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Noise and instability of an optical lattice clockJul 17 2015Nov 03 2015We present an analysis of the different types of noise from the detection and interrogation laser in our strontium lattice clock. We develop a noise model showing that in our setup quantum projection noise--limited detection is possible if more than 130~atoms ... More
Lattice-induced photon scattering in an optical lattice clockFeb 08 2018Jul 19 2018We investigate scattering of lattice laser radiation in a strontium optical lattice clock and its implications for operating clocks at interrogation times up to several tens of seconds. Rayleigh scattering does not cause significant decoherence of the ... More
A high-performance optical lattice clock based on bosonic atomsMar 08 2018Optical lattice clocks with uncertainty and instability in the $10^{-17}$-range and below have so far been demonstrated exclusively using fermions. Here, we demonstrate a bosonic optical lattice clock with $3\times 10^{-18}$ instability and $2.0\times ... More
A strontium lattice clock with $3 \times 10^{-17}$ inaccuracy and its frequencyDec 12 2013Aug 15 2014We have measured the absolute frequency of the optical lattice clock based on $^{87}$Sr at PTB with an uncertainty of $3.9\times 10^{-16}$ using two caesium fountain clocks. This is close to the accuracy of today's best realizations of the SI second. ... More
Singular Graphs on which the Dihedral Group Acts Vertex TransitivelyOct 08 2018Let $\Gamma$ be a simple connect graph on a finite vertex set $V$ and let $A$ be its adjacency matrix. Then $\Gamma$ is said to be \textit{singular} if and only if $0$ is an eigenvalue of $A.$ The \textit{nullity (singularity)} of $\Gamma,$ denoted by ... More
Singular graphsJun 20 2018Let $\Gamma$ be a simple graph on a finite vertex set $V$ and let $A$ be its adjacency matrix. Then $\Gamma$ is said to be singular if and only if $0$ is an eigenvalue of $A.$ The nullity (singularity) of $\Gamma,$ denoted by ${\rm null}(\Gamma),$ is ... More
A Count of Palm Trees from Satellite ImageMay 27 2018In this research the number of palm trees was calculated from the satellite image programmatically, taking advantage of the accuracy of the spatial resolution of satellite image, the abilities of software recognition, and characteristics of the palm tree, ... More
Predictive genomics: A cancer hallmark network framework for predicting tumor clinical phenotypes using genome sequencing dataAug 09 2014We discuss a cancer hallmark network framework for modelling genome-sequencing data to predict cancer clonal evolution and associated clinical phenotypes. Strategies of using this framework in conjunction with genome sequencing data in an attempt to predict ... More
On the Capacity Bounds of Undirected NetworksApr 28 2008In this work we improve on the bounds presented by Li&Li for network coding gain in the undirected case. A tightened bound for the undirected multicast problem with three terminals is derived. An interesting result shows that with fractional routing, ... More
A simple approach to construct confidence bands for a regression function with incomplete dataDec 07 2018A long-standing problem in the construction of asymptotically correct confidence bands for a regression function $m(x)=E[Y|X=x]$, where $Y$ is the response variable influenced by the covariate $X$, involves the situation where $Y$ values may be missing ... More
Achieving Low-Latency Mobile Edge Computing by Uplink and Downlink Decoupled Access in HetNetsSep 13 2018Despite the physical proximity of computationally-enhanced Base Stations (BSs) in Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) systems, achieving an end-to-end low-latency for computations offloading is still a critical design problem. This is because the offloading of ... More
Active and Passive Portfolio Management with Latent FactorsMar 16 2019We address a portfolio selection problem that combines active (outperformance) and passive (tracking) objectives using techniques from convex analysis. We assume a general semimartingale market model where the assets' growth rate processes are driven ... More
Analyze Unstructured Data Patterns for Conceptual RepresentationAug 29 2018Online news media provides aggregated news and stories from different sources all over the world and up-to-date news coverage. The main goal of this study is to have a solution that considered as a homogeneous source for the news and to represent the ... More
Thinging for Computational ThinkingFeb 28 2019This paper examines conceptual models and their application to computational thinking. Computational thinking is a fundamental skill for everybody, not just for computer scientists. It has been promoted as skills that are as fundamental for all as numeracy ... More
A Note on Rickart ModulesSep 14 2016We study the notion of Rickart property in a general module theoretic setting as a generalization to the concept of Baer modules and right Rickart rings. A module $M_{R}$ is called Rickart if the right annihilator in $M_{R}$ of each left principal ideal ... More
A detailed comparative study of open source deep learning frameworksFeb 25 2019Deep Learning (DL) is one of the hottest trends in machine learning as DL approaches produced results superior to the state-of-the-art in problematic areas such as image processing and natural language processing (NLP). To foster the growth of DL, several ... More
Sensor-based, time-critical mobility of autonomous robots in cluttered spaces: a harmonic potential approachAug 26 2018This paper suggests an integrated navigation system for an unmanned ground vehicle operating in an unknown cluttered environment. The navigator supports time-critical mobility making it possible for a mobile robot to reach a target from the first attempt ... More
A Survey of Machine and Deep Learning Methods for Internet of Things (IoT) SecurityJul 29 2018The Internet of Things (IoT) integrates billions of smart devices that can communicate with one another with minimal human intervention. It is one of the fastest developing fields in the history of computing, with an estimated 50 billion devices by the ... More
Duality between Feature Selection and Data ClusteringSep 27 2016The feature-selection problem is formulated from an information-theoretic perspective. We show that the problem can be efficiently solved by a recently proposed info-clustering paradigm. This reveals the fundamental duality between feature selection and ... More
Proton Decay and the Quantum Structure of SpacetimeMar 05 2019Virtual black holes in noncommutative spacetime are investigated using coordinate coherent state formalism such that the event horizon of black hole is manipulated by smearing it with a Gaussian of width $ \sqrt \theta $, where $ \theta$ is the noncommutativity ... More
Two-Stage LASSO ADMM Signal Detection Algorithm For Large Scale MIMOJan 15 2018This paper explores the benefit of using some of the machine learning techniques and Big data optimization tools in approximating maximum likelihood (ML) detection of Large Scale MIMO systems. First, large scale MIMO detection problem is formulated as ... More
Narrowband Interference Mitigation in SC-FDMA Using Bayesian Sparse RecoveryOct 08 2014This paper presents a novel narrowband interference (NBI) mitigation scheme for SC-FDMA systems. The proposed NBI cancellation scheme exploits the frequency domain sparsity of the unknown signal and adopts a low complexity Bayesian sparse recovery procedure. ... More
Nonlinear Distortion Reduction in OFDM from Reliable Perturbations in Data CarriersJun 30 2015A novel method for correcting the effect of nonlinear distortion in orthogonal frequency division multiplexing signals is proposed. The method depends on adaptively selecting the distortion over a subset of the data carriers, and then using tools from ... More
An Overview of Video Allocation Algorithms for Flash-based SSD Storage SystemsApr 11 2012Despite the fact that Solid State Disk (SSD) data storage media had offered a revolutionary property storages community, but the unavailability of a comprehensive allocation strategy in SSDs storage media, leads to consuming the available space, random ... More
Joint estimation and model order selection for one dimensional ARMA models via convex optimization: a nuclear norm penalization approachAug 07 2015The problem of estimating ARMA models is computationally interesting due to the nonconcavity of the log-likelihood function. Recent results were based on the convex minimization. Joint model selection using penalization by a convex norm, e.g. the nuclear ... More
Adaptive Traffic Fingerprinting for Darknet Threat IntelligenceAug 03 2018Darknet technology such as Tor has been used by various threat actors for organising illegal activities and data exfiltration. As such, there is a case for organisations to block such traffic, or to try and identify when it is used and for what purposes. ... More
Aggregated Learning: A Deep Learning Framework Based on Information-Bottleneck Vector QuantizationJul 26 2018Feb 12 2019Based on the notion of information bottleneck (IB), we formulate a quantization problem called "IB quantization". We show that IB quantization is equivalent to learning based on the IB principle. Under this equivalence, the standard neural network models ... More
Design Challenges of Multi-UAV Systems in Cyber-Physical Applications: A Comprehensive Survey, and Future DirectionsOct 23 2018Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have recently rapidly grown to facilitate a wide range of innovative applications that can fundamentally change the way cyber-physical systems (CPSs) are designed. CPSs are a modern generation of systems with synergic cooperation ... More
Lattice-induced photon scattering in an optical lattice clockFeb 08 2018We investigate scattering of lattice laser radiation in a strontium optical lattice clock and its implications for operating clocks at interrogation times up to several ten seconds. Rayleigh scattering does not cause significant decoherence of the atomic ... More
A new relaxed HSS preconditioner for saddle point problemsMar 07 2016Jun 22 2016We present a preconditioner for saddle point problems. The proposed preconditioner is extracted from a stationary iterative method which is convergent under a mild condition. Some properties of the preconditioner as well as the eigenvalues distribution ... More
Optimal Non-coherent Data Detection for Massive SIMO Wireless Systems with General Constellations: A Polynomial Complexity SolutionJul 08 2015Jul 10 2015Massive MIMO systems can greatly increase spectral and energy efficiency over traditional MIMO systems by exploiting large antenna arrays. However, increasing the number of antennas at the base station (BS) makes the uplink non-coherent data detection ... More
Redundancy Coefficient Gradual Up-weighting-based Mutual Information Feature Selection Technique for Crypto-ransomware Early DetectionJul 22 2018Crypto-ransomware is characterized by its irreversible effect even after the detection and removal. As such, the early detection is crucial to protect user data and files of being held to ransom. Several solutions have proposed utilizing the data extracted ... More
Parameterization of Cherenkov Light Lateral Distribution Function as a Function of the Zenith Angle around the Knee RegionDec 15 2016Cherenkov light lateral distribution function (CLLDF) simulation was fulfilled using CORSIKA code for configurations of Tunka EAS array of different zenith angles. The parameterization of the CLLDF was carried out as a function of the distance from the ... More
Disentangling fission fragment evaporation models using TALYSFeb 21 2019Several computer codes based on phenomenological models are being developed with the aim of obtaining fission observables, such as neutron and gamma multiplicities and product yields. Key points in these calculations, which are handled differently by ... More
Distributed Channel Estimation and Pilot Contamination Analysis for Massive MIMO-OFDM SystemsJul 29 2015Massive MIMO communication systems, by virtue of utilizing very large number of antennas, have a potential to yield higher spectral and energy efficiency in comparison with the conventional MIMO systems. In this paper, we consider uplink channel estimation ... More
Super-exchange mechanism and quantum many body excitations in the archetypal hemocyanin/tyrosinase di-Cu oxo-bridgeNov 14 2018Nov 15 2018We perform first-principles quantum mechanical studies of dioxygen ligand binding to the hemocyanin protein. Electronic correlation effects in the functional site of hemocyanin are investigated using a state-of-the-art approach, treating the localized ... More
Approximate Series Solution of Nonlinear, Fractional Klein-Gordon Equations Using Fractional Reduced Differential Transform MethodApr 23 2017This analysis proposes an analytical-numerical approach for providing solutions of a class of nonlinear fractional Klein-Gordon equation subjected to appropriate initial conditions in Caputo sense by using the Fractional Reduced Differential Transform ... More
Defective fission correlation data from the 2E-2v methodSep 20 2017The double-energy double-velocity ($2E$-$2v$) method allows assessing fission-fragment mass yields prior to and after prompt neutron emission with high resolution. It is, therefore, considered as a complementary technique to assess average prompt neutron ... More
Elasticizing Linux via Joint Disaggregation of Memory and ComputationJun 03 2018In this paper, we propose a set of operating system primitives which provides a scaling abstraction to cloud applications in which they can transparently be enabled to support scaled execution across multiple physical nodes as resource needs go beyond ... More
Demonstrating of Cosmic Ray Characteristics by Estimating the Cherenkov Light Lateral Distribution Function for Yakutsk Array as a Function of the Zenith AngleDec 15 2016Cherenkov light lateral distribution function (CLLDF) in Extensive Air Showers (EAS) for different primary particles (e-, n , p, F, K and Fe) was simulated using CORSIKA code for conditions and configurations of Yakutsk EAS array with the fixed primary ... More
Fusion Rules for Distributed Detection in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks with Imperfect ChannelsFeb 11 2019In this paper we investigate fusion rules for distributed detection in large random clustered-wireless sensor networks (WSNs) with a three-tier hierarchy; the sensor nodes (SNs), the cluster heads (CHs) and the fusion center (FC). The CHs collect the ... More
Rapid Classification of Crisis-Related Data on Social Networks using Convolutional Neural NetworksAug 12 2016The role of social media, in particular microblogging platforms such as Twitter, as a conduit for actionable and tactical information during disasters is increasingly acknowledged. However, time-critical analysis of big crisis data on social media streams ... More
Modeling and Analysis of Abnormality Detection in Biomolecular Nano-NetworksMay 30 2012Sep 17 2012A scheme for detection of abnormality in molecular nano-networks is proposed. This is motivated by the fact that early diagnosis, classification and detection of diseases such as cancer play a crucial role in their successful treatment. The proposed nano-abnormality ... More
Fitted Reproducing Kernel Method for Solving a Class of Third-Order Periodic Boundary Value ProblemsApr 17 2017In this article, the reproducing kernel Hilbert space [0, 1] is employed for solving a class of third-order periodic boundary value problem by using fitted reproducing kernel algorithm. The reproducing kernel function is built to get fast accurately and ... More
A preconditioner based on the shift-splitting method for generalized saddle point problemsJun 15 2015In this paper, we propose a preconditioner based on the shift-splitting method for generalized saddle point problems with nonsymmetric positive definite (1,1)-block and symmetric positive semidefinite $(2,2)$-block. The proposed preconditioner is obtained ... More
On the generalized shift-splitting preconditioner for saddle point problemsDec 29 2014Mar 02 2015In this paper, the generalized shift-splitting preconditioner is implemented for saddle point problems with symmetric positive definite (1,1)-block and symmetric positive semidefinite (2,2)-block. The proposed preconditioner is extracted form a stationary ... More
Non-Reciprocity Compensation Combined with Turbo Codes for Secret Key Generation in Vehicular Ad Hoc Social IoT NetworksAug 03 2018The physical attributes of the dynamic vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) propagation channel can be utilised for the generation of highly random and symmetric cryptographic keys. However, in a physical-layer key agreement scheme, non-reciprocity due to inherent ... More
Characterization of migrated seismic volumes using texture attributes: a comparative studyJan 30 2019In this paper, we examine several typical texture attributes developed in the image processing community in recent years with respect to their capability of characterizing a migrated seismic volume. These attributes are generated in either frequency or ... More
Software Requirements Specification of the IUfA's UUIS -- a Team 4 COMP5541-W10 Project ApproachMay 02 2010May 04 2010This document presents the business requirement of Unified University Inventory System (UUIS) in Technology-independent manner. All attempts have been made in using mostly business terminology and business language while describing the requirements in ... More
Software Design Document, Testing, Deployment and Configuration Management, and User Manual of the UUIS -- a Team 4 COMP5541-W10 Project ApproachMay 02 2010This document provides a description of the technical design for Unified University Inventory System - Web Portal. This document's primary purpose is to describe the technical vision for how business requirements will be realized. This document provides ... More
A Virtual Conversational Agent for Teens with Autism: Experimental Results and Design LessonsNov 07 2018Jan 03 2019We present the design of an online social skills development interface for teenagers with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), who often lack access to social skills training. The interface is intended to enable private conversation practice anywhere, anytime ... More
A comparative study of texture attributes for characterizing subsurface structures in seismic volumesDec 19 2018In this paper, we explore how to computationally characterize subsurface geological structures presented in seismic volumes using texture attributes. For this purpose, we conduct a comparative study of typical texture attributes presented in the image ... More
Direct bulk sensitive probe of 5f symmetry in URu2Si2Aug 05 2016Sep 23 2016The second-order phase transition into a hidden order phase in URu$_2$Si$_2$ goes along with an order parameter which is still a mystery, despite 30 years of research. However, it is understood that the symmetry of the order parameter must be related ... More
The High Frequency Radio Emission of the Galactic Center Magnetar SGR J1745-29 During a Transitional PeriodNov 28 2017The origin of the high-frequency radio emission detected from several magnetars is poorly understood. In this paper, we report the ~40 GHz properties of SGR J1745-29 as measured using Jansky Very Large Array (JVLA) and Robert C. Byrd Green Bank Telescope ... More
Systems of Cosserat--Zhilin in Newtonian MechanicsFeb 26 2016Mechanical systems of Cosserat--Zhilin are introduced as the main object of Newtonian (non--relativistic) mechanics on the base of new notions of vector calculus - sliders and screw measures (bi-measures). The differential equations of motion are derived ... More
Comparison and evaluation of digital signature schemes employed in ndn networkAug 02 2015Named Data networking ensure data integrity so that every important data has to be signed by its owner in order to send it safely inside the network. Similarly, in NDN we have to assure that none could open the data except authorized users. Since only ... More
Using Periodicity to Obtain Partition CongruencesSep 12 2016Sep 14 2016In this paper, we generalize recent work of Mizuhara, Sellers, and Swisher that gives a method for establishing restricted plane partition congruences based on a bounded number of calculations. Using periodicity for partition functions, our extended technique ... More
Using Periodicity to Obtain Partition CongruencesSep 12 2016Nov 12 2016In this paper, we generalize recent work of Mizuhara, Sellers, and Swisher that gives a method for establishing restricted plane partition congruences based on a bounded number of calculations. Using periodicity for partition functions, our extended technique ... More
Re-thinking Enrolment in Identity Card SchemesMay 31 2011Many countries around the world have initiated national ID card programs in the last decade. These programs are considered of strategic value to governments due to its contribution in enhancing existing identity management systems. Considering the total ... More
Exact Analysis of Level-Crossing Statistics for (d+1)-Dimensional Fluctuating SurfacesAug 07 2005Nov 13 2006We carry out an exact analysis of the average frequency $\nu_{\alpha x_i}^+$ in the direction $x_i$ of positive-slope crossing of a given level $\alpha$ such that, $h({\bf x},t)-\bar{h}=\alpha$, of growing surfaces in spatial dimension $d$. Here, $h({\bf ... More
Message Passing for Analysis and Resilient Design of Self-Healing Interdependent Cyber-Physical NetworksJun 03 2016Coupling cyber and physical systems gives rise to numerous engineering challenges and opportunities. An important challenge is the contagion of failure from one system to another, that can lead to large scale cascading failures. On the other hand, self-healing ... More
Gold nanoparticles-based brachytherapy enhancement in choroidal melanoma using a full Monte Carlo modelling of human eyeJun 17 2014Jan 13 2015The effects of gold nanoparticles in 125I brachytherapy dose enhancement on choroidal Melanoma are examined using the Monte Carlo simulation technique. Usually, Monte Carlo ophthalmic brachytherapy dosimetry is performed in a water phantom. However, here, ... More
Customers perception of mbanking adoption in Kingdom of Bahrain: an empirical assessment of an extended tam modelMar 12 2014Mar 25 2014Mobile applications have been rapidly changing the way business organizations deliver their services to their customers and how customers can interact with their service providers in order to satisfy their needs. The use of mobile applications increases ... More
A transportable optical lattice clock with $7\times10^{-17}$ uncertaintySep 20 2016We present a transportable optical clock (TOC) with $^{87}$Sr. Its complete characterization against a stationary lattice clock resulted in a systematic uncertainty of ${7.4 \times 10^{-17}}$ which is currently limited by the statistics of the determination ... More
Correlated study of the emission from wurtzite versus zincblende (In,Ga)As/GaAs nanowire core-shell quantum wellsMar 18 2019While the properties of wurtzite GaAs have been extensively studied during the past decade, little is known about the influence of the crystal polytype on ternary (In,Ga)As quantum well structures. We address this question with a unique combination of ... More
Monte-Carlo simulations of the dissipative random transverse-field Ising chainJul 26 2013We study the influence of Ohmic dissipation on the random transverse-field Ising chain by means of large-scale Monte-Carlo simulations. To this end, we first map the Hamiltonian onto a classical Ising model with long-range $1/\tau^2$ interaction in the ... More
Optimal Resource Allocation for Mobile Edge Computing-Based Augmented Reality ApplicationsNov 28 2016Mobile edge computing enables the provision of computationally demanding Augmented Reality (AR) applications on mobile devices. AR mobile applications have inherent collaborative properties in terms of data collection in the uplink, computing at the edge, ... More
Fixed points for $G$-cyclic $(φ-ψ)$-Kannan and $G$-cyclic $(φ -ψ)$-Chatterjea contractions in $G$-metric spacesMar 01 2018Definitions of what are called $G$-cyclic $\left( \phi -\psi \right)$-Kannan contraction and $G$-cyclic $\left( \phi -\psi\right)$-Chatterjea contraction are introduced in this paper. We use these new concepts to establish new fixed point results in the ... More
Effective rate analysis over Fluctuating Beckmann fading channelsMar 17 2019The effective rate of Fluctuating Beckmann (FB) fading channel is analysed. The moment generating function (MGF) of the instantaneous signal-to-noise (SNR) is used first to derive the effective rate for arbitrary values of the fading parameters in terms ... More
Amenability of groups and semigroups characterized by ConfigurationJan 25 2015In 2005, Abdollahi and Rejali, studied the relations between paradoxical decompositions and configurations for semigroups. In the present paper, we introduce another concept of amenability on semigroups and groups which includes amenability of semigroups ... More
Quantum phase transition of the sub-Ohmic rotor modelOct 11 2011Nov 28 2011We investigate the behavior of an $N$-component quantum rotor coupled to a bosonic dissipative bath having a sub-Ohmic spectral density $J(\omega) \propto \omega^s$ with $s<1$. With increasing dissipation strength, this system undergoes a quantum phase ... More
Outperformance and Tracking: Dynamic Asset Allocation for Active and Passive Portfolio ManagementMar 15 2018Jul 30 2018Portfolio management problems are often divided into two types: active and passive, where the objective is to outperform and track a preselected benchmark, respectively. Here, we formulate and solve a dynamic asset allocation problem that combines these ... More
Automatic Reference Models Development: A FrameworkJan 29 2014Software reuse allows the software industry to simultaneously reduce development cost and improve product quality. Reuse of early-stage artifacts has been acknowledged to be more beneficial than reuse of later-stage artifacts. In this regard, early-stage ... More
On the k-pairs problemMay 01 2008We consider network coding rates for directed and undirected $k$-pairs networks. For directed networks, meagerness is known to be an upper bound on network coding rates. We show that network coding rate can be $\Theta(|V|)$ multiplicative factor smaller ... More
Observation of VHE Gamma Radiation from HESS J1834-087/W41 with the MAGIC TelescopeApr 10 2006Recently, the HESS array has reported the detection of gamma-ray emission above a few hundred GeV from eight new sources located close to the Galactic Plane. The source HESS J1834-087 is spatially coincident with SNR G23.3-0.3 (W41). Here we present MAGIC ... More
Limits on diffuse fluxes of high energy extraterrestrial neutrinos with the AMANDA-B10 detectorMar 11 2003Data from the AMANDA-B10 detector taken during the austral winter of 1997 have been searched for a diffuse flux of high energy extraterrestrial muon-neutrinos, as predicted from, e.g., the sum of all active galaxies in the universe. This search yielded ... More
The Second Hochschild Cohomology Group for a Class of One-Parametric Self-Injective AlgebrasSep 10 2011Sep 13 2012In this paper we determine the second Hochschild cohomology group for a class of self-injective algebras of tame representation type namely, those which are standard one-parametric but not weakly symmetric. These were classifed up to derived equivalence ... More
Cup-length estimates for leaf-wise intersectionsFeb 17 2010May 09 2010We prove that on a restricted contact type hypersurface the number of leaf-wise intersections is bounded from below by a certain cup-length.
Non-nesting actions of Polish groups on pretreesJul 14 2006We study non-nesting actions of groups on real trees. We prove some fixed point theorems for such actions under the assumption that groups are Polish and have comeagre conjugacy classes.
On the fully commutative elements of type $\tilde C$ and faithfulness of related towersSep 03 2015Jul 15 2016We define a tower of injections of $\tilde{C}$-type Coxeter groups $W(\tilde C_{n})$ for $n\geq 1$. We define a tower of Hecke algebras and we use the faithfulness at the Coxeter level to show that this last tower is a tower of injections. Let $W^c(\tilde ... More
Necessary and sufficient conditions of optimal control for infinite dimensional SDEsFeb 17 2012Mar 20 2012A general maximum principle (necessary and sufficient conditions) for an optimal control problem governed by a stochastic differential equation driven by an infinite dimensional martingale is established. The solution of this equation takes its values ... More
Energy and Angular Momentum Dependent Potentials with Closed OrbitsMar 08 2019The Bertrand theorem concluded that; the Kepler potential, and the isotropic harmonic oscillator potential are the only systems under which all the orbits are closed. It was never stressed enough in the physical or mathematical literature that this is ... More
Semiparametric two-component mixture models under L-moments constraintsJun 28 2016We propose a structure of a semiparametric two-component mixture model when one component is parametric and the other is defined through L-moments conditions. Estimation of a two-component mixture model with an unknown component is very difficult when ... More
Measurement of the Reaction $^{12}C(ν_μ,μ^-) X$ Near ThresholdOct 21 1994Oct 25 1994The reaction $^{12}C(\nu_\mu,\mu^-) X$ has been measured near threshold using a $\pi ^+$ decay-in-flight $\nu_\mu$ beam from the Los Alamos Meson Physics Facility and a massive liquid scintillator neutrino detector (LSND). In the energy region $123.7 ... More
Self-injective algebras and the second Hochschild cohomology groupSep 07 2007Aug 22 2008In this paper we study the second Hochschild cohomology group ${HH}^2(\Lambda)$ of a finite dimensional algebra $\Lambda$. In particular, we determine ${HH}^2(\Lambda)$ where $\Lambda$ is a finite dimensional self-injective algebra of finite representation ... More
Necessary conditions for optimality for stochastic evolution equationsOct 24 2012Aug 27 2013This paper is concerned with providing the maximum principle for a control problem governed by a stochastic evolution system on a separable Hilbert space. In particular, necessary conditions for optimality for this stochastic optimal control problem are ... More
Plane Symmetric, Cylindrically Symmetric and Spherically Symmetric Black Holes Solutions of Einstein Field EquationsOct 19 2014Dec 30 2014In this paper we present Plane symmetric, Cylindrically Symmetric and Spherically Symmetric Black hole or Vacuum solutions of Einstein Field Equations(EFEs). Some of these solutions are new which we have not seen in the literature. This calculation will ... More
Formules explicites du noyau de la chaleur sur l'espace projectif quaternioniqueMar 25 2011In this note we give an explicit integral representation and an expanssion for the heat kernel $ H_n(t;x,y)$ associated to Fubini-Study Laplacians on quaternionic projective spaces $\mathbb{P}^n(\mathbb H)$, $n \geq 1$. This was possible by establishing ... More
The Effects of Cultural dimensions and Demographic Characteristics on E-learning AcceptanceJul 06 2016This study aims to develop and test an amalgamated conceptual framework based on Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) and other models from social psychology, such as theory of reasoned action and TAM2 that captures the salient factors influencing the user ... More
D-instantons in Klebanov-Witten modelMar 01 2016May 03 2016We study D-instanton solutions in type IIB supergravity on $AdS_5\times T^{1,1}$, which has a dual ${\cal N}=1$ $SU(N)\times SU(N)$ super Yang-Mills theory. Apart from ordinary D(-1)-brane instantons, we discuss wrapped D1-branes over minimal 2-cycles ... More
A Characterization of Modules with Cyclic SocleMay 03 2015In 2009, J. Wood [15] proved that Frobenius bimodules have the extension property for symmetrized weight compositions. Later, in [9], it was proved that having a cyclic socle is sufficient for satisfying the property, while the necessity remained an open ... More
Moser functions and fractional Moser-Trudinger type inequalitiesOct 22 2015We improve the sharpness of some fractional Moser-Trudinger type inequalities, particularly those studied by Lam-Lu and Martinazzi. As an application, improving upon works of Adimurthi and Lakkis, we prove the existence of weak solutions to the problem ... More
Structure of conformal metrics on $\mathbb{R}^n$ with constant $Q$-curvatureApr 27 2015In this article we study the nonlocal equation \begin{align} (-\Delta)^{\frac{n}{2}}u=(n-1)!e^{nu}\quad \text{in $\mathbb{R}^n$}, \quad\int_{\mathbb{R}^n}e^{nu}dx<\infty, \notag \end{align} which arises in the conformal geometry. Inspired by the previous ... More
Noncritical Holographic QCD in External Electric FieldFeb 22 2011Mar 07 2011We investigate behavior of a noncritical model in external electric field and explore its phase structure in the quenched approximation N_f>> N_c. We compute the conductivity of QCD plasma in this model and compare it with the predictions of Sakai-Sugimoto ... More
Efficient hierarchical analysis of the stability of a network through dimensional reduction of its influence topologyAug 20 2013Sep 25 2013The connection between network topology and stability remains unclear. General approaches that clarify this relationship and allow for more efficient stability analysis would be desirable. Inspired by chemical reaction networks, I demonstrate the utility ... More
Maximum FidelityJan 22 2013The most fundamental problem in statistics is the inference of an unknown probability distribution from a finite number of samples. For a specific observed data set, answers to the following questions would be desirable: (1) Estimation: Which candidate ... More
Sequential Consistency and Concurrent Data StructuresJun 16 2015Linearizability, the de facto correctness condition for concurrent data structure implementations, despite its intuitive appeal is known to lead to poor scalability. This disadvantage has led researchers to design scalable data structures satisfying consistency ... More
Fluctuations of Quantum Fields in a Classical Background and ReheatingSep 15 2009Jan 05 2010We consider the particle creation process associated with a quantum field \chi in a time-dependent, homogeneous and isotropic, classical background. It is shown that the field square \chi^2, the energy density and the pressure of the created particles ... More
Volume Stabilization and Acceleration in Brane Gas CosmologyMay 11 2004Aug 13 2004We investigate toy cosmological models in (1+m+p)-dimensions with gas of p-branes wrapping over p-compact dimensions. In addition to winding modes, we consider the effects of momentum modes corresponding to small vibrations of branes and find that the ... More
Scalar Absorption by Noncommutative D3-branesNov 23 1999Jan 30 2000The classical cross section for low energy absorption of the RR-scalar by a stack of noncommutative D3-branes in the large NS B-field limit is calculated. In the spirit of AdS/CFT correspondence, this cross section is related to two point function of ... More