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Reentrant phase transition of Born-Infeld-AdS black holesOct 30 2017Jul 08 2018We investigate thermodynamic phase structure and critical behaviour of Born-Infeld (BI) black holes in an anti-de Sitter (AdS) space, where the charge of the system can vary and the cosmological constant (pressure) is fixed. We find that the BI parameter ... More
Microscopic properties of black holes via an alternative extended phase spaceJul 18 2016We propose an alternative view towards \textit{extended phase space} of charged Anti-de Sitter (AdS) black holes by considering the cosmological constant as a fixed parameter and treating the square of the charge of black hole as a thermodynamic variable. ... More
New Bi-GravitiesSep 21 2016We show that the problem of ghosts in critical gravity and its higher dimensional extensions can be resolved by giving dynamics to the symmetric rank two auxiliary field existing in the action of these theories. These New Bi-Gravities, at linear level ... More
ReQA: An Evaluation for End-to-End Answer Retrieval ModelsJul 10 2019Popular QA benchmarks like SQuAD have driven progress on the task of identifying answer spans within a specific passage, with models now surpassing human performance. However, retrieving relevant answers from a huge corpus of documents is still a challenging ... More
New Bi-GravitiesSep 21 2016Sep 09 2017We show that the problem of ghosts in critical gravity and its higher dimensional extensions can be resolved by giving dynamics to the symmetric rank two auxiliary field existing in the action of these theories. These New Bi-Gravities, at linear level ... More
Critical behaviour and microscopic structure of charged AdS black holes via an alternative phase spaceJul 18 2016Nov 16 2016It has been argued that charged Ads black holes have similar thermodynamic behavior as the Van der Waals fluid system, provided one treats the cosmological constant as a thermodynamic variable in an extended phase space. In this paper, we disclose the ... More
Conductivity of higher dimensional holographic superconductors with nonlinear electrodynamicsFeb 15 2018Apr 14 2018We investigate analytically as well as numerically the properties of s-wave holographic superconductors in $d$-dimensional spacetime and in the presence of Logarithmic nonlinear electrodynamics. We study three aspects of these kind of superconductors. ... More
Theoretical investigation of half-metallicity in Co/Ni substituted AlNJan 21 2011Results of Co and Ni substituted AlN in the zinc blende phase are presented. For spin up states the hybridized N-2p and Co/Ni-3d states form the valance bands with a bandgap around the Fermi level for both materials, while in the case of the spin down ... More
Multilingual Universal Sentence Encoder for Semantic RetrievalJul 09 2019We introduce two pre-trained retrieval focused multilingual sentence encoding models, respectively based on the Transformer and CNN model architectures. The models embed text from 16 languages into a single semantic space using a multi-task trained dual-encoder ... More
Unsupervised Machine Learning for the Discovery of Latent Disease Clusters and Patient Subgroups Using Electronic Health RecordsMay 17 2019Machine learning has become ubiquitous and a key technology on mining electronic health records (EHRs) for facilitating clinical research and practice. Unsupervised machine learning, as opposed to supervised learning, has shown promise in identifying ... More
Novel phase transition in charged dilaton black holesJul 14 2017We disclose a novel phase transition in black hole physics by investigating thermodynamics of charged dilaton black holes in an extended phase space where the charge of the black hole is regarded as a fixed quantity. Along with the usual critical (second-order) ... More
Holographic conductivity of holographic superconductors with higher order correctionsDec 07 2017Feb 24 2018We analytically as well as numerically disclose the effects of the higher order correction terms in the gravity and in the gauge field on the properties of $s$-wave holographic superconductors. On the gravity side, we consider the higher curvature Gauss-Bonnet ... More
Multi-Sensor Fuzzy Data Fusion Using Sensors with Different CharacteristicsOct 28 2010This paper proposes a new approach to multisensor data fusion, suggesting by considering information about the sensors' different characteristics, aggregation of data acquired by individual sensors can be done more efficient. Same as the most effective ... More
Superluminal light propagation in a bi-chromatically Raman-driven and Doppler-broadened N-type 4-level atomic systemNov 27 2013We investigate the behavior of fast light pulse propagation in an N-type Doppler-broadened 4-level atomic system using double Raman gain processes. This system displays novel and interesting results of two controllable pairs of the double gain lines profile ... More
Bitcoin Price Prediction: An ARIMA ApproachApr 04 2019Bitcoin is considered the most valuable currency in the world. Besides being highly valuable, its value has also experienced a steep increase, from around 1 dollar in 2010 to around 18000 in 2017. Then, in recent years, it has attracted considerable attention ... More
$\varphi$-contractibility and $\varphi$-Connes amenability coincide with some older notionsJun 19 2017It is shown that various definitions of $\varphi$-Connes amenability as introduced independently in \cite{Gh-Ja, mah, Sh-Am}, are just rediscovering existing notions and presenting them in different ways. It is also proved that even $\varphi$-contractibility ... More
Linear strands of edge ideals of multipartite uniform cluttersMay 29 2018We construct the first linear strands of the minimal free resolutions of edge ideals of $d$-partite $d$-uniform clutters. We show that the first linear strand is supported on a relative simplicial complex. In the case that the edge ideals of such clutters ... More
Detachments of Hypergraphs I: The Berge-Johnson ProblemOct 16 2017A detachment of a hypergraph is formed by splitting each vertex into one or more subvertices, and sharing the incident edges arbitrarily among the subvertices. For a given edge-colored hypergraph $\scr F$, we prove that there exists a detachment $\scr ... More
Energy Efficient Scheduling and Groupping for Machine-TYpe Communications over Cellular NetworksFeb 03 2016Mar 17 2016In this paper, energy-efficient scheduling for grouped machine-type devices deployed in cellular networks is investigated. We introduce a scheduling-based cooperation incentive scheme which enables machine nodes to organize themselves locally, create ... More
Cotangent cohomology of quadratic monomial idealsSep 20 2016We study the deformation theory of quotients of polynomial rings by quadratic monomial ideals. More precisely we compute the first cotangent cohomology module of such rings. We also give a criterion for vanishing of second cotangent cohomology module. ... More
On the equivariant Gromov-Witten Theory of P^2-bundles over curvesSep 30 2004Oct 01 2004We compute section class relative equivariant Gromov-Witten invariants of the total space of P^2-bundles of the form P(O+L1+L2)-->C where C is a genus g curve, O is the trivial bundle, and L1 (resp. L2) is an arbitrary line bundle of degree k1 (resp. ... More
On the FI-module structure of $H^i(Γ_{n,s})$Jun 19 2015Sep 09 2016The groups $\Gamma_{n,s}$ are defined in terms of homotopy equivalences of certain graphs, and are natural generalisations of $\mbox{Out}(F_n)$ and $\mbox{Aut}(F_n)$. They have appeared frequently in the study of free group automorphisms, for example ... More
The ideal of maximal flags of a posetJun 18 2017We study algebraic and homological properties of facet ideals of order complexes of posets which we call ideals of maximal flags of posets or simply flag ideals. We characterize the unmixed and Cohen-Macaulay flag ideals of graded posets. We also give ... More
New Bi-GravitiesSep 21 2016Oct 03 2016We show that the problem of ghosts in critical gravity and its higher dimensional extensions can be resolved by giving dynamics to the symmetric rank two auxiliary field existing in the action of these theories. These New Bi-Gravities, at linear level ... More
New Bi-Gravity from New Massive GarvityMar 10 2016May 29 2016Using the action of three dimensional New Massive Gravity (NMG) we construct a new bi-gravity in three dimensions. This can be done by promoting the rank two auxiliary field appearing in the expression of NMG's action into a dynamical field. We show that ... More
Can Uplink Transmissions Survive in Full-duplex Cellular Environments?Apr 09 2016In-band full-duplex (FD) communication is considered a potential candidate to be adopted by the fifth generation (5G) cellular networks. FD communication renders the entire spectrum simultaneously accessible by uplink and downlink, and hence, is optimistically ... More
Universality class of alternative phase space and Van der Waals criticalityOct 15 2018Nov 30 2018A new perspective toward thermodynamic phase space of Reisser-Nordstrom (RN) black holes in an anti-de-Sitter (AdS) spaces was recently proposed [Phys. Lett. B 768 (2017) 235], where the square of the electric charge $(Q^2)$ of black hole was regarded ... More
Large Neutrino Magnetic Dipole Moments in MSSM ExtensionsDec 09 2013Jan 24 2014An analysis of the Dirac neutrino magnetic moment with standard model interactions gives $\mu_\nu\sim 3 \times 10^{-19} \mu_B (m_\nu/1 eV)$. The observation of a significantly larger magnetic moment will provide a clear signal of new physics beyond the ... More
Observables of low-lying supersymmetric vectorlike leptonic generations via loop correctionsJul 31 2018Sep 28 2018A correlated analysis of observables arising from loop induced effects from a vectorlike generation is given. The observables include flavor changing radiative decays $\mu\to e \gamma, \tau\to \mu \gamma, \tau\to e \gamma$, electric dipole moments of ... More
In-Band $α$-Duplex Scheme for Cellular Networks: A Stochastic Geometry ApproachSep 03 2015Jul 11 2016In-band full-duplex (FD) communications have been optimistically promoted to improve the spectrum utilization and efficiency. However, the penetration of FD communications to the cellular networks domain is challenging due to the imposed uplink/downlink ... More
In-Band Full-Duplex Communications for Cellular Networks with Partial Uplink/Downlink OverlapAug 12 2015Aug 25 2015In-band full-duplex (FD) communications have been optimistically promoted to improve the spectrum utilization in cellular networks. However, the explicit impact of spatial interference, imposed by FD communications, on uplink and downlink transmissions ... More
Bandgap engineering of Cd1-xSrxOApr 20 2011Structural, electronic and optical properties of Cd1-xSrxO (0 \leq x \leq 1) are calculated for the first time using density functional theory. Our results show that these properties are strongly dependent on x. The bond between Cd and O is partially ... More
Ab-initio study of the bandgap engineering of Al(1-x)Ga(x)N for optoelectronic applicationsNov 06 2010A theoretical study of Al(1-x)Ga(x)N, based on full-potential linearized augmented plane wave method, is used to investigate the variations in the bandgap, optical properties and non-linear behavior of the compound with the variation of Ga concentration. ... More
Cr doped III-V nitrides: potential candidates for spintronicsJan 21 2011Studies of Cr-doped III-V nitrides, dilute magnetic alloys, in the zinc-blende crystal structure are presented. The objective of the work is to investigate half-metallicity in Al(0.75)Cr(0.25)N, Ga(0.75)Cr(0.25)N and In(0.75)Cr(0.25)N for their possible ... More
The novel reseraches toward the proof of the Goldbach's conjecture by the novel functions, the novel conjecture, the Riemann zeta function, and the novel experimental computationsMay 25 2016In this paper, at first two new functions are given then three new functions are developed based on the first two functions. Using these functions accompanied by a novel method, we make a conjecture to prove "every even integer greater than 2 can be represented ... More
The Generalized Quantization Schemes for Games and its Application to Quantum InformationDec 09 2010Theory of quantum games is relatively new to the literature and its applications to various areas of research are being explored. It is a novel interpretation of strategies and decisions in quantum domain. In the earlier work on quantum games considerable ... More
Holographic Scalar Fields Models of Dark EnergyJun 26 2011Nov 02 2011Many theoretical attempts toward reconstructing the potential and dynamics of the scalar fields have been done in the literature by establishing a connection between holographic/agegraphic energy density and a scalar field model of dark energy. However, ... More
A Five Dimensional Space Without Local Lorentz InvarianceMar 24 2011A five dimensional space without invariance under local Lorentz transformations is studied, and the transformations under which the theory is invariant are introduced. We show that the Lorentz force is included in the ensuing equations of motion. The ... More
A note on the three dimensional sine--Gordon equationDec 04 1996Using a simple ansatz for the solutions of the three dimensional generalization of the sine--Gordon and Toda model introduced by Konopelchenko and Rogers, a class of solutions is found by elementary methods. It is also shown that these equations are not ... More
Local monotonicity for the Yang-Mills-Higgs flowJun 05 2015A local monotonicity formula for the Yang-Mills-Higgs flow on $G$-bundles over $\mathbb{R}^{n}$ ($n>4$) is proved. It is shown that the monotone quantity co\"incides on certain self-similar solutions with that appearing in existing non-local monotonicity ... More
Topological Born-Infeld-dilaton black holesOct 20 2007Feb 09 2008We construct a new analytic solution of Einstein-Born-Infeld-dilaton theory in the presence of Liouville-type potentials for the dilaton field. These solutions describe dilaton black holes with nontrivial topology and nonlinear electrodynamics. Black ... More
Entropic Corrections to Friedmann EquationsMar 30 2010Apr 27 2010Recently, Verlinde discussed that gravity can be understood as an entropic force caused by changes in the information associated with the positions of material bodies. In the Verlinde's argument, the area law of the black hole entropy plays a crucial ... More
Brane-Bulk energy exchange and agegraphic dark energyAug 09 2009Feb 06 2010We consider the agegraphic models of dark energy in a braneworld scenario with brane-bulk energy exchange. We assume that the adiabatic equation for the dark matter is satisfied while it is violated for the agegraphic dark energy due to the energy exchange ... More
Magnetic dilaton strings in anti-de Sitter spacesSep 07 2008Dec 22 2008With an appropriate combination of three Liouville-type dilaton potentials, we construct a new class of spinning magnetic dilaton string solutions which produces a longitudinal magnetic field in the background of anti-de Sitter spacetime. These solutions ... More
The strategic form of quantum prisoners' dilemmaJul 21 2013In its normal form prisoners' dilemma (PD) is represented by a payoff matrix showing players strategies and payoffs. To obtain distinguishing trait and strategic form of PD certain constraints are imposed on the elements of its payoff matrix. We quantize ... More
The basis problem for subspaces of monotonically normal compactaFeb 17 2012Jul 21 2016We prove, assuming Souslin's Hypothesis, that each uncountable subspace of each zero-dimensional monotonically normal compact space contains an uncountable subset of the real line with either the metric, the Sorgenfrey, or the discrete topology.
Comment on "Learning to Build the Bomb"Aug 06 2008According to Alisa Carrigan's opinion in Physics Today Dec 2007, to prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons, certain rules should be set to prevent the spread of a particular kind of knowledge. Here, I argue that a knowledge blockade does not work, and ... More
An approach towards the proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integersMay 28 2016Nov 04 2017We approach a new proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integers by applying the Dirichlet's series. Using the Perron formula and the Residue Theorem in complex variable integration, one could show that any large even integer ... More
Rotating Black Holes in Einstein-Maxwell-Dilaton GravityNov 28 2007May 10 2008We present a new class of slowly rotating black hole solutions in $(n+1)$-dimensional $(n\geq3)$ Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton gravity in the presence of Liouville-type potential for the dilaton field and an arbitrary value of the dilaton coupling constant. ... More
Thermodynamical properties of topological Born-Infeld-dilaton black holesJan 27 2008We examine the $(n+1)$-dimensional $(n\geq3)$ action in which gravity is coupled to the Born-Infeld nonlinear electrodynamic and a dilaton field. We construct a new $(n+1)$-dimensional analytic solution of this theory in the presence of Liouville-type ... More
On solutions of some of unsolved problems in number theory, specifically on the distribution of primesMay 05 2016Jun 05 2016We solve some famous conjectures on the distribution of primes. These conjectures are to be listed as Legendre's, Andrica's, Oppermann's, Brocard's, Cram\'{e}r's, Shanks', and five Smarandache's conjectures. We make use of both Firoozbakht's conjecture ... More
Derivation of Relativistic law of Addition of Velocities from Superposition of Eigenfunctions and DiscretenessAug 20 2007We have defined a slowness, s, as the reciprocal conjugate of velocity, v. s = -ih/v. We have shown that Einstein's postulate (v has an upper limit) implies that s is discrete. A velocity operator is defined as the derivative with respect to s. Superposition ... More
Reciprocal Symmetric and Origin of Quantum StatisticsMar 21 2007Boltzmann's differential equation is replaced by the corresponding reciprocal symmetric finite difference equation. Finite difference translates discreteness of energy. Boltzmann's function, then, splits into two reciprocally related functions. One of ... More
Every even number greater than 2 is the sum of two primes provided Riemann hypothesis holdsMay 25 2016Nov 08 2017We solve Goldbach's conjecture for all the evens greater than 2. This solution is based upon the proof of Sabihi's first and second conjectures (my own conjectures on Goldbach's one) and Riemann Hypothesis is supposed to be correct. Our essential method ... More
Thermodynamics of interacting holographic dark energy with apparent horizon as an IR cutoffOct 03 2009Nov 29 2009As soon as an interaction between holographic dark energy and dark matter is taken into account, the identification of IR cutoff with Hubble radius $H^{-1}$, in flat universe, can simultaneously drive accelerated expansion and solve the coincidence problem. ... More
Skyrme-Faddeev Lagrangian from reformulated Georgi-Glashow modelSep 19 2016Recently we proposed a decomposition for fields of Georgi-Glashow model and we interpreted Cho's decomposition as a result of some constraints on Georgi-Glashow's fields. These constraints, vacuum conditions, reduce the terms of Hamiltonian and energy ... More
Prisoners' Dilemma in Presence of Collective DephasingJul 22 2013We quantize prisoner dilemma in presence of collective dephasing with dephasing rate $\gamma $. It is shown that for two parameters set of strategies $Q\otimes Q$ is Nash equilibrium below a cut-off value of time. Beyond this cut-off it bifurcates into ... More
Friedmann equations from emergence of cosmic spaceApr 10 2013Apr 18 2013Padmanabhan [arXiv:1206.4916] argues that the cosmic acceleration can be understood from the perspective that spacetime dynamics is an emergence phenomena. By calculating the difference between the surface degrees of freedom and the bulk degrees of freedom ... More
Raman Modes Non-classicality through Entangled Photons Coupling to Plasmonic ModesMar 13 2018In this article, non-classical properties of Raman modes are investigated. The original goal, actually, is to identify how and by which method we can induce non-classicality in Raman modes. We introduce a plasmonic system in which Raman dye molecules ... More
On the Firoozbakht's conjectureMar 28 2016Jun 05 2016This paper proves Firoozbakht's conjecture using Rosser and Schoenfelds' inequality on the distribution of primes. This inequality is valid for all natural numbers ${n\geq 21}$. Firoozbakht's conjecture states that if $ {p_{n}}$ and ${p_{(n+1)}}$ are ... More
Finite time blow up for wave equations with strong damping in an exterior domainMay 19 2019We consider the initial boundary value problem in exterior domain for strongly damped wave equations with power type nonlinearity |u|^p. We will establish blow-up results under some conditions on the initial data and the exponent p.
Monotonicity for p-harmonic vector bundle-valued k-formsJun 10 2015We investigate monotonicity properties of $p$-harmonic vector bundle-valued $k$-forms by studying the energy-momentum tensor associated with such a form. As a consequence, we obtain a unified proof of the monotonicity formul{\ae} for $p$-harmonic maps ... More
On k(D)-blocksSep 23 2014Sep 24 2014The objective of this research paper is to study the relationship between a block of a finite group and a defect group of such block. We define a new notion which is called a strongly $k(D)$-block and give a necessary and sufficient condition of a block ... More
An approach towards the proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integersMay 28 2016We approach a new proof of the strong Goldbach's conjecture for sufficiently large even integers by applying the Dirichlet's series. Using the Perron formula and the Residue Theorem in complex variable integration, one could show that any large even integer ... More
Thermodynamics of charged topological dilaton black holesSep 23 2007Oct 15 2007A class of $(n+1)$-dimensional topological black hole solutions in Einstein-Maxwell-dilaton theory with Liouville-type potentials for the dilaton field is presented. In these spacetimes, black hole horizon and cosmological horizon can be an $(n-1)$-dimensional ... More
Cardinal characteristics and monotonically normal compactaJul 26 2012Hausdorff spaces that are continuous images of a compact linearly ordered topological spaces are studied by employing a back-and-forth argument (between such spaces and compact linearly ordered topological spaces).
Interacting new agegraphic dark energy in non-flat Brans-Dicke cosmologyAug 05 2009Dec 19 2009We construct a cosmological model of late acceleration based on the new agegraphic dark energy model in the framework of Brans-Dicke cosmology where the new agegraphic energy density $\rho_{D}= 3n^2 m^2_p /\eta^{2}$ is replaced with $\rho_{D}= {3n^2\phi^2}/({4\omega ... More
Toroidal solutions in Horava GravityMay 06 2009Feb 24 2011Recently a new four-dimensional non relativistic renormalizable theory of gravity was proposed by Horava. This gravity reduces to Einstein gravity at large distances. In this paper by using the new action for gravity we present different toroidal solutions ... More
Agegraphic Chaplygin gas model of dark energyFeb 07 2010We establish a connection between the agegraphic models of dark energy and Chaplygin gas energy density in non-flat universe. We reconstruct the potential of the agegraphic scalar field as well as the dynamics of the scalar field according to the evolution ... More
Interacting agegraphic dark energy models in non-flat universeJul 29 2009Sep 12 2009A so-called "agegraphic dark energy" was recently proposed to explain the dark energy-dominated universe. In this Letter, we generalize the agegraphic dark energy models to the universe with spatial curvature in the presence of interaction between dark ... More
A Lorentz Gauge Theory of GravityDec 03 2014Dec 13 2015We present a Lorentz gauge theory of gravity in which the metric is not dynamical. Spherically symmetric weak field solutions are studied. We show that this solution contains the Schwarzschild spacetime at least to the first order of perturbation. Next, ... More
A Non-Self-Referential Paradox in Epistemic Game TheoryJan 25 2016In game theory, the notion of a player's beliefs about the game players' beliefs about other players' beliefs arises naturally. In this paper, we present a non-self-referential paradox in epistemic game theory which shows that completely modeling players' ... More
Degenerate Dark Matter at Galactic Scales: A BCS TheoryNov 02 2018We show that if dark matter in a typical galaxy is a degenerate Fermi gas, particles should have a mass of $\sim$ 1eV for the galaxy to be stable. While this is the mass range of the active neutrinos, they are not a dark matter candidate in SM-GR-$\Lambda$-CDM. ... More
Primordial Neutrinos: Hot in SM-GR-$Λ$-CDM, Cold in SM-LGTNov 08 2017May 20 2018We replace general relativity (GR) and the cosmological constant ($\Lambda$) in the standard cosmology (SM-GR-$\Lambda$-CDM) with a Lorentz gauge theory of gravity (LGT) and show that the standard model (SM) neutrinos can be the cold dark matter (CDM) ... More
A Macroscopically Effective Lorentz Gauge Theory of GravityMar 04 2016Oct 11 2016Following the ideas of effective field theories, we derive classically effective field equations of recently developed Lorentz gauge theory of gravity. It is shown that Newton's gravitational constant emerges as an effective coupling parameter if an extremely ... More
Finite time blow up for wave equations with strong damping in an exterior domainApr 05 2018We consider the initial boundary value problem in exterior domain for semilinear wave equations with power-type nonlinearity |u| p. We will establish blow-up results when p is less than or equal to Strauss' exponent which is the same one for the whole ... More
Convolutional Neural Associative Memories: Massive Capacity with Noise ToleranceJul 24 2014The task of a neural associative memory is to retrieve a set of previously memorized patterns from their noisy versions using a network of neurons. An ideal network should have the ability to 1) learn a set of patterns as they arrive, 2) retrieve the ... More
Convergence to Equilibrium in Local Interaction Games and Ising ModelsDec 01 2008Coordination games describe social or economic interactions in which the adoption of a common strategy has a higher payoff. They are classically used to model the spread of conventions, behaviors, and technologies in societies. Here we consider a two-strategies ... More
Geometric and thermodynamic properties in Gauss-Bonnet gravityNov 01 2011In this paper, the generalized second law (GSL) of thermodynamics and entropy is revisited in the context of cosmological models in Gauss-Bonnet gravity with the boundary of the universe is assumed to be enclosed by the dynamical apparent horizon. The ... More
Dynamics of the self-interacting chameleon cosmologyDec 30 2011In this article we study the properties of the flat FRW chameleon cosmology in which the cosmic expansion of the Universe is affected by the chameleon field and dark energy. In particular, we perform a detailed examination of the model in the light of ... More
Root Systems and the Quantum Cohomology of ADE resolutionsJul 09 2007We compute the C*-equivariant quantum cohomology ring of Y, the minimal resolution of the DuVal singularity C^2/G where G is a finite subgroup of SU(2). The quantum product is expressed in terms of an ADE root system canonically associated to G. We generalize ... More
Missing Data in Sparse Transition Matrix Estimation for Sub-Gaussian Vector Autoregressive ProcessesFeb 26 2018High-dimensional time series data exist in numerous areas such as finance, genomics, healthcare, and neuroscience. An unavoidable aspect of all such datasets is missing data, and dealing with this issue has been an important focus in statistics, control, ... More
Resolvable Cycle Decompositions of Complete Multigraphs and Complete Equipartite Multigraphs via Layering and DetachmentSep 25 2018We construct new resolvable decompositions of complete multigraphs and complete equipartite multigraphs into cycles of variable lengths (and a perfect matching if the vertex degrees are odd). We develop two techniques: {\em layering}, which allows us ... More
Counting invariants for the ADE McKay quiversOct 29 2009We consider the moduli space of the McKay quiver representations associated to the binary polyhedral groups G < SU(2) < SU(3). The derived category of such representations is equivalent to the derived category of coherent sheaves on the corresponding ... More
Security Games in Network Flow ProblemsJan 26 2016Jan 21 2019This article considers a two-player strategic game for network routing under link disruptions. Player 1 (defender) routes flow through a network to maximize her value of effective flow while facing transportation costs. Player 2 (attacker) simultaneously ... More
Attractors, Statefinders and Observational Measurement for Chameleonic Brans--Dicke CosmologyOct 18 2010Jun 08 2011We investigate chameleonic Brans--Dicke model applied to the FRW universes. A framework to study stability and attractor solutions in the phase space is developed for the model. We show that depending on the matter field and stability conditions, it is ... More
ADQUEX: Adaptive Processing of Federated Queries over Linked Data based on Tuple RoutingMay 19 2015Due to the distribution of linked data across the web, the methods that process federated queries through a distributed approach are more attractive to the users and have gained more prosperity. In distributed processing of federated queries, we need ... More
On the Role of Counterterms in Holographic ComplexityJun 23 2019We consider the Complexity=Action (CA) proposal in Einstein gravity and investigate new counterterms which are able to remove all the UV divergences of holographic complexity. We first show that the two different methods for regularizing the gravitational ... More
Quantum Achievability Proof via Collision Relative EntropyDec 13 2013Jan 09 2014In this paper, we provide a simple framework for deriving one-shot achievable bounds for some problems in quantum information theory. Our framework is based on the joint convexity of the exponential of the collision relative entropy, and is a (partial) ... More
Flux Qubit in Charge-Phase RegimeNov 10 2003Oct 25 2004A superconducting qubit implementation is proposed that takes the advantage of both charge and phase degrees of freedom. Superpositions of flux states in a superconducting loop with three Josephson junctions form the states of the qubit. The charge degree ... More
Searching for a Cosmological Preferred Axis in complicated class of cosmological models:Case study $f(R,T)$ modelFeb 16 2015Jul 17 2016Recent astronomical observations show that the universe may be anisotropic on large scales. The Union2 SnIa data hint that the universe has a preferred direction. If such a cosmological privileged axis indeed exists, one has to consider an anisotropic ... More
Upper-bounding the k-colorability threshold by counting coversMay 01 2013May 19 2013Let $G(n,m)$ be the random graph on $n$ vertices with $m$ edges. Let $d=2m/n$ be its average degree. We prove that $G(n,m)$ fails to be $k$-colorable with high probability if $d>2k\ln k-\ln k-1+o_k(1)$. This matches a conjecture put forward on the basis ... More
Semi-Quantitative Group Testing: A Unifying Framework for Group Testing with Applications in GenotypingOct 09 2012Oct 08 2013We propose a novel group testing method, termed semi-quantitative group testing, motivated by a class of problems arising in genome screening experiments. Semi-quantitative group testing (SQGT) is a (possibly) non-binary pooling scheme that may be viewed ... More
On Massive MIMO Physical Layer CryptosystemJul 29 2015In this paper, we present a zero-forcing (ZF) attack on the physical layer cryptography scheme based on massive multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO). The scheme uses singular value decomposition (SVD) precoder. We show that the eavesdropper can decrypt/decode ... More
Asymptotic Close to Optimal Resource Allocation in Centralized Multi-band Wireless NetworksJan 20 2016This paper concerns sub-channel allocation in multi-user wireless networks with a view to increasing the network throughput. It is assumed there are some sub-channels to be equally divided among active links, such that the total sum rate increases, where ... More
Embedding an Edge-colored $K(a^{(p)};λ,μ)$ into a Hamiltonian Decomposition of $K(a^{(p+r)};λ,μ)$Oct 16 2017Let $K(a^{(p)};\lambda,\mu )$ be a graph with $p$ parts, each part having size $a$, in which the multiplicity of each pair of vertices in the same part (in different parts) is $\lambda$ ($\mu $, respectively). In this paper we consider the following embedding ... More
Embedding factorizations for 3-uniform hypergraphsOct 16 2017In this paper, two results are obtained on a hypergraph embedding problem. The proof technique is itself of interest, being the first time amalgamations have been used to address the embedding of hypergraphs. The first result finds necessary and sufficient ... More
Stable reflexive sheaves and localizationAug 16 2013Sep 14 2015We study moduli spaces $\mathcal{N}$ of rank 2 stable reflexive sheaves on $\mathbb{P}^3$. Fixing Chern classes $c_1$, $c_2$, and summing over $c_3$, we consider the generating function $\mathsf{Z}^{\mathrm{refl}}(q)$ of Euler characteristics of such ... More
Forecasting with Neural Networks: A comparative study using the data of emergency serviceOct 18 2010This is a case study discussing the supervised artificial neural network for the purpose of forecasting with comparison of the Box-Jenkins methodology by using the data of well known emergency service Rescue 1122. We fits a variety of neural network (NN) ... More
Operation Regimes and Slower-is-Faster-Effect in the Control of Traffic IntersectionsMar 05 2009The efficiency of traffic flows in urban areas is known to crucially depend on signal operation. Here, elements of signal control are discussed, based on the minimization of overall travel times or vehicle queues. Interestingly, we find different operation ... More