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Fate of the $η'$ in the Quark Gluon PlasmaMar 13 2019In this paper we study the $\eta'$ mass in $N_f=2+1+1$ lattice QCD simulations at finite temperature. Results are obtained from the analysis of the gluonic defined topological charge density correlator after gradient flow. Our results favour a small dip ... More
Temperature dependence of shear viscosity of $SU(3)$--gluodynamics within lattice simulationJan 09 2017Jan 12 2017In this paper we study the shear viscosity temperature dependence of $SU(3)$--gluodynamics within lattice simulation. To do so, we measure the correlation functions of energy-momentum tensor in the range of temperatures $T/T_c\in [0.9, 1.5]$. To extract ... More
Nijenhuis geometry II: left-symmetric algebras and linearization problemMar 15 2019A field of endomorphisms $R$ is called a Nijenhuis operator if its Nijenhuis torsion vanishes. In this work we study a specific kind of singular points of $R$ called points of scalar type. We show that the tangent space at such points possesses a natural ... More
Ultrahigh refractive index sensitivity of TE-polarized electromagnetic waves in graphene at the interface between two dielectric mediaMay 30 2013The behavior of the TE and TM electromagnetic waves in graphene at the interface between two semi-infinite dielectric media is studied. The dramatic influence on the TE waves propagation even at very small changes in the optical contrast between the two ... More
A functional approach to estimation of the parameters of generalized negative binomial and gamma distributionsJun 27 2018The generalized negative binomial distribution (GNB) is a new flexible family of discrete distributions that are mixed Poisson laws with the mixing generalized gamma (GG) distributions. This family of discrete distributions is very wide and embraces Poisson ... More
On differentiability with respect to the initial data of a solution of an SDE with Lévy noise and discontinuous coefficientsNov 21 2012Jun 21 2013We construct a stochastic flow generated by an SDE with L\'evy noise and a drift coefficient being a function of bounded variation on R. It is proved that this flow is non-coalescing and Sobolev differentiable with respect to initial data. The representation ... More
Statistical Significance of the Netflix ChallengeJul 24 2012Inspired by the legacy of the Netflix contest, we provide an overview of what has been learned---from our own efforts, and those of others---concerning the problems of collaborative filtering and recommender systems. The data set consists of about 100 ... More
On properties of a flow generated by an SDE with discontinuous driftJul 05 2012Dec 20 2012We consider a stochastic flow on $\mathds{R}$ generated by an SDE with its drift being a function of bounded variation. We show that the flow is differentiable with respect to the initial conditions. Asymptotic properties of the flow are studied.
On the strong uniqueness of a solution to singular stochastic differential equationsDec 12 2011We prove the existence and uniqueness of a strong solution for an SDE on a semi-axis with singularities at the point 0. The result obtained yields, for example, the strong uniqueness of non-negative solutions to SDEs governing Bessel processes.
Optimization of the parameters in the RHIC single crystal heavy ion collimationNov 29 2001In the framework of the project to design and test a collimation system prototype using bent channeling crystal for cleaning of the RHIC heavy ion beam halo, we have studied the optimal length and bending angle of a silicon (110) single crystal proposed ... More
Flow polynomials as Feynman amplitudes and their $α$-representationSep 05 2016Let $G$ be a connected graph; denote by $\tau(G)$ the set of its spanning trees. Let $\mathbb F_q$ be a finite field, $s(\alpha,G)=\sum_{T\in\tau(G)} \prod_{e \in E(T)} \alpha_e$, where ${\alpha_e\in \mathbb F_q}$. Kontsevich conjectured in 1997 that ... More
Sobolev functions on infinite-dimensional domainsSep 21 2013We study extensions of Sobolev and BV functions on infinite-dimensional domains. Along with some positive results we present a negative solution of the long-standing problem of existence of Sobolev extensions of functions in Gaussian Sobolev spaces from ... More
Augmented Polynomial Symplectomorphisms and QuantizationDec 07 2018Feb 27 2019We introduce a certain augmented (or quantized) version of the Weyl algebra and of its classical counterpart, the commutative Poisson algebra. We observe that the group of augmented symplectomorphisms -- that is, automorphisms of the augmented Poisson ... More
Mesons in a soft-wall AdS-Schwarzschild approach at low temperatureFeb 04 2019We derive a holographic soft-wall approach in five dimensional AdS-Schwarzschild space for the description of mesons at finite temperature. In this first application we consider the small temperature limit and derive analytical expression for the mass ... More
Nijenhuis GeometryMar 11 2019This work is the first, and main, of the series of papers in progress dedicated to Nienhuis operators, i.e., fields of endomorphisms with vanishing Nijenhuis tensor. It serves as an introduction to Nijenhuis Geometry that should be understood in much ... More
Transgression on Hyperkähler Manifolds and Generalized Higher Torsion FormsDec 26 2000We propose a generalization of the Hodge $dd_c$-lemma to the case of hyperk\"ahler manifolds. As an application of this result we derive the global construction of the fourth order transgression of the Chern character forms of hyperholomorphic bundles ... More
Geometry on Lie algebroids I: compatible geometric structures on the baseMar 14 2016The object of our study is a Lie algebroid $A$ or a Cartan-Lie algebroid $(A,\nabla)$ (a Lie algebroid with a compatible connection) over a base manifold $M$ equipped with appropriately compatible geometrical structures. The main focus is on a Riemannian ... More
Weak Antiferromagnetic Order in Anisotropic Quantum PyrochloresOct 07 2008We study the ground state properties of an anisotropic, quasi-2D version of the quantum (S=1/2) pyrochlore antiferromagnet. In the presence of Dzyaloshinsky-Moriya interactions, in addition to the Heisenberg exchanges, it is shown that two types of ordered ... More
Towards Generic Deobfuscation of Windows API CallsFeb 13 2018A common way to get insight into a malicious program's functionality is to look at which API functions it calls. To complicate the reverse engineering of their programs, malware authors deploy API obfuscation techniques, hiding them from analysts' eyes ... More
Analysis of a certain polycyclic-group-based cryptosystemApr 20 2015We investigate security properties of the Anshel-Anshel-Goldfeld commutator key-establishment protocol used with certain polycyclic groups. We show that despite low success of the length based attack the protocol can be broken by a deterministic polynomial-time ... More
Gauge PDE and AKSZ-type Sigma ModelsMar 07 2019A gauge PDE is a natural notion which arises by abstracting what physicists call a local gauge field theory defined in terms of BV-BRST differential (not necessarily Lagrangian). We study supergeometry of gauge PDEs paying particular attention to globally ... More
Characteristic classes associated to Q-bundlesNov 26 2007A Q-manifold is a graded manifold endowed with a vector field of degree one squaring to zero. We consider the notion of a Q-bundle, that is, a fiber bundle in the category of Q-manifolds. To each homotopy class of ``gauge fields'' (sections in the category ... More
Lifting of Polynomial Symplectomorphisms and Deformation QuantizationJul 20 2017Feb 05 2018We study the problem of lifting of polynomial symplectomorphisms in characteristic zero to automorphisms of the Weyl algebra by means of approximation by tame automorphisms. We utilize -- and reprove -- D. Anick's fundamental result on approximation of ... More
On the thermodynamic aspect of zinc oxide polymorphism. Calorimetric study of metastable rock salt ZnOJun 11 2017The enthalpies of dissolution of metastable rock salt and thermodynamically stable wurtzite polymorphs of zinc oxide in aqueous H2SO4 have been measured in direct calorimetric experiments at 303 K and 0.1 MPa and the obtained results enabled determination ... More
Torus actions on free associative algebras, lifting and Białynicki-Birula type theoremsJan 05 2019We examine the problem of algebraic torus action linearity in the associative setting. We prove the free algebra analogue of a classical theorem of Bia\l{}ynicki-Birula, which establishes linearity of maximal torus action. We also formulate and prove ... More
Controllability of 2D Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations by Forcing 4 ModesJul 18 2005We study controllability issues for the 2D Euler and Navier-Stokes (NS) systems under periodic boundary conditions. These systems describe motion of homogeneous ideal or viscous incompressible fluid on a two-dimensional torus $\mathbb{T}^2$. We assume ... More
Directional visible light scattering by silicon nanoparticlesDec 13 2012Directional light scattering by spherical silicon nanoparticles in the visible spectral range is experimentally demonstrated for the first time. These unique scattering properties arise due to simultaneous excitation and mutual interference of magnetic ... More
Noncommutative Bialynicki-Birula TheoremAug 14 2018Dec 12 2018In this short note we prove that every maximal torus action on the free algebra is conjugate to a linear action. This statement is the free algebra analogue of a classical theorem of A. Bia{\l}ynicki-Birula.
On the Power-law Scaling of Turbulence Cospectra Part 1: Stably Stratified Atmospheric Boundary LayerNov 21 2018Turbulent fluxes in the atmospheric surface layer are key input for the prediction of weather, hydrology, and carbon dioxide concentration. In numerical modelling of turbulent fluxes, a -7/3 power-law scaling in turbulence cospectra is usually assumed ... More
Seeing the unseen: observation of an anapole with dielectric nanoparticlesNov 30 2014Nonradiating current configurations attract attention of physicists for many years as possible models of stable atoms in the field theories. One intriguing example of such a nonradiating source is known as anapole (which means without poles in Greek), ... More
Fermion masses and quantum numbers from extra dimensionsJun 28 2001We study the localization of fermions on a brane embedded in a space-time with $AdS_n \times M^k$ geometry. Quantum numbers of localized fermions are associated with their rotation momenta around the brane. Fermions with different quantum numbers have ... More
Modeling Magnetic Field Amplification in Nonlinear Diffusive Shock AccelerationApr 23 2009This research was motivated by the recent observations indicating very strong magnetic fields at some supernova remnant shocks, which suggests in-situ generation of magnetic turbulence. The dissertation presents a numerical model of collisionless shocks ... More
Rationality of capped descendent vertex in $K$-theoryDec 04 2016In this paper we analyze the fundamental solution of the \textit{quantum difference equation} (qde) for the moduli space of instantons on two-dimensional projective space. The qde is a $K$-theoretic generalization of the quantum differential equation ... More
Quantum sphere S^4 as a non-Levi conjugacy classOct 12 2011Oct 25 2011We construct a U_h(sp(4))-equivariant quantization of the four-dimensional complex sphere S^4 regarded as a conjugacy class, Sp(4)/Sp(2)x Sp(2), of a simple complex group with non-Levi isotropy subgroup, through an operator realization of the quantum ... More
Solution of the Sturm-Liouville and the Korteweg-de-Vries equations with periodic and quasi-periodic parameters using theory of vesselsMay 23 2012Dec 08 2012We prove the existence of solutions to the Sturm-Liouville (SL) equation -y"(x)+q(x)y(x) = s^2 y(x) with periodic and quasi-periodic potential q(x) using theory of SL vessels, implementing a Backlund transformation of SL equation. In this paper quasi-periodic ... More
Solution of the KdV equation on the line with analytic initial potentialMar 21 2013We present a theory of Sturm-Liouville non-symmetric vessels, realizing an inverse scattering theory for the Sturm-Liouville operator with analytic potentials on the line. This construction is equivalent to the construction of a matrix spectral measure ... More
Solution of the KdV equation using evolutionary vesselsOct 16 2011Nov 09 2011In this work we present a new method for solving of the Korteweg-de Vries (KdV) equation q'_t = - \dfrac{3}{2} q q'_x + \dfrac{1}{4} q"'_{xxx}. The proposed method is a particular case of the theory of evolutionary vessels, developed in this work. Inverse ... More
Optimal sequential procedures with Bayes decision rulesNov 30 2008Jul 02 2009In this article, a general problem of sequential statistical inference for general discrete-time stochastic processes is considered. The problem is to minimize an average sample number given that Bayesian risk due to incorrect decision does not exceed ... More
Semantic programming: method $Δ_0^p$-enrichments and polynomial computable fixed pointsMar 19 2019Computer programs fast entered in our live and the questions associated with the execution of these programs have become the most relevant in our days. Programs should work efficiently, i.e. work as quickly as possible and spend as little resources as ... More
Infinite Systems of Competing Brownian ParticlesMar 17 2014Sep 04 2016Consider a system of infinitely many Brownian particles on the real line. At any moment, these particles can be ranked from the bottom upward. Each particle moves as a Brownian motion with drift and diffusion coefficients depending on its current rank. ... More
Controllability of the cubic Schroedinger equation via a low-dimensional source termMay 09 2011Nov 15 2011We study controllability of $d$-dimensional defocusing cubic Schroedinger equation under periodic boundary conditions. The control is applied additively, via a source term, which is a linear combination of few complex exponentials (modes) with time-variant ... More
Controlling Multiparticle System on a Line. ISep 13 2008We study a classical multiparticle system (such as Toda lattice) whose dynamics we intend to control by forces applied to few particles of the system. Various problem settings, typical for control theory are posed for this model; among those: studying ... More
Computational geometry in Heisenberg group Heis^3Apr 10 2002Among eight possible geometric structures on three-dimensional manifolds less studied from the differential geometric point of view are those modelled on the Heisenberg group $Heis^3$. We consider the Heisenberg left-invariant metric and use some results ... More
Two-Sided Infinite Systems of Competing Brownian ParticlesSep 06 2015Jun 15 2017Two-sided infinite systems of Brownian particles with rank-dependent dynamics, indexed by all integers, exhibit different properties from their one-sided infinite counterparts, indexed by positive integers, and from finite systems. Consider the gap process, ... More
Ideals on the Quantum Plane's jet spaceMar 20 2016The goal of this paper is to introduce some rings that play the role of the jet spaces of the quantum plane and unlike the quantum plane itself possess interesting nontrivial prime ideals. We will prove some results (theorems 1-4) about the prime spectrum ... More
Self-organization of grid fields under supervision of place cells in the model of neuron with associative plasticityMar 26 2015Jun 30 2015The grid cells (GCs) of the medial entorhinal cortex (MEC) and place cells (PCs) of the hippocampus are key elements of the brain network for the metric representation of space. Currently, any of the existing theoretical models can explain all aspects ... More
Elliptic stable envelope for Hilbert scheme of points in the planeApr 23 2018Apr 30 2018We find an explicit formula for the elliptic stable envelope in the case of the Hilbert scheme of points on a complex plane. The formula has a structure of a sum over trees in Young diagrams. In the limit we obtain the formulas for the stable envelope ... More
Degenerate Sklyanin AlgebrasMar 08 2009New trigonometric and rational solutions of the quantum Yang-Baxter equation (QYBE) are obtained by applying some singular gauge transformations to the known Belavin-Drinfeld elliptic R-matrix for $sl(2,\mathbb{C})$. These solutions are shown to be related ... More
Polynomials associated with fixed points on the instanton moduli spaceApr 21 2014Using the Okounkov-Maulik stable map, we identify the equivariant cohomology of instanton moduli spaces with the space of polynomials on an infinite number of variables. We define the generalized Jack polynomials as the polynomials representing the classes ... More
Non-Levi closed conjugacy classes of SO_q(N)Dec 11 2011Jul 14 2013We construct explicit quantization of semisimple conjugacy classes of the complex orthogonal group SO(N) with non-Levi isotropy subgroups through an operator realization on highest weight modules of the quantum group U_q(so(N)).
Non-Levi closed conjugacy classes of SP_q(2n)Oct 12 2011Jun 22 2012We construct explicit quantization of closed conjugacy classes of the complex symplectic group SP(2n) with non-Levi isotropy subgroups through an operator realization on highest weight modules over the quantum group U_q(sp(2n)).
Kolmogorov Complexity and the Garden of Eden TheoremDec 09 2012Suppose $\tau$ is a cellular automaton over an amenable group and a finite alphabet. Celebrated Garden of Eden theorem states, that pre-injectivity of $\tau$ is equivalent to non-existence of Garden of Eden configuration. In this paper we will prove, ... More
Optimal sequential multiple hypothesis testsNov 08 2008This work deals with a general problem of testing multiple hypotheses about the distribution of a discrete-time stochastic process. Both the Bayesian and the conditional settings are considered. The structure of optimal sequential tests is characterized. ... More
How typical are pathological foliations in partially hyperbolic dynamics: an exampleJul 21 2009Jun 24 2010We show that for a large space of volume preserving partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms of the 3-torus with non-compact central leaves the central foliation generically is non-absolutely continuous.
Solution of the Boussinesq equation using evolutionary vesselsJan 11 2013In this work we present a solution of the Boussinesq equation. The derived formulas include solitons, Schwartz class solutions and solutions, possessing singularities on a closed set Z of the (x,t) domain, obtained from the zeros of the tau function. ... More
Equivariant vector bundles over quantum projective spacesMay 07 2018We construct equivariant vector bundles over quantum projective spaces making use of parabolic Verma modules over the quantum general linear group. Using an alternative realization of the quantized coordinate ring of projective space as a subalgebra in ... More
Limit mixed Hodge structures of hyperkähler manifoldsJul 11 2018Oct 04 2018This note is inspired by the work of Deligne on the local behavior of Hodge structures at infinity. We study limit mixed Hodge structures of degenerating families of compact hyperk\"ahler manifolds. We show that when the monodromy action on $H^2$ has ... More
Triple and Simultaneous Collisions of Competing Brownian ParticlesJan 24 2014Jan 29 2015Consider a finite system of competing Brownian particles on the real line. Each particle moves as a Brownian motion, with drift and diffusion coefficients depending only on its current rank relative to the other particles. A triple collision occurs if ... More
Generalisation of the explicit expression for the Deprit generator to Hamiltonians nonlinearly dependent on small parameterDec 15 2016This work explores a structure of the Deprit perturbation series and its connection to a Kato resolvent expansion. It extends the formalism previously developed for the Hamiltonians linearly dependent on perturbation parameter to a nonlinear case. We ... More
Weak Convergence of Obliquely Reflected DiffusionsSep 06 2015Jun 15 2017Burdzy and Chen (1998) proved results on weak convergence of multidimensional normally reflected Brownian motions. We generalize their work by considering obliquely reflected diffusion processes. We require weak convergence of domains, which is stronger ... More
Penalty Method for Obliquely Reflected DiffusionsSep 06 2015Nov 13 2017Consider a multidimensional normally or obliquely reflected diffusion in a smooth domain. We approximate it by solutions of stochastic differential equations without reflection using the penalty method. That is, we approximate the reflection term with ... More
Surgery for partially hyperbolic dynamical systems I. Blow-ups of invariant submanifoldsSep 19 2016We suggest a method to construct new examples of partially hyperbolic diffeomorphisms. We begin with a partially hyperbolic diffeomorphism $f\colon M\to M$ which leaves invariant a submanifold $N\subset M$. We assume that $N$ is an Anosov submanifold ... More
Smooth conjugacy of Anosov diffeomorphisms on higher dimensional toriApr 24 2008Sep 27 2008Let $L$ be a hyperbolic automorphism of $\mathbb T^d$, $d\ge3$. We study the smooth conjugacy problem in a small $C^1$-neighborhood $\mathcal U$ of $L$. The main result establishes $C^{1+\nu}$ regularity of the conjugacy between two Anosov systems with ... More
Regularization of Mickelsson generators for non-exceptional quantum groupsDec 29 2015Let $\mathfrak{g}'\subset \mathfrak{g}$ be the pair of Lie algebras of either symplectic or orthogonal infinitesimal endomorphisms of the complex vector spaces $\mathbb{C}^{N-2}\subset \mathbb{C}^N$ and $U_q(\mathfrak{g}')\subset U_q(\mathfrak{g})$ the ... More
Contravariant form on tensor product of highest weight modulesSep 25 2017May 07 2018We give a criterion for complete reducibility of tensor product $V\otimes Z$ of two irreducible highest weight modules over a classical or quantum reductive group in terms of a contravariant form on $V\otimes Z$. We endow the tensor product of modules ... More
Some resolvent set properties of band operators with matrix elementsDec 23 2014For operators generated by a certain class of infinite band matrices with matrix elements we establish a characterization of the resolvent set in terms of polynomial solutions of the underlying higher order finite difference equations. This enables us ... More
Evolution of gluon TMDs from small to moderate xOct 23 2015Recently we obtained an evolution equation of gluon TMDs, which addresses a problem of unification of different kinematic regimes. It describes evolution in the whole range of Bjorken $x_B$ and the whole range of transverse momentum $k_\perp$. In this ... More
Complanart of polynomial equationsJul 24 2009Sep 22 2009In this paper we study polynomial maps of vector spaces and their eigenvectors and eigenvalues. The new quantity called complanart is defined. Complanarts determine complanarity of solution vectors of systems of polynomial equations. Evaluation of complanart ... More
Correspondence between Calogero-Moser systems and integrable SL(N,$\mathbb{C}$) Euler-Arnold topsSep 12 2008The equivalence between the N-particle Calogero-Moser systems and the integrable sl(N,$\mathbb{C}$)-tops is shown. New rational and trigonometric classical Lax operators for these systems are found. Relations with new solutions of the classical Yang-Baxter ... More
On the Instanton R-matrixFeb 04 2013A torus action on a symplectic variety allows one to construct solutions to the quantum Yang-Baxter equations (R-matrices). For a torus action on cotangent bundles over flag varieties the resulting R-matrices are the standard rational solutions of the ... More
On completely integrable polynomial PDEs arising from Sturm-Liouville differential equation using evolutionary vessels. KdV HierarchyJun 13 2012In this work we present a scheme for construction of solutions for evolutionary PDEs of some polynomial types q'_t = P(q,q'_x,...), where P is a polynomial in a finite number of variables. This scheme is a generalization of the existing technique for ... More
On the physical interpretation of some types of three-dimensional harmonic mappingsDec 19 2011The development of the theory of three-dimensional harmonic mappings is considered. The new classes of mappings that generate three-dimensional harmonic functions are introduced. The physical interpretation of these mappings is applied to electrostatics ... More
Diffeomorphisms Holder conjugate to Anosov diffeomorphismsSep 02 2008Jun 24 2010We show by means of a counterexample that a $C^{1+Lip}$ diffeomorphism Holder conjugate to an Anosov diffeomorphism is not necessarily Anosov. The counterexample can bear higher smoothness up to $C^3$. Also we include a result from the 2006 Ph.D. thesis ... More
Quasirational relation modules and p-adic Malcev completionsMay 16 2015Sep 26 2015We introduce the concept of quasirational relation modules for discrete (pro- p) presentations of discrete (pro-p) groups. It is shown, that this class of presentations for discrete groups contains CA-presentations and their subpresentations. For pro-p-groups ... More
Hochschild cohomology and moduli spaces of strongly homotopy associative algebrasApr 04 2002May 03 2003Motivated by ideas from stable homotopy theory we study the space of strongly homotopy associative multiplications on a two-cell chain complex. In the simplest case this moduli space is isomorphic to the set of orbits of a group of invertible power series ... More
Inverse scattering of Canonical systems and their evolutionOct 23 2013Nov 15 2013In this work we present an analogue of the inverse scattering for Canonical systems using theory of vessels and associated to them completely integrable systems. Analytic coefficients fits into this setting, significantly expanding the class of functions ... More
Statistical mechanics of nonequilibrium systems of rotators with alternated spinsMar 05 2014Dec 22 2014We consider a finite region of a d-dimensional lattice of nonlinear Hamiltonian rotators, where neighbouring rotators have opposite spins and are coupled by a small potential of order $\varepsilon^a,\, a\geq1/2$. We weakly stochastically perturb the system ... More
On existence and properties of strong solutions of one-dimensional stochastic equations with an additive noiseJun 02 2013One-dimensional stochastic differential equations with additive L\'evy noise are considered. Conditions for existence and uniqueness of a strong solution are obtained. In particular, if the noise is a L\'evy symmetric stable process with $\alpha\in(1;2)$, ... More
Comparison Techniques for Competing Brownian ParticlesMay 07 2013May 23 2016Consider a finite system of Brownian particles on the real line. Each particle has drift and diffusion coefficients depending on its current rank relative to other particles, as in Karatzas, Pal and Shkolnikov (2012). We prove some comparison results ... More
Maximum Likelihood Directed Enumeration Method in Piecewise-Regular Object RecognitionNov 20 2014We explore the problems of classification of composite object (images, speech signals) with low number of models per class. We study the question of improving recognition performance for medium-sized database (thousands of classes). The key issue of fast ... More
Probabilistic Neural Network with Complex Exponential Activation Functions in Image Recognition using Deep Learning FrameworkAug 09 2017If the training dataset is not very large, image recognition is usually implemented with the transfer learning methods. In these methods the features are extracted using a deep convolutional neural network, which was preliminarily trained with an external ... More
A functional limit theorem for for excited random walksNov 09 2016We consider the limit behavior of an excited random walk (ERW), i.e., a random walk whose transition probabilities depend on the number of times the walk has visited to the current state. We prove that an ERW being naturally scaled converges in distribution ... More
Explicit Rates of Exponential Convergence for Reflected Jump-Diffusions on the Half-LineSep 06 2015Nov 15 2016Consider a reflected jump-diffusion on the positive half-line. Assume it is stochastically ordered. We apply the theory of Lyapunov functions and find explicit estimates for the rate of exponential convergence to the stationary distribution, as time goes ... More
CDF Searches for New Physics with PhotonsOct 10 2007We present results of searches for new physics in final states with photons at CDF in approximately 1 fb-1 of ppbar collisions at 1.96 TeV. We give an overview of the data-driven photon background estimation techniques used for the analyses. We report ... More
R-matrix and inverse Shapovalov formDec 10 2014Feb 17 2016We construct the inverse Shapovalov form of a simple complex quantum group from its universal R-matrix based on a generalized Nagel-Moshinsky approach to lowering operators. We establish a connection between this algorithm and the ABRR equation for dynamical ... More
Remarks on differentiability in the initial data for stochastic reflecting flowDec 20 2012Stochastic flows generated by reflected SDEs in a half-plane with an additive diffusion term are considered. A derivative in the initial data is represented a.s. as an infinite product of matrices. We use this representation and construct an example of ... More
Controlling Multiparticle System on the Line, II - Periodic caseDec 04 2008As in arXiv: math. 0809.2365 we consider classical system of interacting particles $\mathcal{P}_1, ..., \mathcal{P}_n$ on the line with only neighboring particles involved in interaction. On the contrast to arXiv: math. 0809.2365 now {\it periodic boundary ... More
Reflected Brownian Motion in a Convex Polyhedral Cone: Tail Estimates for the Stationary DistributionSep 06 2015Apr 01 2016Consider an multidimensional obliquely reflected Brownian motion in the positive orthant, or, more generally, in a convex polyhedral cone. We find sufficient conditions for existence of a stationary distribution and convergence to this distribution at ... More
On Detecting Halo Assembly Bias with Galaxy PopulationsApr 28 2015Feb 02 2016The fact that the clustering of dark matter halos depends not only on their mass, but also the formation epoch, is a prominent, albeit subtle, feature of the cold dark matter structure formation theory, and is known as assembly bias. At low mass scales ... More
Lie algebaic characterization of supercommutative spaceMar 20 2009During the last decades algebraization of space turned out to be a promising tool at the interface between Mathematics and Theoretical Physics. Starting with works by Gel'fand-Kolmogoroff and Gel'fand-Naimark, this branch developed as from the fortieth ... More
Ferromagnetic Mott State in Twisted Graphene Bilayers at the Magic AngleDec 06 2018Dec 10 2018We address the effective tight-binding Hamiltonian that describes the insulating Mott state of twisted graphene bilayers at a magic angle. In that configuration, twisted bilayers form a honeycomb superlattice of localized states, characterized by the ... More
AC Hopping Magnetotransport Across the Spin Flop Transition in Lightly Doped La_2CuO_4Jul 13 2007The weak ferromagnetism present in insulating La_{2}CuO_4 at low doping leads to a spin flop transition, and to transverse (interplane) hopping of holes in a strong external magnetic field. This results in a dimensional crossover 2D $\to$ 3D for the in-plane ... More
Bound states of magnons in the S=1/2 quantum spin ladderMar 14 1998We study the excitation spectrum of the two-leg antiferromagnetic S=1/2 Heisenberg ladder. Our approach is based on the description of the excitations as triplets above a strong-coupling singlet ground state. The quasiparticle spectrum is calculated by ... More
Magnetic Impurity in the two-dimensional Heisenberg AntiferromagnetFeb 03 1998We analyze the ground state properties of the two-dimensional quantum antiferromagnet with a S=1/2 Kondo impurity. Perturbation theory around the strong Kondo coupling limit is developed and the results compared with studies, based on exact diagonalization ... More
Spiral Spin Order and Transport Anisotropy in Underdoped CupratesOct 16 2005We discuss the spiral spin density wave model and its application to explain properties of underdoped La$_{2-x}$Sr$_x$CuO$_4$. We argue that the spiral picture is theoretically well justified in the context of the extended $t-J$ model, and then show that ... More
Geometric structures encoded in the Lie structure of an Atiyah algebroidMay 08 2009We investigate Atiyah algebroids, i.e. the infinitesimal objects of principal bundles, from the viewpoint of Lie algebraic approach to space. First we show that if the Lie algebras of smooth sections of two Atiyah algebroids are isomorphic, then the corresponding ... More
On the nature of the transition from the spontaneously dimerized to the Neel phase in the two-dimensional J1-J2 modelJul 13 1999We analyze the spectrum of the 2D S=1/2 frustrated Heisenberg model near the transition from the spontaneously dimerized spin-liquid phase into the Neel ordered phase. Two excitation branches: the triplet magnon, and the collective singlet mode, both ... More
Observation of non-classical light in semiconductor microcavitiesJul 15 2014Jul 16 2014Semiconductor microcavities are widely used to study collective interactions of cavity exciton-polaritons leading to their condensation phenomenon. Exciton-light interaction is highly enhanced in such structures due to the resonance enhancement of the ... More
Solid Controllability in Fluid DynamicsJan 28 2007We survey results of recent activity towards studying controllability and accessibility issues for equations of dynamics of incompressible fluids controlled by low-dimensional or, degenerate, forcing. New results concerning controllability of Navier-Stokes/Euler ... More
Comparative study of metal cluster fission in Hartree-Fock and LDADec 05 2001Fission of doubly charged metal clusters is studied using the open-shell two-center deformed jellium Hartree-Fock model and Local Density Approximation. Results of calculations of the electronic structure and fission barriers for the symmetric and asymmetric ... More