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Towards autonomous ocean observing systems using Miniature Underwater Gliders with UAV deployment and recovery capabilitiesFeb 08 2019This paper presents preliminary results towards the development of an autonomous ocean observing system using Miniature Underwater Gliders (MUGs) that can operate with the support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) ... More
Finding Regressions in Projects under Version Control SystemsAug 22 2017Version Control Systems (VCS) are frequently used to support development of large-scale software projects. A typical VCS repository of a large project can contain various intertwined branches consisting of a large number of commits. If some kind of unwanted ... More
Recursive Online Enumeration of All Minimal Unsatisfiable SubsetsAug 01 2017May 08 2018In various areas of computer science, we deal with a set of constraints to be satisfied. If the constraints cannot be satisfied simultaneously, it is desirable to identify the core problems among them. Such cores are called minimal unsatisfiable subsets ... More
The influence of near-wall density and viscosity gradients on turbulence in channel flowsJul 14 2016The influence of near-wall density and viscosity gradients on near-wall turbulence in a channel are studied by means of Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS) of the low-Mach number approximation of the Navier--Stokes equations. Different constitutive relations ... More
Tunable Online MUS/MSS EnumerationJun 10 2016In various areas of computer science, the problem of dealing with a set of constraints arises. If the set of constraints is unsatisfiable, one may ask for a minimal description of the reason for this unsatisifi- ability. Minimal unsatisifable subsets ... More
Collision model for fully-resolved simulations of flows laden with finite-size particlesJun 05 2015Nov 18 2015We present a collision model for particle-particle and particle-wall interactions in interface-resolved simulations of particle-laden flows. Three types of inter-particle interactions are taken into account: (1) long- and (2) short-range hydrodynamic ... More