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From Pixels to Affect: A Study on Games and Player ExperienceJul 04 2019Is it possible to predict the affect of a user just by observing her behavioral interaction through a video? How can we, for instance, predict a user's arousal in games by merely looking at the screen during play? In this paper we address these questions ... More
Quality Diversity Through SurpriseJul 06 2018Oct 24 2018Quality diversity is a recent family of evolutionary search algorithms which focus on finding several well-performing (quality) yet different (diversity) solutions with the aim to maintain an appropriate balance between divergence and convergence during ... More
Surprise Search for Evolutionary DivergenceJun 08 2017Inspired by the notion of surprise for unconventional discovery we introduce a general search algorithm we name surprise search as a new method of evolutionary divergent search. Surprise search is grounded in the divergent search paradigm and is fabricated ... More
PAGAN: Video Affect Annotation Made EasyJul 01 2019How could we gather affect annotations in a rapid, unobtrusive, and accessible fashion? How could we still make sure that these annotations are reliable enough for data-hungry affect modelling methods? This paper addresses these questions by introducing ... More
Automated Playtesting with Procedural Personas through MCTS with Evolved HeuristicsFeb 19 2018This paper describes a method for generative player modeling and its application to the automatic testing of game content using archetypal player models called procedural personas. Theoretically grounded in psychological decision theory, procedural personas ... More
Data-driven Design: A Case for Maximalist Game DesignMay 30 2018Maximalism in art refers to drawing on and combining multiple different sources for art creation, embracing the resulting collisions and heterogeneity. This paper discusses the use of maximalism in game design and particularly in data games, which are ... More
Your Gameplay Says it All: Modelling Motivation in Tom Clancy's The DivisionJan 31 2019Is it possible to predict the motivation of players just by observing their gameplay data? Even if so, how should we measure motivation in the first place? To address the above questions, on the one end, we collect a large dataset of gameplay data from ... More
The Case for a Mixed-Initiative Collaborative Neuroevolution ApproachAug 05 2014It is clear that the current attempts at using algorithms to create artificial neural networks have had mixed success at best when it comes to creating large networks and/or complex behavior. This should not be unexpected, as creating an artificial brain ... More
Two-step Constructive Approaches for Dungeon GenerationJun 11 2019This paper presents a two-step generative approach for creating dungeons in the rogue-like puzzle game MiniDungeons 2. Generation is split into two steps, initially producing the architectural layout of the level as its walls and floor tiles, and then ... More
DATA AgentSep 28 2018This paper introduces DATA Agent, a system which creates murder mystery adventures from open data. In the game, the player takes on the role of a detective tasked with finding the culprit of a murder. All characters, places, and items in DATA Agent games ... More
Who Killed Albert Einstein? From Open Data to Murder Mystery GamesFeb 14 2018This paper presents a framework for generating adventure games from open data. Focusing on the murder mystery type of adventure games, the generator is able to transform open data from Wikipedia articles, OpenStreetMap and images from Wikimedia Commons ... More
Procedural Content Generation through Quality DiversityJul 09 2019Quality-diversity (QD) algorithms search for a set of good solutions which cover a space as defined by behavior metrics. This simultaneous focus on quality and diversity with explicit metrics sets QD algorithms apart from standard single- and multi-objective ... More
Your Gameplay Says It All: Modelling Motivation in Tom Clancy's The DivisionJan 31 2019May 22 2019Is it possible to predict the motivation of players just by observing their gameplay data? Even if so, how should we measure motivation in the first place? To address the above questions, on the one end, we collect a large dataset of gameplay data from ... More
The QCD potential at O(1/m^2): Complete spin-dependent and spin-independent resultSep 12 2000Apr 11 2001Within an effective field theory framework, we obtain an expression, with O(1/m^2) accuracy, for the energies of the gluonic excitations between heavy quarks, which holds beyond perturbation theory. For the singlet heavy quark--antiquark energy, in particular, ... More
Sign-changing solutions of the fractional heat equation: existence and convexityJun 01 2016We prove that the initial-value problem for the fractional heat equation admits a solution provided that the (possibly unbounded) initial datum has a conveniently moderate growth at infinity. Under the same growth condition we also prove that the solution ... More
Don't Leave Me Alone: Retrospective Think Aloud supported by Real-time Monitoring of Participant's PhysiologyFeb 12 2018Think aloud protocols are widely applied in user experience studies. In this paper, the effect of two different applications of the Retrospective Think Aloud (RTA) protocol on the number of user-reported usability issues is examined. To this end, 30 users ... More
Cosmic $ΔB$ from Lepton Violating Interactions at the Electroweak Phase TransitionJun 05 1992We propose a new mechanism for late cosmological baryon asymmetry in models with first order electroweak phase transition. Lepton asymmetry arises through the decay of particles produced out of equilbrium in bubble collisions and is converted into baryon ... More
Existence and convexity of solutions of the fractional heat equationJun 01 2016Aug 22 2017We prove that the initial-value problem for the fractional heat equation admits a solution provided that the (possibly unbounded) initial datum has a conveniently moderate growth at infinity. Under the same growth condition we also prove that the solution ... More
Dark matter and dark energy induced by condensatesAug 18 2016It is shown that the vacuum condensate induced by many phenomena behaves as a perfect fluid which, under particular conditions, has zero or negative pressure. In particular, the condensates of thermal states, of fields in curved space and of mixed particles ... More
Some Epistemological Problems with the Knowledge Level in Cognitive ArchitecturesNov 26 2015This article addresses an open problem in the area of cognitive systems and architectures: namely the problem of handling (in terms of processing and reasoning capabilities) complex knowledge structures that can be at least plausibly comparable, both ... More
A Local and Discrete Model Simulating Nonrelativistic Quantum Mechanical SystemsMay 26 2016This paper presents a simple model that mimics quantum mechanics (QM) results without using complex wavefunctions or non-localities. The proposed model only uses integer-valued quantities and arithmetic operations, in particular assuming a discrete spacetime ... More
On the Lie and Cartan Theory of Invariant Differential Systems, IINov 27 2015May 25 2016We discuss the basic properties of Lie groupoids and Lie pseudo-groups in view of applying these techniques to the analysis of Jordan-H\"older resolutions and the subsequent integration of partial differential equations. This is the summit of Lie and ... More
Basic univariate and bivariate statistics for symbolic data: a critical reviewDec 08 2013Some proofs of the problems of the basic statistics proposed for numeric symbolic data.
Complexity of intersections of real quadrics and topology of symmetric determinantal varietiesNov 07 2012Let X be the base locus of a linear system W of k quadrics. Let also S be the intersection of W with the discriminant hypersurface in the space of all homogeneous polynomials of degree two. We prove a formula relating the topology of X with the one of ... More
Random matrices and the average topology of the intersection of two quadricsMay 09 2012Jun 18 2013Let X_R be the zero locus in RP^n of one or two independently and Weyl distributed random real quadratic forms (this is the same as requiring that the corresponding symmetric matrices are in the Gaussian Orthogonal Ensemble). We prove that the sum of ... More
Theories of BaryogenesisJul 22 1998Jul 28 1998These lectures provide a pedagogical review of the present status of theories explaining the observed baryon asymmetry of the Universe. Particular emphasis is given on GUT baryogenesis and electroweak baryogenesis. The key issues, the unresolved problems ... More
Brownian Dynamics Simulation of Polydisperse Hard SpheresJul 02 2012Jul 05 2012Standard algorithms for the numerical integration of the Langevin equation require that interactions are slowly varying during to the integration timestep. This in not the case for hard-body systems, where there is no clearcut between the correlation ... More
Non-relativistic particles in a thermal bathJan 14 2014Heavy particles are a window to new physics and new phenomena. Since the late eighties they are treated by means of effective field theories that fully exploit the symmetries and power counting typical of non-relativistic systems. More recently these ... More
Quarkonium in a weakly-coupled quark-gluon plasmaSep 30 2010We report about a recent calculation of the heavy quarkonium mass and decay width in a quark-gluon plasma, whose temperature T and screening mass m_D satisfy the hierarchy m alpha_s >> pi T >> m alpha_s^2 >> m_D, m being the heavy-quark mass, up to order ... More
Quarkonia: a theoretical frameDec 22 2009We discuss a general theoretical framework for the study of bound states made of two heavy quarks. For states below threshold, the framework has been developed to the level of providing precision studies for several charmonium and bottomonium observables. ... More
The non-perturbative QCD potentialSep 12 2000The potential between heavy quarks can be rigorously defined in a QCD effective field theories framework. I discuss the general situation when the coupling constant may not be considered small and provide an explicit expression for the potential valid ... More
Vibrations of closed-shell Lennard-Jones icosahedral and cuboctahedral clusters and their effect on the cluster ground state energyApr 13 2004Vibrational spectra of closed shell Lennard-Jones icosahedral and cuboctahedral clusters are calculated for shell numbers between 2 and 9. Evolution of the vibrational density of states with the cluster shell number is examined and differences between ... More
Probing CPT violation in meson mixing by non-cyclic phaseDec 02 2011The presence of non-cyclic phases is revealed in the time evolution of mixed meson systems. Such phases are related to the parameter $z$ describing the $CPT$ violation; moreover, a non zero phase difference between particle and antiparticle arises only ... More
Multi-Source Cooperative Communication with Opportunistic Interference Cancelling RelaysSep 03 2015In this paper we present a multi-user cooperative protocol for wireless networks. Two sources transmit simultaneously their information blocks and relays employ opportunistically successive interference cancellation (SIC) in an effort to decode them. ... More
The degenerate affine walled Brauer algebraMay 10 2013We define a degenerate affine version of the walled Brauer algebra, that has the same role plaid by the degenerate affine Hecke algebra for the symmetric group algebra. We use it to prove a higher level mixed Schur-Weyl duality for gl_N. We consider then ... More
Lifshitz transitions in multi-band Hubbard models for topological superconductivity in complex quantum matterDec 16 2017Jan 03 2018How the macroscopic quantum coherence can resist to the decoherence attacks of high temperature is a major challenge for the science of the 21st century. Superstripes 2017 conference held in Ischia on June 2017 has been focused on the new physics of high ... More
Height estimates for mean curvature graphs in $\mathrm{Nil}_3$ and $\widetilde{PSL}_2(\mathbb{R})$Mar 18 2018May 15 2018In this paper we obtain height estimates for compact, constant mean curvature vertical graphs in the homogeneous spaces $\mathrm{Nil}_3$ and $\widetilde{PSL}_2(\mathbb{R})$. As a straightforward consequence, we announce a structure-type result for proper ... More
A gauge invariant flow equationJan 24 2003Given a Quantum Field Theory, with a particular content of fields and a symmetry associated with them, if one wants to study the evolution of the couplings via a Wilsonian renormalisation group, there is still a freedom on the construction of a flow equation, ... More
Embedded polar spaces revisitedMar 20 2014In this paper we introduce generalized pseudo-quadratic forms and develope some theory for them. Recall that the codomain of a $(\sigma,\varepsilon)$-quadratic form is the group $\overline{K} := K/K_{\sigma,\varepsilon}$, where $K$ is the underlying division ... More
Cantor versus CantorJan 17 2010Jan 25 2012This paper examines the possibilities of extending Cantor's two arguments on the uncountable nature of the set of real numbers to one of its proper denumerable subsets: the set of rational numbers. The paper proves that, unless certain restrictive conditions ... More
Beyond ChaosApr 18 2008The first part of this paper defines recursive interactions by means of logistic functions and derives a general result on the way interacting systems evolve in attractors. It also defines the notion of coevolution trajectory and presents a new family ... More
Recursion and w-orderApr 18 2008Apr 29 2008This paper has been withdrawn by the author due to an error.
Two-Loop Renormalization Group Equations and Gauge Couplings UnificationSep 22 2017We analize the impact of two-loop renormalization group equations on the $SU(3)_c\times SU(2)_w\times U(1)_Y$ gauge couplings unification in various supersymmetric theories. In general the presence of superfields in higher representation than the doublet ... More
Angular Momentum and Spin in a Local-Realistic Model of Quantum MechanicsDec 27 2018This paper presents an extension of the realistic, stochastic, and local model for Quantum Mechanics published in [1]. The proposed model reproduces nonrelativistic quantum mechanics (QM) results without using its mathematical formulation, but using only ... More
Shock dynamics of phase diagramsJul 29 2013Jan 28 2014A thermodynamic phase transition denotes a drastic change of state of a physical system due to a continuous change of thermodynamic variables, as for instance pressure and temperature. The classical van der Waals equation of state is the simplest model ... More
Flavour Dynamics and Violations of the CP SymmetryMay 17 2018An overview of flavour physics and CP-violating phenomena is presented. The Standard Model quark-mixing mechanism is discussed in detail and its many successful experimental tests are summarized. Flavour-changing transitions put very stringent constraints ... More
Correcting a minor error in Cantor's calculation of the power of the continuumSep 21 2006Cantor's algebraic calculation of the power of the continuum contains an easily repairable error related to Cantor own way of defining the addition of cardinal numbers. The appropriate correction is suggested.
Recursion and the Axiom of InfinitySep 07 2006Jan 27 2012This paper examines the completion of an w-ordered sequence of recursive definitions which on the one hand defines an increasing sequence of nested set and on the other redefines successively a numeric variable as the cardinal of the successively defined ... More
Renormings of the dual of James tree spacesMar 01 2009We discuss renorming properties of the dual of a James tree space JT. We present examples of weakly Lindelof determined JT such that JT* admits neither strictly convex nor Kadec renorming and of weakly compactly generated JT such that JT* does not admit ... More
Inclusion of Chemical Potential for Scalar FieldsMar 15 1997There are two possible methods for the inclusion of the chemical potential in a relativistic bosonic field theory. The most popular method has recently been criticised by some authors, so much so as to require a re-analysis of the entire problem. I here ... More
An explosion is triggered by the late collapse of the compact remnant from a neutron star mergerJan 17 2018Jul 18 2018It is known that a binary neutron star merger produces a hypermassive neutron star. The lifetime of this compact remnant depends on the total mass and the equation of state. The collapse of this compact remnant to a black- hole-torus system is expected ... More
Asymptotic efficiency of restart and checkpointingFeb 21 2018May 12 2018Many tasks are subject to failure before completion. Two of the most common failure recovery strategies are restart and checkpointing. Under restart, once a failure occurs, it is restarted from the beginning. Under checkpointing, the task is resumed from ... More
Scalar perturbations in Randall-Sundrum braneworld cosmologyOct 24 2007We study the evolution of scalar perturbations in the radiation-dominated era of Randall-Sundrum braneworld cosmology by numerically solving the coupled bulk and brane master wave equations. We find that density perturbations with wavelengths less than ... More
The choice: evaluating and selecting scientific proposalsApr 21 2015The selection process of proposals is a crucial component of scientific progress and innovations. Limited resources must be allocated in the most effective way to maximise advancements and the production of new knowledge, especially as it is becoming ... More
Results on identified particle production in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions measured with ALICE at the LHCFeb 04 2014Using the unique capabilities of the ALICE detectors for particle identification, different measurements have been performed to study the properties of the hot and dense matter created in the Pb-Pb collisions at sqrt(sNN)= 2.76 TeV. The analysis of the ... More
Compact spaces that do not map onto finite productsJan 26 2010We provide examples of nonseparable compact spaces with the property that any continuous image which is homeomorphic to a finite product of spaces has a maximal prescribed number of nonseparable factors.
Cech Closure Spaces: A Framework for Discrete HomotopyAug 31 2017Mar 21 2019Motivated by constructions in topological data analysis and algebraic combinatorics, we study homotopy theory on the category of closure spaces, the category whose objects are sets endowed with a Cech closure operator and whose morphisms are the continuous ... More
Consistent analysis of the $ν_μ\to ν_e$ sterile neutrinos searches of ICARUS and OPERAMar 13 2015May 06 2015The two long-baseline experiments ICARUS and OPERA have recently provided bounds on light ($\sim$ eV) sterile neutrinos exploiting the negative results of the $\nu_\mu \to \nu_e$ appearance searches. Both collaborations have performed the data analysis ... More
ECOLANG - Communications Language for Ecological Simulations NetworkSep 09 2008This document describes the communication language used in one multiagent system environment for ecological simulations, based on EcoDynamo simulator application linked with several intelligent agents and visualisation applications, and extends the initial ... More
Boolean metric spaces and Boolean algebraic varietiesMar 14 2009The concepts of Boolean metric space and convex combination are used to characterize polynomial maps in a class of commutative Von Neumann regular rings including Boolean rings and p-rings, that we have called CFG-rings. In those rings, the study of the ... More
Commutative rings with finite quotient fieldsMar 14 2009We consider the class of all commutative reduced rings for which there exists a finite subset T of A such that all projections on quotients by prime ideals of A are surjective when restricted to T. A complete structure theorem is given for this class ... More
Bounds on the Tamagawa numbers of a crystalline representation over towers of cyclotomic extensionsOct 21 2015In this paper, we study the Tamagawa numbers of a crystalline representation over a tower of cyclotomic extensions under certain technical conditions on the representation. In particular, we show that we may improve the asymptotic bounds given in the ... More
Multivariate Fast Iterative Filtering for the decomposition of nonstationary signalsFeb 13 2019Recently several algorithms based on Empirical Mode Decomposition (EMD) have been proposed to decompose two or higher dimensional nonstationary signals which are varying over time, like the Bivariate, Multivariate EMD and Noise-Assisted Multivariate EMD. ... More
Spin and Spin Entanglement in a Local-Realistic Model of Quantum MechanicsDec 27 2018Jul 05 2019This paper presents an extension of the realistic, stochastic, and local model for Quantum Mechanics published in [1]. The proposed model reproduces nonrelativistic quantum mechanics (QM) results without using its mathematical formulation, but using only ... More
Loop functions at finite temperature from perturbation theory to lattice QCDDec 10 2018We review our present knowledge of the Polyakov loop, the correlator of Polyakov loops and the singlet correlator in thermal QCD from the point of view of perturbation theory and lattice QCD.
$L^{1}$ metric geometry of potentials with prescribed singularities on compact Kähler manifoldsSep 09 2019Given $(X,\omega)$ compact K\"ahler manifold and $\psi\in\mathcal{M}^{+}\subset PSH(X,\omega)$ a model type envelope with non-zero mass, i.e. a fixed potential determing some singularities such that $\int_{X}(\omega+dd^{c}\psi)^{n}>0$, we prove that the ... More
Using Applied Behavior Analysis in Software to help Tutor Individuals with Autism Spectrum DisorderAug 08 2018There are currently many tutoring software systems which have been designed for neurotypical children. These systems cover academic topics such as reading and math, and are made available through various technological mediums. The majority of these systems ... More
Graphene properties from curved space Dirac equationAug 03 2018May 13 2019A mathematical formulation for particle states and electronic properties of a curved graphene sheet is provided, exploiting a massless Dirac spectrum description for charge carriers living in a curved bidimensional background. In particular, we study ... More
Prescribed mean curvature surfaces in the product spaces $\mathbb{M}^2(κ)\times\mathbb{R}$; Height estimates and classification results for properly embedded surfacesJul 26 2018Jul 27 2018The aim of this paper is to extend classic results of the theory of CMC surfaces in the product spaces to the class of immersed surfaces in $\mathbb{M}^2(\kappa)\times\mathbb{R}$ whose mean curvature is given as a $C^1$ function depending on their angle ... More
A quasilinear approach to fully nonlinear parabolic (S)PDEs on $\mathbb{R}^d$Feb 18 2018Apr 11 2018We study the Cauchy problem for fully nonlinear (stochastic) parabolic partial differential equations. We provide both in deterministic and stochastic case the existence of a maximal defined solution for the problem and we provide suitable blow-up criterion. ... More
On The Equivalence Problem for Geometric Structures, IDec 29 2014We discuss the local and global problems for the equivalence of geometric structures of an arbitrary order and, in later sections, attention is given to what really matters, namely the equivalence with respect to transformations belonging to a given pseudo-group ... More
Upsilon type concordance invariantsSep 05 2017To a region $C$ of the plane satisfying a suitable convexity condition we associate a knot concordance invariant $\Upsilon^C$. For appropriate choices of the domain this construction gives back some known knot Floer concordance invariants like Rasmussen's ... More
Observer-less Output Feedback Global Tracking Control of Lossless Lagrangian SystemsJul 17 2013We obviate the use of observers for the purpose of output feedback tracking control of Lagrangian systems and solve some long-standing yet well-documented open problems. As often implemented in control practice, we replace unavailable derivatives with ... More
Updated determination of $α_s(m_τ^2)$ from tau decaysJun 24 2016Using the most recent release of the ALEPH $\tau$ decay data, we present a very detailed phenomenological update of the $\alpha_s(m_\tau^2)$ determination. We have exploited the sensitivity to the strong coupling in many different ways, exploring several ... More
The dynamics of the Goldstone bosons on the braneJul 11 2000Oct 16 2000We study, within the recently proposed brane-world scenario, the effective action for the low-energy brane excitations. These modes are understood as Goldstone bosons associated to the spontaneous isometry breaking, induced on the bulk space by the presence ... More
Particle production from nonlocal gravitational effective actionMar 23 1998Sep 21 1999In this paper we show how the nonlocal effective action for gravity, obtained after integrating out the matter fields, can be used to compute particle production and spectra for different space-time metrics. Applying this technique to several examples, ... More
A necessary and sufficient condition for minimum phase and implications for phase retrievalJun 15 2016Oct 02 2016We give a necessary and sufficient condition for a function $E(t)$ being of minimum phase, and hence for its phase being univocally determined by its intensity $|E(t)|^2$. This condition is based on the knowledge of $E(t)$ alone and not of its analytic ... More
An Introduction to Quantum Mechanics ... for those who dwell in the macroscopic worldJan 20 2012Feb 18 2016There is a huge number of excellent and comprehensive textbooks on quantum mechanics. They mainly differ for the approach, more or less oriented to the formalism rather than to the phenomenology, as well as for the topics covered. These lectures have ... More
The total Betti number of the intersection of three real quadricsNov 16 2011We prove that the total Betti number of the intersection X of three quadrics in RP^n is bounded by n(n+1). This bound improves the classical Barvinok's one which is at least of order three in n.
The Nature of the Local GroupOct 27 2003The Local Group provides an interesting and representative sample of galaxies in the rest of the Universe. The high accuracy with which many problems can be addressed in Local Group galaxies is of paramount importance for understanding galaxy formation ... More
Thermal Background Corrections to the Neutrino Electromagnetic Vertex in Models with Charged Scalar BosonsNov 24 1993We calculate the correction to the neutrino electromagnetic vertex due to background of electrons in a large class of models, as the supersymmetric model with explicit breaking of R-parity, where charged scalar bosons couple to leptons and which are able ... More
D-branes, String Cosmology and Large Extra DimensionsApr 29 1999D-branes are fundamental in all scenarios where there are large extra dimensions and the string scale is much smaller than the four-dimensional Planck mass. We show that this current picture leads to a new approach to string cosmology where inflation ... More
Supersymmetric electroweak baryogenesis, nonequilibrium field theory and quantum Boltzmann equationsDec 01 1997Dec 03 1997The closed time-path (CTP) formalism is a powerful Green's function formulation to describe nonequilibrium phenomena in field theory and it leads to a complete nonequilibrium quantum kinetic theory. In this paper we make use of the CTP formalism to write ... More
Inflation and the Nature of Supersymmetry BreakingJul 11 1997The scale at which supersymmetry is broken and the mechanism by which supersymmetry breaking is fed down to the observable sector has rich implications on the way Nature may have chosen to accomplish inflation. We discuss a simple model for slow rollover ... More
The Singlet Majoron Model with Hidden Scale InvarianceJan 13 1993We investigate an extension of the Singlet Majoron Model in which the breaking of dilatation symmetry by the mass parameters of the scalar potential is removed by means of a dilaton field. Starting from the one-loop renormalization group improved potential, ... More
Quarkonium dissociation in a thermal bathJan 26 2015In an effective field theory framework we review the two main mechanisms of quarkonium dissociation in a weakly coupled thermal bath.
Heavy Hadron SpectroscopyNov 24 2006I review recent theoretical advances in heavy hadron spectroscopy.
Loop functions in thermal QCDOct 16 2014We discuss divergences of loop functions in thermal QCD and compute perturbatively the Polyakov loop, the Polyakov loop correlator and the cyclic Wilson loop. We show how these functions get mixed under renormalization.
A realistic interpretation of quantum mechanics. Asymmetric random walks in a discrete spacetimeSep 15 2007In this paper, I propose a realistic interpretation (RI) of quantum mechanics, that is, an interpretation according to which a particle follows a definite path in spacetime. The path is not deterministic but it is rather a random walk. However, the probability ... More
Continuum and all-atom description of the energetics of graphene nanoconesMay 04 2007Energies of graphene nanocones with 1 to 5 pentagonal disclinations are studied on an atomically detailed level. The numerical results are interpreted in terms of three different contributions to the cone energy: the core disclination energy, the bending ... More
Buckling transition in icosahedral shells subjected to volume conservation constraint and pressure: relations to virus maturationFeb 03 2006Jun 23 2006Minimal energy shapes of closed, elastic shells with twelve pentagonal disclinations introduced in otherwise hexagonally coordinated crystalline lattice are studied. The geometry and the total energy of shells are studied as a function of the elastic ... More
Coating the carbon nanotubes: Geometry of incommensurate long-range ordered physisorbed monolayersAug 26 2003The structures of long-range ordered physisorbed monolayer on a carbon nanotube are examined. Geometrical and energetical constraints determining the order of such monolayers are discussed. A number of symmetrically different, strongly bound adsorbate ... More
Quantum virial expansion approach to thermodynamics of $^4$He adsorbates in carbon nanotube materials: Interacting Bose gas in one dimensionMay 07 2003I demonstrate that $^4$He adsorbates in carbon nanotube materials can be treated as one-dimensional interacting gas of spinless bosons for temperatures below 8 K and for coverages such that all the adsorbates are in the groove positions of the carbon ... More
Power-Law and Logarithmic Entropy-Corrected Ricci Viscous Dark Energy and Dynamics of Scalar FieldsMar 12 2013In this work, I consider the logarithmic-corrected and the power-law corrected versions of the holographic dark energy (HDE) model in the non-flat FRW universe filled with a viscous Dark Energy (DE) interacting with Dark Matter (DM). We propose to replace ... More
The Alexander polynomial as quantum invariant of linksAug 09 2013Jan 29 2014In these notes we collect some results about finite dimensional representations of $U_q(\mathfrak{gl}(1|1))$ and related invariants of framed tangles which are well-known to experts but difficult to find in the literature. In particular, we give an explicit ... More
A low-energy determination of $α_s$ at three loopsDec 23 2015We review one of the most accurate low-energy determinations of $\alpha_s$. Comparing at short distances the QCD static energy at three loops and resummation of the next-to-next-to leading logarithms with its determination in 2+1-flavor lattice QCD, we ... More
The maximum relative diameter for multi-rotationally symmetric planar convex bodiesNov 25 2015In this work we study the maximum relative diameter functional $d_M$ in the class of multi-rotationally symmetric planar convex bodies. A given set $C$ of this class is $k$-rotationally symmetric for $k\in\{k_1,\ldots,k_n\}\subset\nn$, and so it is natural ... More
Status after the first LHC run: Looking for new directions in the physics landscapeJul 05 2015The LHC data have confirmed the Standard Model as the correct theory at the electroweak scale. It successfully explains the experimental results with high precision and all its ingredients, including the Higgs boson, have been finally verified. At the ... More
Linearly-ordered Radon-Nidkodým compact spacesMar 01 2009We prove that every fragmentable linearly ordered compact space is almost totally disconnected. This combined with a result of Arvanitakis yields that every linearly ordered quasi Radon-Nikodym compact space is Radon-Nikodym, providing a new partial answer ... More
Sex-biased expression of microRNAs in Drosophila melanogasterDec 11 2013Feb 11 2014Most animals have separate sexes. The differential expression of gene products, in particular that of gene regulators, is underlying sexual dimorphism. Analyses of sex-biased expression have focused mostly in protein coding genes. Several lines of evidence ... More