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Jantzen filtration and strong linkage principle for modular Lie superalgebrasOct 16 2017In this paper, we introduce super Weyl groups, their distinguished elements and properties for basic classical Lie superalgebras. Then we formulate Jantzen filtration for baby Verma modules in graded restricted module categories of basic classical Lie ... More
Non-minimal Higgs-gravity coupling and naturalness at the LHC and beyondJan 19 2019Apr 24 2019The non-minimal Higgs-gravity coupling, $\xi H^\dagger H R$, can play an interesting role in particle physics. We utilize the available LHC Run-2 data to obtain the bound on the coupling $\xi$ and discuss the prospects of constraining it at CEPC, FCC-ee ... More
Electromagnetically induced transparency in hybrid plasmonic-dielectric systemNov 19 2010We present theoretical and numerical analysis of a plasmonic-dielectric hybrid system for symmetric and asymmetric coupling between silver cut-wire pairs and silicon grating waveguide with periodic grooves. The results show that both couplings can induce ... More
Non-minimal Higgs-gravity coupling and naturalness at the LHC and beyondJan 19 2019Jul 06 2019The non-minimal Higgs-gravity coupling, $\xi H^\dagger H R$, can play an interesting role in particle physics. We utilize the available LHC Run-2 data to obtain the bound on the coupling $\xi$ and discuss the prospects of constraining it at CEPC, FCC-ee ... More
Quantitative Law of Diffusion Induced Stress and FractureMay 15 2014In diffusion processes of solid materials, such as in the classical thermal shock problem and the recent lithium ion battery, the maximum diffusion induced stress (DIS) is a very important quantity. However a widely accepted, accurate and easy-to-use ... More
Large Scale Purchase Prediction with Historical User Actions on B2C Online Retail PlatformAug 27 2014Mar 04 2015This paper describes the solution of Bazinga Team for Tmall Recommendation Prize 2014. With real-world user action data provided by Tmall, one of the largest B2C online retail platforms in China, this competition requires to predict future user purchases ... More
The Jacquet Langlands correspondence via twisted descentJan 02 2015Jan 07 2016The existence of the well-known Jacquet-Langlands correspondence was established by Jacquet and Langlands via the trace formula method in 1970. An explicit construction of such a correspondence was obtained by Shimizu via theta series in 1972. In this ... More
Aggregate channel features for multi-view face detectionJul 15 2014Sep 03 2014Face detection has drawn much attention in recent decades since the seminal work by Viola and Jones. While many subsequences have improved the work with more powerful learning algorithms, the feature representation used for face detection still can't ... More
Repeat-pass SAR Interferometry Experiments with Gaofen-3: A Case Study of Ningbo AreaMar 31 2017This paper reports the repeat-pass interferometric SAR results of Gaofen-3, a Chinese civil SAR satellite, acquired in November 2016 and March 2017 from Ningbo area. With the spatial baseline about 600 m and time baseline 116 days, the coherence of the ... More
Simple property of heterogeneous aspiration dynamics: Beyond weak selectionSep 06 2018Nov 13 2018How individuals adapt their behavior in cultural evolution remains elusive. Theoretical studies have shown that the update rules chosen to model individual decision making can dramatically modify the evolutionary outcome of the population as a whole. ... More
Confronting the DAMPE Excess with the Scotogenic Type-II Seesaw ModelDec 06 2017Jun 21 2018The DArk Matter Particle Explorer (DAMPE) has observed a tentative peak at $E\sim1.4~\TeV$ in the cosmic-ray electron spectrum. In this paper, we interpret this excess in the scotogenic type-II seesaw model. This model extends the canonical type-II seesaw ... More
Aspiration dynamics generate robust predictions in structured populationsSep 30 2018Evolutionary game dynamics in structured populations are strongly affected by updating rules. Previous studies usually focus on imitation-based rules, which rely on payoff information of social peers. Recent behavioral experiments suggest that whether ... More
Microstructures and Dynamics of Tetraalkylphosphonium Chloride Ionic LiquidsSep 04 2017Atomistic simulations have been performed to investigate the effect of aliphatic chain length in tetraalkylphosphonium cations on liquid morphologies, microscopic ionic structures and dynamical properties of tetraalkylphosphonium chloride ionic liquids. ... More
Transient dynamics of molecular devices under step-like pulse biasSep 24 2009We report first principles investigation of time-dependent current of molecular devices under a step-like pulse.Our results show that although the switch-on time of the molecular device is comparable to the transit time, much longer time is needed to ... More
Topological Symmetry And Existence of Partial SynchronizationOct 22 2008We study the relationship between the partial synchronous (PaS) state and the coupling structure in general dynamical systems. By the exact proof, we find the sufficient and necessary condition of the existence of PaS state for the coupling structure. ... More
Exponential Thermal Tensor Network Approach for Quantum Lattice ModelsDec 30 2017Oct 05 2018We speed up thermal simulations of quantum many-body systems in both one- (1D) and two-dimensional (2D) models in an exponential way by iteratively projecting the thermal density matrix $\hat\rho=e^{-\beta \hat{H}}$ onto itself. We refer to this scheme ... More
Single-photon-induced two qubits excitation without breaking parity symmetryJan 15 2018We investigate theoretically the model of two \qubits" system (one qubit having an auxiliary level) interacting with a single-mode resonator in the ultrastrong coupling regime. We show that a single photon could simultaneously excite two qubits without ... More
A further study of $t_{\rm burst}$ of GRBs: rest frame properties, external plateau contributions and multiple parameter analysisJul 05 2017[Zhang 2014] propose to redefine the true GRB central engine activity duration, $t_{\rm burst}$, by considering the contributions from the prompt $\gamma$-ray emission, X-ray flare and internal plateau features. With a comprehensive study on a large sample ... More
Mass sensing by quantum criticalityApr 03 2019Mass sensing connects the mass variation to a frequency shift of a mechanical oscillator, whose limitation is determined by its mechanical frequency resolution. Here we propose a method to enlarge a minute mechanical frequency shift, which is smaller ... More
Oscillation in microRNA Feedback LoopApr 22 2013Dec 16 2013The dynamic behaviors of microRNA and mRNA under external stress are studied with biological experiments and mathematics models. In this study, we developed a mathematic model to describe the biological phenomenon and for the first time reported that, ... More
Broadband omnidirectional invisibility for sound in three dimensionsMar 12 2014Acoustic cloaks that make object undetectable to sound waves have potential applications in a variety of scenarios and have received increasing interests recently. However, the experimental realization of a three-dimensional (3D) acoustic cloak that works ... More
Two-temperature scales in the triangular-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnetNov 04 2018Apr 11 2019The anomalous thermodynamic properties of the paradigmatic frustrated spin-1/2 triangular lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet (TLH) has remained an open topic of research over decades, both experimentally and theoretically. Here we further the theoretical ... More
Experimental realizations of full control of reflected waves with subwavelength acoustic metasurfacesJul 04 2014Dec 26 2014Metasurfaces with subwavelength thickness have exhibited unconventional phenomena in ways that could not be mimicked by traditional materials. Here we report the analytical design and experimental realizations of acoustic metasurface with hitherto inaccessible ... More
Robustness of Maximum Correntropy Estimation Against Large OutliersMar 23 2017Nov 23 2017The maximum correntropy criterion (MCC) has recently been successfully applied in robust regression, classification and adaptive filtering, where the correntropy is maximized instead of minimizing the well-known mean square error (MSE) to improve the ... More
Improved Decoding of Staircase Codes: The Soft-aided Bit-marking (SABM) AlgorithmFeb 04 2019Staircase codes (SCCs) are typically decoded using iterative bounded-distance decoding (BDD) and hard decisions. In this paper, a novel decoding algorithm is proposed, which partially uses soft information from the channel. The proposed algorithm is based ... More
Decoding Staircase Codes with Marked BitsNov 21 2018Staircase codes (SCCs) are typically decoded using iterative bounded-distance decoding (BDD) and hard decisions. In this paper, a novel decoding algorithm is proposed, which partially uses soft information from the channel. The proposed algorithm is based ... More
Image Prediction for Limited-angle Tomography via Deep Learning with Convolutional Neural NetworkJul 29 2016Limited angle problem is a challenging issue in x-ray computed tomography (CT) field. Iterative reconstruction methods that utilize the additional prior can suppress artifacts and improve image quality, but unfortunately require increased computation ... More
Renner-Teller Effect on Dissociative Electron Attachments to Carbon DioxideOct 28 2011Stereo-dynamics of dissociative electron attachments to CO_2 is investigated by the O^- anion velocity imaging experiments combined with the R-matrix calculations. ^2{\Pi}_g as a Feshbach resonant state of CO_2^- is confirmed to play roles in the dissociations ... More
Weak metal-metal transition in the vanadium oxytelluride Rb$_{1-δ}$V$_2$Te$_2$OMar 05 2018Aug 17 2018We report the synthesis, crystal structure, physical properties, and first-principles calculations of a vanadium-based oxytelluride Rb$_{1-\delta}$V$_2$Te$_2$O ($\delta\approx0.2$). The crystal structure bears two-dimensional V$_2$O square nets sandwiched ... More
Controllable nonlinearity in a dual-coupling optomechanical system under a weak-coupling regimeMar 24 2018Strong quantum nonlinearity gives rise to many interesting quantum effects and has wide applications in quantum physics. Herewe investigate the quantum nonlinear effect of an optomechanical system (OMS) consisting of both linear and quadratic coupling. ... More
Top quark decays with flavor violation in the B-LSSMJun 05 2018The decays of top quark $t\rightarrow c\gamma,\;t\rightarrow cg,\;t\rightarrow cZ,\;t\rightarrow ch$ are extremely rare processes in the standard model (SM). The predictions on the corresponding branching ratios in the SM are too small to be detected ... More
A Prototype of Trigger Electronics for LAWCA ExperimentMay 21 2013The Large Area Water Cherenkov Array (LAWCA) experiment focuses on high energy gamma astronomy between 100 GeV and 30 TeV. Invoked by the idea of hardware triggerless structure, a prototype of LAWCA trigger electronics is implemented in one single VME-9U ... More
Kernel Risk-Sensitive Loss: Definition, Properties and Application to Robust Adaptive FilteringAug 01 2016Nonlinear similarity measures defined in kernel space, such as correntropy, can extract higher-order statistics of data and offer potentially significant performance improvement over their linear counterparts especially in non-Gaussian signal processing ... More
Quantifying the influence of conformational uncertainty in biomolecular solvationAug 24 2014Aug 31 2015Biomolecules exhibit conformational fluctuations near equilibrium states, inducing uncertainty in various biological properties in a dynamic way. We have developed a general method to quantify the uncertainty of target properties induced by conformational ... More
Imaging the indirect dissociation dynamics of temporary negative ion: N2O- -> N2 + O-Oct 08 2012We reported an imaging study of the dissociation dynamics of temporary negative ion N2O- formed in the low-energy electron attachment, e- + N2O -> N2O- -> N2 + O-. With the help of ab initio molecular dynamics calculations, the evolution of momentum distributions ... More
Automatic target positioning and tracking for image-guided radiotherapy without implanted fiducialsJun 20 2019Current image-guided prostate radiotherapy often relies on the use of implanted fiducials or transducers for target localization. Fiducial or transducer insertion requires an invasive procedure that adds cost and risks for bleeding, infection, and discomfort ... More
The Trigger System for the External Target Experiment in CSR of HIRFLDec 16 2015A trigger system was designed for the external target experiment in the Cooling Storage Ring (CSR) of the Heavy Ion Research Facility in Lanzhou (HIRFL). Considering that different detectors are scattered in a large area, the trigger system is designed ... More
Manifold Criterion Guided Transfer Learning via Intermediate Domain GenerationMar 25 2019In many practical transfer learning scenarios, the feature distribution is different across the source and target domains (i.e. non-i.i.d.). Maximum mean discrepancy (MMD), as a domain discrepancy metric, has achieved promising performance in unsupervised ... More
Image Domain Dual Material Decomposition for Dual-Energy CT using Butterfly NetworkApr 05 2018Dual-energy CT (DECT) has been increasingly used in imaging applications because of its capability for material differentiation. However, material decomposition suffers from magnified noise from two CT images of independent scans, leading to severe degradation ... More
Accurate reconstruction of image stimuli from human fMRI based on the decoding model with capsule network architectureJan 02 2018In neuroscience, all kinds of computation models were designed to answer the open question of how sensory stimuli are encoded by neurons and conversely, how sensory stimuli can be decoded from neuronal activities. Especially, functional Magnetic Resonance ... More
Projection Super-resolution Based on Convolutional Neural Network for Computed TomographyMar 23 2019The improvement of computed tomography (CT) image resolution is beneficial to the subsequent medical diagnosis, but it is usually limited by the scanning devices and great expense. Convolutional neural network (CNN)-based methods have achieved promising ... More
Learning Acoustic Word Embeddings with Temporal Context for Query-by-Example Speech SearchJun 10 2018Jun 17 2018We propose to learn acoustic word embeddings with temporal context for query-by-example (QbE) speech search. The temporal context includes the leading and trailing word sequences of a word. We assume that there exist spoken word pairs in the training ... More
A comprehensive statistical study on gamma-ray burstsFeb 14 2019In order to obtain an overview of the gamma-ray bursts (GRBs), we need a full sample. In this paper, we collected 6289 GRBs (from GRB 910421 to GRB 160509A) from the literature, including prompt emission, afterglow and host galaxy properties. We hope ... More
A unified image reconstruction framework for quantitative dual- and triple-energy CT imaging of material compositionsMar 15 2018Many clinical applications depend critically on the accurate differentiation and classification of different types of materials in patient anatomy. This work introduces a unified framework for accurate nonlinear material decomposition and applies it, ... More
3D Printing of Flexible Room-Temperature Liquid Metal BatteryDec 17 2017The entirely soft and transformable room-temperature liquid metal battery based on 3D hybrid printing was proposed and experimentally demonstrated. Liquid metal gallium and conductive gel were employed as the negative and positive electrode material, ... More
Superconductivity in LaPd2Bi2 with CaBe2Ge2-type structureSep 13 2018Here we report the synthesis and superconductivity of a novel ternary compound LaPd2Bi2. Shiny plate-like single crystals of LaPd2Bi2 were first synthesized by high-temperature solution method with PdBi flux. X-ray diffraction analysis indicates that ... More
Superconductivity at 10.4 K in a novel quasi-one-dimensional ternary molybdenum pnictide K2Mo3As3May 14 2018Here we report the discovery of the first ternary molybdenum pnictide based superconductor K2Mo3As3. Polycrystalline samples were synthesized by the conventional solid state reaction method. X-ray diffraction analysis reveals a quasi-one-dimensional hexagonal ... More
Superconductivity in undoped CaFe2As2 single crystalsApr 18 2016Single crystals of undoped CaFe2As2 were grown by a FeAs self-flux method, and the crystals were quenched in ice-water rapidly after high temperature growth. The quenched crystal undergoes a collapsed tetragonal structural phase transition around 80 K ... More
Thermoelectric properties of polycrystalline palladium sulfideFeb 08 2018A suite measurements of the electrical, thermal, and vibrational properties are conducted on palladium sulfide (PdS) in order to investigate its thermoelectric performance. The tetragonal structure with the space group $P$42/$m$ for PdS is determined ... More
Pressure-induced superconductivity in palladium sulfideJan 19 2018An extended study on PdS is carried out with the measurements of the resistivity, Hall coefficient, Raman scattering, and X-ray diffraction at high pressures up to 42.3 GPa. With increasing pressure, superconductivity is observed accompanying with a structural ... More
The Ghost of a Vanishing Stripe Order in the Triangular Quantum Ising Magnet TmMgGaO$_4$Jul 18 2019Frustrated magnets host the promises of material realizations of new paradigm of quantum matter. However, due to their strongly correlated nature, direct comparison of unbiased model calculations with experiment results is still a challenge to the entire ... More
Learning a Rotation Invariant Detector with Rotatable Bounding BoxNov 26 2017Detection of arbitrarily rotated objects is a challenging task due to the difficulties of locating the multi-angle objects and separating them effectively from the background. The existing methods are not robust to angle varies of the objects because ... More
Lepton-flavor violation and two loop electroweak corrections to $(g-2)_μ$ in the B-L symmetry SSMDec 07 2018Jan 04 2019Charged lepton flavor violating processes are forbidden in the standard model (SM), hence the observation of charged lepton flavor transitions would represent a clear signal of new physics beyond the standard Model. In this work, we investigate some lepton ... More
Two loop electroweak corrections to $\bar B\rightarrow X_sγ$ and $B_s^0\rightarrow μ^+μ^-$ in the B-LSSMMar 27 2018Sep 07 2018The rare decays $\bar B\rightarrow X_s\gamma$ and $B_s^0\rightarrow \mu^+\mu^-$ are important to research new physics beyond standard model. In this work, we investigate two loop electroweak corrections to $\bar B\rightarrow X_s\gamma$ and $B_s^0\rightarrow ... More
Scalar neutrino dark matter in $U(1)_X$SSMMay 27 2019May 28 2019$U(1)_X$SSM is the extension of the minimal supersymmetric standard model(MSSM) and its local gauge group is $SU(3)_C\times SU(2)_L \times U(1)_Y \times U(1)_X$. Compared with MSSM, it has three singlet new Higgs superfields and right handed neutrinos. ... More
Neutrino masses in the minimal gauged $(B-L)$ supersymmetryMar 13 2018We present the radiative corrections to neutrino masses in a minimal supersymmetric extension of the standard model with local $U(1)_{B-L}$ symmetry. At tree level, three tiny active neutrinos and two nearly massless sterile neutrinos can be obtained ... More
Design and simulation of a 12-bit, 40 MSPS asynchronous SAR ADC for the readout of PMT signalJan 14 2016High precision and large dynamic range measurement are required in the readout systems for the Water Cherenkov Detector Array (WCDA) in Large High Altitude Air Shower Observatory (LHAASO). This paper presents a prototype of 12-bit 40 MSPS Analog-to-Digital ... More
Efficient Image Reconstruction and Practical Decomposition for Dual-energy Computed TomographyJul 06 2016Jul 29 2016Dual-energy computed tomography (DECT) has shown great potential and promising applications in advanced imaging fields for its capabilities of material decomposition. However, image reconstructions and decompositions under sparse views dataset suffers ... More
Experimental observation of anisotropic Adler-Bell-Jackiw anomaly in type-II Weyl semimetal WTe$_{1.98}$ crystals at the quasi-classical regimeAug 18 2016Dec 23 2016The asymmetric electron dispersion in type-II Weyl semimetal theoretically hosts anisotropic transport properties. Here we observe the significant anisotropic Adler-Bell-Jackiw (ABJ) anomaly in the Fermi-level delicately adjusted WTe$_{1.98}$ crystals. ... More
Optimal Load-Balancing for High-Density Wireless Networks with Flow-Level DynamicsMay 01 2018We consider the load-balancing design for forwarding incoming flows to access points (APs) in high-density wireless networks with both channel fading and flow-level dynamics, where each incoming flow has a certain amount of service demand and leaves the ... More
What, Where and How to Transfer in SAR Target Recognition Based on Deep CNNsJun 04 2019Deep convolutional neural networks (DCNNs) have attracted much attention in remote sensing recently. Compared with the large-scale annotated dataset in natural images, the lack of labeled data in remote sensing becomes an obstacle to train a deep network ... More
Variability of the giant X-ray bump in GRB 121027A and possible originApr 05 2014The particular giant X-ray bump of GRB 121027A triggered by \emph{Swift} is quite different from the typical X-ray flares in gamma-ray bursts. There exhibit four parts of the observed structural variabilities in the rise and decay phase of the bump. Considering ... More
Gap Anisotropy in Iron-Based Superconductors: A Point-Contact Andreev Reflection Study of BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_{x}$As$_2$ Single CrystalsJun 15 2011Nov 11 2011We report a systematic investigation on c-axis point-contact Andreev reflection (PCAR) in BaFe$_{2-x}$Ni$_x$As$_2$ superconducting single crystals from underdoped to overdoped regions (0.075 $\leq x\leq 0.15$). At optimal doping ($x=0.1$) the PCAR spectrum ... More
Non-minimal Higgs-gravity coupling and naturalness at the LHC and beyondJan 19 2019The non-minimal Higgs-gravity coupling, $\xi H^\dagger H R$, can play an interesting role in particle physics. We utilize the available LHC Run-2 data to obtain the bound on the coupling $\xi$ and discuss the prospects of constraining it at CEPC, FCC-ee ... More
A Lattice Study of $(\bar{D}_1 D^{*})^\pm$ Near-threshold ScatteringJan 31 2016Jun 28 2016In this exploratory lattice study, low-energy near threshold scattering of the $(\bar{D}_1 D^{*})^\pm$ meson system is analyzed using lattice QCD with $N_f=2$ twisted mass fermion configurations. Both s-wave ($J^P=0^-$) and p-wave ($J^P=1^+$) channels ... More
Hadronization from color interactionsMar 03 2019A quark coalescence model is presented based on semi-relativistic molecular dynamics with color interactions among quarks taken into account and applied to $pp$ collisions to study the effects of this model. A phenomenological potential with two tunable ... More
Global Regularity to the Navier-Stokes Equations for A Class of Large Initial DataMar 19 2015Apr 08 2015We prove that for initial data of the form \begin{equation}\nonumber u_0^\epsilon(x) = (v_0^h(x_\epsilon), \epsilon^{-1}v_0^n(x_\epsilon))^T,\quad x_\epsilon = (x_h, \epsilon x_n)^T, n \geq 4, \end{equation} the Cauchy problem of the incompressible Navier-Stokes ... More
A Topological Representation for Taking Cities as a Coherent WholeJul 25 2016A city is a whole, as are all cities in a country. Within a whole, individual cities possess different degrees of wholeness, defined by Christopher Alexander as a life-giving order or simply a living structure. To characterize the wholeness and in particular ... More
Depth $0$ Nonsingular Morse Smale flows on $S^3$Nov 26 2013Apr 07 2014In this paper, we first develope the concept of Lyapunov graph to weighted Lyapunov graph (abbreviated as WLG) for nonsingular Morse-Smale flows (abbreviated as NMS flows) on $S^3$. WLG is quite sensitive to NMS flows on $S^3$. For instance, WLG detect ... More
Comment: Monitoring Networked Applications With Incremental Quantile EstimationAug 02 2007Comment: Monitoring Networked Applications With Incremental Quantile Estimation [arXiv:0708.0302]
Solutions to Linear Bimatrix Equations with Applications to Pole Assignment of Complex-Valued Linear SystemsAug 26 2017We study in this paper solutions to several kinds of linear bimatrix equations arising from pole assignment and stability analysis of complex-valued linear systems, which have several potential applications in control theory, particularly, can be used ... More
On Stability of the Linearized Spacecraft Attitude Control SystemApr 01 2015This note is concerned with the stability and stabilization of the linearized spacecraft attitude control system. Necessary and sufficient conditions are respectively provided to guarantee that the considered systems are polynomially stable and stable ... More
Global Structure of Certain Static Spacetimes (I)Apr 13 2001In this paper, static spacetimes with a topological structure of R^2 \times N is studied, where N is an arbitrary manifold. Well known Schwarzschild spacetime and Reissner-Nordstrom spacetime are special cases. It is shown that the existence of a constant ... More
Some effects of the noise intensity upon non-linear stochastic heat equations on $[0,1]$Jun 19 2015Various effects of the noise intensity upon the solution $u(t,x)$ of the stochastic heat equation with Dirichlet boundary conditions on $[0,1]$ are investigated. We show that for small noise intensity, the $p$-th moment of $\sup_{x \in [0,1]} |u(t,x)|$ ... More
Decomposition of the Symmetric PowersFeb 22 2012A decomposition of any symmetric power of $\Bbb C^2\otimes\Bbb C^2\otimes\Bbb C^2$ into irreducible $sl_2(\Bbb C)\oplus sl_2(\Bbb C)\oplus sl_2(\Bbb C)$-submodules are presented. Namely, the multiplicities of irreducible summands in the symmetric power ... More
On a lifting problem of L-packetsJan 05 2015Mar 01 2016Let $G \subseteq \tilde{G}$ be two quasisplit connected reductive groups over a local field of characteristic zero and $G_{der} = \tilde{G}_{der}$. Although the existence of L-packets is still conjectural in general, it is believed that the L-packets ... More
Compact Group Actions On Closed Manifolds of Non-positive CurvatureMay 30 2005A. Borel proved that, if a finite group $F$ acts effectively and continuously on a closed aspherical manifold $M$ with centerless fundamental group $\pi_1(M)$, then a natural homomorphism $\psi$ from $F$ to the outer automorphism group ${\rm Out} \pi_1(M)$ ... More
On the Well-posedness of a Generalized Moment Problem and Its Numerical SolutionFeb 26 2018We show that the unique solution to a parametric version of the generalized moment problem depends continuously on the prior function, and thus the problem is well-posed in the sense of Hadamard. Based on this result, the problem is reparametrized via ... More
The Self-dual String Soliton in AdS_4\times S^7 spacetimeOct 13 2007Jan 15 2008We construct self-dual string soliton solutions in $AdS_4\times S^7$ spacetime, starting from the covariant equations of motion of M5-brane. We study the properties of the solutions and find that their action are linearized, indicating the BPS nature ... More
Improved Accuracy of Incompressible Approximation of Compressible Euler EquationsFeb 03 2014Aug 29 2014This article addresses a fundamental concern regarding the incompressible approximation of fluid motions, one of the most widely used approximations in fluid mechanics. Common belief is that its accuracy is $O(\epsilon)$ where $\epsilon$ denotes the Mach ... More
Remarks on Li-Yau inequality on graphsNov 14 2013In this paper, we study Li-Yau gradient estimates for the solutions $u$ to the heat equation $\partial_tu=\Delta u$ on graphs under the curvature condition $CD(n,-K)$ introduced by Bauer et al. in \cite{BHLLMY}. As applications, we derive Harnack inequalities ... More
Generalized cluster complexes via quiver representationsJul 06 2006May 23 2007We give a quiver representation theoretic interpretation of generalized cluster complexes defined by Fomin and Reading. By using $d-$cluster categories which are defined by Keller as triangulated orbit categories of (bounded) derived categories of representations ... More
Applications of BGP-reflection functors: isomorphisms of cluster algebrasNov 15 2005Jun 19 2006Given a symmetrizable generalized Cartan matrix $A$, for any index $k$, one can define an automorphism associated with $A,$ of the field $\mathbf{Q}(u_1, >..., u_n)$ of rational functions of $n$ independent indeterminates $u_1,..., u_n.$ It is an isomorphism ... More
Equivalences between cluster categoriesNov 15 2005Jun 19 2006Tilting theory in cluster categories of hereditary algebras has been developed in [BMRRT] and [BMR]. These results are generalized to cluster categories of hereditary abelian categories. Furthermore, for any tilting object $T$ in a hereditary abelian ... More
BGP-reflection functors and cluster combinatoricsNov 15 2005Jul 14 2006We define Bernstein-Gelfand-Ponomarev reflection functors in the cluster categories of hereditary algebras. They are triangle equivalences which provide a natural quiver realization of the "truncated simple reflections" on the set of almost positive roots ... More
DGMRES method augmented with eigenvectors for computing the Drazin-inverse solution of singular linear systemsSep 22 2010The DGMRES method for solving Drazin-inverse solution of singular linear systems is generally used with restarting. But the restarting often slows down the convergence and DGMRES often stagnates. We show that adding some eigenvectors to the subspace can ... More
Rank-preserving module mapsFeb 05 2007In this paper, we characterize rank one preserving module maps on a Hilbert $C^\ast-$module and study its applications on free probability theory.
Regular level sets of Lyapunov graphs of nonsingular Smale flows on 3-manifoldsJul 20 2010In this paper, we first discuss the regular level set of a nonsingular Smale flow (NSF) on a 3-manifold. The main result about this topic is that a 3-manifold $M$ admits an NSF flow which has a regular level set homeomorphic to $(n+1)T^{2}$ $(n\in \mathbb{Z}, ... More
Remembering LeoJan 05 2011I do not remember when was the first time that I met Leo, but I have a clear memory of going to Leo's office on the 4th floor of Evans Hall to talk to him in my second year in Berkeley's Ph.D. program in 1986. The details of the conversation are not retained ... More
Gradient estimate and log-Harnack inequality for reflected SPDEs driven by multiplicative noisesMay 03 2018In this paper, the gradient estimate and the log-Harnack inequality for the stochastic partial differential equation with reflection and driven by multiplicative noises are mainly investigated. To our purposes, the penalization method and the comparison ... More
Preprojective cluster variables of acyclic cluster algebrasNov 29 2005Aug 30 2006For any valued quiver, by using BGP-reflection functors, an injection from the set of preprojective objects in the cluster category to the set of cluster variables of the corresponding cluster algebra is given, the images are called preprojective cluster ... More
An Improved Feedback Coding Scheme for the Wire-tap ChannelDec 13 2017Apr 25 2018The model of wiretap channel (WTC) is important as it constitutes the essence of physical layer security (PLS). Wiretap channel with noiseless feedback (WTC-NF) is especially interesting as it shows what can be done when a private feedback is available. ... More
Operator-valued free Fisher information of random matricesJan 22 2006We study the operator-valued free Fisher information of random matrices in an operator-valued noncommutative probability space. We obtain a formula for $\Phi^\ast_{M_2(\mb)}(A,A^\ast,M_2(\mb),\eta)$, where $A\in M_2(\mb)$ is a $2\times 2$ operator matrix ... More
Exponential energy-preserving methods for charged-particle dynamics in a strong and constant magnetic fieldDec 28 2018In this paper, exponential energy-preserving methods are formulated and analysed for solving charged-particle dynamics in a strong and constant magnetic field. The resulting method can exactly preserve the energy of the dynamics. Moreover, it is shown ... More
On holographic thermalization and gravitational collapse of massless scalar fieldsAug 07 2012Sep 29 2012In this paper we study thermalization in a strongly coupled system via AdS/CFT. Initially, the energy is injected into the system by turning on a spatially homogenous scalar source coupled to a marginal composite operator. The thermalization process is ... More
On p_T-broadening of high energy partons associated with the LPM effect in a finite-volume QCD mediumFeb 02 2011Sep 27 2011We study the contributions from radiation to $p_{\perp}$-broadening of a high energy parton traversing a QCD medium with a finite length $L$. The interaction between the parton and the medium is described by decorrelated static multiple scattering. Amplitudes ... More
Radiative energy loss and radiative p_T-broadening of high-energy partons in QCD matterAug 23 2014Dec 16 2014We study the connection between radiative energy loss and radiative p_T-broadening of a high-energy quark or gluon passing through QCD matter. The generalized Baier-Dokshitzer-Mueller-Peigne-Schiff-Zakharov (BDMPS-Z) formalism is used to calculate energy ... More
On holographic thermalization and gravitational collapse of tachyonic scalar fieldsJan 16 2013Mar 24 2013In this paper we study the thermalization of a spatially homogeneous system in a strongly coupled CFT. The non-equilibrium initial state is created by switching on a relevant perturbation in the CFT vacuum during Delta t >= t >= -Delta t. Via AdS/CFT, ... More
Mixture Modeling based Probabilistic Situation AwarenessSep 28 2015Oct 07 2015The problem of situational awareness (SAW) is investigated from the probabilistic modeling point of view. Taking the situation as a hidden variable, we introduce a hidden Markov model (HMM) and an extended state space model (ESSM) to mathematically express ... More
Cycles that are incidence equivalent to zeroApr 20 2015Aug 13 2017In this paper, we apply incidence divisors constructed through Archimedean height paring to prove that Griffiths' conjecture on incidence equivalence is correct for a smooth projective variety with first non-vanishing cohomology. (Incidence divisor is ... More