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The Error Term of the Summatory Euler Phi FunctionJun 12 2012Jul 26 2017A sharper estimate for the summatory Euler phi function $\sum_{n \leq x} \varphi(n)$ is presented in this work. It improves the established estimate in the current mathematical literature. In addition, an estimate for its reciprocal $\sum_{n \leq x} 1/\varphi(n)$ ... More
Topics In Primitive RootsMay 01 2014Mar 12 2015This monograph considers a few topics in the theory of primitive roots g(p) modulo a prime p>=2. A few estimates of the least primitive roots g(p) and the least prime primitive roots g^*(p) modulo p, a large prime, are determined. One of the estimate ... More
Note on the Theory of Correlation FunctionsMar 18 2016Mar 02 2019The purpose of this note is to improve the current theoretical results for the correlation functions of the Mobius sequence $\{\mu(n): n\geq 1 \}$ and the Liouville sequence $\{\lambda(n): n\geq 1 \}$.
Densities Of Primes And Primitive RootsJul 14 2017Nov 17 2018Let $u\neq \pm 1,v^2$ be a fixed integer, let $p\geq 2$ be a prime, and let $\text{ord}_p(u)=d \:|\: p-1$ be the order of $u \text{ mod } p$. This note provides an effective lower bound $\pi_u(x)=\# \{ p\leq x:\text{ord}_p(u)=p-1 \}\gg x (\log x)^{-1}$ ... More
A Totient Function InequalityFeb 09 2010Feb 06 2012A new unconditional inequality of the totient function is contributed to the literature. This result is associated with various unsolved problems about the distribution of prime numbers.
Note on Integer Factoring Methods IVFeb 28 2008Sep 25 2008This note continues the theoretical development of deterministic integer factorization algorithms based on systems of polynomials equations. The main result establishes a new deterministic time complexity bench mark in integer factorization.
Note Integer Factoring Methods IIIJul 30 2007The best deterministic unconditionally proven integer factorization algorithms have exponential running time complexities of O(N^(1/4)) arithmetic operations, and conditional on the Riemann hypothesis, there is a deterministic algorithm of exponential ... More
Primes In Fractional SequencesSep 08 2018Mar 30 2019The results for the fractional sequence $\left \{[x/n]+1:n \leq x\right \}$, and the fractional sequence in arithmetic progression $\left \{q[x/n]+a:n \leq x\right \}$, where $a<q$ are integers such that $\gcd(a,q)=1$, prove that these sequences of fractional ... More
Inequalities For The Primes Counting FunctionAug 03 2018The prime counting function inequality $\pi(x+y) < \pi(x)+\pi(y)$, which is known as Hardy-Littlewood conjecture, has been established for a variety of cases such as $ \delta x \leq y \leq x$, where $0< \delta \leq 1$, and $x \leq y\leq x \log x \log ... More
Spectral Methods And Prime Numbers Counting ProblemsAug 26 2015Jun 17 2016A recent heuristic argument based on basic concepts in spectral analysis showed that the twin prime conjecture and a few other related primes counting problems are valid. A rigorous version of the spectral method, and a proof of the more general dePolignac ... More
A Note on the Zero-Free Regions of the Zeta FunctionAug 28 2009Oct 12 2012This short note contributes a new zero-free region of the zeta function. This zero-free region has the form {s : Re(s) > a}, where a = 21/40.
Simple Zeros Of The Zeta FunctionJun 03 2013Jul 27 2018This note studies the Laurent series of the inverse zeta function $1/\zeta(s)$ at any fixed nontrivial zero $\rho$ of the zeta function $\zeta(s)$, and its connection to the simplicity of the nontrivial zeros.
The Error Term In The Primes Counting FunctionAug 11 2009This article considers the error term of the primes counting function. It applies some recent results on the densities of prime numbers in short intervals to derive an improvement of the error term from subexponential size to fractional exponential size. ... More
A Simple Proof Of The Prime Number TheoremOct 09 2015It is shown that the Mean Value Theorem for arithmetic functions, and simple properties of the zeta function are sufficient to assemble proofs of the Prime Number Theorem, and Dirichlet Theorem. These are among the simplest proofs of the asymptotic formulas ... More
Asymptotic For Primitive Roots Producing PolynomialsSep 02 2016Let $x \geq 1$ be a large number, let $f(x) \in \mathbb{Z}[x]$ be a prime polynomial of degree $\text{deg}(f)=m$, and let $u\ne \pm 1, v^2$ be a fixed integer. Assuming the Bateman-Horn conjecture, an asymptotic counting function for the number of primes ... More
Closed Forms Evaluations Of Some Exponential SumsMar 22 2011This note provides new closed forms evaluations of a few classes of exponential sums associated with elliptic curves and hyperelliptic curves.
Least Prime Primitive RootsSep 01 2017This note presents an upper bound for the least prime primitive roots $g^*(p)$ modulo $p$, a large prime. The current literature has several estimates of the least prime primitive root $g^*(p)$ modulo a prime $p\geq 2$ such as $g^*(p)\ll p^c, c>2.8$. ... More
Rapidly Convergent Series of the Divisors FunctionsJul 28 2014This note gives a few rapidly convergent series representations of the sums of divisors functions. These series have various applications such as exact evaluations of some power series, computing estimates and proving the existence results of some special ... More
Note On Prime Gaps And Very Short IntervalsAug 13 2010Aug 31 2010Assuming the Riemann hypothesis, this article discusses a new elementary argument that seems to prove that the maximal prime gap of a finite sequence of primes p_1, p_2, ..., p_n <= x, satisfies max {p_(n+1) - p_n : p_n <= x} <= c1((logx)^2)/loglogx, ... More
On Primes In Short IntervalsDec 29 2008This note discusses the existence of prime numbers in short intervals. An unconditional elementary argument seems to prove the existence of primes in the short intervals [x, x + y], where y >= x^(1/2)(log x)^e, e > 0, and a sufficiently large number x ... More
Results for Wieferich PrimesDec 21 2017May 05 2018Let $v\geq 2$ be a fixed integer, and let $x \geq 1$ and $z \geq x$ be large numbers. The exact asymptotic formula for the number of Wieferich primes $p$ such that $ v^{p-1} \equiv 1 \bmod p^2$ in the short interval $[x,x+z]$ is proposed in this note. ... More
A Totient Function InequalityFeb 09 2010Mar 24 2018An unconditional inequality of the totient function is contributed to the literature. This result is associated with various problems about the distribution of prime numbers.
The Error Term of the Summatory Euler Phi FunctionJun 12 2012Dec 30 2015A sharper estimate of the summatory Euler phi function is presented in this work. It improves the established estimate in the current mathematical literature. The corresponding estimate for the normalized summatory Euler phi function, an omega result, ... More
An Explicit Formula For The Divisor FunctionMay 16 2014The details for the construction of an explicit formula for the divisors function d(n) = #{d | n} are formalized in this article. This formula facilitates a unified approach to the investigation of the error terms of the divisor problem and circle problem. ... More
Irrationality of the Zeta ConstantsDec 13 2012Sep 16 2016A general technique for proving the irrationality of the zeta constants $\zeta(s)$ for odd $s = 2n + 1 \geq 3$ from the known irrationality of the beta constants $L(2n+1)$ is developed in this note. The results on the irrationality of the zeta constants ... More
A Divisor Function InequalityDec 09 2009Feb 09 2010This short note provides an unconditional proof of a well known inequality of the divisor function. This is an unsolved problem in pure mathematics and the distribution of prime numbers. Furthermore, the technique is completely elementary.
Simple Zeros Of The Zeta FunctionJun 03 2013Jul 15 2016This note studies the Laurent series of the inverse zeta function $1/\zeta(s)$ at any fixed nontrivial zero $\rho$ of the zeta function $\zeta(s)$, and its connection to the simplicity of the nontrivial zeros.
Primes In Fractional SequencesSep 08 2018Mar 12 2019The results for the fractional sequence $\left \{[x/n]+1:n \leq x\right \}$, and the fractional sequence in arithmetic progression $\left \{q[x/n]+a:n \leq x\right \}$, where $a<q$ are integers such that $\gcd(a,q)=1$, prove that these sequences of fractional ... More
Primes Solutions Of Linear Diophantine EquationsOct 29 2013Apr 03 2014Let k => 1, m => 1 be small fixed integers, gcd(k, m) = 1. This note develops some techniques for proving the existence of infinitely many primes solutions x = p, and y = q of the linear Diophantine equation y = mx + k.
Note on Integer Factoring Methods INov 07 2006This note presents the basic mathematical structure of a new integer factorization method based on systems of linear Diophantine equations.
Primes In Arithmetic Progressions And Primitive RootsJan 11 2017Oct 06 2018Let $x\geq 1$ be a large number, and let $1 \leq a <q $ be integers such that $\gcd(a,q)=1$ and $q=O(\log^c)$ with $c>0$ constant. This note proves that the counting function for the number of primes $p \in \{p=qn+a: n \geq1 \}$ with a fixed primitive ... More
Elementary Primes Counting MethodsJul 25 2012Aug 28 2012This work proposes elementary proofs of several related primes counting problems, based on an elementary weighted sieve. The subsets of primes considered here are the followings: the subset of twin primes PT = {p and p + 2 are primes}, the subset of Germain ... More
Note on Prime Gaps and Zero SpacingsMar 03 2009May 08 2017The article focuses on the problems of prime gaps and zero spacings. Possible solutions of several related problems such as the greatest lower bound, the least upper bound of the zero spacings, and the least upper bound of the prime gaps are considered. ... More
A Divisor Function InequalityDec 09 2009Mar 24 2018This short note provides a sharper upper bound of a well known inequality for the sum of divisors function. This is a problem in pure mathematics related to the distribution of prime numbers. Furthermore, the technique is completely elementary.
Character Sums Over The Prime NumbersMay 22 2012A few elementary estimates of a basic character sum over the prime numbers are derived here. These estimates are nontrivial for character sums modulo large q. In addition, an omega result for character sums over the primes is also included.
On Evaluation of Nonlinear Exponential SumsMar 05 2005This paper provides a technique for evaluating some nonlinear Gaussian sums in closed forms. The evaluation is obtained from the known values of simpler exponential sums.
Irrationality Measure of PiFeb 23 2019The first estimate of the upper bound $\mu(\pi)\leq42$ of the irrationality measure of the number $\pi$ was computed by Mahler in 1953, and more recently it was reduced to $\mu(\pi)\leq7.6063$ by Salikhov in 2008. Here, it is shown that $\pi$ has the ... More
All states, except the identity, are nonclassical: entanglement of joint statisticsJun 05 2016Simple measurement protocols reveal that every states is nonclassical excluding just the identity state. We show that this is a consequence of the fact that we can always find a joint measurement whose statistics is not separable.
Remarks on analyticity and unitarity in the presence of a Strongly Interacting Light HiggsOct 21 2013Apr 25 2014Applying the three axiomatic criteria of Lorentz invariance, analyticity and unitarity to scattering amplitudes involving the Goldstone bosons and the Higgs boson, we derive a general sum rule for the Strongly Interacting Light Higgs Lagrangian. This ... More
A note on Seiberg-Witten central chargeMay 11 1999Oct 19 1999The central charge for the Seiberg-Witten low-energy effective Action is computed using Noether supercharges. A reliable method to construct supersymmetric Noether currents is presented.
Graphene and Black Holes: novel materials to reach the unreachableDec 15 2014The case for a dedicated laboratory, to test hep-th models on analogue systems, is briefly made. The focus is on graphene.
Comment on "Noncommutative gauge theories and Lorentz symmetry, Phys. Rev. D {\bf 70}, 125004 (2004) by R.Banerjee, B.Chakraborty and K.Kumar"Feb 15 2011We show that Lorentz symmetry is generally absent for noncommutative (abelian) gauge theories and obtain a compact formula for the divergence of the Noether currents that allows a throughout study of this instance of symmetry violation. We use that formula ... More
Three Questions on Lorentz ViolationDec 18 2006We review the basics of the two most widely used approaches to Lorentz violation - the Stardard Model Extension and Noncommutative Field Theory - and discuss in some detail the example of the modified spectrum of the synchrotron radiation. Motivated by ... More
Alternative Symmetries in Quantum Field Theory and GravityFeb 25 2011A general, incomplete and partisan overview of various areas of the theoretical investigation is presented. Most of this activity stems from the search for physics beyond quantum field theory and general relativity, a titanic struggle that, in my opinion, ... More
L'utilità di una teoria inutile-Crittografia, firma digitale e teoria dei numeriFeb 14 2011The theory of numbers was supposed to be the less useful branch of mathematics. At the same time, cryptography was thought to be a military or a diplomatic issue. In this note we show how the two concepts are today strictly related and how this link affects ... More
Debunking some myths about biometric authenticationMar 01 2012Biometric authentication systems are presented as the best way to reach high security levels in controlling access to IT systems or sensitive infrastructures. But several issues are often not taken properly into account. In order for the implementation ... More
Higgs decay into photons through a spin-2 loopAug 28 2012Sep 04 2012A new particle with proprieties similar to those of the Higgs boson in the Standard Model (SM) has been recently discovered. The biggest discrepancy is related to its diphoton decay, whose branching ratio seems to be around two times larger with respect ... More
Coexistence of critical orbit types in sub-hyperbolic polynomial mapsJun 17 1994We establish necessary and sufficient conditions for the realization of mapping schemata as post-critically finite polynomials, or more generally, as post-critically finite polynomial maps from a finite union of copies of the complex numbers {\bf C} to ... More
Hubbard forestsAug 13 1992The theory of Hubbard trees provides an effective classification of non-linear post-critically finite polynomial maps from \C to itself. This note will extend this classification to the case of maps from a finite union of copies of \C to itself. Maps ... More
The Origin of MassFeb 11 2009Dynamical chiral symmetry breaking and confinement are two crucial features of Quantum Chromodynamics responsible for the nature of the hadron spectrum. These phenomena, presumably coincidental, can account for 98% of the mass of our visible universe. ... More
Ansatz for baryonic wave function obtained from a mesonic oneNov 28 2018Dec 10 2018Based on ideas that relate meson and baryon spectrum considering SUSY QM and light front holography, we propose a procedure to obtain LFWF for baryons starting from mesonic ones. We apply a procedure suggested for Gaussian ansatz used to study mesons. ... More
Symbolic dynamics and semigroup theoryNov 09 2018A major motivation for the development of semigroup theory was, and still is, its applications to the study of formal languages. Therefore, it is not surprising that the correspondence $\mathcal X\mapsto B(\mathcal X)$, associating to each symbolic dynamical ... More
Large $z$ Asymptotics for Special Function Solutions of Painlevé II in the Complex PlaneApr 02 2018Oct 03 2018In this paper we obtain large $z$ asymptotic expansions in the complex plane for the tau function corresponding to special function solutions of the Painlev\'e II differential equation. Using the fact that these tau functions can be written as $n\times ... More
On the realization of fixed point portraits (an addendum to Goldberg, Milnor: Fixed point portraits)Oct 27 1991We establish that every formal critical portrait (as defined by Goldberg and Milnor), can be realized by a postcritically finite polynomial.
Signal detection without finite-energy limits to quantum resolutionMar 20 2012Jan 16 2013We show that there are extremely simple signal detection schemes where the finiteness of energy resources places no limit to the resolution. On the contrary, larger resolution can be obtained with lower energy. To this end the generator of the signal-dependent ... More
Contradictory uncertainty relationsApr 12 2011We show within a very simple framework that different measures of fluctuations lead to uncertainty relations resulting in contradictory conclusions. More specifically we focus on Tsallis and Renyi entropic uncertainty relations and we get that the minimum ... More
On postcritically finite polynomials, part 1: critical portraitsMay 15 1993We extend the work of Bielefeld, Fisher and Hubbard on Critical Portraits to the case of arbitrary postcritically finite polynomials. This determines an effective classification of postcritically finite polynomials as dynamical systems. This paper is ... More
Contradictory entropic joint uncertainty relations for complementary observables in two-level systemsJun 21 2013We show that different entropic measures of fluctuations lead to contradictory uncertainty relations for two complementary observables. We apply Tsallis and R\'{e}nyi entropies to the joint distribution emerging from a noisy simultaneous measurement of ... More
Using Weyl symmetry to make Graphene a real lab for fundamental physicsJul 30 2012In the first attempt to introduce gauge theories in physics, Hermann Weyl, around the 1920s, proposed certain scale transformations to be a fundamental symmetry of nature. Despite the intense use of Weyl symmetry that has been made over the decades, in ... More
Weyl-Gauge Symmetry of GrapheneJul 28 2010Jan 19 2011The conformal invariance of the low energy limit theory governing the electronic properties of graphene is explored. In particular, it is noted that the massless Dirac theory in point enjoys local Weyl symmetry, a very large symmetry. Exploiting this ... More
On (Schröedinger's) quest for new physics for lifeOct 07 2009Two recent investigations are reviewed: quantum effects for DNA aggregates and scars formation on virus capsids. The possibility that scars could explain certain data recently obtained by Sundquist's group in electron cryotomography of immature HIV-1 ... More
Topological Gravity, Kaluza-Klein Reduction, and the KinkJan 19 2004Mar 02 2004Kaluza-Klein reduction of the 3-dimensional gravitational Chern-Simons term leads to a 2-dimensional theory that supports a symmetry breaking solution and an associated kink interpolating between AdS and dS geometries.
All states are nonclassical: entanglement of joint statisticsJun 05 2016Nov 21 2016Joint measurements of two observables reveal that every state is nonclassical, with the only trivial exception of the state with density matrix proportional to the identity. This naturally includes states considered universally as classical-like, such ... More
Neutrino mixing from the double tetrahedral group T^{\prime}Jul 25 2007Nov 09 2007It is shown that it is possible to create successful models of flavor for both quarks and leptons using the discrete non-abelian group $T^{\prime}$ by itself. Two simple realizations are presented that can be used as the starting point for more general ... More
Electroweak scale neutrinos and HiggsesDec 16 2008We present two different models with electroweak scale right-handed neutrinos. One of the models is created under the constraint that any addition to the Standard Model must not introduce new higher scales. The model contains right-handed neutrinos with ... More
Models of Flavor with Discrete SymmetriesNov 20 2002In an attempt to understand the observed patterns of lepton and quark masses, models invoking a flavor symmetry $G_f$, under which the Standard Model generations are charged, have been proposed. One particularly successful symmetry, U(2), has been extensively ... More
Graphene: QFT in curved spacetimes close to experimentsApr 09 2013A recently proposed step-by-step procedure, to merge the low-energy physics of the $\pi$-bonds electrons of graphene, and quantum field theory on curved spacetimes, is recalled. The last step there is the proposal of an experiment to test a Hawking-Unruh ... More
Supersymmetric Noether Currents and Seiberg-Witten TheoryJun 26 2000A reliable method to construct Supersymmetric Noether currents is presented. As the most important application the central charge of the N=2 Supersymmetric Yang-Mills effective theory, known as Seiberg-Witten (SW) theory, is computed. The analisys is ... More
Autenticazione biometrica: Realtà e fantasiaJan 04 2012Feb 04 2012Biometrical authentication systems are often presented as the best and simplest way to reach higher security levels. But a deeper analysis shows that several risks are hidden and the service provider adopting those system has to carefully check its liabilities ... More
Nonclassical states from the joint statistics of simultaneous measurementsJun 25 2015Nonclassicality cannot be a single-observable property since the statistics of any quantum observable is compatible with classical physics. We develop a general procedure to reveal nonclassical behavior from the joint measurement of multiple observables. ... More
Generalized wreath products of graphs and groupsOct 26 2013Inspired by the definition of generalized wreath product of permutation groups, we define the generalized wreath product of graphs, containing the classical Cartesian and wreath product of graphs as particular cases. We prove that the generalized wreath ... More
Curved Spacetimes and Curved Graphene: a status report of the Weyl-symmetry approachDec 15 2014This is a status report about the ongoing work on the realization of quantum field theory on curved graphene spacetimes that uses Weyl symmetry. The programme is actively pursued from many different perspectives. Here we point to what has been done, and ... More
Breaking the weak Heisenberg limitJul 26 2016We provide a very simple analytical and numerical case showing that the weak form of the Heisenberg limit can be beaten while the prior information is improved without bias problems.
Coherence for vectorial waves and majorizationMar 04 2016We show that majorization provides a powerful approach to the coherence conveyed by partially polarized transversal electromagnetic waves. Here we present the formalism, provide some examples and compare with standard measures of polarization and coherence ... More
SU(5) & A4May 06 2009The introduction of a Flavour Symmetry can represent an interesting way in which one can try to find an answer to some intriguing problems in Flavour Physics, like the hierarchy between the fermion masses or the particular values of mixing angles. In ... More
Large degree asymptotics of orthogonal polynomials with respect to an oscillatory weight on a bounded intervalFeb 10 2014Jul 08 2014We consider polynomials $p_n^{\omega}(x)$ that are orthogonal with respect to the oscillatory weight $w(x)=e^{i\omega x}$ on $[-1,1]$, where $\omega>0$ is a real parameter. A first analysis of $p_n^{\omega}(x)$ for large values of $\omega$ was carried ... More
Towards autonomous ocean observing systems using Miniature Underwater Gliders with UAV deployment and recovery capabilitiesFeb 08 2019This paper presents preliminary results towards the development of an autonomous ocean observing system using Miniature Underwater Gliders (MUGs) that can operate with the support of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and Unmanned Surface Vessels (USVs) ... More
Composite Dark Matter and LHC InterplayApr 29 2014The actual realization of the electroweak symmetry breaking in the context of a natural extension of the Standard Model (SM) and the nature of Dark Matter (DM) are two of the most compelling questions in high-energy particle physics. Composite Higgs models ... More
Constraining the Higgs portal with antiprotonsDec 11 2014The scalar Higgs portal is a compelling model of dark matter (DM) in which a renormalizable coupling with the Higgs boson provides the connection between the visible world and the dark sector. In this paper we investigate the constraint placed on the ... More
QUANTUM DISSIPATION AND QUANTUM GROUPSMar 21 1995We discuss the r\^ole of quantum deformation of Weyl-Heisenberg algebra in dissipative systems and finite temperature systems. We express the time evolution generator of the damped harmonic oscillator and the generator of thermal Bogolubov transformations ... More
The Hawking-Unruh phenomenon on grapheneAug 11 2011Sep 03 2012We find that, for a very specific shape of a monolayer graphene sample, a general relativistic-like description of a back-ground spacetime for graphene's conductivity electrons is very natural. The corresponding electronic local density of states is of ... More
Carbon rehybridization at the graphene/SiC(0001) interface: Effect on stability and atomic-scale corrugationMay 22 2012We address the energetic stability of the graphene/SiC(0001) interface and the associated binding mechanism by studying a series of low-strain commensurate interface structures within a density functional scheme. Among the structures with negligible strain, ... More
Convex Equipartitions of volume and surface areaOct 22 2010Sep 02 2011We show that, for any prime power p^k and any convex body K (i.e., a compact convex set with interior) in Rd, there exists a partition of K into p^k convex sets with equal volume and equal surface area. We derive this result from a more general one for ... More
The dimple problem related to space-time modeling under the Lagrangian frameworkNov 28 2016Space-time covariance modeling under the Lagrangian framework has been especially popular for modeling phenomena with the presence of prevailing winds or ocean currents, which are incompatible with the assumption of full symmetry. In this work, we assess ... More
Scalar hadrons in $AdS_{5} \times S^{5}$Jun 13 2008A holographic model is presented, which allows to describe scalar hadrons with an arbitrary number of constituents.
Presenting a new method for the solution of nonlinear problemsMar 18 2003We present a method for the resolution of (oscillatory) nonlinear problems. It is based on the application of the Linear Delta Expansion to the Lindstedt-Poincar\'e method. By applying it to the Duffing equation, we show that our method substantially ... More
A new radiative neutrino mass generation mechanism with higher dimensional scalar representations and custodial symmetryAug 05 2015Jan 06 2016A new realization for radiative neutrino mass generation is presented. Based on the requirement of tree-level custodial symmetry and the introduction of higher (greater than two) dimensional representations for scalar fields, a specific scenario with ... More
Iterative Mechanisms for Electricity MarketsAug 31 2016Mar 04 2017In order to deal with market power that sporadically results from contingencies (e.g., severe weather, plant outages) most electricity markets have institutions in charge of monitoring market performance and mitigating market power. The latter task is ... More
Analysis of soft wall AdS / QCD potentials to obtain melting temperature of scalar hadronsJun 06 2017We consider an analysis of potentials related to Schr\"odinger-type equations for scalar fields in a 5D AdS black hole background with dilaton in order to get melting temperatures for different hadrons in a thermal bath. The approach does not consider ... More
Towards Benchmarking Scene Background InitializationJun 12 2015Given a set of images of a scene taken at different times, the availability of an initial background model that describes the scene without foreground objects is the prerequisite for a wide range of applications, ranging from video surveillance to computational ... More
Independent nonclassical tests for states and measurements in the same experimentMar 25 2011We show that one single experiment can test simultaneously and independently both the nonclassicality of states and measurements by the violation or fulfillment of classical bounds on the statistics. Nonideal measurements affected by imperfections can ... More
(Anti-)de Sitter, Poincaré, Super symmetries, and the two Dirac points of grapheneJul 23 2018Jan 31 2019We propose two different high-energy-theory correspondences with graphene (and related materials) scenarios, associated to grain boundaries, that are topological defects for which both Dirac points are necessary. The first correspondence points to a $(3+1)$-dimensional ... More
On the probability of positive-definiteness in the gGUE via semi-classical Laguerre polynomialsOct 26 2016May 23 2017In this paper, we compute the probability that an $N \times N$ matrix from the generalised Gaussian Unitary Ensemble (gGUE) is positive definite, extending a previous result of Dean and Majumdar \cite{DM}. For this purpose, we work out the large degree ... More
A unified approach to linear probing hashing with bucketsOct 22 2014We give a unified analysis of linear probing hashing with a general bucket size. We use both a combinatorial approach, giving exact formulas for generating functions, and a probabilistic approach, giving simple derivations of asymptotic results. Both ... More
Some operators that preserve the locality of a pseudovariety of semigroupsDec 28 2011Feb 27 2013It is shown that if V is a local monoidal pseudovariety of semigroups, then K(m)V, D(m)V and LI(m)V are local. Other operators of the form Z(m)(_) are considered. In the process, results about the interplay between operators Z(m)(_) and (_)*D_k are obtained. ... More
Profinite Groups Associated to Sofic Shifts are FreeAug 04 2009We show that the maximal subgroup of the free profinite semigroup associated by Almeida to an irreducible sofic shift is a free profinite group, generalizing an earlier result of the second author for the case of the full shift (whose corresponding maximal ... More
Standard Model Extension with Flipped GenerationsJul 04 2018Oct 30 2018An extension of the Standard Model is presented that leads to the possible existence of new gauge bosons with masses in the range of a few TeV. Due to the fact that their couplings to Standard Model fermions are strongly suppressed, it is possible for ... More
Majorization of quantum polarization distributionsOct 03 2016Majorization provides a rather powerful partial-order classification of probability distributions depending only on the spread of the statistics, and not on the actual numerical values of the variable being described. We propose to apply majorization ... More
Dwarf spheroidal galaxies as degenerate gas of free fermionsSep 10 2014Dec 16 2014In this paper we analyze a simple scenario in which Dark Matter (DM) consists of free fermions with mass $m_f$. We assume that on galactic scales these fermions are capable of forming a degenerate Fermi gas, in which stability against gravitational collapse ... More
Charging Interacting Rotating Black Holes in Heterotic String TheoryJan 16 2002May 28 2004We present a formulation of the stationary bosonic string sector of the whole toroidally compactified effective field theory of the heterotic string as a double Ernst system which, in the framework of General Relativity describes, in particular, a pair ... More