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Fermi surface topology and negative longitudinal magnetoresistance observed in centrosymmetric NbAs2 semimetalFeb 04 2016Mar 14 2016We report transverse and longitudinal magneto-transport properties of NbAs2 single crystals. Attributing to the electron-hole compensation, non-saturating large transverse magnetoresistance reaches up to 8000 at 9 T at 1.8 K with mobility around 1 to ... More
Decay behavior of the strange and beauty partners of $P_c$ hadronic moleculesMay 17 2018We extend our previous study on the decay behavior of $P_c$ hadronic molecules to their strange and beauty partners. While $P_c(4380)$ and $P_c(4450)$ locate just below the $\bar D\Sigma_c^*$ and $\bar D^*\Sigma_c$ thresholds, respectively, their proposed ... More
Phonon Modes in Single-Walled Molybdenum Disulphide (MoS2) Nanotubes: Lattice Dynamics Calculation and Molecular Dynamics SimulationJan 03 2014Mar 18 2014We study the phonon modes in single-walled MoS$_{2}$ nanotubes via the lattice dynamics calculation and molecular dynamics simulation. The phonon spectra for tubes of arbitrary chiralities are calculated from the dynamical matrix constructed by the combination ... More
Why twisting angles are diverse in graphene Moire patterns?Mar 22 2013Jul 11 2013The interlayer energy of the twisting bilayer graphene is investigated by the molecular mechanics method using both the registry-dependent potential and the Lennard-Jones potential. Both potentials show that the interlayer energy is independent of the ... More
Decay behaviors of possible $Λ_{c\bar{c}}$ states in hadronic molecule picturesJun 10 2019In 2010, $\Lambda^*_{c\bar{c}}$ states were predicted as the strange number $S=-1$ partners of $N^*_{c\bar{c}}$, which are well known now as the $P_c$ states and observed experimentally by LHCb Collaboration. We analyze the decay behaviors of $\Lambda_{c\bar{c}}$ ... More
Comparative study of vortex dynamics in CaKFe4As4 and Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2 single crystalsDec 17 2018We investigate the vortex dynamics in two typical hole doped iron based superconductors CaKFe$_4$As$_4$ (CaK1144) and Ba$_{0.6}$K$_{0.4}$Fe$_2$As$_2$ (BaK122) with similar superconducting transition temperatures. It is found that the magnetization hysteresis ... More
Interlayer Breathing and Shear Modes in Few-Layer Black PhosphorusDec 24 2014The interlayer breathing and shear modes in few-layer black phosphorus are investigated for their symmetry and lattice dynamical properties. The symmetry groups for the even-layer and odd-layer few-layer black phosphorus are utilized to determine the ... More
First principle study of the thermal conductance in graphene nanoribbon with vacancy and substitutional silicon defectAug 30 2011The thermal conductance in graphene nanoribbon with a vacancy or silicon point defect (substitution of C by Si atom) is investigated by non-equilibrium Green's function (NEGF) formalism combined with first-principle calculations density-functional theory ... More
Minimum thermal conductance in graphene and boron nitride superlatticeAug 30 2011The minimum thermal conductance versus supercell size ($d_{s}$) is revealed in graphene and boron nitride superlattice with $d_{s}$ far below the phonon mean free path. The minimum value is reached at a constant ratio of $d_{s}/L\approx 5%$, where $L$ ... More
Molecular dynamics simulation for heat transport in thin diamond nanowiresAug 30 2011The phonon thermal conductivity in diamond nanowires (DNW) is studied by molecular dynamics simulation. It is found that the thermal conductivity in narrower DNW is lower and does not show obvious temperature dependence; a very small value (about 2.0 ... More
Baryon spectra and non-strange baryon strong decays in the chiral SU(3) quark modelMar 13 2007In the framework chiral SU(3) quark model, the baryon spectra within the band of $N\leq 2$ are studied, and the effect of the confining potential in different configurations, namely the $\Delta$-mode and Y-mode are compared. In the same way, the baryon ... More
Can the observed enhancement in the mass spectrum of p \bar p in J/ψ \to γp \bar p be interpreted by a possible p \bar p bound stateJun 10 2004Provided the enhancement in the $p \bar{p}$ spectrum in radiative decay $J/\psi \to \gamma p \bar{p}$ observed by the BES collaboration is due to an existence of a $p \bar{p}$ molecular state, we calculate its binding energy and lifetime in the linear ... More
Gamma-Ray Burst/Supernova Associations: Energy partition and the case of a magnetar central engineJun 16 2018Jul 16 2018The favored progenitor model for Gamma-ray Bursts (GRBs) with Supernova (SN) association is the core collapse of massive stars. One possible outcome of such a collapse is a rapidly spinning, strongly magnetized neutron star ("magnetar"). We systematically ... More
A search for 95 GHz class I methanol masers in molecular outflowsNov 11 2012Nov 13 2012We have observed a sample of 288 molecular outflow sources including 123 high-mass and 165 low-mass sources to search for class I methanol masers at 95 GHz transition and to investigate relationship between outflow characteristics and class I methanol ... More
Vibration-mediated resonant tunneling and shot noise through a molecular quantum dotJun 15 2007Motivated by a recent experiment on nonlinear tunneling in a suspended Carbon nanotube connected to two normal electrodes [S. Sapmaz, {\it et al}., Phys. Rev. Lett. {\bf 96}, 26801 (2006)], we investigate nonequilibrium vibration-mediated sequential tunneling ... More
Exclusive production of $B_c$ mesons in $e^+e^-$ collidersJul 16 2018Within the framework of the perturbative QCD approach, we calculate the time-like $B_cB_c(B_c^*)$ form factors $F(Q^2)$ and $A_2(Q^2)$. We include relativistic corrections and QCD corrections, either of which can give about $20\%$ correction to the leading-order ... More
The Gap of Semantic Parsing: A Survey on Automatic Math Word Problem SolversAug 22 2018Apr 29 2019Solving mathematical word problems (MWPs) automatically is challenging, primarily due to the semantic gap between human-readable words and machine-understandable logics. Despite the long history dated back to the1960s, MWPs have regained intensive attention ... More
Properties of single cluster structure of $d^*(2380)$ in chiral SU(3) quark modelMar 11 2016Jun 16 2016The structure of $d^*(2380)$ is re-studied with the single cluster structure in the chiral SU(3) quark model which has successfully been employed to explain the scattering and binding behaviors of baryonic systems. The mass and width are explicitly calculated ... More
Six-quark structure of $d^*(2380)$ in chiral constituent quark modelApr 27 2017The structure of $d^*(2380)$ is re-studied with the single cluster structure in the chiral SU(3) quark model which has successfully been employed to explain the $N-N$ scattering data and the binding energy of deuteron. The binding behavior of such a six ... More
PTrix: Efficient Hardware-Assisted Fuzzing for COTS BinaryMay 25 2019Despite its effectiveness in uncovering software defects, American Fuzzy Lop (AFL), one of the best grey-box fuzzers, is inefficient when fuzz-testing source-unavailable programs. AFL's binary-only fuzzing mode, QEMU-AFL, is typically 2-5X slower than ... More
A Review on Flexural Mode of Graphene: Lattice Dynamics, Thermal Conduction, Thermal Expansion, Elasticity, and Nanomechanical ResonanceAug 07 2014Jan 30 2015Single-layer graphene is so flexible that its flexural mode (also called the ZA mode, bending mode, or out-of-plane transverse acoustic mode) is important for its thermal and mechanical properties. Accordingly, this review focuses on exploring the relationship ... More
Abstractive Text Summarization by Incorporating Reader CommentsDec 13 2018In neural abstractive summarization field, conventional sequence-to-sequence based models often suffer from summarizing the wrong aspect of the document with respect to the main aspect. To tackle this problem, we propose the task of reader-aware abstractive ... More
Structural stability of lattice-matched heterovalent semiconductor superlatticesSep 27 2013Lattice-matched heterovalent alloys and superlattices have some unique physical properties. For example, their band gap can change by a large amount without significant change in their lattice constants, thus they have great potential for optelectronic ... More
Quantum state tomography of a single electron spin in diamond with Wigner reconstructionJul 16 2018We present the experimental reconstruction of the Wigner function of an individual electronic spin qubit associated with a nitrogen-vacancy (NV) center in diamond at room temperature. This spherical Wigner function contains the same information as the ... More
Summability implies Collet-Eckmann almost surelyNov 16 2011Nov 08 2012We provide a strengthened version of the famous Jakobson's theorem. Consider an interval map $f$ satisfying a summability condition. For a generic one-parameter family $f_t$ of maps with $f_0=f$, we prove that $t=0$ is a Lebesgue density point of the ... More
Decay behaviors of Pc hadronic moleculesMar 03 2017Mar 09 2017The $P_c(4380)$ and $P_c(4450)$ states observed recently by LHCb experiment were proposed to be either $\bar{D} \Sigma_c^*$ or $\bar{D}^* \Sigma_c$ S-wave bound states of spin parity $J^P={\frac32}^-$. We analyze the decay behaviors of such two types ... More
Evaluation of Spectra of Baryons Containing Two Heavy Quarks in Bag ModelMar 31 2004Apr 26 2004In this work, we evaluate the energy spectra of baryons which consist of two heavy and one light quarks in the MIT bag model. The two heavy quarks constitute a heavy scalar or axial vector diquark. Concretely, we calculate the spectra of $|q(QQ')>_{1/2}$ ... More
The opportunity to find $\bar{d}^\ast(2380)$ in the $Υ(nS)$ decayOct 04 2018$d^\ast(2380)$ was observed by WASA-at-COSY collaborations in the nuclear reaction recently. Its particularly narrow width may indicate the new QCD-allowed hadronic structure. To further confirm the existence of this peculiar particle in a totally different ... More
Raman and Infra-red properties and layer dependence of the phonon dispersions in multi-layered grapheneSep 06 2007Apr 10 2008The symmetry group analysis is applied to classify the phonon modes of $N$-stacked graphene layers (NSGL's) with AB- and AA-stacking, particularly their infra-red and Raman properties. The dispersions of various phonon modes are calculated in a multi-layer ... More
Chiral symmetry analysis and rigid rotational invariance for the lattice dynamics of single-wall carbon nanotubesJan 18 2006In this paper, we provide a detailed expression of the vibrational potential for the lattice dynamics of the single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) satisfying the requirements of the exact rigid translational as well as rotational symmetries, which is a ... More
Adsorbate Migration Effects on Continuous and Discontinuous Temperature-Dependent Transitions in the Quality Factors of Graphene NanoresonatorsAug 19 2013We perform classical molecular dynamics simulation to investigate the mechanisms underpinning the unresolved, experimentally-observed temperature-dependent scaling transition in the quality factors of graphene nanomechanical resonators (GNMR). Our simulations ... More
A lattice dynamical treatment for the total potential energy of single-walled carbon nanotubes and its applications: relaxed equilibrium structure, elastic properties, and vibrational modes of ultra-narrow tubesOct 28 2006Apr 23 2007In this paper, we proposed a lattice dynamic treatment for the total potential energy for single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNT's) which is, apart from a parameter for the non-linear effects, extracted from the vibrational energy of the planar graphene ... More
Estimating Mass of Sigma-Meson and Study on Application of the Linear Sigma-ModelFeb 10 2004Whether the $\sigma-meson$ ($f_0(600)$) exists as a real particle is a long-standing problem in both particle physics and nuclear physics. In this work, we analyze the deuteron binding energy in the linear $\sigma$ model and by fitting the data, we are ... More
Prompt optical emission and synchrotron self-absorption constraints on emission site of GRBsJun 15 2009Jun 17 2009We constrain the distance of the Gamma-Ray Burst (GRB) prompt emission site from the explosion centre, R, by determining the location of the electron's self absorption frequency in the GRB prompt optical-to-X/gamma-ray spectral energy distribution, assuming ... More
On Einstein Kropina metricsJul 09 2012In this paper, a characteristic condition of Einstein Kropina metrics is given. By the characteristic condition, we prove that a non-Riemannian Kropina metric $F=\frac{\alpha^2}{\beta}$ with constant Killing form $\beta$ on an n-dimensional manifold $M$, ... More
Magneto-transport properties of the "hydrogen atom" nodal-line semimetal candidates CaTX (T=Ag, Cd, X=As, Ge)Mar 03 2017Topological semimetals are characterized by protected crossings between conduction and valence bands. These materials have recently attracted significant interest because of the deep connections to high-energy physics, the novel topological surface states, ... More
Structure and superconductivity of Mg(B1-xCx)2 compoundsMar 09 2001In this paper, we reported the structural properties and superconductivity of Mg(B1-xCx)2 compounds. Powder x-ray diffraction results indicate that the samples crystallize in a hexagonal AlB2-type structure. Due to the chemical activity of Mg powders, ... More
On Einstein Matsumoto metricsJul 09 2012In this paper, the necessary and sufficient conditions for Matsumoto metrics $F=\frac{\alpha^2}{\alpha-\beta}$ to be Einstein are given. It is shown that if the length of $\beta$ with respect to $\alpha$ is constant, then the Matsumoto metric $F$ is an ... More
Nontrivial minimal surfaces in a hyperbolic Randers spaceMar 16 2016The contribution of this paper is two-fold. The first one is to derive a simple formula of the mean curvature form for a hypersurface in the Randers space with a Killing field, by considering the Busemann-Hausdorff measure and Holmes-Thompson measure ... More
Spectra of Baryons Containing Two Heavy Quarks in Potential ModelOct 07 1999In this work, we employ the effective vertices for interaction between diquarks (scalar or axial-vector) and gluon where the form factors are derived in terms of the B-S equation, to obtain the potential for baryons including a light quark and a heavy ... More
Transport properties, upper critical field and anisotropy of Ba(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_2$As$_2$ single crystalsMar 30 2012The temperature and angle dependent resistivity of Ba(Fe$_{0.75}$Ru$_{0.25}$)$_2$As$_2$ single crystals were measured in magnetic fields up to 14 T. The temperature dependent resistivity with the magnetic field aligned parallel to c-axis and ab-planes ... More
Significant change in the electronic behavior associated with structural distortions in the single crystalline SrAg4As2Aug 15 2018Nov 30 2018We report a combined study of transport and thermodynamic measurements on the layered pnictide material SrAg4As2. Upon cooling, a drop in electrical and Hall resistivity, a jump in heat capacity and an increase in susceptibility and magnetoresistance ... More
Colossal Bulk Photovoltaic Effect in a Weyl SemimetalDec 13 2017Oct 17 2018Broadband, efficient and fast conversion of light to electricity is crucial for sensing and clean energy. Here we reveal the largest observed bulk photo-voltaic effect (BPVE), an intrinsic mechanism predicted to be ultrafast and exceed the Shockley-Quiesser ... More
GRB 120422A: A Low-luminosity Gamma-ray Burst Driven by Central EngineJun 01 2012Jul 17 2012GRB 120422A is a low-luminosity Gamma-ray burst (GRB) associated with a bright supernova, which distinguishes itself by its relatively short T90 ~ 5 s and an energetic X-ray tail. We analyze the Swift BAT and XRT data and discuss the physical implications. ... More
A 95 GHz Class I Methanol Maser Survey Toward A Sample of GLIMPSE Point Sources Associated with BGPS ClumpsFeb 29 2012We report a survey with the Purple Mountain Observatory (PMO) 13.7-m radio telescope for class I methanol masers from the 95 GHz (8_0 - 7_1 A^+) transition. The 214 target sources were selected by combining information from both the Spitzer GLIMPSE and ... More
Study on the Form Factors at Effective Vertices of Diqarks Interacting with Gauge BosonsNov 12 2006Dec 26 2006The diquark structure in baryons is commonly accepted as a reasonable approximation which can much simplify the picture and reduce the length of calculations. However, a diquark by no means is a point-like particle, even though it is treated as a whole ... More
Magnetic order induces symmetry breaking in the single crystalline orthorhombic CuMnAs semimetalAug 30 2017Recently, orthorhombic CuMnAs has been proposed to be a magnetic material where topological fermions exist around the Fermi level. Here we report the magnetic structure of the orthorhombic Cu0.95MnAs and Cu0.98Mn0.96As single crystals. While Cu0.95MnAs ... More
Optical Control of Chiral Charge Pumping in a Topological Weyl SemimetalMay 06 2019Solids with topologically robust electronic states exhibit unusual electronic and optical transport properties that do not exist in other materials. A particularly interesting example is chiral charge pumping, the so-called chiral anomaly, in recently ... More
Power Law Like Correlation between Condensation Energy and Superconducting Transition Temperatures in Iron Pnictide/Chalcogenide Superconductors: Beyond the BCS UnderstandingFeb 27 2014Superconducting condensation energy $U_0^{int}$ has been determined by integrating the electronic entropy in various iron pnictide/chalcogenide superconducting systems. It is found that $U_0^{int}\propto T_c^n$ with $n$ = 3 to 4, which is in sharp contrast ... More
A Field-directional Specific Heat Study on the Gap Structure of Overdoped Ba(Fe$_{1-x}$Co$_{x}$)$_{2}$As$_{2}$Oct 15 2011Apr 25 2013Low-temperature specific heat is measured on the overdoped Ba(Fe_{1-x}Co_x)_2As_2 (x = 0.13) single crystal under magnetic fields along three different directions. A clear anisotropy is observed on the field dependent electronic specific heat coefficient ... More
Spectra of Free Diquark in the Bethe-Salpeter ApproachFeb 09 2006In this work, we employ the Bethe-Salpeter (B-S) equation to investigate the spectra of free diquarks and their B-S wave functions. We find that the B-S approach can be consistently applied to study the diqaurks with two heavy quarks or one heavy and ... More
Electronic structure and nematic phase transition in superconducting multi-layer FeSe films grown by pulsed laser deposition methodJun 19 2017We report comprehensive angle-resolved photoemission investigations on the electronic structure of single crystal multiple-layer FeSe films grown on CaF2 substrate by pulsed laser deposition (PLD) method. Measurements on FeSe/CaF2 samples with different ... More
On certain q-trigonometric identitiesJun 25 2019Finding theta function (or $q$-)analogues for well-known trigonometric identities is an interesting topic. In this paper, we first introduce the definition of $q$-analogues for $\mathrm{tan}z$ and $\mathrm{cot}z$ and then apply the theory of elliptic ... More
Another finite field analogue for Appell series F_{1}Sep 26 2017In this paper we introduce another finite field analogue for Appell series F_{1} and obtain certain reduction formulae and a generating function for this analogue.
The local entropy along Ricci flow---Part A: the no-local-collapsing theoremsJun 26 2017We localize the entropy functionals of G. Perelman and generalize his no-local-collapsing theorem and pseudo-locality theorem. Our generalization is technically inspired by further development of Li-Yau estimate along the Ricci flow. It can be used to ... More
On zeros of some entire functionsApr 11 2016Let \begin{equation*} A_{q}^{(\alpha)}(a;z) = \sum_{k=0}^{\infty} \frac{(a;q)_{k} q^{\alpha k^2} z^k} {(q;q)_{k}}, \end{equation*} where $\alpha >0,~0<q<1.$ In a paper of Ruiming Zhang, he asked under what conditions the zeros of the entire function $A_{q}^{(\alpha)}(a;z)$ ... More
A finite field analogue for Appell series F_3Apr 04 2017Dec 13 2017In this paper we introduce a finite field analogue for the Appell series F_3 and give some reduction formulae and certain generating functions for this function over finite fields.
FRB 121102: A repeatedly combed neutron star by a nearby low-luminosity accreting super-massive black holeJan 16 2018Feb 07 2018The origin of fast radio bursts (FRBs) remains mysterious. Recently, the only repeating FRB source, FRB 121102, was reported to possess an extremely large and variable rotation measure (RM). The inferred magnetic field strength in the burst environment ... More
A Lauricella hypergeometric series over finite fieldsOct 12 2016May 01 2017In this paper we introduce a finite field analogue of a Lauricella hypergeometric series. An integral formula for the Lauricella hypergeometric series and its finite field analogue are deduced. Transformation and reduction formulae and several generating ... More
The $ \ell_1 $-analysis with redundant dictionary in phase retrievalJun 02 2016This article presents new results concerning the recovery of a signal from magnitude only measurements where the signal is not sparse in an orthonormal basis but in a redundant dictionary. To solve this phaseless problem, we analyze the $ \ell_1 $-analysis ... More
Entanglement evolution of a spin chain bath in driving the decoherence of a coupled quantum spinMar 05 2009For an electron spin in coupling with an interacting spin chain via hyperfine-type interaction, we investigate the dynamical evolutions of the pairwise entanglement of the spin chain and a correlation function joined the electron spin with a pair of chain ... More
Doping effect of Cu and Ni impurities on the Fe-based superconductor Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2Apr 16 2013Copper and Nickel impurities have been doped into the iron pnictide superconductor Ba0.6K0.4Fe2As2. Resistivity measurements reveal that Cu and Ni impurities suppress superconducting transition temperature T_c with rates of \Delta T_c/Cu-1% = -3.5 K and ... More
Long-range adiabatic quantum state transfer through a linear array of quantum dotsJun 28 2012We introduce an adiabatic long-range quantum communication proposal based on a quantum dot array. By adiabatically varying the external gate voltage applied on the system, the quantum information encoded in the electron can be transported from one end ... More
Renormalization group equation improved analysis of $B \to π$ form factors from Light-Cone Sum RulesJul 29 2016Mar 01 2018Within the framework of $B$-meson light-cone sum rules, we compute the one-loop level QCD corrections to $B\to \pi$ transition form factors at small $ q^{2}$ region, in implement of a complete renormalization group equation evolution. To solve the renormalization ... More
Modulation of Thermal Conductivity in Kinked Silicon Nanowires: Phonon Interchanging and Pinching EffectsMar 22 2013We perform molecular dynamics simulations to investigate the reduction of the thermal conductivity by kinks in silicon nanowires. The reduction percentage can be as high as 70% at room temperature. The temperature dependence of the reduction is also calculated. ... More
Topologically protected interface phonons in two-dimensional nanomaterials: hexagonal boron nitride and silicon carbideDec 05 2017Jul 23 2018We perform both lattice dynamics analysis and molecular dynamics simulations to demonstrate the existence of topologically protected phonon modes in a two-dimensional, monolayer hexagonal boron nitride sheet. The topological phonon modes are found to ... More
Singularity in Potential, Perturbation and Variational MethodsFeb 12 1999In this work, we carefully study the energy eigen-values and splitting of heavy quarkonia as there exist $1/r^3$ and $\delta^3(\vec r)$ singular terms in the potential which make a direct numerical solution of the Schr\"{o}dinger equation impossible. ... More
Variational Estimation of the Wave Function at Origin for Heavy QuarkoniumAug 07 1998The wave function at the origin (WFO) is an important quantity in studying many physical problems concerning heavy quarkonia. However, when one used the variational method with fewer parameters, in general, the deviation of resultant WFO from the "accurate" ... More
Broadband imaging with one planar diffractive lensDec 26 2017We demonstrate imaging over the visible band using a single planar diffractive lens. This is enabled via multi-level diffractive optics that is designed to focus over a broad wavelength range, which we refer to as an achromatic diffractive lens (ADL). ... More
Subleading power corrections to $B\to γlν$ decay in PQCD approachNov 20 2018Nov 21 2018The leptonic radiative decay $B \to \gamma l\nu$ is of great importance in the determination of $B$ meson wave functions, and evaluating the form factors $ F_{V,A}$ are the essential problem on the study of this channel. We computed next-to-leading power ... More
Correlation effects for semiconducting single wall carbon nanotube: a density matrix renormalization group studyMar 31 2005Jan 12 2006In this paper, we report the applicability of the density matrix renormalization group(DMRG) approach to the cylindrical single wall carbon nanotube (SWCN) for purpose of its correlation effect. By applying the DMRG approach to the $t$+$U$+$V$ model, ... More
Contrasting Pair-Breaking Effects by Doping Mn and Zn in Ba0.5K0.5Fe2As2Jan 07 2010May 05 2010Resistivity, Hall effect, magnetoresistance and DC magnetization were measured in Mn and Zn doped Ba$_{0.5}$K$_{0.5}$Fe$_{2}$As$_{2}$ samples. It is found that the Mn-doping can depress the superconducting transition temperature drastically with a rate ... More
An Ultra-compact Nanophotonic Optical Modulator using Multi-State Topological OptimizationNov 19 2017Optical modulators are one of the most important elements of photonic circuits. Here, we designed, fabricated and characterized a nanophotonic all optical modulator (NOM) in silicon that is an order of magnitude smaller than any previous silicon modulators, ... More
The Final SDSS High-Redshift Quasar Sample of 52 Quasars at z>5.7Oct 17 2016We present the discovery of nine quasars at $z\sim6$ identified in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS) imaging data. This completes our survey of $z\sim6$ quasars in the SDSS footprint. Our final sample consists of 52 quasars at $5.7<z\le6.4$, including ... More
Capability of Quasar Selection by Combining the SCUSS and SDSS ObservationsJan 14 2015The South Galactic Cap $u$-band Sky Survey (SCUSS) provides a deep $u$-band imaging of about 5000 deg$^2$ in south Galactic cap. It is about 1.5 mag deeper than the SDSS $u$-band. In this paper we evaluate the capability of quasar selection using both ... More
GRB 090417B and its Host Galaxy: A Step Towards an Understanding of Optically-Dark Gamma-Ray BurstsMay 10 2010GRB 090417B was an unusually long burst with a T_90 duration of at least 2130 s and a multi-peaked light curve at energies of 15-150 keV. It was optically dark and has been associated with a bright star-forming galaxy at a redshift of 0.345 that is broadly ... More
Simultaneous 13 cm/3 cm single-pulse observations of PSR B0329+54Feb 11 2018We have investigated the mode-changing properties of PSR B0329+54 using 31 epochs of simultaneous 13 cm/3 cm single-pulse observations obtained with Shanghai Tian Ma 65 m telescope. The pulsar was found in the abnormal emission mode 17 times, accounting ... More
Renormalization group equation improved analysis of $B \to π$ form factors from Light-Cone Sum RulesJul 29 2016Within the framework of $B$-meson light-cone sum rules, we compute the one-loop level QCD corrections to $B\to \pi$ transition form factors at small $ q^{2}$ region, in implement of a complete renormalization group equation evolution. To solve the renormalization ... More
Aharonov-Bohm Oscillation and Chirality Effect in Optical Activity of Single Wall Carbon NanotubesSep 10 2004We study the Aharonov-Bohm effect in the optical phenomena of single wall carbon nanotubes (SWCN) and also their chirality dependence. Specially, we consider the natural optical activity as a proper observable and derive it's general expression based ... More
Transferring Deep Reinforcement Learning with Adversarial Objective and AugmentationSep 04 2018In the past few years, deep reinforcement learning has been proven to solve problems which have complex states like video games or board games. The next step of intelligent agents would be able to generalize between tasks, and using prior experience to ... More
BaFe2Se2O as an Iron-Based Mott Insulator with Antiferromagnetic OrderJun 27 2012Jul 11 2012A new compound with a quasi-two-dimensional array of FeSe3O tetrahedra and an orthorombic structure, namely BaFe2Se2O, has been successfully fabricated. Experimental results show that this compound is an insulator and has an antiferromagnetic (AF) transition ... More
Experimental demonstration of counterfactual quantum communicationJul 28 2011Based on principle of quantum mechanics, quantum cryptography provides an intriguing way to establish secret keys between remote parties, generally relying on actual transmission of signal particles. Surprisingly, an even more striking method is recently ... More
Observation of Various and Spontaneous Magnetic Skyrmionic Bubbles at Room-Temperature in a Frustrated Kagome Magnet with Uniaxial Magnetic AnisotropyJun 16 2017Various and spontaneous magnetic skyrmionic bubbles are experimentally observed for the first time, at room temperature in a frustrated kagome magnet Fe3Sn2 with unixial magnetic anisotropy. The magnetization dynamics were investigated using in-situ Lorentz ... More
Application of Hypervirial Theorem As Criteria For Accuracy of Variational Trial Wave FunctionOct 18 1999It would be interesting to investigate the accuracy of the results obtained in the variational method, because it is important for studying hadron spectra. One can define some criteria to judge the accuracy, or the quality of the trial function. We employ ... More
Comment on " a unified scheme for flavored mesons and baryons"Sep 27 1999We would comment on the results of the paper "a unified scheme for flavored mesons and baryons" (P.C.Vinodkumar, J.N.Panandya, V.M.Bannur, and S.B.Khadkikar Eur. Phys. J. A4(1999)83), and point out some inconsistencies and mistakes in the work for solving ... More
Phonon-assisted resonant tunneling through a triple-quantum-dot: a phonon-signal detectorDec 06 2007We study the effect of electron-phonon interaction on current and zero-frequency shot noise in resonant tunneling through a series triple-quantum-dot coupling to a local phonon mode by means of a nonperturbative mapping technique along with the Green ... More
Coherence loss and recovery of an electron spin coupled inhomogeneously to a one-dimensional interacting spin bath: an adaptive t-DMRG studyJul 31 2008Coherence evolution and echo effect of an electron spin, which is coupled inhomogeneously to an interacting one-dimensional finite spin bath via hyperfine-type interaction, is studied using the adaptive time dependent density matrix renormalization group ... More
Reversibly tuning the insulating and superconducting state in KxFe2-ySe2 crystals by post-annealingMar 07 2011Since the discovery of superconductivity at 26 K in oxy-pnictide LaFeAsO1-xFx, enormous interests have been stimulated in the field of condensed matter physics and material sciences. Among the many kind of structures in the iron pnictide superconductors, ... More
Symmetry restrictions in chirality dependence of physical properties of single wall nanotubesNov 19 2005We investigate the chirality dependence of physical properties of nanotubes which are wrapped by the planar hexagonal lattice including graphite and boron nitride sheet, and reveal its symmetry origin. The observables under consideration are of scalar, ... More
Topological surface electronic states in candidate nodal-line semimetal CaAgAsAug 22 2017We investigate systematically the bulk and surface electronic structure of the candidate nodal-line semimetal CaAgAs by angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy and density functional calculations. We observed a metallic, linear, non-$k_z$-dispersive ... More
Regularity of transition fronts in nonlocal dispersal evolution equationsApr 10 2015Nov 12 2015It is known that solutions of nonlocal dispersal evolution equations do not become smoother in space as time elapses. This lack of space regularity would cause a lot of difficulties in studying transition fronts in nonlocal equations. In the present paper, ... More
Existence, uniqueness and stability of transition fronts of nonlocal equations in time heterogeneous bistable mediaJul 14 2015Apr 01 2017The present paper is devoted to the study of existence, uniqueness and stability of transition fronts of nonlocal dispersal evolution equations in time heterogeneous media of bistable type under the unbalanced condition. We first study space nonincreasing ... More
A feedback compression star formation model and the black hole - bulge relationsJun 05 2007We present a "feedback compression" model to describe the galactic spheroid formation and its relation with the central nuclear activity. We suggest that the star formation itself can serve as the "positive feedback" in some extremely dense region to ... More
Regularity and stability of transition fronts in nonlocal equations with time heterogeneous ignition nonlinearityJan 09 2015The present paper is devoted to the investigation of various properties of transition fronts in nonlocal equations in heterogeneous media of ignition type, whose existence has been established by the authors of the present paper in a previous work. It ... More
Transition fronts in nonlocal Fisher-KPP equations in time heterogeneous mediaJul 14 2015Nov 19 2015The present paper is devoted to the study of transition fronts of nonlocal Fisher-KPP equations in time heterogeneous media. We first construct transition fronts with prescribed interface location functions, which are natural generalizations of front ... More
Stability, Uniqueness and Recurrence of Generalized Traveling Waves in Time Heterogeneous Media of Ignition TypeAug 17 2014Apr 21 2015The present paper is devoted to the study of stability, uniqueness and recurrence of generalized traveling waves of reaction-diffusion equations in time heterogeneous media of ignition type, whose existence has been proven by the authors of the present ... More
New dynamical symmetry breaking in eletroweak theoryNov 13 1997A new dynamical symmetry breaking of $SU(2)_{L}\times U(1)$ caused by the combination of the axial-vector component and the fermion mass is found in electroweak theory. We obtain (m^{2}_{W}={1/2}g^{2}m^{2}_{t}) and (m^{2}_{Z}=\rho m^{2}_{W}/cos^{2}\theta_{W}) ... More
Orthonormal Polynomials on the Unit Circle and Spatially Discrete Painlevé II EquationFeb 17 1999We consider the polynomials $\phi_n(z)= \kappa_n (z^n+ b_{n-1} z^{n-1}+ >...)$ orthonormal with respect to the weight $\exp(\sqrt{\lambda} (z+ 1/z)) dz/2 \pi i z$ on the unit circle in the complex plane. The leading coefficient $\kappa_n$ is found to ... More
Planetary Collisions: Electromagnetic SignalsDec 17 2003We investigate the electromagnetic signals accompanied with planetary collisions and their event rate, and explore the possibility of directly detecting such events. A typical Earth--Jupiter collision would give rise to a prompt EUV-soft-X-ray flash lasting ... More
Electromagnetic signals from planetary collisionsAug 12 2003Planet-planet collisions are expected during the early stages of the formation of extra-solar planets, and are also possible in mature planetary systems through secular planet-planet perturbations. We investigate the electromagnetic signals accompanied ... More