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"Bring it on": Explaining persistence in science at the intersection of identity and epistemologyFeb 16 2015Research has documented a sharp decline in students' interest and persistence in science, starting in middle school, particularly among students from underrepresented populations. In working to address this problem, we can learn a great deal from positive ... More
Making Meaning with Math in Physics: A semantic analysisFeb 02 2010Physics makes powerful use of mathematics, yet the way this use is made is often poorly understood. Professionals closely integrate their mathematical symbology with physical meaning, resulting in a powerful and productive structure. But because of the ... More
Fault Tolerant and Fully Dynamic DFS in Undirected Graphs: Simple Yet EfficientOct 03 2018We present an algorithm for a fault tolerant Depth First Search (DFS) Tree in an undirected graph. This algorithm is drastically simpler than the current state-of-the-art algorithms for this problem, uses optimal space and optimal preprocessing time, ... More
Incorporating Disciplinary Practices Into Characterizations of Progress in Responsive TeachingFeb 16 2015Responsive teaching, in which teachers adapt instruction based on close attention to the substance of students' ideas, is typically characterized along two dimensions: the level of detail at which teachers attend and respond to students' ideas, and the ... More
Where to find the mind: Identifying the scale of cognitive dynamicsMar 02 2010There are ongoing divisions in the learning sciences between perspectives that treat cognition as occurring within individual minds and those that treat it as irreducibly distributed or situated in material and social contexts. We contend that accounts ... More
Fault Tolerant and Fully Dynamic DFS in Undirected Graphs: Simple Yet EfficientOct 03 2018Mar 27 2019We present an algorithm for a fault tolerant Depth First Search (DFS) Tree in an undirected graph. This algorithm is drastically simpler than the current state-of-the-art algorithms for this problem, uses optimal space and optimal preprocessing time, ... More
The Case for Dynamic Models of Learners' Ontologies in PhysicsFeb 28 2008Mar 01 2010In a series of well-known papers, Chi and Slotta (Chi, 1992; Chi & Slotta, 1993; Chi, Slotta & de Leeuw, 1994; Slotta, Chi & Joram, 1995; Chi, 2005; Slotta & Chi, 2006) have contended that a reason for students' difficulties in learning physics is that ... More
Coordination of Mathematics and Physical Resources by Physics Graduate StudentsFeb 29 2008We investigate the dynamics of how graduate students coordinate their mathematics and physics knowledge within the context of solving a homework problem for a plasma physics survey course. Students were asked to obtain the complex dielectric function ... More
How substance-based ontologies for gravity can be productive: A case studyMay 06 2013Many science education researchers have argued that learners' commitment to a substance (matter-based) ontology impedes the learning of scientific concepts that scientists typically conceptualize as processes or interactions, such as such as force, electric ... More
Toward affect-inclusive models of cognitive dynamics: Coupling epistemological resources and emotionsJul 04 2013Many prominent lines of research on student's reasoning and conceptual change within learning sciences and physics education research have not attended to the role of learners' affect or emotions in the dynamics of their conceptual reasoning. This is ... More
Convolution and Product Theorem for the Special Affine Fourier TransformJun 24 2015The Special Affine Fourier Transform or the SAFT generalizes a number of well known unitary transformations as well as signal processing and optics related mathematical operations. Unlike the Fourier transform, the SAFT does not work well with the standard ... More
Applying Conceptual Blending to Model Coordinated Use of Multiple Ontological MetaphorsDec 04 2014Dec 05 2014Energy is an abstract science concept, so the ways that we think and talk about energy rely heavily on ontological metaphors: metaphors for what kind of thing energy is. Two commonly used ontological metaphors for energy are energy as a substance and ... More
Qualitative Analysis of POMDPs with Temporal Logic Specifications for Robotics ApplicationsSep 11 2014Feb 18 2015We consider partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs), that are a standard framework for robotics applications to model uncertainties present in the real world, with temporal logic specifications. All temporal logic specifications in linear-time ... More
Shift-Invariant and Sampling Spaces Associated with the Special Affine Fourier TransformJan 21 2016The Special Affine Fourier Transformation or the SAFT generalizes a number of well known unitary transformations as well as signal processing and optics related mathematical operations. Shift-invariant spaces also play an important role in sampling theory, ... More
"Classical-ish": Negotiating the boundary between classical and quantum particlesJul 02 2015Quantum mechanics can seem like a departure from everyday experience of the physical world, but constructivist theories assert that learners build new ideas from their existing ones. To explore how students can navigate this tension, we examine video ... More
'Because math': Epistemological stance or defusing social tension in QM?Jul 02 2015In collaborative small-group work, physics students need to both manage social conflict and grapple with conceptual and epistemological differences. In this paper, we document several outlets that students use as tools for managing social conflict when ... More
How students blend conceptual and formal mathematical reasoning in solving physics problemsFeb 16 2011Dec 05 2013Current conceptions of expert problem solving depict physical/conceptual reasoning and formal mathematical reasoning as separate steps: a good problem solver first translates a physical Current conceptions of quantitative problem-solving expertise in ... More
Mathematical Sensemaking as Seeking Coherence between Calculations and Concepts: Instruction and Assessments for Introductory PhysicsMar 13 2019Mar 18 2019What kind of problem-solving instruction can help students apply what they have learned to solve the new and unfamiliar problems they will encounter in the future? We propose that mathematical sensemaking, the practice of seeking coherence between formal ... More
Optimal Cost Almost-sure Reachability in POMDPsNov 14 2014We consider partially observable Markov decision processes (POMDPs) with a set of target states and every transition is associated with an integer cost. The optimization objective we study asks to minimize the expected total cost till the target set is ... More
The Dynamics of Students' Behaviors and Reasoning during Collaborative Physics Tutorial SessionsMar 03 2008We investigate the dynamics of student behaviors (posture, gesture, vocal register, visual focus) and the substance of their reasoning during collaborative work on inquiry-based physics tutorials. Scherr has characterized student activity during tutorials ... More
Mathematical Sensemaking as Seeking Coherence between Calculations and Concepts: Instruction and Assessments for Introductory PhysicsMar 13 2019What kind of problem-solving instruction can help students apply what they have learned to solve the new and unfamiliar problems they will encounter in the future? We propose that mathematical sensemaking, the practice of seeking coherence between formal ... More
Low Tension Strings on a Cosmological SingularityMay 15 2014Sep 21 2014It has recently been argued that the singularity of the Milne orbifold can be resolved in higher spin theories. In string theory scattering amplitudes, however, the Milne singularity gives rise to ultraviolet divergences that signal uncontrolled backreaction. ... More
Super-Resolution in Phase SpaceJan 30 2015This work considers the problem of super-resolution. The goal is to resolve a Dirac distribution from knowledge of its discrete, low-pass, Fourier measurements. Classically, such problems have been dealt with parameter estimation methods. Recently, it ... More
Unsupervised Histopathology Image SynthesisDec 13 2017Hematoxylin and Eosin stained histopathology image analysis is essential for the diagnosis and study of complicated diseases such as cancer. Existing state-of-the-art approaches demand extensive amount of supervised training data from trained pathologists. ... More
Unsupervised Adversarial InvarianceSep 26 2018Data representations that contain all the information about target variables but are invariant to nuisance factors benefit supervised learning algorithms by preventing them from learning associations between these factors and the targets, thus reducing ... More
Joint Resource Allocation for OFDMA based Overlay Cognitive Radio Networks under Stochastic Rate ConstraintApr 01 2016This work presents joint subcarrier, power and bit allocation schemes for multi-user OFDM based overlay cognitive radio under constraints on primary user throughput loss and total secondary user transmitted power. Closed form for expressions for the optimal ... More
Leveraging web resources for keyword assignment to short text documentsJun 19 2017Assigning relevant keywords to documents is very important for efficient retrieval, clustering and management of the documents. Especially with the web corpus deluged with digital documents, automation of this task is of prime importance. Keyword assignment ... More
Information Performance Tradeoffs in ControlNov 06 2016Aug 16 2018We focus our attention on the most common scenario in networked control systems where the measured output from the observer is transmitted via a communication channel to the controller. Using information theoretic results, we studied the tradeoff between ... More
Physics of interface: Strongly correlated barrier with chemical modulation sandwiched between two metallic planesSep 27 2010Apr 19 2011Barrier planes described by the Ionic Hubbard model and sandwiched between metallic planes on both sides are studied using unrestricted Hartree Fock. For zero onsite correlation, the presence of the metallic interface generates an additional gap in the ... More
Physics of interface: Mott insulator barrier sandwiched between two metallic planesMar 24 2010Mar 21 2011We consider a heterostructure of a metal and a barrier with onsite correlation at half filling using unrestricted Hartree Fock. We find that above a certain value of correlation strength in the barrier planes, the system is a Mott insulator, while below ... More
Misleading Metadata Detection on YouTubeJan 25 2019YouTube is the leading social media platform for sharing videos. As a result, it is plagued with misleading content that includes staged videos presented as real footages from an incident, videos with misrepresented context and videos where audio/video ... More
Hankel operators on the Fock-Sobolev spacesJun 07 2018In this paper, we study operator-theoretic properties (boundedness and compactness) of Hankel operators on the Fock-sobolev spaces $ \mathscr{F}^{p,m} $ in terms of $ \mathcal{BMO}_r^p $ and $ \mathcal{VMO}_r^p $ spaces, respectively, for a non-negative ... More
Approximation algorithms for Capacitated Facility Location Problem with PenaltiesAug 21 2014Sep 12 2014In this paper, we address the problem of capacitated facility location problem with penalties (CapFLPP) paid per unit of unserved demand. In case of uncapacitated FLP with penalties demands of a client are either entirely met or are entirely rejected ... More
Commutativity and spectral properties of $k^{th}$-order slant little Hankel operators on the Bergman spaceDec 18 2017In this paper, we introduce the notion of $k^{th}$-order slant little Hankel operator on the Bergman space with essentially bounded harmonic symbols on the unit disc and obtain its algebraic and spectral properties. We have also discussed the conditions ... More
Physics of interface: Barrier with correlations and disorder sandwiched between two metallic planesSep 28 2010Mar 21 2011A Metal-Disordered Mott insulator-Metal heterostructure is studied at half-fiiling using unrestricted Hartree Fock method. The corresponding clean system has been shown to be an insulator for any finite on site correlation. Interestingly we find that ... More
The Appearance of Tau Neutrinos from a Gamma Ray BurstMay 27 2002Jun 17 2002The muon neutrinos from the Gamma Ray Bursts(GRBs) during their propagation oscillate to tau neutrinos. The tau neutrinos can be identified by the appearance of tau leptons which decay to muons below the detector. We examine the prospect of detecting ... More
Kalman Filtering in the Presence of State Space Equality ConstraintsMay 31 2007We discuss two separate techniques for Kalman Filtering in the presence of state space equality constraints. We then prove that despite the lack of similarity in their formulations, under certain conditions, the two methods result in mathematically equivalent ... More
Very High Energy Antineutrinos from Photo-disintegration of Cosmic Ray NucleiMar 14 2015Aug 27 2015The photo-disintegration of cosmic ray nuclei by starlight leads to the production of secondary antineutrinos. We have assumed that the flux of the ultrahigh energy cosmic ray nuclei near the Galactic plane region is the same as that observed near the ... More
A modification of the relativistic energy-momentum relationApr 19 2012Jun 29 2012A modification of the accepted relativistic energy momentum relation is suggested. The new relation allows massive particles to have a maximum velocity c(m) greater than the velocity of light c. The effect of the modification suggested here would be most ... More
Formation of the Moon: a new mechanismFeb 01 2014Understanding the Moon's formation mechanism is necessary for studying not only the Moon itself, but also the evolution, formation, habitability, and structure of other planets and the moons in the Solar system and in extrasolar planetary systems. In ... More
A Strong threshold for the size of random caps to cover a sphereSep 06 2008In this article, we consider `$N$'spherical caps of area $4\pi p$ were uniformly distributed over the surface of a unit sphere. We are giving the strong threshold function for the size of random caps to cover the surface of a unit sphere. We have shown ... More
Vertex Degree of Random Geometric Graph on Exponentially Distributed PointsSep 07 2006Let $X_1,X_2,...$ be an infinite sequence of i.i.d. random vectors distributed exponentially with parameter $\lam .$ For each $y$ and $n\geq 1,$ form a graph $G_n(y)$ with vertex set $V_n = \{X_1,...,X_n\},$ two vertices are connected if and only if edge ... More
Secure management of logs in internet of thingsJul 17 2015Ever since the advent of computing, managing data has been of extreme importance. With innumerable devices getting added to network infrastructure, there has been a proportionate increase in the data which needs to be stored. With the advent of Internet ... More
Survey on security issues in file management in cloud computing environmentMay 04 2015Jun 20 2015Cloud computing has pervaded through every aspect of Information technology in past decade. It has become easier to process plethora of data, generated by various devices in real time, with the advent of cloud networks. The privacy of users data is maintained ... More
On Zariski's Cancellation Problem in positive characteristicSep 05 2013In this paper we shall show that when k is a field of positive characteristic the affine space A^n_k is not cancellative for any n greater than 2.
A Counter-example to the Cancellation Problem for the Affine Space A^3 in characteristic pAug 02 2012Jan 23 2013We show that the Cancellation Conjecture does not hold for the affine space A^3_k over any field k of positive characteristic. We prove that an example of T. Asanuma provides a three-dimensional k-algebra A for which A is not isomorphic to k[X_1,X_2,X_3] ... More
Music Data Analysis: A State-of-the-art SurveyNov 18 2014Music accounts for a significant chunk of interest among various online activities. This is reflected by wide array of alternatives offered in music related web/mobile apps, information portals, featuring millions of artists, songs and events attracting ... More
External Memory based Distributed Generation of Massive Scale Social Networks on Small ClustersSep 30 2012Small distributed systems are limited by their main memory to generate massively large graphs. Trivial extension to current graph generators to utilize external memory leads to large amount of random I/O hence do not scale with size. In this work we offer ... More
Automatic Analog Beamforming Transceiver for 60 GHz RadiosJan 19 2009We propose a transceiver architecture for automatic beamforming and instantaneous setup of a multigigabit-per-second wireless link between two millimeter wave radios. The retro-directive architecture eliminates necessity of slow and complex digital algorithms ... More
Holomorphic quadratic differentials in Teichmüller theoryFeb 18 2019This expository survey describes how holomorphic quadratic differentials arise in several aspects of Teichm\"uller theory, highlighting their relation with various geometric structures on surfaces. The final section summarizes results for non-compact ... More
Generalized Spatial Talbot Effect based on All-dielectric MetasurfacesMay 11 2016A generalized spatial Talbot effect is proposed where the period of the input aperture is scaled by a non-integer real value, as opposed to the integer-only factor in a conventional Talbot effect. This is achieved by allowing and engineering the phase ... More
Here's looking at you, fireballNov 28 2004Plasmas screen electromagnetic waves of frequency less than the plasma frequency, omega_p, with a skin depth, delta, specified by the electrical conductivity, sigma. Current estimates of the transport properties of the QCD plasma indicates that photons ... More
Obstructions to dimensional reduction in hot QCDOct 19 2000I describe results on screening masses in hot gauge theories. Wilsonian effective long distance theories called dimensionally reduced (DR) theories describe very well the longest screening length in pure gauge theories. In the presence of fermions, meson-like ... More
Single Polarisation Asymmetries for Quarkonia in Non-relativistic QCDJul 11 1997We find that single spin asymmetries in NRQCD are non-vanishing in general. They are proportional to the imaginary parts of some non-perturbative matrix elements. With statistics of about 10^6 identified J/psi's, or 10^5 identified chi_2, it is possible ... More
Optimization of Quantum Discord to Connection with Non-commutivitySep 01 2018Apr 17 2019In a pair of correlated quantum systems, a measurement in one corresponds to a change in the state of the other. In the process, information is lost. Measurement along which set of projectors would accompany minimum loss in information content is the ... More
A note on modules over the quantum torusDec 31 2014The $n$-dimensional quantum torus $\Lambda$ is defined to be the $F$-algebra generated by variables $y_1, \cdots, y_n$ with the relations $y_iy_j = q_{ij}y_jy_i$ where $q_{ij}$ are suitable scalars from the base field. This algebra is also the twisted ... More
Ascent and descent of the Golod property along algebra retractsNov 30 2015Aug 06 2017We study ascent and descent of the Golod property along an algebra retract. We characterise trivial extensions of modules, fibre products of rings to be Golod rings. We present a criterion for a graded module over a graded affine algebra of characteristic ... More
Cascade Markov Decision Processes: Theory and ApplicationsSep 01 2015This paper considers the optimal control of time varying continuous time Markov chains whose transition rates are themselves Markov processes. In one set of problems the solution of an ordinary differential equation is shown to determine the optimal performance ... More
Limits of harmonic maps and crowned hyperbolic surfacesMay 10 2018We consider harmonic diffeomorphisms to a fixed hyperbolic target $Y$, from a family of domain Riemann surfaces degenerating along a Teichm\"{u}ller ray. We use the work of Minsky to show that there is a limiting harmonic map from the conformal limit ... More
Bootstrapping Conversational Agents With Weak SupervisionDec 14 2018Many conversational agents in the market today follow a standard bot development framework which requires training intent classifiers to recognize user input. The need to create a proper set of training examples is often the bottleneck in the development ... More
A Novel General Theoretical Derivation of Newton-Experimental-Formula for Collision of ParticlesJun 13 2005An experimental formula, sometimes named as Newton-collision-formula, (v1-v2) = - e.(u1-u2) relating relative-velocities before & after impact of two bodies under linear-collision, is commonly used successfully for study of collision-dynamics. Although ... More
PeV Gamma Rays from Interactions of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Rays in the Milky WayOct 24 2011The PeV gamma ray background produced in the interactions of ultra high energy cosmic rays with the ambient matter and radiations during their propagation in the Milky Way has been calculated in this paper. If the primary ultra high energy cosmic rays ... More
A nonpolynomially convex isotropic two-torus with no attached discsOct 28 2016We show --- with the means of an example in $\mathbb{C}^3$ --- that Gromov's theorem on the presence of attached holomorphic discs for compact Lagrangian manifolds is not true in the isotropic (subcritical) case, even in the absence of an obvious obstruction, ... More
Spontaneous collective synchronization in the Kuramoto model with additional non-local interactionsJun 20 2017Sep 18 2017In the context of the celebrated Kuramoto model of globally-coupled phase oscillators of distributed natural frequencies, which serves as a paradigm to investigate spontaneous collective synchronization in many-body interacting systems, we report on a ... More
Jackiw-Pi Model: A Superfield ApproachDec 22 2014We derive the off-shell nilpotent and absolutely anticommuting Becchi-Rouet-Stora-Tyutin (BRST) as well as anti-BRST transformations s_{(a)b} corresponding to the Yang-Mills gauge transformations of 3D Jackiw-Pi model by exploiting the "augmented" superfield ... More
QCD at finite densityDec 30 2010Developments in QCD at finite density are reviewed. I begin by discussing some new algorithms which have been applied to other theories with sign problems. Then I discuss the method of analytic continuation in QCD using a series expansion and review some ... More
Citations, Sequence Alignments, Contagion, and Semantics: On Acyclic Structures and their RandomnessApr 30 2012Aug 31 2014Datasets from several domains, such as life-sciences, semantic web, machine learning, natural language processing, etc. are naturally structured as acyclic graphs. These datasets, particularly those in bio-informatics and computational epidemiology, have ... More
Finding the critical end point of QCD: lattice and experimentSep 25 2009The current status of the search for the critical end point on the lattice and in experiments is discussed. A naive extrapolation is given of lattice results on the location of the critical end point to the continuum limit with the correct pion mass. ... More
The phase diagram of QCD at small chemical potentialsDec 04 2007We investigate the phase diagram of QCD at small chemical potentials, ie, when chiral and flavour symmetry breaking involves the pairing of a quark and an antiquark. The phase diagram of two-flavour QCD at small chemical potentials involves chiral symmetry ... More
Lattice QCD for RHICDec 02 2002I briefly introduce the methods by which lattice QCD predictions for RHIC are obtained. Next I deal with lattice determinations of strangeness production and event-to-event fluctuations of conserved quantities. I also present a new diagrammatic method ... More
Quarkonium Polarization in Non-relativistic QCD and the Quark-Gluon PlasmaJan 08 1998We examine angular distributions of leptons arising from the decay of J/psi in inclusive hadroproduction. Taking into account feed-down contributions from chi_{1,2}, a flat distribution emerges without fine tuning parameters. Changes in the ratio of direct ... More
The Degrees of Freedom in Hot Quenched QCDNov 02 1992In quenched QCD, on lattices with $\nt=4$, the absence of a pole in the pseudoscalar meson channel for $T>T_c$ is demonstrated. A set of effective 4-fermi couplings is extracted. It is observed that this coupling is small in the vector channel for all ... More
Monitoring in IOT enabled devicesJul 14 2015As network size continues to grow exponentially, there has been a proportionate increase in the number of nodes in the corresponding network. With the advent of Internet of things (IOT), it is assumed that many more devices will be connected to the existing ... More
Application of Multi factor authentication in Internet of Things domainJun 11 2015Jun 20 2015Authentication forms the gateway to any secure system. Together with integrity, confidentiality and authorization it helps in preventing any sort of intrusions into the system. Up until a few years back password based authentication was the most common ... More
A replay-attack resistant message authentication scheme using time-based keying hash functions and unique message identifiersFeb 05 2016Hash-based message authentication codes are an extremely simple yet hugely effective construction for producing keyed message digests using shared secrets. HMACs have seen widespread use as ad-hoc digital signatures in many Internet applications. While ... More
Design of a Low Voltage Class-AB CMOS Super Buffer Amplifier with Sub Threshold and Leakage ControlApr 24 2014This paper describes a CMOS analogy voltage supper buffer designed to have extremely low static current Consumption as well as high current drive capability. A new technique is used to reduce the leakage power of class-AB CMOS buffer circuits without ... More
Phenomenology using lattice QCDFeb 10 2005This talk provides a brief summary of the status of lattice QCD calculations of the light quark masses and the kaon bag parameter B_K. Precise estimates of these four fundamental parameters of the standard model, i.e., m_u, m_d, m_s and the CP violating ... More
India Attempts to Give a Jump-start to its Derailed Telecommunications Liberalization ProcessSep 24 2001After the 1991 economic policy made a shift from a closed economic model to a market-oriented model. The government invited private sector to participate in reforming its telecom sector. However, the government took a half-hearted approach in overhauling ... More
Calculations of hadronic matrix elements using lattice qcdAug 03 1993I give a brief introduction to the scope of lattice QCD calculations in our effort to extract the fundamental parameters of the standard model. This goal is illustrated by two examples. First I discuss the extraction of CKM matrix elements from measurements ... More
Information Hiding and Attacks : ReviewApr 16 2014Information Hiding is considered very important part of our lives. There exist many techniques for securing the information. This paper briefs on the techniques for information hiding and the potential threats to those methods. This paper briefs about ... More
Extreme Value Distributions for some classes of Non-Uniformly Partially Hyperbolic Dynamical SystemsSep 29 2008Oct 27 2008In this note, we obtain verifiable sufficient conditions for the extreme value distribution for a certain class of skew product extensions of non-uniformly hyperbolic base maps. We show that these conditions, formulated in terms of the decay of correlations ... More
Meromorphic quadratic differentials with half-plane structuresJan 02 2013Feb 25 2013We prove the existence of "half-plane differentials" with prescribed local data on any Riemann surface. These are meromorphic quadratic differentials with higher-order poles which have an associated singular flat metric isometric to a collection of euclidean ... More
Conformal limits of grafting and Teichmüller rays and their asymptoticityMar 29 2013We show that any grafting ray in Teichm\"{u}ller space is (strongly) asymptotic to some Teichm\"{u}ller geodesic ray. As an intermediate step we introduce surfaces that arise as limits of these degenerating Riemann surfaces. Given a grafting ray, the ... More
NIRS Based Bladder Volume Sensing for Patients Suffering with Neurogenic Bladder DysfunctionJul 05 2018Neurogenic Bladder Dysfunction has detrimental effects on day-to-day life of millions of people. Some of the most common symptoms faced by these patients include urinary incontinence, urgency and retention. Since elevated bladder pressure due to prolonged ... More
Resolving Multi-path Interference in Time-of-Flight Imaging via Modulation Frequency Diversity and Sparse RegularizationApr 03 2014Time-of-flight (ToF) cameras calculate depth maps by reconstructing phase shifts of amplitude-modulated signals. For broad illumination or transparent objects, reflections from multiple scene points can illuminate a given pixel, giving rise to an erroneous ... More
Self-supervised Multi-level Face Model Learning for Monocular Reconstruction at over 250 HzDec 07 2017Mar 29 2018The reconstruction of dense 3D models of face geometry and appearance from a single image is highly challenging and ill-posed. To constrain the problem, many approaches rely on strong priors, such as parametric face models learned from limited 3D scan ... More
Representations of the $n$ dimensional quantum torusMay 02 2015The $n$-dimensional quantum torus $\mathcal O_{\mathbf q}((F^\times)^n)$ is defined as the associative $F$-algebra generated by $x_1, \cdots, x_n$ together with their inverses satisfying the relations $x_ix_j = q_{ij}x_jx_i$, where $\mathbf q = (q_{ij})$. ... More
Electric field effects on Landau levels in multi- Weyl semimetalsOct 25 2016Multi-Weyl semimetals are characterized by anisotropic non-linear dispersion along 2-D plane and a linear dispersion in orthogonal direction. They have topological charge $n$ and are produced when two or multiple Weyl nodes with nonzero net monopole charge ... More
Ultrahigh Energy Cosmic Rays from Gamma Ray Bursts: Implications of the Recent Observational Results by MilagroJun 03 2004Oct 07 2004It has been speculated earlier that Gamma Ray Bursts are sources of ultrahigh energy cosmic rays. Recently, the search for high energy photons from Gamma Ray Bursts by Milagro group has put limits on the isotropic luminosity of these transient sources ... More
Neutrino Induced Upward Going Muons from a Gamma Ray Burst in a Neutrino Telescope of Km^2 AreaJan 30 2002Apr 17 2002The number of neutrino induced upward going muons from a single Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) expected to be detected by the proposed kilometer scale IceCube detector at the South Pole location has been calculated. The effects of the Lorentz factor, total energy ... More
Galactic PeV NeutrinosMay 17 2013Jul 16 2013IceCube experiment has detected two neutrinos with energies beween 1-10 PeV. They might have originated from Galactic or extragalactic sources of cosmic rays. In the present work we consider hadronic interactions of the diffuse very high energy cosmic ... More
Generalized Lorentz TransformationsMay 22 2013Dec 05 2013Generalized Lorentz transformations with modified velocity parameter are considered. Lorentz transformations depending on the mass of the observer are suggested.The modified formula for the addition of velocities remarkably preserves the constancy of ... More
A comment on "Tripartite entanglement versus tripartite nonlocality in 3-qubit GHZ-class states"Jul 25 2014The paper titled "Tripartite entanglement versus tripartite nonlocality in 3-qubit GHZ-class states", (Physical Review Letters 102, 250404 (2009)), does very important work on studying the nature of Svetlichny Inequalities (which are Bell-type inequalities) ... More
Event Search and Analytics: Detecting Events in Semantically Annotated Corpora for Search and AnalyticsMar 01 2016In this article, I present the questions that I seek to answer in my PhD research. I posit to analyze natural language text with the help of semantic annotations and mine important events for navigating large text corpora. Semantic annotations such as ... More
Vertex Degree of Random Intersection GraphSep 06 2008A random intersection graph is constructed by independently assigning a subset of a given set of objects $W,$ to each vertex of the vertex set $V$ of a simple graph $G.$ There is an edge between two vertices of $V,$ iff their respective subsets(in $W$,) ... More
Number of Edges in Random Intersection Graph on Surface of a SphereSep 06 2008In this article, we consider `$N$'spherical caps of area $4\pi p$ were uniformly distributed over the surface of a unit sphere. We study the random intersection graph $G_N$ constructed by these caps. We prove that for $p = \frac{c}{N^{\al}},\:c >0$ and ... More
Present and future prospects for lattice QCD calculations of matrix elements for nEDMMar 31 2019A status report on the calculations of the contribution of four CP violating operators, the $\Theta$-term, the quark EDM, the chromo EDM and the Weinberg operator to the neutron EDM are presented. At this time, there exit precise physical results only ... More
Characterization of Performance Anomalies in HadoopMay 08 2015May 13 2015With the huge variety of data and equally large-scale systems, there is not a unique execution setting for these systems which can guarantee the best performance for each query. In this project, we tried so study the impact of different execution settings ... More
Vote Aggregation as a Clustering ProblemNov 16 2016An important way to make large training sets is to gather noisy labels from crowds of non experts. We propose a method to aggregate noisy labels collected from a crowd of workers or annotators. Eliciting labels is important in tasks such as judging web ... More
Approximating Wisdom of Crowds using K-RBMsNov 16 2016Nov 17 2016An important way to make large training sets is to gather noisy labels from crowds of non experts. We propose a method to aggregate noisy labels collected from a crowd of workers or annotators. Eliciting labels is important in tasks such as judging web ... More