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An abstract framework for parabolic PDEs on evolving spacesMar 18 2014Jul 10 2015We present an abstract framework for treating the theory of well-posedness of solutions to abstract parabolic partial differential equations on evolving Hilbert spaces. This theory is applicable to variational formulations of PDEs on evolving spatial ... More
Stability of the Solution Set of Quasi-variational Inequalities and Optimal ControlApr 12 2019For a class of quasivariational inequalities (QVIs) of obstacle-type the stability of its solution set and associated optimal control problems are considered. These optimal control problems are non-standard in the sense that they involve an objective ... More
On some linear parabolic PDEs on moving hypersurfacesDec 04 2014Aug 02 2015We consider existence and uniqueness for several examples of linear parabolic equations formulated on moving hypersurfaces. Specifically, we study in turn a surface heat equation, an equation posed on a bulk domain, a novel coupled bulk-surface system ... More
A Stefan problem on an evolving surfaceDec 17 2014Jul 10 2015We formulate a Stefan problem on an evolving hypersurface and study the well-posedness of weak solutions given $L^1$ data. To do this, we first develop function spaces and results to handle equations on evolving surfaces in order to give a natural treatment ... More
Well-posedness of a fractional porous medium equation on an evolving surfaceSep 04 2015Jan 21 2016We investigate the existence, uniqueness, and $L^1$-contractivity of weak solutions to a porous medium equation with fractional diffusion on an evolving hypersurface. To settle the existence, we reformulate the equation as a local problem on a semi-infinite ... More
A coupled ligand-receptor bulk-surface system on a moving domain: well posedness, regularity and convergence to equilibriumDec 09 2016Nov 22 2017We prove existence, uniqueness, and regularity for a reaction-diffusion system of coupled bulk-surface equations on a moving domain modelling receptor-ligand dynamics in cells. The nonlinear coupling between the three unknowns is through the Robin boundary ... More
Directional differentiability for elliptic quasi-variational inequalities of obstacle typeFeb 10 2018The directional differentiability of the solution map of obstacle type quasi-variational inequalities (QVIs) with respect to perturbations on the forcing term is studied. The classical result of Mignot is then extended to the quasi-variational case under ... More
Quadratic differential equations : partial Gelfand-Shilov smoothing effect and null-controllabilityFeb 12 2019We study the partial Gelfand-Shilov regularizing effect and the exponential decay for the solutions to evolution equations associated to a class of accretive non-selfadjoint quadratic operators, which fail to be globally hypoelliptic on the whole phase ... More
Special non uniform lattice ($snul$) orthogonal polynomials on discrete dense sets of points.Feb 17 1995Difference calculus compatible with polynomials (i.e., such that the divided difference operator of first order applied to any polynomial must yield a polynomial of lower degree) can only be made on special lattices well known in contemporary $q-$calculus. ... More
Asymptotics for the simplest generalized Jacobi polynomials recurrence coefficients from Freud's equations: numerical explorations.Mar 18 1994Generalized Jacobi polynomials are orthogonal polynomials related to a weight function which is smooth and positive on the whole interval of orthogonality up to a finite number of points, where algebraic singularities occur. The influence of these singular ... More
Smoothing Properties of Fractional Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Semigroups and Null-ControllabilityOct 05 2018We study fractional hypoelliptic Ornstein-Uhlenbeck operators acting on $L^2(\mathbb{R}^n)$ satisfying the Kalman rank condition. We prove that the semigroups generated by these operators enjoy Gevrey regularizing effects. Two byproducts are derived from ... More
Preud's equations for orthogonal polynomials as discrete Painlevé equationsNov 29 1996We consider orthogonal polynomials p_n with respect to an exponential weight function w(x) = exp(-P(x)). The related equations for the recurrence coefficients have been explored by many people, starting essentially with Laguerre [49], in order to study ... More
Elliptic Hypergeometric Solutions to Elliptic Difference EquationsMar 27 2009It is shown how to define difference equations on particular lattices $\{x_n\}$, $n\in\mathbb{Z}$, made of values of an elliptic function at a sequence of arguments in arithmetic progression (elliptic lattice). Solutions to special difference equations ... More
Creation and Growth of Components in a Random Hypergraph ProcessJul 12 2006Denote by an $\ell$-component a connected $b$-uniform hypergraph with $k$ edges and $k(b-1) - \ell$ vertices. We prove that the expected number of creations of $\ell$-component during a random hypergraph process tends to 1 as $\ell$ and $b$ tend to $\infty$ ... More
Gradient estimate and a Liouville theorem for a $p$-Laplacian evolution equation with a gradient nonlinearityMay 22 2014In this paper, we establish a local gradient estimate for a $p$-Lpalacian equation with a fast growing gradient nonlinearity. With this estimate, we can prove a parabolic Liouville theorem for ancient solutions satisfying some growth restriction near ... More
Local regularity for quasi-linear parabolic equations in non-divergence formSep 10 2018We consider viscosity solutions to non-homogeneous degenerate and singular parabolic equations of the $p$-Laplacian type and in non-divergence form. We provide local H\"older and Lipschitz estimates for the solutions. In the degenerate case, we prove ... More
Boundedness of global solutions of a p-Laplacian evolution equation with a nonlinear gradient termSep 22 2012Sep 19 2014We investigate the boundedness and large time behavior of solutions of the Cauchy-Dirichlet problem for the one-dimensional degenerate parabolic equation with gradient nonlinearity: $$ u_t = (|u-x|^{p-2} u-x)_x+|u_x|^q \qquad \text{in}\quad (0, +\infty)\tiles(0, ... More
Well-posedness and gradient blow-up estimate near the boundary for a Hamilton-Jacobi equation with degenerate diffusionJan 17 2012Feb 07 2012This paper is concerned with weak solutions of the degenerate viscous Hamilton-Jacobi equation $$\partial_t u-\Delta_p u=|\nabla u|^q,$$ with Dirichlet boundary conditions in a bounded domain $\Omega\subset\mathbb{R}^N$, where $p>2$ and $q>p-1$. With ... More
Applicability of DUKPT Key Management Scheme to Cloud Wallet and other Mobile PaymentsDec 08 2014After discussing the concept of DUKPT based symmetric encryption key management (e.g., for 3DES) and definition of cloud or remote wallet, the paper analyses applicability of DUKPT to different use cases like mobile banking, NFC payment using EMV contactless ... More
A unique method to evaluate the general integral $\int_0^\infty dx\frac{\sin ^a px \cos ^c qx}{x^b} $Jun 25 2013All integrals available in literature and books, that are related to Sinc(=sin x/x) function, are special cases of the general form of the integral given in the title. The evaluation of the integral is divided into two cases (i) $a$ and $b$ of same parity, ... More
Eigenvalues behaviours for self-adjoint Pauli operators with unsigned perturbations and admissible magnetic fieldsAug 01 2016We investigate the behaviour of the eigenvalues of two-dimensional Pauli operators with nonconstant magnetic fields perturbed by a sign-indefinite decaying electric potential V. We prove new eigenvalues asymptotics.
Survey of Strong Authentication Approaches for Mobile Proximity and Remote Wallet Applications - Challenges and EvolutionDec 09 2014Wallet may be described as container application used for configuring, accessing and analysing data from underlying payment application(s). There are two dominant types of digital wallet applications, proximity wallet and remote wallet. In the payment ... More
The diophantine equation x^3/3+y^3+z^3-2xyz=0Sep 30 2003Oct 28 2003We will be presenting two theorems in this paper. The first theorem, which is a new result, is about the non-existence of integer solutions of the cubic diophantine equation. In the proof of this theorem we have used some known results from theory of ... More
Linking Types for Multi-Language Software: Have Your Cake and Eat It TooNov 13 2017Software developers compose systems from components written in many different languages. A business-logic component may be written in Java or OCaml, a resource-intensive component in C or Rust, and a high-assurance component in Coq. In this multi-language ... More
Review of Design of Speech Recognition and Text Analytics based Digital Banking Customer Interface and Future Directions of Technology AdoptionDec 13 2017Banking is one of the most significant adopters of cutting-edge information technologies. Since its modern era beginning in the form of paper based accounting maintained in the branch, adoption of computerized system made it possible to centralize the ... More
Hölder regularity for the gradient of the inhomogeneous parabolic normalized $p$-LaplacianOct 17 2016In this paper we study an evolution equation involving the normalized $p$-Laplacian and a bounded continuous source term. The normalized $p$-Laplacian is in non divergence form and arises for example from stochastic tug-of-war games with noise. We prove ... More
Application Layer Intrusion Detection with Combination of Explicit-Rule- Based and Machine Learning Algorithms and Deployment in Cyber- Defence ProgramNov 12 2014There have been numerous works on network intrusion detection and prevention systems, but work on application layer intrusion detection and prevention is rare and not very mature. Intrusion detection and prevention at both network and application layers ... More
Single point gradient blow-up on the boundary for a Hamilton-Jacobi equation with $p$-Laplacian diffusionApr 22 2014We study the initial-boundary value problem for the Hamilton-Jacobi equation with nonlinear diffusion $u_t=\Delta_p u+|\nabla u|^q$ in a two-dimensional domain for $q>p>2$. It is known that the spatial derivative of solutions may become unbounded in finite ... More
Spectral properties of dynamical localization for Schrödinger operatorsApr 30 2012We investigate the equivalence between dynamical localization and localization properties of eigenfunctions of Schr\"odinger Hamiltonians. We introduce three classes of equivalent properties and study the relationships between them. These relationships ... More
First Case of Fermat's Last TheoremMar 13 2003In this paper two conjectures are proposed based on which we can prove the first case of Fermat's Last Theorem(FLT) for all primes $p \equiv -1 (\bmod~6)$. With Pollaczek's result {\bf [1]} and the conjectures the first case of FLT can be proved for all ... More
Global Continuation beyond Singularities on the Boundary for a Degenerate Diffusive Hamilton-Jacobi EquationNov 14 2013In this article, we are interested in the Dirichlet problem for parabolic viscous Hamilton-Jacobi Equations. It is well-known that the gradient of the solution may blow up in finite time on the boundary of the domain, preventing a classical extension ... More
Review of Considerations for Mobile Device based Secure Access to Financial Services and Risk Handling Strategy for CIOs, CISOs and CTOsFeb 03 2015The information technology and security stakeholders like CIOs, CISOs and CTOs in financial services organization are often asked to identify the risks with mobile computing channel for financial services that they support. They are also asked to come ... More
Analysis of Applicability of ISO 9564 PIN based Authentication to Closed-Loop Mobile Payment SystemsNov 11 2014Payment transactions initiated through a mobile device are growing and security concerns must be ad-dressed. People coming from payment card industry often talk passionately about porting ISO 9564 PIN standard based authentication in open-loop card payment ... More
Remarks on regularity for $p$-Laplacian type equations in non-divergence formOct 20 2017Oct 02 2018We study a singular or degenerate equation in non-divergence form modeled by the $p$-Laplacian, $$-|Du|^\gamma\left(\Delta u+(p-2)\Delta_\infty^N u\right)=f\ \ \ \ \text{in}\ \ \ \Omega.$$ We investigate local $C^{1,\alpha}$ regularity of viscosity solutions ... More
Typed Closure Conversion for the Calculus of ConstructionsAug 12 2018Dependently typed languages such as Coq are used to specify and verify the full functional correctness of source programs. Type-preserving compilation can be used to preserve these specifications and proofs of correctness through compilation into the ... More
Graduality from Embedding-projection Pairs (Extended Version)Jul 08 2018Gradually typed languages allow statically typed and dynamically typed code to interact while maintaining benefits of both styles. The key to reasoning about these mixed programs is Siek-Vitousek-Cimini-Boyland's (dynamic) gradual guarantee, which says ... More
The role of phase compatibility in martensiteApr 23 2012Shape memory alloys inherit their macroscopic properties from their mesoscale microstructure originated from the martensitic phase transformation. In a cubic to orthorhombic transition, a single variant of marten- site can have a compatible (exact) interface ... More
Onset of the magnetic explosion in solar polar coronal X-ray jetsMay 30 2018We follow up on the Sterling et al (2015) discovery that nearly all polar coronal X-ray jets are made by an explosive eruption of closed magnetic field carrying a miniature filament in its core. In the same X-ray and EUV movies used by Sterling et al ... More
Closed inverse subsemigroups of graph inverse semigroupsAug 16 2016As part of his study of representations of the polycylic monoids, M.V. Lawson described all the closed inverse submonoids of a polycyclic monoid $P_n$ and classified them up to conjugacy. We show that Lawson's description can be extended to closed inverse ... More
Commuting Involution Graphs in Classical Affine Weyl GroupsSep 13 2018In this paper we investigate commuting involution graphs in classical affine Weyl groups. Let $W$ be a classical Weyl group of rank $n$, with $\tilde W$ its corresponding affine Weyl group. Our main result is that if $X$ is a conjugacy class of involutions ... More
Commuting involution graphs for $\tilde C_n$Dec 07 2016In this article we consider commuting graphs of involution conjugacy classes in the affine Weyl group of type $\tilde C_n$. We show that where the graph is connected the diameter is at most $n+2$.
Limb Spicules from the Ground and from SpaceAug 31 2009We amassed statistics for quiet-sun chromosphere spicules at the limb using ground-based observations from the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope on La Palma and simultaneously from NASA's Transition Region and Coronal Explorer (TRACE) spacecraft. The observations ... More
Babcock Redux: An Ammendment of Babcock's Schematic of the Sun's Magnetic CycleJun 16 2016We amend Babcock's original scenario for the global dynamo process that sustains the Sun's 22-year magnetic cycle. The amended scenario fits post-Babcock observed features of the magnetic activity cycle and convection zone, and is based on ideas of Spruit ... More
On surface-knots with triple point number at most threeNov 13 2017Feb 19 2018In this paper, we show that if a diagram of a surface-knot $F$ has at most three triple points, then the cocyle invariant of $F$ is an integer. In particular, for a surface-knot of genus one, the triple point number invariant is at least four.
Inverse subsemigroups of finite index in finitely generated inverse semigroupsAug 15 2016The index of a subgroup of a group counts the number of cosets of that subgroup. A subgroup of finite index often shares structural properties with the group, and the existence of a subgroup of finite index with some particular property can therefore ... More
A Note on Commuting Involution Graphs in Affine Coxeter GroupsSep 13 2018Commuting involution graphs have been studied for finite Coxeter groups and for affine groups of classical type. The purpose of this short note is to establish some general results for commuting involution graphs in affine Coxeter groups, and to deal ... More
Lattice thermal properties of Graphane: thermal contraction, roughness and heat capacityMay 12 2011Using atomistic simulations we determine the roughness and the thermal properties of a suspended graphane sheet. As compared to graphene we found that hydrogenated graphene has: 1) a larger thermal contraction, 2) the roughness exponent at room temperature ... More
Graphene nano ribbons subjected to axial stressApr 09 2011Atomistic simulations are used to study the bending of rectangular graphene nano ribbons subjected to axial stress both for free boundary and supported boundary conditions. The shape of the deformations of the buckled graphene nano ribbons, for small ... More
Logical Step-Indexed Logical RelationsMar 02 2011Jun 06 2011Appel and McAllester's "step-indexed" logical relations have proven to be a simple and effective technique for reasoning about programs in languages with semantically interesting types, such as general recursive types and general reference types. However, ... More
Database Queries that Explain their WorkAug 07 2014Aug 12 2014Provenance for database queries or scientific workflows is often motivated as providing explanation, increasing understanding of the underlying data sources and processes used to compute the query, and reproducibility, the capability to recompute the ... More
Provenance TracesDec 02 2008Provenance is information about the origin, derivation, ownership, or history of an object. It has recently been studied extensively in scientific databases and other settings due to its importance in helping scientists judge data validity, quality and ... More
Higher moments on strangeness fluctuation using PNJL modelSep 25 2018The strangeness fluctuation of QGP matter has been investigated in three flavor finite volume Polyakov loop extended Nambu-Jona--Lasinio model. The ratio of fourth order moment to second order moment (kurtosis) and the third order moment to second order ... More
Gradient and Lipschitz estimates for tug-of-war type gamesApr 10 2019We define a random step size tug-of-war game, and show that the gradient of a value function exists everywhere. We also prove that the gradients of value functions are uniformly bounded and converge weakly to the gradient of the corresponding $p$-harmonic ... More
Strain engineered graphene using a nanostructured substrate: I DeformationsApr 28 2012Using atomistic simulations we investigate the morphological properties of graphene deposited on top of a nanostructured substrate. Sinusoidally corrugated surfaces, steps, elongated trenches, one dimensional and cubic barriers, spherical bubbles, Gaussian ... More
Nanoindentation of a circular sheet of bilayer grapheneMay 12 2011Nanoindentation of bilayer graphene is studied using molecular dynamics simulations. We compared our simulation results with those from elasticity theory as based on the nonlinear F\"{o}ppl-Hencky equations with rigid boundary condition. The force deflection ... More
Dicluster Stopping in a Degenerate Electron GasApr 12 2000In this paper we report on our theoretical studies of various aspects of the correlated stopping power of two point-like ions (a dicluster) moving in close but variable vicinity of each other in some metallic target materials the latter being modelled ... More
Resonances on regular tree graphsAug 27 2017We investigate the distribution of the resonances near spectral thresholds of Laplace operators on regular tree graphs with $k$-fold branching, $k \geq 1$, perturbed by nonself-adjoint exponentially decaying potentials. We establish results on the absence ... More
Provenance as Dependency AnalysisAug 16 2007Dec 22 2009Provenance is information recording the source, derivation, or history of some information. Provenance tracking has been studied in a variety of settings; however, although many design points have been explored, the mathematical or semantic foundations ... More
Using Feature Models for Distributed Deployment in Extended Smart Home ArchitectureJul 29 2015Nowadays, smart home is extended beyond the house itself to encompass connected platforms on the Cloud as well as mobile personal devices. This Smart Home Extended Architecture (SHEA) helps customers to remain in touch with their home everywhere and any ... More
Multilevel communication optimal LU and QR factorizations for hierarchical platformsMar 23 2013This study focuses on the performance of two classical dense linear algebra algorithms, the LU and the QR factorizations, on multilevel hierarchical platforms. We first introduce a new model called Hierarchical Cluster Platform (HCP), encapsulating the ... More
Stochastic Function Norm Regularization of Deep NetworksMay 30 2016Deep neural networks have had an enormous impact on image analysis. State-of-the-art training methods, based on weight decay and DropOut, result in impressive performance when a very large training set is available. However, they tend to have large problems ... More
Strain engineered graphene using a nanostructured substrate: II Pseudo-magnetic fieldsApr 28 2012The strain induced pseudo-magnetic field in supported graphene deposited on top of a nanostructured substrate is investigated by using atomistic simulations. Step, elongated trench, one dimensional barrier, spherical bubbles, Gaussian bump and Gaussian ... More
Effect of grain boundary on the buckling of graphene nanoribbonsMar 03 2012The buckling of graphene nano-ribbons containing a grain boundary is studied using atomistic simulations where free and supported boundary conditions are invoked. We found that when graphene contains a small angle grain boundary the buckling strains are ... More
Graphene on boron-nitride: Moiré pattern in the van der Waals energyApr 19 2014The spatial dependence of the van der Waals (vdW) energy between graphene and hexagonal boron-nitride (h-BN) is investigated using atomistic simulations. The van der Waals energy between graphene and h-BN shows a hexagonal superlattice structure identical ... More
Stochastic Function Norm Regularization of Deep NetworksMay 30 2016Dec 07 2016Deep neural networks have had an enormous impact on image analysis. State-of-the-art training methods, based on weight decay and DropOut, result in impressive performance when a very large training set is available. However, they tend to have large problems ... More
Sensory organ like response determines the magnetism of zigzag-edged honeycomb nanoribbonsAug 16 2012We present an analytical theory for the magnetic phase diagram for zigzag edge terminated honeycomb nanoribbons described by a Hubbard model with an interaction parameter U . We show that the edge magnetic moment varies as ln U and uncover its dependence ... More
Fermionic Superfluid from a Bilayer Band Insulator in an Optical LatticeJun 11 2012Jun 14 2012We propose a model to realize a fermionic superfluid state in an optical lattice circumventing the cooling problem. Our proposal exploits the idea of tuning the interaction in a characteristically low entropy state, a band-insulator in an optical bilayer ... More
A new solvable complex PT-symmetric potentialFeb 17 2015Jun 10 2015We propose a new solvable one-dimensional complex PT-symmetric potential as $V(x)= ig~ \mbox{sgn}(x)~ |1-\exp(2|x|/a)|$ and study the spectrum of $H=-d^2/dx^2+V(x)$. For smaller values of $a,g <1$, there is a finite number of real discrete eigenvalues. ... More
$C^{1,α}$ regularity for the normalized $p$-Poisson problemMar 21 2016Nov 15 2016We consider the normalized $p$-Poisson problem $$-\Delta^N_p u=f \qquad \text{in}\quad \Omega.$$ The normalized $p$-Laplacian $\Delta_p^{N}u:=|D u|^{2-p}\Delta_p u$ is in non-divergence form and arises for example from stochastic games. We prove $C^{1,\alpha}_{loc}$ ... More
Energy-Aware Virtual Network Embedding Approach for Distributed CloudOct 31 2017Network virtualization has caught the attention of many researchers in recent years. It facilitates the process of creating several virtual networks over a single physical network. Despite this advantage, however, network virtualization suffers from the ... More
Asymmetric simple exclusion process describing conflicting traffic flowsJan 24 2008We use the asymmetric simple exclusion process for describing vehicular traffic flow at the intersection of two streets. No traffic lights control the traffic flow. The approaching cars to the intersection point yield to each other to avoid collision. ... More
Graphene on hexagonal lattice substrate: Stress and Pseudo-magnetic fieldJul 04 2014Moir'e patterns in the pseudo-magnetic field and in the strain profile of graphene (GE) when put on top of a hexagonal lattice substrate are predicted from elasticity theory. %which are confirmed by atomistic simulations. The van der Waals (vdW) interaction ... More
Buckled circular monolayer graphene: a graphene nano-bowlDec 23 2010We investigate the stability of circular monolayer graphene subjected to a radial load using non-equilibrium molecular dynamics simulations. When monolayer graphene is radially stressed, after some small circular strain ($\sim 0.4%$) it buckles and bends ... More
Hacking Google reCAPTCHA v3 using Reinforcement LearningMar 03 2019We present a Reinforcement Learning (RL) methodology to bypass Google reCAPTCHA v3. We formulate the problem as a grid world where the agent learns how to move the mouse and click on the reCAPTCHA button to receive a high score. We study the performance ... More
S--polyregular Bargmann spaces and associated Segal--Bargmann transformDec 21 2018We introduce two classes of right quaternionic Hilbert spaces in the context of slice polyregular functions, generalizing the so-called slice and full hyperholomorphic Bargmann spaces. Their basic properties are discussed and the explicit formulae of ... More
Inertial spheroids in homogeneous, isotropic turbulenceAug 03 2018We study the rotational dynamics of {\it inertial} disks and rods in three-dimensional, homogeneous isotropic turbulence. In particular, we show how the alignment and the decorrelation time-scales of such spheroids depend, critically, on both the level ... More
Rust Distilled: An Expressive Tower of LanguagesJun 07 2018Aug 16 2018Rust represents a major advancement in production programming languages because of its success in bridging the gap between high-level application programming and low-level systems programming. At the heart of its design lies a novel approach to ownership ... More
Hacking Google reCAPTCHA v3 using Reinforcement LearningMar 03 2019Mar 12 2019We present a Reinforcement Learning (RL) methodology to bypass Google reCAPTCHA v3. We formulate the problem as a grid world where the agent learns how to move the mouse and click on the reCAPTCHA button to receive a high score. We study the performance ... More
Coexistence of magnetism and superconductivity in a t-J bilayerOct 14 2007We investigate coexistence of antiferromagnetic and superconducting correlations in bilayered materials using a two-dimensional t-J model with couplings across the layers using variational Monte Carlo calculations. It is found that the underdoped regime ... More
An Application of Jackson's $(p, q)$-Derivative to a Subclass of Starlike Functions with Negative CoefficientsMar 04 2019In this paper, we introduce and investigate the subclass $\mathcal{P}_{p,q}^{\xi ,\kappa}(\tau, \eta)$ of starlike functions with negative coefficients by using the differential operator $\Upsilon_{\tau ,p,q}^{\xi ,\kappa}$. Coefficient inequalities, ... More
Painlevé-type differential equations for the recurrence coefficients of semi-classical orthogonal polynomials.Jul 09 1993Recurrence coefficients of semi-classical orthogonal polynomials (orthogonal polynomials related to a weight function $w$ such that $w'/w$ is a rational function) are shown to be solutions of non linear differential equations with respect to a well-chosen ... More
The ALVIS Format for Linguistically Annotated DocumentsSep 24 2006The paper describes the ALVIS annotation format designed for the indexing of large collections of documents in topic-specific search engines. This paper is exemplified on the biological domain and on MedLine abstracts, as developing a specialized search ... More
Onset of a Large Ejective Solar Eruption from a Typical Coronal-Jet-Base Field ConfigurationJun 28 2017Utilizing multiwavelength observations and magnetic field data from SDO/AIA, SDO/HMI, GOES and RHESSI, we investigate a large-scale ejective solar eruption of 2014 December 18 from active region NOAA 12241. This event produced a distinctive three-ribbon ... More
A Two-Sided-Loop X-Ray Solar Coronal Jet Driven by a Minifilament EruptionNov 13 2018Most of the commonly discussed solar coronal jets are of the type consisting of a single spire extending approximately vertically from near the solar surface into the corona. Recent research supports that eruption of a miniature filament (minifilament) ... More
Magnetic Flux Cancellation as the Trigger of Solar Quiet-Region Coronal JetsOct 26 2016We report observations of ten random on-disk solar quiet region coronal jets found in high resolution Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO)/Atmospheric Imaging Assembly (AIA) and having good coverage in magnetograms ... More
Small-scale filament eruptions as the driver of solar coronal hole X-ray jetsMay 09 2017Solar X-ray jets are evidently made by a burst of reconnection of closed magnetic field in a jet's base with ambient "open" field (1,2). In the widely-accepted version of the "emerging-flux" model, that reconnection occurs at a current sheet between the ... More
Solar Active Region Coronal Jets II: Triggering and Evolution of Violent JetsMay 08 2017We study a series of X-ray-bright, rapidly-evolving active-region coronal jets outside the leading sunspot of AR 12259, using Hinode/XRT, SDO/AIA and HMI, and IRIS data. The detailed evolution of such rapidly evolving "violent" jets remained a mystery ... More
Thermomechanical properties of graphene: valence force field model approachMar 03 2012Using the valence force field model of Perebeinos and Tersoff [Phys. Rev. B {\bf79}, 241409(R) (2009)], different energy modes of suspended graphene subjected to tensile or compressive strain are studied. By carrying out Monte Carlo simulations it is ... More
FunTAL: Reasonably Mixing a Functional Language with AssemblyNov 10 2017We present FunTAL, the first multi-language system to formalize safe interoperability between a high-level functional language and low-level assembly code while supporting compositional reasoning about the mix. A central challenge in developing such a ... More
Open bottom mesons in asymmetric nuclear matter in presence of strong magnetic fieldsJan 18 2018Jun 21 2018The modifications of the masses of the $B$ and $\bar B$ mesons in asymmetric nuclear matter in the presence of strong magnetic fields, are investigated using a chiral effective model. The medium modifications of these open bottom mesons arise due to their ... More
Numerical solution for a non-Fickian diffusion in a periodic potentialSep 11 2011Numerical solutions of a non-Fickian diffusion equation belonging to a hyperbolic type are presented in one space dimension. The Brownian particle modelled by this diffusion equation is subjected to a symmetric periodic potential whose spatial shape can ... More
Dynamical localization of Dirac particles in electromagnetic fields with dominating magnetic potentialsApr 16 2015We consider two-dimensional massless Dirac operators in a radially symmetric electromagnetic field. In this case the fields may be described by one-dimensional electric and magnetic potentials $V$ and $A$. We show dynamical localization in the regime ... More
Electronic properties of graphene nano-flakes: Energy gap, permanent dipole, termination effect and Raman spectroscopyFeb 05 2014The electronic properties of graphene nano-flakes (GNFs) with different edge passivation is investigated by using density functional theory. Passivation with F and H atoms are considered: C$_{N_c}$ X$_{N_x}$ (X=F or H). We studied GNFs with $10<N_c<56$ ... More
Electronic structure of graphene hexagonal flake subjected to triaxial stressApr 19 2014The electronic properties of a triaxially strained hexagonal graphene flake with either armchair or zig-zag edges are investigated using molecular dynamics simulations and tight-binding calculations. We found that: i) the pseudo-magnetic field in the ... More
Monte Carlo simulation of size-effects on thermal conductivity in a 2-dimensional Ising systemApr 28 2006Sep 26 2006A model based on microcanonical Monte Carlo method is used to study the application of the temperature gradient along a two-dimensional (2D) Ising system. We estimate the system size effects on thermal conductivity, $K$, for a nano-scale Ising layer with ... More
A number-conserving linear response study of low-velocity ion stopping in a collisional magnetized classical plasmaSep 09 2010The results of a theoretical investigation on the low-velocity stopping power of the ions moving in a magnetized collisional plasma are presented. The stopping power for an ion is calculated employing linear response theory using the dielectric function ... More
Feasibility of a metamagnetic transition in correlated systemsNov 26 2014Feb 28 2016The long-standing issue of the competition between the magnetic field and the Kondo effect, favoring, respectively, triplet and singlet ground states is addressed using a cluster slave-rotor mean field theory for the Hubbard model and its spin-correlated, ... More
A Core Calculus for ProvenanceOct 23 2013Jan 03 2014Provenance is an increasing concern due to the ongoing revolution in sharing and processing scientific data on the Web and in other computer systems. It is proposed that many computer systems will need to become provenance-aware in order to provide satisfactory ... More
Synchronous and Asynchronous Mott Transitions in Topological Insulator RibbonsDec 19 2011We address how the nature of linearly dispersing edge states of two dimensional (2D) topological insulators evolves with increasing electron-electron correlation engendered by a Hubbard like on-site repulsion $U$ in finite ribbons of two models of topological ... More