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Non-Stationary Streaming PCAFeb 08 2019Mar 30 2019We consider the problem of streaming principal component analysis (PCA) when the observations are noisy and generated in a non-stationary environment. Given $T$, $p$-dimensional noisy observations sampled from a non-stationary variant of the spiked covariance ... More
Variance-Aware Optimal Power FlowNov 02 2017The incorporation of stochastic loads and generation into the operation of power grids gives rise to an exposure to stochastic risk. This risk has been addressed in prior work through a variety of mechanisms, such as scenario generation or chance constraints, ... More
Non-Stationary Streaming PCAFeb 08 2019We consider the problem of streaming principal component analysis (PCA) when the observations are noisy and generated in a non-stationary environment. Given $T$, $p$-dimensional noisy observations sampled from a non-stationary variant of the spiked covariance ... More
A Stochastic Differential Equation Framework for Guiding Information DiffusionMar 30 2016May 24 2016The information content of a node in information networks is influenced by its neighbors in the networks. Recently there has been much work on modeling information diffusion, but few has integrated these models for online decision making. A framework ... More
Efficient nonlinear generation of high power, higher order, ultrafast "perfect" vortices in greenJan 11 2016We report on efficient nonlinear generation of ultrafast, higher order "perfect" vortices at the green wavelength. Based on Fourier transformation of the higher order Bessel-Gauss beam generated through the combination of spiral phase plate and axicon ... More
A Stochastic Differential Equation Framework for Guiding Information DiffusionMar 30 2016Oct 18 2016The information content of a node in information networks is influenced by its neighbors in the networks. Recently there have been many works on modeling information diffusion, but few have integrated these models for online decision making. A framework ... More
Interior of Schwarzschild black hole as a relativistic free particleFeb 13 2014Jul 09 2015Using the standard Hamiltonian approach followed by ADM formalism to the geometry of a Schwarzschild black hole, we show that the interior spacetime of Schwarzschild black hole behaves like a relativistic free particle with Planck mass $M_{p}$. We further ... More
A Specific N = 2 Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanical Model: Supervariable ApproachSep 15 2015By exploiting the supersymmetric invariant restrictions on the chiral and anti-chiral supervariables, we derive the off-shell nilpotent symmetry transformations for a specific (0 + 1)-dimensional N = 2 supersymmetric quantum mechanical model which is ... More
A quasiparticle description of the equation of state in SU(3) lattice QCDJan 06 2002The lattice data for $N_f=2$ and $N_f=3$ based on staggered fermion formulations have been parameterized using a phenomenological equation of state for noninteracting but massive quasiparticles. Such a model would be a preferable starting point for phenomenological ... More
Eigenvalue Correlations For Banded MatricesDec 15 1998We study the evolution of the distribution of eigenvalues of $N\times N$ matrix ensembles subject to a change of variances of its matrix elements. Our results indicate that the evolution of the probability density is governed by a Fokker- Planck equation ... More
Alternative Technique for "Complex" Spectra AnalysisJan 21 2000Sep 08 2000. The choice of a suitable random matrix model of a complex system is very sensitive to the nature of its complexity. The statistical spectral analysis of various complex systems requires, therefore, a thorough probing of a wide range of random matrix ... More
On the Distribution of zeros of chaotic wavefunctionMay 29 1997The wavefunctions in phase-space representation can be expressed as entire functions of their zeros if the phase space is compact. These zeros seem to hide a lot of relevant and explicit information about the underlying classical dynamics. Besides, an ... More
A symplectic rearrangement of the four dimensional non-geometric scalar potentialAug 05 2015Nov 11 2015We present a symplectic rearrangement of the effective four-dimensional non-geometric scalar potential resulting from type IIB superstring compactification on Calabi Yau orientifolds. The strategy has two main steps. In the first step, we rewrite the ... More
Topics In Large Volume Swiss-Cheese Compactification GeometriesMay 02 2011Jun 06 2011In this review article, we present a systematic study of large volume type IIB string compactifications that addresses several interesting issues in string cosmology and string phenomenology within a single string compactification scheme. The issues in ... More
Reading off the non-geometric scalar potentials via topological data of the Calabi Yau manifoldsMar 03 2016Aug 31 2016In the context of studying the 4D effective potentials of type IIB non-geometric flux compactifications, this article has a twofold goal. First, we present a modular invariant symplectic rearrangement of the tree level non-geometric scalar potential arising ... More
Construction of models of universe on the Riemann hypothesisDec 09 2015Oct 20 2016The aim of this note is to remove an implausible assumption in Moser's theorem \cite{JM} to establish our new theorem 1 which gives a lower estimate for the sum $p+c^2\rho$ on Riemann hypothesis. Corollary 1 gives a rather plausible construction of infinitely ... More
A Specific N = 2 Supersymmetric Quantum Mechanical Model: Supervariable ApproachSep 15 2015Feb 21 2017By exploiting the supersymmetric invariant restrictions on the chiral and anti-chiral supervariables, we derive the off-shell nilpotent symmetry transformations for a specific (0 + 1)-dimensional N = 2 supersymmetric quantum mechanical model which is ... More
Sentiment Analysis of Document Based on AnnotationNov 07 2011I present a tool which tells the quality of document or its usefulness based on annotations. Annotation may include comments, notes, observation, highlights, underline, explanation, question or help etc. comments are used for evaluative purpose while ... More
Thermodynamics of protein folding: a random matrix formulationOct 16 2010The process of protein folding from an unfolded state to a biologically active, folded conformation is governed by many parameters e.g the sequence of amino acids, intermolecular interactions, the solvent, temperature and chaperon molecules. Our study, ... More
Voter Dynamics on an Ising Ladder: Coarsening and PersistenceJan 31 2005Jun 06 2005Coarsening and persistence of Ising spins on a ladder is examined under voter dynamics. The density of domain walls decreases algebraically with time as $t^-{1/2}$ for sequential as well as parallel dynamics. The persistence probability decreases as $t^{-\theta_{s}}$ ... More
Non-Hermiticity and UniversalityMay 01 2001. We study the statistical properties of the eigenvalues of non-Hermitian operators assoicated with the dissipative complex systems. By considering the Gaussian ensembles of such operators, a hierarchical relation between the correlators is obtained. ... More
Towards a common thread in Complexity: an accuracy-based approachJul 25 2008The complexity of a system, in general, makes it difficult to determine some or almost all matrix elements of its operators. The lack of accuracy acts as a source of randomness for the matrix elements which are also subjected to an external potential ... More
Driven Random Field Ising Model: some exactly solved examples in threshold activated kineticsJan 15 2004The random field Ising model driven by a slowly varying uniform external field at zero temperature provides a caricature of several threshold activated systems. In this model, the non-equilibrium response of the system can be obtained analytically on ... More
Level-Statistics of Disordered Systems: a Single Parametric FormulationOct 01 2002We find that the statistics of levels undergoing metal-insulator transition in systems with multi-parametric Gaussian disorders behaves in a way similar to that of the single parametric Brownian ensembles. The latter appear during aPoisson $\to$ Wigner-Dyson ... More
Domains and Interfaces in Random FieldsJan 15 2004We analyze the energetics of domains and interfaces in the presence of quenched random fields, particularly at the lower critical dimension of the random field Ising model. The relevance of this study to experiments is also discussed.
Higher Order Correlations in Quantum Chaotic SpectraNov 27 1996Nov 28 1996The statistical properties of the quantum chaotic spectra have been studied, so far, only up to the second order correlation effects. The numerical as well as the analytical evidence that random matrix theory can successfully model the spectral fluctuatations ... More
Eigenfunction statistics of Laguerre Brownian ensembleSep 23 2016Oct 10 2016We theoretically analyze the eigenfunction fluctuation measures for a Hermitian ensemble which appears as an intermediate state of the perturbation of a stationary ensemble by another stationary ensemble of Laguerre type. Similar to the perturbation by ... More
Implementing odd-axions in dimensional oxidation of non-geometric type IIB actionJul 06 2015Nov 24 2015In a setup of type IIB superstring compactification on an orientifold of a ${\mathbb T}^6/{\mathbb Z}_4$ sixfold, the presence of geometric flux ($\omega$) and non-geometric fluxes ($Q, R$) is implemented along with the standard NS-NS and RR three-form ... More
Compton Scattering on Light NucleiDec 22 2009Compton scattering on light nuclei ($A=2,3$) has emerged as an effective avenue to search for signatures of neutron polarizabilities, both spin--independent and spin--dependent ones. In this discussion I will focus on the theoretical aspect of Compton ... More
Correlated theory of triplet photoinduced absorption in phenylene-vinylene chainsJan 07 2002In this paper we present results of large-scale correlated calculations of triplet photoinduced absorption (PA) spectrum of oligomers of poly-(para)phenylenevinylene (PPV) containing up to five phenyl rings. In particular, the high-energy features in ... More
Some Interesting Connections!Aug 02 2018One source of beauty in mathematics is totally unexpected connections between two fundamentally different objects. For instance, is it not surprising that the time period of a real simple pendulum is linked with a function arising out of finding the number ... More
Eigenfunction statistics of Laguerre Brownian ensembleSep 23 2016We theoretically analyze the eigenfunction fluctuation measures for a Hermitian ensemble which appears as an intermediate state of the perturbation of a stationary ensemble by another stationary ensemble of Laguerre type. Similar to the perturbation by ... More
Gap Analysis of Natural Language Processing Systems with respect to Linguistic ModalityApr 18 2015Modality is one of the important components of grammar in linguistics. It lets speaker to express attitude towards, or give assessment or potentiality of state of affairs. It implies different senses and thus has different perceptions as per the context. ... More
Revisiting the two formulations of Bianchi identities and their implications on moduli stabilizationMar 28 2016Aug 02 2016In the context of non-geometric type II orientifold compactifications, there have been two formulations for representing the various NS-NS Bianchi-identities. In the first formulation, the standard three-form flux ($H_3$), the geometric flux ($\omega$) ... More
On modular completion of generalized flux orbitsMay 04 2015Nov 11 2015In the context of type IIB orientifold compactification with the presence of (non-)geometric fluxes, we conjecture a modular completed version of the generalized flux-orbits of various NS-NS and RR fluxes. Subsequently, considering two explicit examples ... More
Energy and angular distributions of atmospheric muons at the EarthJun 22 2016Jun 23 2016A fair knowledge of the atmospheric muon distributions at Earth is a prerequisite for the simulations of cosmic ray setups and rare event search detectors. A modified power law is proposed for atmospheric muon energy distribution which gives good description ... More
Dynamics of bootstrap percolationJul 11 2009Bootstrap percolation transition may be first order or second order, or it may have a mixed character where a first order drop in the order parameter is preceded by critical fluctuations. Recent studies have indicated that the mixed transition is characterized ... More
Level-statistics in Disordered Systems: A single parametric scaling and Connection to Brownian EnsemblesJan 08 2004May 10 2005We find that the statistics of levels undergoing metal-insulator transition in systems with multi-parametric Gaussian disorders and non-interacting electrons behaves in a way similar to that of the single parametric Brownian ensembles \cite{dy}. The latter ... More
The Glauber model and the heavy ion reaction cross sectionFeb 13 2003We reexamine the Glauber model and calculate the total reaction cross section as a function of energy in the low and intermediate energy range, where many of the corrections in the model, are effective. The most significant effect in this energy range ... More
Moduli Thermalization and Finite Temperature Effects in "Big" Divisor Large Volume D3/D7 Swiss-Cheese CompactificationOct 25 2010Jan 09 2011In the context of Type IIB compactified on a large volume Swiss-Cheese orientifold in the presence of a mobile space-time filling D3-brane and stacks of fluxed D7-branes wrapping the "big" divisor Sigma_B of a Swiss-Cheese Calabi Yau in WCP^4 [1,1,1,6,9], ... More
Exact Expressions for Minor Hysteresis Loops in the Random Field Ising Model on a Bethe Lattice at Zero TemperatureJul 24 2000Jan 15 2004We obtain exact expressions for the minor hysteresis loops in the ferromagnetic random field Ising model on a Bethe lattice at zero temperature in the case when the driving field is cycled infinitely slowly.
Random Matrices with Correlated Elements: A Model for Disorder with InteractionsFeb 19 2004Mar 04 2005The complicated interactions in presence of disorder lead to a correlated randomization of states. The Hamiltonian as a result behaves like a multi-parametric random matrix with correlated elements. We show that the eigenvalue correlations of these matrices ... More
Universal Level dynamics of Complex SystemsOct 30 1998. We study the evolution of the distribution of eigenvalues of a $N\times N$ matrix subject to a random perturbation drawn from (i) a generalized Gaussian ensemble (ii) a non-Gaussian ensemble with a measure variable under the change of basis. It turns ... More
Homotopy type of the neighborhood complexes of $3$-regular graphs and $4$-regular circulant graphsFeb 13 2018To estimate a lower bound for the chromatic number of a graph $G$, Lov{\'a}sz \cite{l} associated a simplicial complex $\mathcal{N}(G)$ called the neighborhood complex and relates the topological connectivity of $\mathcal{N}(G)$ to the chromatic number ... More
On the Reduction of Broadcast Traffic in Mobile Ad Hoc NetworksSep 14 2010Apr 21 2011Many mobile ad hoc network protocols use simple flooding, in order to adapt to changes in time varying network topology. Most of the times, a network-wide flood results in redundant packets and increases network congestion, probability of packet collision, ... More
Ab initio Hartree-Fock computation of electronic static structure factor of crystalline insulators: benchmark results on LiFMay 24 1999In this paper we present a fully ab initio Hartree-Fock approach aimed at calculating the static structure factor of crystalline insulators at arbitrary values of momentum transfer. In particular, we outline the computation of the incoherent scattering ... More
Random Field Ising ModelJan 15 2004Recent work on random field Ising model is described briefly emphasizing exact solutions of the model in simple cases and their relevance in understanding equilibrium and non-equilibrium properties of systems with quenched disorder.
Glauber model for heavy ion collisions from low energies to high energiesDec 13 2001The Glauber model is extensively applied to heavy ion collision for describing a number of interaction processes over a wide range of energies from near the Coulomb barrier to higher energies. The model gives the nucleus-nucleus interaction in terms of ... More
Eigenfunction Statistics of Complex Systems: A Common Mathematical FormulationApr 30 2005May 04 2007We derive a common mathematical formulation for the eigenfunction statistics of Hermitian operators, represented by a multi-parametric probability density. The system-information in the formulation enters through two parameters only, namely, system size ... More
Level Correlations for Metal-Insulator TransitionJan 20 2001We study the level-statistics of a disordered system undergoing the Anderson type metal-insulator transition. The disordered Hamiltonian is a sparse random matrix in the site representation and the statistics is obtained by taking an ensemble of such ... More
Exact Solution of Return Hysteresis Loops in One Dimensional Random Field Ising Model at Zero TemperatureApr 09 2000Minor hysteresis loops within the main loop are obtained analytically and exactly in the one-dimensional ferromagnetic random field Ising-model at zero temperature. Numerical simulations of the model show excellent agreement with the analytical results. ... More
Neighborhood complexes, homotopy test graphs and a contribution to a conjecture of HedetniemiOct 01 2018Oct 16 2018The neighborhood complex $\N(G)$ of a graph $G$ were introduced by L. Lov{\'a}sz in his proof of Kneser conjecture. He proved that for any graph $G$, \begin{align} \label{abstract} \chi(G) \geq conn(\N(G))+3. \end{align} In this article we show that for ... More
Ensuring Cache Freshness in On-demand Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad Hoc Network: A Cross-layer FrameworkSep 13 2010Apr 21 2011One of the big challenges in ad hoc network design is packet routing. Studies have shown that on-demand routing protocols perform better than table-driven routing protocols. In order to avoid route discovery for each packet, on-demand routing protocols ... More
Theory of nonlinear optical properties of phenyl-substituted polyacetylenesMar 09 2004In this paper we present a theoretical study of the third-order nonlinear optical properties of poly(diphenyl)polyacetylene (PDPA) pertaining to the third-harmonic-generation (THG) process. We study the aforesaid process in PDPA's using both the independent ... More
Theory of two-photon absorption in poly(diphenyl) polyacetylenesFeb 21 2004In this paper, we present a theoretical study of the nonlinear optical response of the newly discovered conjugated polymer poly(diphenyl)polyacetylene (PDPA). In particular, we compute the third-order nonlinear susceptibility corresponding to two-photon ... More
Ab initio Hartree-Fock Born effective charges of LiH, LiF, LiCl, NaF, and NaClFeb 18 2000We use the Berry-phase-based theory of macroscopic polarization of dielectric crystals formulated in terms of Wannier functions, and state-of-the-art Gaussian basis functions, to obtain benchmark ab initio Hartree-Fock values of the Born effective charges ... More
Ancilla Assisted Quantum Information Processing: General protocols and NMR implementationsJan 02 2016While a bit is the fundamental unit of binary classical information, a qubit is the fundamental unit of quantum information. In quantum information processing (QIP), it is customary to call the qubits under study as system qubits, and the additional qubits ... More
Generation of perfect vortex of variable size and its effect in angular spectrum of the down-converted photonsJan 13 2016The perfect vortex is a new class of optical vortex beam having ring radius independent of its topological charge (order). One of the simplest techniques to generate such beams is the Fourier transformation of the Bessel-Gauss beam. The variation in ring ... More
Hollow Gaussian beam generation through nonlinear interaction of photons with orbital-angular-momemtumJun 29 2016Hollow Gaussian beams (HGB) are a special class of doughnut shaped beams that do not carry orbital angular momentum (OAM). Such beams have a wide range of applications in many fields including atomic optics, bio-photonics, atmospheric science, and plasma ... More
Multiscaling in superfluid turbulence: A shell-model studyAug 03 2015Aug 05 2015We examine the multiscaling behavior of the normal- and superfluid-velocity structure functions in three-dimensional superfluid turbulence by using a shell model for the three-dimensional (3D) Hall-Vinen-Bekharevich-Khalatnikov (HVBK) equations. Our 3D-HVBK ... More
First principles electron-correlated calculations of optical absorption in magnesium clustersOct 06 2015In this paper we report the calculations of linear optical absorption spectra of various isomers of magnesium clusters Mg$_{n}$ (n=2--5) involving valence transitions, performed using the large-scale all-electron configuration interaction (CI) methodology. ... More
Trajectory optimization using quantum computingJan 14 2019We present a framework wherein the trajectory optimization problem (or a problem involving calculus of variations) is formulated as a search problem in a discrete space. A distinctive feature of our work is the treatment of discretization of the optimization ... More
Large Volume Axionic Swiss-Cheese InflationDec 08 2007Jun 22 2008Continuing with the ideas of (section 4 of) [1], after inclusion of perturbative and non-perturbative alpha' corrections to the Kaehler potential and (D1- and D3-) instanton generated superpotential, we show the possibility of slow-roll axionic inflation ... More
Twisted Dust Acoustic Waves in Dusty PlasmasAug 05 2012We examine linear dust acoustic waves (DAWs) in a dusty plasma with strongly correlated dust grains, and discuss possibility of a twisted DA vortex beam carrying orbital angular momentum (OAM). For our purposes, we use the Boltzmann distributed electron ... More
Statistical Mechanics of AvalanchesJun 16 2016Statistical mechanics of infinite avalanches is studied in the framework of nonequilibrium random-field Ising model. Critical behavior of the model on a random graph (dilute Bethe lattice) is analyzed in detail. We show that sites with a minimum coordination ... More
Some inequalities bridging stringy parameters and cosmological observablesNov 17 2014Jul 01 2016By demanding the validity of an effective field theory description during inflation, in this note we derive some peculiar inequalities among the three interesting stringy and cosmological parameters, namely the tensor-to-scalar ratio ($r$), the string ... More
Random matrix ensembles with column/row constraints: part ISep 23 2014Aug 27 2015We analyze statistical properties of the complex system with conditions which manifests through specific constraints on the column/row sum of the matrix elements. The presence of additional constraints besides symmetry leads to new correlations among ... More
Connectedness of Certain Graph Coloring ComplexesFeb 12 2017In this article, we consider the bipartite graphs $K_2 \times K_n$. We prove that the connectedness of the complex $\displaystyle \text{Hom}(K_2\times K_{n}, K_m) $ is $m-n-1$ if $m \geq n$ and $m-3$ in the other cases. Therefore, we show that for this ... More
Design Of Fuzzy Logic Traffic Controller For Isolated Intersections With Emergency Vehicle Priority System Using MATLAB SimulationMay 05 2014Traffic is the chief puzzle problem which every country faces because of the enhancement in number of vehicles throughout the world, especially in large urban towns. Hence the need arises for simulating and optimizing traffic control algorithms to better ... More
Enumerating labeled graphs with a k-cycleSep 14 2009Oct 07 2009This paper has been withdrawn by the author as a more general result is known and could be referenced at "Combinatorial Enumeration" by Ian P. Goulden, David M. Jackson - Dover Publication 2004 - Section 3.3.13, Page 176.
Gauge transformation through an accelerated frame of referenceAug 10 2009The Schr\"{o}dinger equation of a charged particle in a uniform electric field can be specified in either a time-independent or a time-dependent gauge. The wave-function solutions in these two gauges are related by a phase-factor reflecting the gauge ... More
Ab initio real-space Hartree-Fock and correlated approach to optical dielectric constants of crystalline insulatorsApr 07 2006In this paper we present an approach aimed at calculating the optical dielectric constant of crystalline insulators both at the Hartree-Fock, and correlated levels. Our scheme employs a real-space methodology, employing Wannier functions as the basic ... More
Ab initio calculations of the hydrogen bondOct 15 2002Recent x-ray Compton scattering experiments in ice have provided useful information about the quantum nature of the interaction between H$_2$O monomers. The hydrogen bond is characterized by a certain amount of charge transfer which could be determined ... More
Means Compatible with Semigroup LawsFeb 27 2019A binary mean operation m(x,y) is said to be compatible with a semigroup law *, if * satisfies the Gauss' functional equation m(x,y) * m(x,y) = x * y for all x, y. Thus the arithmetic mean is compatible with the group addition in the set of real numbers, ... More
Optical signatures of electric field driven magnetic phase transitions in graphene quantum dotsNov 10 2015Jun 25 2016Experimental challenges in identifying various types of magnetic ordering in graphene quantum dots (QDs) pose a major hurdle in the application of these nanostructures for spintronic devices. }Based upon phase diagrams obtained by employing {\normalsize{}the ... More
A New Route Maintenance in Dynamic Source Routing ProtocolSep 14 2010Apr 21 2011Mobile ad-hoc network (MANET) is infrastructureless, self-organizable, multi hop packet switched network. A number of routing protocols for MANETs have been proposed in recent years. Dynamic Source Routing (DSR) protocol is one of the most popular routing ... More
On the Nature of Optical Excitations in Hydrogenated Aluminium Cluster Al4H6: A Theoretical StudyJan 05 2010Jan 10 2010In this paper, we present a theoretical investigation of photoabsorption spectrum of the newly synthesized hydrogenated cluster of aluminium, Al4H6. The calculations are performed within the wave-function-based semi-empirical method employing the complete ... More
Ab initio Wannier-function-based many-body approach to Born charge of crystalline insulatorsNov 09 2004In this paper we present an approach aimed at performing many-body calculations of Born-effective charges of crystalline insulators, by including the electron-correlation effects. The scheme is implemented entirely in the real space, using Wannier-functions ... More
Hierarchical quantum communicationJan 03 2013A general approach to study the hierarchical quantum information splitting (HQIS) is proposed and the same is used to systematically investigate the possibility of realizing HQIS using different classes of 4-qubit entangled states that are not connected ... More
Direct quantum communication without actual transmission of the message qubitsJul 23 2013Recently an orthogonal state based protocol of direct quantum communication without actual transmission of particles is proposed by Salih \emph{et al.}{[}Phys. Rev. Lett. \textbf{110} (2013) 170502{]} using chained quantum Zeno effect. As the no-transmission ... More
F-term Stabilization of Odd Axions in LARGE Volume ScenarioJul 03 2013Nov 26 2013In the context of the LARGE volume scenario, stabilization of axionic moduli is revisited. This includes both even and odd axions with their scalar potential being generated by F-term contributions via various tree-level and non-perturbative effects like ... More
On Non-Gaussianities in Two-Field Poly-Instanton InflationJan 25 2013Mar 25 2013In the context of Type IIB LARGE volume orientifold setup equipped with poly-instanton corrections, the standard single-field poly-instanton inflation driven by a 'Wilson' divisor volume modulus is generalized by the inclusion of respective axion modulus. ... More
Hysteresis in Ferromagnetic Random Field Ising Model with an Arbitrary Initial StateJun 30 2004We present exact expressions for hysteresis loops in the ferromagnetic random field Ising model in the limit of zero temperature and zero driving frequency for an arbitrary initial state of the model on a Bethe lattice. This work extends earlier results ... More
Criticality in Brownian ensemblesSep 23 2016May 03 2017The local statistical fluctuations in Brownian ensembles, the intermediate state of perturbation of one classical ensemble by another one, are system-size invariant if the perturbation parameter has the same size-dependence as that of the ensemble averaged ... More
Simultaneous polarization squeezing in polarized N photon state and diminution on a squeezing operationMar 28 2016We study polarization squeezing of a pure photon number state which is obviously polarized but the mere change in the basis of polarization leads to simultaneous polarization squeezing in all the components of Stokes operator vector except those falling ... More
Alteration in Non-Classicality of Light on Passing Through a Linear Polarization Beam SplitterMar 28 2016Apr 22 2016We observe the polarization squeezing in the mixture of a two mode squeezed vacuum and a simple coherent light through a linear polarization beam splitter. Squeezed vacuum not being squeezed in polarization, generates polarization squeezed light when ... More
Superunitary operator and BRST transformations for non-Abelian two-formDec 30 2016Using superspace unitary operator formalism, we derive various (anti-)BRST symmetry transformations explicitly for the non-Abelian 2-form gauge theories. We introduce a new Lagrangian with a coupling of matter fields not only with 1-from background field ... More
Dimensional oxidation and modular completion of non-geometric type IIB actionJan 28 2015May 06 2015Utilizing a setup of type IIB superstring theory compactified on an orientifold of T^6/(Z2xZ2), we propose a modular invariant dimensional oxidation of the four-dimensional scalar potential. In the oxidized ten-dimensional supergravity action, the standard ... More
Effect of Coordination Number on Nonequilibrium Critical PointJun 06 2013Oct 27 2013We study the nonequilibrium critical point of the zero temperature random field Ising model on a triangular lattice and compare it with known results on honeycomb, square, and simple cubic lattices. We suggest that the coordination number of the lattice ... More
The Theory of Crowd CapitalOct 07 2012We are seeing more and more organizations undertaking activities to engage dispersed populations through IS. Using the knowledge-based view of the organization, this work conceptualizes a theory of Crowd Capital to explain this phenomenon. Crowd Capital ... More
Hysteresis in Anti-Ferromagnetic Random-Field Ising Model at Zero TemperatureApr 04 2011We study hysteresis in anti-ferromagnetic random-field Ising model at zero temperature. The external field is cycled adiabatically between -$\infty$ and $\infty$. Two different distributions of the random-field are considered, (i) a uniform distribution ... More
Soft SUSY Breaking Parameters and RG Running of Squark and Slepton Masses in Large Volume Swiss Cheese CompactificationsSep 01 2009Feb 03 2010We consider type IIB large volume compactifications involving orientifolds of the Swiss-Cheese Calabi-Yau WCP^4[1; 1; 1; 6; 9] with a single mobile space-time filling D3-brane and stacks of D7-branes wrapping the "big" divisor (as opposed to the "small" ... More
"Finite" Non-Gaussianities and Tensor-Scalar Ratio in Large Volume Swiss-Cheese CompactificationsJul 07 2008Dec 11 2009Developing on the ideas of (section 4 of) [1] and [2] and using the formalisms of [3] and [4], after inclusion of perturbative and non-perturbative alpha' corrections to the Kaehler potential and (D1- and D3-) instanton generated superpotential, we show ... More
Hysteresis in Random-field Ising model on a Bethe lattice with a mixed coordination numberNov 26 2015We study zero-temperature hysteresis in the random-field Ising model on a Bethe lattice where a fraction $c$ of the sites have coordination number $z=4$ while the remaining fraction $1-c$ have $z=3$. Numerical simulations as well as probabilistic methods ... More
Pion $p_T$ spectra in $p+p$ collisions as a function of $\sqrt{s}$ and event multiplicityAug 05 2014Sep 03 2014We study the charged pion transverse momentum ($p_T$) spectra in $p$+$p$ collisions as a function of collision energy $\sqrt{s}$ and event multiplicity using Tsallis distribution. This study gives an insight of the pion production process in $p+p$ collisions. ... More
Inferring freeze-out parameters from pion measurements at RHIC and LHCMay 20 2015We analyze the transverse momentum spectra of charged pions measured in Au+Au collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 200 GeV and in Pb+Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV using the Tsallis distribution modified to include transverse flow. All the spectra ... More
Significant Interval and Frequent Pattern Discovery in Web Log DataFeb 05 2010There is a considerable body of work on sequence mining of Web Log Data. We are using One Pass frequent Episode discovery (or FED) algorithm, takes a different approach than the traditional apriori class of pattern detection algorithms. In this approach ... More
Large Polarization Squeezing in Non-Degenerate Parametric Amplification of Coherent RadiationDec 10 2016Polarization squeezing is shown to occur in non-degenerate parametric amplification of coherent light and the degree of squeezing at interaction time $T$ can be as large as $1-e^{-2T}$. This gives $86.4\%$ polarization squeezing for $T=1$ and $98.2\%$ ... More
Fuzzy Logic of Speed and Steering Control System for Three Dimensional Line Following of an Autonomous VehicleApr 10 2010... This paper is to describe exploratory research on the design of a modular autonomous mobile robot controller. The controller incorporates a fuzzy logic [8] [9] approach for steering and speed control [37], a FL approach for ultrasound sensing and ... More
Supersymmetric Quantum Spherical Model: A Model for Hodge TheoryJun 19 2018Jul 05 2018We discuss various symmetry properties of the ${\cal N} = 2$ supersymmetric quantum spherical model in one (0 + 1)-dimension of spacetime and provide their relevance in the realm of the mathematics of differential geometry. We show one-to-one mapping ... More