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StabilityOct 01 2013Reproducibility is imperative for any scientific discovery. More often than not, modern scientific findings rely on statistical analysis of high-dimensional data. At a minimum, reproducibility manifests itself in stability of statistical results relative ... More
The Templates of Nonsingular Smale Flows on Three ManifoldsMar 11 2011In this paper, we first discuss some connections between template theory and the description of basic sets of Smale flows on 3-manifolds due to F. B\'eguin and C. Bonatti. The main tools we use are symbolic dynamics, template moves and some combinatorial ... More
Affine Hirsch foliations on 3-manifoldsApr 13 2016Apr 14 2016This paper is devoted to discussing affine Hirsch foliations on $3$-manifolds. First, we prove that up to isotopic leaf-conjugacy, every closed orientable $3$-manifold $M$ admits $0$, $1$ or $2$ affine Hirsch foliations. Then, we analysis the $3$-manifolds ... More
Maximal rigid subcategories in 2-Calabi-Yau triangulated categoriesApr 30 2010May 11 2010We study the maximal rigid subcategories in $2-$CY triangulated categories and their endomorphism algebras. Cluster tilting subcategories are obviously maximal rigid; we prove that the converse is true if the $2-$CY triangulated categories admit a cluster ... More
Cotorsion pairs and t-structures in a $2-$Calabi-Yau triangulated categoryOct 24 2012Oct 26 2012For a Calabi-Yau triangulated category $\mathcal{C}$ of Calabi-Yau dimension $d$ with a $d-$cluster tilting subcategory $\mathcal{T}$, it is proved that the decomposition of $\mathcal{C}$ is determined by the special decomposition of $\mathcal{T}$, namely, ... More
Mutation of torsion pairs in triangulated categories and its geometric realizationMay 18 2011By generalizing mutation of rigid subcategories, maximal rigid subcategories and cluster tilting subcategories, the notion of mutation of torsion pairs in triangulated categories is introduced. It is proved that the mutation of torsion pairs in triangulated ... More
Cluster algebras arising from cluster tubesAug 20 2010Nov 29 2013We study the cluster algebras arising from cluster tubes with rank bigger than $1$. Cluster tubes are $2-$Calabi-Yau triangulated categories which contain no cluster tilting objects, but maximal rigid objects. Fix a certain maximal rigid object $T$ in ... More
Local identifiability of $l_1$-minimization dictionary learning: a sufficient and almost necessary conditionMay 17 2015Jul 12 2016We study the theoretical properties of learning a dictionary from $N$ signals $\mathbf x_i\in \mathbb R^K$ for $i=1,...,N$ via $l_1$-minimization. We assume that $\mathbf x_i$'s are $i.i.d.$ random linear combinations of the $K$ columns from a complete ... More
Lasso-type recovery of sparse representations for high-dimensional dataJun 01 2008Mar 02 2009The Lasso is an attractive technique for regularization and variable selection for high-dimensional data, where the number of predictor variables $p_n$ is potentially much larger than the number of samples $n$. However, it was recently discovered that ... More
Formulas for Counting the Sizes of Markov Equivalence Classes of Directed Acyclic GraphsOct 23 2016The sizes of Markov equivalence classes of directed acyclic graphs play important roles in measuring the uncertainty and complexity in causal learning. A Markov equivalence class can be represented by an essential graph and its undirected subgraphs determine ... More
A path following algorithm for Sparse Pseudo-Likelihood Inverse Covariance Estimation (SPLICE)Jul 23 2008Given n observations of a p-dimensional random vector, the covariance matrix and its inverse (precision matrix) are needed in a wide range of applications. Sample covariance (e.g. its eigenstructure) can misbehave when p is comparable to the sample size ... More
Dynamical bag in a chiral quark modelAug 03 2013A type of bag function is proposed to make the MIT bag surface of baryon dynamical. It is illustrated through renormalization of the quark field that the softening of chiral bag gives rise to a model of chiral quark with effectively-generated mass of ... More
Early stopping and non-parametric regression: An optimal data-dependent stopping ruleJun 15 2013The strategy of early stopping is a regularization technique based on choosing a stopping time for an iterative algorithm. Focusing on non-parametric regression in a reproducing kernel Hilbert space, we analyze the early stopping strategy for a form of ... More
Error Rate Bounds in Crowdsourcing ModelsJul 10 2013Crowdsourcing is an effective tool for human-powered computation on many tasks challenging for computers. In this paper, we provide finite-sample exponential bounds on the error rate (in probability and in expectation) of hyperplane binary labeling rules ... More
Supplement to "Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs"Mar 04 2013Aug 10 2013This supplementary material includes three parts: some preliminary results, four examples, an experiment, three new algorithms, and all proofs of the results in the paper "Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphs". ... More
Effective Mass of Composite Fermions and Fermionic Chern-Simons Theory in Temporal GaugeSep 08 1997Sep 18 1997The definitions of the effective mass of the composite fermion are discussed for the half-filled Landau level problem. In a recent work, Shankar and Murthy show a finite effective mass of the composite fermion by a canonical transformation while the perturbative ... More
Cotorsion pairs in the cluster category of a marked surfaceMay 07 2012We study extension spaces, cotorsion pairs and their mutations in the cluster category of a marked surface without punctures. Under the one-to-one correspondence between the curves, valued closed curves in the marked surface and the indecomposable objects ... More
Minimax-optimal rates for sparse additive models over kernel classes via convex programmingAug 21 2010Dec 18 2011Sparse additive models are families of $d$-variate functions that have the additive decomposition $f^* = \sum_{j \in S} f^*_j$, where $S$ is an unknown subset of cardinality $s \ll d$. In this paper, we consider the case where each univariate component ... More
Extracting work from the magnetic field coupled Brownian particlesJul 04 2014Aug 09 2014Thermodynamics of the magnetic field coupled Brownian particles is studied. We show that in the presence of the magnetic field, work can be extracted from the reservoir even when the measurement operation and the potential change operation are applied ... More
Reversible MCMC on Markov equivalence classes of sparse directed acyclic graphsSep 26 2012Jan 27 2014Graphical models are popular statistical tools which are used to represent dependent or causal complex systems. Statistically equivalent causal or directed graphical models are said to belong to a Markov equivalent class. It is of great interest to describe ... More
Relay Broadcast Channel with Confidential MessagesDec 24 2013Dec 08 2015We investigate the effects of an additional relay node on the secrecy of broadcast channels by considering the model of relay broadcast channels with confidential messages. We show that this additional relay node can increase the achievable secrecy rate ... More
Phenomenological Understanding of a Transport Regime with Reflection Symmetry in the Quantum Hall System in a Composite Fermion PictureSep 20 1997Jun 16 1998In this paper, we present a phenomenological picture based on the composite fermion theory, in responding to the recent discovery by Shahar et al. of a new transport regime near the transition from a $\nu=1$ quantum Hall liquid to a Hall insulator(ref[8]). ... More
Exclusive $eta_b$ decay to double $J/ψ$ at next-to-leading order in $alpha_s$Aug 07 2008Oct 09 2008Within the nonrelativistic QCD (NRQCD) factorization framework, we calculate the exclusive decay process \eta_b \to J/\psi J/\psi to next-to-leading order in the strong coupling constant, while at leading order in charm quark relative velocity. It is ... More
Spectral clustering and the high-dimensional stochastic blockmodelJul 09 2010Dec 13 2011Networks or graphs can easily represent a diverse set of data sources that are characterized by interacting units or actors. Social networks, representing people who communicate with each other, are one example. Communities or clusters of highly connected ... More
The Lasso under HeteroscedasticityNov 03 2010The performance of the Lasso is well understood under the assumptions of the standard linear model with homoscedastic noise. However, in several applications, the standard model does not describe the important features of the data. This paper examines ... More
The Fermi surface of underdoped high-T_c superconducting cupratesFeb 24 1997May 06 1997The coexistence of $\pi$-flux state and d-wave RVB state is considered in this paper within the slave boson approach. A critical value of doping concentration $\delta_c$ is found, below which the coexisting $\pi$-flux and d-wave RVB state is favored in ... More
Isomorphisms between quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$Jan 01 2010Feb 22 2012Let $\mathbb K$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in\mathbb K^*$ are not roots of unity. We prove that the two quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_{n+1})$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_{n+1})$ are isomorphic as $\mathbb K$-algebras implies that $p=\pm q^{\pm 1}$ when ... More
Isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groupsOct 09 2009Feb 22 2012We consider isomorphisms and automorphisms of quantum groups. Let $k$ be a field and suppose $p, q\in k^*$ are not roots of unity. We prove that the two quantum groups $U_q(\mathfrak {sl}_2)$ and $U_p(\mathfrak{sl}_2)$ over a field $k$ are isomorphic ... More
Randomized Algorithms For High Quality Treatment Planning in Volumetric Modulated Arc TherapyDec 07 2015Jan 05 2016In recent years, volumetric modulated arc therapy (VMAT) has been becoming a more and more important radiation technique widely used in clinical application for cancer treatment. One of the key problems in VMAT is treatment plan optimization, which is ... More
Non-Fermi liquid behavior in an extended Anderson modelAug 27 1996An extended Anderson model, including screening channels (non-hybridizing, but interacting with the local orbit), is studied within the Anderson-Yuval approach, originally devised for the single-channel Kondo problem. By comparing the perturbation expansions ... More
Chemical Vapor Deposition-Assembled Graphene Field-Effect Transistor on Hexagonal Boron NitrideMay 08 2011Jun 07 2011We investigate key electrical properties of monolayer graphene assembled by chemical-vapor-deposition (CVD) as impacted by supporting substrate material. Graphene field-effect transistors (GFETs) were fabricated with carbon channel placing directly on ... More
Origin of the GeV Emission During the X-ray Flaring Activity in GRB 100728ADec 10 2011May 16 2012Recently, Fermi-LAT detected GeV emission during the X-ray flaring activity in GRB 100728A. We study various scenarios for its origin. The hard spectrum of the GeV emission favors the external inverse-Compton origin in which X-ray flare photons are up-scattered ... More
Building a comprehensive syntactic and semantic corpus of Chinese clinical textsNov 07 2016Nov 08 2016Objective: To build a comprehensive corpus covering syntactic and semantic annotations of Chinese clinical texts with corresponding annotation guidelines and methods as well as to develop tools trained on the annotated corpus, which supplies baselines ... More
Regular level sets of Lyapunov graphs of nonsingular Smale flows on 3-manifoldsJul 20 2010In this paper, we first discuss the regular level set of a nonsingular Smale flow (NSF) on a 3-manifold. The main result about this topic is that a 3-manifold $M$ admits an NSF flow which has a regular level set homeomorphic to $(n+1)T^{2}$ $(n\in \mathbb{Z}, ... More
Remembering LeoJan 05 2011I do not remember when was the first time that I met Leo, but I have a clear memory of going to Leo's office on the 4th floor of Evans Hall to talk to him in my second year in Berkeley's Ph.D. program in 1986. The details of the conversation are not retained ... More
Electronic and Structural Properties of C$_{36}$ MoleculeApr 26 2000Apr 27 2000The extended SSH model and Bogoliubov-de Gennes(BdeG) formalism are applied to investigate the electronic properties and stable lattice configurations of C$_{36}$. We focus the problem on the molecule's unusual $D_{6h}$ symmetry. The electronic part of ... More
Dimensional reduction of U(1)\times SU(2) Chern-Simons bosonization: application to the t-J modelMay 16 1996We perform a dimensional reduction of the $U(1)\times SU(2)$ Chern--Simons bosonization and apply it to the $t-J$ model, relevant for high $T_c$ superconductors. This procedure yields a decomposition of the electron field into a product of two ``semionic" ... More
Entanglement distribution maximization over one-side Gaussian noisy channelJan 04 2010Jun 11 2010The optimization of entanglement evolution for two-mode Gaussian pure states under one-side Gaussian map is studied. Even there isn't complete information about the one-side Gaussian noisy channel, one can still maximize the entanglement distribution ... More
Correlation property of length sequences based on global structure of complete genomeJun 30 2000Oct 20 2000This paper considers three kinds of length sequences of the complete genome. Detrended fluctuation analysis, spectral analysis, and the mean distance spanned within time $L$ are used to discuss the correlation property of these sequences. The values of ... More
An Updated Study for $Υ$ Production and Polarization at the Tevatron and LHCMar 29 2015Following the nonrelativistic QCD factorization scheme, by taking latest available measurement on $\chi_b(3P)$ into consideration, we present an updated study on the yield and polarization of $\Upsilon(1S,2S,3S)$ hadroproduction, and the fractions of ... More
Hierarchical Additive Modeling of Nonlinear Association with Spatial Correlations-An Application to Relate Alcohol Outlet Density and Neighborhood Assault RatesFeb 04 2008Previous studies have suggested a link between alcohol outlets and assaultive violence. In this paper, we explore the effects of alcohol availability on assault crimes at the census tract level over time. The statistical analysis is challenged by several ... More
Slow light of an amplitude modulated Gaussian pulse in electromagnetically induced transparency mediumJan 20 2009The slow light effects of an amplitude modulated Gaussian (AMG) pulse in a cesium atomic vapor are presented. In a single-$\Lambda$ type electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) medium, more severe distortion is observed for an AMG pulse than a ... More
Pseudogap phase in the U(1) gauge theory with incoherent spinon pairsApr 09 1999The pseudogap effect of underdoped high-$T_c$ superconductors is studied in the U(1) gauge theory of the t-J model including the spinon pairing fluctuation. The gauge fluctuation breaks the long range correlation between the spinon pairs. The pairing ... More
Lauglin-type wavefunction of two-dimensional electrons in the tilted magnetic fieldMar 27 2002We study the fractional quantum Hall states in the tilted magnetic field. A many-particle wavefunction of the ground state, which is similar to that of Laughlin's, is constructed in the Landau gauge. We show that in the limit of thermodynamics, the concept ... More
Paired Hall States versus Unidirectional CDW in Tilted Field for $ν={5/2}$Sep 14 1999Dec 17 2000We formulate the composite fermions in the presence of an in-plane magnetic field. As the in-plane field increases, if we assume the state at $\nu=5/2$ turns into the mixed state between the unidirectional charge density wave domains and paired Hall state, ... More
Solving Linear Programs with Complementarity Constraints using Branch-and-CutFeb 08 2018A linear program with linear complementarity constraints (LPCC) requires the minimization of a linear objective over a set of linear constraints together with additional linear complementarity constraints. This class has emerged as a modeling paradigm ... More
Lyapunov graphs of nonsingular Smale flows on $S^{1}\times S^{2}$Mar 11 2011In this paper, following J. Franks' work on Lyapunov graphs of nonsingular Smale flows on $S^3$, we study Lyapunov graphs of nonsingular Smale flows on $S^1 \times S^2$. More precisely, we determine necessary and sufficient conditions on an abstract Lyapunov ... More
Gravitational collapse of massless scalar field in $f(R)$ gravityAug 17 2016Oct 18 2016We study the spherically symmetric gravitational collapse of massless scalar matter field in asymptotic flat spacetime in $f(R)$ gravity. In the Einstein frame of $f(R)$ gravity, an additional scalar field arises due to the conformal transformation. We ... More
Image Type Water Meter Character Recognition Based on Embedded DSPAug 27 2015In the paper, we combined DSP processor with image processing algorithm and studied the method of water meter character recognition. We collected water meter image through camera at a fixed angle, and the projection method is used to recognize those digital ... More
Describing the ADD model in a warped geometryJan 12 2015We propose a new description of the (4+N)-dimensional Arkani-Hamed-Dimopoulos-Dvali (ADD) model in a (4+1)-dimensional warped geometry to solve the gauge hierarchy problem. It has the same KK spectrum as in the ADD model and recovers its phenomenons that ... More
ActiveCrowd: A Framework for Optimized Multi-Task Allocation in Mobile Crowdsensing SystemsAug 08 2016Worker selection is a key issue in Mobile Crowd Sensing (MCS). While previous worker selection approaches mainly focus on selecting a proper subset of workers for a single MCS task, multi-task-oriented worker selection is essential and useful for the ... More
A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach for Aerosol Retrieval Using MISR DataJul 18 2011Jul 26 2012Atmospheric aerosols can cause serious damage to human health and life expectancy. Using the radiances observed by NASA's Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR), the current MISR operational algorithm retrieves Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) at a spatial ... More
Quantum entropy of two-dimensional extreme charged dilaton black holeJul 20 1998By using Hawking's treatment as well as Zaslavskii's treatment respectively and the brick wall model, two different values of classical entropy and quantum entropy of scalar fields in the two-dimensional extreme charged dilaton black hole backgrounds ... More
Holes in a Two-Dimensional Quantum AntiferromagnetAug 13 1993A brief review is presented on the studies of the hole motion in a two--dimensional quantum antiferromagnet. An extended introduction is given to cover the background of the problem. The quantum Bogoliubov--de Gennes formalism which treats the local distortion ... More
Doping and temperature dependence of incommensurate antiferromagnetism in underdoped lanthanum cupratesSep 04 2001The doping, temperature and energy dependence of the dynamical spin structure factors of the underdoped lanthanum cuprates in the normal state is studied within the t-J model using the fermion-spin transformation technique. Incommensurate peaks are found ... More
Depth $0$ Nonsingular Morse Smale flows on $S^3$Nov 26 2013Apr 07 2014In this paper, we first develope the concept of Lyapunov graph to weighted Lyapunov graph (abbreviated as WLG) for nonsingular Morse-Smale flows (abbreviated as NMS flows) on $S^3$. WLG is quite sensitive to NMS flows on $S^3$. For instance, WLG detect ... More
Comment: Monitoring Networked Applications With Incremental Quantile EstimationAug 02 2007Comment: Monitoring Networked Applications With Incremental Quantile Estimation [arXiv:0708.0302]
Clock Auto-synchronizing Method for BES III ETOF UpgradeMar 09 2015An automatic clock synchronizing method implemented in field programmable gate array (FPGA) is proposed in this paper. It is developed for the clock system which will be applied in the end-cap time of flight (ETOF) upgrade of the Beijing Spectrometer ... More
Generalized three-intensity decoy state method for measurement device independent quantum key distributionSep 23 2013We present improved results and more general results for the decoy-state measurement device independent quantum key distribution (MDI-QKD) where the intensities of all 3 pulses can be non-zero. We present a more tightened explicit formula for the lower ... More
From Participatory Sensing to Mobile Crowd SensingJan 14 2014The research on the efforts of combining human and machine intelligence has a long history. With the development of mobile sensing and mobile Internet techniques, a new sensing paradigm called Mobile Crowd Sensing (MCS), which leverages the power of citizens ... More
Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing: When Participatory Sensing Meets Participatory Social MediaMay 01 2015With the development of mobile sensing and mobile social networking techniques, Mobile Crowd Sensing and Computing (MCSC), which leverages heterogeneous crowdsourced data for large-scale sensing, has become a leading paradigm. Built on top of the participatory ... More
The Haldane Energy Gap of A Doped Linear-Chain Heisenberg AntiferromagnetJan 27 1993Jan 28 1993Using the valence-bond-solid (VBS) approach and the Schwinger boson mean field approximation, we study the dependence of the Haldane gap of a spin-1 linear chain Heisenberg antiferromagnet on impurity doping with different spins. The impurity spins affect ... More
$U(1)\times SU(2)$ gauge theory of underdoped cuprate superconductorsSep 09 1997The $U(1)\times SU(2)$ Chern-Simons gauge theory is applied to study the 2-D $t-J$ model describing the normal state of underdoped cuprate superconductors. The U(1) field produces a flux phase for holons converting them into Dirac-like fermions, while ... More
Insulator-to-metal phase transition in Yb-based Kondo insulatorsApr 22 2010The periodic Anderson lattice model for the crystalline electric field (CEF)split 4f quartet states is used to describe the Yb-based Kondo insulators/semiconductors. In the slave-boson mean-field approximation, we derive the hybridized quasiparticle bands, ... More
Metal-insulator crossover in superconducting cuprates in strong magnetic fieldsFeb 23 2001The metal-insulator crossover of the in-plane resistivity upon temperature decrease, recently observed in several classes of cuprate superconductors, when a strong magnetic field suppresses the superconductivity, is explained using the $U(1)\times SU(2)$ ... More
U(1)xSU(2) Chern--Simons gauge theory of underdoped cuprate superconductorsMay 15 1998The Chern-Simons bosonization with U(1)xSU(2) gauge field is applied to 2-D t-J model in the limit t >> J, to study the normal state properties of underdoped cuprate superconductors. We prove the existence of an upper bound on the partition function for ... More
Geometry of the extreme Kerr black holesJan 22 1998Geometrical properties of the extreme Kerr black holes in the topological sectors of nonextreme and extreme configurations are studied. We find that the Euler characteristic plays an essential role to distinguish these two kinds of extreme black holes. ... More
Fast Linearized Bregman Iteration for Compressive Sensing and Sparse DenoisingApr 01 2011We propose and analyze an extremely fast, efficient, and simple method for solving the problem:min{parallel to u parallel to(1) : Au = f, u is an element of R-n}.This method was first described in [J. Darbon and S. Osher, preprint, 2007], with more details ... More
Possible composite-fermion liquid as a crossover from Wigner crystal to bubble phase in higher Landau levelJun 01 2000Nov 30 2000The ground state cohesive energies per electron of the composite fermion (CF) Fermi sea, the Laughlin state and the charge density wave (CDW) at higher Landau levels (LLs) are computed. It is shown that whereas for $n\geq 2$ LL, the CDW state is generally ... More
A criterion for irreducibility of parabolic baby Verma modules of reductive Lie algebrasApr 19 2014Apr 27 2014Let $G$ be a connected, reductive algebraic group over an algebraically closed field $k$ of prime characteristic $p$ and $\mathfrak{g}=Lie(G)$. In this paper, we study representations of $\mathfrak{g}$ with a $p$-character $\chi$ of standard Levi form. ... More
The Triality of Conformal Extensions of Three Kinds of Special RelativityNov 04 2006Feb 08 2007The conformal extensions of three kinds of special relativity with ISO(1,3)/SO(1,4)/SO(2,3) invariance on Mink/dS/AdS space, respectively, are realized on an SO(2,4)/Z_2 invariant projective null cone [N] as the (projective) boundary of the 5-d AdS-space. ... More
Universality class of non-Fermi liquid behavior in mixed valence systemsOct 06 1995Oct 30 1995A generalized Anderson single-impurity model with off-site Coulomb interactions is derived from the extended three-band Hubbard model, originally proposed to describe the physics of the copper-oxides. Using the abelian bosonization technique and canonical ... More
Kondo screening coexisting with ferromagnetic order as a possible ground state for Kondo lattice systemsOct 10 2009Mar 19 2010We consider the competition between the Kondo screening effect and ferromagnetic long-range order (FLRO) within a mean-field theory of the Kondo lattice model for low conduction electron densities $n_{c}$. Depending on the parameter values, several types ... More
Relativistic coupled-cluster theory analysis of energies, hyperfine structure constants, and dipole polarizabilities of Cd$^{+}$Feb 08 2018Roles of electron correlation effects in the determination of attachment energies, magnetic dipole hyperfine structure constants and electric dipole (E1) matrix elements of the low-lying states in the singly charged cadmium ion (Cd$^+$) have been analyzed. ... More
FreeSense:Indoor Human Identification with WiFi SignalsAug 11 2016Human identification plays an important role in human-computer interaction. There have been numerous methods proposed for human identification (e.g., face recognition, gait recognition, fingerprint identification, etc.). While these methods could be very ... More
Information In The Non-Stationary CaseJun 24 2008Jul 18 2008Information estimates such as the ``direct method'' of Strong et al. (1998) sidestep the difficult problem of estimating the joint distribution of response and stimulus by instead estimating the difference between the marginal and conditional entropies ... More
Unified Approach to Universal Cloning and Phase-Covariant CloningApr 26 2008Jun 21 2008We analyze the problem of approximate quantum cloning when the quantum state is between two latitudes on the Bloch's sphere. We present an analytical formula for the optimized 1-to-2 cloning. The formula unifies the universal quantum cloning (UQCM) and ... More
Convergence of energy-dependent incommensurate antiferromagnetic neutron scattering peaks to commensurate resonance in underdoped bilayer cupratesJun 12 2002The recently discovered coexistence of incommensurate antiferromagnetic neutron scattering peaks and commensurate resonance in underdoped YBa$_2$Cu$_3$O$_{6+x}$ is calling for an explanation. Within the t-J model, the doping and energy dependence of the ... More
The Improved Job Scheduling Algorithm of Hadoop PlatformJun 09 2015This paper discussed some job scheduling algorithms for Hadoop platform, and proposed a jobs scheduling optimization algorithm based on Bayes Classification viewing the shortcoming of those algorithms which are used. The proposed algorithm can be summarized ... More
Enhanced correlation of electron-positron pair in the two and three dimensionsOct 15 2013Early-time electron-positron correlation in vacuum pair-production in an external field is investigated. The entangled electron and positron wave functions are obtained analytically in the configuration and momentum spaces. It is shown that, relative ... More
Quantum fluctuations of $D_{5d}$ polarons on $C_{60}$ moleculesJun 24 1994The dynamic Jahn-Teller splitting of the six equivalent $D_{5d}$ polarons due to quantum fluctuations is studied in the framework of the Bogoliubov-de Gennes formalism. The tunneling induced level splittings are determined to be $^2 T_{1u} \bigoplus ^2 ... More
Impact of regularization on Spectral ClusteringDec 05 2013Jul 21 2014The performance of spectral clustering can be considerably improved via regularization, as demonstrated empirically in Amini et. al (2012). Here, we provide an attempt at quantifying this improvement through theoretical analysis. Under the stochastic ... More
The shuffle estimator for explainable variance in fMRI experimentsJan 13 2014In computational neuroscience, it is important to estimate well the proportion of signal variance in the total variance of neural activity measurements. This explainable variance measure helps neuroscientists assess the adequacy of predictive models that ... More
Supervised Feature Selection in Graphs with Path Coding Penalties and Network FlowsApr 20 2012Aug 29 2013We consider supervised learning problems where the features are embedded in a graph, such as gene expressions in a gene network. In this context, it is of much interest to automatically select a subgraph with few connected components; by exploiting prior ... More
Multi-Group Testing for Items with Real-Valued Status under Standard ArithmeticMar 25 2013Dec 17 2014This paper proposes a novel generalization of group testing, called multi-group testing, which relaxes the notion of "testing subset" in group testing to "testing multi-set". The generalization aims to learn more information of each item to be tested ... More
Landau Quantization in Graphene Monolayer, Bernal Bilayer, and Bernal Trilayer on Graphite SurfaceJan 07 2015Electronic properties of surface areas decoupled from graphite are studied using scanning tunnelling microscopy and spectroscopy. We show that it is possible to identify decoupled graphene monolayer, Bernal bilayer, and Bernal trilayer on graphite surface ... More
Finite-State Markov Modeling of Tunnel Channels in Communication-based Train Control (CBTC) SystemsJul 30 2013Communication-based train control (CBTC) is gradually adopted in urban rail transit systems, as it can significantly enhance railway network efficiency, safety and capacity. Since CBTC systems are mostly deployed in underground tunnels and trains move ... More
Quasinormal Modes of Charged Fermions and Phase Transition of Black HolesMay 07 2010May 14 2010We study the quasinormal modes of massless charged fermions in a Reissner-Nordstrom-anti-de Sitter black hole spacetime. In the probe limit, we find that the imaginary part of quasinormal frequency will become positive when the temperature of the black ... More
The Analog Front-end Prototype Electronics Designed for LHAASO WCDAApr 22 2015In the readout electronics of the Water Cerenkov Detector Array (WCDA) in the Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO) experiment, both high-resolution charge and time measurement are required over a dynamic range from 1 photoelectron (P.E.) ... More
Efficient tomography of quantum-optical Gaussian processes probed with a few coherent statesApr 23 2013Aug 08 2013An arbitrary quantum-optical process (channel) can be completely characterized by probing it with coherent states using the recently developed coherent-state quantum process tomography (QPT) [Lobino et al., Science 322, 563 (2008)]. In general, precise ... More
Elliptic flow in heavy ion collisions near the balance energyJun 24 1999The proton elliptic flow in collisions of Ca on Ca at energies from 30 to 100 MeV/nucleon is studied in an isospin-dependent transport model. With increasing incident energy, the elliptic flow shows a transition from positive to negative flow. Its magnitude ... More
Spin-valley qubit in nanostructures of monolayer semiconductors: Optical control and hyperfine interactionJan 27 2016We investigate the optical control possibilities of spin-valley qubit carried by single electrons localized in nanostructures of monolayer TMDs, including small quantum dots formed by lateral heterojunction and charged impurities. The quantum controls ... More
Testing anomalous gauge couplings of the Higgs boson via weak-boson scatterings at the LHCMar 06 2003Jul 03 2003We propose a sensitive way to test the anomalous HVV couplings (V=W(+/-),Z(0)) of the Higgs boson (H), which can arise from either the dimension-3 effective operator in a nonlinearly realized Higgs sector or the dimension-6 effective operators in a linearly ... More
Boosting with early stopping: Convergence and consistencyAug 16 2005Boosting is one of the most significant advances in machine learning for classification and regression. In its original and computationally flexible version, boosting seeks to minimize empirically a loss function in a greedy fashion. The resulting estimator ... More
Optical transitions between Landau levels: AA-stacked bilayer grapheneApr 20 2010Aug 10 2010The low-frequency optical excitations of AA-stacked bilayer graphene are investigated by the tight-binding model. Two groups of asymmetric LLs lead to two kinds of absorption peaks resulting from only intragroup excitations. Each absorption peak obeys ... More
Shot noise of spin current and spin transfer torqueDec 21 2012We report the theoretical investigation of noise spectrum of spin current and spin transfer torque for non-colinear spin polarized transport in a spin-valve device which consists of normal scattering region connected by two ferromagnetic electrodes. Our ... More
Anomalous gauge couplings of the Higgs boson at the CERN LHC: Semileptonic mode in WW scatteringsNov 19 2008Mar 14 2009We make a full tree level study of the signatures of anomalous gauge couplings of the Higgs boson at the CERN LHC via the semileptonic decay mode in WW scatterings. Both signals and backgrounds are studied at the hadron level for the Higgs mass in the ... More
Error Rate Bounds and Iterative Weighted Majority Voting for CrowdsourcingNov 15 2014Crowdsourcing has become an effective and popular tool for human-powered computation to label large datasets. Since the workers can be unreliable, it is common in crowdsourcing to assign multiple workers to one task, and to aggregate the labels in order ... More
Complexity Analysis of the Lasso Regularization PathMay 01 2012May 19 2012The regularization path of the Lasso can be shown to be piecewise linear, making it possible to "follow" and explicitly compute the entire path. We analyze in this paper this popular strategy, and prove that its worst case complexity is exponential in ... More
Creating and probing wide-bandgap nanoribbon-like structures in a continuous metallic graphene sheetDec 21 2015The light-like dispersion of graphene monolayer results in many novel electronic properties in it1, however, this gapless feature also limits the applications of graphene monolayer in digital electronics2. A rare working solution to generate a moderate ... More