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`Project & Excite' Modules for Segmentation of Volumetric Medical ScansJun 11 2019Jun 12 2019Fully Convolutional Neural Networks (F-CNNs) achieve state-of-the-art performance for image segmentation in medical imaging. Recently, squeeze and excitation (SE) modules and variations thereof have been introduced to recalibrate feature maps channel- ... More
Estimation of Minkowski tensors from digital grey-scale imagesJan 30 2014It has been shown that local algorithms based on grey-scale images sometimes lead to asymptotically unbiased estimators for surface area and integrated mean curvature. This paper extends the results to estimators for Minkowski tensors. In particular, ... More
Local digital algorithms applied to Boolean modelsNov 03 2015We investigate the estimation of specific intrinsic volumes of stationary Boolean models by local digital algorithms; that is, by weighted sums of $n \times\ldots \times n$ configuration counts. We show that asymptotically unbiased estimators for the ... More
Activity time series of old stars from late F to early K IV. Diagnosis from photometrySep 14 2019High-precision time series have recently become available for many stars as a result of data from CoRoT, Kepler, and TESS and have been widely used to study stellar activity. They provide information integrated over the stellar disk, hence many degeneracies ... More
Random sampling of long-memory stationary processeOct 09 2008This paper investigates the second order properties of a stationary process after random sampling. While a short memory process gives always rise to a short memory one, we prove that long-memory can disappear when the sampling law has heavy enough tails. ... More
A generalization of the stable EHP spectral sequenceAug 20 2012For any vector bundle, we define an inverse system of spectra. In the case of a trivial bundle over a point, the homotopy groups of the filtration quotients give rise to the stable EHP spectral sequence, as was shown by Mahowald. The limit was determined ... More
Activity time series of old stars from late F to early K. II. Radial velocity jitter and exoplanet detectabilitySep 06 2019The effect of stellar activity on RV appears to be a limiting factor in detecting Earth-mass planets in the habitable zone of a star similar to the Sun in spectral type and activity level. It is crucial to estimate if this conclusion remain true for other ... More
An energy-consistent depth-averaged Euler system: derivation and propertiesJun 25 2014Aug 23 2016In this paper, we present an original derivation process of a non-hydrostatic shallow water-type model which aims at approximating the incompressible Euler and Navier-Stokes systems with free surface. The closure relations are obtained by aminimal energy ... More
Localisation de faisceaux caractèresOct 28 2008Nous obtenons une formule pour les valeurs de la fonction caract\'eristique d'un faisceau caract\`ere en fonction de la th\'eorie des repr\'esentations de certains groupes finis, li\'es au groupe de Weyl. Cette formule, qui g\'en\'eralise des r\'esultats ... More
Combining Structured Corporate Data and Document Content to Improve Expertise FindingSep 02 2005In this paper, we present an algorithm for automatically building expertise evidence for finding experts within an organization by combining structured corporate information with different content. We also describe our test data collection and our evaluation ... More
Rotational Crofton formulae for Minkowski tensors and some affine counterpartsOct 13 2016Motivated by applications in local stereology, a new rotational Crofton formula is derived for Minkowski tensors. For sets of positive reach, the formula shows how rotational averages of intrinsically defined Minkowski tensors on sections passing through ... More
Generalizations of the Springer correspondence and cuspidal Langlands parametersNov 17 2015Jul 22 2017Let H be any reductive p-adic group. We introduce a notion of cuspidality for enhanced Langlands parameters for H, which conjecturally puts supercuspidal H-representations in bijection with such L-parameters. We also define a cuspidal support map and ... More
Affine Hecke algebras for Langlands parametersJan 13 2017Jul 26 2019It is well-known that affine Hecke algebras are very useful to describe the smooth representations of any connected reductive p-adic group G, in terms of the supercuspidal representations of its Levi subgroups. The goal of this paper is to create a similar ... More
Graded Hecke algebras for disconnected reductive groupsJul 10 2016Jun 29 2018We introduce graded Hecke algebras H based on a (possibly disconnected) complex reductive group G and a cuspidal local system L on a unipotent orbit of a Levi subgroup M of G. These generalize the graded Hecke algebras defined and investigated by Lusztig ... More
Stiffness of finite free resolutions and the Canonical Element ConjectureJan 23 2003Over a noetherian local ring certain minimal finite free resolutions possess a property which we call stiffness. This calls to mind the Buchsbaum-Eisenbud criterion for exactness. Yet we only prove stiffness over equicharacteristic rings. However, Hochster's ... More
Springer correspondences for dihedral groupsSep 04 2007Recent work by a number of people has shown that complex reflection groups give rise to many representation-theoretic structures (e.g., generic degrees and families of characters), as though they were Weyl groups of algebraic groups. Conjecturally, these ... More
Voronoi-based estimation of Minkowski tensors from finite point samplesNov 07 2015Jan 22 2017Intrinsic volumes and Minkowski tensors have been used to describe the geometry of real world objects. This paper presents an estimator that allows to approximate these quantities from digital images. It is based on a generalized Steiner formula for Minkowski ... More
`Project & Excite' Modules for Segmentation of Volumetric Medical ScansJun 11 2019Fully Convolutional Neural Networks (F-CNNs) achieve state-of-the-art performance for image segmentation in medical imaging. Recently, squeeze and excitation (SE) modules and variations thereof have been introduced to recalibrate feature maps channel- ... More
Comparison of different exoplanet mass detection limit methods using a sample of main-sequence intermediate-type starsJul 18 2012The radial velocity (RV) technique is a powerful tool for detecting extrasolar planets and deriving mass detection limits that are useful for constraining planet pulsations and formation models. Detection limit methods must take into account the temporal ... More
Geometric structure and the local Langlands conjectureNov 01 2012May 20 2013We prove that a strengthened form of the local Langlands conjecture is valid throughout the principal series of any connected split reductive $p$-adic group. The method of proof is to establish the presence of a very simple geometric structure, in both ... More
Lightweight Call-Graph Construction for Multilingual Software AnalysisAug 03 2018Analysis of multilingual codebases is a topic of increasing importance. In prior work, we have proposed the MLSA (MultiLingual Software Analysis) architecture, an approach to the lightweight analysis of multilingual codebases, and have shown how it can ... More
Holes and cracks in rigid foam filmsMar 20 2015May 20 2015The classical problem of foam film rupture dynamics has been investigated when surfaces exhibit very high rigidity due to the presence of specific surfactants. Two new features are reported. First a strong deviation to the well-known Taylor-Culick law ... More
On the absence of the usual weak-field limit, and the impossibility of embedding some known solutions for isolated masses in cosmologies with f(R) dark energyOct 02 2012Apr 23 2013The problem of matching different regions of spacetime in order to construct inhomogeneous cosmological models is investigated in the context of Lagrangian theories of gravity constructed from general analytic functions f(R), and from non-analytic theories ... More
Cobordism obstructions to independent vector fieldsAug 17 2012We define an invariant for the existence of r pointwise linearly independent sections in the tangent bundle of a closed manifold. For low values of r, explicit computations of the homotopy groups of certain Thom spectra combined with classical obstruction ... More
On functions of bounded variationOct 15 2015Jun 10 2016The recently introduced concept of $\mathcal{D}$-variation unifies previous concepts of variation of multivariate functions. In this paper, we give an affirmative answer to the open question from Pausinger \& Svane (J. Complexity, 2014) whether every ... More
On Cuspidal Representations of General Linear Groups over Discrete Valuation RingsJun 01 2007Jul 14 2008We define a new notion of cuspidality for representations of $\GL_n$ over a finite quotient $\Oh_k$ of the ring of integers $\Oh$ of a non-Archimedean local field $F$ using geometric and infinitesimal induction functors, which involve automorphism groups ... More
A Flexible Structured-based Representation for XML Document MiningJul 05 2006This paper reports on the INRIA group's approach to XML mining while participating in the INEX XML Mining track 2005. We use a flexible representation of XML documents that allows taking into account the structure only or both the structure and content. ... More
The local Langlands correspondence for inner forms of $SL_n$May 12 2013Mar 07 2014Let F be a non-archimedean local field. We establish the local Langlands correspondence for all inner forms of the group $SL_n (F)$. It takes the form of a bijection between, on the one hand, conjugacy classes of Langlands parameters for $SL_n (F)$ enhanced ... More
How can we improve problem-solving in undergraduate biology? Applying lessons from 30 years of physics education researchSep 04 2012Feb 25 2013If students are to successfully grapple with authentic, complex biological problems as scientists and citizens, they need practice solving such problems during their undergraduate years. Physics education researchers have investigated student problem ... More
Conjectures about p-adic groups and their noncommutative geometryAug 12 2015Jun 29 2018Let G be any reductive p-adic group. We discuss several conjectures, some of them new, that involve the representation theory and the geometry of G. At the heart of these conjectures are statements about the geometric structure of Bernstein components ... More
Data Assimilation for hyperbolic conservation laws. A Luenberger observer approach based on a kinetic descriptionSep 22 2013Nov 11 2014Developing robust data assimilation methods for hyperbolic conservation laws is a challenging subject. Those PDEs indeed show no dissipation effects and the input of additional information in the model equations may introduce errors that propagate and ... More
Photoluminescence of freestanding single- and few-layer MoS2Nov 22 2013Mar 03 2014We present a photoluminescence study of freestanding and Si/SiO2 supported single- and few-layer MoS2. The single-layer exciton peak (A) is only observed in freestanding MoS2. The photoluminescence of supported single-layer MoS2 is instead originating ... More
Limiting the Spread of Fake News on Social Media Platforms by Evaluating Users' TrustworthinessAug 29 2018Today's social media platforms enable to spread both authentic and fake news very quickly. Some approaches have been proposed to automatically detect such "fake" news based on their content, but it is difficult to agree on universal criteria of authenticity ... More
Uncertainty behaviour during illegal road crossingNov 13 2018Feb 21 2019Road accidents involving pedestrians are still too numerous in cities, particularly at crosswalks. Many pedestrians crossed at the red light at zebras increasing the risk of accidents, for them and for people following mimetically them. Several studies ... More
Night sleep duration trajectories and associated factors among preschool children from the EDEN cohortApr 10 2019Objective. Sleep duration may vary inter-individually and intra-individually over time. We aimed at both identifying night-sleep duration (NSD) trajectories among preschoolers and studying associated factors. Methods. NSD were collected within the French ... More
Inhomogeneous Gain Saturation in EDF: Experiment and ModelingApr 28 2011Erbium-Doped Fiber Amplifiers can present holes in spectral gain in Wavelength Division Multiplexing operation. The origin of this inhomogeneous saturation behavior is still a subject of controversy. In this paper we present both an experimental methods ... More
Testing goodness of fit for point processes via topological data analysisJun 18 2019We introduce tests for the goodness of fit of point patterns via methods from topological data analysis. More precisely, the persistent Betti numbers give rise to a bivariate functional summary statistic for observed point patterns that is asymptotically ... More
Association of night-waking and inattention/hyperactivity symptoms trajectories in preschool-aged childrenApr 10 2019Objective: To study the longitudinal associations between inattention/hyperactivity symptoms and night-waking in preschool-years, in light of their joint evolution.Study design: Within the French birth-cohort study EDEN, repeated measures of 1342 children's ... More
Heuristic algorithms for the Maximum Colorful Subtree problemJan 23 2018Feb 13 2018In metabolomics, small molecules are structurally elucidated using tandem mass spectrometry (MS/MS); this resulted in the computational Maximum Colorful Subtree problem, which is NP-hard. Unfortunately, data from a single metabolite requires us to solve ... More
Distributed Slicing in Dynamic SystemsDec 06 2006Peer to peer (P2P) systems are moving from application specific architectures to a generic service oriented design philosophy. This raises interesting problems in connection with providing useful P2P middleware services that are capable of dealing with ... More
Un-interrupted Sun-as-a-star Helioseismic Observations over Multiple Solar CyclesMay 14 2018We analyze Sun-as-a-star observations spanning over solar cycles 22 -- 24 from the ground-based network BiSON and solar cycles 23 -- 24 collected by the space-based VIRGO and GOLF instruments on board the {\it SoHO} satellite. Using simultaneous observations ... More
Distributed Slicing in Dynamic SystemsDec 26 2007Peer to peer (P2P) systems are moving from application specific architectures to a generic service oriented design philosophy. This raises interesting problems in connection with providing useful P2P middleware services capable of dealing with resource ... More
Neuropeptide Y is up-regulated and induces antinociception in cancer-induced bone painSep 04 2018Pain remains a major concern in patients suffering from metastatic cancer to the bone and more knowledge of the condition, as well as novel treatment avenues, are called for. Neuropeptide Y (NPY) is a highly conserved peptide that appears to play a central ... More
SDSS-IV MaNGA: Signatures of halo assembly in kinematically misaligned galaxiesNov 15 2018We investigate the relationship of kinematically misaligned galaxies with their large-scale environment, in the context of halo assembly bias. According to numerical simulations, halo age at fixed halo mass is intrinsically linked to the large-scale tidal ... More
Cord-blood vitamin D level and night sleep duration in preschoolers in the EDEN mother-child birth cohortApr 10 2019Objective: 25-hydroxyvitamin D (25OHD) deficiency has been associated with sleep disorders in adults. Only three cross-sectional studies were performed in children and showed an association between 25OHD deficiency and both obstructive sleep apnea syndrome ... More
Automatic detection of surgical site infections from a clinical data warehouseSep 16 2019Reducing the incidence of surgical site infections (SSIs) is one of the objectives of the French nosocomial infection control program. Manual monitoring of SSIs is carried out each year by the hospital hygiene team and surgeons at the University Hospital ... More
New constraints on the dust surrounding HR 4796AJul 09 2014Feb 24 2015HR 4796A is surrounded by a well-structured and very bright circumstellar disc shaped like an annulus with many interesting features: very sharp inner and outer edges, brightness asymmetries, centre offset, and suspected distortions in the ring. We aim ... More
Machine learning based white matter models with permeability: An experimental study in cuprizone treated in-vivo mouse model of axonal demyelinationJul 04 2019The intra-axonal water exchange time {\tau}i, a parameter associated with axonal permeability, could be an important biomarker for understanding demyelinating pathologies such as Multiple Sclerosis. Diffusion-Weighted MRI is sensitive to changes in permeability, ... More
Combining direct imaging and radial velocity data towards a full exploration of the giant planet populationApr 24 2017Thanks to the detections of more than 3000 exoplanets these last 20 years, statistical studies have already highlighted some properties in the distribution of the planet parameters. Nevertheless, few studies have yet investigated the planet populations ... More
An inversion in the wiring of an intercellular signal: evolution of Wnt signaling in the nematode vulvaAug 02 2005Signal transduction pathways are largely conserved throughout the animal kingdom. The repertoire of pathways is limited and each pathway is used in different intercellular signaling events during the development of a given animal. For example, Wnt signaling ... More
Estimation of intrinsic volumes from digital grey-scale imagesSep 16 2013Local algorithms are common tools for estimating intrinsic volumes from black-and-white digital images. However, these algorithms are typically biased in the design based setting, even when the resolution tends to infinity. Moreover, images recorded in ... More
Topological Self-Stabilization with Name-Passing Process CalculiApr 14 2016Topological self-stabilization describes the ability of a distributed system to let the nodes themselves establish a meaningful overlay network. Independent from the initial network topology, the system converges to the desired topology via forwarding, ... More
Atomic Parity Violation. Early days, present results, prospectsNov 09 2011This is a personal recollection of the time when the search for APV was beginning. In spite of today's remarkable results, summarized here, there are still important goals to be achieved. I indicate a possible way to tackle the remaining experimental ... More
Bicône nilpotent d'une algèbre de Lie réductiveMar 04 2006Oct 30 2006I prefer taking off this paper for the moment because of a mistake in the lemma 2.1 of the secund version. Precisely, in the proof of this lemma, it is not clear that the morphism $r\_j$ is flat, that I claim it.
Existence, covolumes and infinite generation of lattices for Davis complexesJul 21 2008Mar 21 2011Let $\Sigma$ be the Davis complex for a Coxeter system (W,S). The automorphism group G of $\Sigma$ is naturally a locally compact group, and a simple combinatorial condition due to Haglund--Paulin determines when G is nondiscrete. The Coxeter group W ... More
Crystal structure on rigged configurationsAug 05 2005Rigged configurations are combinatorial objects originating from the Bethe Ansatz, that label highest weight crystal elements. In this paper a new unrestricted set of rigged configurations is introduced for types ADE by constructing a crystal structure ... More
How to Verify a Quantum ComputationSep 30 2015Jun 22 2018We give a new theoretical solution to a leading-edge experimental challenge, namely to the verification of quantum computations in the regime of high computational complexity. Our results are given in the language of quantum interactive proof systems. ... More
A linear Stark shift in dressed atoms as a signal to measure a nuclear anapole moment with a cold atom fountain or interferometerNov 03 2006We demonstrate theoretically the existence of a linear dc Stark shift of the individual substates of an alkali atom in its ground state, dressed by a circularly polarized laser field. It arises from the electroweak nuclear anapole moment violating P but ... More
On lattices of maximal index twoJun 04 2008The maximal index of a Euclidean lattice L of dimension n is the maximal index of the sub-lattices of L spanned by n independent minimal vectors of L. In this paper, we prove that a perfect lattice of maximal index two not provided by a cross-section ... More
On multigrid convergence of local algorithms for intrinsic volumesOct 07 2013Local digital algorithms based on $n\times \dots \times n$ configuration counts are commonly used within science for estimating intrinsic volumes from binary images. This paper investigates multigrid convergence of such algorithms. It is shown that local ... More
Studying Jets with Identified Particles in PHENIXSep 22 2006A surprising excess of protons at intermediate $p_T$, 2-5GeV/c, has been observed in Au+Au collisions at RHIC, for which the source is not known. In p+p collisions, particles at this $p_T$ arise from jet fragmentation, however the observed baryon yield ... More
Linear Stark Shifts to Measure the Fr Weak Nuclear Charge with Small Atom SamplesNov 02 2007Nov 05 2007We study the chirality of ground-state alkali atoms in E and B fields, dressed with a circularly-polarized laser beam close-detuned from an E-field-assisted forbidden transition, such as 7S-8S in Fr. We predict a parity violating energy shift of their ... More
Local digital estimators of intrinsic volumes for Boolean models and in the design based settingOct 07 2013In order to estimate the specific intrinsic volumes of a planar Boolean model from a binary image, we consider local digital algorithms based on weighted sums of $2\times 2$ configuration counts. For Boolean models with balls as grains, explicit formulas ... More
Asymptotic variance of grey-scale surface area estimatorsJan 04 2014Feb 10 2014Grey-scale local algorithms have been suggested as a fast way of estimating surface area from grey-scale digital images. Their asymptotic mean has already been described. In this paper, the asymptotic behaviour of the variance is studied in isotropic ... More
Local digital algorithms for estimating the integrated mean curvature of r-regular setsSep 16 2013Oct 07 2013Consider the design based situation where an $r$-regular set is sampled on a random lattice. A fast algorithm for estimating the integrated mean curvature based on this observation is to use a weighted sum of $2\times \dotsm \times 2$ configuration counts. ... More
A bijection between type D_n^{(1)} crystals and rigged configurationsJun 12 2004Dec 19 2004Hatayama et al. conjectured fermionic formulas associated with tensor products of U'_q(g)-crystals B^{r,s}. The crystals B^{r,s} correspond to the Kirillov--Reshetikhin modules which are certain finite dimensional U'_q(g)-modules. In this paper we present ... More
Rigged configurations and the Bethe AnsatzOct 08 2002These notes arose from three lectures presented at the Summer School on Theoretical Physics "Symmetry and Structural Properties of Condensed Matter" held in Myczkowce, Poland, on September 11-18, 2002. We review rigged configurations and the Bethe Ansatz. ... More
Théorème d'Eilenberg-Zilber en homologie cyclique entièreNov 25 2016For simplicial modules, Eilenberg-Zilber's classical theorem states the existence of a product $sh : M\otimes N\to M\times N$ (the shuffle) and a coproduct $AW : M\times N\to M\otimes N$ (the Alexander-Whitney map), which are quasi-inverse of eachother. ... More
Indice et decomposition de Cartan d'une algebre de Lie semi-simple reelleJun 10 2005Jan 29 2007The Iwasawa decomposition $\mathfrak{g}=\mathfrak{k}_0 \oplus \hat{\mathfrak{a}}_0 \oplus \mathfrak{n}_0$ of the real semisimple Lie algebra $\mathfrak{g}_0$ comes from its Cartan decomposition $\mathfrak{g}_0=\mathfrak{k}_0 \oplus \mathfrak{p}_0$. Then ... More
Nonparametric Estimation of the Trend in Reflected Fractional SDEJul 22 2019This paper deals with the consistency, a rate of convergence and the asymptotic distribution of a nonparametric estimator of the trend in the Skorokhod reflection problem defined by a fractional SDE and a Moreau sweeping process.
Holonomic quantum logic gatesFeb 19 2002This is a brief overview of quantum holonomies in the context of quantum computation. We choose an adequate set of quantum logic gates, namely, a phase gate, the Hadamard gate, and a conditional-phase gate and show how they can be implemented by purely ... More
Around Shannon's Interpretation for Entropy-preserving Stochastic AveragesSep 12 2014We give various characterizations for a positive unital Tr-preserving map on a matrix algebra to preserve the von Neumann entropy of a state. Among others, it is given by that the map behaves as a *-automorphism. This is also equivalent to that the entropy ... More
Bott type periodicity for the higher octonionsMay 26 2014We study the series of complex nonassociative algebras On and real nonassociative algebras $O_{p,q}$ introduced in [10]. These algebras generalize the classical algebras of octonions and Clifford algebras. The algebras $O_{n}$ and $O_{p,q}$ with $p + ... More
Weak backward error analysis for Langevin processOct 09 2013We consider numerical approximations of stochastic Langevin equations by implicit methods. We show a weak backward error analysis result in the sense that the generator associated with the numerical solution coincides with the solution of a modified Kolmogorov ... More
Conjugate Pairs of Subfactors and Entropy for AutomorphismsFeb 03 2010Based on the fact that, for a subfactor $N$ of a II$_1$ factor $M,$ the first non-trivial Jones index is 2 and then $M$ is decomposed as the crossed product of $N$ by an outer action of ${\mathbb{Z}}_2,$ we study pairs $ \{N, uNu^* \}$ from a view point ... More
Missing Value Estimation Algorithms on Cluster and Representativeness Preservation of Gene Expression Microarray DataSep 16 2018Missing values are largely inevitable in gene expression microarray studies. Data sets often have significant omissions due to individuals dropping out of experiments, errors in data collection, image corruptions, and so on. Missing data could potentially ... More
Regularity in the Obstacle Problem for Parabolic Non-divergence Operators of Hörmander typeOct 16 2012In this paper we continue the study initiated in [FGN] concerning the obstacle problem for a class of parabolic non-divergence operators structured on a set of vector fields X = {X_1,...,X_q} in R^n with C^1-coefficients satisfying H\"ormander's finite ... More
Observing Strategy for the SDSS-IV/MaNGA IFU Galaxy SurveyMay 16 2015MaNGA (Mapping Nearby Galaxies at Apache Point Observatory) is an integral-field spectroscopic survey of 10,000 nearby galaxies that is one of three core programs in the fourth-generation Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS-IV). MaNGA's 17 pluggable optical ... More
Reeb periodic orbits after a bypass attachmentDec 26 2012On a 3-dimensional contact manifold with boundary, a bypass attachment is an elementary change of the contact structure consisting in the attachment of a thickened half-disc with a prescribed contact structure along an arc on the boundary. We give a model ... More
Popescu-Rohrlich correlations imply efficient instantaneous nonlocal quantum computationDec 15 2015Apr 26 2016In instantaneous nonlocal quantum computation, two parties cooperate in order to perform a quantum computation on their joint inputs, while being restricted to a single round of simultaneous communication. Previous results showed that instantaneous nonlocal ... More
Non simplicité du groupe de Cremona sur tout corpsMar 12 2015Sep 14 2016Using a theorem of Dahmani, Guirardel and Osin we prove that the Cremona group in 2 dimension is not simple, over any field. More precisely, we show that some elements of this group satisfy a weakened WPD property which is equivalent in our particular ... More
Semi-parametric modeling of excesses above high multivariate thresholds with censored dataDec 02 2014How to include censored data in a statistical analysis is a recur-rent issue in statistics. In multivariate extremes, the dependence structure of large observations can be characterized in terms of a non parametric angular measure, while marginal excesses ... More
A remark on Mishchenko-Fomenko algebras and regular sequencesMar 02 2017Sep 12 2017In this note, we show that the free generators of the Mishchenko-Fomenko subalgebra of a complex reductive Lie algebra, constructed by the argument shift method at a regular element, form a regular sequence. This result was proven by Serge Ovsienko in ... More
Delegating Private Quantum ComputationsJun 03 2015We give a protocol for the delegation of quantum computation on encrypted data. More specifically, we show that in a client-server scenario, where the client holds the encryption key for an encrypted quantum register held by the server, it is possible ... More
Algorithms for embedded monoids and base point free problemsApr 09 2017Jan 14 2018We present algorithms for basic computations with monoids in finitely generated abelian groups such as monoid membership testing and computing an element of the conductor ideal. Applying them to Mori dream spaces, we obtain algorithms to test whether ... More
Algebre de Clifford d'un antiautomorphismeAug 25 2006We give a definition of the Clifford algebra of an antiautomorphism of a central simple algebra, and compute it for the algebras of degree 2.
Poisson (co)homology and isolated singularitiesNov 08 2005Nov 10 2005To each polynomial $\v\in\F[x,y,z]$ is associated a Poisson structure on $\F^3$, a surface and a Poisson structure on this surface. When $\v$ is weight homogeneous with an isolated singularity, we determine the Poisson cohomology and homology of the two ... More
Applications of Rewriting Systems and Groebner Bases to Computing Kan Extensions and Identities Among RelationsDec 17 1998Mar 22 2000This thesis concentrates on the development and application of rewriting and Groebner basis methods to a range of combinatorial problems. Chapter Two contains the most important result, which is the application of Knuth-Bendix procedures to Kan extensions, ... More
Plancherel measure for GL(n,F) and GL(m,D): explicit formulas and Bernstein decompositionFeb 14 2003Oct 04 2004Let F be a nonarchimedean local field, let D be a division algebra over F, let GL(n) = GL(n,F). Let \nu denote Plancherel measure for GL(n). Each component \Omega in the Bernstein variety \Omega(GL(n)) has several numerical invariants attached to it. ... More
Codes for optically thick and hot photoionized media - Radiative transfer and new developmentsMar 20 2001We describe a code designed for hot media {(T $\ge$} a few 10$^4$ K), optically thick to Compton scattering. It computes the structure of a plane-parallel slab of gas in thermal and ionization equilibrium, illuminated on one side or on both sides by a ... More
SDSS IV MaNGA: Characterizing Non-Axisymmetric Motions in Galaxy Velocity Fields Using the Radon TransformJul 30 2018Aug 06 2018We show how the Radon transform (defined as a series of line integrals through an image at different orientations and offsets from the origin) can be used as a simple, non-parametric tool to characterize galaxy velocity fields, specifically their global ... More
Relations among quantum processes: bisimilarity and congruenceMar 30 2006Full formal descriptions of algorithms making use of quantum principles must take into account both quantum and classical computing components, as well as communications between these components. Moreover, to model concurrent and distributed quantum computations ... More
Identified Particle Jet Correlations from PHENIXJan 22 2007Two-particle azimuthal correlations have been shown to be a powerful probe for extracting novel features of the interaction between hard scattered partons and the medium produced in Au+Au collisions at RHIC. At intermediate $p_T$, 2-5GeV/c, jets have ... More
Jet Correlations of Identified Particles in PHENIXMar 16 2004Azimuthal two particle correlations at intermediate $p_{T}$ with one of the particles identified have been measured at PHENIX. Trigger ($2.5 < p_{T} < 4.0 GeV/c$) baryons and mesons show little significant difference in the number of associated particles ... More
Espaces de représentations complètement réductiblesJun 19 2009Jun 11 2010We study some geometric properties of actions on nonpositively curved spaces related to complete reducibility and semisimplicity, focusing on representations of a finitely generated group in the group G of rational points of a reductive group over a local ... More
The static quark potential from a multilevel algorithm for the improved gauge actionSep 11 2012Jan 03 2013We generalize the multilevel algorithm of Luescher and Weisz to study SU(N) Yang-Mills theories with the tree-level improved gauge action. We test this algorithm, comparing its results with those obtained using the Wilson action, in SU(3) and SU(4) Yang-Mills ... More
X=M Theorem: Fermionic formulas and rigged configurations under reviewDec 07 2005We give a review of the current status of the X=M conjecture. Here X stands for the one-dimensional configuration sum and M for the corresponding fermionic formula. There are three main versions of this conjecture: the unrestricted, the classically restricted ... More
A Compositional Treatment of Polysemous Arguments in Categorial GrammarAug 02 1995Sep 10 1995We discuss an extension of the standard logical rules (functional application and abstraction) in Categorial Grammar (CG), in order to deal with some specific cases of polysemy. We borrow from Generative Lexicon theory which proposes the mechanism of ... More
High local genetic diversity and low outcrossing rate in Caenorhabditis elegans natural populationsAug 01 2005Background: Caenorhabditis elegans is a major model system in biology, yet very little is known about its biology outside the laboratory. Especially, its unusual mode of reproduction with self-fertile hermaphrodites and facultative males raises the question ... More
Continuity of the Mackey-Higson bijectionJan 01 2019When $G$ is a real reductive group and $G_0$ is its Cartan motion group, the Mackey-Higson bijection is a natural one-to-one correspondence between all irreducible tempered representations of $G$ and all irreducible unitary representations of $G_0$. In ... More