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Autonomous Surveying BoatAug 26 2014The fresh water reservoirs are one of the main power resources of Pakistan.These water reservoirs are in the form of Tarbela Dam, Mangla Dam, Bhasha Dam,and Warsak Dam. To estimate the current power capability of the Dams, the statistical information ... More
Evolved Art with Transparent, Overlapping, and Geometric ShapesApr 12 2019In this work, an evolutionary art project is presented where images are approximated by transparent, overlapping and geometric shapes of different types, e.g., polygons, circles, lines. Genotypes representing features and order of the geometric shapes ... More
Marginally Stable Circular Orbits in Schwarzschild Black Hole Surrounded by Quintessence MatterJan 06 2016Marginally stable circular orbits (MSCOs) of a massive test particle are investigated in the spacetime geometry of Schwarzschild black hole surrounded by quintessence. For that matter we consider three important scenarios where the equation of state parameter ... More
Tilted Cylindrically Symmetric Self-Similar SolutionsMay 16 2009This paper is devoted to explore tilted kinematic self-similar solutions of the the general cylindrical symmetric spacetimes. These solutions are of the first, zeroth, second and infinite kinds for the perfect fluid and dust cases. Three different equations ... More
Effect of quintessence on the energy of the Reissner-Nordstrom black holeAug 13 2014The energy content of the Reissner-Nordstrom black hole surrounded by quintessence is investigated using approximate Lie symmetry methods. It is mainly done by assuming mass and charge of the black hole as small quantities ($\epsilon$), and by retaining ... More
Weighted opial inequalities for widder derivativesMar 11 2014In this paper, we establish some new general Opial inequalities for Widder derivatives.
Compact Deep Convolutional Neural Networks With Coarse PruningOct 30 2016The learning capability of a neural network improves with increasing depth at higher computational costs. Wider layers with dense kernel connectivity patterns furhter increase this cost and may hinder real-time inference. We propose feature map and kernel ... More
A study of positive energy condition in Bianchi V spacetimes via Noether symmetriesMay 11 2015Jan 21 2016In this paper we use Noether symmetries of the geodesic Lagrangian in Bianchi V spacetimes to study various cosmological solutions of Einstein's field equations. Our first result is the identification of the subalgebras of Noether symmetries of the equations ... More
Topology Control of wireless sensor network using Quantum Inspired Genetic algorithmAug 11 2015In this work, an evolving Linked Quantum register has been introduced, which are group vector of binary pair of genes, which in its local proximity represent those nodes that will have high connectivity and keep the energy consumption at low, and which ... More
Chaos in Dynamics of a Family of Transcendental Meromorphic FunctionsSep 07 2014The characterization and properties of Julia sets of one parameter family of transcendental meromorphic functions $\zeta_\lambda(z)=\lambda \frac{z}{z+1} e^{-z}$, $\lambda >0$, $z\in \mathbb{C}$ is investigated in the present paper. It is found that bifurcations ... More
On the symmetry solutions of two-dimensional systems not solvable by standard symmetry analysisApr 19 2011Nov 06 2014A class of two-dimensional systems of second-order ordinary differential equations is identified in which a system requires fewer Lie point symmetries than required to solve it. The procedure distinguishes among those which are linearizable, complex-linearizable ... More
A constructive method for decomposing real representationsApr 10 2018Apr 25 2018A constructive method, based on Cartan's theory of highest weights, for decomposing finite dimensional representations of real Lie algebras is developed. The procedure is illustrated by numerous examples.
Exact Solutions of Nonlinear Partial Differential Equations by the Method of Group Foliation ReductionMay 26 2011Aug 02 2013A novel symmetry method for finding exact solutions to nonlinear PDEs is illustrated by applying it to a semilinear reaction-diffusion equation in multi-dimensions. The method uses a separation ansatz to solve an equivalent first-order group foliation ... More
Linearizability of Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations Obtained by Complex Symmetry AnalysisApr 16 2011Five equivalence classes had been found for systems of two second-order ordinary differential equations, transformable to linear equations (linearizable systems) by a change of variables. An "optimal (or simplest) canonical form" of linear systems had ... More
One-Dimensional Quantum Walks with a Position-Dependent CoinFeb 28 2019We investigate the evolution of a discrete-time one-dimensional quantum walk driven by a position-dependent coin. The rotation angle which depends upon the position of a quantum particle parameterizes the coin operator. For different values of the rotation ... More
K-Slicing the Reissner-Nordstrom Spacetime: Some New ObservationsSep 02 2010There were problems encountered in extending the K-slicing of the Schwarzschild and Reissner-Nordstrom (RN) spacetimes [1, 2] to the extreme case, when charge equals mass (in gravitational units). The earlier procedure is here modified so as to allow ... More
Complete classification of spherically symmetric static spacetimes via Noether symmetriesSep 16 2013Jan 22 2015In this paper we give a complete classification of spherically symmetric static space-times by their Noether symmetries. The determining equations for Noether symmetries are obtained by using the usual Lagrangian of a general spherically symmetric static ... More
Introduction to computer animation and its possible educational applicationsDec 06 2013Animation, which is basically a form of pictorial presentation, has become the most prominent feature of technology-based learning environments. It refers to simulated motion pictures showing movement of drawn objects. Recently, educational computer animation ... More
Linearization from complex Lie point transformationsNov 05 2014Complex Lie point transformations are used to linearize a class of systems of second order ordinary differential equations (ODEs) which have Lie algebras of maximum dimension $d$, with $d\leq 4$. We identify such a class by employing complex structure ... More
On Computing Linearizing Coordinates From Symmetry AlgebraOct 29 2018A characterization of the symmetry algebra of the $n$th order ordinary differential equations (ODEs) with maximal symmetry and all third order linearizable ODEs is given. This is used to show that such an algebra $\mathfrak{g}$ determines $-$ up to a ... More
Structured Pruning of Deep Convolutional Neural NetworksDec 29 2015Real time application of deep learning algorithms is often hindered by high computational complexity and frequent memory accesses. Network pruning is a promising technique to solve this problem. However, pruning usually results in irregular network connections ... More
Migration from Copper to Fiber Access Network using Passive Optical Network for Green and Dry Field Areas of PakistanSep 20 2015Passive Optical Networks (PON) technology brings an evolution in the industry of Telecommunication for the provisioning of High Speed Internet (HSI) and Triple Play bundled Services that includes Voice, Data, and Video Streaming throughout the world. ... More
Robust Subspace Learning: Robust PCA, Robust Subspace Tracking, and Robust Subspace RecoveryNov 26 2017Jul 05 2018PCA is one of the most widely used dimension reduction techniques. A related easier problem is "subspace learning" or "subspace estimation". Given relatively clean data, both are easily solved via singular value decomposition (SVD). The problem of subspace ... More
A Framework for Android Based Shopping Mall ApplicationsAug 10 2017Android is Google's latest open source software platform for mobile devices which has already attained enormous popularity. The purpose of this paper is to describe the development of mobile application for shopping mall using Android platform. A prototype ... More
Defect states in hexagonal boron nitride: Assignments of observed properties and prediction of properties relevant to quantum computationFeb 09 2018Key properties of nine possible defect sites in hexagonal boron nitride (h-BN) are predicted using density-functional theory and are corrected by applying results from high-level ab initio calculations. Observed h-BN electron-paramagnetic resonance signals ... More
Embedding algorithms and applications to differential equationsMar 27 2016May 06 2017Algorithms for embedding certain types of nilpotent subalgebras in maximal subalgebras of the same type are developed, using methods of real algebraic groups. These algorithms are applied to determine non-conjugate subalgebras of the symmetry algebra ... More
Unsupervised Deep Context Prediction for Background Foreground SeparationMay 21 2018In many advanced video based applications background modeling is a pre-processing step to eliminate redundant data, for instance in tracking or video surveillance applications. Over the past years background subtraction is usually based on low level or ... More
Algorithms for embedding nilpotent subalgebras in maximal solvable subalgebras of algebraic Lie algebrasMar 27 2016Apr 04 2016Algorithms for embedding certain types of nilpotent subalgebras in maximal subalgebras of the same type are developed, using methods of real algebraic groups. These algorithms are applied to determine non-conjugate subalgebras of the symmetry algebra ... More
Bianchi Type I Cosmology in Generalized Saez-Ballester Theory via Noether Gauge SymmetryJan 02 2012Apr 16 2012In this paper, we investigate the generalized Saez-Ballester scalar-tensor theory of gravity via Noether gauge symmetry (NGS) in the background of Bianchi type I cosmological spacetime. We start with the Lagrangian of our model and calculate its gauge ... More
Comparative Study of ECO and CFNet Trackers in Noisy EnvironmentJan 29 2018Object tracking is one of the most challenging task and has secured significant attention of computer vision researchers in the past two decades. Recent deep learning based trackers have shown good performance on various tracking challenges. A tracking ... More
Closing the Learning-Planning Loop with Predictive State RepresentationsDec 12 2009A central problem in artificial intelligence is that of planning to maximize future reward under uncertainty in a partially observable environment. In this paper we propose and demonstrate a novel algorithm which accurately learns a model of such an environment ... More
Deep Neural Network Concepts for Background Subtraction: A Systematic Review and Comparative EvaluationNov 13 2018Conventional neural networks show a powerful framework for background subtraction in video acquired by static cameras. Indeed, the well-known SOBS method and its variants based on neural networks were the leader methods on the largescale CDnet 2012 dataset ... More
Regenerative Soot-VI: The excited states of neutral and ionized carbon in regenerative sooting dischargesSep 17 2016We report the mechanisms of production and the state of excitation of the neutral and singly charged monatomic carbon in the regenerative soot as a function of the discharge parameters in graphite hollow cathode (HC) sources. Two distinctly different ... More
Unsupervised RGBD Video Object Segmentation Using GANsNov 05 2018Video object segmentation is a fundamental step in many advanced vision applications. Most existing algorithms are based on handcrafted features such as HOG, super-pixel segmentation or texture-based techniques, while recently deep features have been ... More
Reduced-Rank Hidden Markov ModelsOct 06 2009Dec 22 2009We introduce the Reduced-Rank Hidden Markov Model (RR-HMM), a generalization of HMMs that can model smooth state evolution as in Linear Dynamical Systems (LDSs) as well as non-log-concave predictive distributions as in continuous-observation HMMs. RR-HMMs ... More
Developing Educational Computer Animation Based on Human Personality TypesMar 24 2015Computer animation in the past decade has become one of the most noticeable features of technology-based learning environments. With today's high educational demands as well as the lack of time provided for certain courses, classical educational methods ... More
Understanding and calibrating Density-Functional-Theory calculations describing the energy and spectroscopy of defect sites in hexagonal boron nitrideFeb 09 2018Defect states in 2D materials present many possible uses but both experimental and computational characterization of their spectroscopic properties is difficult. We provide and compare results from 13 DFT and ab initio computational methods for up to ... More
Precision spatial measurement of the hot rubidium atom in the three-dimensionJul 13 2016The interaction of hot atoms with laser fields experiences a Doppler shift which can severely affect the precise spatial measurement of an atom. We suggest an experimentally realizable scheme to address this issue in three-dimension position measurement ... More
Fractional Parallel Plate DB Waveguides Using Fractional Curl OperatorSep 09 2011DB boundary conditions have been simulated in terms of perfect electric conductor (PEC) boundary for transverse electric modes and perfect magnetic conductor (PMC) for transverse magnetic modes. Electric and magnetic fields inside the dielectric region ... More
Handcrafted and Deep Trackers: Recent Visual Object Tracking Approaches and TrendsDec 06 2018Feb 12 2019In recent years visual object tracking has become a very active research area. An increasing number of tracking algorithms are being proposed each year. It is because tracking has wide applications in various real world problems such as human-computer ... More
Temperature-dependent Gilbert damping of Co2FeAl thin films with different degree of atomic orderJun 14 2017Sep 01 2017Half-metallicity and low magnetic damping are perpetually sought for in spintronics materials and full Heusler alloys in this respect provide outstanding properties. However, it is challenging to obtain the well-ordered half-metallic phase in as-deposited ... More
Baryonic states in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryNov 06 2018In $\mathcal{N}$=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory the superpartner of the gluon is the gluino, which is a spin 1/2 Majorana particle in the adjoint representation of the gauge group. Combining three gluinos, it is possible to form colour neutral bound ... More
Spin pumping and spin torque in interfacial tailored Co2FeAl/\b{eta}-Ta layersApr 02 2019The Heusler ferromagnetic (FM) compound Co2FeAl interfaced with a high-spin orbit coupling non-magnetic (NM) layer is a promising candidate for energy efficient spin logic circuits. The circuit potential depends on the strength of angular momentum transfer ... More
Variational analysis of low-lying states in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryJan 08 2019Jan 17 2019We have calculated the masses of bound states numerically in N = 1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with gauge group SU(2). Using the suitably optimised variational method with an operator basis consisting of smeared Wilson loops and mesonic operators, ... More
Hanbury Brown-Twiss effect and thermal light ghost imagingSep 17 2008We show that the essential physics of the Hanbury Brown-Twiss (HBT) and the thermal light ghost imaging experiments is the same, i.e., due to the intensity fluctuations of the thermal light. However, in the ghost imaging experiments, a large number of ... More
Automated Classification of Airborne Laser Scanning Point CloudsApr 16 2014Making sense of the physical world has always been at the core of mapping. Up until recently, this has always dependent on using the human eye. Using airborne lasers, it has become possible to quickly "see" more of the world in many more dimensions. The ... More
Ward identities in $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric SU(3) Yang-Mills theory on the latticeNov 15 2017The introduction of a space-time lattice as a regulator of field theories breaks symmetries associated with continuous space-time, i.e.\ Poincar{\'e} invariance and supersymmetry. A non-zero gluino mass in the supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory causes an ... More
iDTI-ESBoost: Identification of Drug Target Interaction Using Evolutionary and Structural Features with BoostingJul 04 2017Prediction of new drug-target interactions is extremely important as it can lead the researchers to find new uses for old drugs and to realize the therapeutic profiles or side effects thereof. However, experimental prediction of drug-target interactions ... More
User Transmit Power Minimization through Uplink Resource Allocation and User Association in HetNetsOct 13 2018The popularity of cellular internet of things (IoT) is increasing day by day and billions of IoT devices will be connected to the internet. Many of these devices have limited battery life with constraints on transmit power. High user power consumption ... More
Creating Floquet Chern insulators with magnetic quantum walksAug 27 2018We propose a realistic scheme to construct topological insulators with nonvanishing Chern numbers using spin-1/2 particles carrying out a discrete-time quantum walk in a two-dimensional lattice. By Floquet engineering the quantum-walk protocol, an Aharonov--Bohm ... More
Analysis of Ward identities in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theoryFeb 20 2018Jun 20 2018In numerical investigations of supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory on a lattice, the supersymmetric Ward identities are valuable for finding the critical value of the hopping parameter and for examining the size of supersymmetry breaking by the lattice discretisation. ... More
Simulations of N=1 supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with three coloursOct 31 2016We report on our recent results regarding numerical simulations of the four dimensional, N=1 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with SU(3) gauge symmetry and light dynamical gluinos.
Spin Pumping in Ion-beam Sputtered Co_{2}FeAl/Mo Bilayers:Interfacial Gilbert DampingNov 20 2017The spin pumping mechanism and associated interfacial Gilbert damping are demonstrated in ion-beam sputtered Co2FeAl (CFA) /Mo bilayer thin films employing ferromagnetic resonance spectroscopy. The dependence of the net spin current transportation on ... More
Predicting Language Recovery after Stroke with Convolutional Networks on Stitched MRINov 26 2018One third of stroke survivors have language difficulties. Emerging evidence suggests that their likelihood of recovery depends mainly on the damage to language centers. Thus previous research for predicting language recovery post-stroke has focused on ... More
Regenerative Soot-VII: Population inversion of He I and Ne I in regenerative sooting dischargesSep 17 2016The mechanisms for population inversion among the excited states of He I and Ne I in regenerative sooting discharges have been investigated as a function of the geometry and the physical parameters of the graphite hollow cathode sources. The effect of ... More
Discovery of Parabolic Microresonators Produced via Fiber TaperingSep 14 2018Oct 09 2018We demonstrate a new method for creation of surface nanoscale axial photonics (SNAP) microresonators with harmonic profiles via fiber tapering in a laser-heated microfurnace. The simple procedure makes microresonators that support hundreds of axial modes ... More
Communication Through Breath: Aerosol TransmissionNov 04 2018Exhaled breath can be used in retrieving information and creating innovative communication systems. It contains several volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and biological entities that can act as health biomarkers. For instance, the breath of infected human ... More
FRnet-DTI: Deep Convolutional Neural Networks with Evolutionary and Structural Features for Drug-Target InteractionJun 19 2018Aug 31 2018The task of drug-target interaction prediction holds significant importance in pharmacology and therapeutic drug design. In this paper, we present FRnet-DTI, an auto encoder and a convolutional classifier for feature manipulation and drug target interaction ... More
Numerical results for the lightest bound states in $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric SU(3) Yang-Mills theoryFeb 28 2019The physical particles in supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory (SYM) are bound states of gluons and gluinos. We have determined the masses of the lightest bound states in SU(3) $\mathcal{N}=1$ SYM. Our simulations cover a range of different lattice spacings, ... More
Decomposition into Low-rank plus Additive Matrices for Background/Foreground Separation: A Review for a Comparative Evaluation with a Large-Scale DatasetNov 04 2015Nov 18 2015Recent research on problem formulations based on decomposition into low-rank plus sparse matrices shows a suitable framework to separate moving objects from the background. The most representative problem formulation is the Robust Principal Component ... More
Decomposition into Low-rank plus Additive Matrices for Background/Foreground Separation: A Review for a Comparative Evaluation with a Large-Scale DatasetNov 04 2015Nov 28 2016Recent research on problem formulations based on decomposition into low-rank plus sparse matrices shows a suitable framework to separate moving objects from the background. The most representative problem formulation is the Robust Principal Component ... More
The light bound states of $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric SU(3) Yang-Mills theory on the latticeJan 24 2018In this article we summarise our results from numerical simulations of $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with gauge group SU(3). We use the formulation of Curci and Veneziano with clover-improved Wilson fermions. The masses of various bound ... More
CUSBoost: Cluster-based Under-sampling with Boosting for Imbalanced ClassificationDec 12 2017Class imbalance classification is a challenging research problem in data mining and machine learning, as most of the real-life datasets are often imbalanced in nature. Existing learning algorithms maximise the classification accuracy by correctly classifying ... More
Topological Sensitivity Based Far-Field Detection of Elastic InclusionsNov 25 2017Dec 16 2017The aim of this article is to present and rigorously analyze topological sensitivity based algorithms for detection of diametrically small inclusions in an isotropic homogeneous elastic formation using single and multiple measurements of the far-field ... More
Chiral standing waves and its trapping force on chiral particlesNov 05 2018Up to now, in the literature of optical manipulation, optical force due to chirality usually coexists with the non-chiral force and the chiral force usually takes a very small portion of the total force. In this work, we investigate a case where the optical ... More
Supermultiplets in N=1 SUSY SU(2) Yang-Mills TheoryOct 20 2017We study $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory (SYM) on the lattice. The non-perturbative nature of supersymmetric field theories is still largely unknown. Similarly to QCD, SYM is confining and contains strongly bound states. Applying the ... More
MEBoost: Mixing Estimators with Boosting for Imbalanced Data ClassificationDec 18 2017Jan 13 2018Class imbalance problem has been a challenging research problem in the fields of machine learning and data mining as most real life datasets are imbalanced. Several existing machine learning algorithms try to maximize the accuracy classification by correctly ... More
Improved results for the mass spectrum of N=1 supersymmetric SU(3) Yang-Mills theoryOct 19 2017This talk summarizes the results of the DESY-M\"unster collaboration for $\mathcal{N}=1$ supersymmetric Yang-Mills theory with the gauge group SU(3). It is an updated status report with respect to our preliminary data presented at the last conference. ... More
LIUBoost : Locality Informed Underboosting for Imbalanced Data ClassificationNov 15 2017The problem of class imbalance along with class-overlapping has become a major issue in the domain of supervised learning. Most supervised learning algorithms assume equal cardinality of the classes under consideration while optimizing the cost function ... More
Observation of Skyrmions at Room Temperature in Co2FeAl Heusler Alloy Ultrathin FilmsMar 29 2017Magnetic skyrmions are topological spin structures having immense potential for energy efficient spintronic devices. However, observations of skyrmions at room temperature are limited to patterned nanostructures. Here, we report the observation of stable ... More
Effect of in-situ electric field assisted growth on anti-phase boundaries in epitaxial Fe3O4 thin films on MgOJan 04 2018Anti-phase boundaries (APBs) normally form as a consequence of the initial growth conditions in all spinel ferrite thin films. The presence of APBs in epitaxial films of the inverse spinel Fe3O4 alters their electronic and magnetic properties due to strong ... More
Tunable and high purity room-temperature single photon emission from atomic defects in hexagonal boron nitrideNov 10 2016Two-dimensional van der Waals materials have emerged as promising platforms for solid-state quantum information processing devices with unusual potential for heterogeneous assembly. Recently, bright and photostable single photon emitters were reported ... More
Flat Helical NanosievesApr 11 2016Compact and miniaturized devices with flexible functionalities are always highly demanded in optical integrated systems. Plasmonic nanosieve has been successfully harnessed as an ultrathin flat platform for complex manipulation of light, including holography, ... More
First principles investigation of quantum emission from hBN defectsMay 16 2017Jun 13 2017Hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) has recently emerged as a fascinating platform for room-temperature quantum photonics due to the discovery of robust visible light single-photon emitters. In order to utilize these emitters, it is necessary to have a clear ... More
Single Photon Emission from Plasma Treated 2D Hexagonal Boron NitrideOct 19 2017Artificial atomic systems in solids are becoming increasingly important building blocks in quantum information processing and scalable quantum nanophotonic networks. Yet, synthesis of color centers that act as single photon emitters which are suitable ... More