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MigrationMiner: An Automated Detection Tool of Third-Party Java Library Migration at the Method LevelJul 05 2019Jul 13 2019In this paper we introduce, MigrationMiner, an automated tool that detects code migrations performed between Java third-party library. Given a list of open source projects, the tool detects potential library migration code changes and collects the specific ... More
On the Use of Information Retrieval to Automate the Detection of Third-Party Java Library Migration at the Method LevelJun 02 2019The migration process between different third-party libraries is hard, complex and error-prone. Typically, during a library migration, developers need to find methods in the new library that are most adequate in replacing the old methods of the retired ... More
Do Design Metrics Capture Developers Perception of Quality? An Empirical Study on Self-Affirmed Refactoring ActivitiesJul 10 2019Background. Refactoring is a critical task in software maintenance and is generally performed to enforce the best design and implementation practices or to cope with design defects. Several studies attempted to detect refactoring activities through mining ... More
Learning to Recommend Third-Party Library Migration Opportunities at the API LevelJun 07 2019The manual migration between different third-party libraries represents a challenge for software developers. Developers typically need to explore both libraries Application Programming Interfaces, along with reading their documentation, in order to locate ... More
Automated Inference of Software Library Usage PatternsDec 06 2016Modern software systems are increasingly dependent on third-party libraries. It is widely recognized that using mature and well-tested third-party libraries can improve developers' productivity, reduce time-to-market, and produce more reliable software. ... More
An Empirical Study on the Impact of Refactoring Activities on Evolving Client-Used APIsSep 27 2017Sep 28 2017Context: Refactoring is recognized as an effective practice to maintain evolving software systems. For software libraries, we study how library developers refactor their Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), especially when it impacts client users ... More
On the Impact of Micro-Packages: An Empirical Study of the npm JavaScript EcosystemSep 14 2017The rise of user-contributed Open Source Software (OSS) ecosystems demonstrate their prevalence in the software engineering discipline. Libraries work together by depending on each other across the ecosystem. From these ecosystems emerges a minimized ... More
Do Developers Update Their Library Dependencies? An Empirical Study on the Impact of Security Advisories on Library MigrationSep 14 2017Third-party library reuse has become common practice in contemporary software development, as it includes several benefits for developers. Library dependencies are constantly evolving, with newly added features and patches that fix bugs in older versions. ... More
Car Detection using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Comparison between Faster R-CNN and YOLOv3Dec 28 2018Unmanned Aerial Vehicles are increasingly being used in surveillance and traffic monitoring thanks to their high mobility and ability to cover areas at different altitudes and locations. One of the major challenges is to use aerial images to accurately ... More
Modified LLL algorithm with shifted start columnJul 12 2016Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems are playing an important role in the recent wireless communication. The complexity of the different systems models challenge different researches to get a good complexity to performance balance. Lattices Reduction ... More
Application of Gammachirp Auditory Filter as a Continuous Wavelet AnalysisJul 27 2011This paper presents a new method on the use of the gammachirp auditory filter based on a continuous wavelet analysis. The gammachirp auditory filter is designed to provide a spectrum reflecting the spectral properties of the cochlea, which is responsible ... More
Artimate: an articulatory animation framework for audiovisual speech synthesisMar 15 2012We present a modular framework for articulatory animation synthesis using speech motion capture data obtained with electromagnetic articulography (EMA). Adapting a skeletal animation approach, the articulatory motion data is applied to a three-dimensional ... More
Progress in animation of an EMA-controlled tongue model for acoustic-visual speech synthesisJan 19 2012We present a technique for the animation of a 3D kinematic tongue model, one component of the talking head of an acoustic-visual (AV) speech synthesizer. The skeletal animation approach is adapted to make use of a deformable rig controlled by tongue motion ... More
Performance and Complexity Analysis of a Reduced Iterations LLL AlgorithmJul 12 2016Multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) systems are playing an increasing and interesting role in the recent wireless communication. The complexity and the performance of the systems are driving the different studies and researches. Lattices Reduction techniques ... More
Modelling User Preferences using Word Embeddings for Context-Aware Venue RecommendationJun 24 2016Venue recommendation aims to assist users by making personalised suggestions of venues to visit, building upon data available from location-based social networks (LBSNs) such as Foursquare. A particular challenge for this task is context-aware venue recommendation ... More
Message Passing for Analysis and Resilient Design of Self-Healing Interdependent Cyber-Physical NetworksJun 03 2016Coupling cyber and physical systems gives rise to numerous engineering challenges and opportunities. An important challenge is the contagion of failure from one system to another, that can lead to large scale cascading failures. On the other hand, self-healing ... More
Message Passing for Analysis and Resilient Design of Self-Healing Interdependent Cyber-Physical NetworksJun 03 2016Dec 29 2016Coupling cyber and physical systems gives rise to numerous engineering challenges and opportunities. An important challenge is the contagion of failure from one system to another, that can lead to large scale cascading failures. On the other hand, self-healing ... More
Amenability of groups and semigroups characterized by ConfigurationJan 25 2015In 2005, Abdollahi and Rejali, studied the relations between paradoxical decompositions and configurations for semigroups. In the present paper, we introduce another concept of amenability on semigroups and groups which includes amenability of semigroups ... More
Recent Results on Photoproduction of Vector Mesons and Mass Dependent Pomeron TrajectorySep 13 2002It is shown that the recent results on photoproduction of vector mesons can be naturally explained by using a mass dependent pomeron trajectory.
Speech animation using electromagnetic articulography as motion capture dataOct 30 2013Electromagnetic articulography (EMA) captures the position and orientation of a number of markers, attached to the articulators, during speech. As such, it performs the same function for speech that conventional motion capture does for full-body movements ... More
Error Correction Coding Meets Cyber-Physical Systems: Message-Passing Analysis of Self-Healing Interdependent NetworksSep 25 2016Jun 30 2017Coupling cyber and physical systems gives rise to numerous engineering challenges and opportunities. An important challenge is the contagion of failure from one system to another, which can lead to large-scale cascading failures. However, the self-healing ... More
Customers perception of mbanking adoption in Kingdom of Bahrain: an empirical assessment of an extended tam modelMar 12 2014Mar 25 2014Mobile applications have been rapidly changing the way business organizations deliver their services to their customers and how customers can interact with their service providers in order to satisfy their needs. The use of mobile applications increases ... More
Risk Assessment of Autonomous Vehicles Using Bayesian Defense GraphsMar 05 2019Recent developments have made autonomous vehicles (AVs) closer to hitting our roads. However, their security is still a major concern among drivers as well as manufacturers. Although some work has been done to identify threats and possible solutions, ... More
Using Word Embeddings in Twitter Election ClassificationJun 22 2016Jul 19 2016Word embeddings and convolutional neural networks (CNN) have attracted extensive attention in various classification tasks for Twitter, e.g. sentiment classification. However, the effect of the configuration used to train and generate the word embeddings ... More
Emergency Identification and Analysis with EAIMSOct 13 2016Social media platforms are now a key source of information for a large segment of the public. As such, these platforms have a great potential as a means to provide real-time information to emergency management agencies. Moreover, during an emergency, ... More
On the zeros of Dirichlet $L$-functionsJul 13 2015In this paper, we compute and verify the positivity of the Li coefficients for the Dirichlet $L$-functions using an arithmetic formula established in Omar and Mazhouda, J. Number Theory 125 (2007) no.1, 50-58; J. Number Theory 130 (2010) no.4, 1109-1114. ... More
Using multimodal speech production data to evaluate articulatory animation for audiovisual speech synthesisSep 22 2012The importance of modeling speech articulation for high-quality audiovisual (AV) speech synthesis is widely acknowledged. Nevertheless, while state-of-the-art, data-driven approaches to facial animation can make use of sophisticated motion capture techniques, ... More
Syngas Production from Propane Using Atmospheric Non-thermal PlasmaFeb 25 2009Propane steam reforming using a sliding discharge reactor was investigated under atmospheric pressure and low temperature (420 K). Non-thermal plasma steam reforming proceeded efficiently and hydrogen was formed as a main product (H2 concentration up ... More
Using Word Embeddings in Twitter Election ClassificationJun 22 2016Mar 21 2017Word embeddings and convolutional neural networks (CNN) have attracted extensive attention in various classification tasks for Twitter, e.g. sentiment classification. However, the effect of the configuration used to train and generate the word embeddings ... More
The FACTS of Technology-Assisted Sensitivity ReviewJul 05 2019At least ninety countries implement Freedom of Information laws that state that government documents must be made freely available, or opened, to the public. However, many government documents contain sensitive information, such as personal or confidential ... More
D-instantons in Klebanov-Witten modelMar 01 2016May 03 2016We study D-instanton solutions in type IIB supergravity on $AdS_5\times T^{1,1}$, which has a dual ${\cal N}=1$ $SU(N)\times SU(N)$ super Yang-Mills theory. Apart from ordinary D(-1)-brane instantons, we discuss wrapped D1-branes over minimal 2-cycles ... More
A Characterization of Modules with Cyclic SocleMay 03 2015In 2009, J. Wood [15] proved that Frobenius bimodules have the extension property for symmetrized weight compositions. Later, in [9], it was proved that having a cyclic socle is sufficient for satisfying the property, while the necessity remained an open ... More
Moser functions and fractional Moser-Trudinger type inequalitiesOct 22 2015We improve the sharpness of some fractional Moser-Trudinger type inequalities, particularly those studied by Lam-Lu and Martinazzi. As an application, improving upon works of Adimurthi and Lakkis, we prove the existence of weak solutions to the problem ... More
Structure of conformal metrics on $\mathbb{R}^n$ with constant $Q$-curvatureApr 27 2015In this article we study the nonlocal equation \begin{align} (-\Delta)^{\frac{n}{2}}u=(n-1)!e^{nu}\quad \text{in $\mathbb{R}^n$}, \quad\int_{\mathbb{R}^n}e^{nu}dx<\infty, \notag \end{align} which arises in the conformal geometry. Inspired by the previous ... More
Noncritical Holographic QCD in External Electric FieldFeb 22 2011Mar 07 2011We investigate behavior of a noncritical model in external electric field and explore its phase structure in the quenched approximation N_f>> N_c. We compute the conductivity of QCD plasma in this model and compare it with the predictions of Sakai-Sugimoto ... More
Efficient hierarchical analysis of the stability of a network through dimensional reduction of its influence topologyAug 20 2013Sep 25 2013The connection between network topology and stability remains unclear. General approaches that clarify this relationship and allow for more efficient stability analysis would be desirable. Inspired by chemical reaction networks, I demonstrate the utility ... More
Maximum FidelityJan 22 2013The most fundamental problem in statistics is the inference of an unknown probability distribution from a finite number of samples. For a specific observed data set, answers to the following questions would be desirable: (1) Estimation: Which candidate ... More
Fluctuations of Quantum Fields in a Classical Background and ReheatingSep 15 2009Jan 05 2010We consider the particle creation process associated with a quantum field \chi in a time-dependent, homogeneous and isotropic, classical background. It is shown that the field square \chi^2, the energy density and the pressure of the created particles ... More
Volume Stabilization and Acceleration in Brane Gas CosmologyMay 11 2004Aug 13 2004We investigate toy cosmological models in (1+m+p)-dimensions with gas of p-branes wrapping over p-compact dimensions. In addition to winding modes, we consider the effects of momentum modes corresponding to small vibrations of branes and find that the ... More
Scalar Absorption by Noncommutative D3-branesNov 23 1999Jan 30 2000The classical cross section for low energy absorption of the RR-scalar by a stack of noncommutative D3-branes in the large NS B-field limit is calculated. In the spirit of AdS/CFT correspondence, this cross section is related to two point function of ... More
Quantum Mechanical Breakdown of Perfect Homogeneity in Reheating After InflationFeb 15 2008Oct 17 2008In the context of quantum fields in time dependent classical backgrounds, we notice that the number of created particles with a given momentum largely deviates about its mean value. Guided with this observation we use a complete orthonormal family of ... More
Supergravity Solutions for Harmonic, Static and Flux S-BranesJan 27 2006Feb 01 2006We seek S-brane solutions in D=11 supergravity which can be characterized by a harmonic function H on the flat transverse space. It turns out that the Einstein's equations force H to be a linear function of the transverse coordinates. The codimension ... More
Brane Gases and Stabilization of Shape Moduli with Momentum and Winding StressApr 26 2005Sep 06 2005In a toy model with gases of membranes and strings wrapping over a two-dimensional internal torus, we study the stabilization problem for the shape modulus. It is observed that winding modes of partially wrapped strings and momentum modes give rise to ... More
On the Geometric Properties of AdS InstantonsMay 31 1999Jul 15 1999According to the positive energy conjecture of Horowitz and Myers, there is a specific supergravity solution, AdS soliton, which has minimum energy among all asymptotically locally AdS solutions with the same boundary conditions. Related to the issue ... More
Zero Focal Shift in High Numerical Aperture Focusing of a Gaussian Laser Beam through Multiple Dielectric InterfacesSep 14 2014In this paper, focal shift of a Guassian laser beam tightly focused through several planar dielectric interfaces is discussed. It is shown that the focal shift and focus point can be changed by variation of refractive index mismatch and this shift could ... More
Active Invisibility Cloaks in One DimensionApr 05 2015Jun 09 2015We outline a general method of constructing finite-range cloaking potentials which render a given finite-range real or complex potential $v(x)$ unidirectionally reflectionless or invisible at a wavenumber $k_0$ of our choice. We give explicit analytic ... More
Physics of Spectral SingularitiesDec 01 2014Apr 05 2015Spectral singularities are certain points of the continuous spectrum of generic complex scattering potentials. We review the recent developments leading to the discovery of their physical meaning, consequences, and generalizations. In particular, we give ... More
Adiabatic Series Expansion and Higher-Order Semiclassical Approximations in Scattering TheoryFeb 26 2014The scattering properties of any complex scattering potential, v:R -> C, can be obtained from the dynamics of a particular non-unitary two-level quantum system S_v. The application of the adiabatic approximation to S_v yields a semiclassical treatment ... More
Nonlinear Spectral Singularities for Localized NonlinearitiesMar 11 2013May 31 2013We introduce a notion of spectral singularity that applies for a general class of nonlinear Schreodinger operators involving a confined nonlinearity. The presence of the nonlinearity does not break the parity-reflection symmetry of spectral singularities ... More
Semiclassical Analysis of Spectral Singularities and Their Applications in OpticsMay 23 2011Motivated by possible applications of spectral singularities in optics, we develop a semiclassical method of computing spectral singularities. We use this method to examine the spectral singularities of a planar slab gain medium whose gain coefficient ... More
Is Weak Pseudo-Hermiticity Weaker than Pseudo-Hermiticity?May 12 2006Nov 28 2006For a weakly pseudo-Hermitian linear operator, we give a spectral condition that ensures its pseudo-Hermiticity. This condition is always satisfied whenever the operator acts in a finite-dimensional Hilbert space. Hence weak pseudo-Hermiticity and pseudo-Hermiticity ... More
Comment on ``On Existence of a Biorthonormal Basis Composed of Eigenvectors of Non-Hermitian Operators [quant-ph/0603075]''Mar 10 2006We point out that T. Tanaka's recent criticism [quant-ph/0603075] of the results of J. Math. Phys. 43, 3944 (2002) [math-ph/0203005] is based on an assumption which was never made in the latter paper, namely that the diagonalizability of an operator implies ... More
Pseudo-Hermiticity, PT-symmetry, and the Metric OperatorAug 29 2005The main achievements of Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics and its distinction with the indefinite-metric quantum theories are reviewed. The issue of the non-uniqueness of the metric operator and its consequences for defining the observables are discussed. ... More
Erratum: Pseudo-Hermiticity for a class of nondiagonalizable Hamiltonians [J. Math. Phys. 43, 6343 (2002); math-ph/0207009]Jan 22 2003An error in the paper [J. Math. Phys. 43, 6343 (2002); math-ph/0207009] is corrected. Further explanation is given.
Pseudo-Hermiticity versus PT-Symmetry III: Equivalence of pseudo-Her miticity and the presence of antilinear symmetriesMar 04 2002May 07 2002We show that a diagonalizable (non-Hermitian) Hamiltonian H is pseudo-Hermitian if and only if it has an antilinear symmetry, i.e., a symmetry generated by an invertible antilinear operator. This implies that the eigenvalues of H are real or come in complex ... More
Eigenvalue Problem for Schroedinger Operators and Time-Dependent Harmonic OscillatorJun 26 1997It is shown that the eigenvalue problem for the Hamiltonians of the standard form, $H=p^2/(2m)+V(x)$, is equivalent to the classical dynamical equation for certain harmonic oscillators with time-dependent frequency. This is another indication of the central ... More
Perturbative Unidirectional InvisibilityJul 08 2015We outline a general perturbative method of evaluating scattering features of finite-range complex potentials and use it to examine complex perturbations of a rectangular barrier potential. In optics, these correspond to modulated refractive index profiles ... More
Spectral Singularities and CPA-Laser Action in a Weakly Nonlinear PT-Symmetric Bilayer SlabApr 07 2014We study optical spectral singularities of a weakly nonlinear PT-symmetric bilinear planar slab of optically active material. In particular, we derive the lasing threshold condition and calculate the laser output intensity. These reveal the following ... More
A Hamiltonian Formulation of the Pais-Uhlenbeck Oscillator that Yields a Stable and Unitary Quantum SystemAug 27 2010We offer a new Hamiltonian formulation of the classical Pais-Uhlenbeck Oscillator and consider its canonical quantization. We show that for the non-degenerate case where the frequencies differ, the quantum Hamiltonian operator is a Hermitian operator ... More
Resonance Phenomenon Related to Spectral Singularities, Complex Barrier Potential, and Resonating WaveguidesAug 12 2009Jun 02 2010A peculiar property of complex scattering potentials is the appearance of spectral singularities. These are energy eigenvalues for certain scattering states that similarly to resonance states have infinite reflection and transmission coefficients. This ... More
Metric Operator in Pseudo-Hermitian Quantum Mechanics and the Imaginary Cubic PotentialAug 26 2005Jul 26 2006We present a systematic perturbative construction of the most general metric operator (and positive-definite inner product) for quasi-Hermitian Hamiltonians of the standard form, H= p^2/2 + v(x), in one dimension. We show that this problem is equivalent ... More
Pseudo-Hermiticity and Generalized PT- and CPT-SymmetriesSep 10 2002Nov 28 2002We study certain linear and antilinear symmetry generators and involution operators associated with pseudo-Hermitian Hamiltonians and show that the theory of pseudo-Hermitian operators provides a simple explanation for the recent results of Bender, Brody ... More
Comment on Identical Motion in Classical and Quantum MechanicsSep 30 1999Makowski and Konkel [Phys. Rev. A 58, 4975 (1998)] have obtained certain classes of potentials which lead to identical classical and quantum Hamilton-Jacobi equations. We obtain the most general form of these potential.
Noncyclic geometric phase and its non-Abelian generalizationSep 30 1999We use the theory of dynamical invariants to yield a simple derivation of noncyclic analogues of the Abelian and non-Abelian geometric phases. This derivation relies only on the principle of gauge invariance and elucidates the existing definitions of ... More
Comment on Cyclic quantum-evolution dependence on the Hamiltonian and geometric phaseJun 20 1996It is shown that the analysis and the main result of the article by L-A. Wu [Phys. Rev. A 53, 2053 (1996)] are completely erroneous.
A Proof of The Fundamental Theorem of AlgebraSep 05 2005Feb 12 2008We give a proof for the fundamental theorem of algebra,using the Fredholm index phenomena
A Note On Application Of Singular RescalingSep 22 2004Using Singular Rescaling We Prove Some Bifurcation Results. This note Presents short proofs for some Bifurcation results which had been appeared with other Authors
Fractional quantum Hall states as an Abelian groupMar 27 2014Jan 30 2015We show that the set of double-layer Fractional Quantum Hall (FQH) states with a given topological order form a finite Abelian group under a new product. This group structure makes it possible to construct new FQH states from known ones. We also introduce ... More
Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of Approximate Dynamic Programming with Approximation ErrorsDec 18 2014May 15 2015This study is aimed at answering the famous question of how the approximation errors at each iteration of Approximate Dynamic Programming (ADP) affect the quality of the final results considering the fact that errors at each iteration affect the next ... More
Optimal Triggering of Networked Control SystemsDec 17 2014The problem of resource allocation of nonlinear networked control systems is investigated, where, unlike the well discussed case of triggering for stability, the objective is optimal triggering. An approximate dynamic programming approach is developed ... More
Feedback Solution to Optimal Switching Problems with Switching CostNov 17 2014The problem of optimal switching between nonlinear autonomous subsystems is investigated in this study where the objective is not only bringing the states to close to the desired point, but also adjusting the switching pattern, in the sense of penalizing ... More
Sequential Consistency and Concurrent Data StructuresJun 16 2015Linearizability, the de facto correctness condition for concurrent data structure implementations, despite its intuitive appeal is known to lead to poor scalability. This disadvantage has led researchers to design scalable data structures satisfying consistency ... More
Plane Symmetric, Cylindrically Symmetric and Spherically Symmetric Black Holes Solutions of Einstein Field EquationsOct 19 2014Dec 30 2014In this paper we present Plane symmetric, Cylindrically Symmetric and Spherically Symmetric Black hole or Vacuum solutions of Einstein Field Equations(EFEs). Some of these solutions are new which we have not seen in the literature. This calculation will ... More
Stably ergodic diffeomorphisms which are not partially hyperbolicJun 08 2002We show stable ergodicity of a class of conservative diffeomorphisms which do not have any hyperbolic invariant subbundle. Moreover the uniqueness of SRB measures for non-conservative $C^1$ perturbations of such diffeomorphisms. This class contains strictly ... More
Rare B-Meson Decays at the CrossroadsJul 17 2016Experimental era of rare $B$-decays started with the measurement of $B \to K^* \gamma$ by CLEO in 1993, followed two years later by the measurement of the inclusive decay $B \to X_s \gamma$, which serves as the standard candle in this field. The frontier ... More
Theory Overview on SpectroscopyAug 10 2011A theoretical overview of the exotic spectroscopy in the charm and beauty quark sector is presented. These states are unexpected harvest from the $e^+e^-$ and hadron colliders and a permanent abode for the majority of them has yet to be found. We argue ... More
Theory of Rare B DecaysSep 30 1997Oct 06 1997We discuss some selected topics in rare B decays in the context of the standard model and compare theoretical estimates with available data. Salient features of the perturbative-QCD and power corrections in the decay rate for $B \to X_s + \gamma$ are ... More
Rare Radiative $B$ Decays in the Standard ModelAug 21 1995A status report on the theory and phenomenology of rare radiative $B$ decays in the standard model is presented with emphasis on the measured decays $B \to X_s \gamma$ and $B \to K^* \gamma$. Standard model is in agreement with experiments though this ... More
A Note on Positive Zero Divisors in C* AlgebrasJan 13 2013May 15 2013In this paper we concern with positive zero divisors in $C^{*}$ algebras. By means of zero divisors, we introduce a hereditary invariant for $C^{*}$ algebras. Using this invariant, we give an example of a $C^{*}$ algebra $A$ and a $C^{*}$ sub algebra ... More
On $iε$ Prescription in CosmologyOct 29 2018Mar 25 2019This is a technical note on the $i\epsilon$ prescription in cosmology where we consider a self-interacting scalar field in the Poincare patch of the de Sitter space whose Hamiltonian has explicit time dependence. We use both path integral and operator ... More
Bounds on the Dimension of the Brill-Noether Schemes of Rank Two BundlesJun 21 2019The aim of this note is to find upper bounds on the dimension of Brill-Noether locus' inside the moduli space of rank two vector bundles on a smooth algebraic curve. We deduce some consequences of these bounds.
On the semi-proper orientations of graphsMay 08 2019A {\it semi-proper orientation} of a given graph $G$ is a function $(D,w)$ that assigns an orientation $D(e)$ and a positive integer weight $ w(e)$ to each edge $e$ such that for every two adjacent vertices $v$ and $u$, $S_{(D,w)}(v) \neq S_{(D,w)}(u) ... More
On the long time behavior of time relaxation model of fluidsMar 29 2019The time relaxation model, which is family of high accuracy turbulence models, has proven to be effective in regularization of Navier Stokes Equations. The model belongs to the class of Large Eddy Simulation models, and is derived by adding a linear time ... More
Characterizations of norm--parallelism in spaces of continuous functionsJul 10 2018In this paper, we consider the characterization of norm--parallelism problem in some classical Banach spaces. In particular, for two continuous functions $f, g$ on a compact Hausdorff space $K$, we show that $f$ is norm--parallel to $g$ if and only if ... More
Qubit-Qutrit ($2 \otimes 3$) quantum systems: An investigation of some quantum correlations under collective dephasingMay 14 2019We revisit qubit-qutrit quantum systems under collective dephasing and answer some of the questions which have not been asked and addressed so far in the literature. In particular, we examine the possibilities of non-trivial phenomena of {\it time-invariant} ... More
Freezing dynamics of entanglement and nonlocality for qutrit-qutrit ($3 \otimes 3$) quantum systemsOct 02 2018We examine the possibilities of non-trivial phenomena of time-invariant entanglement and freezing dynamics of entanglement for qutrit-qutrit quantum systems. We find no evidence for time-invariant entanglement, however, we do observe that quantum states ... More
Freezing dynamics of genuine entanglement and loss of genuine nonlocality under collective dephasingMar 29 2017We study the dynamics of genuine multipartite entanglement for quantum systems upto four qubits interacting with general collective dephasing process. Using a computable entanglement monotone for multipartite systems, we observe the feature of freezing ... More
Distillability sudden death in qutrit-qutrit systems under global decoherenceNov 04 2009Recently Song {\it et al}., Phys. Rev. A {\bf 80}, 012331 (2009), have discovered that certain two-qutrit entangled states interacting with multi-local decoherence undergo distillability sudden death whereas their locally equivalent states do not exhibit ... More
The heat equation for the Dirichlet fractional Laplacian with Hardy's potentials: properties of minimal solutions and blow-upJun 06 2016Local and global properties of minimal solutions for the heat equation generated by the Dirichlet fractional Laplacian negatively perturbed by Hardy's potentials on open subsets of $\R^d$ are analyzed. As a byproduct we obtain instantaneous blow-up of ... More
A note on power generalized extreme value distribution and its propertiesNov 30 2017Similar to the generalized extreme value (GEV) family, the generalized extreme value distributions under power normalization are introduced by Roudsari (1999) and Barakat et al. (2013). In this article, we study the asymptotic behavior of GEV laws under ... More
A Note on Commutators of the Fractional Sub-Laplacian on Carnot GroupsNov 28 2017In this manuscript, we provide a point-wise estimate for the $3$-commutators involving fractional powers of the sub-Laplacian on Carnot groups of homogeneous dimension $Q$. This can be seen as a fractional Leibniz rule in the sub-elliptic setting. As ... More
On a critical Leray$-α$ model of turbulenceMar 03 2011This paper aims to study a family of Leray-$\alpha$ models with periodic bounbary conditions. These models are good approximations for the Navier-Stokes equations. We focus our attention on the critical value of regularization "$\theta$" that garantees ... More
Large Eddy Simulation for Turbulent Flows with Critical RegularizationJul 07 2011In this paper, we establish the existence of a unique "regular" weak solution to the Large Eddy Simulation (LES) models of turbulence with critical regularization. We first consider the critical LES for the Navier-Stokes equations and we show that its ... More
Real zeros of random trigonometric polynomials with pairwise equal blocks of coefficientsMay 30 2019It is well known that the expected number of real zeros of a random cosine polynomial $ V_n(x) = \sum_ {j=0} ^{n} a_j \cos (j x) , \ x \in (0,2\pi) $, with the $ a_j $ being standard Gaussian i.i.d. random variables is asymptotically $ 2n / \sqrt{3} $. ... More
Some algebraic properties of $F(2O_k)$ graphsMay 25 2019In this research, the notation of the folded graph of $2O_k$ will be defined and denoted by $F(2O_k)$, as the graph whose vertex set is identical to the vertex set of $2O_k$, and with edge set $E_2 = E_1 \cup\{\{(v, i), (v, i^c)\} | (v, i), (v, i^c) \in ... More
Multipole charge conservation and implications on electromagnetic radiationOct 10 2016It is shown that conserved charges associated with a specific subclass of gauge symmetries of Maxwell electrodynamics are proportional to the well known electric multipole moments. The symmetries are residual gauge transformations surviving after fixing ... More
Generalized Fractional Order Derivatives, Its Properties and ApplicationsJun 20 2013The concept of fractional order derivative can be found in extensive range of many different subject areas. For this reason, the concept of fractional order derivative should be examined. After giving different methods mostly used in engineering and scientific ... More
Violation of Invariance of Measurement for GDP Growth Rate and its ConsequencesJul 17 2015Aug 04 2016The aim here is to address the origins of sustainability for the real growth rate in the United States. For over a century of observations on the real GDP per capita of the United States a sustainable two percent growth rate has been observed. To find ... More
Does Spin-Orbit Coupling Effect Favor Planar Structures for Small Platinum Clusters?Mar 26 2008We have performed full-relativistic density functional theory calculations to study the geometry and binding energy of different isomers of free platinum clusters Pt$_{n}$ ($n=4-6$) within the spin multiplicities from singlet to nonet. The spin-orbit ... More
Existence of entire solutions to a fractional Liouville equation in $\mathbb{R}^n$Feb 09 2015We study the existence of solutions to the problem $$ (-\Delta)^{\frac{n}{2}}u = Qe^{nu}\quad\text{in }\mathbb{R}^n, \quad V := \int_{\mathbb{R}^n}e^{nu}dx < \infty,$$ where $Q=(n-1)!$ or $Q=-(n-1)!$. Extending the works of Wei-Ye and Hyder-Martinazzi ... More