosphere by analyzing a fourhour dataset ... More
Robust Volume Minimization-Based Matrix Factorization for Remote Sensing and Document ClusteringAug 15 2016This paper considers \emph{volume minimization} (VolMin)-based structured matrix factorization (SMF). VolMin is a factorization criterion that decomposes a given data matrix into a basis matrix times a structured coefficient matrix via finding the minimum-volume ... More
General Geometric Fluctuation Modeling for Device Variability AnalysisJun 02 2015The authors propose a new modeling approach based on the impedance field method (IFM) to analyze the general geometric variations in device simulations. Compared with the direct modeling of multiple variational devices, the proposed geometric variation ... More
Multipartite entanglement purification with quantum nondemolition detectorsOct 01 2008Sep 04 2009We present a scheme for multipartite entanglement purification of quantum systems in a Greenberger-Horne-Zeilinger state with quantum nondemolition detectors (QNDs). This scheme does not require the controlled-not gates which cannot be implemented perfectly ... More
Stable and deterministic quantum key distribution based on differential phase shiftJan 01 2008Aug 16 2009We present a stable and deterministic quantum key distribution (QKD) system based on differential phase shift. With three cascaded Mach-Zehnder interferometers with different arm-length differences for creating key, its key creation efficiency can be ... More
Magnetic flux supplement to coronal bright pointsNov 30 2015Coronal bright points (BPs) are associated with magnetic bipolar features (MBFs) and magnetic cancellation. Here, we investigate how BP-associated MBFs form and how the consequent magnetic cancellation occurs. We analyse longitudinal magnetograms from ... More
Quantum discord of ensemble of quantum statesMar 20 2013We highlight an information-theoretic meaning of quantum discord as the gap between the ac- cessible information and the Holevo bound in the framework of ensemble of quantum states. This complementary relationship implies that a large amount of pre-existing ... More
Measurement of the liquid scintillator nonlinear energy response to electronMar 12 2014Nonlinearity of the liquid scintillator energy response is a key to measuring the neutrino energy spectrum in reactor neutrino experiments such as Daya Bay and JUNO. We measured in laboratory the nonlinearity of the Linear Alkyl Benzene based liquid scintillator, ... More
Narrow-line-width UV bursts in the transition region above Sunspots observed by IRISAug 17 2016Various small-scale structures abound in the solar atmosphere above active regions, playing an important role in the dynamics and evolution therein. We report on a new class of small-scale transition region structures in active regions, characterized ... More
Tunable Half-metallic Magnetism in Atom-thin Holey Two-dimensional C$_2$N MonolayerFeb 10 2017Aug 28 2017Exploring two-dimensional (2D) materials with magnetic ordering is a focus of current research. It remains a challenge to achieve tunable magnetism in a material of one-atom-thickness without introducing extrinsic magnetic atoms or defects. Here, based ... More
Heterogeneous Metric Learning with Content-based Regularization for Software Artifact RetrievalSep 25 2014The problem of software artifact retrieval has the goal to effectively locate software artifacts, such as a piece of source code, in a large code repository. This problem has been traditionally addressed through the textual query. In other words, information ... More
Constraints on a Spin-Dependent Exotic Interaction between Electrons with Single Electron Spin Quantum SensorsApr 19 2018Aug 15 2018A new laboratory bound on the axial-vector mediated interaction between electron spins at micrometer scale is established with single nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers in diamond. A single crystal of $p$-terphenyl doped pentacene-$d_{14}$ under laser pumping ... More
Plasma parameters and geometry of cool and warm active region loopsMay 07 2017May 25 2017How the solar corona is heated to high temperatures remains an unsolved mystery in solar physics. In the present study we analyse observations of 50 whole active-region loops taken with the Extreme-ultraviolet Imaging Spectrometer (EIS) on board the Hinode ... More
Hybrid quantum device based on NV centers in diamond nanomechanical resonators plus superconducting waveguide cavitiesMar 09 2015Sep 16 2015We propose and analyze a hybrid device by integrating a microscale diamond beam with a single built-in nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center spin to a superconducting coplanar waveguide (CPW) cavity. We find that under an ac electric field the quantized motion ... More
Photonic Simulation of System-Environment Interaction: Non-Markovian Process and Dynamical DecouplingMar 12 2013The system-environment interaction is simulated by light propagating in coupled photonic waveguides. The profile of the electromagnetic field provides intuitive physical insight to study the Markovian and non-Markovian dynamics of open quantum systems. ... More
Photonic Bound State in the Continuum for Strong Light-matter InteractionMay 23 2013The photonic bound state in the continuum (BIC) is discovered in a hybrid photonic circuit with low refractive index waveguide on a high refractive index thin membrane, where the optical dissipation is forbidden because of the destructive interference ... More
Dynamical symmetry of Dirac hydrogen atom with spin symmetry and its connection with Ginocchio's oscillatorSep 16 2008Oct 13 2008The Dirac hydrogen atom with spin symmetry is shown has a SO(4) symmetry. The generators are derived, and the corresponding Casimir operator leads to the energy spectrum naturally. This type hydrogen atom is connected to a four-dimensional Dirac system ... More
Deterministic generation of multiparticle entanglement in a coupled cavity-fiber systemNov 30 2010We develop a one-step scheme for generating multiparticle entangled states between two cold atomic clouds in distant cavities coupled by an optical fiber. We show that, through suitably choosing the intensities and detunings of the fields and precisely ... More
Observational Evidence of Accretion Disk-Caused Jet Precession in Galactic NucleiNov 08 2005We show that the observational data of extragalactic radio sources tend to support the theoretical relationship between the jet precession period and the optical luminosity of the sources, as predicted by the model in which an accretion disk causes the ... More
Coupled quantum electrodynamics in photonic crystal nanocavitiesJul 18 2007Oct 31 2007We show that a scalable photonic crystal nanocavity array, in which single embedded quantum dots are coherently interacting, can perform as an universal single-operation quantum gate. In a passive system, the optical analogue of electromagnetically-induced-transparency ... More
Superconductivity at 3.85 K in BaPd2As2 with the ThCr2Si2-type structureDec 20 2015The single crystal of ThCr2Si2-type BaPd2As2 was successfully prepared by a self-flux method, and the crystal structure was characterized by X-ray diffraction method with the lattice parameters a = 4.489(2) {\AA} and c = 10.322(3) {\AA}. Bulk superconductivity ... More
Observation of Bulk Fermi Arc and Polarization Half Charge from Paired Exceptional PointsSep 10 2017The ideas of topology have found tremendous success in Hermitian physical systems, but even richer properties exist in the more general non-Hermitian framework. Here, we theoretically propose and experimentally demonstrate a new topologically-protected ... More
Connection between Coulomb and harmonic oscillator potentials in relativistic quantum mechanicsSep 26 2008Dec 22 2009The Levi-Civita transformation is applied in the two-dimensional (2D) Dirac and Klein-Gordon (KG) equations with equal external scalar and vector potentials. The Coulomb and harmonic oscillator problems are connected via the Levi-Civita transformation. ... More
Low-energy Scattering of $(D\bar{D}^{*})^\pm$ System And the Resonance-like Structure $Z_c(3900)$Mar 06 2014Apr 30 2014In this exploratory lattice study, low-energy scattering of the $(D\bar{D}^{*})^\pm$ meson system is analyzed using lattice QCD with $N_f=2$ twisted mass fermion configurations with three pion mass values. The calculation is performed within single-channel ... More
Global quantum discord in infinite quantum spin chainsDec 17 2014In this paper, we study global quantum discord (GQD) in infinite-size spin chains. For this purpose, in the framework of matrix product states (MPSs), we propose an effective procedure to calculate GQD (denoted as Gn) for consecutive n-site subchains ... More
Beyond Fermi pseudopotential: a modified GP equationFeb 17 2003We present an effective potential and the corresponding modified Gross-Pitaevskii equation that account for the energy dependence of the two-body scattering amplitude through an effective-range expansion. For the ground state energy of a trapped condensate, ... More
Deterministic entanglement purification and complete nonlocal Bell-state analysis with hyperentanglementDec 01 2009Mar 12 2010Entanglement purification is a very important element for long-distance quantum communication. Different from all the existing entanglement purification protocols (EPPs) in which two parties can only obtain some quantum systems in a mixed entangled state ... More
Superconductivity at 3.1 K in the orthorhombic ternary silicide ScRuSiNov 15 2017We report the synthesis, crystal structure, superconductivity and physical property characterizations of the ternary equiatomic compound ScRuSi. Polycrystalline samples of ScRuSi were prepared by an arc-melting method. The as-prepared samples were identified ... More
Superconductivity in Bi3O2S2Cl with Bi-Cl Planar LayersMar 07 2019A quaternary compound Bi3O2S2Cl, which consists of novel [BiS2Cl]2-layers, is reported. It adopts a layered structure of the space group I4/mmm (No. 139) with lattice parameters: a = 3.927(1) {\AA}, c = 21.720(5) {\AA}. In this compound, bismuth and chlorine ... More
Constraining $f(R)$ Gravity Theory Using Weak Lensing Peak Statistics from the Canada-France-Hawaii-Telescope Lensing SurveyJul 01 2016Aug 03 2016In this Letter, we report the observational constraints on the Hu-Sawicki $f(R)$ theory derived from weak lensing peak abundances, which are closely related to the mass function of massive halos. In comparison with studies using optical or x-ray clusters ... More