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Entity-Relationship Search over the WebOct 08 2018Entity-Relationship (E-R) Search is a complex case of Entity Search where the goal is to search for multiple unknown entities and relationships connecting them. We assume that a E-R query can be decomposed as a sequence of sub-queries each containing ... More
The failure of the Classical Nucleation Theory at low temperatures resolvedFeb 08 2019A relevant observation about crystal nucleation kinetics in glass-forming substances has been a matter of intense debate for several decades. The Classical Nucleation Theory (CNT) allegedly fails to describe the temperature dependence of the homogeneous ... More
Computational Aspects of Lattice QCDSep 18 2003Monte Carlo simulations applied to the lattice formulation of quantum chromodynamics (QCD) enable a study of the theory from first principles, in a nonperturbative way. After over two decades of developments in the methodology for this study and with ... More
Handling Excited States on the Lattice: The GEVP MethodJan 30 2011High-precision calculations of hadron spectroscopy are a crucial task for Lattice QCD. State-of-the-art techniques are needed to disentangle the contributions from different energy states, such as solving the generalized eigenvalue problem (GEVP) for ... More
Finite-size scaling for two-flavor QCD and comparison with O(N) modelsNov 22 2001The chiral transition for two-flavor QCD is predicted to be in the same universality class as the 3d O(4) model. This prediction is verified in the Wilson case, but not for the staggered-fermion case. The comparison is usually done assuming infinite-volume ... More
Reproducible research using biomodelsJun 04 2018Like other types of computational research, modeling and simulation of biological processes (biomodels) is still largely communicated without sufficient detail to allow independent reproduction of results. But reproducibility in this area of research ... More
Tuning the pn junction at a metal-graphene interface via H2 exposureMar 15 2016May 01 2017Combining experiment and theory, we investigate how the naturally created heterojunction at a graphene and metallic contact is modulated via interaction with molecular hydrogen (H2). Due to electrostatic interaction, a Cr/Au electrode induces a pn junction ... More
Multiple-antenna fading coherent channels with arbitrary inputs: Characterization and optimization of the reliable information transmission rateOct 25 2012We investigate the constrained capacity of multiple-antenna fading coherent channels, where the receiver knows the channel state but the transmitter knows only the channel distribution, driven by arbitrary equiprobable discrete inputs in a regime of high ... More
The Influence of the Dynamic State of Galaxy Clusters on Segregation Phenomena and Velocity Dispersion ProfilesDec 03 2018In this work we investigate the influence of the dynamic state of galaxy clusters on segregation effects and velocity dispersion profiles (VDPs) for a sample of 111 clusters extracted from SDSS-DR7. We find that 73 clusters have Gaussian (G) velocity ... More
Numerical test of the Gribov-Zwanziger scenario in Landau gaugeJan 14 2010We review the status of lattice simulations of gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge, testing predictions of the Gribov-Zwanziger confinement scenario.
How to extract information from Green's functions in Landau gaugeSep 16 2008The infrared behavior of gluon and ghost propagators offers a crucial test of confinement scenarios in Yang-Mills theories. A nonperturbative study of these propagators from first principles is possible in lattice simulations, but one must consider significantly ... More
Systematic Effects at Criticality for the SU(2)-Landau-Gauge Gluon PropagatorJan 27 2014We analyze data from finite-temperature simulations of the gluon propagator in SU(2) Landau gauge on large lattices. We argue that the singular behavior of this quantity around the deconfinement transition, seen in several previous studies, is a lattice ... More
What's up with IR gluon and ghost propagators in Landau gauge? A puzzling answer from huge latticesOct 02 2007Several analytic approaches predict for SU(N_c) Yang-Mills theories in Landau gauge an enhanced ghost propagator G(p^2) and a suppressed gluon propagator D(p^2) at small momenta. This prediction applies to two, three and four space-time dimensions. Moreover, ... More
Critical Slowing-Down in $SU(2)$ Landau Gauge-Fixing AlgorithmsNov 19 1995Aug 09 1996We study the problem of critical slowing-down for gauge-fixing algorithms (Landau gauge) in $SU(2)$ lattice gauge theory on a $2$-dimensional lattice. We consider five such algorithms, and lattice sizes ranging from $8^{2}$ to $36^{2}$ (up to $64^2$ in ... More
Layering Data Structures over Skip Graphs for Increased NUMA LocalityFeb 19 2019We describe an approach for blackbox concurrency based on layering user-provided, sequential data structures over concurrent skip graph variants for increased NUMA locality. We implement sets, maps, and priority queues, although our approach is potentially ... More
Numerical evidence for Goldstone-mode effects in the three-dimensional O(4)-modelSep 02 1999Sep 08 1999We investigate the three-dimensional O(4)-model on 24^3--96^3 lattices as a function of the magnetic field H. Below the critical point, in the broken phase, we confirm explicitly the H^{1/2} dependence of the magnetization and the corresponding H^{-1/2} ... More
Characterizing self-organization and coevolution by ergodic invariantsMar 25 1999In addition to the emergent complexity of patterns that appears when many agents come in interaction, it is also useful to characterize the dynamical processes that lead to their self-organization. A set of ergodic invariants is identified for this purpose, ... More
A quark-gluon plasma inspired model of the universe: Introduction and InflationMay 07 2018We explain how a $SU(N_c)$ gauge theory, decoupled from the standard model and with a high-lying strong coupling scale, can incorporate apparently unrelated cosmological features, such as Inflation and dark matter, using well-understood dynamics from ... More
Tabula: A Language to Model Spreadsheet TablesJul 10 2017Spreadsheets provide a flexible and easy to use software development environment, but that leads to error proneness. Work has been done to prevent errors in spreadsheets, including using models to specify distinct parts of a spreadsheet as it is done ... More
Tight Bounds for Connectivity and Set Agreement in Byzantine Synchronous SystemsMay 16 2015Aug 26 2015In this paper, we show that the protocol complex of a Byzantine synchronous system can remain $(k - 1)$-connected for up to $\lceil t/k \rceil$ rounds, where $t$ is the maximum number of Byzantine processes, and $t \ge k \ge 1$. Protocol complex connectivity ... More
Constraints on the IR behavior of the ghost propagator in Yang-Mills theoriesApr 15 2008Aug 11 2008We present rigorous upper and lower bounds for the momentum-space ghost propagator G(p) of Yang-Mills theories in terms of the smallest nonzero eigenvalue (and of the corresponding eigenvector) of the Faddeev-Popov matrix. We apply our analysis to data ... More
The degree of the generators of the canonical ring of surfaces with p_g=0Mar 06 1997It is shown that the canonical ring of a minimal surface of general type with $p_g=0, K^2\geq 2$ is generated by its elements of degree lesser or equal to 5, provided $|2K|$ has no fixed components, and that this bound can be lowered to 4 under the assumption ... More
A Computational Model of Liver Iron MetabolismAug 27 2013Iron is essential for all known life due to its redox properties, however these same properties can also lead to its toxicity in overload through the production of reactive oxygen species. Robust systemic and cellular control are required to maintain ... More
Direct off-line robot programming via a common CAD packageSep 09 2013This paper focuses on intuitive and direct off-line robot programming from a CAD drawing running on a common 3-D CAD package. It explores the most suitable way to represent robot motion in a CAD drawing, how to automatically extract such motion data from ... More
Navier-Stokes Equation on the RectangleApr 15 2005We study controllability issues for the Navier-Stokes Equation on a two dimensional rectangle with so-called Lions boundary conditions. Rewriting the Equation using a basis of harmonic functions we arrive to an infinite-dimensional system of ODEs. Methods ... More
Evolution of intermediate mass galaxies up to z~0.7 and studies of SNe Ia hostsNov 08 2010Nov 25 2010In the first part of this manuscript, I present the results on the properties of the interstellar medium and the stellar content of galaxies at z=0.6, from a representative sample of distant galaxies observed with the long slit spectrograph VLT/FORS2. ... More
Tuning the pn junction at a metal-graphene interface via H2 exposureMar 15 2016Combining experiment and theory, we investigate how the naturally created heterojunction at a graphene and metallic contact is modulated via interaction with molecular hydrogen (H2). Due to electrostatic interaction, a Cr/Au electrode induces a pn junction ... More
A stochastic representation for the Poisson-Vlasov equationNov 20 2006A stochastic representation for the solutions of the Poisson-Vlasov equation is obtained. The representation involves both an exponential and a branching process. The stochastic representation, besides providing an alternative existence proof and an intuitive ... More
Anomalous Non-linear Optical Response Of Graphene Near Phonon ResonancesJan 31 2017In this work we probe the third-order non-linear optical property of graphene, hexagonal boron nitride and their heterostructure by the use of coherent anti-Stokes Raman Spectroscopy. When the energy difference of the two input fields match the phonon ... More
Renormalization group approach to nonextensive statistical mechanicsMar 22 2000We analyze a simple classical Hamiltonian system within the hypothesis of renormalizability and isotropy that essentially led Maxwell to his ubiquitous Gaussian distribution of velocities. We show that the equilibrium-like power-law energy distribution ... More
Neural networks and logical reasoning systems. A translation tableAug 04 1998A correspondence is established between the elements of logic reasoning systems (knowledge bases, rules, inference and queries) and the hardware and dynamical operations of neural networks. The correspondence is framed as a general translation dictionary ... More
Comment on "Anomalous Spreading of Power-Law Quantum Wave Packets"Mar 22 2000A family of wave packets with power law tails are employed to analyze the long time dependence of the corresponding probability density. The densities, associated to packets for free particles in the one-dimensional space, with sufficiently long tails ... More
Symbolic Dynamics in a Matching Labour Market ModelAug 01 2006In this paper we apply the techniques of symbolic dynamics to the analysis of a labor market which shows large volatility in employment flows. In a recent paper, Bhattacharya and Bunzel \cite{BB} have found that the discrete time version of the Pissarides-Mortensen ... More
Cavity squeezing by a quantum conductorApr 30 2015Nov 06 2015Hybrid architectures integrating mesoscopic electronic conductors with resonant microwave cavities have a great potential for investigating unexplored regimes of electron-photon coupling. In this context, producing nonclassical squeezed light is a key ... More
Deformations of Legendrian CurvesJul 11 2016We construct versal and equimultiple versal deformations of the parametrization of a Legendrian curve.
Quantum control in infinite dimensionsNov 06 2003Accurate control of quantum evolution is an essential requirement for quantum state engineering, laser chemistry, quantum information and quantum computing. Conditions of controllability for systems with a finite number of energy levels have been extensively ... More
The order of finite algebraic fundamental groups of surfaces with K^2<=3χ-2May 29 2006We study the structure of the algebraic fundamental group for minimal surfaces of general type S satisfying K_S^2<=3\chi-2$ and not having any irregular etale cover. We show that, if K_S^2<=3\chi-2, then then the algebraic fundamental group of S has order ... More
On surfaces with $p_g=2$, $q=1$ and non-birational bicanonical mapMar 01 2002In the present note we show that any surface of general type with $p_g=2$,$q=1$ and non-birational bicanonical map has a pencil of curves of genus 2. Combining this result with previous ones, one obtains thatan irregular surface $S$ of general type with ... More
Guessing gamesJan 11 2014In a guessing game, players guess the value of a random real number selected using some probability density function. The winner may be determined in various ways; for example, a winner can be a player whose guess is closest in magnitude to the target ... More
Godeaux surfaces with an Enriques involution and some stable degenerationsFeb 16 2015We give an explicit description of the Godeaux surfaces that admit an involution such that the quotient surface is birational to an Enriques surface; these surfaces give a 6-dimensional unirational irreducible subset of the moduli space of surfaces of ... More
Parametrization for a class of Rauzy FractalSep 03 2014Feb 16 2016In this paper, we study a class of Rauzy fractals ${\mathcal R}_a$ given by the polynomial $x^3- ax^2+x-1$ where $a \geq 2$ is an integer. In particular we give explicitly an automaton that generates the boundary of ${\mathcal R}_a$ and using an exotic ... More
Feedback boundary stabilization to trajectories for 3D Navier-Stokes equationsAug 04 2015Given a nonstationary trajectory of the Navier-Stokes system, a finite-dimensional feedback boundary controller stabilizing locally the system to the given trajectory is derived. Moreover the controller is supported in a given open subset of the boundary ... More
"Non-renormalization" without supersymmetryNov 03 2006Dec 19 2006The g_{YM} perturbed, non supersymmetric extension of the dual single matrix description of 1/2 BPS states, within the Hilbert space reduction to the oscillator subsector associated with chiral primaries is considered. This matrix model is described in ... More
Optimal Control and Numerical Optimization Applied to Epidemiological ModelsJan 29 2014The relationship between epidemiology, mathematical modeling and computational tools allows to build and test theories on the development and battling of a disease. This PhD thesis is motivated by the study of epidemiological models applied to infectious ... More
Asymptotic stability of Oseen vortices for a density-dependent incompressible viscous fluidNov 20 2006In the analysis of the long-time behaviour of two-dimensional incompressible viscous fluids, Oseen vortices play a major role as attractors of any homogeneous solution with integrable initial vorticity. As a first step in the study of the density-dependent ... More
Dynamics of conservative Bykov cycles: tangencies, generalized cocoon bifurcations and elliptic solutionsNov 27 2015This paper presents a mechanism for the coexistence of hyperbolic and non-hyperbolic dynamics arising in a neighbourhood of a conservative Bykov cycle where trajectories turn in opposite directions near the two saddle-foci. We show that {within the class ... More
Application of SIR epidemiological model: new trendsNov 08 2016The simplest epidemiologic model composed by mutually exclusive compartments SIR (susceptible-infected-susceptible) is presented to describe a reality. From health concerns to situations related with marketing, informatics or even sociology, several are ... More
Intervalley scattering of graphene massless Dirac fermions at 3-periodic grain boundariesJul 12 2016Oct 22 2016We study how low-energy charge carriers scatter off periodic and linear graphene grain boundaries oriented along the zigzag direction with a periodicity three times greater than that of pristine graphene. These defects map the two Dirac points into the ... More
Hopf normal form with $S_N$ symmetry and reduction to systems of nonlinearly coupled phase oscillatorsJul 29 2015Feb 16 2016Coupled oscillator models where $N$ oscillators are identical and symmetrically coupled to all others with full permutation symmetry $S_N$ are found in a variety of applications. Much, but not all, work on phase descriptions of such systems consider the ... More
Evolution of Anisotropies in Eddington-Born-Infeld CosmologyJun 23 2008Sep 16 2008Recently a Born-Infeld action for dark energy and dark matter that uses additional affine connections was proposed. At background level, it was shown that the new proposal can mimic the standard cosmological evolution. In Bianchi cosmologies, contrary ... More
Algebraic and Dirac-Hestenes Spinors and Spinor FieldsDec 10 2002May 31 2005Almost all presentations of Dirac theory in first or second quantization in Physics (and Mathematics) textbooks make use of covariant Dirac spinor fields. An exception is the presentation of that theory (first quantization) offered originally by Hestenes ... More
Semiglobal exponential stabilization of nonautonomous semilinear parabolic-like systemsMar 18 2019It is shown that an explicit oblique projection nonlinear feedback controller is able to stabilize semilinear parabolic equations, with time-dependent dynamics and with a polynomial nonlinearity. The actuators are typically modeled by a finite number ... More
Local up-down asymmetrically shaped equilibrium model for tokamak plasmasOct 11 2017Jun 22 2018A local magnetic equilibrium model is presented, with finite aspect ratio and up-down asymmetrically shaped cross section, that depends on eight free parameters. In contrast with other local equilibria, which provide simple magnetic-surface parametrizations ... More
Covering coalgebras and dual non-singularityJun 28 2006Localisation is an important technique in ring theory and yields the construction of various rings of quotients. Colocalisation in comodule categories has been investigated by some authors where the colocalised coalgebra turned out to be a suitable subcoalgebra. ... More
Actions des groupes topologiques sur les objets universelsJun 06 2011Feb 02 2012In this thesis, we study the existence of universal objets of two differents types in the theory of topological groups and theirs actions on compacts spaces. In the first part, we contribute to the problem of existence of test spaces for amenability. ... More
Asymptotically preserving particle-in-cell methods for inhomogenous strongly magnetized plasmasJan 24 2017We propose a class of Particle-In-Cell (PIC) methods for the Vlasov-Poisson system with a strong and inhomogeneous external magnetic field with fixed direction, where we focus on the motion of particles in the plane orthogonal to the magnetic field (so-called ... More
Space-modulated Stability and Averaged DynamicsDec 18 2015In this brief note we give a brief overview of the comprehensive theory, recently obtained by the author jointly with Johnson, Noble and Zumbrun, that describes the nonlinear dynamics about spectrally stable periodic waves of parabolic systems and announce ... More
Order-preserving Renaming in Synchronous Message Passing Systems with Byzantine FaultsMay 02 2012Mar 03 2013Renaming is a fundamental problem in distributed computing, which consists of a set of processes picking distinct names from a given namespace. The paper presents algorithms that solve order-preserving renaming in synchronous message passing systems with ... More
Random Walk on Directed Dynamic GraphsJan 31 2011Feb 01 2011Dynamic graphs have emerged as an appropriate model to capture the changing nature of many modern networks, such as peer-to-peer overlays and mobile ad hoc networks. Most of the recent research on dynamic networks has only addressed the undirected dynamic ... More
Boundary crisis for degenerate singular cyclesSep 13 2016Mar 22 2017The term boundary crisis refers to the destruction or creation of a chaotic attractor when parameters vary. The locus of a boundary crisis may contain regions of positive Lebesgue measure marking the transition from regular dynamics to the chaotic regime. ... More
Electromagnetic Dualities on Noncommutative Space-Time and Symplectic FormalismsNov 07 2006In this thesis we analyze extensions of classical electromagnetic dualities to the noncommutative (NC) 3D and 4D space-times. It is known that the noncomutativity parameter theta becomes its Hodge dual *theta through the NC 4D electromagnetic duality ... More
Elliptical galaxies kinematics within general relativity with renormalization group effectsMar 10 2012Sep 04 2012The renormalization group framework can be applied to Quantum Field Theory on curved space-time, but there is no proof whether the beta-function of the gravitational coupling indeed goes to zero in the far infrared or not. In a recent paper we have shown ... More
SU(2) Lattice Gluon Propagator and Potential ModelsApr 29 2014We study the bottomonium spectrum using a potential model. Our potential incorporates lattice results for the gluon propagator, obtained from simulations of pure SU(2) gauge theory in Landau gauge. The mass of the bottom quark is left as a free parameter. ... More
Atom-wall dispersive forces from master equation formalismMar 20 2007Using the general expressions for level shifts obtained from the master equation for a small system interacting with a large one considered as a reservoir, we calculate the dispersive potentials between an atom and a wall in the dipole approximation. ... More
Infrared-suppressed gluon propagator in 4d Yang-Mills theory in a Landau-like gaugeJan 15 2007Aug 10 2007The infrared behavior of the gluon propagator is directly related to confinement in QCD. Indeed, the Gribov-Zwanziger scenario of confinement predicts an infrared vanishing (transverse) gluon propagator in Landau-like gauges, implying violation of reflection ... More
A master equation approach for the interaction of an atom with a dielectric semi-infinite mediumApr 05 2006We use the master equation approach to calculate the energy level shifts of an atom in the presence of a general dielectric semi-infinite medium characterized by a dielectric constant $\epsilon(\omega)$. Particularly, we analyze the case of a non-dispersive ... More
Excited state contribution to the Casimir-Polder force at finite temperatureApr 05 2006Using the master equation we calculate the contribution of the excited state of a two-level atom to its interacting potential with a perfectly conducting wall at finite temperature. For low temperature, $\hbar \omega_0/k_B T = k_0 \lambda_T\gg 1$, where ... More
Infrared Maximally Abelian GaugeNov 01 2006The confinement scenario in Maximally Abelian gauge (MAG) is based on the concepts of Abelian dominance and of dual superconductivity. Recently, several groups pointed out the possible existence in MAG of ghost and gluon condensates with mass dimension ... More
Pseudo-Character Expansions for U(N)-Invariant Spin Models on CP^{N-1}Oct 13 1998We define a set of orthogonal functions on the complex projective space CP^{N-1}, and compute their Clebsch-Gordan coefficients as well as a large class of 6-j symbols. We also provide all the needed formulae for the generation of high-temperature expansions ... More
Exact results and new insights for models defined over small world networks. First and second order phase transitions. II: ApplicationsJan 23 2008Apr 07 2008We apply a novel method (presented in part I) to solve several small-world models for which the method can be applied analytically: the Viana-Bray model (which can be seen as a 0 or infinite dimensional small-world model), the one-dimensional chain small-world ... More
Boson-fermion stars: exploring different configurationsJan 02 2003Feb 07 2003We use the flexibility of the concept of a fermion-boson star to explore different configurations, ranging from objects of atomic size and masses of the order $10^{18}$ g, up to objects of galactic masses and gigantic halos around a smaller core, with ... More
Equilibrium States in Numerical Argumentation NetworksAug 28 2014Mar 18 2015Given an argumentation network with initial values to the arguments, we look for algorithms which can yield extensions compatible with such initial values. We find that the best way of tackling this problem is to offer an iteration formula that takes ... More
Loop Space Hamiltonians And Field Theory Of Non-Critical StringsDec 14 1993Dec 15 1993We consider the loop space representation of multi-matrix models. Explaining the origin of a time variable through stochastic quantization we make contact with recent proposals of Ishibashi and Kawai. We demonstrate how collective field theory with its ... More
On the Hydrogen Atom via Wigner-Heisenberg AlgebraDec 03 2008Aug 18 2009We extend the usual Kustaanheimo-Stiefel $4D\to 3D$ mapping to study and discuss a constrained super-Wigner oscillator in four dimensions. We show that the physical hydrogen atom is the system that emerges in the bosonic sector of the mapped super 3D ... More
Linear Asymptotic Stability and Modulation Behavior near Periodic Waves of the Korteweg-de Vries EquationJun 19 2017We provide a detailed study of the dynamics obtained by linearizing the Korteweg-de Vries equation about one of its periodic traveling waves, a cnoidal wave. In a suitable sense, linearly analogous to space-modulated stability, we prove global-in-time ... More
Intervalley scattering of graphene massless Dirac fermions at 3-periodic grain boundariesJul 12 2016We study how low-energy charge carriers scatter off periodic and linear graphene grain boundaries oriented along the zigzag direction with a periodicity three times greater than that of pristine graphene. These defects map the two Dirac points into the ... More
Generalized Ladder Operators for the Dirac-Coulomb Problem via SUSY QMNov 11 2003May 17 2004The supersymmetry in quantum mechanics and shape invariance condition are applied as an algebraic method to solve the Dirac-Coulomb problem. The ground state and the excited states are investigated using new generalized ladder operators.
Regression Adjustment for Noncrossing Bayesian Quantile RegressionFeb 04 2015A two-stage approach is proposed to overcome the problem in quantile regression, where separately fitted curves for several quantiles may cross. The standard Bayesian quantile regression model is applied in the first stage, followed by a Gaussian process ... More
Heisenberg Spins on a Circular Conical SurfaceJan 29 2004We investigate classical Heisenberg spins on a conical surface. The energy and configuration of non-trivial spin distributions are obtained using a non-conventional method based on Einstein theory of gravity in lower dimensions.
Exponent of a finite group of odd order with an involutory automorphismMar 15 2019Let $G$ be a finite group of odd order admitting an involutory automorphism $\phi$. We obtain two results bounding the exponent of $[G,\phi]$. Denote by $G_{-\phi}$ the set $\{[g,\phi]\,\vert\, g\in G\}$ and by $G_{\phi}$ the centralizer of $\phi$, that ... More
On the dynamics of Translated Cone Exchange TransformationsSep 14 2018Jan 29 2019In this paper we investigate translated cone exchange transformations, a new family of piecewise isometries and renormalize its first return map to a subset of its partition. As a consequence we show that the existence of an embedding of an interval exchange ... More
The trace formulas yield the inverse metric formulaMay 06 1998May 03 2000It is a well-known fact that the first and last non-trivial coefficients of the characteristic polynomial of a linear operator are respectively its trace and its determinant. This work shows how to compute recursively all the coefficients as polynomial ... More
Comparing pion production models to MiniBooNE dataFeb 19 2014Predictions for neutrino-induced charged- and neutral-current single pion production on CH_2 from theoretical models and Monte Carlo event generators are compared with the cross section measurements from the MiniBooNE experiment.
Time of avalanche mixing of granular materials in a half filled rotated drumJul 25 2000The avalanche mixing of granular solids in a slowly rotated 2D upright drum is studied. We demonstrate that the account of the difference $\delta$ between the angle of marginal stability and the angle of repose of the granular material leads to a restricted ... More
Initial conditions for hybrid inflationJun 01 2000Sep 22 2000In hybrid inflation models, typically only a tiny fraction of possible initial conditions give rise to successful inflation, even if one assumes spatial homogeneity. We analyze some possible solutions to this initial conditions problem, namely assisted ... More
Comment on "Breakdown of the Internet under Intentional Attack"Sep 05 2001We obtain the exact position of the percolation threshold in intentionally damaged scale-free networks.
On the optimal experimental design for heat and moisture parameter estimationOct 12 2016In the context of estimating material properties of porous walls based on in-site measurements and identification method, this paper presents the concept of Optimal Experiment Design (OED). It aims at searching the best experimental conditions in terms ... More
Assessment Model for Opportunistic Routing (LatinCom)Jul 31 2014Due to the increased capabilities of mobile devices and through wireless opportunistic contacts, users can experience new ways to share and retrieve content anywhere and anytime, even in the presence of link intermittency. Due to the significant number ... More
Opportunistic Routing Based on Daily RoutinesJul 31 2014Opportunistic routing is being investigated to enable the proliferation of low-cost wireless applications. A recent trend is looking at social structures, inferred from the social nature of human mobility, to bring messages close to a destination. To ... More
RELink: A Research Framework and Test Collection for Entity-Relationship RetrievalJun 13 2017Improvements of entity-relationship (E-R) search techniques have been hampered by a lack of test collections, particularly for complex queries involving multiple entities and relationships. In this paper we describe a method for generating E-R test queries ... More
Early Fusion Strategy for Entity-Relationship RetrievalJul 27 2017Oct 19 2017We address the task of entity-relationship (E-R) retrieval, i.e, given a query characterizing types of two or more entities and relationships between them, retrieve the relevant tuples of related entities. Answering E-R queries requires gathering and ... More
Small-world of communities: communication and correlation of the meta-networkDec 02 2008Aug 27 2009Given a network and a partition in n communities, we address the issues ``how communities influence each other'' and ``when two given communities do communicate''. We prove that, for a small-world network, among communities, a simple superposition principle ... More
Effective field theory for models defined over small-world networks. First and second order phase transitionsSep 03 2008We present an effective field theory method to analyze, in a very general way, models defined over small-world networks. Even if the exactness of the method is limited to the paramagnetic regions and to some special limits, it provides, yielding a clear ... More
Using qualia information to identify lexical semantic classes in an unsupervised clustering taskMar 11 2013Acquiring lexical information is a complex problem, typically approached by relying on a number of contexts to contribute information for classification. One of the first issues to address in this domain is the determination of such contexts. The work ... More
Birational geometry of foliations associated to simple derivationsJan 03 2017Dec 14 2018We propose a study of the foliations of the projective plane induced by simple derivations of the polynomial ring in two indeterminates over the complex field. These correspond to foliations which have no invariant algebraic curve nor singularities in ... More
A parity conserving dimer model with infinitely many absorbing statesNov 02 1998We propose and study a model where, for the first time, two aspects are present: parity conservation and infinitely many absorbing states. Whereas steady-state simulations show that the static critical behaviour is not affected by the presence of multiple ... More
Analyzing Peer Selection Policies for BitTorrent Multimedia On-Demand Streaming Systems in InternetFeb 10 2014The adaptation of the BitTorrent protocol to multimedia on-demand streaming systems essentially lies on the modification of its two core algorithms, namely the piece and the peer selection policies, respectively. Much more attention has though been given ... More
Anisotropic Boltzmann-Gibbs dynamics of strongly magnetized Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equationsOct 17 2016We consider various sets of Vlasov-Fokker-Planck equations modeling the dynamics of charged particles in a plasma under the effect of a strong magnetic field. For each of them in a regime where the strength of the magnetic field is effectively stronger ... More
On the Two Obstacles Problem in Orlicz-Sobolev Spaces and ApplicationsMar 08 2010We prove the Lewy-Stampacchia inequalities for the two obstacles problem in abstract form for T-monotone operators. As a consequence for a general class of quasi-linear elliptic operators of Ladyzhenskaya-Uraltseva type, including p(x)-Laplacian type ... More
Block Conjugacy of Irreducible Toral AutomorphismsNov 03 2015We introduce a relation of block conjugacy for irreducible toral automorphism, and prove that block conjugacy is equivalent to weak equivalence of the ideals associated to the automorphisms. We characterize when block conjugate automorphisms are actually ... More