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Magnon properties of random alloysOct 19 2018We study magnon properties in terms of spin stiffness, Curie temperatures and magnon spectrum of Fe-Ni, Co-Ni and Fe-Co random alloys using a combination of electronic structure calculations and atomistic spin dynamics simulations. Influence of the disorder ... More
Extended spin model in atomistic simulations of alloysFeb 16 2017An extended atomistic spin model allowing for studies of the finite temperature magnetic properties of alloys is proposed. The model is obtained by extending the Heisenberg Hamiltonian via a parameterization from a first principles basis, interpolating ... More
Realistic finite temperature simulations of magnetic systems using quantum statisticsAug 02 2017We have performed realistic atomistic simulations at finite temperatures using Monte Carlo and atomistic spin dynamics simulations incorporating quantum (Bose-Einstein) statistics. The description is much improved at low temperatures compared to classical ... More
First principles studies of the Gilbert damping and exchange interactions for half-metallic Heuslers alloysApr 26 2016Heusler alloys have been intensively studied due to the wide variety of properties that they exhibit. One of these properties is of particular interest for technological applications, i.e. the fact that some Heusler alloys are half-metallic. In the following, ... More
Stability Conditions and Branes at SingularitiesFeb 12 2007Feb 24 2009I use Bridgeland's definition of a stability condition on a triangulated category to investigate the stability of D-branes on Calabi-Yau cones given by the canonical line bundle over a del Pezzo surface. In this context, I prove the existence of the decay ... More
Deformations and D-branesSep 29 2006Feb 27 2007I discuss the relation of Hochschild cohomology to the physical states in the closed topological string. This allows a notion of deformation intrinsic to the derived category. I use this to identify deformations of a quiver gauge theory associated to ... More
Generalized Paraxial Ray Trace Procedure Derived from Geodesic DeviationFeb 17 2004Dec 05 2005Paraxial ray tracing procedures have become widely accepted techniques for acoustic models in seismology and underwater acoustics. To date a generic form of these procedures including fluid motion and time dependence has not appeared in the literature. ... More
A spin dynamics approach to solitonicsSep 16 2015May 11 2016It is spatial dispersion which is exclusively responsible for the emergence of exchange interaction and magnetic ordering. In contrast, magneto-crystalline anisotropy present in any realistic material brings in a certain non-linearity to the equation ... More
Suppression of Standing Spin Waves in Low-Dimensional FerromagnetsMar 10 2011May 23 2011We examine the experimental absence of standing spin wave modes in thin magnetic films, by means of atomistic spin dynamics simulations. Using Co on Cu(001) as a model system, we demonstrate that by increasing the number of layers, the "optical" branches ... More
Ultrafast generation and dynamics of isolated skyrmions in antiferromagnetic insulatorsSep 21 2018Based on atomistic spin dynamics simulations, we report the ultrafast generation of single antiferromagnetic skyrmions in a confined geometry. This process is achieved through an effective magnetic field induced by the inverse Faraday effect from a short ... More
Electronic structure and magnetic properties of L1_0 binary alloysApr 28 2014Jun 13 2014We present a systematic study of the magnetic properties of L1$_0$ binary alloys FeNi, CoNi, MnAl and MnGa via two different density functional theory approaches. Our calculations show large magnetocrystalline anisotropies in the order $1~\text{MJ/m}^3$ ... More
Atomistic spin dynamics of low-dimensional magnetsNov 13 2012Feb 14 2013We investigate the magnetic properties of a range of low-dimensional ferromagnets using a combination of first-principles calculations and atomistic spin dynamics simulations. This approach allows us to evaluate the ground state and finite temperature ... More
A microscopic model for ultrafast remagnetization dynamicsOct 09 2012In this letter, we provide a microscopic model for the ultrafast remagnetization of atomic moments already quenched above Stoner-Curie temperature by a strong laser fluence. Combining first principles density functional theory, atomistic spin dynamics ... More
Spin relaxation signature of colossal magnetic anisotropy in platinum atomic chainsApr 03 2016Recent experimental data demonstrate emerging magnetic order in platinum atomically thin nanowires. Furthermore, an unusual form of magnetic anisotropy -- colossal magnetic anisotropy (CMA) -- was earlier predicted to exist in atomically thin platinum ... More
Accelerating the switching of logical units by anisotropy driven magnetization dynamicsOct 22 2012In this work the magnetization dynamics of clusters supported on non-magnetic substrates is shown to exhibit an unprecedented complex response when subjected to external magnetic fields. The field-driven magnetization reversal of small Co clusters deposited ... More
String Junctions and BPS States in Seiberg-Witten TheoryFeb 05 1998Feb 25 1998We argue that certain BPS states in the D3-brane probe realization of N=2 SU(2) Super-Yang-Mills theory correspond to multi-pronged strings connecting the D3-brane to the background 7-branes. This provides a physical realization of the decay of these ... More
5d fixed points from brane webs and O7-planesJul 14 2015Aug 15 2015We explore the properties of five-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories living on 5-brane webs in orientifold 7-plane backgrounds. These include $USp(2N)$ and $SO(N)$ gauge theories with fundamental matter, as well as $SU(N)$ gauge theories with symmetric ... More
Ramond-Ramond Fields, Cohomology and Non-Geometric FluxesOct 26 2007Nov 07 2007We consider compactifications of type II string theory in which a d-dimensional torus is fibered over a base X. In string theory, the transition functions of this fibration need not be simply diffeomorphisms of T^d but can involve elements of the T-duality ... More
Two SK-I Neutrino Sources?Jun 26 2006A search for a neutrino flux difference between weekdays and weekend days was undertaken for the average week of the Super-Kamiokande-I (SK-I) Experiment, using the 5-day period version of the SK-I data taken from May 31st, 1996 to July 15th, 2001. Arbitrarily ... More
Theory of dissipationless Nernst effectsOct 13 2009We develop a theory of transverse thermoelectric (Peltier) conductivity, \alpha_{xy}, in finite magnetic field -- this particular conductivity is often the most important contribution to the Nernst thermopower. We demonstrate that \alpha_{xy} of a free ... More
Observation of the GZK Cutoff Using the HiRes DetectorSep 15 2006The High Resolution Fly's Eye (HiRes) experiment has observed the GZK cutoff. HiRes observes two features in the ultra-high energy cosmic ray (UHECR) flux spectrum: the Ankle at an energy of $4\times10^{18}$ eV and a high energy suppression at $6\times10^{19}$ ... More
Monocular UHECR Spectra as Measured by HiResAug 16 2002We have measured the spectrum of UHE cosmic rays in monocular mode using separately both detectors the High Resolution Fly's Eye experiment. We describe the two detectors and the basic methods of analysis, and we present our measured spectra. We compare ... More
Some results relevant to embeddability of rings (especially group algebras) in division ringsDec 14 2018P. M. Cohn showed in 1971 that given a ring $R$, to describe, up to isomorphism, a division ring $D$ generated by a homomorphic image of $R$ is equivalent to specifying the set of square matrices over $R$ which map to singular matrices over $D,$ and he ... More
Mapping radii of metric spacesApr 02 2007Mar 28 2008It is known that every closed curve of length \leq 4 in R^n (n>0) can be surrounded by a sphere of radius 1, and that this is the best bound. Letting S denote the circle of circumference 4, with the arc-length metric, we here express this fact by saying ... More
Wormholes in Maximal SupergravityJul 21 2007In this brief note, we reconsider the problem of finding Euclidean wormhole solutions to maximal supergravity in d dimensions. We find that such solutions exists for all d less than or equal to 9. However, we argue that, in toroidally-compactified string ... More
The Dilaton Theorem and Closed String BackgroundsNov 08 1994The zero-momentum ghost-dilaton is a non-primary BRST physical state present in every bosonic closed string background. It is given by the action of the BRST operator on another state $\x$, but remains nontrivial in the semirelative BRST cohomology. When ... More
The Cap in the Hat: Unoriented 2D Strings and Matrix(-Vector) ModelsNov 07 2003Nov 19 2003We classify the possible bosonic and Type 0 unoriented string theories in two dimensions, and find their dual matrix(-vector) models. There are no RP^2 R-R tadpoles in any of the models, but many of them possess a massless tachyon tadpole. Thus all the ... More
More Abelian groups with free dualsApr 19 2011In answer to a question of A. Blass, J. Irwin and G. Schlitt, a subgroup G of the additive group Z^{\omega} is constructed whose dual, Hom(G,Z), is free abelian of rank 2^{\aleph_0}. The question of whether Z^{\omega} has subgroups whose duals are free ... More
Homomorphisms on infinite direct products of groups, rings and monoidsJun 07 2014Oct 02 2014We study properties of a group, abelian group, ring, or monoid $B$ which (a) guarantee that every homomorphism from an infinite direct product $\prod_I A_i$ of objects of the same sort onto $B$ factors through the direct product of finitely many ultraproducts ... More
Continuity of homomorphisms on pro-nilpotent algebrasJul 01 2010Aug 25 2010Let V be a variety of not necessarily associative algebras, and A an inverse limit of nilpotent algebras A_i\in V, such that some finitely generated subalgebra S \subseteq A is dense in A under the inverse limit of the discrete topologies on the A_i. ... More
Colimits of representable algebra-valued functorsNov 05 2007Jul 18 2008If C and D are varieties of algebras in the sense of general algebra, then by a representable functor C --> D we understand a functor which, when composed with the forgetful functor D --> Set, gives a representable functor in the classical sense; Freyd ... More
On lattices of convex sets in R^nSep 16 2004Properties of several sorts of lattices of convex subsets of R^n are examined. The lattice of convex sets containing the origin turns out, for n>1, to satisfy a set of identities strictly between those of the lattice of all convex subsets of R^n and the ... More
Exact analysis of a Veselago lens in the quasi-static regimeMay 15 2014The resolution of conventional optical lenses is limited by the wavelength. Materials with negative refractive index have been shown to enable the generation of an enhanced resolution image where both propagating and non-propagating waves are employed. ... More
Faraday effect in compositesMay 14 1998In this article, we study the Faraday effect in a binary composite consisting of a dielectric matrix with metallic inclusions. We first use the replica trick together with a variational method in order to compute the effective permittivity tensor (in ... More
Toy models for closed string tachyon solitonsJul 06 2006Jul 12 2006We present qualitative evidence that closed string tachyon solitons describe backgrounds of lower-dimensional sub-critical string theory. We show that a co-dimension one soliton in the low energy effective gravity-dilaton-tachyon theory in general has ... More
Imaginary time D-branes to all ordersFeb 17 2004Extending the work of Gaiotto, Itzhaki and Rastelli in hep-th/0304192, we derive a general prescription for computing amplitudes involving a periodic array of D-branes in imaginary time to arbitrary order. We use this prescription to show that closed ... More
String Bit Models for SuperstringJun 19 1995We extend the model of string as a polymer of string bits to the case of superstring. We mainly concentrate on type II-B superstring, with some discussion of the obstacles presented by not II-B superstring, together with possible strategies for surmounting ... More
Probing the Higgs branch of 5d fixed point theories with dual giant gravitons in AdS(6)Oct 01 2012Oct 21 2012We consider the warped AdS(6)xS^4/Z_n backgrounds dual to certain 5d quiver gauge theories. By studying dual giant gravitons in the AdS(6) geometry we are able to partially probe the Higgs branch of these theories. We show how the quantization of the ... More
A note on instanton operators, instanton particles, and supersymmetryJan 05 2016We clarify certain aspects of instanton operators in five-dimensional supersymmetric gauge theories. In particular, we show how, in the pointlike limit, they become supersymmetric and provide the natural bridge with the instantonic states contributing ... More
Characterization of large price variations in financial marketsOct 25 2002Statistics of drawdowns (loss from the last local maximum to the next local minimum) plays an important role in risk assessment of investment strategies. As they incorporate higher ($>$ two) order correlations, they offer a better measure of real market ... More
Comment on A.-L. Barabasi, Nature 435 207-211 (2005)Feb 04 2006The purpose of this communication is twofold. First, it clarifies the origin of the power law obtained in the computer simulations presented in A.-L. Barabasi, Nature 435 207-211 (2005) as well as presenting a statistically more sound analysis of the ... More
Comment on recent claims by Sornette and ZhouFeb 07 2003Comment on recent claims by Sornette and Zhou: D. Sornette and W. Zhou, Quantitative Finance 2 (6), 468-481 (2002); Evidence of a Worldwide Stock Market Log-Periodic Anti-Bubble Since Mid-2000, cond-mat/0212010; Renormalization Group Analysis of the 2000-2002 ... More
First neighbourhood of the diagonal, and geometric distributionsJun 07 2002We describe the geometric notion of distribution in synthetic terms, utilizing the notion of "first neighbourhood of the diagonal" from algebraic geometry. We characterize involutive distributions in combinatorial terms.
Pregroupoids and their enveloping groupoidsFeb 03 2005We prove that the forgetful functor from groupoids to pregroupoids has a left adjoint, with the front adjunction injective. Thus we get an enveloping groupoid for any pregroupoid. We prove that the category of torsors is equivalent to that of pregroupoids. ... More
Calculus of extensive quantitiesMay 17 2011We show how a commutative monad gives rise to a theory of extensive quantities, including (under suitable further conditions) a differential calculus of such. The relationship to Schwartz distributions is dicussed. The paper is a companion to the author's ... More
A $q$-analogue of the FKG inequality and some applicationsJun 07 2009Aug 21 2009Let $L$ be a finite distributive lattice and $\mu : L \to {\mathbb R}^{+}$ a log-supermodular function. For functions $k: L \to {\mathbb R}^{+}$ let $$E_{\mu} (k; q) \defeq \sum_{x\in L} k(x) \mu (x) q^{{\mathrm rank}(x)} \in {\mathbb R}^{+}[q].$$ We ... More
Commutation StructuresNov 02 2005For a fixed object X in a monoidal category, an X-commutation structure on an object A is just a map from XA to AX. We study aspects of such structure in case A has a dual.
Accessibility percolation and first-passage site percolation on the unoriented binary hypercubeJan 09 2015Inspired by biological evolution, we consider the following so-called accessibility percolation problem: The vertices of the unoriented $n$-dimensional binary hypercube are assigned independent $U(0, 1)$ weights, referred to as fitnesses. A path is considered ... More
The Kellogg property and boundary regularity for p-harmonic functions with respect to the Mazurkiewicz boundary and other compactificationsMay 05 2017Oct 30 2018In this paper boundary regularity for p-harmonic functions is studied with respect to the Mazurkiewicz boundary and other compactifications. In particular, the Kellogg property (which says that the set of irregular boundary points has capacity zero) is ... More
Isotone maps on latticesMar 07 2011Let (L_i : i\in I) be a family of lattices in a nontrivial lattice variety V, and let \phi_i: L_i --> M, for i\in I, be isotone maps (not assumed to be lattice homomorphisms) to a common lattice M (not assumed to lie in V). We show that the maps \phi_i ... More
Estimating the Electromagnetic Chiral Lagrangian CoefficientsJun 09 2004In the low energy region chiral perturbation theory including virtual photons is used to derive the structure of the generating functional. The work we do is performed within the three flavor framework and reaches up to next-to-leading order. An Euclidian ... More
Some matrices with nilpotent entries, and their determinantsDec 15 2006We study algebraic properties of matrices whose rows are mutual neighbours, and are also neigbours of 0 ("neighbour" in the sense of a certain nilpotency condition). The intended application is in synthetic differential geometry. For a square matrix of ... More
Experiments on Internet ResponseSep 01 2005This paper suggests a generalized distribution of response times to new information $\sim t^{-b}$ for human populations in the absence of deadlines. This has important implications for psychological and social studies as well the study of dynamical networks ... More
Volume form as volume of infinitesimal simplicesJun 02 2000In the context of Synthetic Differential Geometry, we describe the square volume of a ``second-infinitesimal simplex'', in terms of square-distance between its vertices. The square-volume function thus described is symmetric in the vertices. The square-volume ... More
On the uniform equidistribution of closed horospheres in hyperbolic manifoldsMar 17 2011We prove asymptotic equidistribution results for pieces of large closed horospheres in cofinite hyperbolic manifolds of arbitrary dimension. This extends earlier results by Hejhal and Str\"ombergsson in dimension 2. Our proofs use spectral methods, and ... More
Two extensions of Thurston's spectral theorem for surface diffeomorphismsAug 18 2012Thurston obtained a classification of individual surface homeomorphisms via the dynamics of the corresponding mapping class elements on Teichm\"uller space. In this paper we present certain extended versions of this, first, to random products of homeomorphisms ... More
Integration of 1-forms and connectionsFeb 28 2019We give a combinatorial/geometric argument of the classical result that an affine connection, which is both torsion free and curvature free, is locally an affine space.
A new perspective on the dynamics of fragmented populationsDec 03 2008Understanding the time evolution of fragmented animal populations and their habitats, connected by migration, is a problem of both theoretical and practical interest. This paper presents a method for calculating the time evolution of the habitats' population ... More
Remarks on reply to Johansen's commentJun 25 2002Remarks on reply (cond-mat/0206368) to Johansen's comment (cond-mat/0205249)
Stochastic and deterministic molecular dynamics derived from the time-independent Schrödinger equationDec 23 2008Jan 12 2010Ehrenfest, Born-Oppenheimer, Langevin and Smoluchowski dynamics are shown to be accurate approximations of time-independent Schr\"odinger observables for a molecular system avoiding caustics, in the limit of large ratio of nuclei and electron masses, ... More
Random walks, arrangements, cell complexes, greedoids, and self-organizing librariesMay 01 2008The starting point is the known fact that some much-studied random walks on permutations, such as the Tsetlin library, arise from walks on real hyperplane arrangements. This paper explores similar walks on complex hyperplane arrangements. This is achieved ... More
A comparison theorem for $f$-vectors of simplicial polytopesMay 12 2006Nov 07 2006Let $f_i(P)$ denote the number of $i$-dimensional faces of a convex polytope $P$. Furthermore, let $S(n,d)$ and $C(n,d)$ denote, respectively, the stacked and the cyclic $d$-dimensional polytopes on $n$ vertices. Our main result is that for every simplicial ... More
Fibrations as Eilenberg-Moore algebrasDec 05 2013We give an elementary exposition of some fundamental facts about fibered (or rather opfibered) categories, in terms of monads and 2-categories. The account avoids any mention of category-valued functors and pseudofunctors.
Monads and extensive quantitiesMar 30 2011If T is a commutative monad on a cartesian closed category, then there exists a natural T-bilinear pairing from T(X) times the space of T(1)-valued functions on X ("integration"), as well as a natural T-bilinear action on T(X) by the space of these functions. ... More
Multiadaptive Galerkin Methods for ODEs III: A Priori Error EstimatesMay 14 2012The multiadaptive continuous/discontinuous Galerkin methods mcG(q) and mdG(q) for the numerical solution of initial value problems for ordinary differential equations are based on piecewise polynomial approximation of degree q on partitions in time with ... More
A linear threshold for uniqueness of solutions to random jigsaw puzzlesJan 17 2017Aug 15 2018We consider a problem introduced by Mossel and Ross [Shotgun assembly of labeled graphs, arXiv:1504.07682]. Suppose a random $n\times n$ jigsaw puzzle is constructed by independently and uniformly choosing the shape of each "jig" from $q$ possibilities. ... More
Universality and Clustering in 1+1 Dimensional Superstring-Bit ModelsDec 14 1995We construct a 1+1 dimensional superstring-bit model for D=3 Type IIB superstring. This low dimension model escapes the problems encountered in higher dimension models: (1) It possesses full Galilean supersymmetry; (2) For noninteracting polymers of bits, ... More
Homomorphisms on infinite direct product algebras, especially Lie algebrasOct 27 2009Mar 01 2011We study surjective homomorphisms f:\prod_I A_i\to B of not-necessarily-associative algebras over a commutative ring k, for I a generally infinite set; especially when k is a field and B is countable-dimensional over k. Our results have the following ... More
A computation of Poisson kernels for some standard weighted biharmonic operators in the unit discJul 03 2007We compute Poisson kernels for integer weight parameter standard weighted biharmonic operators in the unit disc with Dirichlet boundary conditions. The computations performed extend the supply of explicit examples of such kernels and suggest similar formulas ... More
Origin of Crashes in 3 US stock markets: Shocks and BubblesJan 13 2004This paper presents an exclusive classification of the largest crashes in Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA), SP500 and NASDAQ in the past century. Crashes are objectively defined as the top-rank filtered drawdowns (loss from the last local maximum to ... More
SUSY Flat Direction Decay - the prospect of particle production and preheating investigated in the unitary gaugeJan 04 2008Apr 22 2010We look at the possibility of non-perturbative particle production after inflation from SUSY flat directions produced by rotating eigenstates thereby avoiding the standard adiabaticity conditions. This might lead to preheating and prevent the delay of ... More
Infinitesimal aspects of the Laplace operatorJun 23 2000In the context of synthetic differential geometry, we study the Laplace operator an a Riemannian manifold. The main new aspect is a neighbourhood of the diagonal, smaller than the second neighbourhood usually required as support for second order differential ... More
First-passage percolation on Cartesian power graphsJun 29 2015We consider first-passage percolation with standard exponential edge weights on the class of "high-dimensional" graphs that can be written as an iterated Cartesian product $G\square G \square \dots \square G$ of some base graph $G$ as the number of factors ... More
Thermal state entanglement in harmonic latticesMar 07 2008Jun 18 2008We investigate the entanglement properties of thermal states of the harmonic lattice in one, two and three dimensions. We establish the value of the critical temperature for entanglement between neighbouring sites and give physical reasons. Further sites ... More
A classification of smooth convex 3-polytopes with at most 16 lattice pointsJun 21 2012We provide a complete classification up to isomorphism of all smooth convex lattice 3-polytopes with at most 16 lattice points. There exist in total 103 different polytopes meeting these criteria. Of these, 99 are strict Cayley polytopes and the remaining ... More
Comment on "Are financial crashes predictable?"May 13 2002May 15 2002Comment on "Are financial crashes predictable?", L. Laloux, M. Potters, R. Cont, J.P Aguilar and J.-P. Bouchaud, Europhys. Lett. 45, 1-5 (1999)
Langevin molecular dynamics derived from Ehrenfest dynamicsDec 21 2007Mar 30 2011Stochastic Langevin molecular dynamics for nuclei is derived from the Ehrenfest Hamiltonian system (also called quantum classical molecular dynamics) in a Kac-Zwanzig setting, with the initial data for the electrons stochastically perturbed from the ground ... More
Non-commutative residue of projections in Boutet de Monvel's calculusSep 21 2007Using results by Melo, Nest, Schick, and Schrohe on the K-theory of Boutet de Monvel's calculus of boundary value problems, we show that the non-commutative residue introduced by Fedosov, Golse, Leichtnam, and Schrohe vanishes on projections in the calculus. ... More
Partial Realization Theory and System Identification ReduxJun 17 2017Some twenty years ago we introduced a nonstandard matrix Riccati equation to solve the partial stochastic realization problem. In this paper we provide a new derivation of this equation in the context of system identification. This allows us to show that ... More
Algebra of Principal Fibre Bundles, and ConnectionsMay 12 2000We put together some of the efforts by several people of making aspects of fibre bundle theory into algebra. The initiator of these efforts was Charles Ehresmann, who put the notion of groupoid and groupoid action in the focus of fibre bundle theory in ... More
A geometric theory of harmonic and semi-conformal mapsJun 12 2003We describe for any Riemannian manifold a certain infinitesimal neighbourhood of the diagonal. Semi-conformal maps are analyzed as those that preserve such neighbourhoods; harmonic maps are analyzed as those that preserve mirror image formation for pairs ... More
The 2PI coupling expansion revisitedNov 01 2005Recently, out-of-equilibrium field theory has been studied using approximations based on truncations of the 2PI effective action. Although results are promising, the convergence of subsequent orders of the approximation is difficult to get a handle on, ... More
Response time of internautsMar 01 2001A new experiment measuring the dynamical response of the Internet population to a ``point-like'' perturbation has been performed. The nature of the perturbation was that of an announcement, specifically a web-interview on stock market crashes, which contained ... More
Efficient Representation of Computational MeshesMay 14 2012We present a simple yet general and efficient approach to representation of computational meshes. Meshes are represented as sets of mesh entities of different topological dimensions and their incidence relations. We discuss a straightforward and efficient ... More
Distributed Control of Positive SystemsFeb 29 2012May 14 2014A system is called positive if the set of non-negative states is left invariant by the dynamics. Stability analysis and controller optimization are greatly simplified for such systems. For example, linear Lyapunov functions and storage functions can be ... More
Automating the Finite Element MethodDec 02 2011The finite element method can be viewed as a machine that automates the discretization of differential equations, taking as input a variational problem, a finite element and a mesh, and producing as output a system of discrete equations. However, the ... More
Abstract Projective LinesDec 04 2009We describe a notion of (abstract) projective line over a field as a set equipped with a certain first order structure, and a projectivity between projective lines as a bijection preserving this structure. The structure in question is that of a groupoid, ... More
$ν$MSSM superpotential to 6th order - normalised and with no superfluous couplingsNov 30 2009Apr 28 2010We expand the superpotential of $\nu$MSSM to 6th order. This is the order at which all flat directions can be lifted. All 5179 couplings are independent ie. the superpotential cannot be zero for all fields, without all couplings being zero. Likewise, ... More
SUSY Flat Directions -- to get a VEV or not?Nov 13 2009We investigate the potential of SUSY flat directions (FDs). Large FD vacuum expectation values (VEVs) can delay thermalisation and solve the gravitino problem - if FDs decay perturbatively. This depends on how many and which directions get the VEVs. Recently ... More
Not served on a silver platter! Access to online mathematics information in AfricaMay 18 2009This paper argues that, contrary to the beliefs of many, the amount of mathematics information available for African researchers, including electronic scientific journals and databases, is indeed substantial. However, whereas information resources are ... More
Understanding the special theory of relativityJan 29 2009Feb 01 2009This paper constitutes a background to the paper 'Quantum mechanics as "space-time statistical mechanics"?', arXiv:quant-ph/0501133, presented previously by the author. But it is also a free-standing and self-contained paper. The purpose of this paper ... More
Geometric algebra of projective linesMar 10 2010The projective line over a field carries structure of a groupoid with a certain correspondence between objects and arrows. We discuss to what extent the field can be reconstructed from the groupoid.
Constant net-time headway as key mechanism behind pedestrian flow dynamicsAug 21 2009We show that keeping a constant lower limit on the net-time headway is the key mechanism behind the dynamics of pedestrian streams. There is a large variety in flow and speed as functions of density for empirical data of pedestrian streams, obtained from ... More
Infinitesimal cubical structure, and higher connectionsMay 30 2007In the context of Synthetic Differential Geometry, we describe a notion of higher connection with values in a cubical groupoid. We do this by exploiting a certain structure of cubical complex derived from the first neighbourhood of the diagonal of a manifold. ... More
Duality for generic algebrasDec 20 2014We prove that double dualization into the generic algebra for an algebraic theory has some Gelfand- or Stone- duality properties
Shotgun edge assembly of random jigsaw puzzlesMay 23 2016May 25 2016In recent work by Mossel and Ross, it was asked how large $q$ has to be for a random jigsaw puzzle with $q$ different shapes of "jigs" to have exactly one solution. The jigs are assumed symmetric in the sense that two jigs of the same type always fit ... More
A theoretical analysis of inertia-like switching in magnets: applications to a synthetic antiferromagnetSep 07 2011The magnetization dynamics of a synthetic antiferromagnet subject to a short magnetic field pulse, has been studied by using a combination of first-principles and atomistic spin dynamics simulations. We observe switching phenomena on the time scale of ... More
The Fermi Surface Effect on Magnetic Interlayer CouplingFeb 03 2004The oscillating magnetic interlayer coupling of Fe over spacer layers consisting of Cu$_{x}$Pd$_{1-x}$ alloys is investigated by first principles density functional theory. The amplitude, period and phase of the coupling, as well as the disorder-induced ... More
Anomalous phonon lifetime shortening in paramagnetic CrN caused by magneto-lattice coupling: A combined spin and ab initio molecular dynamics studyFeb 08 2018We study the mutual coupling of spin fluctuations and lattice vibrations in paramagnetic CrN by combining atomistic spin dynamics and ab initio molecular dynamics. The two degrees of freedom are dynamically coupled leading to non-adiabatic effects. Those ... More
Thermally driven domain wall motion in Fe on W(1 1 0)Aug 05 2013It has recently been shown that domain walls in ferromagnets can be moved in the presence of thermal gradients. In this work we study the motion of narrow domain walls in low-dimensional systems when subjected to thermal gradients. The system chosen is ... More