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Plasmon-enhanced generation of non-classical lightSep 19 2018Strong light-matter interactions enabled by surface plasmons have given rise to a wide range of photonic, optoelectronic and chemical functionalities. In recent years, the interest in this research area has focused on the quantum regime, aiming to developing ... More
Super-Planckian Far-Field Radiative Heat TransferAug 21 2017We present a theoretical analysis that demonstrates that the far-field radiative heat transfer between objects with dimensions smaller than the thermal wavelength can overcome the Planckian limit by orders of magnitude. We illustrate this phenomenon with ... More
Exploring the limits of super-Planckian far-field radiative heat transfer using 2D materialsFeb 26 2018Very recently it has been predicted that the far-field radiative heat transfer between two macroscopic systems can largely overcome the limit set by Planck's law if one of their dimensions becomes much smaller than the thermal wavelength ($\lambda_{\rm ... More
High-order localized spoof surface plasmon resonances and experimental verificationsFeb 17 2015We theoretically demonstrated and experimentally verified high-order radial spoof localized surface plasmon resonances supported by textured metal particles. Through an effective medium theory and exact numerical simulations, we show the emergence of ... More
Electric field manipulation of surface states in topological semimetalsJul 15 2019We investigate the consequences of applying electric fields perpendicularly to thin films of topological semimetals. In particular, we consider Weyl and Dirac semimetals in a configuration such that their surface Fermi arcs lie on opposite edges of the ... More
Description of the evolution of inhomogeneities on a Dark Matter halo with the Vlasov equationMar 07 2017We use a direct numerical integration of the Vlasov equation in spherical symmetry with a background gravitational potential to determine the evolution of a collection of particles in different models of a galactic halo. Such a collection is assumed to ... More
Decaying spectral oscillations in a Majorana wire with finite coherence lengthOct 24 2017May 02 2018Motivated by recent experiments, we investigate the excitation energy of a proximitized Rashba wire in the presence of a position dependent pairing. In particular, we focus on the spectroscopic pattern produced by the overlap between two Majorana bound ... More
Unveiling the Radiative Local Density of Optical States of a Plasmonic Nanocavity by STM Luminescence and SpectroscopyJul 18 2019Disentangling the contributions of radiative and non-radiative localized plasmonic modes from the photonic density of states of metallic nanocavities between atomically-sharp tips and flat substrates remains an experimental challenge nowadays. Electroluminescence ... More
Characterization of the scission point from fission-fragment velocitiesJul 15 2015The isotopic-yield distributions and kinematic properties of fragments produced in transfer-induced fission of 240Pu and fusion-induced fission of 250Cf, with 9 MeV and 45 MeV of excitation energy respectively, were measured in inverse kinematics with ... More
Study of multi-neutron emission in the $β$-decay of $^{11}$LiJun 11 2019The kinematics of two-neutron emission following the $\beta$-decay of $^{11}$Li was investigated for the first time by detecting the two neutrons in coincidence and by measuring their angle and energy. An array of liquid-scintillator neutron detectors ... More
Signature of the time-dependent hydrodynamic interactions on the collective diffusion in colloidal monolayersOct 10 2014It has been shown recently that the coefficient of collective diffusion in a colloidal monolayer is divergent due to the hydrodynamic interactions mediated by the ambient fluid in bulk. The analysis is extended to allow for time--dependent hydrodynamic ... More
On the applicability of quantum-optical concepts in strong-coupling nanophotonicsJul 04 2019Rooted in quantum optics and benefiting from its well-established foundations, strong coupling in nanophotonics has experienced increasing popularity in recent years. With nanophotonics being an experimentally-driven field, the absence of appropriate ... More
Arc representationsSep 25 2017This paper was inspired by four articles: surface cluster algebras studied by Fomin-Shapiro-Thurston \cite{fst}, the mutation theory of quivers with potentials initiated by Derksen-Weyman-Zelevinsky \cite{dwz}, string modules associated to arcs on unpunctured ... More
V752 Cen -- A triple-lined spectroscopic contact binary with sudden and continuous period changesSep 13 2019V752 Cen is a triple-lined spectroscopic contact binary. Its multi-color light curves were obtained in the years 1971 and 2018, independently. Photometric analyses reveal that the two sets of light curves produce almost consistent results. It contains ... More
From nominal to higher-order rewriting and back againSep 17 2015Dec 11 2015We present a translation function from nominal rewriting systems (NRSs) to combinatory reduction systems (CRSs), transforming closed nominal rules and ground nominal terms to CRSs rules and terms, respectively, while preserving the rewriting relation. ... More
Optimal quantum state reconstruction for cold trapped ionsMay 22 2008We study the physical implementation of an optimal tomographic reconstruction scheme for the case of determining the state of a multi-qubit system, where trapped ions are used for defining qubits. The protocol is based on the use of mutually unbiased ... More
A quark-model based study of the triton binding energyDec 18 2001The three-nucleon bound state problem is studied employing a nucleon-nucleon potential obtained from a basic quark-quark interaction in a five-channel Faddeev calculation. The obtained triton binding energy is comparable to those predicted by conventional ... More
Quark model study of the triton bound statJul 22 2001The three-nucleon bound state problem is studied employing nucleon-nucleon potentials derived from a basic quark-quark interaction. We analyze the effects of the nonlocalities generated by the quark model. The calculated triton binding energies indicate ... More
Variational approximations to exact solutions in shell-model valence spaces: calcium isotopes in the pf-shellJul 11 2019We study the performance of self-consistent mean-field and beyond-mean-field approximations in shell-model valence spaces. In particular, Hartree-Fock-Bogolyubov, particle-number variation after projection and projected generator coordinate methods are ... More
Deuteron NN*(1440) components from a chiral quark modelAug 27 2002We present a nonrelativistic coupled-channel calculation of the deuteron structure including Delta Delta and NN^*(1440) channels, besides the standard NN S and D-wave components. All the necessary building blocks to perform the calculation have been obtained ... More
Quark Model study of the NN*(1440) components on the deuteronJul 22 2001We present a calculation of the deuteron wave function including $NN$, $\Delta\Delta$, and $NN^*$(1440) channels. All the transition potentials, as well as the direct $NN$ potential, have been obtained from the same underlying quark model using standard ... More
GRASIL-3D: an Implemention of Dust Effects in the SEDs of Simulated GalaxiesDec 03 2013Feb 21 2014We introduce a new model for the spectral energy distribution of galaxies, GRASIL-3D, which includes a careful modelling of the dust component of the interstellar medium. GRASIL-3D is an entirely new model based on the formalism of an existing and widely ... More
The Tracy-Widom distribution is not infinitely divisibleJan 12 2016The classical infinite divisibility of distributions related to eigenvalues of some random matrix ensembles is investigated. It is proved that the $\beta$-Tracy-Widom distribution, which is the limiting distribution of the largest eigenvalue of a $\beta$-Hermite ... More
Function spaces of logarithmic smoothness: embeddings and characterizationsNov 15 2018Dec 26 2018In this paper we present a comprehensive treatment of function spaces with logarithmic smoothness (Besov, Sobolev, Triebel-Lizorkin). We establish the following results: Sharp embeddings between the Besov spaces defined by differences and by Fourier-analytical ... More
A complementary proof of Baker's theorem of completely invariant components for transcendental entire functionsMar 13 2018Baker proved that for transcendental entire functions there is at most one completely invariant component of the Fatou set. It was observed by Julien Duval that there is a missing case in Baker's proof. In this article we follow Baker's ideas and give ... More
Determining the electronic triplet-singlet transition probability in double quantum dots: Analogy with the double slit experimentOct 14 2009Feb 22 2010We apply an elementary measurement scheme to calculate the electronic triplet-singlet transition mediated by hyperfine interaction in a double quantum dot. We show how the local character of the hyperfine interaction and the nuclear back-action process ... More
An Ando-Choi-Effros lifting theorem respecting subspacesFeb 15 2017Jul 20 2018We prove a version of the Ando-Choi-Effros lifting theorem respecting subspaces, which in turn relies on Oja's principle of local reflexivity respecting subspaces. To achieve this, we first develop a theory of pairs of $M$-ideals. As a first consequence ... More
Exponents of some one-dimensional Gauss-Manin cohomologiesApr 30 2015Jul 17 2017In this paper we provide a purely algebraic characterization of the exponents of one-dimensional direct images of a structure sheaf by a rational function, related to the vanishing of the cohomologies of a certain Koszul complex associated with such a ... More
Gevrey and formal Nilsson solutions of $A$-hypergeometric systemsAug 05 2019We prove that the space of Gevrey solutions of an $A$--hypergeometric system along a coordinate subspace is contained in a space of formal Nilsson solutions when the parameters of the system are not rank jumping. Moreover, under some additional condition, ... More
On the local monodromy of A-hypergeometric functions and some monodromy invariant subspacesJul 15 2016Jan 25 2019We obtain an explicit formula for the characteristic polynomial of the local monodromy of $A$-hypergeometric functions with respect to small loops around a coordinate hyperplane $x_i =0$. This formula is similar to the one obtained by Ando, Esterov and ... More
Broken mirror symmetry in $^{36}$S and $^{36}$CaSep 13 2018Shape coexistence is an ubiquitous phenomenon in the neutron-rich nuclei belonging to (or sitting at the shores of) the $N=20$ Island of Inversion (IoI). Exact isospin symmetry predicts the same behaviour for their mirrors and the existence of a proton-rich ... More
Graded composition Cd$_x$Zn$_{1-x}$Te films grown by Isothermal Close Space Sublimation techniqueSep 18 2019Graded composition CdxZn1-xTe films were prepared by growing several alternate layers of CdTe and ZnTe by the Isothermal Close Space Sublimation technique. The thickness of both kinds of layers was modified along the structure to produce an increase of ... More
Phase coexistence in a monolayer of active particles induced by Marangoni flowsApr 04 2018Thermally or chemically active colloids generate thermodynamic gradients in the solution in which they are immersed and thereby induce hydrodynamic flows that affect their dynamical evolution. Here we study a mean-field model for the many-body dynamics ... More
Serendipitous detection of an overdensity of Herschel-SPIRE 250 micron sources south of MRC1138-26Sep 17 2013We report the serendipitous detection of a significant overdensity of Herschel-SPIRE 250 micron sources in the vicinity of MRC1138-26. We use an adaptive kernel density estimate to quantify the significance, including a comparison with other fields. The ... More
Model Selection for Pion PhotoproductionOct 24 2016Dec 23 2016Partial-wave analysis of meson and photon-induced reactions is needed to enable the comparison of many theoretical approaches to data. In both energy-dependent and independent parametrizations of partial waves, the selection of the model amplitude is ... More
Observations of the first electromagnetic counterpart to a gravitational wave source by the TOROS collaborationOct 16 2017We present the results of prompt optical follow-up of the electromagnetic counterpart of the gravitational-wave event GW170817 by the Transient Optical Robotic Observatory of the South Collaboration (TOROS). We detected highly significant dimming in the ... More
Embedding Population Dynamics Models in InferenceAug 28 2007Increasing pressures on the environment are generating an ever-increasing need to manage animal and plant populations sustainably, and to protect and rebuild endangered populations. Effective management requires reliable mathematical models, so that the ... More
Irregular Hodge filtration of some confluent hypergeometric systemsJul 11 2017Dec 10 2018We determine the irregular Hodge filtration, as introduced by Sabbah, for the purely irregular hypergeometric $\mathcal{D}$-modules. We obtain in particular a formula for the irregular Hodge numbers of these systems. We use the reduction of hypergeometric ... More
Nanosecond pulsed proton beam: upgrade of the accelerator-based neutron facility HiSPANOS at CNA (Spain)Jun 12 2019The 3 MV Tandem Pelletron accelerator at the Spanish Accelerator Laboratory (CNA) has been recently upgraded to produce pulsed ion beams for neutron Time-Of-Flight (TOF) measurements. The upgrade has consisted of two actions: a pulsing system installed ... More
Partial and unified crossed products are weak crossed productsOct 31 2011In [J.M. Fern\'andez Vilaboa, R. Gonz\'alez Rodr\'iguez and A.B. Rodr\'iguez Raposo: Preunits and weak crossed products. J. of Pure Appl. Algebra 213, 2244-2261 (2009)] the notion of a weak crossed product of an algebra by an object, both living in a ... More
Three-Dimensional Simulations of SASI- and Convection-Dominated Core-Collapse SupernovaeApr 29 2015Jul 01 2015We investigate the effect of dimensionality on the transition to explosion in neutrino-driven core-collapse supernovae. Using parameterized hydrodynamic simulations of the stalled supernova shock in one-, two- (2D), and three spatial dimensions (3D), ... More
The Kontsevich-Rosenberg principle for bi-symplectic formsAug 08 2017In this expository note, we explain the so-called Van den Bergh functor, which enables the formalization of the Kontsevich-Rosenberg principle, whereby a structure on an associative algebra has geometric meaning if it induces standard geometric structures ... More
Dipolar and Quadrupolar Excitons Coupled to a Nanoparticle-on-a-Mirror CavityMay 23 2019We investigate plasmon-emitter interactions in a nanoparticle-on-a-mirror cavity. We consider two different sorts of emitters, those that sustain dipolar transitions, and those hosting only quadrupolar, dipole-inactive, excitons. By means of a fully analytical ... More
Iterated weak crossed productsMar 05 2015In this paper we show how iterate weak crossed products with common monoid. More concretely, if $(A\otimes V, \mu_{A\otimes V})$ and $(A\otimes W, \mu_{A\otimes W})$ are weak crossed products, we find sufficient conditions to obtain a new weak crossed ... More
Estimates on the norm of polynomials and applicationsJul 06 2015In this paper, equivalence constants between various polynomial norms are calculated. As an application, we also obtain sharp values of the Hardy--Littlewood constants for $2$-homogeneous polynomials on $\ell_p^2$ spaces, $2<p\leq\infty$ and lower estimates ... More
Weak Crossed Biproducts and Weak ProjectionsJun 09 2009Oct 30 2009We present the universal theory of weak crossed biproducts, and we prove that every weak projection of weak bialgebras induces an example of this crossed structure. As an example, we give the construction of a weak projection of a weak bialgebra associated ... More
Asymptotic normality and greatest common divisorsFeb 10 2013May 08 2013We report on some statistical regularity properties of greatest common divisors: for large random samples of integers, the number of coprime pairs and the average of the gcd's of those pairs are approximately normal, while the maximum of those gcd's (appropriately ... More
Transformation Optics for Plasmonics: from Metasurfaces to Excitonic Strong CouplingJul 31 2019We review the latest theoretical advances in the application of the framework of Transformation Optics for the analytical description of deeply sub-wavelength electromagnetic phenomena. First, we present a general description of the technique, together ... More
The challenge of detecting intracluster filaments with Faraday RotationNov 27 2018The detection of filaments in the cosmic web will be crucial to distinguish between the possible magnetogenesis scenarios and future large polarization surveys will be able to shed light on their magnetization level. In this work, we use numerical simulations ... More
Duration of local violations of the second law of thermodynamics along single trajectories in phase spaceDec 04 2012Feb 03 2014We define the {\it violation fraction} $\nu$ as the cumulative fraction of time that the entropy change is negative during single realizations of processes in phase space. This quantity depends both on the number of degrees of freedom $N$ and the duration ... More
Symmetry for the duration of entropy-consuming intervalsMar 10 2014Apr 28 2014We introduce the violation fraction $\upsilon$ as the cumulative fraction of time that a mesoscopic system spends consuming entropy at a single trajectory in phase space. We show that the fluctuations of this quantity are described in terms of a symmetry ... More
Quantum interference in a Cooper pair splitter: The three sites modelMay 31 2016New generation of Cooper pair splitters defined on hybrid nanostructures are devices with high tunable coupling parameters. Transport measurements through these devices revealed clear signatures of interference effects and motivated us to introduce a ... More
Spectral analysis of magnetic fields in simulated galaxy clustersOct 18 2018We introduce a new sample of galaxy clusters obtained from a cosmological simulation covering an unprecedented dynamical range. All the clusters in our sample show a clear signature of small-scale dynamo amplification. We show that it is possible to use ... More
Dipolar and Quadrupolar Excitons Coupled to a Nanoparticle-on-a-Mirror CavityMay 23 2019Jul 11 2019We investigate plasmon-emitter interactions in a nanoparticle-on-a-mirror cavity. We consider two different sorts of emitters, those that sustain dipolar transitions, and those hosting only quadrupolar, dipole-inactive, excitons. By means of a fully analytical ... More
Equidistribution and coprimalityOct 14 2013This paper is devoted to the study of equidistributional properties of \textit{totient points} in $\mathbb{N}^r$, that is, of coprime $r$-tuples of integers, with particular emphasis on some relevant sets of totient points fulfilling extra divisibility ... More
Machine Learning on Difference Image Analysis: A comparison of methods for transient detectionDec 26 2018Aug 08 2019We present a comparison of several Difference Image Analysis (DIA) techniques, in combination with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms, applied to the identification of optical transients associated with gravitational wave events. Each technique is assessed ... More
Chemical trends in the Galactic Halo with APOGEE dataNov 04 2016The galaxy formation process in the $\Lambda$-Cold Dark Matter scenario can be constrained from the analysis of stars in the Milky Way's halo system. We examine the variation of chemical abundances in distant halo stars observed by the Apache Point Galactic ... More
Uniform heating of materials into the warm dense matter regime with laser-driven quasi-monoenergetic ion beamsOct 03 2015In a recent experiment on the Trident laser facility, a laser-driven beam of quasi-monoenergetic aluminum ions was used to heat solid gold and diamond foils isochorically to 5.5 eV and 1.7 eV, respectively. Here theoretical calculations are presented ... More
CoRoT-18 b: Analysis of high-precision transit light curves with starspot featuresSep 13 2019When a planet occults a spotty area on a stellar surface, the flux increases and a characteristic feature in a light curve - a bump - is observed. Among the planets detected by the CoRoT-mission CoRoT-18 is especially interesting as it exhibited spot ... More
Mesoscopic fluctuations in biharmonically driven flux qubitsOct 24 2016We investigate flux qubits driven by a biharmonic magnetic signal, with a phase lag that acts as an effective time reversal broken parameter. The driving induced transition rate between the ground and the excited state of the flux qubit can be thought ... More
Study of multi-neutron systems with SAMURAI spectrometerMar 27 2019The tetraneutron has been drawing the attention of the nuclear physics community for decades, but a firm conclusion on its existence and properties is still far from being reached despite many experimental and theoretical efforts. New measurements have ... More
Phonon-mediated decoherence in triple quantum dot interferometersMar 31 2011We investigate decoherence in a triple quantum dot in ring configuration in which one dot is coupled to a damped phonon mode, while the other two dots are connected to source and drain, respectively. In the absence of decoherence, single electron transport ... More
Simulating the DNA String Graph in Succinct SpaceJan 29 2019Converting a set of sequencing reads into a lossless compact data structure that encodes all the relevant biological information is a major challenge. The classical approaches are to build the string graph or the de Bruijn graph. Each has advantages over ... More
Komlós' Theorem and the Fixed Point Property for affine mappingsSep 11 2017Assume that $X$ is a Banach space of measurable functions for which Koml\'os' Theorem holds. We associate to any closed convex bounded subset $C$ of $X$ a coefficient $t(C)$ which attains its minimum value when $C$ is closed for the topology of convergence ... More
Revisiting the Jones eigenproblem in fluid-structure interactionJul 03 2018Aug 20 2019The Jones eigenvalue problem first described by D.S. Jones in 1983 concerns unusual modes in bounded elastic bodies: time-harmonic displacements whose tractions and normal components are both identically zero on the boundary. This problem is usually associated ... More
Herschel Far-IR counterparts of SDSS galaxies: Analysis of commonly used Star Formation Rate estimatesMar 14 2014We study a hundred of galaxies from the spectroscopic Sloan Digital Sky Survey with individual detections in the Far-Infrared Herschel PACS bands (100 or 160 $\mu$m) and in the GALEX Far-UltraViolet band up to z$\sim$0.4 in the COSMOS and Lockman Hole ... More
The CARMENES search for exoplanets around M dwarfs -- Photospheric parameters of target stars from high-resolution spectroscopy. II. Simultaneous multiwavelength range modeling of activity insensitive linesJul 01 2019We present precise photospheric parameters of 282 M dwarfs determined from fitting the most recent version of PHOENIX models to high-resolution CARMENES spectra in the visible (0.52 - 0.96 $\mu$m) and near-infrared wavelength range (0.96 - 1.71 $\mu$m). ... More
Visible lattice points in random walksDec 15 2015We consider the possible visits to visible points of a random walker moving up and right in the integer lattice (with probability $\alpha$ and $1-\alpha$, respectively) and starting from the origin. We show that, almost surely, the asymptotic proportion ... More
On the rank of an A-hypergeometric D-module versus the normalized volume of AJul 19 2019The rank of an $A$-hypergeometric $D$-module $M_A(\beta)$, associated with a full rank $(d\times n)$-matrix $A$ and a vector of parameters $\beta\in \mathbb{C}^d$, is known to be the normalized volume of $A$, denoted $\mathrm{vol}(A)$, when $\beta$ lies ... More
CAFE2: an upgrade to the CAFE high-resolution spectrograph. Commissioning results and new public pipelineJun 10 2019The Calar Alto Fiber-fed \'Echelle spectrograph (CAFE) is a high-resolution spectrographs with high-precision radial velocity capabilities mounted in the 2.2m telescope of Calar Alto Observatory. It suffered from strong degradation after 4 years of operations ... More
Examples of hypergeometric twistor $\mathcal{D}$-modulesMar 13 2018Jan 04 2019We show that certain one-dimensional hypergeometric differential systems underlie objects of the category of irregular mixed Hodge modules, which was recently introduced by Sabbah, and compute the irregular Hodge filtration for them. We also provide a ... More
Isoparametric surfaces in $\mathbb{E}(κ,τ)$-spacesMar 16 2018We provide an explicit classification of the following four families of surfaces in any homogeneous 3-manifold with 4-dimensional isometry group: isoparametric surfaces, surfaces with constant principal curvatures, homogeneous surfaces, and surfaces with ... More
Deep Learning Identifies High-z Galaxies in a Central Blue Nugget Phase in a Characteristic Mass RangeApr 19 2018We use machine learning to identify in color images of high-redshift galaxies an astrophysical phenomenon predicted by cosmological simulations. This phenomenon, called the blue nugget (BN) phase, is the compact star-forming phase in the central regions ... More
Origin of the Metallicity Distribution in the Thick DiscDec 14 2015Aims. Using a suite of cosmological chemodynamical disc galaxy simulations, we assess how (a) radial metallicity gradients evolve with scaleheight; (b) the vertical metallicity gradients change through the thick disc; and (c) the vertical gradient of ... More
The Hahn-Banach Theorem: a proof of the equivalence between the analitic and geometric versionsDec 21 2018Aug 27 2019We present here a simple and direct proof of the classic geometric version of Hahn-Banach Theorem from its analitic version, in the real case. The reciprocal implication, and the direct proofs of both versions, are already well kown, but they are also ... More
Characteristic cycles and Gevrey series solutions of $A$-hypergeometric systemsFeb 12 2019We compute the $L$-characteristic cycle of an $A$-hypergeometric system and higher Euler-Koszul homology modules of the toric ring. We also prove upper semicontinuity results about the multiplicities in these cycles and apply our results to analyze the ... More
Nonequilibrium structures and dynamic transitions in driven vortex lattices with disorderSep 27 2006We review our studies of elastic lattices driven by an external force $F$ in the presence of random disorder, which correspond to the case of vortices in superconducting thin films driven by external currents. Above a critical force $F_c$ we find two ... More
Magnetic-field controlled anomalous refraction in doped semiconductorsNov 08 2018We predict here that a slab made of a doped semiconductor can exhibit anomalous refraction under the application of a static magnetic field. This anomalous refraction takes place in the far-infrared range and it occurs for any angle of incidence. We show ... More
$C^{1,α}$ estimates for the fully nonlinear Signorini problemMar 14 2016We study the regularity of solutions to the fully nonlinear thin obstacle problem. We establish local $C^{1,\alpha}$ estimates on each side of the smooth obstacle, for some small $\alpha > 0$. Our results extend those of Milakis-Silvestre in two ways: ... More
Classification of Nilsoliton metrics in dimension sevenNov 17 2013The aim of this paper is to classify Ricci soliton metrics on $7$-dimensional nilpotent Lie groups. It can be considered as a continuation of our paper in [Transformation Groups, Volume 17, Number 3 (2012), 639--656]. To this end, we use the classification ... More
On the spectrum of an oscillator in a magnetic fieldSep 09 2019We consider the Hamiltonian for a charged particle in a harmonic potential in the presence of a magnetic field. The most symmetric case depends on one parameter, the variation of which leads from a spectrum bounded from below to an unbounded spectrum. ... More
Best proximity points for proximal contractionsJul 18 2012In this paper we improve and extend some best proximity point results concerning the so-called proximal contractions. Specifically, compactness assumptions under the sets A and B are removed to consider completeness conditions instead.
On multi-index filtrations associated to Weierstrass semigroupsDec 19 2013The aim of this paper is to review the main techniques in the computation of Weierstra\ss semigroup at several points of curves defined over perfect fields, with special emphasis on the case of two points. Some hints about the usage of some packages of ... More
Omega subgroups of powerful p-groupsAug 02 2011Let G be a powerful finite p-group. In this note, we give a short elementary proof of the following facts for all $i\ge 0$: (i) $\exp \Omega_-i(G)\le p^i$ for odd p, and $\exp \Omega_-i(G)\le 2^{i+1}$ for p = 2; (ii) the index $|G:G^{p^i}|$ coincides ... More
A track-before-detect labelled multi-Bernoulli particle filter with label switchingMar 31 2016This paper presents a multitarget tracking particle filter (PF) for general track-before-detect measurement models. The PF is presented in the random finite set framework and uses a labelled multi-Bernoulli approximation. We also present a label switching ... More
Parameter redundancy in Type III functional response models with consumer interferenceAug 02 2018The consumption rate is a process critically important for the stability of consumer-resource systems and the persistence, sustainability and biodiversity of complex food webs. Its mathematical description in the form of functional response equations ... More
On Weierstraß semigroups at one and two points and their corresponding Poincaré seriesMar 30 2009Jun 29 2011The aim of this paper is to introduce and investigate the Poincar\'e series associated with the Weierstra{\ss} semigroup of one and two rational points at a (not necessarily irreducible) non-singular projective algebraic curve defined over a finite field, ... More
Hypermassive Neutron Star Disk Outflows and Blue KilonovaeNov 21 2018We study mass ejection from accretion disks around newly-formed hypermassive neutron stars (HMNS). Standard kilonova model fits to GW170817 require at least a lanthanide-poor ('blue') and lanthanide-rich ('red') component. The existence of a blue component ... More
Controllability properties for some semilinear parabolic PDE with a quadratic gradient termFeb 03 2012We study several controllability properties for some semilinear parabolic PDE with a quadratic gradient term. For internal distributed controls, it is shown that the system is approximately and null controllable. The proof relies on the Cole-Hopf transformation. ... More
Dynamical evolution of magnetic fields in the intracluster mediumMar 26 2019We investigate the evolution of magnetic fields in galaxy clusters starting from constant primordial fields using highly resolved ($\approx \rm 4 ~kpc$) cosmological MHD simulations. The magnetic fields in our sample exhibit amplification via a small-scale ... More
Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Nonnegative Trigonometric Sum Models Using a Newton-like Algorithm on ManifoldsOct 28 2010In Fern\'andez-Dur\'an (2004), a new family of circular distributions based on nonnegative trigonometric sums (NNTS models) is developed. Because the parameter space of this family is the surface of the hypersphere, an efficient Newton-like algorithm ... More
Stable ordered union ultrafilters and $\mathrm{cov}(\mathcal{M})<\mathfrak c$Oct 19 2018Apr 23 2019A union ultrafilter is an ultrafilter over the finite subsets of $\omega$ that has a base of sets of the form $\mathrm{FU}(X)$, where $X$ is an infinite pairwise disjoint family and $\mathrm{FU}(X)=\{\bigcup F\big|F\in[X]^{<\omega}\setminus\{\varnothing\}\}$. ... More
On the permutation symmetry of atomic and molecular wavefunctionsApr 12 2019Jun 16 2019In this paper we analyze a recently proposed approach for the construction of antisymmetric functions for atomic and molecular systems. It is based on the assumption that the main problems with Hartree-Fock wavefunctions stem from their lack of proper ... More
Local quasinilpotence and common invariant subspacesSep 04 2006In this article we obtain some positive results about the existence of a common nontrivial invariant subspace for $N$-tuples of not necessarily commuting operators on Banach spaces with a Schauder basis. The concept of joint quasinilpotence plays a basic ... More
Review of the latest measurements of the inclusive $t\bar{t}$ production cross section in CMSJan 09 2018The measurement of the $t\bar{t}$ inclusive production cross section $\sigma_{t\bar{t}}$ is crucial to probe QCD predictions, constrain new physic scenarios, proton PDFs, top quark pole mass, $\alpha_S$ and many other parameters from the SM. The CMS Collaboration ... More
Functions and differentials on the non-split Cartan modular curve of level 11Nov 24 2014The genus $4$ modular curve $X_{ns}(11)$ attached to a non-split Cartan group of level $11$ admits a model defined over $\mathbb{Q}$. We compute generators for its function field in terms of Siegel modular functions. We also show that its Jacobian is ... More
Equilibrium spin-glass transition of magnetic dipoles with random anisotropy axesMar 04 2009We study fully occupied lattice systems of classical magnetic dipoles which point along random axes. Only dipolar interactions are considered. From tempered Monte Carlo simulations, we obtain numerical evidence that supports the following conclusions: ... More
Versatile linkage: a family of space-conserving strategies for agglomerative hierarchical clusteringJun 21 2019Agglomerative hierarchical clustering can be implemented with several strategies that differ in the way elements of a collection are grouped together to build a hierarchy of clusters. Here we introduce versatile linkage, a new infinite system of agglomerative ... More
The Milnor-Moore theorem for $L_\infty$ algebras in rational homotopy theoryApr 29 2019We give a construction of the universal enveloping $A_\infty$ algebra of a given $L_\infty$ algebra, alternative to the already existing versions. As applications, we derive a higher homotopy algebras version of the classical Milnor-Moore theorem, proposing ... More
Soliton almost Kähler structures on 6-dimensional nilmanifolds for the symplectic curvature flowMar 21 2013Jun 26 2013The aim of this paper is to study self-similar solutions to the symplectic cuvature flow on 6-dimensional nilmanifolds. For this purpose, we focus our attention in the family of symplectic Two- and Three-step nilpotent Lie algebras admitting a "minimal ... More