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Probing the gravitational Faraday rotation using quasar X-ray microlensingNov 26 2015The effect of gravitational Faraday rotation was predicted in the 1950s, but there is currently no practical method for measuring this effect. Measuring this effect is important because it will provide new evidence for correctness of general relativity, ... More
On 1/2-BPS Wilson-'t Hooft loopsJul 05 2006Sep 19 2006We investigate the 1/2-BPS Wilson-'t Hooft loops in ${\cal N}=4$ Super-Yang-Mills theory. We use the bulk D-brane with both electric and magnetic charges to calculate the all genus contribution of the circular loops. The expectation value of Wilson-'t ... More
Hawking Radiation of Black Rings from AnomaliesMay 21 2007May 29 2007We derive Hawking radiation of 5-dimensional black rings from gauge and gravitational anomalies using the method proposed by Robinson and Wilczek. We find as in the black hole case, the problem could reduce to a (1+1) dimensional field theory and the ... More
Gröbner-Shirshov Bases and Hilbert Series of Free Dendriform AlgebrasSep 01 2010In this paper, we give a Gr\"obner-Shirshov basis of the free dendriform algebra as a quotient algebra of an $L$-algebra. As applications, we obtain a normal form of the free dendriform algebra. Moreover, Hilbert series and Gelfand-Kirillov dimension ... More
Two-Loop master integrals for heavy-to-light form factors of two different massive fermionsJan 02 2018Feb 06 2018We calculate the full set of the two-loop master integrals for heavy-to-light form factors of two different massive fermions for arbitrary momentum transfer in NNLO QCD or QED corrections. These integrals allow to determine the two-loop QCD or QED corrections ... More
Hierarchical Scaling in Systems of Natural CitiesAug 20 2016Apr 21 2018Hierarchies can be modeled by a set of exponential functions, from which we can derive a set of power laws indicative of scaling. The solution to a scaling relation equation is always a power law. The scaling laws are followed by many natural and social ... More
High Spin Topologically Massive GravityOct 24 2011Dec 15 2011We propose an action to describe high spin topologically massive gravity with a negative cosmological constant. With the frame-like fields and spin connections being combined into two gauge fields, the action includes two gauge field Chern-Simons actions ... More
On Holographic description of the Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS black holesJun 01 2010Aug 12 2010In this paper, we study the holographic description of the generic four-dimensional non-extremal Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS black holes. We find that if focusing on the near-horizon region, for the massless scalar scattering in the low-frequency limit, there ... More
Identifying the Lens Galaxy B1152+199 as a Ghostly Damped Lyman Alpha System by the Cosmic Origin SpectrographDec 14 2016Strong quasar-galaxy lensing provides a powerful tool to probe the inter-stellar medium (ISM) of the lens galaxy using radiation from the background quasar. Using the Cosmic Origin Spectrograph (COS) on board the Hubble Space Telescope, we study the cold ... More
Real-time Correlators and Hidden Conformal Symmetry in Kerr/CFT CorrespondenceApr 28 2010Jun 04 2010In this paper, we study the real-time correlators in Kerr/CFT, in the low frequency limit of generic non-extremal Kerr(-Newman) black holes. From the low frequency scattering of Kerr-Newman black holes, we show that for the uncharged scalar scattering, ... More
Possible Detection of Subsecond-period Propagating Magnetohydrodynamics Waves in Post-reconnection Magnetic Loops during a Two-ribbon Solar FlareJan 16 2019Feb 04 2019Solar flares involve the sudden release of magnetic energy in the solar corona. Accelerated nonthermal electrons have often been invoked as the primary means for transporting the bulk of the released energy to the lower solar atmosphere. However, significant ... More
Approximating Multilinear Monomial Coefficients and Maximum Multilinear Monomials in Multivariate PolynomialsJul 15 2010This paper is our third step towards developing a theory of testing monomials in multivariate polynomials and concentrates on two problems: (1) How to compute the coefficients of multilinear monomials; and (2) how to find a maximum multilinear monomial ... More
Jenkins-Strebel Differentials on the Riemann Sphere with Four Simple PolesJun 15 2016Mar 15 2017A celebrated and deep theorem in the theory of Riemann surfaces states the existence and uniqueness of the Jenkins-Strebel differentials on a Riemann surface under some conditions, but the proof is non-constructive and examples are difficult to find. ... More
A New Exponential GravityMar 30 2012Apr 10 2012We propose a new exponential f(R) gravity model with f(R)=(R-\lambda c)e^{\lambda(c/R)^n} and n>3, \lambda\geq 1, c>0 to explain late-time acceleration of the universe. At the high curvature region, the model behaves like the \LambdaCDM model. In the ... More
Non-vanishing and sign changes of Hecke eigenvalues for half-integral weight cusp formsDec 28 2015In this paper, we consider three problems about signs of the Fourier coefficients of a cusp form $\mathfrak{f}$ with half-integral weight:\begin{itemize}\item[--]The first negative coefficient of the sequence $\{\mathfrak{a}\_{\mathfrak{f}}(tn^2)\}\_{n\in ... More
Series-Expansion Thermal Tensor Network Approach for Quantum Lattice ModelsSep 05 2016Mar 26 2017In this work we propose a series-expansion thermal tensor network (SETTN) approach for efficient simulations of quantum lattice models. This continuous-time SETTN method is based on the numerically exact Taylor series expansion of equilibrium density ... More
Higher spin entanglement entropy at finite temperature with chemical potentialApr 13 2016Jul 05 2016It is generally believed that the semiclassical AdS$_3$ higher spin gravity could be described by a two dimensional conformal field theory with ${\cal{W}}$-algebra symmetry in the large central charge limit. In this paper, we study the single interval ... More
Holographic Calculation for Large Interval Rényi Entropy at High TemperatureJun 10 2015Oct 21 2015In this paper, we study the holographic R\'enyi entropy of a large interval on a circle at high temperature for the two-dimensional conformal field theory (CFT) dual to pure AdS$_3$ gravity. In the field theory, the R\'enyi entropy is encoded in the CFT ... More
Holographic Entanglement Entropy For a Large Class of States in 2D CFTMay 22 2016Sep 01 2016In this paper, we study the entanglement entropy in a large class of states of two-dimensional conformal field theory in the the large central charge limit. This class of states includes the states created by the insertion of a finite number of local ... More
Anisotropy in Inflation with Non-minimal CouplingJun 07 2014Aug 14 2014We study a new anisotropic inflation model, with an inflaton field nonminimally coupled with the gravity and a vector field. We find that the anisotropic attractor solution exists not only in the weak curvature coupling limit, but more interestingly in ... More
One loop partition function in AdS_3/CFT_2Sep 07 2015Sep 21 2015The 1-loop partition function of the handle-body solutions in the AdS$_3$ gravity have been derived some years ago using the heat-kernel and the method of images. In the semiclassical limit, such partition function should correspond to the order $O (c^0)$ ... More
Tests for High Dimensional Generalized Linear ModelsFeb 20 2014We consider testing regression coefficients in high dimensional generalized linear models. An investigation of the test of Goeman et al. (2011) is conducted, which reveals that if the inverse of the link function is unbounded, the high dimensionality ... More
Maximum Likelihood Estimation based on Random Subspace EDA: Application to Extrasolar Planet DetectionApr 18 2017Jul 21 2017This paper addresses maximum likelihood (ML) estimation based model fitting in the context of extrasolar planet detection. This problem is featured by the following properties: 1) the candidate models under consideration are highly nonlinear; 2) the likelihood ... More
Instability of Charged Gauss-Bonnet Black Hole in de Sitter Spacetime at Large $D$Jul 16 2016Mar 21 2017We study the stabilities of (A)dS charged Gauss-Bonnet(GB) black holes in the large $D$ dimensions. After integrating the equation of motion with respect to the radial direction, we obtain the effective equations at large $D$ to describe the nonlinear ... More
Single Interval Rényi Entropy At Low TemperatureMay 24 2014Jan 06 2015In this paper, we calculate the R\'enyi entropy of one single interval on a circle at finite temperature in 2D CFT. In the low temperature limit, we expand the thermal density matrix level by level in the vacuum Verma module, and calculate the first few ... More
On short interval expansion of Rényi entropySep 21 2013Dec 18 2013R\'enyi entanglement entropy provides a new window to study the AdS/CFT correspondence. In this paper we consider the short interval expansion of R\'enyi entanglement entropy in two-dimensional conformal field theory. This amounts to do the operator product ... More
Notes on Self-dual Warped dS$_3$ SpacetimeJan 20 2012Feb 07 2012In this paper, we investigate the warped dS/CFT correspondence of the self-dual warped dS$_3$ spacetime, which is a solution of three-dimensional topologically massive gravity (TMG) with a positive cosmological constant. We discuss its thermodynamics ... More
Novel CFT Duals for Extreme Black HolesJun 21 2011Dec 02 2011In this paper, we study the CFT duals for extreme black holes in the stretched horizon formalism. We consider the extremal RN, Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS, as well as the higher dimensional Kerr-AdS-dS black holes. In all these cases, we reproduce the well-established ... More
Quasi-normal Modes of Extremal Black Holes from Hidden Conformal SymmetryDec 10 2010May 02 2011In this paper, we construct the quasi-normal modes of three-dimensional extremal black holes in an algebraic way. We show that the infinite towers of the quasi-normal modes of scalar, vector and tensor could be constructed as the descendents of the highest ... More
Supersymmetric Wilson Loops in N=6 Super Chern-Simons-matter theorySep 17 2008Sep 29 2009We study supersymmetric Wilson loop operators in ABJM theory from both sides of the AdS_4/CFT_3 correspondence. We first construct some supersymmetric Wilson loops. The perturbative computations are performed in the field theory side at the first two ... More
Field Theory at a Lifshitz PointApr 29 2009Dec 11 2009We construct the general renormalizable actions for the scalar field and the gauge field at a Lifshitz point characterized by the dynamical critical exponent $z$. The Lorentz invariance is broken down in the UV region, but is recovered in the IR limit. ... More
Wilson-Polyakov surfaces and M-theory branesFeb 15 2008Mar 06 2008In this paper, we study the M-brane description of the Wilson-Polyakov surfaces in six-dimensional (2, 0) field theory at finite temperature. We investigate the membrane solution dual to a straight Wilons-Polyakov surface and compute the interaction potential ... More
Large Interval Limit of Rényi Entropy At High TemperatureDec 02 2014Nov 21 2015In this paper, we propose a novel expansion to compute the large interval limit of the R\'enyi entropy of 2D CFT at high temperature. Via the replica trick, the single interval R\'enyi entropy of 2D CFT at finite temperature could be read from the partition ... More
Universal relation between thermal entropy and entanglement entropy in CFTDec 02 2014Apr 30 2015Inspired by the holographic computation of large interval entanglement entropy of two dimensional conformal field theory at high temperature, it was proposed that the thermal entropy is related to the entanglement entropy as $S_{th}=\displaystyle{\lim_{l ... More
Three-loop planar master integrals for heavy-to-light form factorsOct 10 2018We calculate analytically the three-loop planar master integrals relevant for heavy-to-light form factors using the method of differential equations. After choosing a proper canonical basis, the boundary conditions are easy to be determined, and the solution ... More
Master integrals of a planar double-box family for top-quark pair productionMar 11 2019We calculate analytically the master integrals of a planar double-box family for top-quark pair production using the method of differential equations. With a proper choice of the bases, the differential equations can be transformed to the $d$-log form. ... More
Notes on modified trace distance measure of coherenceMar 09 2017Mar 24 2018We investigate the modified trace distance measure of coherence recently introduced in [Phys. Rev. A 94, 060302(R) (2016)]. We show that for any single-qubit state, the modified trace norm of coherence is equal to the $l_{1}$-norm of coherence. For any ... More
Sum uncertainty relations for arbitrary $N$ incompatible observablesSep 23 2015We formulate uncertainty relations for arbitrary $N$ observables. Two uncertainty inequalities are presented in terms of the sum of variances and standard deviations, respectively. The lower bounds of the corresponding sum uncertainty relations are explicitly ... More
Holographic Descriptions of Black RingsAug 22 2012In this paper, we investigate the holographic descriptions of two kinds of black rings, the neutral doubly rotating black ring and the dipole charged black ring. For generic nonextremal black rings, the information of holographic CFT duals, including ... More
Electromagnetic Duality in Dyonic RN/CFT CorrespondenceDec 10 2012May 12 2013The area law of Bekenstein-Hawking entropy of the black hole suggests that the black hole should have a lower-dimensional holographic description. It has been found recently that such holographic pictures could be set up from the study of the thermodynamics ... More
Static Spherically Symmetric Solutions to modified Horava-Lifshitz Gravity with Projectability ConditionSep 23 2009Aug 02 2010In this paper we seek static spherically symmetric solutions of Horava-Lifshitz-like gravity with projectability condition. We consider the most general form of gravity action without detailed balance, and require the spacetime metric to respect the projectability ... More
D-branes as GMS Solitons in Vacuum String Field TheoryApr 28 2002Jul 20 2002In this paper we map the D-brane projector states in the vacuum string field theory to the noncommutative GMS solitons based on the recently proposed map of Witten's star to Moyal's star. We find that the singular geometry conditions of Moore and Taylor ... More
Holographic Cosmic Quintessence on Dilatonic Brane WorldJun 06 2001Dec 08 2001Recently quintessence is proposed to explain the observation data of supernova indicating a time-varying cosmological constant and accelerating universe. Inspired by this and its mysterious origin, we look for the possibility of quintessence as the holographic ... More
Quantum theory for mesoscopic electric circuitsJun 27 1996A quantum theory for mesoscopic electric circuits in accord with the discreteness of electric charges is proposed. On the basis of the theory, Schr\"{o}dinger equation for the quantum LC-design and L-design is solved exactly. The uncertainty relation ... More
Rényi Entropy of Free Compact Boson on TorusJan 02 2015Jan 10 2015In this paper, we reconsider the single interval R\'enyi entropy of a free compact scalar on a torus. In this case, the contribution to the entropy could be decomposed into classical part and quantum part. The classical part includes the contribution ... More
Exact formation of hairy planar black holesDec 30 2015Apr 28 2016We consider Einstein gravity minimally coupled to a scalar field with a given potential in general dimensions. We obtain large classes of static hairy planar black holes which are asymptotic to AdS space-times. In particular, for a special case $\mu=(n-2)/2$, ... More
Entanglement Entropy in $T\overline{T}$-Deformed CFTJul 22 2018Aug 28 2018In this paper, we study the entanglement entropy of a single interval on a cylinder in two-dimensional $T\overline{T}$-deformed conformal field theory. For such case, the (R\'enyi) entanglement entropy takes a universal form in a CFT. We compute the correction ... More
Holographic Q-picture of Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS Black HoleOct 07 2010Aug 19 2011In this article, we show that a four-dimensional Kerr-Newman-AdS-dS black hole could be described by two different holographic two-dimensional conformal field theories. The first description, in view of the angular momentum, has been well discussed in ... More
Existence of solutions to fractional differential equations with three-point boundary conditions at resonance with general conditionsMar 09 2017May 21 2017This paper presents a new technique to investigate the existence of solutions to fractional three-point boundary value problems at resonance in a Hilbert space. Based on the proposed method, the restricted conditions $A^2\xi^{2\alpha-2}=A\xi^{\alpha-1}$ ... More
Quantum size effects in thermodynamic superconducting properties of ultra thin filmsDec 14 2005Oct 14 2006By using multi-bands BCS theory, we have calculated the superconductivity energy gap and the critical temperature of a thin-film metallic superconductor. The thermodynamic superconducting characteristics such as critical magnetic field, specific heat, ... More
The Riemannian manifolds with boundary and large symmetryJan 07 2008May 09 2009Sixty years ago, S. B. Myers and N. E. Steenrod ({\it Ann. of Math.} {\bf 40} (1939), 400-416) showed that the isometry group of a Riemannian manifold without boundary has a structure of Lie group. Recently A. V. Bagaev and N. I. Zhukova ({\it Siberian ... More
iCAN: Instance-Centric Attention Network for Human-Object Interaction DetectionAug 30 2018Recent years have witnessed rapid progress in detecting and recognizing individual object instances. To understand the situation in a scene, however, computers need to recognize how humans interact with surrounding objects. In this paper, we tackle the ... More
Wavelength tunable spectral compression in a dispersion-increasing fiberJun 01 2011Jun 13 2011Adiabatic soliton spectral compression in a dispersion-increasing fiber is demonstrated both numerically and experimentally. We show a positively-chirped pulse provides better spectral compression in a dispersion-increasing fiber with large anomalous ... More
Geometric properties of $\log$-polyharmonic mappingsMay 08 2016Nov 07 2016In this paper, a class of $\log$-polyharmonic mappings $\mathcal{L}_p\mathcal{H}$ together with its subclass $\mathcal{L}_p\mathcal{H}(G)$ in the unit disk $\mathbb{D}=\{z: |z|<1\}$ is introduced, and several geometrical properties such as the starlikeness, ... More
Extracting work from the magnetic field coupled Brownian particlesJul 04 2014Aug 09 2014Thermodynamics of the magnetic field coupled Brownian particles is studied. We show that in the presence of the magnetic field, work can be extracted from the reservoir even when the measurement operation and the potential change operation are applied ... More
Polar Coding for Parallel Gaussian ChannelMay 20 2017In this paper, we propose a Polar coding scheme for parallel Gaussian channels. The encoder knows the sum rate of the parallel channels but does not know the rate of any channel. By using the nesting property of Polar code, we design a coding/decoding ... More
A Decision-Aided Parallel SC-List Decoder for Polar CodesJun 09 2015In this paper, we propose a decision-aided scheme for parallel SC-List decoding of polar codes. At the parallel SC-List decoder, each survival path is extended based on multiple information bits, therefore the number of split paths becomes very large ... More
Kähler Finsler Metrics and Conformal DeformationsJan 30 2019The conformal properties of complex Finsler metrics are studied. We give a characterization of a compact complex Finsler manifold to be globally conformal K\"ahler. The critical points of the total holomorphic curvature and total Ricci curvature in the ... More
Rényi Mutual Information in Holographic Warped CFTsApr 03 2019The study of R\'enyi mutual information (RMI) sheds light on the AdS/CFT correspondence beyond classical order. In this article, we study the R\'enyi mutual information between two intervals at large distance in two-dimensional holographic warped conformal ... More
A New Hybrid Half-Duplex/Full-Duplex Relaying System with Antenna DiversityFeb 21 2018The hybrid half-duplex/full-duplex (HD/FD) relaying scheme is an effective paradigm to overcome the negative effects of the self-interference incurred by the full-duplex (FD) mode. However, traditional hybrid HD/FD scheme does not consider the diversity ... More
On Optimal Ternary Locally Repairable CodesFeb 19 2017In an $[n,k,d]$ linear code, a code symbol is said to have locality $r$ if it can be repaired by accessing at most $r$ other code symbols. For an $(n,k,r)$ \emph{locally repairable code} (LRC), the minimum distance satisfies the well-known Singleton-like ... More
Floquet Weyl semimetals in light-irradiated type-II and hybrid line-node semimetalsJan 05 2018Apr 25 2018Type-II Weyl semimetals have recently attracted intensive research interest because they host Lorentz-violating massless fermions as quasiparticles. The discovery of type-II Weyl semimetals evokes the study of type-II line-node semimetals (LNSMs) whose ... More
Topological Anderson insulator phase in a Dirac-semimetal thin filmMar 28 2017May 24 2017The recently discovered topological Dirac semimetal represents a new exotic quantum state of matter. Topological Dirac semimetals can be viewed as three dimensional analogues of graphene, in which the Dirac nodes are protected by crystalline symmetry. ... More
Criticality in Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet Gravity: Gravity without GravitonJun 08 2016Sep 11 2016General Einstein-Gauss-Bonnet gravity with a cosmological constant allows two (A)dS spacetimes as its vacuum solutions. We find a critical point in the parameter space where the two (A)dS spacetimes coalesce into one and the linearized perturbations lack ... More
Global Structure of Exact Scalar Hairy Dynamical Black HolesJan 27 2016Jun 08 2016We study the global structure of some exact scalar hairy dynamical black holes which were constructed in Einstein gravity either minimally or non-minimally coupled to a scalar field. We find that both the apparent horizon and the local event horizon (measured ... More
Global Regularity to the Navier-Stokes Equations for A Class of Large Initial DataMar 19 2015Apr 08 2015We prove that for initial data of the form \begin{equation}\nonumber u_0^\epsilon(x) = (v_0^h(x_\epsilon), \epsilon^{-1}v_0^n(x_\epsilon))^T,\quad x_\epsilon = (x_h, \epsilon x_n)^T, n \geq 4, \end{equation} the Cauchy problem of the incompressible Navier-Stokes ... More
Monotonicity of eigenvalues of geometric operaters along the Ricci-Bourguignon flowDec 27 2015In this paper, we study monotonicity of eigenvalues of Laplacian-type operator $-\Delta+cR$, where $c$ is a constant, along the Ricci-Bourguignon flow. For $c\neq0$, We derive monotonicity of the lowest eigenvalue of Laplacian-type operator $-\Delta+cR$ ... More
iTrace: An Implicit Trust Inference Method for Trust-aware Collaborative FilteringAug 11 2017Aug 15 2017The growth of Internet commerce has stimulated the use of collaborative filtering (CF) algorithms as recommender systems. A collaborative filtering (CF) algorithm recommends items of interest to the target user by leveraging the votes given by other similar ... More
General SIC-Measurement Based Entanglement DetectionJun 30 2014Jan 09 2015We study the quantum separability problem by using general symmetric informationally complete measurements and present separability criteria for both $d$-dimensional bipartite and multipartite systems. The criterion for bipartite quantum states are effective ... More
The Embedded Transparent Lens and Fermat's Least-Time PrincipleMar 26 2013Sep 27 2013We present a simplified version of the lowest-order embedded point mass gravitational lens theory and then make the extension of this theory to any embedded transparent lens. Embedding a lens effectively reduces the gravitational potential's range, i.e., ... More
Boundary Conditions for NHEK through Effective Action ApproachMay 14 2011We study the asymptotic symmetry group(ASG) of the near horizon geometry of extreme Kerr black hole through the effective action approach developed in 1007.1031. By requiring a finite boundary effective action, we derive a new set of asymptotic Killing ... More
The Entropy of Artificial Intelligence and a Case Study of AlphaZero from Shannon's PerspectiveDec 14 2018Dec 17 2018The recently released AlphaZero algorithm achieves superhuman performance in the games of chess, shogi and Go, which raises two open questions. Firstly, as there is a finite number of possibilities in the game, is there a quantifiable intelligence measurement ... More
Dynamic Spectral Imaging of Decimetric Fiber Bursts in an Eruptive Solar FlareSep 24 2017Fiber bursts are a type of fine structure that is often superposed on type IV radio continuum emission during solar flares. Although studied for many decades, its physical exciter, emission mechanism, and association with the flare energy release remain ... More
The Gravitational Lens Equation for Embedded Lenses; Magnification and EllipticityJun 11 2011We give the lens equation for light deflections caused by point mass condensations in an otherwise spatially homogeneous and flat universe. We assume the signal from a distant source is deflected by a single condensation before it reaches the observer. ... More
Inflationary NonGaussianity from Thermal FluctuationsDec 14 2007Dec 18 2007We calculate the contribution of the fluctuations with the thermal origin to the inflationary nonGaussianity. We find that even a small component of radiation can lead to a large nonGaussianity. We show that this thermal nonGaussianity always has positive ... More
$N=2$ and $N=4$ SUSY Yang-Mills action on $M^4\times (Z_2\oplus Z_2)$ non-commutative geometryNov 22 1994We show that the $N=2$ and $N=4$ SUSY Yang-Mills action can be reformulated in the sense of non-commutative geometry on $M^4\times (Z_2\oplus Z_2)$ in a rather simple way. In this way the scalars or pseudoscalars are viewed as gauge fields along two directions ... More
Dynamic control of quantum geometric heat flux in a nonequilibrium spin-boson modelDec 01 2012Apr 24 2013We study the quantum geometric heat flux in the nonequilibrium spin-boson model. By adopting the noninteracting-blip approximation that is able to accommodate the strong system-bath coupling, we show that there exists a nonzero geometric heat flux only ... More
Exactly Solvable Model of Superstring in Plane-wave Background with Linear Null DilatonSep 15 2005Feb 17 2006In this paper, we study an exactly solvable model of IIB superstring in a time-dependent plane-wave backgound with a constant self-dual Ramond-Ramond 5-form field strength and a linear dilaton in the light-like direction. This background keeps sixteen ... More
Floquet topological insulator phase in a Weyl semimetal thin film with disorderOct 31 2018Dec 28 2018We investigate the effects of periodic fields and disorder on topological properties of a Weyl-semimetal thin film. The two periodic fields, i.e., a periodic magnetic field and elliptically polarized light, are discussed respectively. By use of the Floquet ... More
Disorder-induced topological phase transitions on Lieb latticesAug 07 2017Nov 08 2017Motivated by the very recent experimental realization of electronic Lieb lattices and research interest on topological states of matter, we study the topological phase transitions driven by Anderson disorder on spin-orbit coupled Lieb lattices in the ... More
Influence of electric fields on absorption spectra of AAB-stacked trilayer grapheneJan 02 2016The band structures and optical properties of AAB-stacked trilayer graphenes (AAB-TLG) are calculated by the tight-binding model and gradient approximation. Three pairs of the energy bands exhibit very different energy dispersions at low energy and saddle ... More
Exponential Thermal Tensor Network Approach for Quantum Lattice ModelsDec 30 2017Oct 05 2018We speed up thermal simulations of quantum many-body systems in both one- (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) models in an exponential way by iteratively projecting the thermal density matrix $\hat\rho=e^{-\beta \hat{H}}$ onto itself. We refer to this scheme ... More
Conical Defects, Black Holes and Higher Spin (Super-)SymmetryMar 01 2013May 26 2013We study the (super-)symmetries of classical solutions in the higher spin (super-)gravity in AdS$_3$. We show that the symmetries of the solutions are encoded in the holonomy around the spatial circle. When the spatial holonomies of the solutions are ... More
Black holes in Truncated Higher Spin AdS$_3$ GravitySep 27 2012Dec 15 2012We study the higher spin black holes in a truncated version of higher spin gravity in $AdS_3$. This theory contains only finite number of even spins s=2,4,...,2N. We mainly focus on the simplest case, so-called (Type I and II) spin ${\tilde 4}$ gravity, ... More
Note on Thermodynamics Method of Black Hole/CFT CorrespondenceJan 03 2013Apr 03 2013In the paper we further refine the thermodynamics method of black hole/CFT correspondence. We show that one can derive the central charges of different holographic pictures directly from the entropy product $S_+S_-$ if it is mass-independent, for a black ... More
Classical Aspects of Higher Spin Topologically Massive GravityApr 15 2012Aug 10 2012We study the classical solutions of three dimensional topologically massive gravity (TMG) and its higher spin generalization, in the first order formulation. The action of higher spin TMG has been proposed in arXiv:1110.5113 to be of a Chern-Simons-like ... More
Tunable pulse delay and advancement in a coupled nanomechanical resonator-superconducting microwave cavity systemDec 16 2010We theoretically study the transmission of a weak probe field under the influence of a strong pump field in a coupled nanomechanical resonator-superconducting microwave cavity system. Using the standard input-output theory, we find that both pulse delay ... More
Real-time correlators in warped AdS/CFT correspondenceNov 01 2009We study real-time correlators in the warped AdS/CFT correspondence. We apply the prescription used in the usual AdS/CFT correspondence and obtain the retarded Green's functions for the scalar and vector fields in the spacelike warped and the null warped ... More
Gravitational Lensing Corrections in Flat LambdaCDM CosmologySep 17 2009Jun 16 2010We compute the deflection angle to order (m/r_0)^2 and m/r_0*Lambda r_0^2 for a light ray traveling in a flat LambdaCDM cosmology which encounters a completely condensed mass region. We use a Swiss cheese model for the inhomogeneities and find that the ... More
The Fate of Massive Closed StringsSep 15 2005We calculate the semi-inclusive decay rate of an average string state with toroidal compactification in the the superstring theory. We also apply this calculation to a brane-inflation model in a warped geometry and find that the decay rate is greatly ... More
Persistent spin current in anisotropic spin ringMay 23 2005The persistent spin current in anisotropic spin ring penetrated by a SU(2) flux is studied by the Schwinger-boson mean field approach. The anisotropy in spin coupling can facilitate the persistent spin current. Ground-state energy and excitation energy ... More
Gauge theory on $Z_2 \times Z_2 \ti Z_2 $ Discrete Group and a Spontaneous $CP$ Violation Toy ModelAug 29 1994In the spirit of Non-commutative differential calculus on discrete group, we construct a toy model of spontaneous $CP$ violation (SCPV). Our model is different from the well-known Weinberg-Branco model although it involves three Higgs doublets and preserve ... More
Rydberg states generation of Hydrogen atoms with intense laser pulses: the roles of Coulomb force and initial lateral momentumJun 20 2014We investigate the Rydberg states generation of Hydrogen atoms with intense laser pulses, by solving the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation and by means of classical trajectory monte-carlo simulations. Both linearly polarized multi-cycle pulses and ... More
Compressing Neural Networks using the Variational Information BottleneckFeb 28 2018Apr 19 2018Neural networks can be compressed to reduce memory and computational requirements, or to increase accuracy by facilitating the use of a larger base architecture. In this paper we focus on pruning individual neurons, which can simultaneously trim model ... More
Locally Repairable Codes with Multiple $(r_{i}, δ_{i})$-LocalitiesFeb 19 2017May 02 2017In distributed storage systems, locally repairable codes (LRCs) are introduced to realize low disk I/O and repair cost. In order to tolerate multiple node failures, the LRCs with \emph{$(r, \delta)$-locality} are further proposed. Since hot data is not ... More
Holographic Correlators on Integrable SuperstrataApr 09 2019In this work, we study the $\frac{1}{8}$-BPS heavy-heavy-light-light correlators in the D1D5 CFT and its holographic dual. On the field theory side, we compute the fermionic four-point correlators at the free orbifold point. On the dual gravity side, ... More
Low-Delay Distributed Source Coding for Time-Varying Sources with Unknown StatisticsOct 26 2016We consider a system in which two nodes take correlated measurements of a random source with time-varying and unknown statistics. The observations of the source at the first node are to be losslessly replicated with a given probability of outage at the ... More
Exotic phase separation in one-dimensional hard-core boson system with two- and three-body interactionsJul 24 2014Jul 25 2014We investigate the ground state phase diagram of hard-core boson system with repulsive two-body and attractive three-body interactions in one-dimensional optic lattice. When these two interactions are comparable and increasing the hopping rate, physically ... More
Magnetization jump in one dimensional $J-Q_{2}$ model with anisotropic exchangeDec 30 2016Dec 27 2017We investigate the adiabatic magnetization process of the one-dimensional $J-Q_{2}$ model with XXZ anisotropy $g$ in an external magnetic field $h$ by using density matrix renormalization group (DMRG) method. According to the characteristic of the magnetization ... More
Thermal Tensor Renormalization Group Simulations of Square-Lattice Quantum Spin ModelsApr 12 2019In this work, we benchmark the well-controlled and numerically accurate exponential thermal tensor renormalization group (XTRG) in the simulation of interacting spin models in two dimensions. Finite temperature introduces a thermal correlation length, ... More