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Environmental Stability of Bismuthene: Oxidation Mechanism and Structural Stability of 2D PnictogensJul 10 2019Recently a new group of two dimensional (2D) materials, originating from the group V elements (pnictogens), has gained global attention owing to their outstanding properties.
Exploring the Charge Localization and Band Gap Opening of Borophene: A First-Principles StudyDec 13 2017Recently synthesized two-dimensional (2D) boron, borophene, exhibits a novel metallic behavior rooted in the s-p orbital hybridization, distinctively different from other 2D materials such as sulfides/selenides and semi-metallic graphene. This unique ... More
Smoothing problem in anticipating scenarioNov 24 2006This article is devoted to the stochastic anticipating equations with the extended stochastic integral with respect to the Gaussian processes of a special type and its application to the smoothing problem in the case when noise is represented by the two ... More
Multiplicative white noise functionals and the Krylov-Veretennikov expansion for coalescing stochastic flowsJul 25 2011In this article we consider multiplicative operator-valued white noise functionals related to a stochastic flow. A generalization of the Krylov-Veretennikov expansion is presented. An analog of such expansion for the Arratia flow is derived.
A Formal Model of Distributed Systems For Test Generation MissionsOct 06 2014Nowadays, deployment of distributed systems sets high requirements for procedures and tools for the complex testing of these systems - virtualization and cloud technologies make another level of system complexity. As a possible solution, it is necessary ... More
Force acting on a cluster of magnetic nanoparticles in a gradient field: a Langevin dynamics studyMay 07 2018Nov 19 2018Magnetophoretic force acting on a rigid spherical cluster of single-domain nanoparticles in a constant-gradient weak magnetic field is investigated numerically using the Langevin dynamics simulation method. Nanoparticles are randomly and uniformly distributed ... More
Stochastic anticipating boundary value problemsNov 24 2006This article is devoted to the stochastic anticipating equations with the extended stochastic integral with respect to the Gaussian processes of a special type. In the particular cases the solutions of such an equations are the well-known Wiener functionals ... More
Semigroups of finite-dimensional random projectionsSep 21 2010In this paper we present a complete description of a stochastic semigroup of finite-dimensional projections in Hilbert space. The geometry of such semigroups is characterized by the asymptotic behavior of the widths of compact subsets with respect to ... More
Large Electronic Anisotropy and Enhanced Chemical Activity of Highly Rippled PhosphoreneOct 25 2016We investigate the electronic structure and chemical activity of rippled phosphorene induced by large compressive strains via first-principles calculation. It is found that phosphorene is extraordinarily bendable, enabling the accommodation of ripples ... More
Photon-phonon-photon transfer in optomechanicsJan 18 2017Apr 26 2017We consider transfer of a highly nonclassical quantum state through an optomechanical system. That is we investigate a protocol consisting of sequential upload, storage and reading out of the quantum state from a mechanical mode of an optomechanical system. ... More
On deformation-gradient tensors as two-point tensors in curvilinear coordinatesJul 07 2018We derive a general expression for the deformation-gradient tensor by invoking the standard definition of a gradient of a vector field in curvilinear coordinates. This expression shows the connection between the standard definition of a gradient of a ... More
A Bayesian Approach to Multivariate Adaptive Localization in Ensemble-Based Data Assimilation with Time-Dependent ExtensionsSep 24 2018Ever since its inception, the Ensemble Kalman Filter has elicited many heuristic methods that sought to correct it. One such method is localization---the thought that `nearby' variables should be highly correlated with `far away' variable not. Recognizing ... More
Effects of Graphene/BN Encapsulation, Surface Functionalization and Molecular Adsorption on the Electronic Properties of Layered InSe: A First-Principles StudyApr 14 2018By using first-principles calculations, we investigated the effects of graphene/boron nitride (BN) encapsulation, surface functionalization by metallic elements (K, Al, Mg and typical transition metals) and molecules (tetracyanoquinodimethane (TCNQ) and ... More
Atomic-scale mechanisms of defect- and light-induced oxidation and degradation of InSeDec 13 2017Layered indium selenide (InSe), a new two-dimensional (2D) material with a hexagonal structure and semiconducting characteristic, is gaining increasing attention owing to its intriguing electronic properties. Here, by using first-principles calculations, ... More
The Role of H2O and O2 Molecules and Phosphorus Vacancies in the Structure Instability of PhosphoreneOct 24 2016The poor structural stability of phosphorene in air was commonly ascribed to humidity and oxygen molecules. Recent exfoliation of phosphorene in deoxygenated water promotes the need to re-examine the role of H2O and O2 molecules. Considering the presence ... More
Strain and Water Effects on the Electronic Structure and Chemical Activity of In-Plane Graphene/Silicene HeterostructureDec 23 2016Jan 03 2017By using first-principles calculations, the electronic structure of planar and strained in-plane graphene/silicene heterostructure is studied. The heterostructure is found to be metallic in a strain range from -7% (compression) to +7% (tension). The effect ... More
Strain Engineering of Antimonene by a First-principles Study: Mechanical and Electronic PropertiesJul 17 2018In this work, we investigate the mechanical and electronic properties of monolayer antimonene in its most stable beta-phase using first-principles calculations. The upper region of its valence band is found to solely consist of lone pair p-orbital states, ... More
A First-Principles Study on the Adsorption of Small Molecules on Antimonene: Oxidation Tendency and StabilityMar 21 2018Antimonene, a new group-VA 2D semiconducting material beyond phosphorene, was recently synthesized through various approaches and was shown to exhibit a good structural integrity in ambient conditions and various interesting properties. In this work, ... More
Nanotube-based scanning rotational microscopeApr 24 2012A scheme of the scanning rotational microscope is designed. This scheme is based on using carbon nanotubes simultaneously as a probe tip and as a bolt/nut pair which converts translational displacements of two piezo actuators into pure rotation of the ... More
Excitation of the $^{229}$Th nucleus via a two-photon electronic transitionFeb 14 2019May 16 2019We investigate the process of nuclear excitation via a two-photon electron transition (NETP) for the case of the doubly charged thorium. The theory of the NETP process has been devised originally for heavy helium-like ions. In this work, we study this ... More
On a problem of geometry of numbers arising in spectral theoryJul 22 2015We study a lattice point counting problem for a class of families of domains in a Euclidean space. This class consists of anisotropically expanding bounded domains, which remain unchanged along some fixed linear subspace and expand in directions, orthogonal ... More
Effect of Fluctuations on the NMR Relaxation Beyond the Abrikosov Vortex StateJun 04 2015The effect of fluctuations on the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) relaxation rate, $W$, is studied in a complete phase diagram of a 2D superconductor above the upper critical field line $H_{c2}(T)$ . In the region of relatively high temperatures and ... More
Squeezer-based pulsed optomechanical interfaceNov 27 2015Mar 24 2016We prove feasibility of high-fidelity pulsed optomechanical interface based on all-optical presqueezing of non-Gaussian quantum states of light before they enter the optomechanical system. We demonstrate that feasible presqueezing of optical states effectively ... More
Pulsed quantum continuous-variable optoelectromechanical transducerApr 06 2017Apr 13 2017We propose a setup allowing to entangle two directly non-interacting radiation modes applying four sequential pulsed quantum resonant interactions with a noisy vibrational mode of a mechanical oscillator which plays the role of the mediator. We analyze ... More
A full proof of universal inequalities for the distribution function of the binomial lawJul 16 2012Aug 31 2012We present a new form and a short full proof of explicit two-sided estimates for the distribution function F_{n,p}(x) of the binomial law from the paper published by D.Alfers and H.Dinges in 1984. These inequalities are universal (valid for all binomial ... More
Bimodal Distribution of Magnetic Fields and Areas of SunspotsAug 02 2013We applied automatic identification of sunspot umbrae and penumbrae to daily observations from the Helioseismic Magnetic Imager (HMI) on board the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) to study their magnetic flux (B) and area (A). The results confirm a previously ... More
On the Wiener complexity and the Wiener index of fullerene graphsMay 05 2019Fullerenes are molecules in the form of cage-like polyhedra, consisting solely of carbon atoms. Fullerene graphs are mathematical models of fullerene molecules. The transmission of a vertex $v$ of a graph is the sum of distances from $v$ to all the other ... More
Relativistic corrections to the algebra of position variables and spin-orbital interactionAug 30 2016Sep 12 2016In the framework of vector model of spin, we discuss the problem of a covariant formalism \cite{Pomeranskii1998} concerning the discrepancy between relativistic and Pauli Hamiltonians. We show how the spin-induced non commutativity of a position accounts ... More
Magnetic Phases of the 2D Hubbard Model at Low DopingJan 10 1995We study the equilibrium spin configuration of the 2D Hubbard model at low doping, when a long-range magnetic order is still present. We use the spin-density-wave formalism and examine the two suggested candidates for a ground state: the planar spiral ... More
Anomalous fluctuations of nematic order in solutions of semiflexible polymersApr 04 2016The nematic ordering in semiflexible polymers with contour length $L$ exceeding their persistence length $\ell_p$ is described by a confinement of the polymers in a cylinder of radius $r_{eff}$ much larger than the radius $r_\rho$, expected from the respective ... More
Baker-Akhiezer Modules on Rational VarietiesApr 07 2010The free Baker-Akhiezer modules on rational varieties obtained from ${\mathbb C}P^{1}\times{\mathbb C}P^{n-1}$ by identification of two hypersurfaces are constructed. The corollary of this construction is the existence of embedding of meromorphic function ... More
Modeling transport and mean age of dense core vesicles in large axonal arborsMar 25 2019May 02 2019A model simulating transport of dense core vesicles (DCVs) in type II axonal terminals of Drosophila motoneurons has been developed. An interesting feature of the morphology of type II terminals is the large number of en passant boutons. The lack of both ... More
Hecke Transformations of Conformal Blocks in WZW Theory. I. KZB Equations for Non-Trivial BundlesJul 18 2012Dec 10 2012We describe new families of the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov-Bernard (KZB) equations related to the WZW-theory corresponding to the adjoint $G$-bundles of different topological types over complex curves $\Sigma_{g,n}$ of genus $g$ with $n$ marked points. The ... More
Transformation of amorphous carbon clusters to fullerenesAug 04 2017Transformation of amorphous carbon clusters into fullerenes under high temperature is studied using molecular dynamics simulations at microsecond times. Based on the analysis of both structure and energy of the system, it is found that fullerene formation ... More
Ab initio study of edge effect on relative motion of walls in carbon nanotubesFeb 15 2013Interwall interaction energies of double-walled nanotubes (DWNTs) with long inner and short outer walls are calculated as functions of coordinates describing relative rotation and displacement of the walls using van der Waals corrected density functional ... More
Elastic constants of graphene: Comparison of empirical potentials and DFT calculationsFeb 13 2019The capacity of popular classical interatomic potentials to describe elastic properties of graphene is tested. The Tersoff potential, Brenner reactive bond-order potentials REBO-1990, REBO-2000, REBO-2002 and AIREBO as well as LCBOP, PPBE-G, ReaxFF-CHO ... More
Long triple carbon chains formation by heat treatment of graphene nanoribbon: Molecular dynamics study with revised Brenner potentialAug 14 2018Oct 06 2018The method for production of atomic chains by heating of graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) is proposed and studied by molecular dynamics simulations. The Brenner potential is revised to adequately describe formation of atomic chains, edges and vacancy migration ... More
Dislocations in stacking and commensurate-incommensurate phase transition in bilayer graphene and hexagonal boron nitrideJun 13 2016Dislocations corresponding to a change of stacking in two-dimensional hexagonal bilayers, graphene and boron nitride, and associated with boundaries between commensurate domains are investigated using the two-chain Frenkel-Kontorova model on top of ab ... More
Stacking in incommensurate graphene/hexagonal-boron-nitride heterostructures based on ab initio study of interlayer interactionAug 29 2017The interlayer interaction in graphene/boron-nitride heterostructures is studied using density functional theory calculations with the correction for van der Waals interactions. It is shown that the use of the experimental interlayer distance allows to ... More
Comparison of performance of van der Waals-corrected exchange-correlation functionals for interlayer interaction in graphene and hexagonal boron nitrideAug 04 2017Aug 21 2018Exchange-correlation functionals with corrections for van der Waals interactions (PBE-D2, PBE-D3, PBE-D3(BJ), PBE-TS, optPBE-vdW and vdW-DF2) are tested for graphene and hexagonal boron nitride, both in the form of bulk and bilayer. The characteristics ... More
Ni-assisted transformation of graphene flakes to fullerenesApr 16 2012Transformation of graphene flakes to fullerenes assisted by Ni clusters is investigated using molecular dynamics simulations. The bond-order potential for Ni-C systems is developed. The potential reproduces the experimental and first-principles data on ... More
On the contrasting spin dynamics of $La_{2-x}Sr_xCuO_4$, $Nd_{2-x}Ce_xCuO_4$ and $YBa_2Cu_3O_{6+x}$ near half fillingJul 15 1994Jul 18 1994We present simple calculations which show that incommensurability upon doping and the width of the magnetically ordered phase in Mott-Hubbard insulators depend strongly on the location of the hole/electron pockets in the Brillouin zone. For $LaSrCuO$ ... More
Pseudogap in underdoped cuprates and spin-density-wave fluctuationsFeb 19 2010Apr 23 2010We analyze fermionic spectral function in the spin-density-wave (SDW) phase of quasi-2D cuprates at small but finite T. We use a non-perturbative approach and sum up infinite series of thermal self-energy terms, keeping at each order nearly-divergent ... More
Crossover from $O(3)$ to $O(4)$ behavior in weakly frustrated antiferromagnetsFeb 14 1996We consider an anisotropic version of the $CP^{1}$ model which describes frustrated quantum antiferromagnets with incommensurate spin correlations. We extend the two-component spinon field, describing lattice spins, to the $M$-component complex vector, ... More
Latitude of Ephemeral Regions as Indicator of Strength of Solar CyclesAug 01 2010Digitized images of full disk CaK spectroheliograms from two solar observatories were used to study cycle variation of ephemeral regions (ERs) over ten solar cycles 14-23. We calculate monthly averaged unsigned latitude of ERs and compare it with annual ... More
The graph of atomic divisors and constructive recognition of finite simple groupsDec 14 2018The spectrum $\omega(G)$ of a finite group $G$ is the set of orders of elements of $G$. We present a polynomial-time algorithm that, given a finite set $\mathcal M$ of positive integers, outputs either an empty set or a finite simple group $G$. In the ... More
On the structure of finite groups isospectral to finite simple groupsSep 29 2014Jun 23 2015Finite groups are said to be isospectral if they have the same sets of element orders. A finite nonabelian simple group $L$ is said to be almost recognizable by spectrum if every finite group isospectral to $L$ is an almost simple group with socle isomorphic ... More
On regularization of formal Fourier--Wiener transform of the self-intersection local time of planar Gaussian processMay 19 2011Fourier-Wiener transform of the formal expression for multiple self-intersection local time is described in terms of the integral, which is divergent on the diagonals. The method of regularization we use in this work related to regularization of functions ... More
Localized peaking regimes for quasilinear parabolic equationsFeb 11 2018Aug 28 2018This paper deals with the asymptotic behavior as $t\rightarrow T<\infty$ of all weak (energy) solutions of a class of equations with the following model representative: \begin{equation*} (|u|^{p-1}u)_t-\Delta_p(u)+b(t,x)|u|^{\lambda-1}u=0 \quad (t,x)\in(0,T)\times\Omega,\,\Omega\in{R}^n,\,n>1, ... More
Hyperfine-induced effects on the linear polarization of the K$α_1$ emission from helium-like ionsJun 01 2013The linear polarization of the characteristic photon emission from few-electron ions is studied for its sensitivity with regard to the nuclear spin and magnetic moment of the ions. Special attention is paid, in particular, to the K$\alpha_1$ ($1s 2p_{3/2} ... More
Estimation of squeezing in a nonlinear quadrature of a mechanical oscillatorApr 01 2019Processing quantum information on continuous variables requires a highly nonlinear element in order to attain universality. A measurement-induced method for applying an element of this type, the cubic phase gate, for quantum circuits involves the use ... More
Phases of triangular lattice antiferromagnet near saturationApr 03 2014We consider 2D Heisenberg antiferromagnets on a triangular lattice with spatially anisotropic interactions in a high magnetic field close to the saturation. We show that this system possess rich phase diagram in field/anisotropy plane due to competition ... More
Applying Prolog to Develop Distributed SystemsJul 22 2010Development of distributed systems is a difficult task. Declarative programming techniques hold a promising potential for effectively supporting programmer in this challenge. While Datalog-based languages have been actively explored for programming distributed ... More
Optical valleytronics in gapped grapheneJul 03 2018Jan 21 2019We propose a scheme to trap and filter electrons, valley dependently, on a scale beyond the diffraction limit, in a gapped Dirac system using a circularly polarized light beam and a microscale metallic resonator. The main mechanism allowing the selection ... More
Momentum distribution and non-Fermi liquid behaviour in low-doped two-orbital model: finite-size cluster quantum Monte Carlo approachOct 18 2016The two-dimensional two-orbital Hubbard model is studied with the use of finite-size cluster worldline quantum Monte Carlo algorithm. This model is widely used for simulation of the band structure of FeAs clusters, which are structure elements of Fe-based ... More
Dynamics of magnetic flux tubes in accretion discs of T Tauri starsJun 12 2019Dynamics of slender magnetic flux tubes (MFT) in the accretion discs of T Tauri stars is investigated. We perform simulations taking into account buoyant, aerodynamic and turbulent drag forces, radiative heat exchange between MFT and ambient gas, magnetic ... More
The high-order toroidal moments and anapole states in all-dielectric photonicsOct 11 2018All-dielectric nanophotonics attracts ever increasing attention nowadays due to the possibility to control and configure light scattering on high-index semiconductor nanoparticles. It opens a room of opportunities for the designing novel types of nanoscale ... More
Structure, energetic and tribological properties, and possible applications in NEMS of argon-separated double-layer grapheneSep 20 2013The possibility to control the commensurability and distance between graphene layers separated by a dielectric spacer is considered by the example of a heterostructure consisting of double-layer graphene separated by atomic layers of argon. Van der Waals ... More
The Data Zoo in Astro-WISEAug 30 2012In this paper we describe the way the Astro-WISE information system (or simply Astro-WISE) supports the data from a wide range of in- struments and combines multiple surveys and their catalogues. Astro-WISE allows ingesting of data from any optical instrument, ... More
Extended defects in natural diamonds: Atomic Force Microscopy investigationSep 07 2012Surfaces of natural diamonds etched in high-pressure experiments in H2O, CO2 and H2O-NaCl fluids were investigated using Atomic Force Microscopy. Partial dissolution of the crystals produced several types of surface features including the well-known trigons ... More
Chaotic dynamics of frequency combs generated with continuously pumped nonlinear microresonatorsNov 19 2012We theoretically and experimentally investigate the chaotic regime of optical frequency combs generated in nonlinear ring microresonators pumped with continuous wave light. We show that the chaotic regime reveals itself, in an apparently counter-intuitive ... More
What do Frobenius's, Solomon's, and Iwasaki's theorems on divisibility in groups have in common?Jun 22 2018Jul 11 2018Our result contains as special cases the Frobenius theorem (1895) on the number of solutions to the equation $x^n=1$ in a group, the Solomon theorem (1969) on the number of solutions in a group to a system of equations having less equations than unknowns, ... More
Chern-Simons Invariants on Hyperbolic Manifolds and Topological Quantum Field TheoriesJun 08 2016Oct 14 2016We derive formulas for the classical Chern-Simons invariant of irreducible $SU(n)$-flat connections on negatively curved locally symmetric three-manifolds. We determine the condition for which the theory remains consistent (with basic physical principles). ... More
Controllability of 2D Euler and Navier-Stokes Equations by Forcing 4 ModesJul 18 2005We study controllability issues for the 2D Euler and Navier-Stokes (NS) systems under periodic boundary conditions. These systems describe motion of homogeneous ideal or viscous incompressible fluid on a two-dimensional torus $\mathbb{T}^2$. We assume ... More
Diffusion and drift of graphene flake on graphite surfaceMar 28 2011Diffusion and drift of a graphene flake on a graphite surface are analyzed. A potential energy relief of the graphene flake is computed using ab initio and empirical calculations. Based on the analysis of this relief, different mechanisms of diffusion ... More
Parity-Time Anti-Symmetric Parametric AmplifierJun 06 2015We describe the process of parametric amplification in a directional coupler of quadratically nonlinear and lossy waveguides, which belong to a class of optical systems with spatial parity-time (PT) symmetry in the linear regime. We identify a distinct ... More
Density profiles of LCDM clustersNov 04 2003May 23 2004We analyze the mass accretion histories (MAHs) and density profiles of cluster- size halos with virial masses of 0.6-2.5x10^14/h Msun in a flat LCDM cosmology. In agreement with previous studies,we find that the concentration of the density distribution ... More
Effects of cooling and star formation on the baryon fractions in clustersJan 12 2005May 26 2005We study the effects of dissipation on the baryon fractions in clusters using high-resolution cosmological simulations of nine clusters that resolve formation of cluster galaxies. The simulations of each cluster are performed with the shock-capturing ... More
Slow-light enhanced optical forces between longitudinally shifted photonic-crystal nanowire waveguidesNov 02 2011We reveal that slow-light enhanced optical forces between side-coupled photonic-crystal nanowire waveguides can be flexibly controlled by introducing a relative longitudinal shift. We predict that close to the photonic band-edge, where the group velocity ... More
Correlation Between Sunspot Number and ca II K Emission IndexJun 03 2016Long-term synoptic observations in the resonance line of Ca II K constitute a fundamental database for a variety of retrospective analyses of the state of the solar magnetism. Synoptic Ca II K observations began in late 1904 at the Kodaikanal Observatory, ... More
Probing Quantum Chaos in many-body quantum systems by the induced dissipationApr 25 2019We theoretically analyze the depletion dynamics of an ensemble of cold atoms in a quasi one-dimensional optical lattice where atoms in one of the lattice sites are subject to decay. Unlike the previous studies of this problem in R. Labouvie, {\em et. ... More
Coherent vs incoherent pairing in 2D systems near magnetic instabilityNov 27 1999Jan 16 2001We study the superconductivity in 2D fermionic systems near antiferromagnetic instability, assuming that the pairing is mediated by spin fluctuations. This pairing involves fully incoherent fermions and diffusive spin excitations. We show that the competition ... More
Observational constraints on the magnetic field of the bright transient Be/X-ray pulsar SXP 4.78Jul 14 2019We report results of the spectral and timing analysis of the Be/X-ray pulsar SXP 4.78 using the data obtained during its recent outburst with NuSTAR, Swift, Chandra and NICER observatories. Using an overall evolution of the system luminosity, spectral ... More
Fast diffusion of graphene flake on graphene layerFeb 20 2011Diffusion of a graphene flake on a graphene layer is analyzed and a new diffusion mechanism is proposed for the system under consideration. According to this mechanism, rotational transition of the flake from commensurate to incommensurate states takes ... More
Constrained Simulations of the Real Universe: II. Observational Signatures of Intergalactic Gas in the Local Supercluster RegionSep 05 2001We present results of gasdynamics+N-body constrained cosmological simulations of the Local Supercluster region (LSC; about 30/h Mpc around the Virgo cluster), which closely mimic the real Universe within 100 Mpc by imposing constraints from Mark III catalog ... More
The tumultuous lives of galactic dwarfs and the missing satellites problemJan 07 2004May 15 2004Hierarchical Cold Dark Matter (CDM) models predict that Milky Way (MW) sized halos contain hundreds of dense low-mass dark satellites, an order of magnitude more than the number of observed satellites in the Local Group (LG). If the CDM paradigm is correct, ... More
Quantifying the evolution of higher-order clusteringJun 29 1999We use a high-resolution dissipationless simulation to study the evolution of the dark matter and halo distributions in a spatially flat cosmological model dominated by a cosmological constant $\Lambda$ and cold dark matter ($\Lambda$CDM). In order to ... More
Quantum stabilization of 1/3-magnetization plateau in Cs_2CuBr_4Sep 22 2008We consider the phase diagram of a spatially anisotropic 2D triangular antiferromagnet in a magnetic field. Classically, the ground state is umbrella-like for all fields, but we show that the quantum phase diagram is much richer and contains a 1/3 magnetization ... More
Flat spin wave dispersion in a triangular antiferromagnetAug 01 2006Nov 16 2006The excitation spectrum of a S=1/2 2D triangular quantum antiferromagnet is studied using 1/S expansion. Due to the non-collinearity of the classical ground state significant and non-trivial corrections to the spin wave spectrum appear already in the ... More
Three-loop effective potential of general scalar theory via differential equationsOct 17 2018Nov 12 2018We consider the scalar sector of a general renormalizable theory and evaluate the effective potential through three loops analytically. We encounter three-loop vacuum bubble diagrams with up to two masses and six lines, which we solve using differential ... More
Flow polynomials as Feynman amplitudes and their $α$-representationSep 05 2016Let $G$ be a connected graph; denote by $\tau(G)$ the set of its spanning trees. Let $\mathbb F_q$ be a finite field, $s(\alpha,G)=\sum_{T\in\tau(G)} \prod_{e \in E(T)} \alpha_e$, where ${\alpha_e\in \mathbb F_q}$. Kontsevich conjectured in 1997 that ... More
$B^0-\bar{B}^0$ Mixing at Next-to-Leading OrderJun 20 2016Sep 20 2016We compute the perturbative corrections to the HQET sum rules for the matrix element of the \Delta B=2 operator that determines the mass shift of $B^0$, $\bar{B}^0$ states. Technically, we obtain analytically the non-factorizable contributions at order ... More
Generation of Kerr Frequency Combs in Resonators with Normal GVDNov 16 2011We show via numerical simulation that Kerr frequency combs can be generated in a nonlinear resonator characterized with normal group velocity dispersion (GVD). We find the spectral shape of the comb and temporal envelope of the corresponding optical pulses ... More
Stationary points in coalescing stochastic flows on $\mathbb{R}$Aug 17 2018This work is devoted to long-time properties of the Arratia flow with drift -- a stochastic flow on $\mathbb{R}$ whose one-point motions are weak solutions to a stochastic differential equation $dX(t)=a(X(t))dt+dw(t)$ that move independently before the ... More
CDF Searches for New Physics with PhotonsOct 10 2007We present results of searches for new physics in final states with photons at CDF in approximately 1 fb-1 of ppbar collisions at 1.96 TeV. We give an overview of the data-driven photon background estimation techniques used for the analyses. We report ... More
Integral Property of Laplace OperatorJun 13 2014Relations have been derived which establish connection between a scalar or a vector functions and the integral of Laplace operator of these functions (the integral property of Laplace operator). The integral property of Laplace operator was employed to ... More
Construction of a Sturm-Liouville vessel using Gelfand-Levitan theory. On solution of the Korteweg-de Vries equation in the first quadrantDec 07 2012Using Gelfand-Levitan theory on a half line, we construct a vessel for the class of potentials, whose spectral functions satisfy a certain regularity assumption. When the singular part of the spectral measure is absent, we construct a canonical model ... More
Repeated interaction processes in the continuous-time limit, applied to quadratic fermionic systemsMar 19 2019We study a class of Lindblad equation on finite-dimensional fermionic systems. The model is obtained as the continuous-time limit of a repeated interaction process between fermionic systems with quadratic Hamiltonians, a setup already used by Platini ... More
Tail Asymptotic of Sum and Product of Random Variables with Applications in the Theory of Extremes of Conditionally Gaussian ProcessesJul 20 2011May 08 2013We consider two independent random variables with the given tail asymptotic (e.g. power or exponential). We find tail asymptotic for their sum and product. This is done by some cumbersome but purely technical computations and requires the use of the Laplace ... More
R-matrix and inverse Shapovalov formDec 10 2014Feb 17 2016We construct the inverse Shapovalov form of a simple complex quantum group from its universal R-matrix based on a generalized Nagel-Moshinsky approach to lowering operators. We establish a connection between this algorithm and the ABRR equation for dynamical ... More
Orthogonal basis for the Shapovalov form on $A_n$Jun 16 2012Aug 31 2014Let $U$ be either classical or quantized universal enveloping algebra of $\s\l(n+1)$ extended over the field of fractions of the Cartan subalgebra. We suggest a PBW basis in $U$ over the extended Cartan subalgebra diagonalizing the contravariant Shapovalov ... More
Statistical Investigation of Increments of Currency Rates LogarithmsJul 20 2011May 08 2013We consider the currency rates dynamics for 12 currencies, including dollar and euro, with respect to Russian rouble. We prove that the Samuelson model (geometric Brownian motion) is not suitable for this dynamics. We also prove that another model (with ... More
On transverse hyperplanes to self-similar Jordan arcsSep 02 2013We consider self-similar Jordan arcs $\gamma$ in $R^d$, different from a line segment and show that they cannot be projected to a line bijectively. Moreover, we show that the set of points $x\in\gamma$, for which there is a hyperplane, intersecting $\gamma$ ... More
Reflected Brownian Motion in a Convex Polyhedral Cone: Tail Estimates for the Stationary DistributionSep 06 2015Apr 01 2016Consider an multidimensional obliquely reflected Brownian motion in the positive orthant, or, more generally, in a convex polyhedral cone. We find sufficient conditions for existence of a stationary distribution and convergence to this distribution at ... More
A Dual-Radix Modular Division Algorithm for Computing Periodic Orbits within Syracuse Dynamical SystemsJun 25 2015Oct 30 2018This article analyzes the periodic orbits of Syracuse dynamical systems in a novel algebraic setting: the commutative ring of graded $n$-adic integers. Within this context, this article introduces a dual-radix modular division algorithm for computing ... More
Remarks on differentiability in the initial data for stochastic reflecting flowDec 20 2012Stochastic flows generated by reflected SDEs in a half-plane with an additive diffusion term are considered. A derivative in the initial data is represented a.s. as an infinite product of matrices. We use this representation and construct an example of ... More
Influence of Backside Energy Leakages from Hadronic Calorimeters on Fluctuation Measures in Relativistic Heavy-Ion CollisionsJul 12 2019The phase diagram of the strongly interacting matter is the main research subject for different current and future experiments in high-energy physics. System size and energy scan programs aim to find a possible critical point. One of such programs was ... More
Ultrafast diffusive cross-sheet motion of lithium through antimonene with a 2+1 dimensional kineticsJan 22 2019Layered two-dimensional materials like graphene are highly appealing for lithium battery applications owing to their high surface-volume ratios. However, a critical issue that limits their practical applications is the confined motion of lithium atoms ... More
Structure and energetics of carbon, hexagonal boron nitride and carbon/hexagonal boron nitride single-layer and bilayer nanoscrollsApr 06 2018Single-layer and bilayer carbon and hexagonal boron nitride nanoscrolls as well as nanoscrolls made of bilayer graphene/hexagonal boron nitride heterostructure are considered. Structures of stable states of the corresponding nanoscrolls prepared by rolling ... More
Bremsstrahlung of 350--450 MeV protons as a tool to study $NN$ interaction off-shellJul 18 1997The $pp\to pp\gamma$ bremsstrahlung cross section is calculated within the method of coordinate space representation. It is shown that in the beam energy range of 350--450~MeV a deep attractive NN-potential with forbidden states (Moscow potential) and ... More