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Topic Independent Identification of Agreement and Disagreement in Social Media DialogueSep 03 2017Research on the structure of dialogue has been hampered for years because large dialogue corpora have not been available. This has impacted the dialogue research community's ability to develop better theories, as well as good off the shelf tools for dialogue ... More
Measuring the Similarity of Sentential Arguments in DialogSep 06 2017When people converse about social or political topics, similar arguments are often paraphrased by different speakers, across many different conversations. Debate websites produce curated summaries of arguments on such topics; these summaries typically ... More
Don't get Lost in Negation: An Effective Negation Handled Dialogue Acts Prediction Algorithm for Twitter Customer Service ConversationsJul 16 2018In the last several years, Twitter is being adopted by the companies as an alternative platform to interact with the customers to address their concerns. With the abundance of such unconventional conversation resources, push for developing effective virtual ... More
A Semi-Supervised Approach to Detecting Stance in TweetsSep 03 2017Stance classification aims to identify, for a particular issue under discussion, whether the speaker or author of a conversational turn has Pro (Favor) or Con (Against) stance on the issue. Detecting stance in tweets is a new task proposed for SemEval-2016 ... More
Using Summarization to Discover Argument Facets in Online Ideological DialogSep 03 2017More and more of the information available on the web is dialogic, and a significant portion of it takes place in online forum conversations about current social and political topics. We aim to develop tools to summarize what these conversations are about. ... More
Using Structured Representation and Data: A Hybrid Model for Negation and Sentiment in Customer Service ConversationsJun 11 2019Twitter customer service interactions have recently emerged as an effective platform to respond and engage with customers. In this work, we explore the role of negation in customer service interactions, particularly applied to sentiment analysis. We define ... More
Curriculum Learning in Deep Neural Networks for Financial ForecastingApr 29 2019For any financial organization, computing accurate quarterly forecasts for various products is one of the most critical operations. As the granularity at which forecasts are needed increases, traditional statistical time series models may not scale well. ... More
Curriculum Learning in Deep Neural Networks for Financial ForecastingApr 29 2019Jul 24 2019For any financial organization, computing accurate quarterly forecasts for various products is one of the most critical operations. As the granularity at which forecasts are needed increases, traditional statistical time series models may not scale well. ... More
Three nontrivial solutions of a nonlocal problem involving critical exponentDec 04 2018In this paper we will prove the existence of three nontrivial weak solutions of the following problem involving a nonlinear integro-differential operator and a term with critical exponent. \begin{align*} \begin{split} -\mathscr{L}_\Phi u & = |u|^{{p_{s}^{\ast}}-2}u+\lambda ... More
Are you serious?: Rhetorical Questions and Sarcasm in Social Media DialogSep 15 2017Effective models of social dialog must understand a broad range of rhetorical and figurative devices. Rhetorical questions (RQs) are a type of figurative language whose aim is to achieve a pragmatic goal, such as structuring an argument, being persuasive, ... More
Existence of solution of the $p(x)$-Laplacian problem involving critical exponent and Radon measureNov 15 2018In this paper we are proving the existence of a nontrivial solution of the ${p}(x)$- Laplacian equation with Dirichlet boundary condition. We will use the variational method and concentration compactness principle involving positive radon measure $\mu$. ... More
Summarizing Dialogic Arguments from Social MediaOct 31 2017Online argumentative dialog is a rich source of information on popular beliefs and opinions that could be useful to companies as well as governmental or public policy agencies. Compact, easy to read, summaries of these dialogues would thus be highly valuable. ... More
Data-Driven Dialogue Systems for Social AgentsSep 10 2017In order to build dialogue systems to tackle the ambitious task of holding social conversations, we argue that we need a data driven approach that includes insight into human conversational chit chat, and which incorporates different natural language ... More
Slugbot: An Application of a Novel and Scalable Open Domain Socialbot FrameworkJan 04 2018In this paper we introduce a novel, open domain socialbot for the Amazon Alexa Prize competition, aimed at carrying on friendly conversations with users on a variety of topics. We present our modular system, highlighting our different data sources and ... More
Combining Search with Structured Data to Create a More Engaging User Experience in Open Domain DialogueSep 15 2017The greatest challenges in building sophisticated open-domain conversational agents arise directly from the potential for ongoing mixed-initiative multi-turn dialogues, which do not follow a particular plan or pursue a particular fixed information need. ... More
Java Source-code Clustering: Unifying Syntactic and Semantic FeaturesAug 31 2012Oct 03 2012This is a companion draft to the paper 'Software Clustering: Unifying Syntactic and Semantic Features', 19th Working Conference on Reverse Engineering (WCRE 2012). It discusses software clustering process in detail, which appeared in the paper in an abridged ... More
Thoughts on an Unified Framework for Artificial ChemistriesJan 03 2009Artificial Chemistries (ACs) are symbolic chemical metaphors for the exploration of Artificial Life, with specific focus on the problem of biogenesis or the origin of life. This paper presents authors thoughts towards defining a unified framework to characterize ... More
Operators in the Cowen-Douglas class and related topicsJan 12 2019Linear spaces with an Euclidean metric are ubiquitous in mathematics, arising both from quadratic forms and inner products. Operators on such spaces also occur naturally. In recent years, the study of multivariate operator theory has made substantial ... More
A Dynamical Mean-field Study of LaNiO$_3$Jan 28 2014Mar 03 2014While most of the rare-earth nickelates exhibit a temperature-driven sharp metal-insulator transition, LaNiO$_3$ is the only exception remaining metallic down to low temperatures. Using local density approximation as an input to dynamical mean-field calculation, ... More
Evidence For Advective Flow From Multi-Wavelength Observations Of Nova MuscaeSep 02 1998We model the UV/optical spectrum of the black hole binary Nova Muscae as a sum of black body emissions from the outer region of an accretion disk. We show for self-consistency that scattering effects in this region are not important. The black hole mass ... More
On (Orientifold of) type IIA on a Compact Calabi-YauApr 24 2003We study the gauged sigma model and its mirror Landau-Ginsburg model corresponding to type IIA on the Fermat degree-24 hypersurface in WCP^4[1,1,2,8,12] (whose blow-up gives the smooth CY_3(3,243)) away from the orbifold singularities, and its orientifold ... More
On the Exact Evaluation of the Membrane Instanton Superpotential in M-Theory on G_2-Holonomy ManifoldMay 29 2002Nov 07 2002Following the work of Lima et al on the exact evaluation of the nonperturbative contribution to the superpotential from open-membrane instanton in Heterotic M-Theory, we evaluate systematically the contribution to the superpotential of a membrane instanton ... More
Debbie, the Debate Bot of the FutureSep 10 2017Chatbots are a rapidly expanding application of dialogue systems with companies switching to bot services for customer support, and new applications for users interested in casual conversation. One style of casual conversation is argument, many people ... More
SlugNERDS: A Named Entity Recognition Tool for Open Domain Dialogue SystemsMay 10 2018In dialogue systems, the tasks of named entity recognition (NER) and named entity linking (NEL) are vital preprocessing steps for understanding user intent, especially in open domain interaction where we cannot rely on domain-specific inference. UCSC's ... More
Towards a Framework for Observing Artificial Evolutionary SystemsJan 12 2009Establishing the emergence of evolutionary behavior as a defining characteristic of 'life' is a major step in the Artificial life (ALife) studies. We present here an abstract formal framework for this aim based upon the notion of high-level observations ... More
Design of a P System based Artificial Graph ChemistryJan 03 2009Artificial Chemistries (ACs) are symbolic chemical metaphors for the exploration of Artificial Life, with specific focus on the origin of life. In this work we define a P system based artificial graph chemistry to understand the principles leading to ... More
Nonlinear Optical Response Properties of Aryl - Substituted Boron -Dipyrromethene Dyes: Unidirectional Charge Transfer coupled with Structural TuningDec 17 2016Controlling the nonlinear optical (NLO) response properties at the molecular level is a key to develop strong NLO active materials for technological applications. In this paper, we report quantum chemical investigation of NLO response properties of select ... More
Mish: A Self Regularized Non-Monotonic Neural Activation FunctionAug 23 2019The concept of non-linearity in a Neural Network is introduced by an activation function which serves an integral role in the training and performance evaluation of the network. Over the years of theoretical research, many activation functions have been ... More
A two zone model for the broad Iron line emission in MCG-6-30-15Dec 08 1999We reanalyze the ASCA and BeppoSAX data of MCG-6-30-15, using a double zone model for the Iron line profile. In this model, the X-ray source is located around $\approx 10$ Schwarzschild radius and the regions interior and exterior to the X-ray source ... More
Stable Higgs Bundles on ruled surfacesMay 10 2018Jan 10 2019Let $\pi : X = \mathbb{P}_C(E) \longrightarrow C$ be a ruled surface over an algebraically closed field $k$ of characteristic 0, with a fixed polarization $L$ on $X$. In this paper, we show that pullback of a (semi)stable Higgs bundle on $C$ under $\pi$ ... More
Modeling The X-ray Timing Properties Of Cygnus X-1 As Caused By Waves Propagating In A Transition DiskDec 08 1999We show that waves propagating in a transition disk can explain the short term temporal behavior of Cygnus X-1. In the transition disk model the spectrum is produced by saturated Comptonization within the inner region of the accretion disk where the temperature ... More
On Issues in Swiss Cheese CompactificationsSep 30 2008We give a brief review of our previous works: [1,2]. We discuss two sets of issues. The first has to do with the possibility of getting a non-supersymmetric dS minimum without the addition of anti-D3 branes as in KKLT, and axionic slow-roll inflation, ... More
MQCD, ('Barely') G_2 Manifolds and (Orientifold of) a Compact Calabi-YauFeb 29 2004We begin with a discussion on two apparently disconnected topics - one related to nonperturbative superpotential generated from wrapping an M2-brane around a supersymmetric three cycle embedded in a G_2-manifold evaluated by the path-integral inside a ... More
Noncommutative N=2 p-p' SystemJun 21 2001Oct 10 2001We analyse several open and mixed sector tree-level amplitudes in N=2 p-p' systems with a constant magnetic B turned on. The 3-point function vanishes on-shell. The 4-point function, in the Seiberg-Witten (SW) low energy limit\cite{SW}, is local, {\it ... More
Yet another approach to the Algebraic Riccati InequalityFeb 28 2019We give a rank characterization of the solution set of algebraic Riccati inequality (ARI) for both controllable and uncontrollable systems. Assuming an existence of a solution of the corresponding algebraic Riccati equation (ARE), we characterize the ... More
Effect of finite beam width on current separation in beam plasma system: Particle-in-Cell simulationsAug 31 2015Sep 10 2015The electron beam propagation in a plasma medium is susceptible to several instabilities. In the relativistic regime typically the weibel instability leading to the current separation dominates. The linear instability analysis is carried out for a system ... More
Energy principle for 2D electromagnetic, relativistic, interpenetrating, counter streaming plasma flowsJul 10 2017A relativistic electron beam propagating through plasma induces a return current in the system. Such a system of counterstreaming forward and return current is susceptible to host of instabilities out of which Weibel remains a dominant mode for destabilizing ... More
Particle-in-Cell simulation of two-dimensional electron velocity shear driven instability in relativistic domainMay 30 2016We carry out Particle-in-Cell (PIC) simulations to study the instabilities associated with a 2-D sheared electron flow configuration against a neutralizing background of ions. Both weak and strong relativistic flow velocities are considered. In the weakly ... More
Optical runaway evaporation for multi-BEC productionSep 16 2014Oct 28 2014We report on parallel production of Bose-Einstein condensates (BECs) in steerable, multi-plexed crossed optical dipole traps. Using a conventional trap-weakening evaporation scheme, where the optical trapping power is lowered, we obtain an array of up ... More
Preference Elicitation For Single Crossing DomainApr 15 2016Eliciting the preferences of a set of agents over a set of alternatives is a problem of fundamental importance in social choice theory. Prior work on this problem has studied the query complexity of preference elicitation for the unrestricted domain and ... More
Does the evolution of complex life depend on the stellar spectral energy distribution?May 17 2019This paper presents the proportional evolutionary time hypothesis, which posits that the mean time required for the evolution of complex life is a function of stellar mass. The "biological available window" is defined as the region of a stellar spectrum ... More
Learning for DC-OPF: Classifying active sets using neural netsFeb 14 2019The optimal power flow is an optimization problem used in power systems operational planning to maximize economic efficiency while satisfying demand and maintaining safety margins. Due to uncertainty and variability in renewable energy generation and ... More
Interpretation of the Radio/X-ray Knots of AGN Jets within the Internal Shock Model FrameworkApr 08 2005The dynamics of relativistically moving blobs ejected out of a central AGN, are considered. It is assumed that the collision between two blobs are completely inelastic, such that the bulk kinetic energy lost in the collision is used to energize electrons ... More
Transport Coefficients of Black MQGP M3-BranesJun 23 2014Oct 01 2015The SYZ mirror, in the `delocalized limit' of [1], of (M)N (fractional)D3-branes, and wrapped N_f flavor D7-branes in the presence of a black-hole resulting in a non-Kaehler resolved warped deformed conifold (NKRWDC) in [2], was carried out in [3] and ... More
On 'Light' Fermions and Proton Stability in 'Big Divisor' D3/D7 Swiss Cheese PhenomenologyJul 07 2010May 10 2011Building up on our earlier work [1,2], we show the possibility of generating "light" fermion mass scales of MeV-GeV range (possibly related to first two generations of quarks/leptons) as well as eV (possibly related to first two generations of neutrinos) ... More
Moduli Stabilization, Large-Volume dS Minimum Without anti-D3-Branes, (Non-)Supersymmetric Black Hole Attractors and Two-Parameter Swiss Cheese Calabi-Yau'sJul 02 2007Mar 05 2008We consider issues of moduli stabilization and "area codes" for type II flux compactifications, and the "Inverse Problem" and "Fake Superpotentials" for extremal (non)supersymmetric black holes in type II compactifications on (orientifold of) a compact ... More
Carbon nanotube-sharp tips and carbon nanotube-soldering ironsApr 06 2008We report on the nano-electron beam assisted fabrication of atomically sharp iron-based tips and on the creation of a nano-soldering iron for nano-interconnects using Fe-filled multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs). High energy electron beam machining ... More
Persistence distributions in a conserved lattice gas with absorbing statesJan 25 2002Jan 28 2002Extensive simulations are performed to study the persistence behavior of a conserved lattice gas model exhibiting an absorbing phase transition from an active phase into an inactive phase. Both the global and the local persistence exponents are determined ... More
A Monte Carlo estimate for the fraction of thermal Comptonized photons that impinge back on the soft source in neutron star LMXBsMar 20 2016In earlier works, it was shown that the energy dependent soft time lags observed in kHz QPOs of neutron star low mass X-ray binaries (LMXBs) can be explained as being due to Comptonization lags provided a significant fraction ($\eta \sim 0.2$ - $0.8$) ... More
Bounds on the expected size of the maximum agreement subtree for a given tree shapeSep 12 2018We show that the expected size of the maximum agreement subtree of two $n$-leaf trees, uniformly random among all trees with the shape, is $\Theta(\sqrt{n})$. To derive the lower bound, we prove a global structural result on a decomposition of rooted ... More
Programmable Cellular Automata Based Efficient Parallel AES Encryption AlgorithmDec 09 2011Cellular Automata(CA) is a discrete computing model which provides simple, flexible and efficient platform for simulating complicated systems and performing complex computation based on the neighborhoods information. CA consists of two components 1) a ... More
The Carathéodory-Fejér interpolation problem for the polydiscJun 23 2016Aug 16 2017We give an algorithm for finding a solution to the Carath\'{e}odory-Fej\'{e}r interpolation problem on the polydisc $\mathbb D^n,$ whenever it exists. A necessary condition for the existence of a solution becomes apparent from this algorithm. A generalization ... More
Funding the Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence with a Lottery BondNov 11 2013I propose the establishment of a SETI Lottery Bond to provide a continued source of funding for the search for extraterrestrial intelligence (SETI). The SETI Lottery Bond is a fixed rate perpetual bond with a lottery at maturity, where maturity occurs ... More
Rational Orbits around Charged Black HolesJul 16 2010We show that all eccentric timelike orbits in Reissner-Nordstr\"{o}m spacetime can be classified using a taxonomy that draws upon an isomorphism between periodic orbits and the set of rational numbers. By virtue of the fact that the rationals are dense, ... More
On Nef cone of projective bundle over surfacesApr 04 2019In this article, we gave a description of the Mori cone of curves of the projective bundle $\mathbb{P}(\mathcal{E})$ over a smooth irreducible projective surface $X$. Using this, we have calculated the Nef cone of $\mathbb{P}(\mathcal{E})$ over $X$ in ... More
Delay Bounds for Multiclass FIFOMay 18 2016Aug 26 2017FIFO is perhaps the simplest scheduling discipline. For single-class FIFO, its delay guarantee performance has been extensively studied: The well-known results include a stochastic delay bound for $GI/GI/1$ by Kingman and a deterministic delay bound for ... More
Relativistic electron beam driven longitudinal wake-wave breaking in a cold plasmaJan 12 2016Space-time evolution of relativistic electron beam driven wake-field in a cold, homogeneous plasma, is studied using 1D-fluid simulation techniques. It is observed that the wake wave gradu- ally evolves and eventually breaks, exhibiting sharp spikes in ... More
Search for contact interactions at HERAOct 08 2008Oct 09 2008The H1 and ZEUS collaborations at HERA have searched for signatures of physics beyond the Standard Model using high Q^2 neutral current deep inelastic electron-proton and positron-proton scattering events. No significant deviations from Standard Model ... More
Note: Computer controlled rotation mount for large diameter opticsDec 07 2012Jan 29 2013We describe the construction of a motorized optical rotation mount with a 40 mm clear aperture. The device is used to remotely control the power of large diameter laser beams for a magneto-optical trap (MOT). A piezo-electric ultrasonic motor on a printed ... More
Damping of glacial-interglacial cycles from anthropogenic forcingJun 18 2014Climate variability over the past million years shows a strong glacial-interglacial cycle of ~100,000 years as a combined result of Milankovitch orbital forcing and climatic resonance. It has been suggested that anthropogenic contributions to radiative ... More
Efficient stochastic sampling of first-passage times with applications to self-assembly simulationsApr 02 2008Nov 07 2008Models of reaction chemistry based on the stochastic simulation algorithm (SSA) have become a crucial tool for simulating complicated biological reaction networks due to their ability to handle extremely complicated reaction networks and to represent ... More
On the Exact Amount of Missing Information that makes Finding Possible Winners HardOct 26 2016We consider election scenarios with incomplete information, a situation that arises often in practice. There are several models of incomplete information and accordingly, different notions of outcomes of such elections. In one well-studied model of incompleteness, ... More
Can Deep Altruism Sustain Space Settlement?Jun 15 2018Jun 25 2018Space settlement represents a long-term human effort that requires unprecedented coordination across successive generations. In this chapter, I develop a comparative hierarchy for the value of long-term projects based upon their benefits to culture, their ... More
Exploring the Spectral Variability of the Ultra-luminous X-ray source M81 X-6 with Suzaku and XMM-NewtonOct 16 2018We present X-ray spectral variability studies of the ultra-luminous X-ray source (ULX) M81 X--6 using {\it Suzaku} and {\it XMM-Newton} observations performed during 2001--2015. The spectra were first fitted by a standard multi-temperature disk and a ... More
A low-latency control plane for dense cellular networksJul 31 2014In order to keep up with the increasing demands for capacity, cellular networks are becoming increasingly dense and heterogeneous. Dense deployments are expected to provide a linear capacity scaling with the number of small cells deployed due to spatial ... More
Contractive and completely contractive maps over planar algebrasMay 12 2005Jul 22 2005We consider contractive homomorphisms of a planar algebra ${\mathcal A}(\Omega)$ over a finitely connected bounded domain $\Omega \subseteq \C$ and ask if they are necessarily completely contractive. We show that a homomorphism $\rho:{\mathcal A}(\Omega) ... More
Contractivity, complete contractivity and curvature inequalitiesOct 28 2014Jan 17 2015For any bounded domain $\Omega$ in $\mathbb C^m,$ let ${\mathrm B}_1(\Omega)$ denote the Cowen-Douglas class of commuting $m$-tuples of bounded linear operators. For an $m$-tuple $\boldsymbol T$ in the Cowen-Douglas class ${\mathrm B}_1(\Omega),$ let ... More
Stabilization of radiation pressure dominated accretion disks by viscous fluctuationsMar 01 2012The standard thin accretion disk model has been successfully used to explain the soft X-ray spectra of Galactic black hole systems and perhaps the UV emission of Active Galactic Nuclei. However, radiation pressure dominated disks are known to be viscously ... More
Energy Dependent Time Delays of kHz Oscillations due to Thermal ComptonizationSep 22 2014We study the energy dependent photon variability from a thermal Comptonizing plasma that is oscillating at kHz frequencies. In particular, we solve the linearised time dependent Kompaneets equation and consider the oscillatory perturbation to be either ... More
A classification of homogeneous operators in the Cowen-Douglas classApr 19 2010An explicit construction of all the homogeneous holomorphic Hermitian vector bundles over the unit disc $\mathbb D$ is given. It is shown that every such vector bundle is a direct sum of irreducible ones. Among these irreducible homogeneous holomorphic ... More
Nef cone and Seshadri constants of product of projective bundles of any dimension over curvesDec 10 2018Let $X = \mathbb{P}(E_1) \times_C \mathbb{P}(E_2)$ where $C$ is a smooth curve and $E_1$, $E_2$ are vector bundles over $C$. Here we calculate the nef cone of $X$, where $E_1$ and $E_2$ are unstable vector bundles of rank $r_1$ and $r_2$ respectively ... More
New Insights into Properties of Large-N Holographic Thermal QCD at Finite Gauge Coupling at (the Non-Conformal/Next-to) Leading Order in NJun 15 2016Nov 30 2016In the context of [1]'s string theoretic dual of large-N thermal QCD-like theories at finite gauge/string coupling (as part of the `MQGP' limit of [2]), we discuss the following. First, up to LO in N, using the results of [3], we show that the local T^3 ... More
The transformative value of liberating MarsApr 08 2014Aug 25 2015Humanity has the knowledge to solve its problems but lacks the moral insight to implement these ideas on a global scale. New moral insight can be obtained through transformative experiences that allow us to examine and refine our underlying preferences, ... More
Elicitation for Preferences Single Peaked on TreesApr 15 2016In multiagent systems, we often have a set of agents each of which have a preference ordering over a set of items and one would like to know these preference orderings for various tasks, for example, data analysis, preference aggregation, voting etc. ... More
New Insights into Properties of Large-N Holographic Thermal QCD at Finite Gauge Coupling at (the Non-Conformal/Next-to) Leading Order in NJun 15 2016Oct 18 2016In the context of [1]'s string theoretic dual of large-N thermal QCD-like theories at finite gauge/string coupling (as part of the `MQGP' limit of [2]), we discuss the following. First, up to LO in N, using the results of [3], we show that the local T^3 ... More
Introduction: Detectability of Future EarthFeb 11 2019Earth's future detectability depends upon the trajectory of our civilization over the coming centuries. Human civilization is also the only known example of an energy-intensive civilization, so our history and future trajectories provide the basis for ... More
Policy options for the radio detectability of EarthApr 05 2018The METI risk problem refers to the uncertain outcome of sending transmissions into space with the intention of messaging to extraterrestrial intelligence (METI). Here, I demonstrate that this uncertainty is undecidable by proving that that the METI risk ... More
Image Processing on IOPA Radiographs: A comprehensive case study on Apical PeriodontitisDec 23 2018Mar 22 2019With the recent advancements in Image Processing Techniques and development of new robust computer vision algorithms, new areas of research within Medical Diagnosis and Biomedical Engineering are picking up pace. This paper provides a comprehensive in-depth ... More
Alternating lags of QPO harmonics : A Generic model and its application to the 67 millihertz QPO of GRS 1915+105Oct 16 2013A generic model for alternating lags in QPO harmonics is presented where variations in the photon spectrum are caused by oscillations in two parameters that characterize the spectrum. It is further assumed that variations in one of the parameters is linearly ... More
Giant Component in Random Multipartite Graphs with Given Degree SequencesJun 03 2013Jan 22 2014We study the problem of the existence of a giant component in a random multipartite graph. We consider a random multipartite graph with $p$ parts generated according to a given degree sequence $n_i^{\mathbf{d}}(n)$ which denotes the number of vertices ... More
An Erdős--Ko--Rado theorem for matchings in the complete graphMar 17 2013We consider the following higher-order analog of the Erd\H{o}s--Ko--Rado theorem. For positive integers r and n with r<= n, let M^r_n be the family of all matchings of size r in the complete graph K_{2n}. For any edge e in E(K_{2n}), the family M^r_n(e), ... More
A Decidable Timeout based Extension of Propositional Linear Temporal LogicDec 16 2010We develop a timeout based extension of propositional linear temporal logic (which we call TLTL) to specify timing properties of timeout based models of real time systems. TLTL formulas explicitly refer to a running global clock together with static timing ... More
Ion dominated mechanism for coupling laser energy to plasmaJul 03 2019The well-known schemes (e.g. Brunel, resonance, JxB heating etc.,) of laser energy absorption in plasma are mediated through the lighter electron species. In this work a fundamentally new mechanism of laser energy absorption directly through the heavier ... More
Nonlinear saturation of magnetic curvature driven Rayleigh Taylor instability in three dimensionsOct 20 2004We present three dimensional fluid simulation results on the temporal evolution and nonlinear saturation of the magnetic curvature driven Rayleigh-Taylor (RT) instability. The model set of coupled nonlinear equations evolve the scalar electric field potential ... More
Application of Korányi-Pukánszky Theorem to Interpolation ProblemsJun 23 2016Adapting a theorem of Kor\'{a}nyi and Puk\'{a}nzsky, we give an algorithm for finding a solution to the Carath\'{e}odory-Fej\'{e}r interpolation problem on the polydisc $\mathbb D^n,$ whenever it exists. A necessary condition for the existence of a solution ... More
Should we geoengineer larger ice caps?Jul 20 2015The climate of Earth is susceptible to catastrophes that could threaten the longevity of human civilization. Geoengineering to reduce incoming solar radiation has been suggested as a way to mediate the warming effects of contemporary climate change, but ... More
Homogeneous Hermitian holomorphic vector bundles and the Cowen-Douglas class over bounded symmetric domainsJun 05 2018It is known that all the vector bundles of the title can be obtained by holomorphic induction from representations of a certain parabolic Lie algebra on finite dimensional inner product spaces. The representations, and the induced bundles, have composition ... More
On the incidence of KHz quasi-periodic oscillations in the neutron star system 4U 1636-53Aug 15 2004Nearly $1.32 \times 10^6$ sec of non-zero count rate data were obtained from five years of {\rm RXTE} observations of the atoll source 4U 1636-53. The data was divided into 10309 segments of 128 sec each. The histogram of the number of segments as a function ... More
Flux enhancement in the inner region of a geometrically and optically thick accretion diskOct 21 2002The surface flux (and the corresponding observed flux) of a geometrically thick ``funnel'' shaped disk is computed taking into account the radiation impinging on the surface from other parts of the disk. It is found that the ratio of the maximum apparent ... More
A Self-Consistent Model For The Long-Term Gamma-Ray Spectral Variability of Cygnus X-1Jun 19 1993The long-term transitions of the black hole candidate Cygnus X-1 (between the states gamma_1, gamma_2, and gamma_3) include the occasional appearance of a strong ~ MeV bump (gamma_1), whose strength appears to be anti-correlated with the continuum flux ... More
Application of Coherent State Approach for the cancellation of Infrared divergences to all orders in LFQEDJan 03 2015We sketch an all order proof of cancellation of infrared (IR) divergences in Light Front Quantum Electrodynamics (LFQED) using a coherent state formalism. In this talk, it has been shown that the true IR divergences in fermion self energy are eliminated ... More
Towards MQGPJun 18 2013Mar 19 2015For the Ouyang embedding we calculate the chemical potential mu_C due to a U(1) gauge field on the w.v. of N_f D7-branes wrapped around a 4-cycle in a resolved warped deformed conifold with (M)N (fractional)D3-branes of [1], and show the possible thermodynamical ... More
"Finite" Non-Gaussianities and Tensor-Scalar Ratio in Large Volume Swiss-Cheese CompactificationsJul 07 2008Dec 11 2009Developing on the ideas of (section 4 of) [1] and [2] and using the formalisms of [3] and [4], after inclusion of perturbative and non-perturbative alpha' corrections to the Kaehler potential and (D1- and D3-) instanton generated superpotential, we show ... More
Flux Vacua Statistics for Two-Parameter Calabi-Yau'sJul 29 2004Oct 12 2004We study the number of flux vacua for type IIB string theory on an orientifold of the Calabi-Yau expressed as a hypersurface in WCP^4[1,1,2,2,6] by evaluating a suitable integral over the complex-structure moduli space as per the conjecture of Douglas ... More
Sarcasm Detection using Hybrid Neural NetworkAug 20 2019Sarcasm Detection has enjoyed great interest from the research community, however the task of predicting sarcasm in a text remains an elusive problem for machines. Past studies mostly make use of twitter datasets collected using hashtag based supervision ... More
A Note on Alternating Minimization Algorithm for the Matrix Completion ProblemFeb 05 2016We consider the problem of reconstructing a low rank matrix from a subset of its entries and analyze two variants of the so-called Alternating Minimization algorithm, which has been proposed in the past. We establish that when the underlying matrix has ... More
Vacuum Structure and Chiral Symmetry BreakingMay 25 1994We relate here the vacuum structure of chiral symmetry breaking to a wide class of low energy hadronic properties to examine consistency with experimental results. Phase transition of chiral symmetry breaking is described through explicit vacuum realignment. ... More
Pseudo-Newtonian Potentials to Describe the Temporal Effects on Relativistic Accretion Disks around Rotating Black Holes and Neutron StarsSep 03 2002Two pseudo-Newtonian potentials, which approximate the angular and epicyclic frequencies of the relativistic accretion disk around rotating (and counter rotating) compact objects, are presented. One of them, the Logarithmically Modified Potential, is ... More
Techniques for Distributed Reachability Analysis with Partial Order and Symmetry based ReductionsJan 01 2009In this work we propose techniques for efficient reachability analysis of the state space (e.g., detection of bad states) using a combination of partial order and symmetry based reductions in a distributed setting. The proposed techniques are focused ... More