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Let Me Not Lie: Learning MultiNomial LogitDec 23 2018Discrete choice models generally assume that model specification is known a priori. In practice, determining the utility specification for a particular application remains a difficult task and model misspecification may lead to biased parameter estimates. ... More
PifPaf: Composite Fields for Human Pose EstimationMar 15 2019Apr 05 2019We propose a new bottom-up method for multi-person 2D human pose estimation that is particularly well suited for urban mobility such as self-driving cars and delivery robots. The new method, PifPaf, uses a Part Intensity Field (PIF) to localize body parts ... More
Collaborative GAN SamplingFeb 02 2019Generative adversarial networks (GANs) have shown great promise in generating complex data such as images. A standard practice in GANs is to discard the discriminator after training and use only the generator for sampling. However, this loses valuable ... More
Collaborative Sampling in Generative Adversarial NetworksFeb 02 2019Apr 19 2019A standard practice in Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) is to completely discard the discriminator when generating samples. However, this sampling method loses valuable information learned by the discriminator regarding the data distribution. In ... More
PifPaf: Composite Fields for Human Pose EstimationMar 15 2019We propose a new bottom-up method for multi-person 2D human pose estimation that is particularly well suited for urban mobility such as self-driving cars and delivery robots. The new method, PifPaf, uses a Part Intensity Field (PIF) to localize body parts ... More
Tracking The Untrackable: Learning To Track Multiple Cues with Long-Term DependenciesJan 08 2017Apr 03 2017The majority of existing solutions to the Multi-Target Tracking (MTT) problem do not combine cues in a coherent end-to-end fashion over a long period of time. However, we present an online method that encodes long-term temporal dependencies across multiple ... More
Perceptual Losses for Real-Time Style Transfer and Super-ResolutionMar 27 2016We consider image transformation problems, where an input image is transformed into an output image. Recent methods for such problems typically train feed-forward convolutional neural networks using a \emph{per-pixel} loss between the output and ground-truth ... More
Rethinking Person Re-Identification with ConfidenceJun 11 2019A common challenge in person re-identification systems is to differentiate people with very similar appearances. The current learning frameworks based on cross-entropy minimization are not suited for this challenge. To tackle this issue, we propose to ... More
MonoLoco: Monocular 3D Pedestrian Localization and Uncertainty EstimationJun 14 2019Aug 20 2019We tackle the fundamentally ill-posed problem of 3D human localization from monocular RGB images. Driven by the limitation of neural networks outputting point estimates, we address the ambiguity in the task by predicting confidence intervals through a ... More
MonoLoco: Monocular 3D Pedestrian Localization and Uncertainty EstimationJun 14 2019We tackle the fundamentally ill-posed problem of 3D human localization from monocular RGB images. Driven by the limitation of neural networks outputting point estimates, we address the ambiguity in the task with a new neural network predicting confidence ... More
Recurrent Attention Models for Depth-Based Person IdentificationNov 22 2016We present an attention-based model that reasons on human body shape and motion dynamics to identify individuals in the absence of RGB information, hence in the dark. Our approach leverages unique 4D spatio-temporal signatures to address the identification ... More
Knowledge Transfer for Scene-specific Motion PredictionMar 22 2016Jul 26 2016When given a single frame of the video, humans can not only interpret the content of the scene, but also they are able to forecast the near future. This ability is mostly driven by their rich prior knowledge about the visual world, both in terms of (i) ... More
Crowd-Robot Interaction: Crowd-aware Robot Navigation with Attention-based Deep Reinforcement LearningSep 24 2018Mobility in an effective and socially-compliant manner is an essential yet challenging task for robots operating in crowded spaces. Recent works have shown the power of deep reinforcement learning techniques to learn socially cooperative policies. However, ... More
Social Scene Understanding: End-to-End Multi-Person Action Localization and Collective Activity RecognitionNov 28 2016We present a unified framework for understanding human social behaviors in raw image sequences. Our model jointly detects multiple individuals, infers their social actions, and estimates the collective actions with a single feed-forward pass through a ... More
Convolutional Relational Machine for Group Activity RecognitionApr 05 2019We present an end-to-end deep Convolutional Neural Network called Convolutional Relational Machine (CRM) for recognizing group activities that utilizes the information in spatial relations between individual persons in image or video. It learns to produce ... More
Crowd-Robot Interaction: Crowd-aware Robot Navigation with Attention-based Deep Reinforcement LearningSep 24 2018Feb 19 2019Mobility in an effective and socially-compliant manner is an essential yet challenging task for robots operating in crowded spaces. Recent works have shown the power of deep reinforcement learning techniques to learn socially cooperative policies. However, ... More
From Bits to Images: Inversion of Local Binary DescriptorsNov 06 2012Local Binary Descriptors are becoming more and more popular for image matching tasks, especially when going mobile. While they are extensively studied in this context, their ability to carry enough information in order to infer the original image is seldom ... More
Characterizing and Improving Stability in Neural Style TransferMay 05 2017Recent progress in style transfer on images has focused on improving the quality of stylized images and speed of methods. However, real-time methods are highly unstable resulting in visible flickering when applied to videos. In this work we characterize ... More
Forecasting Social Navigation in Crowded Complex ScenesJan 05 2016When humans navigate a crowed space such as a university campus or the sidewalks of a busy street, they follow common sense rules based on social etiquette. In this paper, we argue that in order to enable the design of new algorithms that can take fully ... More
Unsupervised Learning of Long-Term Motion Dynamics for VideosJan 07 2017Apr 11 2017We present an unsupervised representation learning approach that compactly encodes the motion dependencies in videos. Given a pair of images from a video clip, our framework learns to predict the long-term 3D motions. To reduce the complexity of the learning ... More
Social GAN: Socially Acceptable Trajectories with Generative Adversarial NetworksMar 29 2018Understanding human motion behavior is critical for autonomous moving platforms (like self-driving cars and social robots) if they are to navigate human-centric environments. This is challenging because human motion is inherently multimodal: given a history ... More
Towards Viewpoint Invariant 3D Human Pose EstimationMar 23 2016Jul 26 2016We propose a viewpoint invariant model for 3D human pose estimation from a single depth image. To achieve this, our discriminative model embeds local regions into a learned viewpoint invariant feature space. Formulated as a multi-task learning problem, ... More
CAR-Net: Clairvoyant Attentive Recurrent NetworkNov 28 2017Jul 31 2018We present an interpretable framework for path prediction that leverages dependencies between agents' behaviors and their spatial navigation environment. We exploit two sources of information: the past motion trajectory of the agent of interest and a ... More
Video Analysis for Body-worn Cameras in Law EnforcementApr 11 2016The social conventions and expectations around the appropriate use of imaging and video has been transformed by the availability of video cameras in our pockets. The impact on law enforcement can easily be seen by watching the nightly news; more and more ... More
Towards Vision-Based Smart Hospitals: A System for Tracking and Monitoring Hand Hygiene ComplianceAug 01 2017Apr 24 2018One in twenty-five patients admitted to a hospital will suffer from a hospital acquired infection. If we can intelligently track healthcare staff, patients, and visitors, we can better understand the sources of such infections. We envision a smart hospital ... More
Superconducting qubitsMay 01 2008From a physicist's standpoint, the most interesting part of quantum computing research may well be the possibility to probe the boundary between the quantum and the classical worlds. The more macroscopic are the structures involved, the better. So far, ... More
Reduction of Algebraic Parametric Systems by Rectification of their Affine Expanded Lie SymmetriesDec 19 2006Lie group theory states that knowledge of a $m$-parameters solvable group of symmetries of a system of ordinary differential equations allows to reduce by $m$ the number of equations. We apply this principle by finding some \emph{affine derivations} that ... More
Non-unitary set-theoretical solutions to the Quantum Yang-Baxter EquationMar 28 2000Aug 24 2000We develop a theory of non-unitary set-theoretical solutions to the Quantum Yang-Baxter equation. Our results generalize those obtained by Etingof, Schedler and the author. We remark that some of our constructions are similar to constructions obtained ... More
Inflaton in R-dependent potentialApr 06 2009Mar 25 2010We consider a non-minimally coupled inflaton, in a higher order curvature background, leading to a potential which evolves with the curvature scalar of the Universe, and which describes two regimes. The first one is a de Sitter phase, where the potential ... More
Non-renormalization for planar Wess-Zumino modelNov 27 2003Using a non-perturbative functional method, where the quantum fluctuations are gradually set up,it is shown that the interaction of a N=1 Wess-Zumino model in 2+1 dimensions does not get renormalized. This result is valid in the framework of the gradient ... More
A control on quantum fluctuations in 2+1 dimensionsJun 04 2003Aug 29 2003A functional method is discussed, where the quantum fluctuations of a theory are controlled by a mass parameter and the evolution of the theory with this parameter is connected to its renormalization. It is found, in the framework of the gradient expansion, ... More
A misleading Wilsonian fixed pointNov 13 2007We exhibit here, for a scalar theory, an apparently non-trivial Wilsonian fixed point, which surprisingly describes a free theory. This modest note is an observation which can be of interest in the framework of functional methods in Quantum Field Theory. ... More
A note on Liouville theoryMar 29 2005May 12 2005An exact differential equation is derived for the evolution of the Liouville effective action with the mass parameter. This derivation is based on properties of the exponential potential and some consequences of the equation are discussed.
An alternative approach to dynamical mass generation in QED3Oct 09 2003Some quantum properties of QED3 are studied with the help of an exact evolution equation of the effective action with the bare fermion mass. The resulting effective theory and the occurrence of a dynamical mass are discussed in the framework of the gradient ... More
Shapelets: I. A Method for Image AnalysisMay 10 2001We present a new method for the analysis of images, a fundamental task in observational astronomy. It is based on the linear decomposition of each object in the image into a series of localised basis functions of different shapes, which we call `Shapelets'. ... More
A relation between the dark mass of elliptical galaxies and their shapeApr 25 2013Jan 08 2014We have studied a large number of elliptical galaxies and found a correlation between their dark matter content and the ellipticity of their visible shape. The galaxies were strictly selected so that only typical medium-size elliptical galaxies were considered. ... More
Ring extension of entire ring with conjugation; arithmetic in entire ringsFeb 11 2013Some basic properties of the ring of integers $\mathbb{Z}$ are extended to entire rings. In particular, arithmetic in entire principal rings is very similar than arithmetic in the ring of integers $\mathbb{Z}$. These arithmetic properties are derived ... More
Decaying turbulence for the fractional subcritical Burgers equationAug 04 2016We consider the fractional unforced Burgers equation in the one-dimensional space-periodic setting: $$\partial u/\partial t+(f(u))_x +\nu \Lambda^{\alpha} u= 0, t \geq 0,\ \mathbb{x} \in \mathbb{T}^d=(\mathbb{R}/\mathbb{Z})^d.$$ Here $f$ is strongly convex ... More
BUSSTEPP 2016 lecture notes: Exact Wilsonian RenormalizationAug 31 2015Nov 12 2016These lecture notes introduce exact Wilsonian renormalisation, and describe its technical approach, from an intuitive implementation to more advanced realisations. The methods and concepts are explained with a scalar theory, and their extension to quantum ... More
On the homology of the double cobar construction of a double suspensionJun 20 2014The double cobar construction of a double suspension comes with a Connes-Moscovici structure, that is a homotopy G-algebra (or Gerstenhaber-Voronov algebra) structure together with a particular BV-operator up to a homotopy. We show that the homology of ... More
Expansion of a singularly perturbed equation with a two-scale converging convection termApr 16 2014Feb 04 2015In many physical contexts, evolution convection equations may present some very large amplitude convective terms. As an example, in the context of magnetic confinement fusion, the distribution function that describes the plasma satisfies the Vlasov equation ... More
Multidimensional potential Burgers turbulenceDec 25 2013Oct 06 2015We consider the multidimensional generalised stochastic Burgers equation in the space-periodic setting: $ \partial \mathbf{u}/\partial t+$ $(\nabla f(\mathbf{u}) \cdot \nabla)$ $\mathbf{u} -\nu \Delta \mathbf{u}=$ $\nabla \eta,\quad t \geq 0,\ \mathbf{x} ... More
Exact Large Deviations of the Current in the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process with Open BoundariesNov 28 2013In this thesis, we consider one of the most popular models of non-equilibrium statistical physics: the Asymmetric Simple Exclusion Process, in which particles jump stochastically on a one-dimensional lattice, between two reservoirs at fixed densities, ... More
Binary Classification in Unstructured Space With Hypergraph Case-Based ReasoningJun 16 2018Nov 30 2018Binary classification is one of the most common problem in machine learning. It consists in predicting whether a given element belongs to a particular class. In this paper, a new algorithm for binary classification is proposed using a hypergraph representation. ... More
Fundamental tone, concentration of density to points and conformal degeneration on surfacesOct 13 2005Mar 21 2011We study the effect of two types of degeneration of the Riemannian metric on the first eigenvalue of the Laplace operator on surfaces. In both cases we prove that the first eigenvalue of the round sphere is an optimal asymptotic upper bound. The first ... More
Normal holomorphic maps from C* to a projective spaceAug 03 2012A theorem of A. Ostrowski describing meromorphic functions f such that the family {f(kz):k in C*} is normal, is generalized to holomorphic maps from $C*$ to a projective space.
Zero Sets of H^p Functions in Convex Domains of Finite TypeFeb 11 2016We give a condition under which a divisor X in a bounded convex domain of finite type D in C^n is the zero set of a function in a Hardy space H^p(D) for some p \textgreater{} 0. This generalizes Varopoulos' result [Zero sets of H^p functions in several ... More
On the Breuil-Schneider conjecture: Generic caseMar 05 2018Mar 06 2018We use the Taylor-Wiles-Kisin patching method to prove some new cases of the Breuil-Schneider conjecture.
A fresh look on the limit on ultralight axion-like particles from SN1987AOct 16 2014We revisit the limit on very light axion-like particles (ALPs) from the absence of gamma rays coincidental with the neutrino burst from SN1987A. We use updated supernova simulations, modern models for the magnetic field inside the Galaxy, and a Primakoff ... More
Constraining ALPs with linear and circular polarisation measurements of quasar lightSep 24 2013We discuss the constraints derived on the mixing of photons with light pseudoscalars using the distributions of good-quality linear and circular polarisation measurements of light from the least polarised classes of quasars. We also provide the dependence ... More
Superposition de calques monochromes d'opacités variablesJul 13 2017Sep 29 2018For a monochrome layer $x$ of opacity $0\le o_x\le1 $ placed on another monochrome layer of opacity 1, the result given by the standard formula is $$\small\Pi\left({\bf C}_\varphi\right)=1+\sum_{n=1}^2\left(2-n-(-1)^no_{\chi(\varphi+1)}\right)\left(\chi(n+\varphi-1)-o_{\chi(n+\varphi-1)}\right),$$ ... More
Segre varieties and Lie symmetriesFeb 24 2000Using the classical S.Lie method we obtain a complete description of infinitesimal symmetries of a holomorphic PDE system defining the Segre family of a real analytic hypersurface. This gives a new proof of some well known results of CR geometry.
The Second Cohomology with Symplectic Coefficients of the Moduli Space of Smooth Projective CurvesNov 04 1996Each finite dimensional irreducible rational representation V of the symplectic group Sp_{2g} determines a generically defined local system \V over the moduli space M_g of genus g smooth projective curves. We study H^2(M_g;\V) and the mixed Hodge structure ... More
Type ${\rm III_1}$ factors generated by regular representations of infinite dimensional nilpotent group $B_0^{\mathbb N}$Mar 23 2008Mar 25 2008We study the von Neumann algebra, generated by the unitary representations of infinite-dimensional groups nilpotent group $B_0^{\mathbb N}$. The conditions of the irreducibility of the regular and quasiregular representations of infinite-dimensional groups ... More
On the limiting absorption principle for a new class of schroedinger hamiltoniansOct 13 2015Nov 23 2017We prove the limiting absorption principle and discuss the continuity properties of the boundary values of the resolvent for a class of form bounded perturbations of the Euclidean Laplacian $\Delta$ that covers both short and long range potentials with ... More
Combination of classifying spaces for proper actionsOct 02 2013Given a group action on a simplicial complex such that each simplex stabiliser admits a cocompact model of classifying space for proper actions, we give conditions implying the existence of a cocompact model of classifying space for proper actions for ... More
On the second main theorem of CartanSep 17 2014Sep 27 2014The possibility of reversion of the inequality in the Second Main Theorem of Cartan in the theory of holomorphic curves in projective space is discussed. A new version of this theorem is proved that becomes an asymptotic equality for a class of holomorphic ... More
Invariant curves and semiconjugacies of rational functionsOct 29 2011Feb 27 2013Jordan analytic curves which are invariant under rational functions are studied
Théorie d'Iwasawa pour les formes modulaires de poids 1Nov 13 2018The Iwasawa main conjecture for ordinary modular forms of weight greater or equal to 2 predicts that the chracteristic ideal of the Selmer group is generated by an analytic p-adic L-function. In this paper we study the properties of the Selmer groups ... More
Populations of Extrasolar Giant Planets from Transit and Radial Velocity SurveysMay 22 2018Transit and radial velocity surveys have deeply explored the population of extrasolar giant planets, with hundreds of objects detected to date. All these detections allow to understand their physical properties and to constrain their formation, migration, ... More
Fluctuations in pedestrian evacuation times: Going one step beyond the exit capacity paradigm for bottlenecksDec 06 2017For safety reasons, it is important that the design of buildings and public facilities comply with the guidelines compiled in building codes.The latter are often premised on the concept of exit capacity, \emph{i.e.}, the mean pedestrian flow rate through ... More
The endomorphism ring of projectives and the Bernstein centreMar 05 2018Jun 03 2019Let $F$ be a local non-archimedean field and $\mathcal{O}_F$ its ring of integers. Let $\Omega$ be a Bernstein component of the category of smooth representations of $GL_n(F)$, let $(J, \lambda)$ be a Bushnell-Kutzko $\Omega$-type, and let $\mathfrak{Z}_{\Omega}$ ... More
Cohomological Hall algebras for Higgs torsion sheaves, moduli of triples and sheaves on surfacesJan 04 2018May 20 2018For any free oriented Borel-Moore homology theory $A$, we construct an associative product on the $A$-theory of the stack of Higgs torsion sheaves over a projective curve $C$. We show that the resulting algebra $A\mathbf{Ha}_C^0$ admits a natural shuffle ... More
Irreducibility criterion for the set of two matricesJul 29 2008Nov 02 2008We give the criterion for the irreducibility, the Schur irreducibility and the indecomposability of the set of two $n\times n$ matrices $\Lambda_n$ and $A_n$ in terms of the subalgebra associated with the "support" of the matrix $A_n$, where $\Lambda_n$ ... More
Non injectivity of the q-deformed von Neumann algebraMay 31 2006We prove that the von Neumann algebra generated by q-gaussians is not injective as soon as the dimension of the underlying Hilbert space is greater than 1. Our approach is based on a vector valued Khintchine type inequality for Wick products. The same ... More
Notes on Hilbert's 16th: experiencing Viro's theoryOct 07 2013This text is intended to become in the long run Chapter 3 of our long saga dedicated to Riemann, Ahlfors and Rohlin. Yet, as its contents evolved as mostly independent (due to our inaptitude to interconnect both trends as strongly as we wished), it seemed ... More
Counting solutions without zeros or repetitions of a linear congruence and rarefaction in b-multiplicative sequencesMar 03 2014Feb 09 2016Consider a strongly $b$-multiplicative sequence and a prime $p$. Studying its $p$-rarefaction consists in characterizing the asymptotic behaviour of the sums of the first terms indexed by the multiples of $p$. The integer values of the "norm" $3$-variate ... More
Multi-strange baryon production in pp, p-Pb and Pb-Pb collisions measured with ALICE at the LHCOct 08 2014Mar 04 2015Multi-strange baryons are of particular interest in the understanding of particle production mechanisms, as their high strangeness content makes them susceptible to changes in the hadrochemistry of the colliding systems. In ALICE, these hyperons are reconstructed ... More
The index of G-transversally elliptic families IISep 13 2018Apr 23 2019We define the Chern character of the index class of a $G$-invariant family of $G$-transversally elliptic operators, see [6]. Next we study the Berline-Vergne formula for families in the elliptic and transversally elliptic case.
On inverse scattering in electromagnetic field in classical relativistic mechanics at high energiesJun 02 2005Jul 12 2006We consider the multidimensional Newton-Einstein equation in static electromagnetic field $$\eqalign{\dot p = F(x,\dot x), F(x,\dot x)=-\nabla V(x)+{1\over c}B(x)\dot x,\cr p={\dot x \over \sqrt{1-{|\dot x|^2 \over c^2}}}, \dot p={dp\over dt}, \dot x={dx\over ... More
Monte Carlo without ChainsFeb 07 2008A sampling method for spin systems is presented. The spin lattice is written as the union of a nested sequence of sublattices, all but the last with conditionally independent spins, which are sampled in succession using their marginals. The marginals ... More
Increment stationarity of $L^2$-indexed stochastic processes: spectral representation and characterizationNov 19 2015We are interested in the increment stationarity property for $L^2$-indexed stochastic processes, which is a fairly general concern since many random fields can be interpreted as the restriction of a more generally defined $L^2$-indexed process. We first ... More
Uniqueness result for Almost Periodic Distributions depending on time and space and an application to the unique continuation for the wave equationAug 09 2019Let $\Omega\subset \mathbb{R}^N$, $N=1,2,3$, be an open bounded and connected set with continuous piecewise $\mathrm{C}^{\infty}$ boundary. Here we deal with almost periodic distributions of the form $u(t,x)=\sum_{n=0}^{+\infty} c_n S_n(x) \mathrm{e}^{i ... More
Image of the Artin groups of classical types inside the finite Iwahori-Hecke algebrasJul 08 2017We determine the image of the Artin groups of types B and D inside the Iwahori-Hecke algebras, when defined over finite fields, in the semisimple case. This generalizes earlier work on type A by Brunat, Magaard and Marin. In this multi-parameter case, ... More
Dynamical systems on chain complexes and canonical minimal resolutionsSep 18 2019We introduce notions of vector field and its (discrete time) flow on a chain complex. The resulting dynamical systems theory provides a set of tools with a broad range of applicability that allow, among others, to replace in a canonical way a chain complex ... More
Finite orbits of the braid group action on sets of reflectionsSep 14 2004Jun 01 2006The finite orbits of the braid group action on Stokes matrices are studied and are shown to be the orbits on ordered sets of reflections, generating finite groups. All invariants of a reflection arrangement are determined. Determination of the orbits ... More
Spatio-temporal averaging for a class of hybrid systems. Application to conductance-based neuron modelsMar 07 2014Nov 25 2015We obtain a limit theorem endowed with quantitative estimates for a general class of infinite dimensional hybrid processes with intrinsically two different time scales and including a population. As an application, we consider a large class of conductance-based ... More
Convergence properties of the Gronwall area formula for quadratic Julia setsMay 08 2014Jul 23 2015Using parabolic enrichment, it is shown that Gronwall area formula for the filled Julia set along the boundary of the main cardioid of the Mandelbrot set cannot be well approximated by replacing it by a finite sum. A revised version of this article will ... More
A Lyapunov function for Glauber dynamics on lattice triangulationsApr 29 2015We study random triangulations of the integer points $[0,n]^2 \cap\mathbb{Z}^2$, where each triangulation $\sigma$ has probability measure $\lambda^{|\sigma|}$ with $|\sigma|$ denoting the sum of the length of the edges in $\sigma$. Such triangulations ... More
Cepheids at high angular resolution: circumstellar envelope and pulsationDec 23 2011In 2005, interferometric observations with VLTI/VINCI and CHARA/FLUOR revealed the existence of a circumstellar envelope (CSE) around some Cepheids. This surrounding material is particularly interesting for two reasons: it could have an impact on the ... More
Building Generalized Neo-Riemannian Groups of Musical Transformations as ExtensionsNov 18 2011Aug 12 2012Chords in musical harmony can be viewed as objects having shapes (major/minor/etc.) attached to base sets (pitch class sets). The base set and the shape set are usually given the structure of a group, more particularly a cyclic group. In a more general ... More
From N=1 to N=2 supersymmetries in 2+1 dimensionsJan 07 2003Apr 10 2003Starting from N=1 scalar and vector supermultiplets in 2+1 dimensions, we construct superfields which constitute Lagrangians invariant under N=2 supersymmetries. We first recover the N=2 supersymmetric Abelian-Higgs model and then the N=2 pure super Yang-Mills ... More
Vacuum polarization in thermal QED with an external magnetic fieldSep 26 2000Jan 15 2001The one-loop vacuum polarization tensor is computed in QED with an external constant, homogeneous magnetic field at finite temperature. The Schwinger proper-time formalism is used and the computations are done in Euclidian space. The well-known results ... More
Weak Gravitational Lensing by Large-Scale StructureJul 10 2003Weak gravitational lensing provides a unique method to map directly the distribution of dark matter in the universe and to measure cosmological parameters. This cosmic-shear technique is based on the measurement of the weak distortions that lensing induces ... More
Evolutionary stellar population synthesis at 2A spectral resolutionJan 14 1999We present an evolutionary stellar population synthesis model which predicts SED's for simple stellar populations, SSP's, at ~2A resolution in the visible. The input database is composed of ~550 stars, selected from the spectral library of Jones. This ... More
Exact 3D solution for static and damped harmonic response of simply supported general laminatesJul 19 2013Jul 01 2014The state-space method is adapted to obtain three dimensional exact solutions for the static and damped dynamic behaviors of simply supported general laminates. The state-space method is written in a general form that permits to handle both cross-ply ... More
Transverse shear warping functions for anisotropic multilayered platesNov 05 2012In this work, transverse shear warping functions for an equivalent single layer plate model are formulated from a variational approach. The part of the strain energy which involves the shear phenomenon is expressed in function of the warping functions ... More
Existential witness extraction in classical realizability and via a negative translationJan 23 2011Apr 21 2011We show how to extract existential witnesses from classical proofs using Krivine's classical realizability---where classical proofs are interpreted as lambda-terms with the call/cc control operator. We first recall the basic framework of classical realizability ... More
On the Exponentiation of Interval MatricesAug 27 2009The numerical computation of the exponentiation of a real matrix has been intensively studied. The main objective of a good numerical method is to deal with round-off errors and computational cost. The situation is more complicated when dealing with interval ... More
Induced representations of infinite-dimensional groupsJun 30 2012The induced representation ${\rm Ind}_H^GS$ of a locally compact group $G$ is the unitary representation of the group $G$ associated with unitary representation $S:H\rightarrow U(V)$ of a subgroup $H$ of the group $G$. Our aim is to develop the concept ... More
On the analogy between real reductive groups and Cartan motion groups. III: A proof of the Connes-Kasparov isomorphismFeb 29 2016Aug 29 2018Alain Connes and Nigel Higson pointed out in the 1990s that the Connes-Kasparov "conjecture"' for the K-theory of reduced groupe $C^\ast$-algebras seemed, in the case of reductive Lie groups, to be a cohomological echo of a conjecture of George Mackey ... More
Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Logic Programming EnvironmentsJul 12 2002The twelfth Workshop on Logic Programming Environments, WLPE 2002, is one in a series of international workshops held in the topic area. The workshops facilitate the exchange ideas and results among researchers and system developers on all aspects of ... More
Laderman matrix multiplication algorithm can be constructed using Strassen algorithm and related tensor's isotropiesMar 24 2017May 10 2017In 1969, V. Strassen improves the classical~2x2 matrix multiplication algorithm. The current upper bound for 3x3 matrix multiplication was reached by J.B. Laderman in 1976. This note presents a geometric relationship between Strassen and Laderman algorithms. ... More
Some singular sample path properties of a multiparameter fractional Brownian motionOct 16 2014May 23 2016We prove a Chung-type law of the iterated logarithm for a multiparameter extension of the fractional Brownian motion which is not increment stationary. This multiparameter fractional Brownian motion behaves very differently at the origin and away from ... More
The squeezed matter bispectrum covariance with responsesJan 04 2019We present a calculation of the angle-averaged squeezed matter bispectrum covariance ${\rm Cov}\left(B_{m}(k_1, k_1', s_1), B_{m}(k_2, k_2', s_2)\right)$, $s_i \ll k_i,k_i'$ ($i=1,2$), that uses matter power spectrum responses to describe the coupling ... More
On the hyperbolic metric of the complement of a rectangular latticeOct 12 2011Oct 14 2011The density of the hyperbolic metric on the complement of a rectangular lattice is investigated. The question is related to conformal mapping of symmetric circular quadrilaterals with all zero angles.
A version of Fabry's theorem for power series with regularly varying coefficientsOct 31 2007Apr 22 2008For real power series whose non-zero coefficients satisfy $|a_m|^{1/m}\to~1$ we prove a stronger version of Fabry theorem relating the frequency of sign changes in the coefficients and analytic continuation of the sum of the power series.
Relative homological linkingNov 27 2003Jan 29 2008Using Morse theory and a new relative homological linking of pairs, we prove a ``homological linking principle'', thereby generalizing many well known results in critical point theory.
Exceptional values in holomorphic families of entire functionsMar 31 2005We study Picard's exceptional values of holomorphic one-parametric families of entire functions. Our first result shows that the set of parameter values for which zero is a Picard value can be an arbitrary closed set of zero logarithmic capacity. This ... More
Fast loops on semi-weighted homogeneous hypersurface singularitiesMar 14 2010Mar 22 2010We show the existence of ($1+\frac{w_2}{w_3}$)-fast loops on semi-weighted homogeneous hypersurface singularities with weights $w_1\geq w_2>w_3$. In particular we show that semi-weighted homogeneous hypersurface singularities have metrical conical structure ... More