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Higher Order Calderon-Zygmund Estimates for the p-Laplace EquationApr 06 2019The paper is concerned with higher order Calderon-Zygmund estimates for the $p$-Laplace equation $$ -\textrm{div}(A(\nabla u)) := -\textrm{div}{(|\nabla u|^{p-2}\nabla u)}=-\textrm{div} F, \qquad 1<p<\infty. $$ We are able to transfer local interior Besov ... More
New Examples on Lavrentiev Gap Using FractalsJun 11 2019Zhikov showed 1986 with his famous checkerboard example that functionals with variable exponents can have a Lavrentiev gap. For this example it was crucial that the exponent had a saddle point whose value was exactly the dimension. In 1997 he extended ... More
New Examples on Lavrentiev Gap Using FractalsJun 11 2019Jun 13 2019Zhikov showed 1986 with his famous checkerboard example that functionals with variable exponents can have a Lavrentiev gap. For this example it was crucial that the exponent had a saddle point whose value was exactly the dimension. In 1997 he extended ... More
Regular and chaotic dynamics of a matter-wave soliton near the atomic mirrorNov 22 2014The dynamics of the soliton in a self-attractive Bose-Einstein condensate under the gravity are investigated. First, we apply the inverse scattering method, which gives rise to equation of motion for the center-of-mass coordinate of the soliton. We analyze ... More
Graphene Based Terahertz Phase ModulatorsApr 23 2018Electrical control of amplitude and phase of terahertz radiation (THz) is the key technological challenge for high resolution and noninvasive THz imaging. The lack of an active materials and devices hinders the realization of these imaging systems. Here, ... More
Symmetric factorization of the conformation tensor in viscoelastic fluid modelsJun 17 2010The positive definite symmetric polymer conformation tensor possesses a unique symmetric square root that satisfies a closed evolution equation in the Oldroyd-B and FENE-P models of viscoelastic fluid flow. When expressed in terms of the velocity field ... More
On the extension of the sensitive area of an extensive air shower surface arrayJan 06 2016A large distance between true and reconstructed core locations of an extensive air shower (EAS) may results in great systematic mis-estimation of EAS parameters. The reconstruction of those EASs whose core locations are outside the boundary of a surface ... More
Sufficient conditions for Hamiltonian cycles in bipartite digraphsApr 29 2016We prove two sharp sufficient conditions for hamiltonian cycles in balanced bipartite directed graph. Let $D$ be a strongly connected balanced bipartite directed graph of order $2a$. Let $x,y$ be distinct vertices in $D$. $\{x,y\}$ dominates a vertex ... More
On cyclability of digraphsFeb 18 2016Given a directed graph $D$ of order $n\geq 4$ and a nonempty subset $Y$ of vertices of $D$ such that in $D$ every vertex of $Y$ reachable from every other vertex of $Y$. Assume that for every triple $x,y,z\in Y$ such that $x$ and $y$ are nonadjacent: ... More
Minimal momentum estimation in noncommutative phase space of canonical type with preserved rotational and time reversal symmetriesSep 13 2019Noncommutative algebra which is rotationally invariant, time reversal invariant and equivalent to noncommutative algebra of canonical type is considered. Perihelion shift of orbit of a particle in Coulomb potential in the rotationally-invariant noncommutative ... More
Cycles of each even lengths in balanced bipartite digraphsJul 14 2016Let $D$ be a strongly connected balanced bipartite directed graph of order $2a\geq 4$. Let $x,y$ be distinct vertices in $D$. $\{x,y\}$ dominates a vertex $z$ if $x\rightarrow z$ and $y\rightarrow z$; in this case, we call the pair $\{x,y\}$ dominating. ... More
On a space of entire functions and its Fourier transformationJan 13 2015A space of entire functions of several complex variables rapidly decreasing on ${\mathbb R}^n$ and such that their growth along $i{\mathbb R}^n$ is majorized with a help of a family of weight functions (not radial in general) is considered in the paper. ... More
On the Fourier-Laplace Transform of Functionals on a Weighted Space of Infinitely Differentiable FunctionsNov 10 1999The strong dual space of linear continuous functionals on a weighted space G of infinitely differentiable functions defined on the real line is described in terms of their Fourier-Laplace transforms.
A new sufficient condition for a Digraph to be Hamiltonian-A proof of Manoussakis ConjectureJul 19 2019Y. Manoussakis (J. Graph Theory 16, 1992, 51-59) proposed the following conjecture. \noindent\textbf{Conjecture}. {\it Let $D$ be a 2-strongly connected digraph of order $n$ such that for all distinct pairs of non-adjacent vertices $x$, $y$ and $w$, $z$, ... More
Brane Cosmology for Vacuum and Cosmological Constant BulkJun 09 2010We consider the cosmology of a 3-brane universe, in a five dimensional space time (Bulk). We present some solutions to the five-dimensional Einstein equation, where a perfect fluid is confined to the 3-brane. We investigate the evolution of brane for ... More
Brane Cosmology With Generalized Chaplygin Gas in The BulkJun 09 2010We find exact solution of the Einstein equations in the context of the brane world scenario. We have supposed a {generalized chaplygin gas} equation of state for bulk. This study display a constant energy density and pressure for bulk in late time. It ... More
Magnetic contribution to the specific heat of Pb_{1-x}Eu_{x}TeNov 14 2005The temperature dependence of the magnetic specific heat has been studied experimentally and theoretically in the semimagnetic semiconductor Pb_{1-x}Eu_{x}Te for x=0.027 and x=0.073, over the temperature range from 0.5 K to 10 K, in magnetic fields up ... More
Scaling of level-statistics and critical exponent of disordered two-dimensional symplectic systemsJul 28 1997The statistics of the energy eigenvalues at the metal-insulator-transition of a two-dimensional disordered system with spin-orbit interaction is investigated numerically. The critical exponent $\nu$ is obtained from the finite-size scaling of the number ... More
Observation of gate-tunable coherent perfect absorption of terahertz radiation in grapheneJan 15 2018We report experimental observation of electrically-tunable coherent perfect absorption (CPA) of terahertz (THz) radiation in graphene. We develop a reflection-type tunable THz cavity formed by a large-area graphene layer, a metallic reflective electrode ... More
Shell signs in the hydrogen-line spectrum of some lambda Bootis-type starsMay 06 1998The hydrogen-line spectrum of eight lambda Boo type stars is studied. The observed H_delta and H_gamma profiles are compared with Kurucz's theoretical profiles. The existence of weak emission-like details in the cores of five lambda Boo stars is demonstrated. ... More
On Hamiltonian Bypasses in one Class of Hamiltonian DigraphsApr 23 2014Let $D$ be a strongly connected directed graph of order $n\geq 4$ which satisfies the following condition (*): for every pair of non-adjacent vertices $x, y$ with a common in-neighbour $d(x)+d(y)\geq 2n-1$ and $min \{ d(x), d(y)\}\geq n-1$. In \cite{[2]} ... More
Contribution superstring Z' boson on the polarization effects in proton-proton collisionsDec 16 2004Jul 08 2005In this work we investigate the single- and the double- spin asymmetries at the collisions of polarized protons $pp \to (\gamma*, Z^0,Z')+X within the scope of QCD, electroweak interaction and superstring E_6 theory. The helicity amplitude method is used. ... More
On the Attached prime ideals of local cohomology modules defined by a pair of idealsFeb 17 2015Let $I$ and $J$ be two ideals of a commutative Noetherian ring $R$ and $M$ be an $R$-module of dimension $d$. If $R$ is a complete local ring and $M$ is finite, then attached prime ideals of $H^{d-1}_{I,J}(M)$ are computed by means of the concept of co-localization. ... More
On graded local cohomology modules defined by a pair of idealsFeb 17 2015Let $R = \bigoplus_{n \in \mathbb{N}_{0}} R_{n}$ be a standard graded ring, $M$ be a finite graded $R$-module and $J$ be a homogenous ideal of $R$. In this paper we study the graded structure of the $i$-th local cohomology module of $M$ defined by a pair ... More
On the associated prime ideals of local cohomology modules defined by a pair of idealsFeb 17 2015Let $I$ and $J$ be two ideals of a commutative Noetherian ring $R$ and $M$ be an $R$-module. For a non-negative integer $n$ it is shown that, if the sets $\Ass_R(\Ext^{n} _{R}(R/I,M))$ and $\Supp_R(\Ext^{i}_{R}(R/I,H^{j}_{I,J} (M)))$ are finite for all ... More
Solitons in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates with trap and barrier potentialFeb 17 2012The propagation of solitons in dipolar BEC in a trap potential with a barrier potential is investigated. The regimes of soliton transmission, reflection and splitting as a function of the ratio between the local and dipolar nonlocal interactions are analyzed ... More
Quantum Linear Coherent Controller Synthesis: A Linear Fractional Representation ApproachMar 22 2017This paper is concerned with a linear fractional representation approach to the synthesis of linear coherent quantum controllers for a given linear quantum plant. The plant and controller represent open quantum harmonic oscillators and are modelled by ... More
On a space of entire functions rapidly decreasing on ${\mathbb R}^n$ and its Fourier transformationNov 13 2014A space of entire functions of several complex variables rapidly decreasing on ${\mathbb R}^n$ and such that their growth along $i{\mathbb R}^n$ is majorized with a help of a family of weight functions is considered in the paper. For this space an equivalent ... More
Generating function identities for $ζ(2n+2), ζ(2n+3)$ via the WZ methodJan 10 2008Jan 17 2008Using the WZ method we present simpler proofs of Koecher's, Leshchiner's and Bailey-Borwein-Bradley's identities for generating functions of the sequences $\{\zeta(2n+2)\}_{n\ge 0}, \{\zeta(2n+3)\}_{n\ge 0}.$ By the same method we give several new representations ... More
On the local cohomology modules deffined by a pair of ideals and serre subcategoriesAug 29 2012This paper is concerned about the relation between local cohomology modules defined by a pair of ideals and Serre classes of R-modules, as a generalization of results of J. Azami, R. Naghipour and B. Vakili (2009) and M. Asgharzadeh and M.Tousi (2010). ... More
On Montel's theorem in several variablesOct 12 2013Jan 05 2014Recently, the first author of this paper, used the structure of finite dimensional translation invariant subspaces of C(R,C) to give a new proof of classical Montel's theorem, about continuous solutions of Fr\'{e}chet's functional equation $\Delta_h^mf=0$, ... More
Observational constraints on DBI constant-roll inflationAug 22 2018DBI inflationary scenario using constant-roll approach will be studied and it seeks to compare the result with observational data. By considering the cosmological perturbations of the model the extra terms of the scalar spectral index with respect to ... More
Interacting New Agegraphic Dark Energy in a Cyclic UniverseDec 31 2011Jan 16 2014The main goal of this work is investigation of NADE in the cyclic universe scenario. Since, cyclic universe is explained by a phantom phase ($\omega<-1$), it is shown when there is no interaction between matter and dark energy, ADE and NADE do not produce ... More
Simultaneous generation for zeta values by the Markov-WZ methodJan 22 2008By application of the Markov-WZ method, we prove a more general form of a bivariate generating function identity containing, as particular cases, Koecher's and Almkvist-Granville's Ap\'ery-like formulae for odd zeta values. As a consequence, we get a ... More
Ensemble Dynamics and Bred VectorsAug 24 2011We introduce the new concept of an EBV to assess the sensitivity of model outputs to changes in initial conditions for weather forecasting. The new algorithm, which we call the "Ensemble Bred Vector" or EBV, is based on collective dynamics in essential ... More
Maximally informative ensembles for SIC-POVMs in dimension 3Apr 30 2014Nov 16 2014In order to find out for which initial states of the system the uncertainty of the measurement outcomes will be minimal, one can look for the minimizers of the Shannon entropy of the measurement. In case of group covariant measurements this question becomes ... More
Strong electroweak symmetry breaking (or, if no SM Higgs, then what?)Jun 08 2012While the LHC takes on the challenge of experimentally exploring the electroweak symmetry breaking sector, it is not only interesting but also crucial to explore alternatives to the Standard Model scenario with an elementary scalar Higgs boson. The idea ... More
Detection techniques for the H.E.S.S. II telescope, data modeling of gravitational lensing and emission of blazars in HE-VHE astronomyJul 15 2013This thesis presents the study of four aspects of high energy astronomy. The first part of the thesis is dedicated to an aspect of instrument development for imaging atmospheric Cherenkov telescopes, namely the Level 2 trigger system of the High Energy ... More
Two-weight norm inequalities for potential type and maximal operators in a metric spaceMay 13 2011Dec 31 2012We characterize two-weight norm inequalities for potential type integral operators in terms of Sawyer-type testing conditions. Our result is stated in a space of homogeneous type with no additional geometric assumptions, such as group structure or non-empty ... More
Generalized channels: channels for convex subsets of the state spaceMay 10 2011Mar 12 2012Let $K$ be a convex subset of the state space of a finite dimensional $C^*$-algebra. We study the properties of channels on $K$, which are defined as affine maps from $K$ into the state space of another algebra, extending to completely positive maps on ... More
Geodesic distances on density matricesDec 17 2003We find an upper bound for geodesic distances associated to monotone Riemannian metrics on positive definite matrices and density matrices.
Extremality conditions for generalized channelsApr 12 2012A generalized channel is a completely positive map that preserves trace on a given subspace. We find conditions under which a generalized channel with respect to a positively generated subspace J is an extreme point in the set of all such generalized ... More
Current-carrying molecules: a real space pictureJun 30 2005An approach is presented to calculate characteristic current vs voltage curves for isolated molecules without explicit description of leads. The Hamiltonian for current-carrying molecules is defined by making resort to Lagrange multipliers, while the ... More
The Fokker-Planck equation for bistable potential in the optimized expansionNov 21 2001The optimized expansion is used to formulate a systematic approximation scheme to the probability distribution of a stochastic system. The first order approximation for the one-dimensional system driven by noise in an anharmonic potential is shown to ... More
On Non-Gaussian Limiting Laws for the Certain Statistics of the Wigner MatricesJan 14 2012We continue investigations of our previous papers, in which there were proved central limit theorems (CLT) for linear eigenvalue statistics Tr f(M_n) and there were found the limiting probability laws for the normalised matrix elements of differential ... More
MCRG study of 12 fundamental flavors with mixed fundamental-adjoint gauge actionDec 28 2011I discuss the infrared behavior of the SU(3) gauge model with 12 fundamental fermions. Using a Monte Carlo renormalization group technique I investigate the fixed point structure in the chiral limit and show that this system has an infrared fixed point ... More
Infrared fixed point of the 12-fermion SU(3) gauge model based on 2-lattice MCRG matchingJun 27 2011I investigate an SU(3) gauge model with 12 fundamental fermions. The physically interesting region of this strongly coupled system can be influenced by an ultraviolet fixed point due to lattice artifacts. I suggest to use a gauge action with an additional ... More
Scaling properties of many-fermion systems from MCRG studiesNov 03 2009Monte Carlo renormalization group methods were designed to study the phase structure and critical behavior of statistical systems. They are well suited to determine the running coupling and to investigate the properties of fixed points of gauge-fermion ... More
Transversals in completely reducible multiary quasigroups and in multiary quasigroups of order 4Dec 06 2016An $n$-ary quasigroup $f$ of order $q$ is an $n$-ary operation over a set of cardinality $q$ such that the Cayley table of the operation is an $n$-dimensional latin hypercube of order $q$. A transversal in a quasigroup $f$ (or in the corresponding latin ... More
What made discy galaxies giant?Oct 03 2017I studied giant discy galaxies with optical radii more than 30 kpc. The comparison of these systems with discy galaxies of moderate sizes revealed that they tend to have higher rotation velocities, B-band luminosities, HI masses and dark-to-luminous mass ... More
Heritability estimation of diseases in case-control studiesNov 09 2016In the field of genetics, the concept of heritability refers to the proportion of variations of a biological trait or disease that can be explained by genetic factors. Quantifying the heritability of a disease is a fundamental challenge in human genetics, ... More
Supersymmetric Seesaw without Singlet Neutrinos: Neutrino Masses and Lepton-Flavour ViolationJul 01 2002Jul 08 2002We consider the supersymmetric seesaw mechanism induced by the exchange of heavy SU(2)_W triplet states, rather than `right-handed' neutrino singlets, to generate neutrino masses. We show that in this scenario the neutrino flavour structure tested at ... More
Study of the Neutral-Current interactions with production of neutral pions in the T2K off-axis near detectorApr 13 2018May 14 2018This analysis aims to study inclusive neutrino-induced Neutral Current (NC) interactions that produce at least one neutral pion (${\pi}^0$) in the final state (incNC${\pi}^0$ ) in the T2K off-axis near detector ND280. The motivation for this study is ... More
Gauss diagrams of 3-manifoldsAug 06 2003We present a simple combinatorial method to encode 3-dimensional manifolds, based on their Heegaard diagrams. The notion of a Gauss diagram of a 3-manifold is introduced. We check the conditions for a Gauss diagram to represent a closed manifold and a ... More
Traces in Complex Hyperbolic Triangle GroupsFeb 10 2004Jun 21 2004We present several formulas for the traces of elements in complex hyperbolic triangle groups generated by complex reflections. The space of such groups of fixed signature is of real dimension one. We parameterise this space by a real invariant alpha of ... More
Temporal and spatial regularity of solutions to stochastic Volterra equations of convolution typeDec 06 2012In the paper regularity of solutions to stochastic Volterra equations in a separable Hilbert space is studied. Sufficient conditions for the temporal and spatial regularity of stochastic convolutions corresponding to the equations under consideration ... More
Gravitational Lenses as High-Resolution TelescopesOct 14 2018The inner regions of active galaxies host the most extreme and energetic phenomena in the universe including, relativistic jets, supermassive black hole binaries, and recoiling supermassive black holes. However, many of these sources cannot be resolved ... More
ARIANNA: Current developments and understanding the ice for neutrino detectionNov 26 2018The ARIANNA experiment aims to detect the radio signals of cosmogenic neutrinos. It is running in its pilot phase on the Ross Ice-shelf, and one station has been installed at South Pole. The ARIANNA concept is based on installing high-gain log periodic ... More
On the Complexity of Embeddable Simplicial ComplexesDec 20 2018This thesis addresses the question of the maximal number of $d$-simplices for a simplicial complex which is embeddable into $\mathbb{R}^r$ for some $d \leq r \leq 2d$. A lower bound of $f_d(C_{r + 1}(n)) = \Omega(n^{\lceil\frac{r}{2}\rceil})$, which might ... More
Flat connections and Wigner-Yanase-Dyson metricsJul 28 2003On the manifold of positive definite matrices, we investigate the existence of pairs of flat affine connections, dual with respect to a given monotone metric. The connections are defined either using the $\alpha$-embeddings and finding the duals with ... More
Resolutions of p-stratifolds with isolated singularitiesNov 18 2003Recently M. Kreck introduced a class of stratified spaces called p-stratifolds [M. Kreck, Stratifolds, Preprint]. He defined and investigated resolutions of p-stratifolds analogously to resolutions of algebraic varieties. In this note we study a very ... More
Convolution type stochastic Volterra equationsDec 28 2007The aim of this work is to present, in self-contained form, results concerning fundamental and the most important questions related to linear stochastic Volterra equations of convolution type. The paper is devoted to study the existence and some kind ... More
Stochastic Volterra equations of nonscalar type in Hilbert spaceSep 01 2005Dec 02 2005In the paper stochastic Volterra equations of nonscalar type in Hilbert space are studied. The aim of the paper is to provide some results on stochastic convolution and mild solutions to those Volterra equations. The motivation of the paper comes from ... More
Maximal type inequalities for linear stochastic Volterra equationsDec 26 2004Nov 29 2005The note is devoted to estimates for convolutions appearing in some class of stochastic Volterra equations. Two maximal inequalities and exponential tail estimate are proved by the fractional method of infinite dimensional stochastic calculus. The paper ... More
A Characterization of almost universal ternary inhomogeneous quadratic polynomials with conductor 2Jan 07 2015An integral quadratic polynomial (with positive definite quadratic part) is called almost universal if it represents all but finitely many positive integers. In this paper, we provide a characterization of almost universal ternary quadratic polynomials ... More
Sturmian numeration systems and decompositions to palindromesOct 31 2017Nov 02 2017We extend the classical Ostrowski numeration systems, closely related to Sturmian words, by allowing a wider range of coefficients, so that possible representations of a number $n$ better reflect the structure of the associated Sturmian word. In particular, ... More
B-orbits of nilpotent order 2 and link patternsMar 13 2007Sep 03 2008In this paper we describe geometry of orbits of upper triangular matrices of nilpotent order 2 under conjugation by the group of upper triangular invertible matrices in terms of link patterns. Further we apply this description to the computations of the ... More
Description of B-orbit closures of order 2 in upper-triangular matricesDec 15 2003Nov 10 2005Let n_n(C) be the algebra of strictly upper-triangular n x n matrices over the field of complex numbers and X_2 the subset of matrices of nilpotent order 2. Let B_n(C) be the group of invertible upper-triangular matrices acting on n_n(C) by conjugation. ... More
On a new transformation for generalised porous medium equations: from weak solutions to classicalOct 24 2014Nov 07 2015It is well-known that solutions for generalised porous medium equations are, in general, only H\"older continuous. In this note, we propose a new variable substitution for such equations which transforms weak solutions into classical.
Fundamental Domains in Lorentzian GeometryAug 28 2003Nov 02 2004We consider discrete subgroups Gamma of the simply connected Lie group SU~(1,1), the universal cover of SU(1,1), of finite level, i.e. the subgroup intersects the centre of SU~(1,1) in a subgroup of finite index, this index is called the level of the ... More
Average optimality for risk-sensitive control with general state spaceApr 03 2007This paper deals with discrete-time Markov control processes on a general state space. A long-run risk-sensitive average cost criterion is used as a performance measure. The one-step cost function is nonnegative and possibly unbounded. Using the vanishing ... More
Generalised global supersolutions with mass control for systems with taxisJun 15 2018May 29 2019The existence of generalised global supersolutions with a control upon the total mass is established for a wide family of parabolic-parabolic chemotaxis systems and general integrable initial data in any space dimension. It is verified that as long as ... More
Ambiguity of converting phase-averaged flux into luminosity for millisecond pulsars in gamma raysMay 16 2008Oct 15 2008We study a magnitude of possible over/underestimation of the actual gamma-ray luminosity L_{actual} of a millisecond pulsar when using so-called pseudo luminosity L_{pseudo} which is inferred from a phase-averaged flux. Both, L_{actual} and L_{pseudo} ... More
Composite or elementary? Probing the nature of the HiggsMay 23 2013I discuss consequences of electroweak symmetry breaking by strong dynamics, assuming the existence of a light composite scalar appearing as a pseudo-Goldstone boson of some global symmetry of the new strongly interacting sector. In such a scenario, the ... More
Analysis of EEG signal by Flicker Noise Spectroscopy: Identification of right/left hand movement imaginationOct 14 2014Flicker Noise Spectroscopy (FNS) has been used for the analysis of electroencephalography (EEG) signal related to the movement imagination. The analysis of sensorimotor rhythms in time-frequency maps reveals the event-related desynchronization (ERD) and ... More
Bayesian Analysis of the Conditional Correlation Between Stock Index Returns with Multivariate SV ModelsJul 19 2006In the paper we compare the modelling ability of discrete-time multivariate Stochastic Volatility models to describe the conditional correlations between stock index returns. We consider four trivariate SV models, which differ in the structure of the ... More
Sharp weighted bounds for fractional integral operators in a space of homogeneous typeFeb 29 2012Dec 13 2012We consider a version of M. Riesz fractional integral operator on a space of homogeneous type and show an analogue of the well-known Hardy--Littlewood--Sobolev theorem in this context. In our main result, we investigate the dependence of the operator ... More
An Exploratory Study of Health Habit Formation Through GamificationAug 15 2017Aug 18 2017Promotion of healthy habits help maintain and improve people health, reduce disease risks, and manage chronic illness. Regular healthy activities like walking, exercising, healthy eating, drinking water or taking medication on time require forming the ... More
Medication non adherence: finding solutions through design thinking approachAug 09 2017Medical non-adherence increasingly is recognized as a major medical health problem. Approximately 50% of patients do not take their medications as prescribed and such poor adherence has been shown to result in complications, death, and increased health ... More
Identification of Convection Heat Transfer Coefficient of Secondary Cooling Zone of CCM based on Least Squares Method and Stochastic Approximation MethodMar 24 2010The detailed mathematical model of heat and mass transfer of steel ingot of curvilinear continuous casting machine is proposed. The process of heat and mass transfer is described by nonlinear partial differential equations of parabolic type. Position ... More
Negational Fragment of Intuitionistic Control LogicAug 09 2014We investigate properties of monadic purely negational fragment of Intuitionistic Control Logic (ICL). This logic arises from Intuitionistic Propositional Logic (IPL) by extending language of IPL by additional new constant for falsum. Having two different ... More
The combinatorics of orbital varieties closures of nilpotent order 2 in sl(n)Dec 17 2003May 08 2005We consider two partial orders on standard Young tableaux. The first one is induced from the weak right Bruhat order on symmetric group by Robinson-Schensted algorithm. The second one is induced from the order on Young diagrams by considering a Young ... More
On orbital variety closures in sl(n). I. Induced Duflo orderNov 26 2003For a semisimple Lie algebra g the orbit method attempts to assign representations of g to (coadjoint) orbits in g*. Orbital varieties are particular Lagrangian subvarieties of such orbits leading to highest weight representations of g. In sl(n) orbital ... More
Lawruk elliptic boundary-value problems for homogeneous differential equationsDec 06 2018Dec 28 2018We investigate Lawruk elliptic boundary-value problems for homogeneous differential equations in a two-sided refined Sobolev scale. These problems contain additional unknown functions in the boundary conditions of arbitrary orders. The scale consists ... More
Space-time emergence from individual interactionsJun 14 2018Oct 24 2018A scenario of space-time emergence from individual interactions at the quantum level requires correlations encoding a scalar product, for large-scale emergence of space orientation. In D=4 the candidate is spin 1/2 correlations, indicating complementarity ... More
Function-valued stochastic convolutions arising in integrodifferential equationsDec 26 2004We study stochastic convolutions providing by fundamental solutions of a class of integrodifferential equations which interpolate the heat and the wave equations. We give sufficient condition for the existence of function--valued convolutions in terms ... More
On the notion of effective impedanceMay 06 2019It is known that electrical networks with resistors are related to the Laplace operator and random walk on weighted graphs. In this paper we consider more general electrical networks with coils, capacitors, and resistors. We give two mathematical models ... More
Degenerations of Godeaux surfaces and exceptional vector bundlesFeb 02 2014A recent construction of Hacking relates the classification of stable vector bundles on a surface of general type with $p_g = 0$ and the boundary of the moduli space of deformations of the surface. In the present paper we analyze this relation for Godeaux ... More
Positiveness of the permanent of 4-dimensional polystochastic matrices of order 4Jan 31 2018Nov 08 2018A nonnegative multidimensional matrix is called polystochastic if the sum of its entries over each line is equal to $1$. In this paper we overview known results on positiveness of the permanent of polystochastic matrices and prove that the permanent of ... More
The Orbits of the Symplectic Group on the Flag ManifoldNov 10 2014We examine the orbits of the (complex) symplectic group, $Sp_n$, on the flag manifold, $\mathscr{F}\ell(\mathbb{C}^{2n})$, in a very concrete way. We use two approaches: we Gr\"obner degenerate the orbits to unions of Schubert varieties (for a equations ... More
On the convergence of fixed point iterations for the moving geometry in a fluid-structure interaction problemAug 05 2016Mar 29 2018In this paper a fluid-structure interaction problem for the incompressible Newtonian fluid is studied. We prove the convergence of an iterative process with respect to the computational domain geometry. In our previous works on numerical approximation ... More
The Combinatorial Geometry of Q-Gorenstein Quasi-Homogeneous Surface SingularitiesJun 21 2010The main result of this paper is a construction of fundamental domains for certain group actions on Lorentz manifolds of constant curvature. We consider the simply connected Lie group G~, the universal cover of the group SU(1,1) of orientation-preserving ... More
Comparison of quantum binary experimentsOct 21 2011Jun 21 2012A quantum binary experiment consists of a pair of density operators on a finite dimensional Hilbert space. An experiment E is called \epsilon-deficient with respect to another experiment F if, up to \epsilon, its risk functions are not worse than the ... More
Affine connections, duality and divergences for a von Neumann algebraNov 05 2003On the predual of a von Neumann algebra, we define a differentiable manifold structure and affine connections by embeddings into non-commutative L_p-spaces. Using the geometry of uniformly convex Banach spaces and duality of the L_p and L_q spaces for ... More
Base norms and discrimination of generalized quantum channelsAug 19 2013We introduce and study norms in the space of hermitian operators, obtained from base norms in positively generated subspaces. These norms are closely related to discrimination of so-called generalized quantum channels, including quantum states, channels ... More
Dynamical Simulations with Smeared Link Staggered FermionsNov 04 2002One of the most serious problems of the staggered fermion lattice action is flavor symmetry violation. Smeared link staggered fermions can improve flavor symmetry by an order of magnitude relative to the standard thin link action. Over the last few years ... More
Topological Susceptibility on Dynamical Staggered Fermion ConfigurationsApr 30 2001The topological susceptibility is one of the few physical quantities that directly measure the properties of the QCD vacuum. Chiral perturbation theory predicts that in the small quark mass limit the topological susceptibility depends quadratically on ... More
New Results from the MINOS Experiment - EPS 2011 conference proceedingsJan 17 2012The MINOS experiment is a long-baseline neutrino experiment designed to study neutrino behaviour, in particular the phenomenon of neutrino oscillations. MINOS sends the NuMI neutrino beam through two detectors, a Near Detector 1 km downstream from the ... More
Non-classical features in general probabilistic theoriesMay 22 2017Jan 23 2018We study incompatibility of measurements and its relation to steering and nonlocality in finite dimensional general probabilistic theories (GPT). The basic idea is to represent finite collections of measurements as affine maps of a state space into a ... More