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On Lennard-Jones type potentials and hard-core potentials with an attractive tailJun 30 2014We revisit an old tree graph formula, namely the Brydges-Federbush tree identity, and use it to get new bounds for the convergence radius of the Mayer series for gases of continuous particles interacting via non absolutely summable pair potentials with ... More
Convergent expansions for Random Cluster Model with q>0 on infinite graphsJan 03 2005Feb 08 2008In this paper we extend our previous results on the connectivity functions and pressure of the Random Cluster Model in the highly subcritical phase and in the highly supercritical phase, originally proved only on the cubic lattice $\Z^d$, to a much wider ... More
Gaussian Mean Fields Lattice GasNov 09 2017Jan 31 2018We study rigorously a lattice gas version of the Sherrington-Kirckpatrick spin glass model. In discrete optimization literature this problem is known as Unconstrained Binary Quadratic Programming (UBQP) and it belongs to the class NP-hard. We prove that ... More
Equilibrium and non-equilibrium Ising models by means of PCAJul 08 2013We propose a unified approach to reversible and irreversible PCA dynamics, and we show that in the case of 1D and 2D nearest neighbour Ising systems with periodic boundary conditions we are able to compute the stationary measure of the dynamics also when ... More
Effects of boundary conditions on irreversible dynamicsMar 13 2017We present a simple one-dimensional Ising-type spin system on which we define a completely asymmetric Markovian single spin-flip dynamics. We study the system at a very low, yet non-zero, temperature and we show that for empty boundary conditions the ... More
Fast mixing for the low temperature 2d Ising model through irreversible parallel dynamicsJul 24 2014We study metastability and mixing time for a non-reversible probabilistic cellular automaton. With a suitable choice of the parameters, we first show that the stationary distribution is close in total variation to a low temperature Ising model. Then we ... More
Some spin glass ideas applied to the clique problemMay 12 2006In this paper we introduce a new algorithm to study some NP-complete problems. This algorithm is a Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) inspired by the cavity method developed in the study of spin glass. We will focus on the maximum clique problem and we will ... More
Sampling from a Gibbs measure with pair interaction by means of PCAJan 27 2012We consider the problem of approximate sampling from the finite volume Gibbs measure with a general pair interaction. We exhibit a parallel dynamics (Probabilistic Cellular Automaton) which efficiently implements the sampling. In this dynamics the product ... More
Probabilistic Cellular Automata for low temperature Ising modelJun 11 2016Jun 15 2016We construct a parallel stochastic dynamics with invariant measure converging to the Gibbs measure of the low temperature Ising model. The proof of such convergence requires a polymer expansion based on suitably defined Peierls-type contours.
Phase transitions for the cavity approach to the clique problem on random graphsNov 12 2010We give a rigorous proof of two phase transitions for a disordered system designed to find large cliques inside Erdos random graphs. Such a system is associated with a conservative probabilistic cellular automaton inspired by the cavity method originally ... More
The analyticity region of the hard sphere gas. Improved boundsMay 11 2007We find an improved estimate of the radius of analyticity of the pressure of the hard-sphere gas in $d$ dimensions. The estimates are determined by the volume of multidimensional regions that can be numerically computed. For $d=2$, for instance, our estimate ... More
Entropy-driven cutoff phenomenaFeb 22 2011May 03 2012In this paper we present, in the context of Diaconis' paradigm, a general method to detect the cutoff phenomenon. We use this method to prove cutoff in a variety of models, some already known and others not yet appeared in literature, including a chain ... More
Potts model on infinite graphs and the limit of chromatic polynomialsJan 11 2002Given an infinite graph $\GI$ quasi-transitive and amenable with maximum degree $\D$, we show that reduced ground state degeneracy per site $W_r(\GI,q)$ of the q-state antiferromagnetic Potts model at zero temperature on $\GI$ is analytic in the variable ... More
Improved bounds on coloring of graphsMay 11 2010Dec 05 2011Given a graph $G$ with maximum degree $\Delta\ge 3$, we prove that the acyclic edge chromatic number $a'(G)$ of $G$ is such that $a'(G)\le\lceil 9.62 (\Delta-1)\rceil$. Moreover we prove that: $a'(G)\le \lceil 6.42(\Delta-1)\rceil$ if $G$ has girth $g\ge ... More
Clustering Bounds on N-Point Correlations for Unbounded Spin SystemsJan 29 2009We prove clustering estimates for the truncated correlations, i.e., cumulants of an unbounded spin system on the lattice. We provide a unified treatment, based on cluster expansion techniques, of four different regimes: large mass, small interaction between ... More
On the blockage problem and the non-analyticity of the current for the parallel TASEP on a ringAug 31 2014Mar 16 2015The Totally Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process (TASEP) is an important example of a particle system driven by an irreversible Markov chain. In this paper we give a simple yet rigorous derivation of the chain stationary measure in the case of parallel ... More
Diffusive-Ballistic Transition in Random Walks with Long-Range Self-RepulsionDec 04 2007Dec 06 2007We prove that a class of random walks on $\Z^2$ with long-range self-repulsive interactions have a diffusive-ballistic phase transition.
Asymptotics for the Late Arrivals ProblemFeb 08 2013Jan 11 2016We study a discrete time queueing system where deterministic arrivals have i.i.d. exponential delays $\xi_{i}$. The standard deviation $\sigma$ of the delay is finite, but its value is much larger than the deterministic unit service time. We describe ... More
A-priori Upper Bounds for the Set Covering ProblemJul 16 2014In this paper we present a new bound obtained with the probabilistic method for the solution of the Set Covering problem with unit costs. The bound is valid for problems of fixed dimension, thus extending previous similar asymptotic results, and it depends ... More
Asymptotics for the Late Arrivals ProblemFeb 08 2013Dec 29 2016We study a discrete time queueing system where deterministic arrivals have i.i.d. exponential delays $\xi_{i}$. The standard deviation $\sigma$ of the delay is finite, but its value is much larger than the deterministic unit service time. We describe ... More
Criticality of measures on 2-d Ising configurations: from square to hexagonal graphsJun 06 2019On the space of Ising configurations on the 2-d square lattice, we consider a family of non Gibbsian measures introduced by using a pair Hamiltonian, depending on an additional inertial parameter $q$. These measures are related to the usual Gibbs measure ... More
An Improvement of the Lovász Local Lemma via Cluster ExpansionOct 09 2009Mar 26 2010An old result by Shearer relates the Lov\'asz Local Lemma with the independent set polynomial on graphs, and consequently, as observed by Scott and Sokal, with the partition function of the hard core lattice gas on graphs. We use this connection and a ... More
Shaken dynamics for the 2d ising modelApr 12 2019We define a Markovian parallel dynamics for a class of nearest neighbors spin systems. In the dynamics, beside the two usual parameters $J$, the strength of the interaction, and $\lambda$, the external field, it appears an inertial parameter $q$, measuring ... More
Time-Optimal Control Problem for the Swing and the SkiNov 03 1994This paper is concerned with a class of time-optimal control problems for the swing and the ski. We first consider the motion of a man standing on a swing. For simplicity, we neglect friction and air resistance and assume that the mass of the swinger ... More
Natural transformations associated with a locally compact group and universality of the global Terrell lawAug 19 2013Sep 03 2015Via the construction of a functor from $\mathsf{C}_{u}(H)$ to an auxiliary category we associate, with any triplet $(G,F,\rho)$, two natural transformations, $\mathfrak{m}_{\star}$ morphism of $\mathsf{Fct}(\mathsf{C}_{u}(H)^{op},\mathsf{Fct}(H,\mathsf{set}))$ ... More
The 2-category of species of dynamical patternsDec 07 2015Apr 27 2016A new category $\mathfrak{dp}$, called of dynamical patterns addressing a primitive, nongeometrical concept of dynamics, is defined and employed to construct a $2-$category $2-\mathfrak{dp}$, where the irreducible plurality of species of context-depending ... More
The Global Renormalization Group Trajectory in a Critical Supersymmetric Field Theory on the Lattice Z^3Sep 25 2007Sep 09 2008We consider an Euclidean supersymmetric field theory in $Z^3$ given by a supersymmetric $\Phi^4$ perturbation of an underlying massless Gaussian measure on scalar bosonic and Grassmann fields with covariance the Green's function of a (stable) L\'evy random ... More
Renormalization group approach to interacting polymerised manifoldsDec 30 1998Mar 02 1999We propose to study the infrared behaviour of polymerised (or tethered) random manifolds of dimension D interacting via an exclusion condition with a fixed impurity in d-dimensional Euclidean space in which the manifold is embedded. We prove rigorously, ... More
Use of bundles of locally convex spaces in problems of convergence of semigroups of operators defined on different Banach spaces. Applications to spectral stability problemsJun 16 2009Jun 01 2016In this work we construct certain general bundles $<\mathfrak{M},\rho,X>$ and $<\mathfrak{B},\eta,X>$ of Hausdorff locally convex spaces associated with a given Banach bundle $<\mathfrak{E},\pi,X>$. Then we present conditions ensuring the existence of ... More
Natural transformations associated with a locally compact group and universality of the global Terrell lawAug 19 2013Dec 16 2018Via the construction of a functor from $\mathsf{C}_{u}(H)$ to an auxiliary category we associate, with any triplet $(G,F,\rho)$, two natural transformations, $\mathfrak{m}_{\star}$ morphism of $\mathsf{Fct}(\mathsf{C}_{u}(H)^{op},\mathsf{Fct}(H,\mathsf{set}))$ ... More
Finite morphic $p$-groupsNov 04 2014Jan 08 2015According to Li, Nicholson and Zan, a group $G$ is said to be morphic if, for every pair $N_{1}, N_{2}$ of normal subgroups, each of the conditions $G/N_{1} \cong N_{2}$ and $G/N_{2} \cong N_{1}$ implies the other. Finite, homocyclic $p$-groups are morphic, ... More
Frechet differential of a power series in a Banach algebraApr 17 2008Feb 02 2012We present two new forms in which the Frechet differential of a power series in a Banach algebra can be expressed in terms of absolutely convergent series involving the commutant $C(T):A\mapsto [A,T]$.Then we apply the results to the analytic functional ... More
Integral equalities for functions of unbounded spectral operators in Banach spacesApr 18 2008Feb 02 2012We investigate a limiting procedure for extending local integral operator equalities to the global ones and to applying it to obtaining generalizations of the Newton-Leibnitz formula for operator-valued maps for a wide class of unbounded operators.
On Diffusion Limited DepositionMay 14 2015Nov 23 2015We propose a simple model of columnar growth through {\it diffusion limited aggregation} (DLA). Consider a graph $G_N\times\N$, where the basis has $N$ vertices $G_N:=\{1,\dots,N\}$, and two vertices $(x,h)$ and $(x',h')$ are adjacent if $|h-h'|\le 1$. ... More
On the statistical description of the inbound air traffic over Heathrow airportFeb 08 2013We present a model to describe the inbound air traffic over a congested hub. We show that this model gives a very accurate description of the traffic by the comparison of our theoretical distribution of the queue with the actual distribution observed ... More
Frames of translates for number-theoretic groupsApr 20 2018Frames of translates of f in L^2(G) are characterized in terms of the zero-set of the so-called spectral symbol of f in the setting of a locally compact abelian group G having a compact open subgroup H. We refer to such a G as a number theoretic group. ... More
Queueing systems with pre-scheduled random arrivalsMay 29 2008Feb 11 2009We consider a point process $i+\xi_i$, where $i\in \bZ$ and the $\xi_{i}$'s are i.i.d. random variables with variance $\sigma^{2}$. This process, with a suitable rescaling of the distribution of $\xi_i$'s, converges to the Poisson process in total variation ... More
Examples of wavelets for local fieldsDec 01 2003Using the wavelet theory introduced by the author and J. Benedetto, we present examples of wavelets on p-adic fields and other locally compact abelian groups with compact open subgroups. We observe that in this setting, the Haar and Shannon wavelets (which ... More
A wavelet theory for local fields and related groupsDec 01 2003Sep 15 2005Let G be a locally compact abelian group with compact open subgroup H. The best known example of such a group is G=Q_p, the field of p-adic rational numbers (as a group under addition), which has compact open subgroup H=Z_p, the ring of p-adic integers. ... More
Attaining potentially good reduction in arithmetic dynamicsDec 16 2013Jan 01 2015Let K be a non-archimedean field, and let f in K(z) be a rational function of degree d>1. If f has potentially good reduction, we give an upper bound, depending only on d, for the minimal degree of an extension L/K such that f is conjugate over L to a ... More
A Criterion for Potentially Good Reduction in Non-archimedean DynamicsNov 26 2013Dec 02 2013Let K be a non-archimedean field, and let f in K(z) be a polynomial or rational function of degree at least 2. We present a necessary and sufficient condition, involving only the fixed points of f and their preimages, that determines whether or not the ... More
Wandering domains in non-archimedean polynomial dynamicsDec 01 2003Feb 15 2006We extend a recent result on the existence of wandering domains of polynomial functions defined over the p-adic field C_p to any algebraically closed complete non-archimedean field C_K with residue characteristic p>0. We also prove that polynomials with ... More
An SERS study of the galvanostatic sequence employed for the electrochemical deposition of Copper in the fabrication of InterconnectsDec 29 2007This paper reports the first study carried out by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy (SERS) during the galvanostatic electrodeposition (ECD) of copper from an acidic sulphate solution, in the presence of polyethylene glycol (PEG), bis-(3-sulfopropyl)-disulfide ... More
Dark Energy or local acceleration?Oct 17 2016We find that an observer with a suitable acceleration relative to the frame comoving whit the cosmic fluid, in the context of the FRW decelerating universe, measures the same cosmological redshift as the LambdaCDM model. The estimated value of this acceleration ... More
Entropy type conditions for Riemann solvers at nodesMay 27 2009This paper deals with conservation laws on networks, represented by graphs. Entropy-type conditions are considered to determine dynamics at nodes. Since entropy dispersion is a local concept, we consider a network composed by a single node $J$ with $n$ ... More
Optimal control of a bioreactor for biofuel productionMar 26 2013Jul 06 2015Dynamic flux balance analysis of a bioreactor is based on the coupling between a dynamic problem, which models the evolution of biomass, feeding substrates and metabolites, and a linear program, which encodes the metabolic activity inside cells. We cast ... More
Transport equation with nonlocal velocity in Wasserstein spaces: convergence of numerical schemesJun 13 2011Jun 05 2012Motivated by pedestrian modelling, we study evolution of measures in the Wasserstein space. In particular, we consider the Cauchy problem for a transport equation, where the velocity field depends on the measure itself. We deal with numerical schemes ... More
Competition of Direct and Indirect Sources of Thermal Entanglement in a spin star networkDec 05 2017A spin star system consisting of three peripheral two-state systems and a central one is considered, with the peripheral spins assumed to interact with each other, as well as with the central one. It is shown that such two couplings, each one being a ... More
Heights and preperiodic points of polynomials over function fieldsOct 20 2005Dec 13 2005Let K be a function field in one variable over an arbitrary field F. Given a rational function f(z) in K(z) of degree at least two, the associated canonical height on the projective line was defined by Call and Silverman. The preperiodic points of f all ... More
An Ahlfors Islands Theorem for non-archimedean meromorphic functionsJul 08 2004We present a p-adic and non-archimdean version of the Five Islands Theorem for meromorphic functions from Ahlfors' theory of covering surfaces. In the non-archimedean setting, the theorem requires only four islands, with explicit constants. We present ... More
Generalized Wasserstein distance and its application to transport equations with sourceJun 14 2012In this article, we generalize the Wasserstein distance to measures with different masses. We study the properties of such distance. In particular, we show that it metrizes weak convergence for tight sequences. We use this generalized Wasserstein distance ... More
Open canals flow with fluvial to torrential phase transitions on networksMay 17 2018Network flows and specifically open canal flows can be modeled by systems of balance laws defined on topological graphs. The shallow water or Saint-Venant system of balance laws is one of the most used model and present two phases: fluvial or sub-critical ... More
Measure dynamics with Probability Vector Fields and sourcesSep 09 2018We introduce a new formulation for differential equation describing dynamics of measures on an Euclidean space, that we call Measure Differential Equations with sources. They mix two different phenomena: on one side, a transport-type term, in which a ... More
A Theory of Information overload applied to perfectly efficient financial marketsApr 07 2019Before the massive spread of computer technology, information was far from complex. The development of technology shifted the paradigm: from individuals who faced scarce and costly information to individuals who face massive amounts of information accessible ... More
Blindfolded monkeys or financial analysts: who is worth your money?Apr 06 2019The efficient market hypothesis has been considered one of the most controversial arguments in finance, with the academia divided between who claims the impossibility of beating the market and who believes that it is possible to gain over the average ... More
Preperiodic points of polynomials over global fieldsJun 23 2005Given a global field K and a polynomial f defined over K of degree at least two, Morton and Silverman conjectured in 1994 that the number of K-rational preperiodic points of f is bounded in terms of only the degree of K and the degree of f. In 1997, for ... More
Wandering domains and nontrivial reduction in non-archimedean dynamicsDec 01 2003Dec 06 2004Let K be a non-archimedean field with residue field k, and suppose that k is not an algebraic extension of a finite field. We prove two results concerning wandering domains of rational functions f in K(z) and Rivera-Letelier's notion of nontrivial reduction. ... More
Well-posedness for scalar conservation laws with moving flux constraintsJan 15 2018We consider a strongly coupled ODE-PDE system representing moving bottlenecks immersed in vehicular traffic. The PDE consists of a scalar conservation law modeling the traffic flow evolution and the ODE models the trajectory of a slow moving vehicle. ... More
A Baire Category Approach to the Bang-Bang PropertyMay 06 1992Aim of this paper is to develop a new technique, based on the Baire category theorem, in order to establish the closure of reachable sets and the existence of optimal trajectories for control systems, without the usual convexity assumptions. The bang-bang ... More
An invariant region for the collisional dynamics of two bodies on Keplerian orbitsAug 02 2014We study the dynamics of two bodies moving on elliptic Keplerian orbits around a fixed center of attraction and interacting only by means of elastic or inelastic collisions. We show that there exists a bounded invariant region: for suitable values of ... More
Time-evolving measures and macroscopic modeling of pedestrian flowNov 20 2008Apr 27 2010This paper deals with the early results of a new model of pedestrian flow, conceived within a measure-theoretical framework. The modeling approach consists in a discrete-time Eulerian macroscopic representation of the system via a family of measures which, ... More
On properties of the Generalized Wasserstein distanceApr 25 2013Nov 17 2014The Wasserstein distances $W_p$ ($p\geq 1$), defined in terms of solution to the Monge-Kantorovich problem, are known to be a useful tool to investigate transport equations. In particular, the Benamou-Brenier formula characterizes the square of the Wasserstein ... More
Optimal ambiguity functions and Weil's exponential sum boundJul 10 2011Complex-valued periodic sequences, u, constructed by Goran Bjorck, are analyzed with regard to the behavior of their discrete periodic narrow-band ambiguity functions A_p(u). The Bjorck sequences, which are defined on Z/pZ for p>2 prime, are unimodular ... More
Asymptotically exponential hitting times and metastability: a pathwise approach without reversibilityJun 10 2014We study the hitting times of Markov processes to target set $G$, starting from a reference configuration $x_0$ or its basin of attraction. The configuration $x_0$ can correspond to the bottom of a (meta)stable well, while the target $G$ could be either ... More
Dynamics from elastic neutron-scattering via direct measurement of the running time-integral of the van Hove distribution functionMar 30 2019We present a new neutron-scattering approach to access the van Hove distribution function directly in the time domain, I(t), which reflects the system dynamics. Currently, I(t) is always determined from neutron energy-exchange. Our method consists of ... More
Linear Independence of Finite Gabor Systems Determined by Behavior at InfinityNov 02 2012We prove that the HRT (Heil, Ramanathan, and Topiwala) conjecture holds for finite Gabor systems generated by square-integrable functions with certain behavior at infinity. These functions include functions ultimately decaying faster than any exponential ... More
Master equation approach to the three-state open Majorana modelApr 24 2019The three-state Majorana model in the presence of dissipation is considered. Different models of system-environment interaction are explored, ranging from situation where dissipation is the main effect to regimes where dephasing is mainly produced. It ... More
Odoni's conjecture for number fieldsMar 06 2018Let $K$ be a number field, and let $d\geq 2$. A conjecture of Odoni (stated more generally for characteristic zero Hilbertian fields $K$) posits that there is a monic polynomial $f\in K[x]$ of degree $d$, and a point $x_0\in K$, such that for every $n\geq ... More
Besov spaces for Schrodinger operators with barrier potentialsNov 16 2004Let H be a Schrodinger operator with barrier potential on the real line. We define the Besov spaces for H by developing the associated Littlewood-Paley theory. This theory depends on the decay estimates of the spectral operator in the high and low energies. ... More
CRITICAL (Phi^{4}_{3,ε})Jun 05 2002Jun 06 2002The Euclidean $(\phi^{4})_{3,\epsilon$ model in $R^3$ corresponds to a perturbation by a $\phi^4$ interaction of a Gaussian measure on scalar fields with a covariance depending on a real parameter $\epsilon$ in the range $0\le \epsilon \le 1$. For $\epsilon ... More
Super-resolution by means of Beurling minimal extrapolationJan 21 2016Aug 14 2016Let $M(\mathbb{T}^d)$ be the space of complex bounded Radon measures defined on the $d$-dimensional torus group $(\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z})^d=\mathbb{T}^d$, equipped with the total variation norm $\|\cdot\|$; and let $\hat\mu$ denote the Fourier transform ... More
Regular subgroups with large intersectionNov 14 2018Nov 30 2018In this paper we study the relationships between the elementary abelian regular subgroups and the Sylow $2$-subgroups of their normalisers in the symmetric group $\mathrm{Sym}(\mathbb{F}_2^n)$, in view of the interest that they have recently raised for ... More
A Neutron Spin-Echo Concept for Elastic Scattering Spectroscopy (ESS) for Dynamics of Complex (Bio-) SystemsFeb 20 2017Recently, a new neutron spectroscopy for the dynamics in complex (bio-) systems has been proposed [A. Benedetto, and G. J. Kearley, Sci. Rep. 6, 34266, (2016)]. This spectroscopy is ideal where only the overall relaxation time in a parameterless way is ... More
On Firing Rate Estimation for Dependent Interspike IntervalsJun 10 2013Jul 21 2014If interspike intervals are dependent the instantaneous firing rate does not catch important features of spike trains. In this case the conditional instantaneous rate plays the role of the instantaneous firing rate for the case of samples of independent ... More
Sparse control of Hegselmann-Krause models: Black hole and declusteringFeb 02 2018This paper elaborates control strategies to prevent clustering effects in opinion formation models. This is the exact opposite of numerous situations encountered in the literature where, on the contrary, one seeks controls promoting consensus. In order ... More
Continuity of the path delay operator for dynamic network loading with spillbackJan 17 2015Mar 18 2016This paper establishes the continuity of the path delay operators for dynamic network loading (DNL) problems based on the Lighthill-Whitham-Richards model, which explicitly capture vehicle spillback. The DNL describes and predicts the spatial-temporal ... More
A gradient flow approach to linear Boltzmann equationsJul 28 2017Nov 14 2018We introduce a gradient flow formulation of linear Boltzmann equations. Under a diffusive scaling we derive a diffusion equation by using the machinery of gradient flows.
Networked Embedded Control Systems: from Modelling to ImplementationAug 24 2013Networked Embedded Control Systems are distributed control systems where the communication among plants, sensors, actuators and controllers occurs in a shared network. They have been the subject of intensive study in the last few years. In this paper ... More
Non Sequential Recursive Pair Substitution: Some Rigorous ResultsJul 28 2006We present rigorous results on some open questions on NSRPS, non sequential recursive pairs substitution method (see Grassberger in \cite{G}). In particular, starting from the action of NSRPS on finite strings we define a corresponding natural action ... More
Observability and diagnosability of finite state systems: a unifying frameworkAug 10 2016Nov 25 2016In this paper, a general framework is proposed for the analysis and characterization of observability and diagnosability of finite state systems. Observability corresponds to the reconstruction of the system's discrete state, while diagnosability corresponds ... More
Star network synchronization led by strong coupling-induced frequency squeezingOct 30 2017We consider a star network consisting of N oscillators coupled to a central one which in turn is coupled to an infinite set of oscillators (reservoir), which makes it leaking. Two of the N + 1 normal modes are dissipating, while the remaining N - 1 lie ... More
Modeling self-organization in pedestrians and animal groups from macroscopic and microscopic viewpointsJun 25 2009Oct 24 2009This paper is concerned with mathematical modeling of intelligent systems, such as human crowds and animal groups. In particular, the focus is on the emergence of different self-organized patterns from non-locality and anisotropy of the interactions among ... More
Generalized Fourier frames in terms of balayageOct 09 2013Based on Beurling's theory of balayage, we develop the theory of non-uniform sampling in the context of the theory of frames for the settings of the Short Time Fourier Transform and pseudo-differential operators. There is sufficient complexity to warrant ... More
Dual-readout, Particle Identification, and 4thApr 30 2009The 4th detector is rich in particle identification measurements from the dual-readout calorimeters, the cluster-timing tracking chamber, the muon spectrometer, and combinations of these systems. In all, a total of 13 measurements contribute to the identification ... More
Perturbative Treatment of the Evolution Operator Associated with Raman CouplingsMay 10 2006A novel perturbative treatment of the time evolution operator of a quantum system is applied to the model describing a Raman-driven trapped ion in order to obtain a suitable 'effective model'. It is shown that the associated effective Hamiltonian describes ... More
A Machian Request for the Equivalence Principle in Extended Gravity and non-geodesic motionNov 04 2014Sep 26 2015Starting from the origin of Einstein general relativity (GR) the request of Mach on the theory's structure has been the core of the foundational debate. That problem is strictly connected with the nature of the mass-energy equivalence. It is well known ... More
On J. Goodman's comment to "Language Trees and Zipping"Mar 13 2002Motivated by the recent submission to cond-mat archives by J. Goodman (cond-mat/0202383) whose results apparently discredit the approach we have proposed in a recent paper (Phys. Rev. Lett., 88, 048702 (2002), cond-mat/0108530), we report the results ... More
Language Trees and ZippingAug 31 2001Dec 19 2001In this letter we present a very general method to extract information from a generic string of characters, e.g. a text, a DNA sequence or a time series. Based on data-compression techniques, its key point is the computation of a suitable measure of the ... More
Continuous-time link-based kinematic wave model: formulation, solution existence, and well-posednessAug 25 2012Mar 27 2016We present a continuous-time link-based kinematic wave model (LKWM) for dynamic traffic networks based on the scalar conservation law model. Derivation of the LKWM involves the variational principle for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation and junction models ... More
Reactive Sensing and Multiplicative Frame Super-resolutionMar 13 2019The problem is to evaluate the behavior of an object when primary sources of information about the object become unavailable, so that any information must be obtained from the intelligent use of available secondary sources. This evaluative process is ... More
Observability and diagnosability of finite state systems: a unifying frameworkAug 10 2016In this paper, a general framework is proposed for the analysis and characterization of observability and diagnosability of finite state systems. Observability corresponds to the reconstruction of the system's discrete state, while diagnosability corresponds ... More
Dephasing of Kuramoto oscillators in kinetic regime towards a fixed asymptotically free stateNov 23 2014We study the kinetic Kuramoto model for coupled oscillators. We prove that for any regular asymptotically free state, if the interaction is small enough, it exists a solution which is asymptotically close to it. For this class of solution the order parameter ... More
A first passage problem for a bivariate diffusion process: numerical solution with an application to neuroscienceApr 24 2012May 15 2012We consider a bivariate diffusion process and we study the first passage time of one component through a boundary. We prove that its probability density is the unique solution of a new integral equation and we propose a numerical algorithm for its solution. ... More
Numerical schemes for the optimal input flow of a supply-chainAug 23 2012An innovative numerical technique is presented to adjust the inflow to a supply chain in order to achieve a desired outflow, reducing the costs of inventory, or the goods timing in warehouses. The supply chain is modelled by a conservation law for the ... More
Control to flocking of the kinetic Cucker-Smale modelNov 17 2014The well-known Cucker-Smale model is a macroscopic system reflecting flocking, i.e. the alignment of velocities in a group of autonomous agents having mutual interactions. In the present paper, we consider the mean-field limit of that model, called the ... More
Symbolic Models and Control of Discrete-Time Piecewise Affine Systems: An Approximate Simulation ApproachFeb 07 2012May 09 2013Symbolic models have been recently used as a sound mathematical formalism for the formal verification and control design of purely continuous and hybrid systems. In this paper we propose a sequence of symbolic models that approximates a discrete-time ... More
C++ programming language for an abstract massively parallel SIMD architectureMay 19 2000The aim of this work is to define and implement an extended C++ language to support the SIMD programming paradigm. The C++ programming language has been extended to express all the potentiality of an abstract SIMD machine consisting of a central Control ... More
Balayage and Short time Fourier transform framesSep 02 2013Using his formulation of the potential theoretic notion of balayage and his deep results about this idea, Beurling gave sufficient conditions for Fourier frames in terms of balayage. The analysis makes use of spectral synthesis, due to Wiener and Beurling, ... More
Mean-Field Sparse Optimal ControlFeb 23 2014Mar 10 2014We introduce the rigorous limit process connecting finite dimensional sparse optimal control problems with ODE constraints, modeling parsimonious interventions on the dynamics of a moving population divided into leaders and followers, to an infinite dimensional ... More
Spectral Efficiency of Random Time-Hopping CDMANov 19 2013Oct 02 2015Traditionally paired with impulsive communications, Time-Hopping CDMA (TH-CDMA) is a multiple access technique that separates users in time by coding their transmissions into pulses occupying a subset of $N_\mathsf{s}$ chips out of the total $N$ included ... More