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Towards autonomous ocean observing systems using Miniature Underwater Gliders with UAV deployment and recovery capabilitiesFeb 08 2019This paper presents preliminary results towards the development of an autonomous ocean observing system using Miniature Underwater Gliders (MUGs) that can operate with the support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) ... More
Generalized Cauchy identities, trees and multidimensional Brownian motions. Part II: Combinatorial differential calculusAug 25 2007We present an analogue of the differential calculus in which the role of polynomials is played by certain ordered sets and trees. Our combinatorial calculus has all nice features of the usual calculus and has an advantage that the elements of the considered ... More
Scalable Fair ClusteringFeb 10 2019We study the fair variant of the classic $k$-median problem introduced by Chierichetti et al. [2017]. In the standard $k$-median problem, given an input pointset $P$, the goal is to find $k$ centers $C$ and assign each input point to one of the centers ... More
Complex and Unpredictable CardanoJun 03 2008This purely recreational paper is about one of the most colorful characters of the Italian Renaissance, Girolamo Cardano, and the discovery of two basic ingredients of quantum theory, probability and complex numbers. The paper is dedicated to Giuseppe ... More
Non-bicolourable Finite Configurations of Rays and Their DeformationsJun 15 2009A new infinite family of examples of finite non-bicolorable configurations of rays in Hilbert space is described. Such configurations appear in the analysis of quantum mechanics in terms of Bell's inequalities and Kochen-Specker theorem and illustrate ... More
One-variable word equations in linear timeFeb 14 2013Jan 22 2014In this paper we consider word equations with one variable (and arbitrary many appearances of it). A recent technique of recompression, which is applicable to general word equations, is shown to be suitable also in this case. While in general case it ... More
Representation stability on the cohomology of complements of subspace arrangementsNov 24 2017We study representation stability in the sense of Church and Farb of sequences of cohomology groups of complements of arrangements of linear subspaces in real and complex space as $S_n$-modules. We consider arrangement of linear subspaces defined by sets ... More
The Dirichlet problem for nonlocal Lévy-type operatorsFeb 03 2017May 31 2017We present the theory of the Dirichlet problem for nonlocal operators which are the generators of general pure-jump symmetric L\'evy processes whose L\'evy measures need not be absolutely continuous. We establish basic facts about the Sobolev spaces for ... More
From quantum-codemaking to quantum code-breakingMar 19 1997This is a semi-popular overview of quantum entanglement as an important physical resource in the field of data security and quantum computing. After a brief outline of entanglement's key role in philosophical debates about the meaning of quantum mechanics ... More
The maximal number of degenerate directions for non-piezoelectric media of trigonal symmetryJun 19 2004Sep 22 2004We show that one can construct positively defined matrix of elastic constants representing medium of trigonal symmetry for which exactly 16 distinct degenerate directions exist.
Exceptional and Non-crystallographic Root Systems and the Kochen-Specker TheoremJun 15 2009The Kochen-Specker theorem states that a 3-dimensional complex Euclidean space admits a finite configuration of projective lines such that the corresponding quantum observables (the orthogonal projectors) cannot be assigned with 0 and 1 values in a classically ... More
Dense definiteness and boundedness of composition operators in $L^2$-spaces via inductive limitsSep 13 2014The questions of dense definiteness and boundedness of composition operators in $L^2$-spaces are studied by means of inductive limits of operators. Methods based on projective systems of measure spaces and inductive limits of $L^2$-spaces are developed. ... More
Edit Distance Cannot Be Computed in Strongly Subquadratic Time (unless SETH is false)Dec 01 2014Apr 13 2015The edit distance (a.k.a. the Levenshtein distance) between two strings is defined as the minimum number of insertions, deletions or substitutions of symbols needed to transform one string into another. The problem of computing the edit distance between ... More
Which Regular Expression Patterns are Hard to Match?Nov 22 2015Sep 26 2016Regular expressions constitute a fundamental notion in formal language theory and are frequently used in computer science to define search patterns. A classic algorithm for these problems constructs and simulates a non-deterministic finite automaton corresponding ... More
In medium T matrix with realistic nuclear interactionsDec 06 2002We calculate the self-consistent in-medium T matrix for symmetric nuclear matter using realistic interactions with many partial waves. We find for the interactions used (CDBonn and Nijmegen) very similar results for on-shell quantities. The effective ... More
Unbounded composition operators via inductive limits: cosubnormal operators with matrix symbols. IIOct 19 2015The paper deals with unbounded composition operators with infinite matrix symbols acting in $L^2$-spaces with respect to the gaussian measure on $\mathbb{R}^\infty$. We introduce weak cohyponormality classes $\EuScript{S}_{n,r}^*$ of unbounded operators ... More
Quantum Algorithms: Entanglement Enhanced Information ProcessingMar 26 1998We discuss the fundamental role of entanglement as the essential nonclassical feature providing the computational speed-up in the known quantum algorithms. We review the construction of the Fourier transform on an Abelian group and the principles underlying ... More
New Examples of Kochen-Specker Type Configurations on Three QubitsJun 29 2012Oct 30 2012A new example of a saturated Kochen-Specker (KS) type configuration of 64 rays in 8-dimensional space (the Hilbert space of a triple of qubits) is constructed. It is proven that this configuration has a tropical dimension 6 and that it contains a critical ... More
Pauli problem in thermodynamicsAug 14 2012Aug 01 2013A thermodynamic analogue of the Pauli problem (reconstruction of a wavefunction from the position and momentum distributions) is formulated. The coordinates of a quantum system are replaced by the inverse absolute temperature and other intensive quantities, ... More
Deterministic Blind Radio NetworksMay 13 2018Ad-hoc radio networks and multiple access channels are classical and well-studied models of distributed systems, with a large body of literature on deterministic algorithms for fundamental communications primitives such as broadcasting and wake-up. However, ... More
Communicating with BeepsMay 22 2015Sep 03 2015The beep model is a very weak communications model in which devices in a network can communicate only via beeps and silence. As a result of its weak assumptions, it has broad applicability to many different implementations of communications networks. ... More
Spectral action for scalar perturbations of Dirac operatorsDec 17 2010We investigate the leading terms of the spectral action for odd-dimensional Riemannian spin manifolds with the Dirac operator perturbed by a scalar function. We calculate first two Gilkey-de Witt coefficients and make explicit calculations for the case ... More
Quasinormal extensions of subnormal operator-weighted composition operators in $\ell^2$-spacesJun 08 2016We prove the subnormality of an operator-weighted composition operator whose symbol is a transformation of a discrete measure space and weights are multiplication operators in $L^2$-spaces under the assumption of existence of a family of probability measures ... More
Unbounded composition operators via inductive limits: cosubnormals with matrical symbolsFeb 05 2015We prove, by use of inductive techniques, that assorted unbounded composition operators in $L^2$-spaces with matrical symbols are cosubnormal.
Inverses, Powers and Cartesian products of topologically deterministic mapsOct 11 2010We show that if (X,T) is a topological dynamical system with is deterministic in the sense of Kamiski, Siemaszko and Szymaski then T^{-1} and the product system need not be determinstic in this sense. However if the product system is deterministic then ... More
Inner Functions in certain Hardy-Sobolev SpacesJun 27 2016Jul 08 2016For $1/2<p<1$, a description of inner functions whose derivative is in the Hardy space $H^p$ is given in terms of either their mapping properties or the geometric distribution of their zeros.
Absolute Monte Carlo estimation of integrals and partition functionsJan 28 2010Owing to their favorable scaling with dimensionality, Monte Carlo (MC) methods have become the tool of choice for numerical integration across the quantitative sciences. Almost invariably, efficient MC integration schemes are strictly designed to compute ... More
Algebraic perturbation theory for dense liquids with discrete potentialsDec 28 2006A simple theory for the leading-order correction g_1(r) to the structure of a hard-sphere liquid with discrete (e.g. square-well) potential perturbations is proposed. The theory makes use of a general approximation that effectively eliminates four-particle ... More
Ergodicity and the Classical Lambda Phi^4 Lattice Field TheoryOct 15 2000In this talk we present some studies in the approach to equilibrium of the classical lambda phi^4 theory on the lattice, giving particular emphasis to its pedagogical usefulness in the context of classical statistical field theory (such as both the analytical ... More
Symmetry relations in chemical kinetics arising from microscopic reversibilitySep 08 2005Dec 06 2005It is shown that the kinetics of time-reversible chemical reactions having the same equilibrium constant but different initial conditions are closely related to one another by a directly measurable symmetry relation analogous to chemical detailed balance. ... More
(Non)existence of static scalar field configurations in finite systemsAug 22 2002Aug 28 2002Derrick's theorem on the nonexistence of stable time-independent scalar field configurations [G. H. Derrick, J. Math. Phys. 5, 1252 (1964)] is generalized to finite systems of arbitrary dimension. It is shown that the "dilation" argument underlying the ... More
Bornological quasi-metrizability in generalized topologyMay 17 2015Oct 17 2018A concept of quasi-metrizability with respect to a bornology of a generalized topological space in the sense of Delfs and Knebusch is introduced. Quasi-metrization theorems for generalized bornological universes are deduced. A uniform quasi-metrizability ... More
The local power of the gradient testApr 30 2010Jul 12 2010The asymptotic expansion of the distribution of the gradient test statistic is derived for a composite hypothesis under a sequence of Pitman alternative hypotheses converging to the null hypothesis at rate $n^{-1/2}$, $n$ being the sample size. Comparisons ... More
Spinodal instabilities of asymmetric nuclear matter within the Brueckner--Hartree--Fock approachMay 14 2008Sep 19 2008We study the spinodal instabilities of asymmetric nuclear matter at finite temperature within the microscopic Brueckner--Hartree--Fock (BHF) approximation using the realistic Argonne V18 nucleon-nucleon potential plus a three-body force of Urbana type. ... More
A mass, energy, enstrophy and vorticity conserving (MEEVC) mimetic spectral element discretization for the 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equationsApr 01 2016In this work we present a mimetic spectral element discretization for the 2D incompressible Navier-Stokes equations that in the limit of vanishing dissipation exactly preserves mass, kinetic energy, enstrophy and total vorticity on unstructured grids. ... More
Cohomological equations and invariant distributions for minimal circle diffeomorphismsFeb 17 2010Nov 24 2010Given any smooth circle diffeomorphism with irrational rotation number, we show that its invariant probability measure is the only invariant distribution (up to multiplication by a real constant). As a consequence of this, we show that the space of real ... More
Interpolation by positive harmonic functionsMar 03 2006A natural interpolation problem in the cone of positive harmonic functions is considered and the corresponding interpolating sequences are geometrically described.
Mimetic spectral element method for Hamiltonian systemsMay 13 2015There is a growing interest in the conservation of invariants when numerically solving a system of ordinary differential equations. Methods that exactly preserve these quantities in time are known as geometric integrators. In this paper we apply the recently ... More
Improved estimate of the cross section for inverse beta decayJan 22 2016The hypothesis of the conserved vector current, relating the vector weak and isovector electromagnetic currents, plays a fundamental role in quantitative description of neutrino interactions. Despite being experimentally confirmed with great precision, ... More
Speckle observations of binary stars with a 0.5 m telescopeJun 08 2005We present 36 observations of 17 visual binaries of moderate separation (range from 0.15'' to 0.79'') made with the 50 cm Cassegrain telescope of the Jagiellonian University in Cracow. The speckle interferometry technique was combined with modest optical ... More
Optical vortex coronagraphy from soft spin-orbit masksSep 19 2016We report on a soft route towards optical vortex coronagraphy based on self-engineered electrically tunable vortex masks based on liquid crystal topological defects. These results suggest that a Nature-assisted technological approach to the fabrication ... More
Chaotic and non-chaotic mixed oscillations in a logistic systems with delayApr 04 2016The paper deals with the theoretical analysis of a logistic system composed of at least two elements with distributed parameters. It has been shown that such a system may generate specific oscillations in spite of the fact that the solutions of the mathematical ... More
A general renormalization procedure on the one-dimensional lattice and decay of correlationsJan 26 2017Dec 12 2017We present a general form of Renormalization operator $\mathcal{R}$ acting on potentials $V:\{0,1\}^\mathbb{N} \to \mathbb{R}$. We exhibit the analytical expression of the fixed point potential $V$ for such operator $\mathcal{R}$. This potential can be ... More
Albanian Language Identification in Text DocumentsJan 14 2019In this work we investigate the accuracy of standard and state-of-the-art language identification methods in identifying Albanian in written text documents. A dataset consisting of news articles written in Albanian has been constructed for this purpose. ... More
Huygens' principle and anomalously small radiation tailsJan 14 2008This is a short account of recent joint work with T. Chmaj and A. Rostworowski on asymptotic behavior of linear and nonlinear waves, as presented at the conference devoted to Myron Mathisson held at the Banach Center, Warsaw 2007.
An unusual eigenvalue problemNov 10 2004We discuss an eigenvalue problem which arises in the studies of asymptotic stability of a self-similar attractor in the sigma model. This problem is rather unusual from the viewpoint of the spectral theory of linear operators and requires special methods ... More
Harmonic maps between three-spheresJul 21 1994It is shown that smooth maps $f: S^3 \rightarrow S^3$ contain two countable families of harmonic representatives in the homotopy classes of degree zero and one.
Saddle points of stringy actionApr 28 1993It is shown that Einstein-Yang-Mills-dilaton theory has a countable family of static globally regular solutions which are purely magnetic but uncharged. The discrete spectrum of masses of these solutions is bounded from above by the mass of extremal Gibbons-Maeda ... More
Application of the EWL protocol to decision problems with imperfect recallDec 03 2010Jan 19 2011We demonstrate implementations of the Eisert-Wilkens-Lewenstein scheme be- yond normal-form games. The scope of our research includes decision problems, i.e., one-player extensive games. The research is based on the examination of their features when ... More
Viscous evolution of the rapidity distribution of matter created in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsDec 20 2007Longitudinal hydrodynamic expansion of the fluid created in relativistic heavy-collisions is considered taking into account shear viscosity. Both a on-vanishing viscosity and a soft equation of state make particle distributions in rapidity narrower. The ... More
Hydrodynamic flow from RHIC to LHCNov 18 2011The hydrodynamic model for the expansion of the fireball in relativistic heavy-ion collisions is presented. Calculations using relativistic hydrodynamics of a fluid with small viscosity yield a satisfactory description of the experimental data on the ... More
Spectra, flow and HBT in Pb-Pb collisions at the LHCJun 29 2011The transverse momentum spectra, elliptic flow and interferometry radii for Pb-Pb collisions at the LHC are calculated in relativistic viscous hydrodynamics. For Glauber model initial conditions, we find that the data can be described using a small value ... More
Elliptic flow in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeVOct 03 2010Oct 26 2010The angular correlations measured in proton-proton collisions at 7 TeV are decomposed into contributions from back to back emission and elliptic flow. Modeling the dominant term in the correlation functions as a momentum conservation effect or as an effect ... More
Interplay of the emission from thermal and direct sources in relativistic heavy ion collisionsNov 12 2008The separation of the source created in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions into a thermalized dense core and an outer mantle consisting of independent nucleon-nucleon collisions is discussed. Evidence for such a two component picture is found in transverse ... More
The balance functions in azimuthal angle is a measure of the transverse flowDec 20 2004The charge or barion number balance function in the relative azimuthal angle of a pair of particles emitted in ultrarelativistic heavy ion collisions is studied. The pi+pi- and ppbar balance functions are computed using thermal models with two different ... More
Thom polynomials and Schur functions: the singularities I_{2,2}(-)May 09 2007We give the Thom polynomials for the singularities $I_{2,2}$ associated with maps $({\bf C}^{\bullet},0) \to ({\bf C}^{\bullet+k},0)$ with parameter $k\ge 0$. Our computations combine the characterization of Thom polynomials via the ``method of restriction ... More
Differential groupoids and $C^*$-algebrasMay 17 1999Jun 17 1999The construction of a C*-algebra of a differential groupoid is presented. It is shown that it defines a covariant functor from the category of differential groupoids in a sense of S. Zakrzewski to the category of C*-algebras.
Order preserving property of moment estimatorsAug 17 2011Oct 25 2011Balakrishnan and Mi [1] considered order preserving property of maximum likelihood estimators. In this paper there are given conditions under which the moment estimators have the property of preserving stochastic orders. There is considered property of ... More
Soft Matrix Elements in Non-local Chiral Quark ModelNov 10 2009Using non-local chiral quark model and currents satisfying Ward-Takahashi identities we analyze Distribution Amplitudes (DA) of photon and pion-to-photon Transition Distribution Amplitudes (TDA) in the low energy regime. Photon DA's are calculated analytically ... More
Physical Principles and Properties of Unstable StatesDec 21 2003The main subject of the paper is the description of unstable states in quantum mechanics and quantum field theory. Unstable states in quantum field theory can only be introduced as the intermediate states and not as asymptotic states. The absence of the ... More
Geometry of pure states of N spin-J systemOct 16 2009We present the geometry of pure states of an ensemble of N spin-J systems using a generalisation of the Majorana representation. The approach is based on Schur-Weyl duality that allows for simple interpretation of the state transformation under the action ... More
Gaussian fluctuations of characters of symmetric groups and of Young diagramsJan 08 2005May 31 2005We study asymptotics of reducible representations of the symmetric groups S_q for large q. We decompose such a representation as a sum of irreducible components (or, alternatively, Young diagrams) and we ask what is the character of a randomly chosen ... More
A note on $p$-adic valuations of the Schenker sumsJan 08 2014A prime number $p$ is called a Schenker prime if there exists such $n\in\mathbb{N}_+$ that $p\nmid n$ and $p\mid a_n$, where $a_n = \sum_{j=0}^{n}\frac{n!}{j!}n^j$ is so-called Schenker sum. T. Amdeberhan, D. Callan and V. Moll formulated two conjectures ... More
Symmetry breaking of solutions of non-cooperative elliptic systemsMar 05 2013In this article we study the symmetry breaking phenomenon of solutions of noncooperative elliptic systems. We apply the degree for G-invariant strongly indefinite functionals to obtain simultaneously a symmetry breaking and a global bifurcation phenomenon. ... More
Stanley character polynomialsSep 26 2014Stanley considered suitably normalized characters of the symmetric groups on Young diagrams having a special geometric form, namely multirectangular Young diagrams. He proved that the character is a polynomial in the lengths of the sides of the rectangles ... More
A note on time-optimal paths on perturbed spheroidJan 30 2016We consider the Zermelo navigation problem on the ellipsoid of revolution (spheroid) in the presence of a perturbation $W$ determined by a mild velocity vector field, $|W|<1$, with application of Finsler metric of Randers type in the context of the corresponding ... More
On generalization of Zermelo navigation problem on Riemannian manifoldsApr 21 2016We generalize the Zermelo navigation problem and its solution on Riemannian manifolds $(M, h)$ admitting a space dependence of a ship's own speed $|u(x)|_h\leq1$ in the presence of a perturbation $W$ determined by a mild velocity vector field $|W(x)|_h<|u(x)|_h$, ... More
Structure coefficients for Jack characters: approximate factorization propertyMar 14 2016Dec 06 2018Jack characters are a generalization of the characters of the symmetric groups; a generalization that is related to Jack symmetric functions. We investigate the structure coefficients for Jack characters; they are a generalization of the connection coefficients ... More
Isometry groups among topological groupsFeb 15 2012Jul 31 2012It is shown that a topological group G is topologically isomorphic to the isometry group of a (complete) metric space iff G coincides with its G-delta-closure in the Rajkov completion of G (resp. if G is Rajkov-complete). It is also shown that for every ... More
Detecting possibly frequent change-points: Wild Binary Segmentation 2 and steepest-drop model selectionDec 17 2018Dec 30 2018Many existing procedures for detecting multiple change-points in data sequences fail in frequent-change-point scenarios. This article proposes a new change-point detection methodology designed to work well in both infrequent and frequent change-point ... More
A note on stochastic ordering of estimators of exponential reliabilityAug 10 2011Oct 26 2011Recently Balakrishnan and Iliopoulos [Ann. Inst. Statist. Math. 61 (2009)] gave sufficient conditions under which maximum likelihood estimator (MLE) is stochastically increasing. In this paper we study test plans which are not considered there and we ... More
Gravitating Solitons and Hairy Black HolesFeb 08 1994A brief review of recent research on soliton and black hole solutions of Einstein's equations with nonlinear field sources is presented and some open questions are pointed out.
Quantum realization of extensive gamesAug 19 2010We generalize a concept of classical finite extensive game to make it useful for application of quantum objects. The generalization extends a quantum realization scheme of static games to any finite extensive game. It represents an extension of any classical ... More
From Double Lie Groups to Quantum GroupsMar 11 2002It is shown that there is a $C^*$-algebraic quantum group related to any double Lie group. An algebra underlying this quantum group is an algebra of a differential groupoid naturally associated with a double Lie group
On q-deformed quantum stochastic calculusJul 26 2000In this paper we investigate a quantum stochastic calculus build of creation, annihilation and number of particles operators which fulfill some deformed commutation relations. Namely, we introduce a deformation of a number of particles operator which ... More
Size of the thermal source in relativistic heavy-ion collisionsJun 13 2005The dependence of the size of the thermal source on the centrality in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions is studied. The interaction region consists of a well defined thermalized core, and of an outer mantle where the production scales with the number ... More
Collective flow in p-Pb and d-Pb collisions at TeV energiesDec 05 2011Jan 28 2012We apply the hydrodynamic model for the dynamics of matter created in p-Pb collisions at 4.4TeV and d-Pb collisions at 3.11TeV. The fluctuating initial conditions are calculated in the Glauber Monte-Carlo model for several centrality classes. The expansion ... More
Modeling global event properties using hydrodynamics from RHIC to LHCSep 18 2011The relativistic hydrodynamic model is applied to describe the expansion of the dense matter formed in relativistic heavy-ion collisions. The hydrodynamic expansion of the fluid, supplemented with the statistical emission of hadrons at freeze-out gives ... More
Interferometry radii in heavy-ion collisions at 200GeV and 2.76TeVDec 29 2010May 17 2011The expansion of the fireball created in Au-Au collisions at 200GeV and Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76TeV is modelled using the relativistic viscous hydrodynamics. The experimentally observed interferometry radii are well reproduced. Additional pre-equilibrium ... More
Data-driven wavelet-Fisz methodology for nonparametric function estimationNov 06 2007Oct 02 2008We propose a wavelet-based technique for the nonparametric estimation of functions contaminated with noise whose mean and variance are linked via a possibly unknown variance function. Our method, termed the data-driven wavelet-Fisz technique, consists ... More
Securing The Kernel via Static Binary Rewriting and Program ShepherdingMay 10 2011Recent Microsoft security bulletins show that kernel vulnerabilities are becoming more and more important security threats. Despite the pretty extensive security mitigations many of the kernel vulnerabilities are still exploitable. Successful kernel exploitation ... More
JIT Spraying and MitigationsSep 06 2010With the discovery of new exploit techniques, novel protection mechanisms are needed as well. Mitigations like DEP (Data Execution Prevention) or ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) created a significantly more difficult environment for exploitation. ... More
Security Mitigations for Return-Oriented Programming AttacksAug 24 2010With the discovery of new exploit techniques, new protection mechanisms are needed as well. Mitigations like DEP (Data Execution Prevention) or ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization) created a significantly more difficult environment for vulnerability ... More
Generic Unpacking of Self-modifying, Aggressive, Packed Binary ProgramsMay 28 2009Nowadays most of the malware applications are either packed or protected. This techniques are applied especially to evade signature based detectors and also to complicate the job of reverse engineers or security analysts. The time one must spend on unpacking ... More
A Quasi Time Optimal Receding Horizon ControlMar 15 2007This paper presents a quasi time optimal receding horizon control algorithm. The proposed algorithm generates near time optimal control when the state of the system is far from the target. When the state attains a certain neighbourhood of the aim, it ... More
Hirzebruch-Kummer covers of algebraic surfacesMay 03 2018Dec 22 2018The aim of this paper is to show that using some natural curve arrangements in algebraic surfaces and Hirzebruch-Kummer covers one cannot construct new examples of ball-quotients, i.e., minimal smooth complex projective surfaces of general type satisfying ... More
Asymptotyczna teoria reprezentacji grup permutacji (Asymptotic representation theory of symmetric groups)Apr 28 2009This article (written in Polish) is aimed for a wide mathematical audience. It is intended as an introductory text concerning problems of the asymptotic theory of symmetric groups.
An intuition behind quantum measurementMar 25 2014An attempt is made to give a heuristic explanation of the distinguished role of measurement in the quantum theory. We question the notion of "naive" reductionism by stressing the difference between an isolated quantum and classical object. It is argued ... More
Arithmetic Properties of the Sequence of Derangements and its GeneralizationsAug 09 2015The sequence of derangements is given by the formula $D_0 = 1, D_n = nD_{n-1} + (-1)^n, n>0$. It is a classical object appearing in combinatorics and number theory. In this paper we consider two classes of sequences: first class is given by the formulae ... More
On the Poisson structure related to $κ$-Poincaré GroupSep 17 2015It is shown that the Poisson structure related to $\kappa$-Poincar\'e group is dual to a certain Lie algebroid structure, the related Poisson structure on the (affine) Minkowski space is described in a geometric way.
Spectral method for matching exterior and interior elliptic problemsMay 04 2007A spectral method is described for solving coupled elliptic problems on an interior and an exterior domain. The method is formulated and tested on the two-dimensional interior Poisson and exterior Laplace problems, whose solutions and their normal derivatives ... More
$C^r$-right equivalence of analytic functionsSep 15 2014Dec 04 2014Let $f,g:(\mathbb{R}^n,0)\rightarrow (\mathbb{R},0)$ be analytic functions. We will show that if $\nabla f(0)=0$ and $g-f \in (f)^{r+2}$ then $f$ and $g$ are $C^r$-right equivalent, where $(f)$ denote ideal generated by $f$ and $r\in \mathbb{N}$.
A Method for Group Extraction and Analysis in Multilayer Social NetworksDec 07 2016The main subject studied in this dissertation is a multi-layered social network (MSN) and its analysis. One of the crucial problems in multi-layered social network analysis is community extraction. To cope with this problem the CLECC measure (Cross Layered ... More
Ax-Schanuel condition in arbitrary characteristicFeb 09 2014Sep 21 2017We prove a positive characteristic version of Ax's theorem on the intersection of an algebraic subvariety and an analytic subgroup of an algebraic group. Our result is stated in a more general context of a formal map between an algebraic variety and an ... More
Well-posedness of sudden directional diffusion equationsJul 20 2012Our goal is to establish existence with suitable initial data of solutions to general parabolic equation in one dimension, $u_t = L(u_x)_x$, where $L$ is merely a monotone function. We also expose the basic properties of solutions, concentrating on maximal ... More
Small growth vectors of the compactifications of the contact systems on $J^{\,r}(1,1)$Feb 23 2011It is well known that the compactifications of the canonical contact systems living on real jet spaces $J^{\,r}(1,1)$, $r \ge 2$, are locally universal Goursat distributions, $\Delta^r$, living on compact manifolds (called Goursat monsters) having open ... More
Quantum information approach to normal representation of extensive gamesJul 16 2011Jul 19 2011We modify the concept of quantum strategic game to make it useful for extensive form games. We prove that our modification allows to consider the normal representation of any finite extensive game using the fundamental concepts of quantum information. ... More
Components of the elliptic flow in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeVJan 10 2011May 17 2011We calculate the elliptic flow of charged particles in Pb-Pb collisions at 2.76 TeV in relativistic viscous hydrodynamics. The recent data of the ALICE Collaboration on the elliptic flow as function of the centrality can be very well described using the ... More
Viscosity and boost invariance at RHIC and LHCMar 31 2008We consider the longitudinal hydrodynamic evolution of the fireball created in a relativistic heavy-ion collision. Nonzero shear viscosity reduces the colling rate of the system and hinders the acceleration of the longitudinal flow. As a consequence, ... More
Primes of the form x^2+n*y^2 in function fieldsNov 15 2009Mar 17 2011Let n be a square-free polynomial over F_q, where q is an odd prime power. In this paper, we determine which irreducible polynomials p in F_q[x] can be represented in the form X^2+nY^2 with X, Y in F_q[x]. We restrict ourselves to the case where X^2+nY^2 ... More