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Analyzing Business Process Anomalies Using AutoencodersMar 03 2018Businesses are naturally interested in detecting anomalies in their internal processes, because these can be indicators for fraud and inefficiencies. Within the domain of business intelligence, classic anomaly detection is not very frequently researched. ... More
BINet: Multi-perspective Business Process Anomaly ClassificationFeb 08 2019In this paper, we introduce BINet, a neural network architecture for real-time multi-perspective anomaly detection in business process event logs. BINet is designed to handle both the control flow and the data perspective of a business process. Additionally, ... More
A few examples of $p$-good and $p$-bad classifying spacesNov 27 2014May 23 2016We give examples of spaces which are good and bad at different primes in the sense of Bousfield and Kan in any arbitrary combination and investigate which impact the existence of a Sylow $p$-subgroup has on the homotopy type on the classifying space and ... More
Assigning a classifying space to a fusion system up to F-isomorphismApr 28 2011Oct 20 2016Complementary to and in extension of the Inventiones work of Benson, Grodal, Henke [Group cohomology and control of p-fusion, Invent. Math. 197 (2014), 491-507] we give criteria for a space to have cohomology (strongly) F-isomorphic in the sense of Quillen ... More
Assigning a classifying space to a fusion system up to $F$-isomorphismApr 28 2011Mar 09 2015Complementary to the Inventiones work of Benson, Grodal, Henke we give criteria for a space to have cohomology $F$-isomorphic in the sense of Quillen to the stable elements. Moreover we extend results about group models for fusion systems to fusion systems ... More
On the cohomology of the free loop space of a complex projective spaceOct 30 2011Let $\Lambda (\mathbb{C}P^n)$ denote the free loop space of the complex projective space $\mathbb{C}P^n$, i. e. $\mathbb{C}P^n$ is the projective space of the vector space $\mathbb{C}^{n+1}$ of dimension $n+1$ over the complex numbers $\mathbb{C}$ and ... More
Group models for fusion systemsApr 12 2011Nov 13 2013We study group models for fusion systems and construct homology decompositions for the models of Robinson and Leary-Stancu type.
Loop homology of spheres and complex projective spacesApr 27 2011Nov 14 2011In his Inventiones paper, Ziller (Invent. Math: 1-22, 1977) computed the integral homology as a graded abelian group of the free loop space of compact, globally symmetric spaces of rank 1. Chas and Sullivan (String Topology, 1999)showed that the homology ... More
Homology decompositions and groups inducing fusion systemsMar 30 2011We relate the construction of groups which realize saturated fusion systems and signaliser functors with homology decompositions of p-local finite groups. We prove that the cohomology ring of Robinson's construction is in some precise sense very close ... More
The Free Loop Space Homology of $(n-1)$-connected $2n$-manifoldsJul 10 2012Apr 22 2016Our goal in this paper is to compute the integral free loop space homology of $(n-1)$-connected $2n$-manifolds $M$, $n\geq 2$. We do this when $n\neq 2,4,8$, or when $n\neq 2$ and $\tilde H^*(M)$ has trivial cup product squares, though the techniques ... More
Signalizer functors for group models, existence of classifying spaces and applications to the fundamental groupMay 17 2011Jul 21 2014We solve the seventh problem of Oliver's list [M.\ Aschbacher, R.\ Kessar, B.\ Oliver, \textit{Fusion systems in algebra and topology}, LMS Lecture Note Series: 31, Cambridge University Press, 2011] via an explicit signalizer functor construction in the ... More
Loop space homology associated to the mod 2 Dickson invariantsJan 20 2010Mar 31 2011The spaces BG_2 and BDI(4) have the property that their mod 2 cohomology is given by the rank 3 and 4 Dickson invariants respectively. Associated with these spaces one has for q odd the classifying spaces of the finite groups BG_2(q)and the exotic family ... More
Spectral classification of Pleiades brown dwarf candidatesOct 19 2011We report on the results of the spectroscopy of 10 objects previously classified as brown dwarf candidates via RIJHK colors by Eisenbeiss et al. (2009), who performed deep imaging observations on a 0.4 sq.deg. field at the edge of the Pleiades. We describe ... More
Generalization of an Upper Bound on the Number of Nodes Needed to Achieve Linear SeparabilityFeb 10 2018An important issue in neural network research is how to choose the number of nodes and layers such as to solve a classification problem. We provide new intuitions based on earlier results by An et al. (2015) by deriving an upper bound on the number of ... More
Refining Parameters of the XO-5 Planetary System with High-Precision Transit PhotometryMar 07 2011Studies of transiting extrasolar planets offer an unique opportunity to get to know the internal structure of those worlds. The transiting exoplanet XO-5 b was found to have an anomalously high Safronov number and surface gravity. Our aim was to refine ... More
A lucky imaging multiplicity study of exoplanet host starsFeb 21 2012To understand the influence of additional wide stellar companions on planet formation, it is necessary to determine the fraction of multiple stellar systems amongst the known extrasolar planet population. We target recently discovered radial velocity ... More
Kazhdan-Laumon representations of finite Chevalley groups, character sheaves and some generalization of the Lefschetz-Verdeier trace formulaOct 01 1998In this paper we investigate the representations of reductive groups over a finite field, introduced in 1987 by D.Kazhdan and G.Laumon. We show that generically these representations are irreducible and that their character is equal to the function obtained ... More
Discrete Translates in $L^2(R)$Dec 02 2016A set $\Lambda\subset R$ is called $p$-spectral, if there is a function $\varphi\in L^p(R)$ whose $\Lambda$-translates $\{\varphi(t-\lambda),\lambda\in\Lambda\}$ span $L^p(R)$. We prove that exponentially small non-zero perturbations of the integers are ... More
Moments of random sums and Robbins' problem of optimal stoppingJul 17 2011Robbins' problem of optimal stopping asks one to minimise the expected {\it rank} of observation chosen by some nonanticipating stopping rule. We settle a conjecture regarding the {\it value} of the stopped variable under the rule optimal in the sense ... More
Homological projective duality for quadricsFeb 26 2019We show that over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not equal to 2, homological projective duality for smooth quadric hypersurfaces and for double covers of projective spaces branched over smooth quadric hypersurfaces is a combination of ... More
Categorical cones and quadratic homological projective dualityFeb 26 2019We introduce the notion of a categorical cone, which provides a categorification of the classical cone over a projective variety, and use our work on categorical joins to describe its behavior under homological projective duality. In particular, our construction ... More
Categorical joinsMar 31 2018Feb 26 2019We introduce the notion of a categorical join, which can be thought of as a categorification of the classical join of two projective varieties. This notion is in the spirit of homological projective duality, which categorifies classical projective duality. ... More
Fast gradient descent method for convex optimization problems with an oracle that generates a $(δ,L)$-model of a function in a requested pointNov 07 2017Feb 02 2019In this article we propose a new concept of a $(\delta,L)$-model of a function which generalizes the concept of the $(\delta,L)$-oracle (Devolder-Glineur-Nesterov). Using this concept we describe the gradient descent method and the fast gradient descent ... More
Subtle Characteristic ClassesJan 26 2014We construct new subtle Stiefel--Whitney classes of quadratic forms. These classes are much more informative than the ones introduced by Milnor. In particular, they see all the powers of the fundamental ideal of the Witt ring, contain the Arason invariant ... More
Diagonalization of the Finite Hilbert Transform on two adjacent intervalsNov 06 2015We study the interior problem of tomography. The starting point is the Gelfand-Graev formula, which converts the tomographic data into the finite Hilbert transform (FHT) of an unknown function $f$ along a collection of lines. Pick one such line, call ... More
Governing Singularities of Schubert VarietiesMar 12 2006Jun 29 2006We present a combinatorial and computational commutative algebra methodology for studying singularities of Schubert varieties of flag manifolds. We define the combinatorial notion of *interval pattern avoidance*. For "reasonable" invariants P of singularities, ... More
String center of mass operator and its effect on BRST cohomologyNov 15 1995We consider the theory of bosonic closed strings on the flat background R(25,1). We show how the BRST complex can be extended to a complex where the string center of mass operator, x^mu_0, is well defined. We investigate the cohomology of the extended ... More
An ICT-Based Real-Time Surveillance System for Controlling Dengue in Sri LankaMay 16 2014Dengue is a notifiable communicable disease in Sri Lanka since 1996. Dengue fever spread rapidly among people living in most of the districts of Sri Lanka. The present notification system of dengue communicable diseases which is enforced by law is a passive ... More
Approximation of discrete functions and size of spectrumApr 02 2013Let $\Lambda$ be a uniformly discrete set and $S$ be a compact set in $R$. We prove that if there exists a bounded sequence of functions in Paley--Wiener space $PW_S$, which approximates $\delta-$functions on $\Lambda$ with $l^2-$error $d$, then measure($S$)$\geq ... More
Homological projective duality for quadricsFeb 26 2019Mar 01 2019We show that over an algebraically closed field of characteristic not equal to 2, homological projective duality for smooth quadric hypersurfaces and for double covers of projective spaces branched over smooth quadric hypersurfaces is a combination of ... More
Categorical cones and quadratic homological projective dualityFeb 26 2019Mar 01 2019We introduce the notion of a categorical cone, which provides a categorification of the classical cone over a projective variety, and use our work on categorical joins to describe its behavior under homological projective duality. In particular, our construction ... More
Full exceptional collections on the Lagrangian Grassmannians LG(4,8) and LG(5,10)Oct 13 2009We construct full exceptional collections of vector bundles on the Lagrangian Grassmannians LG(4,8) and LG(5,10).
Cauchy independent measures and super-additivity of analytic capacityNov 12 2012We show that, given a family of discs centered at a nice curve, the analytic capacities of arbitrary subsets of these discs add up. However we need that the discs in question would be slightly separated, and it is not clear whether the separation condition ... More
Random "dyadic" lattice in geometrically doubling metric space and $A_2$ conjectureMar 27 2011Apr 21 2011Recently three proofs of the $A_2$-conjecture were obtained. All of them are "glued" to euclidian space and a special choice of one random dyadic lattice. We build a random "dyadic" lattice in any doubling metric space which have properties that are enough ... More
Reachability in Higher-Order-CountersJun 05 2013Higher-order counter automata (\HOCS) can be either seen as a restriction of higher-order pushdown automata (\HOPS) to a unary stack alphabet, or as an extension of counter automata to higher levels. We distinguish two principal kinds of \HOCS: those ... More
Exceptional collections on isotropic GrassmanniansOct 25 2011Sep 13 2015We introduce a new construction of exceptional objects in the derived category of coherent sheaves on a compact homogeneous space of a semisimple algebraic group and show that it produces exceptional collections of the length equal to the rank of the ... More
On multi-dimensional sampling and interpolationApr 02 2013The paper discusses sharp sufficient conditions for interpolation and sampling for functions of n variables with convex spectrum. When n=1, the classical theorems of Ingham and Beurling state that the critical values in the estimates from above (from ... More
A Gröbner basis for Kazhdan-Lusztig idealsSep 03 2009Nov 11 2011Kazhdan-Lusztig ideals, a family of generalized determinantal ideals investigated in [Woo-Yong '08], provide an explicit choice of coordinates and equations encoding a neighbourhood of a torus-fixed point of a Schubert variety on a type A flag variety. ... More
Neutrino energy quantization in rotating mediumSep 30 2008Exact solution of the modified Dirac equation in rotating medium is found in polar coordinates in the limit of vanishing neutrino mass. The solution for the active left-handed particle exhibit properties similar to those peculiar for the charged particle ... More
General Conditions for Lepton Flavour Violation at Tree- and 1-Loop LevelSep 20 2007In this work, we compile the necessary and sufficient conditions a theory has to fulfill in order to ensure general lepton flavour conservation, in the spirit of the Glashow-Weinberg criteria for the absence of flavour-changing neutral currents. At tree-level, ... More
Derived categories of Gushel-Mukai varietiesMay 21 2016Oct 25 2017We study the derived categories of coherent sheaves on Gushel-Mukai varieties. In the derived category of such a variety, we isolate a special semiorthogonal component, which is a K3 or Enriques category according to whether the dimension of the variety ... More
Discrete Uniqueness Sets for Functions with Spectral GapsSep 15 2016It is well-known that entire functions whose spectrum belongs to a fixed bounded set $S$ admit real uniformly discrete uniqueness sets $\Lambda$. We show that the same is true for much wider spaces of continuous functions. In particular, Sobolev spaces ... More
Spectral perturbation theory and the two weights problemJun 08 2013The famous two weights problem consists in characterising all possible pairs of weights such that the Hardy projection is bounded between the corresponding weighted $L^2$ spaces. Koosis' theorem of 1980 gives a way to construct a certain class of pairs ... More
Mild and viscosity solutions to semilinear parabolic path-dependent PDEsNov 24 2016Nov 14 2018We study and compare two concepts for weak solutions to semilinear parabolic path-dependent partial differential equations (PPDEs). The first is that of mild solutions as it appears, e.g., in the log-Laplace functionals of historical superprocesses. The ... More
Exponential-Uniform Identities Related to RecordsJun 05 2012We consider a rectangular grid induced by the south-west records from the planar Poisson point process in $R^2_+$. A random symmetry property of the matrix whose entries are the areas of tiles of the grid implies cute multivariate distributional identities ... More
Yet again on polynomial convergence for SDEs with a gradient-type driftJun 28 2017Jul 23 2017Bounds on convergence rate to the invariant distribution for a class of stochastic differential equations (SDEs) with a gradient-type drift are obtained.
Magnetic susceptibility of the quark condensate via holographyFeb 11 2009Jan 13 2010We discuss the holographic derivation of the magnetic susceptibility of the quark condensate. It is found that the susceptibility emerges upon the account of the Chern-Simons term in the holographic action. We demonstrate that Vainshtein's relation is ... More
On Beurling's sampling theorem in $\R^n$Jun 03 2011We present an elementary proof of the classical Beurling sampling theorem which gives a sufficient condition for sampling of multi-dimensional band-limited functions.
Regenerative compositions in the case of slow variation: A renewal theory approachSep 27 2011Sep 01 2012A regenerative composition structure is a sequence of ordered partitions derived from the range of a subordinator by a natural sampling procedure. In this paper, we extend previous studies Barbour and Gnedin (2006), Gnedin, Iksanov and Marynych (2010) ... More
Derived categories of Gushel-Mukai varietiesMay 21 2016We study the derived categories of coherent sheaves on Gushel-Mukai varieties. In the derived category of such a variety, we isolate a special semiorthogonal component, which is a K3 or Enriques category according to whether the dimension of the variety ... More
Mild and viscosity solutions to quasilinear parabolic path-dependent PDEsNov 24 2016We study and compare two different concepts for weak solutions to quasilinear parabolic path-dependent partial differential equations (PPDEs). The first concept is that of a mild solution as it appears, e.g., in the Laplace functionals of historical superprocesses. ... More
Derived categories of cyclic covers and their branch divisorsNov 07 2014Dec 17 2015Given a variety $Y$ with a rectangular Lefschetz decomposition of its derived category, we consider a degree $n$ cyclic cover $X \to Y$ ramified over a divisor $Z \subset Y$. We construct semiorthogonal decompositions of $\mathrm{D^b}(X)$ and $\mathrm{D^b}(Z)$ ... More
On the Duality between Sampling and InterpolationDec 04 2015We present a simple method based on the stability and duality of the properties of sampling and interpolation, which allows one to substantially simplify the proofs of some classical results.
Evaluation of the Einstein's strength of difference schemes for some chemical reaction-diffusion equationsMar 10 2018In this paper we present a difference algebraic technique for the evaluation of the Einstein's strength of a system of partial difference equations and apply this technique to the comparative analysis of difference schemes for chemical reaction-diffusion ... More
Spherical structures on torus knots and linksAug 02 2010Jul 07 2011The present paper considers two infinite families of cone-manifolds endowed with spherical metric. The singular strata is either the torus knot ${\rm t}(2n+1, 2)$ or the torus link ${\rm t}(2n, 2)$. Domains of existence for a spherical metric are found ... More
When is a Schubert variety Gorenstein?Sep 25 2004Nov 21 2005A (normal) variety is Gorenstein if it is Cohen-Macualay and its canonical sheaf is a line bundle. This property, which measures the ``pathology'' of the singularities of a variety, is thus stronger than Cohen-Macualayness, but is also weaker than smoothness. ... More
The Bernoulli sieve: an overviewMay 31 2010The Bernoulli sieve is a version of the classical balls-in-boxes occupancy scheme, in which random frequencies of infinitely many boxes are produced by a multiplicative random walk, also known as the residual allocation model or stick-breaking. We give ... More
Limit theorems for the number of occupied boxes in the Bernoulli sieveJan 27 2010The Bernoulli sieve is a version of the classical `balls-in-boxes' occupancy scheme, in which random frequencies of infinitely many boxes are produced by a multiplicative renewal process, also known as the residual allocation model or stick-breaking. ... More
A generalization of the Erdős-Turán law for the order of random permutationApr 26 2011May 03 2012We consider random permutations derived by sampling from stick-breaking partitions of the unit interval. The cycle structure of such a permutation can be associated with the path of a decreasing Markov chain on $n$ integers. Under certain assumptions ... More
Lambda-coalescents with dust componentFeb 06 2011We consider the lambda-coalescent processes with positive frequency of singleton clusters. The class in focus covers, for instance, the beta$(a,b)$-coalescents with $a>1$. We show that some large-sample properties of these processes can be derived by ... More
Meromorphic Solutions to a Differential--Difference Equation Describing Certain Self-Similar PotentialsMar 23 2001In this paper we prove the existence of meromorphic solutions to a nonlinear differential difference equation that describe certain self-similar potentials for the Schroedinger operator.
Note on Malmstèn's paper De Integralibus quibusdam definitis seriebusque infinitisJun 16 2013We present a proof of the functional equation of the Riemann zeta-function or more precisely the Dirichlet eta-function, which proof seems to be new but follows almost immediately from Malmst\`en's paper ``De integralibus quibusdam definitis seriebusque ... More
Quantization of geometry associated to the quantized Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov equationsJun 05 1996It is known that solutions of the Knizhnik-Zamolodchikov differential equations are given by integrals of closed differential forms over suitable cycles. In this paper a quantization of this geometric construction is described leading to solution of the ... More
Critical set of the master function and characteristic variety of the associated Gauss-Manin differential equationsOct 09 2014Aug 30 2016We consider a weighted family of $n$ parallelly transported hyperplanes in a $k$-dimensioinal affine space and describe the characteristic variety of the Gauss-Manin differential equations for associated hypergeometric integrals. The characteristic variety ... More
Special functions, KZ type equations and Representation theoryMay 29 2002May 29 2002This paper is a set of lecture notes of my course "Special functions, KZ type equations, and representation theory" given at MIT during the spring semester of 2002. The notes do not contain new results, and are an exposition (mostly without proofs) of ... More
A monotonicity formula for free boundary surfaces with respect to the unit ballFeb 19 2014We prove a monotonicity identity for compact surfaces with free boundaries inside the boundary of unit ball in $\mathbb R^n$ that have square integrable mean curvature. As one consequence we obtain a Li-Yau type inequality in this setting, thereby generalizing ... More
The field of the Reals and the Random Graph are not Finite-Word Ordinal-AutomaticOct 20 2014Recently, Schlicht and Stephan lifted the notion of automatic-structures to the notion of (finite-word) ordinal-automatic structures. These are structures whose domain and relations can be represented by automata reading finite words whose shape is some ... More
Relative continuous K-theory and cyclic homologyDec 11 2013Oct 09 2014We show that for an associative algebra A and its ideal I such that the I-adic topology on A coincides with the p-adic topology, the relative continuous K-theory pro-spectrum "lim"K(A_i, IA_i), where A_i :=A/p^i A, is naturally isogenous to the cyclic ... More
Expanders from Markov basesMay 12 2015Diaconis and Sturmfels introduced an influential method to construct Markov chains using commutative algebra. One major point of their method is that infinite families of graphs are simultaneously proved to be connected by a single algebraic calculation. ... More
Analogue of Weil representation for abelian schemesDec 19 1997In this paper we construct a projective action of certain arithmetic group on the derived category of coherent sheaves on an abelian scheme $A$, which is analogous to Weil representation of the symplectic group. More precisely, the arithmetic group in ... More
On the Origin of the Charge-Asymmetric Matter. II. Localized Dirac WaveformsApr 07 2016May 19 2016This paper continues the author's work \cite{PartI}, where a new framework of the matter-induced physical geometry was built and an intrinsic nonlinearity of the Dirac equation discovered. Here, the nonlinear Dirac equation is solved and the localized ... More
A fully data-driven method to identify (correlated) changes in diachronic corporaAug 26 2015Aug 27 2015In this paper, a method for measuring synchronic corpus (dis-)similarity put forward by Kilgarriff (2001) is adapted and extended to identify trends and correlated changes in diachronic text data, using the Corpus of Historical American English (Davies ... More
The scalar product of XXZ spin chain revisited. Application to the ground state at $Δ=-1/2$Nov 11 2014For the scalar product $S_n$ of the XXZ $s=1/2$ spin chain we derive a new determinant expression which is symmetric in the Bethe roots. We consider an application of this formula to the inhomogeneous groundstate of the model with $\Delta=-1/2$ with twisted ... More
The domain wall partition function for the Izergin-Korepin 19-vertex model at a root of unityNov 11 2014Aug 14 2015We study the domain wall partition function $Z_N$ for the $U_q(A_2^{(2)})$ (Izergin-Korepin) integrable $19$-vertex model on a square lattice of size $N$. $Z_N$ is a symmetric function of two sets of parameters: horizontal $\zeta_1,..,\zeta_N$ and vertical ... More
Fibers of automorphic word maps and an application to composition factorsJul 30 2016In this paper, we study the fibers of "automorphic word maps", a certain generalization of word maps, on finite groups and on nonabelian finite simple groups in particular. As an application, we derive a structural restriction on finite groups $G$ where, ... More
Optimal Compression of a Polyline with Segments and ArcsApr 25 2016May 23 2016This paper describes an efficient approach to constructing a resultant polyline with a minimum number of segments and arcs. While fitting an arc can be done with complexity O(1) (see [1] and [2]), the main complexity is in checking that the resultant ... More
Geometry of the high energy limit of differential operators on vector bundlesSep 09 2011At high energies relativistic quantum systems describing scalar particles behave classically. This observation plays an important role in the investigation of eigenfunctions of the Laplace operator on manifolds for large energies and allows to establish ... More
A Pythagoras proof of Szemerédi's regularity lemmaDec 14 2012Dec 21 2012We give a short proof of Szemer\'edi's regularity lemma, based on elementary Euclidean geometry. The general line of the proof is that of the standard proof (in fact, of Szemer\'edi's original proof), but most technicalities are swallowed by applying ... More
Traces of creation-annihilation operators and Fredholm's formulasMar 09 1997Dec 21 1997We prove the formula for the traces of certain class of operators in bosonic and fermionic Fock spaces. Vertex operators belong to this class. Traces of vertex operators can be used for calculation of correlation functions and formfactors of integrable ... More
Nonequilibrium Critical PhenomenaOct 05 2000We discuss the non-equilibrium critical phenomena in liquids, and the models for these phenomena based on local equilibrium and extended scaling assumptions. Special situations are proposed for experimental tests of the theory. Near-critical steady and ... More
On some possible features of motion of a polaron in gyrotropic mediumFeb 20 2014Dec 08 2014We predict the possibility of asymmetric dynamics of polaron in gyrotropic medium and give approximate quantitative estimate of the effect.
Green-Function-Based Monte Carlo Method for Classical Fields Coupled to FermionsApr 20 2009Microscopic models of classical degrees of freedom coupled to non-interacting fermions occur in many different contexts. Prominent examples from solid state physics are descriptions of colossal magnetoresistance manganites and diluted magnetic semiconductors, ... More
The Reeh-Schlieder Property for the Dirac Field on Static SpacetimesNov 17 1999We prove the Reeh-Schlieder property for the ground- and KMS-states states of the massive Dirac Quantum field on a static globally hyperbolic 4 dimensional spacetime.
From Complex to Stochastic Potential: Heavy Quarkonia in the Quark-Gluon PlasmaFeb 25 2013The in-medium physics of heavy quarkonium is an ideal proving ground for our ability to connect knowledge about the fundamental laws of physics to phenomenological predictions. One possible route to take is to attempt a description of heavy quark bound ... More
Improved Maximum Entropy Method with an Extended Search SpaceAug 25 2012We report on an improvement to the implementation of the Maximum Entropy Method (MEM). It amounts to departing from the search space obtained through a singular value decomposition (SVD) of the Kernel. Based on the shape of the SVD basis functions we ... More
On quantum flag algebrasNov 17 1994Let g be a semisimple Lie algebra over an algebraically closed field k of characteristic 0. Let V be a simple finite-dimensional g-module and let y\in V be a highest weight vector. It is a classical result of B. Kostant that the algebra of functions on ... More
Permutohedra, associahedra, and beyondJul 07 2005The volume and the number of lattice points of the permutohedron P_n are given by certain multivariate polynomials that have remarkable combinatorial properties. We give several different formulas for these polynomials. We also study a more general class ... More
Condensates near the Argyres-Douglas point in SU(2) gauge theory with broken N=2 supersymmetrySep 26 2000The behaviour of the chiral condensates in the SU(2) gauge theory with broken N=2 supersymmetry is reviewed. The calculation of monopole, dyon, and charge condensates is described. It is shown that the monopole and charge condensates vanish at the Argyres-Douglas ... More
Integrable many-body problems from the field theoriesOct 29 1994We review recent results which clarify the role of the integrable many-body problems in the quantum field theory framework.They describe the dynamics of the topological degrees of freedom in the theories which are obtained by perturbing the topological ... More
The Heavy Quark Fragmentation Function at NNLOOct 20 2005We present a general discussion of collider processes with not-completely inclusive production of heavy flavors. We review the Perturbative Fragmentation Functions formalism as the appropriate tool for studying such processes and detail the extension ... More
Nonisospectral integrable nonlinear equations with external potentials and their GBDT solutionsOct 11 2007Auxiliary systems for matrix nonisospectral equations, including coupled NLS with external potential and KdV with variable coefficients, were introduced. Explicit solutions of nonisospectral equations were constructed using the GBDT version of the B\"acklund-Darboux ... More
Weyl functions and the boundary value problem for a matrix nonlinear Schrödinger equation on a semi-stripMar 24 2014Rectangular matrix solutions of the defocusing nonlinear Schr\"odinger equation (dNLS) are considered on a semi-strip. Evolution of the corresponding Weyl function is described in terms of the initial-boundary conditions. Then initial condition is recovered ... More
Classifying terminal weighted projective spaceApr 10 2013We present a classification of all weighted projective spaces with at worst terminal or canonical singularities in dimension four. As a corollary we also classify all four-dimensional one-point lattice simplices up to equivalence. Finally, we classify ... More
Light Vector MesonsSep 23 2008Dec 21 2008This article reviews the current status of experimental results obtained in the measurement of light vector mesons produced in proton-proton and heavy ion collisions at different energies. The review is focused on two phenomena related to the light vector ... More
Operations and poly-operations in Algebraic CobordismSep 02 2014Sep 03 2014We describe all operations from a theory A^* obtained from Algebraic Cobordism of M.Levine-F.Morel by change of coefficients to any oriented cohomology theory B^*. We prove that such an operation can be reconstructed out of it's action on the products ... More
Usage of Liquid Metals in the Positron Production System of Linear ColliderNov 11 2015In this publication we collected descriptions of some installations with liquid metals which could be used for high-energy colliders, ILC particularly, for the purposes of targeting, collimation, cooling, collection of secondary particles etc. Some important ... More
S-duality constraints on 1D patterns associated with fractional quantum Hall statesFeb 12 2010Using the modular invariance of the torus, constraints on the 1D patterns are derived that are associated with various fractional quantum Hall ground states, e.g. through the thin torus limit. In the simplest case, these constraints enforce the well known ... More
Cosmic connections: from cosmic rays to gamma rays, to cosmic backgrounds and magnetic fieldsJul 16 2012Combined data from gamma-ray telescopes and cosmic-ray detectors have produced some new surprising insights regarding intergalactic and galactic magnetic fields, as well as extragalactic background light. We review some recent advances, including a theory ... More
Pulsar kicks from neutrino oscillationsSep 21 2004Sep 27 2004Neutrino oscillations in a core-collapse supernova may be responsible for the observed rapid motions of pulsars. Given the present bounds on the neutrino masses, the pulsar kicks require a sterile neutrino with mass 2-20 keV and a small mixing with active ... More
Interactions of ultrahigh-energy neutrinosDec 16 2002Future detection of ultrahigh-energy neutrinos will open a new window on physics at center-of-mass energy 10^5 GeV and higher. In particular, observations of neutrino-initiated showers will help test the Standard Model predictions for the neutrino-nucleon ... More