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Temperature dependence and control of the Mott transition in VO_2 based devicesDec 03 2003The transition voltage of an abrupt metal-insulator transition (MIT), observed by applying an electric field to two-terminal devices fabricated on a Mott insulator VO_2 film, decreases with increasing temperature up to 334K. The abrupt current jump disappears ... More
Evidence of Landau levels and interactions in low-lying excitations of composite fermions at 1/3 <= ν<= 2/5Nov 01 2002Excitation modes in the range $2/5 \geq \nu \geq 1/3$ of the fractional quantum Hall regime are observed by resonant inelastic light scattering. Spectra of spin reversed excitations suggest a structure of lowest spin-split Landau levels of composite fermions ... More
Observation of Mott Transition in VO_2 Based TransistorsAug 04 2003An abrupt Mott metal-insulator transition (MIT) rather than the continuous Hubbard MIT near a critical on-site Coulomb energy U/U_c=1 is observed for the first time in VO_2, a strongly correlated material, by inducing holes of about 0.018% into the conduction ... More
Gate-Induced Mott TransitionMay 28 2003Sep 16 2003For a strongly correlated material, VO2, near a critical on-site Coulomb energy U/Uc=1, the abrupt Mott metal-insulator transition (MIT) rather than the continuous Hubbard MIT is observed by inducing internal optical phonon-coupled holes (hole inducing ... More
Modelling the $γ$-ray variability of 3C 273Aug 01 2016We investigate MeV-GeV $\gamma$-ray outbursts in 3C 273 in the frame of a time-dependent one-zone synchrotron self-Compton (SSC) model. In this model, electrons are accelerated to extra-relativistic energy through the stochastic particle acceleration ... More
Inelastic Light Scattering by Gap Excitations of Fractional Quantum Hall States at 1/3 <= ν<= 2/3Nov 22 1999We report observations of collective gap excitations of the fractional quantum Hall (FQH) states at filling factors \nu=p/(2p+1) (p=integer), for 1/3 <= \nu <= 2/3, by inelastic light scattering. The collective gap energies at \nu= 1/3, 2/5 and 3/7 show ... More
Adaptive BLASTing through the Sequence Dataspace: Theories on Protein Sequence EmbeddingNov 03 2009We theorize that phylogenetic profiles provide a quantitative method that can relate the structural and functional properties of proteins, as well as their evolutionary relationships. A key feature of phylogenetic profiles is the interoperable data format ... More
The Finite-$U$ Impurity Anderson Model in the presence of an external magnetic fieldMay 01 1996We have investigated effects of an external magnetic field in the impurity Anderson model with a finite on-site Coulomb repulsion $U$. Large $N_f$ expansion is employed in the slave boson representation, by taking into account $f^0$, $f^1$, and $f^2$ ... More
Effect of Quantum Confinement on Electron Tunneling through a Quantum DotMar 13 1997Employing the Anderson impurity model, we study tunneling properties through an ideal quantum dot near the conductance minima. Considering the Coulomb blockade and the quantum confinement on an equal footing, we have obtained current contributions from ... More
Non-Volatile Magnonic Logic Circuits EngineeringDec 21 2010We propose a concept of magnetic logic circuits engineering, which takes an advantage of magnetization as a computational state variable and exploits spin waves for information transmission. The circuits consist of magneto-electric cells connected via ... More
Spatio-Temporal Data Fusion for Massive Sea Surface Temperature Data from MODIS and AMSR-E InstrumentsSep 12 2018Remote sensing data have been widely used to study many geophysical processes. With the advance of remote-sensing technology, massive amount of remote sensing data are collected in space over time. Different satellite instruments typically have different ... More
Fused Gaussian Process for Very Large Spatial DataFeb 28 2017With the development of new remote sensing technology, large or even massive spatial datasets covering the globe becomes available. Statistical analysis of such data is challenging. This article proposes a semiparametric approach to model large or massive ... More
Coherent Charge Transport in Ballistic InSb Nanowire Josephson JunctionsApr 06 2016Hybrid InSb nanowire-superconductor devices are promising for investigating Majorana modes and topological quantum computation in solid-state devices. An experimental realisation of ballistic, phase-coherent superconductor-nanowire hybrid devices is a ... More
Light scattering observations of spin reversal excitations in the fractional quantum Hall regimeJun 06 2003Resonant inelastic light scattering experiments access the low lying excitations of electron liquids in the fractional quantum Hall regime in the range $2/5 \geq \nu \geq 1/3$. Modes associated with changes in the charge and spin degrees of freedom are ... More
Enhanced Conductance Fluctuation by Quantum Confinement Effect in Graphene NanoribbonsOct 08 2010Conductance fluctuation is usually unavoidable in graphene nanoribbons (GNR) due to the presence of disorder along its edges. By measuring the low-frequency noise in GNR devices, we find that the conductance fluctuation is strongly correlated with the ... More
Dynamical Casimir effect and the possibility of laser-like generation of gravitational radiationDec 22 2017In this paper, we address the question as to whether or not measurable sources for gravitational waves could possibly be made in the laboratory. Based on an analogy of the dynamical Casimir effect with the stimulated emission of radiation in the laser, ... More
RACE-OC Project: Rotation and variability in the open cluster NGC2099 (M37)Mar 07 2008Rotation and solar-type magnetic activity are closely related to each other in stars of G or later spectral types. Presence and level of magnetic activity depend on star's rotation and rotation itself is strongly influenced by strength and topology of ... More
High-Q terahertz metamaterial from superconducting niobium nitride filmsOct 05 2011We present in this letter terahertz (THz) metamaterials with low ohmic losses made from low-temperature superconductor niobium nitride (NbN) films. The resonance properties are characterized by THz time-domain spectroscopy. The unloaded quality factor ... More
Large magnetic anisotropy in $Fe_xTaS_2$ single crystalsMay 09 2017In intercalated transition metal dichalcogenide $Fe_xTaS_2$ (0.2 $\leq$ x $\leq$ 0.4) single crystals, large magnetic anisotropy is observed. Transport property measurements indicate that heavy Fe-doping leads to a large anisotropy of resistivity ($\rho$$_{c}$/$\rho$$_{ab}$). ... More
Variable stars in the Open Cluster M11 (NGC 6705)Sep 08 2007V-band time-series CCD photometric observations of the intermediate-age open cluster M11 were performed to search for variable stars. Using these time-series data, we carefully examined light variations of all stars in the observing field. A total of ... More
Variable Stars in the Open Cluster NGC 2099 (M37)Feb 26 2007Time-series CCD photometric observations of the intermediate-age open cluster NGC 2099 were performed to search for variable stars. We also carried out BV photometry to study physical properties of variables in the cluster. Using V-band time-series data, ... More
Formation of Long Single Quantum Dots in High Quality InSb Nanowires Grown by Molecular Beam EpitaxyAug 13 2015We report on realization and transport spectroscopy study of single quantum dots (QDs) made from InSb nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The nanowires employed are 50-80 nm in diameter and the QDs are defined in the nanowires between the ... More
On r-dynamic Coloring of GridsJul 13 2014An \textit{$r$-dynamic $k$-coloring} of a graph $G$ is a proper $k$-coloring of $G$ such that every vertex in $V(G)$ has neighbors in at least $\min\{d(v),r\}$ different color classes. The \textit{$r$-dynamic chromatic number} of a graph $G$, written ... More
The Operator Product Expansion Beyond Leading Order for Two-Component FermionsApr 26 2016Jan 19 2017We consider a homogeneous, balanced gas of strongly interacting fermions in two spin states interacting through a large scattering length. Finite range corrections are needed for a quantitative description of data which experiments and numerical simulations ... More
Electrical driving single barrier spin cellAug 25 2005We propose a spin cell based on photon-assisted tunneling through a conventional semiconductor barrier. The Dresselhaus spin-orbit interaction is included to break the spin rotation symmetry. Due to the in-plane electric field induced asymmetric momentum ... More
Beyond Counting: Comparisons of Density Maps for Crowd Analysis Tasks - Counting, Detection, and TrackingMay 29 2017Jun 13 2018For crowded scenes, the accuracy of object-based computer vision methods declines when the images are low-resolution and objects have severe occlusions. Taking counting methods for example, almost all the recent state-of-the-art counting methods bypass ... More
The Operator Product Expansion Beyond Leading Order for Two-Component FermionsApr 26 2016We consider a homogeneous, balanced gas of strongly interacting fermions in two spin states interacting through a large scattering length. Finite range corrections are needed for a quantitative description of data which experiments and numerical simulations ... More
Crowd Counting by Adapting Convolutional Neural Networks with Side InformationNov 21 2016Computer vision tasks often have side information available that is helpful to solve the task. For example, for crowd counting, the camera perspective (e.g., camera angle and height) gives a clue about the appearance and scale of people in the scene. ... More
Stochastic Dynamics and Combinatorial OptimizationApr 30 2015Jun 22 2016Natural dynamics is often dominated by sudden nonlinear processes such as neuroavalanches, gamma-ray bursts, solar flares \emph{etc}. that exhibit scale-free statistics much in the spirit of the logarithmic Ritcher scale for earthquake magnitudes. On ... More
The gap of stellar mass in galaxy groups: another perspective of the Too-big-To-Fail problem in the Milky WayMay 12 2016The Milky Way presents the too-big-to-fail (TBTF) problem that there are two observed satellite galaxies with maximum circular velocity larger than 55km/s, and others have velocity less than 25km/s, but the cold dark matter model predicts there should ... More
An Additive Gaussian Process Approximation for Large Spatio-Temporal DataDec 31 2017Oct 31 2018We propose a new additive spatio-temporal Gaussian process approximation to model complex dependence structures for large spatio-temporal data. The proposed approximation method incorporates a computational-complexity-reduction method and a separable ... More
Voltage-Controlled Surface Magnetization of Itinerant Ferromagnet Ni_(1-x)Cu_xDec 06 2008We argue that surface magnetization of a metallic ferromagnet can be turned on and off isothermally by an applied voltage. For this, the material's electron subsystem must be close enough to the boundary between para- and ferromagnetic regions on the ... More
Demystifying Double Robustness: A Comparison of Alternative Strategies for Estimating a Population Mean from Incomplete DataApr 18 2008When outcomes are missing for reasons beyond an investigator's control, there are two different ways to adjust a parameter estimate for covariates that may be related both to the outcome and to missingness. One approach is to model the relationships between ... More
Rejoinder: Demystifying Double Robustness: A Comparison of Alternative Strategies for Estimating a Population Mean from Incomplete DataApr 18 2008Rejoinder to ``Demystifying Double Robustness: A Comparison of Alternative Strategies for Estimating a Population Mean from Incomplete Data'' [arXiv:0804.2958]
Cosmic Magnetic Fields in Large Scale Filaments and SheetsMar 24 1998We consider the possibility that cosmic magnetic field, instead of being uniformly distributed, is strongly correlated with the large scale structure of the universe. Then, the observed rotational measure of extra-galactic radio sources would be caused ... More
The supergalactic structure and the origin of the highest energy cosmic raysSep 25 1997The recent discoveries of several reliable events of high energy cosmic rays at an energy above 10^20 eV raise questions about their path through the nearby universe. The two analyses of the Haverah Park data set and the Akeno data set appear to have ... More
Kinetic Wave TurbulenceJan 19 2012May 28 2012We consider a general model of Hamiltonian wave systems with triple resonances, in the standard kinetic limit of a continuum of weakly interacting dispersive waves with random phases. In this asymptotic limit we show that the correct dynamical equation ... More
The p-spectral radius of k-partite and k-chromatic uniform hypergraphsJan 31 2014Feb 09 2014We characterize the r-graph with maximal p-spectral radius among the k-partite r-graphs of order n, and the 3-graph with maximal p-spectral radius among the k-chromatic 3-graphs of order n.
Magnetic Cellular Nonlinear Network with Spin Wave Bus for Image ProcessingJul 31 2009We describe and analyze a cellular nonlinear network based on magnetic nanostructures for image processing. The network consists of magneto-electric cells integrated onto a common ferromagnetic film - spin wave bus. The magneto-electric cell is an artificial ... More
Spin Wave Magnetic NanoFabric: A New Approach to Spin-based Logic CircuitrySep 04 2007We propose and describe a magnetic NanoFabric which provides a route to building reconfigurable spin-based logic circuits compatible with conventional electron-based devices. A distinctive feature of the proposed NanoFabric is that a bit of information ... More
A spin-orbital-intertwined nematic state in FeSeMar 14 2019Spin-orbit coupling (SOC) due to the relativistic motion of electrons is a fundamental interaction to intertwine spin and orbital degrees of freedom in solids. Recently, the fingerprint of SOC on the low-energy electronic structure has been observed in ... More
Anisotropies of the lower and upper critical fields in MgB$_2$ single crystalsJul 16 2003The temperature dependence of the London penetration depth ($\lambda$) and coherence length ($\xi$) has been deduced from Hall probe magnetization measurements in high quality MgB$_2$ single crystals in the two main crystallographic directions. We show ... More
Optical studies of charge dynamics in c-axis oriented superconducting MgB2 filmsJul 16 2001Temperature dependent optical conductivities and DC resistivity of c-axis oriented superconducting (Tc = 39.6 K) MgB2 films (~ 450 nm) have been measured. The normal state ab-plane optical conductivities can be described by the Drude model with a temperature ... More
Observability of the scalar Aharonov-Bohm effect inside a 3D Faraday cage with time-varying exterior charges and massesNov 13 2014In this paper we investigate the scalar Aharonov-Bohm (AB) effect in two of its forms, i.e., its electric form and its gravitational form. The standard form of the electric AB effect involves having particles (such as electrons) move in regions with zero ... More
Edge effect on resistance scaling rules in graphene nanostructuresFeb 14 2011We report an experimental investigation of the edge effect on the room-temperature transport in graphene nanoribbon and graphene sheet (both single-layer and bilayer). By measuring the resistance scaling behaviors at both low and high carrier densities, ... More
Effect of Spatial Charge Inhomogeneity on 1/f Noise Behavior in GrapheneAug 04 2010Scattering mechanisms in graphene are critical to understanding the limits of signal-to-noise-ratios of unsuspended graphene devices. Here we present the four-probe low frequency noise (1/f) characteristics in back-gated single layer graphene (SLG) and ... More
Band symmetries of mixed-valence topological insulator: SmB6Dec 20 2013We have investigated the band structure and the band symmetry of mixed-valence insulator SmB$_{6}$ systematically within the density functional theory (DFT). We have analyzed the symmetries and characters of Sm $4f$ and $5d$ bands near the Fermi level ... More
Correlation of microwave surface impedance of MgB_2 thin film with material parameters and a temperature niche for microwave applicationsMar 31 2004Two issues related to the microwave surface impedance Z_s of MgB_2 thin film are discussed in this Letter, both being significant for potential microwave applications. At first, a correlation between Zs and Alpha = Xi/l was found, where Xi is the coherence ... More
Textile systems, coloured graphs and their applications to higher-rank graphsOct 29 2013We compute a presentation of the fundamental group of a higher-rank graph using a coloured graph description of higher-rank graphs developed by the third author. We show that textile systems may be thought of as generalisations of $2$-graphs. We define ... More
Correlation Assisted Phonon Softenings and the Mott-Peierls Transition in VO$_{2}$Jul 07 2012To explore the driving mechanisms of the metal-insulator transition (MIT) and the structural transition in VO2, we have investigated phonon dispersions of rutile VO2 (R-VO2) in the DFT and the DFT+U (U : Coulomb correlation) band calculations. We have ... More
The Efimov effect for heteronuclear three-body systems at positive scattering length and finite temperatureJun 28 2017Sep 08 2017We study the recombination process of three atoms scattering into an atom and diatomic molecule in heteronuclear mixtures of ultracold atomic gases with large and positive interspecies scattering length at finite temperature. We calculate the temperature ... More
A "Missing" Supernova Remnant revealed by the 21-cm Line of Atomic HydrogenApr 09 2006Although some 20--30,000 supernova remnants (SNRs) are expected to exist in the Milky Way, only about 230 are presently known. This implies that most SNRs are ``missing''. Recently, we proposed that small ($\simlt 1^\circ$), faint, high-velocity features ... More
Deep and Wide Photometry of Two Open Clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: Dynamical Evolution and HaloApr 07 2013We studied the structure of two old open clusters, NGC 1245 and NGC 2506, from a wide and deep VI photometry data acquired using the CFH12K CCD camera at CFHT. We devised a new method for assigning cluster membership probability to individual stars using ... More
Deep and Wide Photometry of Two Open Clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506: CCD Observation and Physical PropertiesAug 06 2012We have conducted VI CCD photometry of the two open clusters NGC 1245 and NGC 2506 using the CFH12K CCD camera. Our photometry covers a sky area of 84'X82' and 42'X81' for the two clusters, respectively, and reaches down to V = 23. We derived the physical ... More
Probe $Λ- \barΛ$ oscillation in $J/ψ\rightarrow Λ\,\barΛ$ decay at BES-IIIAug 17 2010Dec 25 2010We discuss the possible searching for the oscillation by coherent $\Lambda\bar{\Lambda}$ production in $J/\psi \rightarrow \Lambda \bar{\Lambda}$ decay process. The sensitivity of measurement of $\Lambda - \bar{\Lambda}$ oscillation in the external field ... More
Transport through a Strongly Correlated Quantum-Dot with Fano InterferenceMar 16 2005We present the transport properties of a strongly correlated quantum dot attached to two leads with a side coupled non-interacting quantum dot. Transport properties are analyzed using the slave boson mean field theory which is reliable in the zero temperature ... More
Effects of the Spin-Orbit Coupling and the Superconductivity in simple-cubic alpha-PoloniumDec 19 2011Jul 26 2012We have investigated the mechanism of stabilizing the simple-cubic (SC) structure in polonium (alpha- Po), based on the phonon dispersion calculations using the first-principles all-electron band method. We have demonstrated that the stable SC structure ... More
A Study of the Branching Ratio of H ->cc_bar at a Future e+e- Linear ColliderSep 11 2003Jul 09 2009We carried out a feasibility study on the measurement of the branching ratio of H -> cc_bar at a future e+e- linear collider. We used the topological vertex reconstructing algorithm for accumulating secondary vertex information and the neural network ... More
Social Influence in the Concurrent Diffusion of Information and Behaviors in Online Social NetworksAug 18 2015Jan 23 2018The emergence of online social networks has greatly facilitated the diffusion of information and behaviors. While the two diffusion processes are often intertwined, "talking the talk" does not necessarily mean "walking the talk"--those who share information ... More
Pressure-induced Phonon Softenings and the Structural and Magnetic Transitions in CrO$_{2}$Dec 22 2011Dec 26 2011To investigate the pressure-induced structural transitions of chromium dioxide (CrO$_{2}$), phonon dispersions and total energy band structures are calculated as a function of pressure. The first structural transition has been confirmed at P$\approx$ ... More
Iteration Index of a Zero Forcing Set in a GraphMay 08 2011Let each vertex of a graph G = (V(G), E(G)) be given one of two colors, say, "black" and "white". Let Z denote the (initial) set of black vertices of G. The color-change rule converts the color of a vertex from white to black if the white vertex is the ... More
Some new identities on the twisted (h, q)- Euler numbers and q-Bernstein polynomialsApr 30 2011In this paper we give some interesting relationships between twisted (h,q)-Euler numbers and q-Berstein polynomnials by using fermionic p-adic q-integrals on Zp
Topological supersymmetry breaking: Definition and stochastic generalization of chaos and the limit of applicability of statisticsApr 15 2014Apr 08 2016The concept of deterministic dynamical chaos has a long history and is well established by now. Nevertheless, its field theoretic essence and its stochastic generalization have been revealed only very recently. Within the newly found supersymmetric theory ... More
Quantum computation by optically coupled steady atoms/quantum-dots inside a quantum electro-dynamic cavityFeb 02 2000We present a model for quantum computation using n steady 3-level atoms or 3-level quantum dots, kept inside a quantum electro-dynamics (QED) cavity. Our model allows one-qubit operations and the two-qubit controlled-NOT gate as required for universal ... More
Multipole Gravitational Lensing and High-order Perturbations on the Quadrupole LensFeb 22 2013An arbitrary surface mass density of gravitational lens can be decomposed into multipole components. We simulate the ray-tracing for the multipolar mass distribution of generalized SIS (Singular Isothermal Sphere) model, based on the deflection angles ... More
Are Great Disks Defined by Satellite Galaxies in Milky-Way Type Halos Rare in $Λ$CDM model?Jan 17 2005Mar 14 2005We study the spatial distribution of satellite galaxies by assuming that they follow the dark matter distribution. This assumption is supported by semi-analytical studies based on high-resolution numerical simulations. We find that for a Milky-Way type ... More
Magnetic bit stability: Competition between domain-wall and monodomain switchingFeb 14 2012We numerically study the thermal stability properties of computer memory storage realized by a magnetic ellipse. In the case of practical magnetic random-access memory devices, the bit can form a spin texture during switching events. To study the energy ... More
An Inexact Inverse Power Method for Numerical Analysis of Stochastic Dynamic SystemsJan 11 2017This paper proposes an efficient method for computing partial eigenvalues of large sparse matrices what can be called the inexact inverse power method (IIPM). It is similar to the inexact Rayleigh quotient method and inexact Jacobi-Davidson method that ... More
Cosmic Structure of Magnetic FieldsSep 25 1997The simulations of the formation of cosmological structure allows to determine the spatial inhomogeneity of cosmic magnetic fields. Such simulations, however, do not give an absolute number for the strength of the magnetic field due to insufficient spatial ... More
Contributions to the Cosmic Ray Flux above the Ankle: Clusters of GalaxiesAug 13 1996Motivated by the suggestion of Kang, Ryu \& Jones (1996) that particles can be accelerated to high energies via diffusive shock acceleration process at the accretion shocks formed by the infalling flow toward the clusters of galaxies, we have calculated ... More
Spatial Statistical Downscaling for Constructing High-Resolution Nature Runs in Global Observing System Simulation ExperimentsNov 01 2017Aug 31 2018Observing system simulation experiments (OSSEs) have been widely used as a rigorous and cost-effective way to guide development of new observing systems, and to evaluate the performance of new data assimilation algorithms. Nature runs (NRs), which are ... More
Binary interactions on the calibrations of star formation rateDec 06 2011Dec 08 2011Using the evolutionary population synthesis (EPS) models with and without binary interactions (BIs), we present L_Ha, L_[OII], L_{i,UV} and L_FIR for Burst, S0, Sa-Sd and Irr galaxies, and present the calibrations of star formation rate (SFR) in terms ... More
Magnetoelectric Spin Wave Amplifier for Spin Wave Logic CircuitsOct 30 2008We propose and analyze a spin wave amplifier aimed to enhance the amplitude of the propagating spin wave via the magnetoelectric effect. The amplifier is a two-layer multiferroic structure, which comprises piezoelectric and ferromagnetic materials. By ... More
Electric-field guiding of magnetic skyrmionsMay 15 2015We theoretically study equilibrium and dynamic properties of nanosized magnetic skyrmions in thin magnetic films with broken inversion symmetry, where electric field couples to magnetization via spin-orbit coupling. Based on a symmetry-based phenomenology ... More
Yunnan-III models for Evolutionary population synthesisOct 24 2012We build the Yunnan-III evolutionary population synthesis (EPS) models by using the MESA stellar evolution code, BaSeL stellar spectra library and the initial mass functions (IMFs) of Kroupa and Salpeter, and present colours and integrated spectral energy ... More
Quadrupolar ordering and exotic magnetocaloric effect in RB4 (R = Dy, Ho)Feb 07 2019The interplay of charge, spin, orbital and lattice degrees of freedom has recently received great interest due to its potential to improve the magnetocaloric effect (MCE) for the purpose of magnetic cooling applications. Here we propose a new mechanism ... More
Two-band Effects in the Angular Dependence of Hc2 of MgB2 Single CrystalsAug 15 2003The angular dependence of the upper critical field Hc2 of MgB2 single crystals is studied at various temperatures by means of specific heat and transport measurements in magnetic fields up to 17 T. Clear deviations from Ginzburg-Landau behavior are observed ... More
Influence of Al doping on the critical fields and gap values in magnesium diboride single crystalsApr 12 2006The lower ($H_{c1}$) and upper ($H_{c2}$) critical fields of Mg$_{1-x}$Al$_{x}$B$_2$ single crystals (for $x = 0$, 0.1 and $\gtrsim 0.2$) have been deduced from specific heat and local magnetization measurements, respectively. We show that $H_{c1}$ and ... More
Tests of a dual-readout fiber calorimeter with SiPM light sensorsMay 08 2018In this paper, we describe the first tests of a dual-readout fiber calorimeter in which silicon photomultipliers are used to sense the (scintillation and Cherenkov) light signals. The main challenge in this detector is implementing a design that minimizes ... More
Superconducting Transition and Phase Diagram of Single Crystal MgB2Mar 15 2002Mar 27 2002The superconducting phase diagram of MgB2 was determined from magnetization, magneto-transport and the first single-crystal specific heat measurements. A zero-temperature in-plane coherence length of 8 nm is determined. The superconducting anisotropy ... More
Irreversible proliferation of magnetic moments at cleaved surfaces of the topological Kondo insulator SmB6May 11 2017The compound SmB$_6$ is the best established realization of a topological Kondo insulator, in which a topological insulator state is obtained through Kondo coherence. Recent studies have found evidence that the surface of SmB$_6$ hosts ferromagnetic domains, ... More
Radiation fields by intermediate-age stellar populations with binaries as ionizing sources of H II regionsOct 24 2014Radiation fields emitted by O, B-type stars or young stellar populations (SPs) are generally considered as significant central ionizing sources (CISs) of classic H II regions. In our previous studies, we show that the inclusion of binary interactions ... More
Total Cross Sections of e+ e- --> hadrons and pQCD TestsFeb 06 2002In the light of recent muon (g-2) result by the E821 experiment at BNL, the importance of and interest in the total hadronic cross sections in e+ e- collisions and R(e+ e- --> hadrons) have been heightened. We report on the integrated data compilation ... More
Report of the Beyond the MSSM Subgroup for the Tevatron Run II SUSY/Higgs WorkshopJun 15 2000Jun 19 2000There are many low-energy models of supersymmetry breaking parameters which are motivated by theoretical and experimental considerations. Here, we discuss some of the lesser-known theories of low-energy supersymmetry, and outline their phenomenological ... More
A compilation of total cross section data on e^+ e^- --> hadrons and pQCD testsOct 13 2001Oct 24 2001All available data on the total cross sections and R-ratio of e^+ e^- --> hadrons are compiled from the PPDS(DataGuide), PPDS(ReacData) and HEPDATA(Reaction) databases and transformed to a compilation of data on the e^+ e^- --> quark antiquark --> hadrons ... More
Stabilizing the forming process in unipolar resistance switching using an improved compliance current limiterJun 26 2010The high reset current IR in unipolar resistance switching now poses major obstacles to practical applications in memory devices. In particular, the first IR-value after the forming process is so high that the capacitors sometimes do not exhibit reliable ... More
Multisite campaign on the open cluster M67. III. Delta Scuti pulsations in the blue stragglersApr 30 2007We have made an asteroseismic analysis of the variable blue stragglers in the open cluster M67. The data set consists of photometric time series from eight sites using nine 0.6-2.1 meter telescopes with a time baseline of 43 days. In two stars, EW Cnc ... More
Multisite campaign on the open cluster M67. II. Evidence for solar-like oscillations in red giant starsFeb 04 2007Measuring solar-like oscillations in an ensemble of stars in a cluster, holds promise for testing stellar structure and evolution more stringently than just fitting parameters to single field stars. The most ambitious attempt to pursue these prospects ... More
Solar-like oscillations in open cluster starsFeb 07 2007Asteroseismology of stellar clusters is potentially a powerful tool. The assumption of a common age, distance, and chemical composition provides constraints on each cluster member, which significantly improves the asteroseismic output. Driven by this ... More
Multi-site campaign on the open cluster M67. I. Observations and photometric reductionsSep 13 2006We report on an ambitious multi-site campaign aimed at detecting stellar variability, particularly solar-like oscillations, in the red giant stars in the open cluster M67 (NGC 2682). During the six-week observing run, which comprised 164 telescope nights, ... More
Non-Abelian Chern-Simons models with discrete gauge groups on a latticeOct 23 2005We construct the local Hamiltonian description of the Chern-Simons theory with discrete non-Abelian gauge group on a lattice. We show that the theory is fully determined by the phase factors associated with gauge transformations and classify all possible ... More
Particle Spectrum of the Supersymmetric Standard Model from the Massless Excitations of a Four Dimensional SuperstringFeb 17 2003Oct 10 2003A superstring action is quantised with Neveu Schwarz(NS) and Ramond(R) boundary conditions. The zero mass states of the NS sector are classified as the vector gluons, W-mesons, $B_{\mu}$-mesons and scalars containing Higgs. The fifteen zero mass fermions ... More
Four Dimensional Superstring, Supergravity and DualityNov 16 2009Montonen and Olive's conjecture in 1977 that some theories possess a duality symmetry that interchanges the electrically charged particle with that of negatively charged t' Hooft-Polyakov monopoles which relates strong coupling to weak coupling. This ... More
A Four Dimensional Superstring from the Bosonic String with Some ApplicationsJul 18 2003Oct 10 2003A string in four dimensions is constructed by supplementing it with forty four Majorana fermions. The later are represented by eleven vectors in the bosonic representation $SO(D-1,1)$. The central charge is 26. The fermions are grouped in such a way that ... More
Derivation of Einstein Equation from a New Type of four Dimensional SuperstringDec 01 2002Mar 13 2003A new type of superstring in four dimension is proposed which has the central charge 26. The Neveu Schwarz and the Ramond vacua are both tachyonic. The self energy of the scalar tachyon cancels from the contribution of the fermionic loop of the Ramond ... More
Exact solution of Z_2 Chern-Simons model on a triangular latticeOct 23 2005We construct the Hamiltonian description of the Chern-Simons theory with Z_n gauge group on a triangular lattice. We show that the Z_2 model can be mapped onto free Majorana fermions and compute the excitation spectrum. In the bulk the spectrum turns ... More
A Heavy Higgs Can Give Strong First Order Electroweak Phase Transition in the Standard ModelSep 28 1997The role of Higgs sector of the standard model in first order phase transition is reexamined.It is found that a solution to the mass gap equations exist which can be used in higher orders. This possible solution leads to a transition which is found to ... More
Integrals of motion of classical lattice sine-Gordon systemSep 14 1994Sep 16 1994We compute the local integrals of motions of the classical limit of the lattice sine-Gordon system, using a geometrical interpretation of the local sine-Gordon variables. Using an analogous description of the screened local variables, we show that these ... More
Electronic structure of YbB$_{6}$: Is it a Topological Insulator or not?Aug 28 2015Feb 29 2016To resolve the controversial issue of the topological nature of the electronic structure of YbB$_{6}$, we have made a combined study using density functional theory (DFT) and angle resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES). Accurate determination of ... More
Separable states and the geometric phases of an interacting two-spin systemMar 05 2010It is known that an interacting bipartite system evolves as an entangled state in general, even if it is initially in a separable state. Due to the entanglement of the state, the geometric phase of the system is not equal to the sum of the geometric phases ... More